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HDMI - HDMI gettting fuzzy display on HDTV.

Q: HDMI - HDMI gettting fuzzy display on HDTV.

I have the GTX 560 connected to a 1080p HDTV. Getting fuzzy picture in Windows environment.

Preferred Solution: HDMI - HDMI gettting fuzzy display on HDTV.

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: HDMI - HDMI gettting fuzzy display on HDTV.

Tried new cable? Fiddled around with the options in the control panel? Left nvvsvc.exe and nvxdsync.exe alone?Latest drivers? Not sitting too close to the TV?

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Download the latest windows updates as well as the latest dell BIOS updates.
Fixes many of the screen resolution problems we have been having.
Fixes the dual monitor NOT displaying on your HDTV via an HDMI cable.
Suggestion: Make sure to buy a QUALITY HDMI cable with the latest compatibility for todays high speed audio and video needs. I bought two different kinds and both are more than capable and compatible with todays higher speed/high quality audio/video tech.

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Hi, We recently purchased two T470 laptops. Both of these appear to have display issues when outputting to an external monitor. Text will appear fuzzy/blurry and after a couple of minutes your eyes starts to hurt from trying to focus on it. Has anybody experienced any similar issues? We also have a T470s that is doing the same but it even has blurry text on the built in screen.

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I have one HD4650, it only just display on my philips HDTV (42pfl9509) via VGA,
and it can't display with HDMI.
But it can display under winxp without dirver,
if with driver it can't display if switching to [email protected](maybe it is ati problem)
i have upgrade the ati driver to 10.8, but it still dont work.

my HW configuration:
intel P43+ICH10
intel 5200


A:Ati HD4650 can't display on philips HDTV via HDMI under Win7 32bit

sinsow, welome to the frums.

When connected via HDMI, assuming the option is there have you gone into the TV's settings and set it to PC Mode?]

For anyone else that may like to offer some more insight you can find the manual for the TV here,

42PFL9509/93 Philips LCD TV 42PFL9509 42" Full HD 1080p with Ambilight Spectra 2 and Pixel Precise HD - Philips Support

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NVIDIA geforce 8200 does not detect LCD HDTV PC connected to Samsung LE46530F1W by HDMI

The PC is running Win 7 Premium Home 64 bit SP1. It is connected to a 19 inch monitor (Viseo 190W) via a vga cable. The monitor is at 1366x768 at 60HZ.
The nvidia driver version is 275.33.
The tv is a recent Samsung LE46530F1W and is connected by new HDMI cable from PC to TV.
The TV reports that this source is not connected. The current resolution of the TV is 1920x1080 at 50HZ.

If I look in Nvidia control panel, under 'setup multiple displays' - I only see the Vi##SPAM## 190W as a single display. I choose 'My display is not shown', followed by 'Rigorous Display Detection' and 'Yes' to 'Would you like your TV enabled'. This puts a 'tick' in the 'force television detection on startup' checkbox. The 'restart now' button is greyed out - I restart the PC anyway, without effect.

The TV does not recognise it is getting a signal from the PC. The PC does not recognise the TV display as existing.

Any advice would be welcome as to:

Am I posting in the right forum?

What should I do to make the TV display my PC output?



A:Nvidia 9200 in PC connected to Samsung HDTV by HDMI does not display

I would recommend you to connect the TV alone and check if there is any display or not.

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Sounds complicated (To me anyway)

I'm running Windows 7 64bit with 2 video cards (NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT and NVIDIA GeForce GT 240) as I use 3 monitors.

My TV is located where it is not possible to run a cable to it from the PC, It is however beside a CAT5 box that is connected to a CAT5 box beside my PC.

I use a TP-LINK TL-MR3420 router for my PC and wireless access upstairs.
It is connected to a Belkin Share wireless router set up purely as an access point downstairs via the 2 cat boxes mentioned earlier for wireless access and a wired connection to my xBox.

I want to use one of the spare video card ports to connect to my HDTV
I have a HDMI output on the NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT and a DVI output on the NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 that are not in use.

I think HDMI is the way to go as I believe I can use a S/PDIF cable to connect my motherboard to my NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT and so I will have audio as well as visual.

My question is:
Can I use a HDMI to CAT5 converter, connect a HDMI cable to the video card output, connect one end of a CAT5 cable to that, the other end to my TP-LINK TL-MR3420 router (Which is connected to my Belkin Share wireless router)
Take a CAT5 to HDMI converter and run a HDMI cable from my Belkin Share wireless router to my HDTV?
Is it possible to do this via a router at all?

Any help is much appreciated ..

A:Connect PC to HDTV via HDMI -> CAT5 -> Router -> Access Point -> CAT5 -> HDMI -> TV

Hi and welcome to TSG.

The HDMI to CAT5 converter most likely sends raw high speed serial video through all four twisted pairs of wires in the CAT5 cable rather than converting the video data to Ethernet compatible data packets. Any Ethernet router or switch would not know what hit it.

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I purchased an external monitor on Friday.  It worked on Friday and Saturday. Sunday when I booted up, the external monitor no longer worked. The history appears to show an automatic update occurred overnight.  I was running Windows 8.1.  I upgraded to 10.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the intel video driver, I reinstalled the chipset driver.  I have trimmed the micro HDMI cord as suggested in one of the posts.  I have seen enough posts on the various boards to know my issue does not seem to be an isolated case... but I haven't been able to find an explanation of the cause or a reliable solution.  Any help is appreciated.

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I just received my X1C7 laptop, I wanted to use it for monitoring purpose. I want to have at least 4 monitors connected (including the laptop monitor), for that, I have bought a Lenovo Powered USB-C Travel Hub which has HDMI/VGA/USB2/USB3/RJ45. This gives me two HDMI. This is what I have connected: to the HDMI of the laptop a Dell P2217H screen.to USB-C the Asus MB16AC screento USB-C  the Lenovo Powered USB-C Travel Hub HDMII can get those 3 monitors working together: Laptop monitorUSB-C Asus MB16AC screenUSB-C HDMI OR USB-C Lenovo Powered USB-C Travel Hub HDMII am not able to use both HDMI and the USB-C together but if I unplug the USB-C screen, I am now able to use two HDMI signal together.  I am on Linux dka 4.19.0-6-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.67-2+deb10u1 (2019-09-20) x86_64 GNU/Linux How can I get two HDMI + USB-C monitors working at the same time? My bet is that this laptop does not support 2 HDMI monitor + 1 USB-C Monitor. I haven't tried on windows but is that even working on Windows?I have another USB3 screen Asus MB168B+. It uses DisplayLink driver, it does not have official support for Debian but theoretically, could it work as an extra screen considering I can't use (yet) two HDMI + 1 USB-C screen together.  

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I have a Lenovo x240 with a Core i7-4600U using Intel HD Graphics 4400 and I am attaching a Monoprice MST Hub Mini Displayport to 2 HDMI adapter to the mini display port on the x240. To this I have 15' HDMI cables attached. These are attached to 3.5" HDMI LCD screens on both ports.  I am unable to drive both monitors simultaneously, either in extending mode, or mirror/cloned mode. I have tried everything; every combination of plugging and unplugging; booting with various states of connection to the displays. Nothing is creating two attached screens both working simultaneously - in any fashion (cloned/extended). I have tried updating my graphics drivers and bios. I am not sure what the problem is. The product I am using to split the mDP is a MST Hub:https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=21975 I am looking at the refresh rate criterion, and I am unsure how to allow windows 10 to provide those refresh rates and resolutions for my monitors. (Editing in the display settings -> custom resolution, doesn't affect anything) Please advise.   ################################## ComputerLENOVO 20AL009CUSOperating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)ProcessorIntel® Core? i7-4600U CPU @ 2.10GHzGraphicsIntel® HD Graphics FamilyAudioRealtek High Definition AudioIntel® Display AudioNetworking and I/OIntel® Ethernet Connection I218-LMIntel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260Update availablePrivate Internet Access Network AdapterNpcap Loopb... Read more

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I have just purchased two new monitors that have two hdmi and a vga input but my graphics card has dvi,hdmi and display port so I have one monitor running Strait hdmi and the other one running dvi converted to hdmi but that one I'd very blurb and slightly stretched. So I was wondering if it would be better to run displayport and convert it to hdmi or get a new graphics card.

A:Dvi to hdmi or display port to hdmi

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This is my computer exactly, brand new: Asus Essentio Desktop 8GB Memory 1TB Hard Drive CM1745-05 - Best Buy
Okay the TV i have is

i think it's 19" but it's SYLVANIA HDTV / HDMI just like that

I set it up to HDMI (use the HDMI cord) & it looks like this: (SEE IMAGE BELOW)

A:HDMI Is Fuzzy/Horrible ??

Your TV is re scanning/scaling the image you need to see if your TV has a pc mode for HDMI or a "just scan" option in its settings.

Nb. Not all TV's have these options.

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i hook up a htpc directly to my LG lcd tv through a hdmi cable.

i recently turned it off and unplugged everything and now that i hooked it back up it does not recognise the tv through hdmi. it will however work through a vga cable

i have tested the htpc on another smaller lcd screen i have and it works fine through the hdmi connection.

any thoughts?

A:hdmi hdtv

Quote: Originally Posted by yada10

i hook up a htpc directly to my LG lcd tv through a hdmi cable.

i recently turned it off and unplugged everything and now that i hooked it back up it does not recognise the tv through hdmi. it will however work through a vga cable

i have tested the htpc on another smaller lcd screen i have and it works fine through the hdmi connection.

any thoughts?

Have you enabled the HDMI input on the TV again?

Regards....Mike Connor

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I have just installed Win7 64 and noticed that both my 17'' TFT monitor and Sony HDTV are picked up in device manager as "Generic PnP Monitor"

This seems to effect the Nvidia control panel as it detected the HDTV as being connected via VGA.....

The only thing I can think of would be to acquire the monitor profile for the Sony HDTV but obviously Sony don't have monitor drivers on their website.

Has anyone seen anything like this before?!

A:HDTV Picked up a VGA on HDMI


Have you looked at the various options available under 'Setup multiple displays'?

There are several options there that you might want to look at if you haven't already.

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Hi guys. Here's the problem. I have a 32 inch HDTV with 1080i. But when i set my computers resolution to 1920X1080, the picture doesn't fit the screen all the way. Is there any way to stretch the picture so it can fit the screen? I have put the settings on the tv to fill but it zooms in a lil too much.

A:HDMI and HDTV problem

Hi Akpsp,

Your TV's native resolution and aspect ratio might be different than your computer's, i.e. the max resolution setting on your computer might not look/fit the best on your TV. Experiment with different resolutions until you find what looks the best. If nothing looks right, let me know and I'll try to continue helping out.


Windows Outreach Team

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Hi, i have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti, i have my PC plugged into my 32" HDTV with a HDMI Cable. I want to change this and plug it in with a VGA cable but i get nothing through the VGA Cable just a blank screen

A:Pc to HDTV VGA will not work. Only HDMI.

Quote: Originally Posted by Redhawk463

Hi, i have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti, i have my PC plugged into my 32" HDTV with a HDMI Cable. I want to change this and plug it in with a VGA cable but i get nothing through the VGA Cable just a blank screen

You still failed to fill out your PC specs!

Try this
Look in your bios for a setting that sets HDMI/SPDIF/auto
Set it to spdif

You wont get sound - just vision on vga
You also have to use Spdif/optical cable or the light green socket for sound output

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First its HDMI to HDMI. Both direct inputs I guess you call it( im not good with this stuff so work with me here thanks).
Ive tried everything and done my research and I cant find a answer. So I thought I would start posting in forums.
So I tried turning it my PC off [AlienWare(I know I wasted my money and should have built I computer) lol], turning it on and having both the HDMI hooked up.
It picks it up at first everythings going good, its popping up on my TV and on my Desktop Screen which is what I want. Then as soon as the Windows preivew or whatever you wanna call it gets done, and it goes to were your type in your password, my Desktop Screen goes Black and My TV says this. "UnSupport" with a black screen, and that floating around.

Then I tried to plug the HDMI while my PC was on and I was at the desktop screen. When I plug into the back, it does a little reset thing and then pops up. When it pops up all my desktop icons that are normally all the way to the right of my desktop are all the way to the left (which are all my games) and all of the desktop icons that are on left side, like internet, avg, skype, ect. arent on the screen. And when I have the HDMI hooked up and im stuck on the screen with all my normal desktop icons to the right on the left now, 1. I dont have my windows bar at the bottom ( where you pen task and the start menu) and 2. If I move my mouse to the left and off my screen it disapers completely like trying to go to another screen. And ... Read more

A:Trying to set up PC to HDTV with HDMI (not working to well)

Yes what graphics card do you have installed? What version of Windows are you running? What is the model number of the TV?

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So my dad ruined Chritmas.... He opened our new Sony Bravia 40" LCD early This one has a VGA port on the back which I would use with my computer, but the maximum resolution supported is 1400*1050 @ 60HZ (per the user manual). And, no, it doesnt work, I tried. This would be fine, but its not a widescreen resolution and the supported resolutions that are widescreen are way too low. So now to the question; If I use a DVI-HDMI cable from my computer, will the tv support a picture in its native resolution, 1920*1080? The manual directly says: "do not connect a PC to the TV's HDMI input. Use the VGA input instead when connecting a pc." Seems fishy to me.... Hopefully someone knows something and can help me??

A:Using my HDTV as a monitor (with HDMI?)

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I have been having this problem for a while.. but have been ignoring it. Hopefully I can get this fixed.

When I connect my laptop to the HDTV via HDMI it automatically connects to a crappy resolution and the edges are cut off.

How can I fix this?

A:Connecting to HDTV via HDMI

Hi ebarn,

Right-click the Desktop and select Screen Resolution. Adjust the dropdown menu to fit your HDTV screen.


Windows Outreach Team

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Hey guys.. I did a search but I couldn't find someone who had exactly the same problem with me.. I tried a lot of things but I still can't solve this one..

I bought an HDMI cable today because I want to connect my PC (equipped with a Gigabyte GTX 260 which came with a DVI to HDMI adapter) to my HDTV (LG 32LG5000).

I read some guides online that said some kind of setup wizard should pop up and I can fix the settings for the TC but no such thing popped up, and the PC doesn't seem to recognise the TV at all.. I connected it to the second socket (so I can have dual monitors) and I also tried connecting it to the first socket but still nothing...

Any help whatsoever would be appreciated.. Thanks!

A:help with connecting PC to HDTV via HDMI

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If you?re ready to take the plunge and give your big screen HDTV over to Windows Media Center to manage your television, movies, music and more, then you?ll want to be sure you?re getting the best experience possible when running in full screen mode. The choice of how you connect your PC to your TV is critical to optimizing your experience. Assuming your PC?s graphics card supports it, HDMI, or High Definition Multimedia Interface, is one of the best ways to connect a PC to your HDTV.


Above: the connection type is critical in optimizing your display for Windows Media Center

HDMI is a single cable that carries all-digital, uncompressed video at resolutions up to 1080p, as well as uncompressed or compressed digital audio signals. While HDMI is common in consumer electronics devices like the Xbox 360, DVD and BluRay players, since 2007, we have seen more and more PCs roll out with HDMI support ? especially in the laptop and notebook area. All major graphics card manufacturers also offer cards with HDMI.

If your PC or laptop and TV are relatively recent, making an HDMI connection is a simple. After making the connection, you may have to adjust the resolution settings to ensure the PC?s output on the TV is making the best use of the available space. In Windows 7, simply right-click on the desktop and select Screen Resolution.

In prepping for this post, I took two laptops and a netbook purchased in 2008, 2009 and 2010 (respectively), then in-turn ... Read more

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I am trying to set up my 47" panasonic HDTV as my monitor via hdmi to my nvidia geforce 8500 gt video card. I have it set up as my primary monitor and all the settings on my video card set to HDMI but, i can only see my pc thru my hdmi input on my tv if i have the VGA plugged into my tv and going to my dvi output on my video card as well. If I unplug the VGA while viewing the HDMI it stays but if i restart it like that i get a black screen. What should i do?

A:can't use hdtv via hdmi without having vga plugged in as well

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I'm running a late 2008 Unibody aluminum Macbook, and trying to use a second monitor which is a TV. It's an Emerson HDTV but like 2007, no HDMI. I have an INsignia VGA converter runnig from the MiniDisplay on Macbook...purchased at Best Buy. Then VGA runs to a "HIgh Resolution Video," VGA Conversion that turns into S-Video and runs to the TV. When I plug it in, the TV goes to multi-colored vertical lines. And Macbook does do the soft power down fade to black and come back like when I plug it in to other monitors to mirror.

Any ideas? The S-Video converter is the common type found on eBay for like $17. I'm really frustrated.


A:Macbook to HDTV no HDMI

Those VGA to S-Video adapters generally don't work. The good ones that aren't eBay garbage only work if the graphics card has s-video support which a DisplayPort adapter most certainly does not.

What inputs does the TV have? What is the model of the TV?

You can get converter boxes but realistically the picture quality will be poor since it's s-video. Or you can get a new TV.

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I just purchased a new HDTV & connected it to my desktop w/ a HDMI cable ( the connection is via a splitter, one input to monitor the other to the TV ). Everything seems to be working but when I look @ playback devices it shows the TV that was previously connected as the one currently detected. There is no indication that a new device was connected. Any help would be appreciated. Also, graphics card drivers are up to date.


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Looking to buy a new desktop.
Have an old HDTV that works great. Has DVI but no hdcp so when I connect it to my cable box I get the "please use component cables". If I buy a new computer with hdmi out and use an adaptor cable will everything get locked out or just protected files? I've asked this many times and the sales people are honest enough to say "I don't know." does anyone here?

Thanks So Much in Advance!

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my HP laptop, when plugged into my tv, used to display my desktop on the laptop and the tv was the secondary monitor, so I could watch a movie and continue to use the laptop for surfing, emailing etc. Now when connected my laptop goes blank and my tv shows a distorted display of my desktop. This just started happening recently and cant figure out how to fix. Tried restarting didn't work.

A:hdmi connection to hdtv

could check the lappie video resolutions and refresh rate and that the settings show the correct drivers for the lappie's video display

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My HDTV was replaced by Toshiba (back light went) the new tv is a 32L1375DB. Everything seems fine except when I connect my PC via HDMI I have no sound.

I have check and AMD HDMI output is selected as the default on my windows 7 pc (i5 Processor, 8gb ram, AMD HD 5870 graphics card). The but under supported formats is says 0.

The audio over HDMI works perfectly to the old TV and nothing else on the system has change. The xbox, also connected to the new TV works fine. I have tried the HDMI cable from the xbox with the tv and tried it on both hdmi ports on the tv with the same result, great picture no sound.

Anyone else had this problem? Can anyone give me advice on how to solve it?

A:No sound over HDMI to hdtv

From your description it would appear the problem is in the TV and not the PC. The HDMI audio, from the PC worked on the old TV but does not work with the new TV. Possibly a setup problem in the new TV?

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I'm using:
AMD 64 3700+ with ATI Radeon HD 4670
A HDTV Samsung 40" LE40A656 as my computer display
The TV connected to my PCs using XP or Vista work fine (1920x1080) through the VGA cable but via HDMI the text is fringing and image quality is poor. No big deal, I just use the VGA cable.

ISSUE: Since I updated my HP from Vista to Windows 7 RC the TV can't display the PC at all - "mode not supported". It works with the HDMI cable though but the quality is as poor (I can barely work on it) as it is on XP or Vista.

Is there a fix? Should I wait for an update of 7 RC or do I need to reinstall Vista?

A:VGA / HDMI issue on HDTV

Try using the reccomended resoultion when connected through an HDMI. That solved it for me. mine is running 1360 X 768 now I know its not 1920 X 1080 which would be great but it looks alot better with the reccomended res. The Pic is Very clear and Sharp.

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Heya. I recently (for Christmas) received a new LOGIK monitor to accompany my old one and I'm having problems getting them both to run correctly. My old monitor used to be using a VGA cable with a DVI adapter at 1920 x 1080, where it worked fine. I plugged in my new monitor with a HDMI cable with a DVI adapter, however upon doing so, the resolution of the older screen was reduced to 1440 x 900 (or something like that) and my new monitor became fuzzy, as in, everything is out of focus and the colours seem dark / unnatural. I've tried using a HDMI cable with the older monitor, where I can get 1920 x 1080, however it too becomes fuzzy. I tried to use the VGA in my old monitor as that worked previously, but no longer does. The screens have their proper aspect ratios (dot to dot, full, whatever you want to call them) and are not using overscan. Sometimes I am able (after hours of playing with CCC and windows control panel) to make one of them display correctly, however after restarting it returns to being fuzzy. All of the cables are connected securely and my drivers are up-to-date (as of 01/01/14). I'll attach a screenshot for further reference (currently i'm just using 1 screen as I had to borrow the second HDMI cable - I'll be getting another in about a week). I've been browsing a wide number of forums for about a week now and cannot seem to get it to work. Sorry if I'm being vague, if there's any more information you need don't hesitate to ask. Thanks.

A:New monitor with hdmi giving a fuzzy screen.

Something that's just occured to me - should this thread be moved to Hardware and Devices? Only, I'm not sure whether the problem is with the graphics card, the cable, the monitor(s), the drivers or windows. :S

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I have the above HDTV as my computer monitor and will install a DVI to HDMI cable today. My mainboard is ECS G41T-M2 with onboard G41 chipset. It will do Direct X 10, Will I need to adjust the input in a utility to get the best resolution or is it plug an play? Thanks for the help,Alan

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Hi, A friend who works in networks and has an interest in HDMI suggested I could have dual monitors by connecting my laptop to my HDTV. The reason I wanted to do this is "because I can" basically. Just for fun. As per my recommendation I got a VGA to HDMI cable for about $5 from hong kong. Now I'm reading mixed opinions about whether it is even possible to do so.

I have managed to connect the TV and as far as my laptop is concerned there is a HDTV monitor connected and working properly. I can run the cursor off the screen and even some windows appear on the alleged "HDTV display". The TV OTOH is completely unaware of any such connection and has a persistent "No Signal" bubble running across the screen.

I've altered the source on the TV many times, changed the output resolution on my laptop, pressed Fn + F5 a billion times and set the tv as my primary display.

I have read, despite many objections, that it is possible to buy a VGA to HDMI cable with a built in converter and many of these cables sellers on ebay advertise they are capable of such a feat. Perhaps my cable is dodgy? What do you think?

Emachines laptop G420, Vista home basic, NVIDIA 9100M G, generic cable and HDTV.

A:Solved: ConnectingLaptop to HDTV (VGA to HDMI)

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Hello Everyone,

I have a desktop computer with a PNY 8800GT that I am trying to connect to my HDTV:

I have a DVI ---> HDMI cable and have it connected to the TV correctly. Initially turning on the computer I can see the boot process on my TV, but as soon as it gets to the point where it starts loading up Windows it hangs and displays a black screen.

If I go and disconnect the DVI cable from the PC, it will boot up. I'll give it a few minutes, and plug the cable back into my PC, and my TV will display the login screen on Windows 7, but as soon as I enter my password and hit enter it goes back into a black screen.

Just to be clear, the TV is getting SOME type of signal, if my TV wasn't receiving any signal it will tell me with a warning box. Instead it is just black screen with no picture or anything.

So I was hoping someone out there possibly faced something similar and was able to resolve it correctly. If anyone needs any additional information, please let me know!



A:PNY 8800GT - Connecting to HDTV (DVI --> HDMI)

This could be due to a faulty device driver i recommend finding a classic VGA monitor cable and attempting to run it off of that. then going to NVIDIA's website and updating the driver (or reinstalling the one you already have on disc). Always run a clean installation!

If it still does not display anything an old trick I've used in the past which seems ridiculous but sometimes works is opening up the computer and swapping the ram cards to each others ports. It's sometimes just enough to confuse the computer and force it to boot properly.

Good Luck!

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Hey everyone. I have an HDTV (Vizio VO320E) that I have hooked up though a 3.5ft HDMI cable (mini-HDMI to HDMI) to my PC. In my PC I'm using a nVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti.
Now, the issue I am having is no picture or anything through the HDMI, I have attempted to power cycle both, I have even hooked it up with a DVI adapter from my PC to a VGA cord feeding signal into the TV. That worked fine. I figured it might be a resolution issue, so I dropped the res down to 800x600, no change buthere once I took out the VGA/DVI-adapter from my graphics card and had it run off the HDMI cable.
My configuration with the HDMI cable was just working last night and in weeks prior but for some reason it isn't now. It stopped working when I changed inputs to my DirecTV input to watch TV and I switched back (both are HDMI). Any help on getting this to work would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: I got another monitor (an actual monitor, not a TV), hooked up up through a DVI port, and it works fine. I went into my nVidia control panel and it isn't even detecting my TV

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I have a HP Compaq 6080 Pro Microtower PC and it does not have HDMI. I wanted to hook it to my HDTV and when I have tried to use a simple VGA HDMI converter cable, the TV still says "No Signal." Do I have to have an HDMI graphics card or should this work even though it doesn't seem to be? I got this computer as a raffle at work and it didn't have a monitor so I wanted to use it with my TV. I'm just not sure how to make it work. I tested the TV's HDMIs and all seem to work with my satellite signal HDMI cable.

A:Do I need HDMI graphics card to put VGA PC to HDTV?

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My system specs are listed for my rig before I say anything that is what I am running ATM

Current video card has an HDMI and with space limitations been trying to get my 40" Toshiba to work as a monitor. I been trying to get audio to the set and found the options in the Gforce control panel, but it goes on to ask for the device in windows to be switch and windows dose not have a listing for such a device.

So I am not sure how to finish this up and use the TV as I wish. So is it possible to do so and if so I could really use the help.

A:Help seting up Audio through HDMI to HDTV

Go to the Start Orb and type in Audio and then select Manage Audio Devices. Right click HD or HDMI as default. Right click again and select Test. If it works you will hear the test.

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I am using a Radeon 4850 with a Samsung LN32A650 HDTV @ 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz. Wind 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

I have used both HDMI and VGA to connect using 9.1 CCC drivers as well as 8.9 CCC

VGA has excellent quality but does not work with 9.1 drivers

HDMI using both sets of drivers have text which has color fringing and in general,much inferior quality.

Can anybody point me to a solution for this.

I have tried the following:

Different HDMI cables
Different HDTV - Pioneer Elite 60"

I do not think this is a purely Windows 7 issue but I am hoping somebody may have a solution.


A:HDMI Video Quality w HDTV

A quick Google came up with people reporting same problems with samsung TVs. Are you connecting directly to the TV using HDMI? I have a different TV and card using latest Cats but I pass-through a Yamaha HTR6230B do you have a HDMI capable receiver you could pass-through?

I will test by connecting straight to TV and check the image quality...

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My laptop only has VGA output (no HDMI or DVI) so I purchased a powered VGA to HDMI converter. I am getting sound but no video. I am receiving an error message on my HDTV screen that reads "Incompatible video signal received. Check your output source" I am running Windows 7 and accessed my NVIDIA control panel settings but can't seem to get it to work. Do I need to adjust the video output settings?

A:Trying to connect laptop to HDTV via VGA to HDMI

Quote: Originally Posted by masterchefstan

My laptop only has VGA output (no HDMI or DVI) so I purchased a powered VGA to HDMI converter. I am getting sound but no video. I am receiving an error message on my HDTV screen that reads "Incompatible video signal received. Check your output source" I am running Windows 7 and accessed my NVIDIA control panel settings but can't seem to get it to work. Do I need to adjust the video output settings?

Hi there

Now that's a different issue completely --some of these VGA==>HDMI video converters aren't much use I'm afraid. - I had one ages ago but could never get it to work -- what you could try though is see if your computer can set to DUAL monitors first and then try and use one as the primary. I think (if I remember W7) that Windows + P key scrolls through the external monitor settings.

With VGA output from one of those converters you won't get 1080p - you might have to set your TV to a much lower resolution than 1920 X 1080.


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When I plug in the HDMI connection, I cannot use audio outputs from laptop. Audio only from TV (LG HDTV has no audio outputs, Ugh)Changed sound settings - default etc.
Need to use ear phones from laptop due to hearing problem.
Is this usual when you plug in the HDMI cable?
Options appreciated.

A:Solved: HDMI Laptop to HDTV

Connecting the HDMI, by default, changes the audio output to the HDMI chipset, thus sending the audio to the attached device. If you don't want the audio to go out the HDMI port, you will need to change the default audio device/port in the audio configuration.

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My television goes to sleep in about 15 seconds when being used as a monitor with my laptop. Clicking the mouse does nothing. I have to reselect the input with my TV remote and it wakes back up.

When I'm running the laptop display, this does not happen.
Any ideas on this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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randomly, as far as i can tell, decided to stop working.

if i have my computer connected to the tv during bootup, it shows up perfectly fine. as soon as the windows boot up graphic disappears, what should show up is the log in screen. this does not happen. my computers monitor goes blank, and my t.v. tells me that there is no longer an input.

the same thing happens and it stops working if i allow my system to boot up before i try to plug it in. once i plug the HD cable in, monitor goes out and the t.v. says no signal.

i'm not sure if this is a graphics card question anyway, but it sounds like it to me. any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!!

A:windows 7 to HDtv through HDMI not working

You may have to uninstall the drivers or any other cards for your current card to work. I ran into this similar problem and it was because I didn't disable my built in graffix card. Go to control panel, system, device manager, and right click on any other graffix cards or GPU chips, right click, and select uninstall or disable. sometimes you have to enable your card in your bios as well right when your comp starts. If these dont apply to you or its your origional card you may have to get some more tips bud. Hope you get it working, take care!

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I just started having this problem on both of my laptops, Toshiba Satellite and an HP, and I have exactly the same problem on both of them. Both of them loose the signal as soon as windows starts loading so it has to do with windows 8 since I get a signal just before windows starts loading. I have tried to go to the display settings and on both of them will not detect my HDMI TV. I don't seem to be able to find a solution to this and it looks like there are quite a few people having the same problem but no solutions. Any ideas?


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I just started having this problem on both of my laptops, Toshiba Satellite and an HP, and I have exactly the same problem on both of them. Both of them loose the signal as soon as windows starts loading so it has to do with windows 8 since I get a signal just before windows starts loading. I have tried to go to the display settings and on both of them will not detect my HDMI TV. I don't seem to be able to find a solution to this and it looks like there are quite a few people having the same problem but no solutions. Any ideas?


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I have just connected my new latptop via hdmi output to my HDTV, i was offered 3 options by windows vista, I think I have selected the wrong option as I cannot make the HDTV my main monitor (the option is greyed out) and the best I can do is extend the desktop display to the TV which merely shows a small version of my desktop backround (no icons or taskbars) at a very low 30Hz.

is there any way I can revert to the options that vista offered me? as one was to make the external display my main monitor, they seemed like automatic options like when you plug in a flash drive or a blank CD or something, but they won't reappear once I remove the HDMI cable and plug it back in.

Thanks in advance!

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I have a Optiplex 780. I want to hook up to my new HDTV to watch netflix and other free movies from the internet. I understand that I need to install a graphics card that has HDMI (minimum) recepticles. I have read that I could do without a graphics card and just use a VGA and an audio cable. . I don't do much else similar although I might like to be able to burn DVDs but that isn't important. Anybody know what I REALLY need? 

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27er - it has 2 HDMI ports, one works great and is clear.  The other is fuzzy and distorted.  Same problem on both Windows 7 system and Windows 10 system.  VGA port works great. 

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HI i'm new here

how can i have 1366x768 resolution via the ordinary pc vga cable i have an hdmi port in the tv and the graphics card but the problem is i have an xbox 360 which is connected to the only HDMI port in the TV so the xbox is connected via hdmi and the pc is connected via VGA i have a samsung La22B350F2 TV so help plz


A:help! how obtain high resolution on an HDTV without HDMI

Welcome 09009494

You might try using a HDMI A/B switchbox to jump back & forth from computer & xBox .

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Hey, guys. I'm stumped right now. I tried hooking up my laptop to my TV on two days ago and I got bupkis. The first time I tried it, the laptop shut off, rebooted and asked me if I wanted to start windows normally or boot in safe mode. When I took the HDMI cable out and put it back in, the same thing happened, only when it booted up this time, it recommended Start-up Repair, so naturally I was like "What the hell?!" Prior to this, I've never had an issue hooking my TV up to my laptop. I've done it tons of times. Also when I tried doing it the laptop would not even pick up the TV and strangely I never saw the BSOD on my laptop, I saw it on the TV screen! Yet, no other images or sounds will come through. The only thing I can tell you is that I haven't hooked it up to the TV since around late last year, so can anyone tell me what the heck's going on? Here's the BSOD info below:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 7f
BCP1: 00000000
BCP2: 00000000
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:
C:\Users\Sharano A. Walkine\AppData\Local\temp\WER-88608-0.sysdata.xml

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A:BSOD when I hook laptop up to HDTV via HDMI...

Hi Goku,

Can you go through the steps on posting a BSOD post for me?
(Link in my signature)


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