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Solved: Remote Desktop Control ends when remote user presses ctrl alt del

Q: Solved: Remote Desktop Control ends when remote user presses ctrl alt del


I have a Windows 7 network set up and whenever I connect remotely to another computer and lock their input such as their keyboard and mouse, the remote user still has the ability to press ctrl alt del, which then allows them to use their keyboard and mouse. My question is, is it possible to disable the ctrl alt del functionality in Windows 7 so that that Blue security screen does not appear? I have tried lots of remote desktop controlling software which has the option to lock the remote computer input, but they still can press ctrl alt del and unlock their keyboard and mouse. How do I stop this? Thanks!

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Remote Desktop Control ends when remote user presses ctrl alt del

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Remote Desktop Control ends when remote user presses ctrl alt del

Let's try the Symantec Pc Anywhere.This a very Useful software for remote desktop sharing and file transfer and there is the locking feature...

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Maybe someone can help me with this. My domain is 2003 server with XP as the clients. I also use Group Policies. I can only remote desktop into a client machine if they are already logged in. If their machine is at the Ctrl Alt Del screen I get this msg "You do not have access to logon to this session". Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Can't Remote Desktop when at the Ctrl, Alt, Del Screen

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I have 2 laptops and 1 pc all networked all using vista. I was wondering if anyone could recommend an app for remote access to use on 1 machine to control the others. Preferably something that can give access via the net also

A:Solved: remote control Desktop

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My remote desktop session does not appear to be sending the ctrl+alt+left (CAL) or ctrl+alt+right (CAR) combinations to the target machine.

Yesterday everything worked fine. I installed Windows Vista Ultimate 64 and could successfully RD to my laptop machine, which is running XP Pro SP2. CAL and CAR worked.

Today I installed SP1 on the Vista machine. Now my RD won't sent CAL or CAR.

I downloaded a simple keyboard tester application and installed it on both machines. Locally on the Vista machine, CAL and CAR are detected. Same thing locally on the XP machine. When I RD from Vista to XP and try the keyboard test the program shoes that it is receiving the CTRL+ALT combination but doesn't register when I hit the left or right arrow key at the same time. Interestingly, the up and down arrows *do* register.

I tried the RD connection from XP to Vista. Everything works normally. I tried an RD connection from another XP SP2 machine to my laptop. It works.

Any ideas? Is there some sort of key binding in Vista that takes the CAL and CAR combinations before RD can get them? Is RD in Vista 64 filtering them out for some reason?


A:Remote desktop does not sent ctrl+alt+left or ctrl+alt+right

I'm having the same issue in Windows7, 64-bit. Were you able to find a solution?

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OS: Win8 64bit (My desktop is Win8, my laptop is Win7. We're dealing with the desktop here.)
Where I am: university network, but these features seem to be working with my laptop.
Things I've checked: allowing services through Windows Firewall (Bonjour, WMC services, etc.)
Allowing remote services in System Properties
Many, many existing threads and non-solutions
How I'm feeling:

None of these features or applications work, and they're all supposed to function differently from one another (e.g. WMC doesn't use the Apple Bonjour service, so it isn't a program-specific problem). I just want to control my media system with my desktop
Is there some obscure service or file or setting that I'm missing that could prevent any remote applications?

A:Remote features not working -remote desktop, WMC, iTunes remote, etc.

Let's focus on "remote desktop". Can someone remotely access it from the internet?
If not: Can someone remotely access it from same LAN?

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I want to use my windows 7 Professional work computer as the host.
I want to use my windows 7 home computer, or my daughter’s windows 7 laptop as the client.
Work (Win7 Professional) – Host:
I located the Remote Settings link and checked “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer;” (I also made sure my Firewall would allow Remote Desktop)
I selected the 3rd radio button option (“Allow connections only from computers running…”) because both the home computer and laptop have Network Level Authentication.
I clicked Select Users
I clicked Add
“From this Location” shows my work computer name.
When I type my User name from my home computer I get an error (“An object named "xxxxx" cannot be found. Check the selected object types and location for accuracy and ensure that you typed the object name correctly, or remove this object from the selection” Aren’t I trying to tell the work computer who to be looking for that may try to connect remotely? How do I establish the home, i.e., client, User name in the host?

I know this is just the first hurdle: I will also need help with port forwarding and what ip address to type in from the client (Computer I believe it is the ip address that I find when I visit whatismyip.com.
Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Remote Desktop Winows 7 – Add User

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I am running a wireless Network with D-Link 714P+ Router. My PC is wired to the Router, with 2 other computers running wireless. I am running XP Pro.

When accessing my PC (or at least attempting to) from a remote Computer using Remote Desktop, I think I have to add something after the IP Address when typing in the Computer Name/IP Address. I have RD working successfully within my Network. Can someone clarify what I need to do here to access my PC through the Internet then Network

(Even though I have got this far with setting up my network, please go easy on me with the computer lingo)

A:Solved: How do I access my PC in a network using Remote Desktop from remote PC

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How does one send a Ctrl Alt Del signal through Remote Desktop?

A:Sending a Ctrl Alt Del through remote desktop.

Ctrl Alt End

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I've been using remote desktop to connect to my computer in the garage from a computer in the house on the same network and it works just fine accept that I'd like to be able to also get into my other user profile on the host computer. Whenever I try to connect to the host using my non-admin user profile it says:

"The local policy of this system does not allow you to logon interactively"

The host computer is XP-Pro SP3 and the client computer is XP-Home SP3.

A:Solved: Remote Desktop connection for non-admin user?

Control Panel > System
Select the Remote Tab
Click Select Remote users.

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I know there are other products out there, like vnc, ultravnc, teamviewer etc etc, but really nothing beats the sheer speed of remote desktop, it's like sitting in front of the actual computer. I also know about Remote Assistance built into Windows 7.

I would like to use remote desktop to do the following if possible.

1. I would like to know if there is a way, to not lock the host machine that you are connected to?, so the user can see what you are doing?.

2. Is there a way that Remote desktop can be used without logging off the logged in account?, or just use the logged in account?

I would like to use Remote Desktop for a remote helpdesk solution if possible. If anyone knows how to do this things I am asking it would be the people on this board.

A:Using Remote Desktop instead of Remote Assistance for remote helpdesk?

Might be possible to do it. I think you need some sort of security.

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My wife's computer is the server. Is there a solution out there where I can login under my account to her computer and run apps while she is logged in under her account and sitting at the computer and using it?


A:Dual-User Remote Control Solution?

Is the only solution to hack Remote Desktop?


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Can anyone help me: I can't connect to my server thru Remote Desktop Control from my PC after I rebooted my server.

A:Remote desktop control

You're absolutely sure that you rebooted the server (and didn't just shut it down) and that it's turned back on.

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i need a vnc (remote desktop control) preferably free or low priced that can be run from internet explorer 7 without any downloads (no IE7 addons as well and no active X addons too) it has to be based on all flash or HTML or bouth but for the server end of the connection i can download whatever is needed trial software also works too

system info

windows XP pro unknown SP
2gb ram
prosessor unknown but i think its 2.2ghz dual core
harddrive 160gb5400rpm freespace-17gb

sorry for lack of info its my schools provided laptop and they heavily cracked down on it so we dont install anything or run standalone exes (EX. teamviewer can run without installation) cant even view or edit most of the computers settings


A:VNC (remote desktop control)

i took a look at the program but i cant find the main thing im looking for and was wondering if you can help me here
because i am restricted to no download no install no nothing exept html and flash in a web browser can the controll console be web controlled and if it can what does it need to be used (i also cant use even internet explorer addons)

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[I'm not sure if this is the proper section for this question: Moderator, please move if this is the wrong place]

In order to help my computer-phobic internet-phobic mom keep her computer running well, I've decided it might be good to set up some kind of remote desktop control software on her computer.

I need something that will be stable and actually work solidly, also I need to be able to do things lilke run an AV scan sometimes, go in and change certain settings when necessary, also install software that she needs. These are the kinds of things she's intimidated by and just better for someone like me to take care of it for her.

Can anyone recommend something (preferably free) to do this with? It seems like there's lots of different services and programs out there now that do this kind of thing, but I was hoping to get some idea of ones that people have used and that actually work well.

I should mention that I'm in Asia and my mom lives near New York City.

Thanks for any tips.

A:Remote desktop control...?

Hey Billermo,

You can use the Windows Remote Desktop for what you want. It takes some setting up as you want to do it over the internet, but that would work. At work I use either GoToAssist or Remote Desktop. Though, we pay for GoToAssist. That is really all I have ever used or needed to use. Someone else may be able to offer up other products though.

Hope this helps,

Robert D. Specian Jr.

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Hi! Don't know under which subcategory to post this.
Can remote desktop control be achieved without 3rd party programs, just with Windows settings? Trying to connect with possibly 2 PCs running Windows (not at the same time), via the Internet. So I need to connect via the WAN, not with PCs on the same LAN. Thanks in advance for any tip.

A:Remote Desktop control

Have a look at this, How to Access Windows Remote Desktop Over the Internet . And this, Connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection - Microsoft Windows Help. What OS are the PC's you want to connect running? Depending on what version is installed you may be able to remote desktop out but not in?

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I haI have been accessing one of my windows 7 remotely using RDC. For some reasons  I can’t access it any more with this message:  
"Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity of the remote computer because there is a time or date difference
between your computer and the remote computer. Make sure your computer's clock is set to the corr... Read more

A:Remote Desktop cannot verify the identity of the remote computer because there is a time or date difference between your computer and the remote computer

Ours was a DNS issue.  Someone put an entry in the wrong firewall.

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Thought here might be the best to ask this as I cannot remember the full details of how it all worked..

About a year ago I was installing some software onto a server & had some problems so i asked a dealer of mine (business) to help out and somehow he managed to remote desktop my computer simply by me going onto a website he gave me

Does anyone know any more details on what this is etc? I know its very vaigue but thats about as much as i remember as the company has now gone bust i cant contact them to find out what they used but it seemed pretty good as then it saved any software having to be installed on the other computer. Which appeals to the company i now work for as we want to start covering remote desktop support

A:Remote Desktop/Control via website

Normally I don't give links to applications that I know nothing about and that cost (since I mostly help non-business users), but this product seems to meet your needs.

I have tried UltraVNC, but not the SingleClick addon.

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Can you suggest a good software (preferably freeware) that I can use to
remote desktop into a clients machine and provide technical help.

This site is great for most people for tech support but there's a lot more of that aren't tech savvy or confident enough to understand some of the responses.

A:Software for remote desktop control

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I have used Remote Desktop before, but all I ever did with it was use it to watch someone give me a demonstration on how to use a certain program (and it was on XP back then). But the situation I need it for now, is for installing programs on my fathers computer, who somewhat technically challenged. I can access his computer physically, but for convenience sake, if remote desktop can indeed give me direct control of his computer as I've heard, I would much rather do it that way. Could anyone explain to me how to do this? A how-to link would also be appreciated, if you know of any. I'd be extremely grateful for your assistance with this, and thanks in advance. :]

A:How do I use Remote Desktop for direct control via LAN?

Sure, no problem. See this tutorial: Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) - Network

If you're in the same network, and his machine is configured to allow remote desktop connections, all you have to do is start the remote desktop program on your machine, and enter his computer name into the box.

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My BSOD occur only during I'm working at home.
What application that running:
2 Remote Desktop Control
Anti virus (kaspersky)
Cisco Anyconnect (VPN)
Music Player
Firefox / Chrome

My PC is for gaming purpose, I clocked it and use all the time for gaming, never encounter BSOD before.
But when I started using Remote Desktop Control, I found that I keep getting BSOD. It very random, maybe 3 to 4 hour once.

My recent upgrade, SSD : Corsair F90

A:BSOD : Remote Desktop Control

Hi dragon528.

According to the crash dump, the BSOD is influenced by Realtek High Definition Audio driver.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 1000007E, {ffffffffc0000005, fffff800032c8565, fffff880067e23e8, fffff880067e1c40}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for RTKVHD64.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for RTKVHD64.sys
Probably caused by : HDAudBus.sys ( HDAudBus!operator new+26 )

Followup: MachineOwner
And the driver is old enough.

fffff880`084f2000 fffff880`08776b80 RTKVHD64 T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: RTKVHD64.sys
Image path: RTKVHD64.sys
Image name: RTKVHD64.sys
Timestamp: Tue Nov 30 14:33:19 2010 (4CF4BDD7)
CheckSum: 0028E289
ImageSize: 00284B80
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Update High Definition Audio Codecs form Realtek

Also, update Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver (c:\windows\system32\drivers\nusb3... Read more

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I am having lots of trouble connecting to my friends IP with the Remote Desktop control program. And his IP address is That is his IP address right there. So I created a new account and stuff like that, and that worked well for me. So I add his IP address in the direct connection tab. And then I click on connect, and it won't connect to his computer at all! Every time I click on connect, it keeps saying Disconnected. And I already port forwarded my ports to my router, but I still had no luck with it. Oh well! So can you explain to me what the problem is? I mean I must be doing something wrong with this. So please explain to me why I cannot connect to his computer.

Now I tried using Remote Desktop Connection with his IP, and it works just fine with no problem at all. But he removed one of his accounts from me that let me go into his computer, and that made me really upset and mad, bigtime! And I think that I am annoying my friend a lot, that's for sure. So is there any way to get back one of his accounts, like when he doesn't know it? Please let me know much more about this. And try to cheer me up on this awful situation that I am in. Well anyway, so please get back to me as soon as possible, and let me know what to do about this terrible situation that I am. And also explain to me on how to make his IP work in the Remote Desktop Control program. And also, let me know on how to get back his account that deleted from me. Maybe there is a way I can get it back wi... Read more

A:I need some help using the Remote Desktop Control program

If he doesnt want you on his computer thats his business, there are no ways around this.

He probably finds it annoying because everytime you RD onto his machine it logs him out. Only one user can use a machine at one time.

If he wants you on the machine speak to him and get the account set back up, if he doesnt you are out of luck.

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I set up my Vista Home Premium machine to be used with Remote Desktop (via the hack) from my Win7 Machine (Ultimate). I am using my Vista machine as a home server and to stream movies to my TV. I wanted to set up the remote desktop to be able to control what I see on the TV from my Win7 machine-- essentially using my Win7 machine as a remote control for the Vista machine to access Hulu or Netflix etc. However, it seems I can login to the Vista machine as some kind of shadow-user, but not actually control whats happening on-screen.

Is there someway I can get onscreen control of the Vista machine via Remote Desktop?

Bless y'all!

A:Onscreen Control via Remote Desktop

Try Teamviewer.

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I set up my Vista Home Premium machine to be used with Remote Desktop (via the hack) from my Win7 Machine (Ultimate). I am using my Vista machine as a home server and to stream movies to my TV. I wanted to set up the remote desktop to be able to control what I see on the TV from my Win7 machine-- essentially using my Win7 machine as a remote control for the Vista machine to access Hulu or Netflix etc. However, it seems I can login to the Vista machine as some kind of shadow-user, but not actually control whats happening on-screen.

Is there someway I can get onscreen control of the Vista machine via Remote Desktop?

Bless y'all.

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I have been using TeamViewer as a remote-control program for a few years to help friends and friends of friends and never charged anyone for this help; but, Teamviewer is now blocking me from using their program, saying I am using it commercially.

Teamviewer costs $600 per year so I can't afford that for free work.

So now I need a replacement. I need a program that will:

Remain on standby 24/7 so that I can log in at any time at will.
It needs to give me complete control of the remote system just as though I were sitting in front of the remote computer.
It needs to allow me to reboot the system and allow me to log in again after the reboot.
Since I don't charge for this work, it needs to be very low cost or free.
If you have personal first-hand experience with a program that meet these requirements, please tell me about it.

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I am trying to remote into my new home computer which is a windows vista premium from my windows xp at work. It just does not happen. But I am still able to remote into my windows xp work computer into my old windows xp home. Any help?

A:Remote desktop control problem

When you attempt to connect to Windows XP via Remote Desktop from a Vista machine, you get a warning message. To address the problem, Microsoft just released Remote Desktop Connection 6.0 client tools for Windows Server 2003 and XP.SearchWindowsServer.comhttp://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en

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I have windows xp home edition on both of my computers, and they do have a remote desktop program, but ive found out that windows xp pro actually has a better version of it that will actually work. I cant get the windows xp home version of it to work. Is there anyone that knows of a free remote desktop program, or if someone would be able to send the windows xp pro version of the remote desktop program.

A:Free Remote Desktop Program, or how to get windows remote desktop to work

XP Home has "Remote Assistance", while XP Pro has both "Remote Desktop", as well as "Remote assistance". You can download from Microsoft, a Remote Desktop "add on" which will enable your computer to become the "client" but not the "server".

can you provide some details about what you've done to get "remote assistance " up and running?

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Here's my issue, I would like to RDP to a Windows 7 laptop. Even with Administrative privledges, it will tell me "Waiting for user to respond". I would like to either switch users via RDP, or force them to log off without prompting.

Server is SBS 2008. I already have "Set Rules for remote control of Terminal Services user sessions" to Full Control without user's permission.

A:Forcing user logoff/switch user with Remote Desktop


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Using Windows XP Pro and trying to access computer remotely but Windows tells me it need to install "Terminal Services ActiveX Client" but it won't let me install it. Tried this solution which worked on two other computers, but not this one:


Method 2
1. Click Start, Run. Type Regedit.exe and press ENTER

2. Navigate to the following branch:

3. Double-click Settings to expand the branch.

4. Right-click {7584c670-2274-4efb-b00b-d6aaba6d3850} and choose Delete
(Repeat step 4 to delete any other problem keys)

5. Click Yes when asked for confirmation.
Close all instances of Internet Explorer and re-run Remote Desktop Web Connection.Click to expand...

On the problem computer, there is no "Settings" Key -- when I navigate to "Ext" the only choice is "Stats" so the above solution isn't any good.

This is also mentioned as a solution in that same link:

Registry Solution

Enable the below class ID:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Disable the below class ID:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Flags"=dword:00000001... Read more

A:Can't install Remote Desktop Activex Control

I am having trouble following what you wrote. Can you explain your setup more plainly? Which OS is the server using? And the client?
You are trying to setup remote access, right? What software are you using? How did you set it up? What exact steps did you follow?

Have you enabled ActiveX on your browser? Have you added your remote access site to the Trusted Sites?

And the first question to ask everyone who is having apparent problems with their operating system(s) but did not answer this: Have you applied all updates, including Microsoft and all related to installed hardware?

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The title says it all! Basically I have a comp running XP pro and I want to be able to work locally on one user account, with some kind of remote access server running on another XP user account so that the remote account and the local account can be used simultaniously. I know that this cannot be done with XP Pro remote desktop and could be by Windows Server 2003 remote desktop, but i need an alternate solution to make this happen.



A:Alternate Remote Desktop application for Simultanious Local/Remote Access

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We're using a Server 2008 r2 Terminal server environment.
I have one particular user (running windows 7 64bit) who's having an issue with a HP laserjet 400 M401 printer. She connects with her local printer set to follow her to the remote session but randomly through her session, programs like word or adobe reader
will pull up another random printer in our network instead of her local one.
For instance, today she pulled up a .pdf and it defaulted to one printer across the complex, then later within the same session she pulled up a Wordperfect document and it defaulted to a copier on the other side of the office.
She's the only person having this particular issue. So far my IT manager rebuilt her local profile (albeit sometime back) and I reinstalled drivers but I'm a bit stumped on which direction to take with this one.
I've ideated on it being an issue with USB cables, Printer memory, account data related, or maybe bandwidth?
Any help is appreciated.

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hello, i want to send files from my computer to the remote one but every time i try i open up windows explorer, click on my drive and it freezes up and goes to not responding, then it loads like 5 minutes later, and the process repeats every time i go to a folder, i am connecting to a windows server 2003 computer. can anyone tell me how i can transfer files faster or if there is another way than using windows explorer? thanks a lot!!

A:Problem Transferring Files from Local to Remote Computer in Remote Desktop

You are trying to do this over Remote Desktop?
I have used this with Windows 2000 Server and my XP computer. I would assume it will work with 2003 server.

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I have two computers running Windows XP. Let's call them Acquiring and Processing.

Processing has SP3. Acquiring has SP2 and is behind a hardware firewall/router. (cannot upgrade to SP3 due to some software it has to run that will crap out if the computer is upgraded, hence the firewall.)

I configured the firewall/router to give Acquiring a specific address, and to open the port for remote desktop, and to forward anything coming in on that port to the Acquiring computer, which is the only device on that router in any case.

When I go to the Processing computer and try to Remote Desktop to the Acquiring computer, the login window comes up without a hitch. Once I type in the username and password and try to login, however, the desktop of the remote computer won't load. I get the little bar at the top of the screen with the computer name and the option to minimize or close, I can see and move the mouse, but the rest of the screen is completely black. Eventually I just end up closing the remote session (without logging off though, since I am not given that option)

Over on the Acquiring computer, the screen hasn't been locked as per usual. I can still see the desktop, but the computer is frozen. I have no mouse, and I can't even get the keyboard to toggle the lights for numlock and capslock. I then have to do a hard reboot of the Acquiring computer to get it un-frozen.

Can anyone help me try and figure out why this connection isn't working, and what I ... Read more

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I have a home network of 4 Win 7 computers which I leave running when I'm away from home to provide data to my website, among other things. In the past, I've been using Remote Desktop to access my home computers. It works very well, but it's always a challenge getting everything set up to work right before I go. I was wondering if others who have used Remote Desktop as well as other means of remote access would care to share their experience and express a preference, if any.


A:Care to recommend a remote access method beside Remote Desktop?

Everyone seems to like > TeamViewer - Free Remote Control, Remote Access & Online Meetings

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I have two systems, "desktop" and "laptop", peer-to-peer networked on my home LAN both running Vista Ultimate SP1. I routinely use Remote Desktop from desktop to laptop. I am accustomed to simply closing the RDP window on desktop (and perhaps reopening it one or more times) and then if I want to use laptop directly, logging back into it from the Windows login window.

Recently (I apologize, but I can't be more specific) I find that (1) I cannot log back into a session after I have closed the RDP window on desktop, (2) I cannot log back into laptop from its logon window. I also find logging out of the RDP session rather than merely closing the window makes no difference. In either case, when I look at the logon window on laptop I see the message saying a remote user is logged in, and if I try to log in anyway, it hangs indefinitely at the "Welcome" window and must be restarted.

I cannot identify any software change to this system that might be responsible. In fact with the exception of Windows Updates I don't think there have been any. The system is a Dell Latitude D830 and all its drivers are the most current.

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Hi all,

So, I have scoured every resource I could find to resolve this, and am just flat out stumped....hoping someone here can shed some light on my problem. Here is my situation:

* I have a SBS 2003 R2 Standard machine running (domain controller, exchange, etc)
* I have 7 XP SP2 clients that are part of the domain
* I have an ASA 5505 firewall running, with an ADSL modem connected to that for WAN access

My problem is related to RWW. From the internet (non-lan connection), I can connect without any issues to the RWW homepage (either as a domain user or an administrator). When I click on "connect to work computer", I am presented with a list of the domain PCs. However, once I click on any of them, I receive the following "VB Script: Remote Desktop Disconnected" error window:

"The client could not establish a connection to the remote computer. The most likely causes for this error are:

1) Remote connections might not be established at the remote computer
2) The max number of connections might be exceded at the remote computer
3) A network error might have occurred while establishing the connection
4) The Remote Web Workplace designated port might be blocked by a firewall

Here is what I have confirmed so far:
1) I have opened ports 3389 and 4125 on the ASA
2) I CAN remote desktop directly to the SBS itself (not using RWW)
3) I CAN access OWA via the internet
3) The client computer has been setup to allow remote connections, and I have adde... Read more

A:Remote Desktop Conection through Remote Web Workplace (RWW) stopped working

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Hellow all, I am working in the IT Department at work. There are times when remote users need some help, Remote Assistance works good, but some of our less "savy" users have trouble with the Help and Support/Invite a Friend/Send Email way of getting help. I have search all over, trying to find a way to "Offer" the help without them going through the Help and Support way. Am I missing something or what? We are all running XP Pro. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks....

A:Need to offer Remote Assistance to Remote User

they can install logmein


free and requires little or no action on the other persons part. all he needs to ruen the pc on and give you the passowrd, you make a free logmein account and have that person install the software with that username and pass then after your done helping the person, you can have then uninstall the software.

i use it a lot for providing remote help as it is a very secure program and uses very little reasources and can be controlled form a web browser

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my goal is to be able to access and search files on my home machine while i travel with my laptop abroad. i have Apple Remote Desktop 2.2 software, an Apple 15" Laptop and PowerMac Dual 2.5 ghz G5 that i'm trying to link to- both running OS X 10.4.2 (latest updates).

I'm trying to get apple remote desktop (v 2.2) to allow me access to my home machine via the internet. i've got an asante friendlynet router (or an airport extreme - i can use either to set the port - of course machine will be connected directly to 1st config'ed router)- and have cable internet service. as long as i can keep track of my router's assigned ip address, i should be able to do this, correct?

so, i've got my assigned ip, i've allowed remote desktop in my client's system prefs sharing panel, i've tried to assign port 3283 to the ip address of the desired client machine (in the Distributed Servers Setup - Service Ports). > Then with my remote desktop software: added by address, using the ISP given IP Address, Login Name, and password specified in the Remote Client settings- BUT, NO LUCK.

ARD tells me the client is offline while the client machine is connected to internet and functioning. Have I missed something?? Please help.

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I have Windows 7 Pro x64 with 2 User Accounts (Home and Work). Is possible to, when I am logged in in my Home Account to log into my Work with Remote Desktop or any other software. So I have my Work Account in a separate window just like when I connect with remote desktop to another pc.
My second question is, is there a script to configure my display setup? I use multimonitor on my Work account but I want only a single monitor on my Home Account. Is there some way to set this up with a startup script?
Thanks in advance

A:Remote Desktop to second user Account

Quote: Originally Posted by Blaani

I have Windows 7 Pro x64 with 2 User Accounts (Home and Work). Is possible to, when I am logged in in my Home Account to log into my Work with Remote Desktop or any other software. So I have my Work Account in a separate window just like when I connect with remote desktop to another pc.

No... because Remote Desktop will lock the desktop on whatever machine you access... On one machine it will lock itself out.

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I recently reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate. After reinstalling and re-creating the user accounts I noticed that I could no longer use this PC as a host for Remote Desktop as I had before.

Also, I can no longer switch users, instead I have to Log off each time a user wants to log on.

I have done the gpedit.msc (policies/templates "hide entry points for fast user switching" which is disabled.

I have also added a registry HideFastUserSwitching. These two tips are offered in a few places.

I have also deleted the original user accounts and remade them just in case there was a corruption. I keep all data in a data partition so I just point the newly created accounts back to that partition. Could that have something wrong with it?

Any Ideas on what else I should do?

A:No Remote Desktop, No User Switching


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Hello all,

I have two Win8 Pro x64 laptops and I always Remote Desktop into laptop #2. But since a Windows Update, Remote Desktop is always asking me for login credentials! Even when I select to Save the info, after I close Remote Desktop and then re-open it, it will again prompt me for login.

Just last week it was fine and was remembering my credentials without any issues. Both laptops have the same User ID and password. This was fine just last week, so the only culprit I see was a Windows Update.

Is there some sort of setting I need to enable to get it back?


A:After Update, Remote Desktop keeps asking for User ID/Pwd

Originally Posted by nuspieds

Hello all,

I have two Win8 Pro x64 laptops and I always Remote Desktop into laptop #2. But since a Windows Update, Remote Desktop is always asking me for login credentials! Even when I select to Save the info, after I close Remote Desktop and then re-open it, it will again prompt me for login.

Just last week it was fine and was remembering my credentials without any issues. Both laptops have the same User ID and password. This was fine just last week, so the only culprit I see was a Windows Update.

Is there some sort of setting I need to enable to get it back?


Type gpedit.msc in the run box to get to the GPE.

The Group Policy Settings for Remote Desktop are located at Local Computer Policy>Admin Templates>Windows Components>Remote Desktop Services>"Remote Desktop Client" and "Remote Desktop Session Host", the last two should have the settings that you are looking for.

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Hi all,
I am trying to connect to a remote server but all I get is the error that the Remote Desktop Gateway is not available. I have tried accessing the same remote server from another PC (windows 8.1) and it is working.
I tried connecting to other remote server and get same error. I have not usde remote desktop before until now.
It seems only this particular laptop is having this problem.

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Hi guys,

i have a question about remote connection, but i don't know exactly what kind of solution i'm looking for...

i have a desktop with quad-cpu and much bigger memory, and i have another laptop which is old and slow. My thinking is to make a server on the desktop, so that the laptop could share the cpu time and memory from desktop.

That is to say: there could be two persons in front of both computers, they log in using own username and they should not interrupt each others work, but all the programs should run on the desktop computer.

So Remote Desktop, VNC or TeamViewer etc. don't really match my needs...

I don't really know what we call this technology, but i know that citrix have this kind of business solution, what i wanna know is if there are any usable free or inexpensive solutions for personal/non-commercial use?

Thanks a lot!

Btw., my desktop is running Windows 7 Pro 64bit and Laptop is running Windows XP Pro 32bit.

A:Which Solution: Remote Desktop? Virtual Desktop? Remote Terminal?

There may be alternatives to Citrix, but the concept is basically to access a remote desktop on server where you run applications installed on server. If the performance is adequate you will gain in bandwidth and licensing costs, but the scenario you describe implies that the laptop should somehow share the resources of the server, physically(?)...

I am currently unaware of any inexpensive "citrix" solutions but I would think that is what you are after. Logging on the server, starting an app on server, but managing it on the laptop.

Have you looked in to a HDD and RAM upgrade of the Laptop?

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This morning, I heard a nationally syndicated computer expert state that some Chinese hackers were "getting into" Windows based computers through "Remote Access/Remote Desktop" even if the service is turned off. According to the guru, "They will turn it on for you."
Being very concrete, as well as, somewhat dull concerning computers, I find this hard to believe. Could someone, in layman's terms, tell me the circumstances needed that would allow a hacker to take control of someone's system when a necessary service is turned off ??

A:Infection Of Windows Through Remote Access/Remote Desktop

Easy to do and best NOT described here.

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So, I had remote desktop working on my computer for about two years and now it doesn't work anymore. Every time I try to access it from another computer (I don't have and don't know how to get a domain name, so I just use my IP address, which I get from whatismyip.com), I get an error message saying I cannot connect to the remote computer.

As far as I know, I have done everything right. I enabled remote desktop in system properties, I created a static IP address in TCP/IP properties, and I configured my router to forward the default port (3389) to the correct local IP address I specified. I have disabled windows firewall and put mstsc on my list of exceptions for the firewall that I use (BitDefender). I also pinged my IP address and received all packets sent.

I am running windows xp professional with sp3.

Any suggestions?

A:remote desktop problem: cannot connect to remote computer

try using the computer name to connect right click on the my computer icon and select properties and then the computer name use the full computer name. while your in there check the remote tab make sure the allow user to connect remotely to this computer is checked. on both pc's. also make sure both machines have xp pro i know you can only go one way between pro and home edition can't remember which.

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I am using windows 7 - home premium

If I connect to a remote computer using RDP, I can all the features of remote computer. Likewise if someone connects to my computer from a remote computer using RDP, he has access to all programs on my computer. This person can assist me with any help I need by connecting remotely using RDP.

Same assistance can be provided using Remote Assistance, then whats the need of Remote Assistance when RDP provides required functionality ? What different does Remote Asistance do from RDP ?

Pls reply here rather than pointing to link.


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Remote Desktop Connection wants the IP or name of the remote computer to connect to. But suppose the remote computer is behind a router. The router has one WAN IP, say, which will be the same for all the computers connected off of that router, (when you google "my ip" from any of them) and then each computer connected off of the router will have a LAN IP, something like So if I want to help the person connected to the computer (and not the person connected at off of this router what do I tell Remote Desktop Connection at my computer to reach them?


A:Identifying remote computer for Remote Desktop Connection

I would use teanviewer its a lot simpler to setup

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