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Iomega NAS not accessable.

Q: Iomega NAS not accessable.

My Iomega Home Storage NAS is suddenly not accessable. It is formatted in Linux (I believe). Can I in any way connect it via USB as an external HDD and save my files? My computer has Win7 64b. If I try to connect the drive via USB, I cannot see it in "My computer" but it is present in Diskmanager.

Thank you in advance for any help. ELLPER

Preferred Solution: Iomega NAS not accessable.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Iomega NAS not accessable.

if its Formatted as Ext2 or something like the windows doesnt support u need a Live CD (As u can get from Ubuntu's website) then connect it via usb and recover files

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D:\is not accessable
Device not ready

This warning comes up on both the CD-ROM and the CD-RW-R after doing some work with a registry error. I think it is maybe a BIOS probles or CMOS as earlier i restored them to default. But I have not the foggiest what to change. And another question is 62-64 *C a good cpu temp for AMD-K6 processors

A:CD not accessable

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When I try to save to my F drive that is a CD/W the screen reads that it is not accessable. I used to be able to save to it. What am I doing wrong?

A:F: not accessable

in order to save to the CD you would have to use a program like INCD {Nero} or DIRECTCD {ROXIO}
and have a formatted CD in the drive - then it would act like a floppy drive.
Also you need to have the program in startup


what CD writer program do you have installed

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Hi, my computer is in middle of having PROBLEMS. My CD recorder isnt working and keeps coming up with the errer that
E:\not accessible.

Thanx in advance

A:E:\not accessable

Also when i go to properties in that drive there is no recording tab.?

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I have a compaq presario with windows 98 installed, Received from a family member who updated to a new system. When I try to access the CD Rom I get an error message that states E drive not accessable.the divce is not ready.Do I have to update something to get this working or do I take it in for service.

A:Nit Accessable

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I have a Dell Deminsion B110 running XP. It has a HL-DT-ST DVD+RW GWA 4164B. When I try to drag and drop a movie file to the cd drive it tells me that D:\ is not acessable. It tells me the same if I use windows movie maker or copy and paste the file. I can still burn a music disk but can't burn a video of any type. I have removed I Tunes from my computer recently, and I think the problem started after that, I reinstalled it to see if that would solve the problem, but it didn't. Thought I may have lost the driver and tried to install a new one, that didn't help either. Any help please.

A:CD/RW not accessable

Click, start, my computer, right click on your DVD drive, click properties, hardware tab, then properties again, try rolling back driver.

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I have a Dell Latitude D610 and attempting to backup all user data onto DVDs before a clean install of windows, using an external memorex Mutli-Format DVD Recorder, model number MRX-550LE v1.
Windows labels it D:/  even though the internal optical drive (DVD-Rom, CDRW) is labeled E:/.
Thank you for any advice.  Attached to this post, is screenshot's of Windows Easy Transfer wizard popup and drive not accessable popup.

A:Drive is not accessable

Here is an update on my drive is not accessible dilema:
I downloaded CDBurnerXP from cdburnerxp.se and was able to backup to 5 disks (My documents folder and its contents). 
I am still getting a drive is not accessible popup when trying to burn to dvd through windows with out software.

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I got the files and drivers for this hival cam..but cant get my `D` drive to activate..Is like my Cd rom is not reading the instruction disk for the webcam..Crap.......I`m so close...I went to the add/hardware crap too..no dice...and my CD rom has no problem as far as the status on it says...what gives...how do you boot or do something to get this `d -crap working..

A:`D` is not accessable...man I hate this old pc.

I'm assuming the D drive is your CD-ROM drive?

How old is your PC? Perhaps a little compressed air in there will clear things up, might just be some dust buildup.

Can you read other CDs in the D drive?

If all else fails, a replacement CD-rom drive isn't much.

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I've just got a Toshiba netbook, added it to my wireless network and I cant access it from the other 2 computers on the system. The other two computers (a desktop and a laptop) can see and access each other OK. My netbook can see and access the other two, but my netbook is un-available to the other computers.. Sometimes one or the other of the laptop or desktop can see the netbook, but can never access it. All 3 computers sre running W7 HP. (When I say "see" in this context I mean it shows up in their network maps) All 3 computers are running the same Kaspersky security software, and all three have internet access through the wireless router. It's driving me crazy, I cant think of anything else to fiddle with. I'm a network novice so I'm probably missing something really simple. Help....

A:Netbook not accessable

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I have 2 domain one for each company. I have an accountant that needs to log into both companies. She logs into company A, no problem. now I want her to access Company B. I have given her identical logins for both domains. when she goes to access company B she gets the messege that she can't login because she does not have permission. If she goes to another computer that is on company B domain, she is able to do what she needs. What am I missing so she can log on to Company B from her own desk?

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Hello everyone,

Earlier yesterday, I formatted my computer. After that, my everything was in Ext. HDD. I started to get things from it. I got most important things firstly and I said I'll resume it later. Process was done and so I was not doing anything with ext. HDD. After that I dropped external HDD by accident and disconnected the usb cable... I wanted to make sure if its still working after the drop so I reconnected it. PC detected my ext. HDD but it did not appear on 'My Computer' and 'autorun' did not show up. HDD light was always bright and when I connect it to PC I hear the sound. After million tries, just for one time a 'autorun' showed up and it appeared on 'My Computer' but I could not get my stuff from it because I could not open any picture/music/document on it, it stopped working. But it was saying 800+ gb left in it and I could open the HDD and saw my files/pictures/music/documents/videos so I was pretty sure my stuff still is in it.

After that I checked few things and realized it shows all disk 'unallocated' How can it be possible, I opened it once? I formatted my PC Disk C and it did not work after that, too. So my main question is, how can I solve this problem without losing and picture/video/music/document in it? I really need everything in it. All my 4 year work is in it. Hope we can find a way. Thanks a lot.

Note1: Should I try to take actual disk out of the case and plug it in via SATA to motherboard? Can it be a solution? (maybe case is damaged... Read more

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Hi all hope you can help

I have two 1TB hdd partioned into two raid 0 drives
I was looking in disk management at the drives namely C & D and i right clicked over the drive designation box of drive D (bottom pane left side of graphical view) and instead of clicking properties i accidently clicked the offline entry above it since that mouse click my D drive has vanished

Both drives are listed in my raid bios and both drives are showing in device manager but the D drive is gone from My Computer and the disk management window.

Anyone know how to bring it back online cause i got a lot of data on there (500gb+) that id rather not lose if poss

A:HDD offline not accessable

Quote: Originally Posted by Pauly

Hi all hope you can help

I have two 1TB hdd partioned into two raid 0 drives
I was looking in disk management at the drives namely C & D and i right clicked over the drive designation box of drive D (bottom pane left side of graphical view) and instead of clicking properties i accidently clicked the offline entry above it since that mouse click my D drive has vanished

Both drives are listed in my raid bios and both drives are showing in device manager but the D drive is gone from My Computer and the disk management window.

Anyone know how to bring it back online cause i got a lot of data on there (500gb+) that id rather not lose if poss

Hi Pauly,

You rightclicked in that left pane.
Isn't there an option to reactivate when you rightclick there again?

If not I will give you the command line options to reactivate it.


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I have swapped two hdd recently on my pc, including cloning the os on to slightly bigger hdd. It all works fine, but after using a jumper on the clear cmos pins to restart it as it came up with a message "LDR missing". Before i cloned the os and now that i have, i couldnt access the bios. The only way i have been able to get my pc working again is by clearing the cmos. But how do I regain access to bios as i would like to change some settings?I am using an asrock mobo and the key to access bios is f2, it looks kinda like the keyboard? Any help would be of great assistance

A:Bios not accessable

"LDR missing"Click to expand...

This seems that someone has deleted ntldr by mistake.
This error occurs when the partition marked as active does not contain the operating system boot files.

Two Issues.

1. Having the PC boot from the correct drive, properly partitioned with the boot partition set as "Active".

2. Having the right files in that partition.

You can change the active partition using fdisk. And you can change the first boot device (but using an optical drive with a Windows CD to boot from can cause you problems later) in the BIOS.

Using Fdisk.

1. Boot to a command prompt by using a boot disk (if you have one. Otherwise you can make one from any Windows 95/98/ME PC.
2. At the command prompt, type fdisk, and then press enter.
3. Click set active partition, choose the partition that you want to make active, and then hit enter.
4. Press Esc.
5. Remove the boot floppy disk, restart the computer.

The below information is from Microsoft.

If the NTLDR is missing or damaged try the Recovery Console.

To start the computer and use the Recovery Console to replace the boot sector

"Insert the Windows XP Professional Setup CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.

Restart the computer. If prompted to press a key to start the computer from the CD-ROM, press the appropriate key.
When the text-based part of Setup begins, follow the prompts. Press the R key to repair a Windows XP Professional installation.
If you are repairing a system that has more than... Read more

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ok so heres my problem...i just built up a new machine last night.... unfortunatley my xp disc is cracked so i tried with win 98 even tho the motherboard doesnt support it...my last mobo didnt either but it worked fine (same make mobo)....the dvdrw picked up and installed win 98 but once windows was running theres no sign of the dvdrw so i cant install any of the drivers, it doesn't show up in device manager...

i dont know an awful lot about computer building to be honest, alwasy been lucky with it so far i guess, i originally had it set on primary ide with the jumper on cs, but i've tried every combination i can think of, the hard drive is conected to SATA1 which i discoverd isnt supported by 98 so i tried my old hard drive as master and dvd as slave on same ide cable and still problem is the same, seems to me its all conflicting but i dont know where to start to fix it, if theres any more info i need to give plz let me know, hope some can help, its probably something simple, like getting a new xp disc

A:dvdrw not accessable

Xp is probably the only way you will gat that pc working properly.

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I have an hp vectra running Windows 98
I did some automatic driver updates as sugested by the computer
Now when I start up the computer the floppy light only comes on briefly
and when i try a floppy it says " drive not ready or insert a disk retry/cancel"
when i went to (troubleshooting and hardware) it appears the drive and drivers
are there but somehow not responding

your help appreciated

A:Drive A is not accessable

uninstall the drivers and manually install new ones for that drive.

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Hi everyone,

I've a notebook and desktop pc and both running with windows vista but i can't link them together even that each pc can ping the other very well and also see the other on network but when i try to access anyone from the other it say that (\\PC is not accessible. you might not have the permission to use this network resource. contact the administrator... etc).

I tried alot of things
disabling firewalls
link the directly with crossover cable and setting ips
most of the things written on the internet
disconnect the network

knowing that i can see other computer on the network and access it but he is using Windows Xp

I spent long time in this problem and I cant get my files on my laptop currentlt :S

so please help

A:Network isn't accessable

I have a similar problem. My vista laptop can access my XP desktop folders while not viceversa.

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If I insert a blank CD into either of my Cd writers I get asked if I would like to open a writeable folder etc which I say yes to as i want to copy files there then write the CD.

I guess windows knows it is a blank CD OK but then it comes up with D: (or E is not accessible. If I try to select the drive from my computer/explorer it says the same thing.

I have tried many different blank CD's - all do exactly the same. Also there is no searching as if a drive cannot read a CD properly.

If I put a written CD in either drive it can read the files no problem - the problem is only with blank CD's or writing CD's...

As usual any help is gratefully received I don't have a clue how to go about fixing this.

A:Cd drive D: is not accessable

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my floppy drive won't allow me to back up q-b pro (99) nor can it read any floppies. i installed a new floppy drive same problem default message reads "A:\is not accessable", "The device is not ready". what can i do to fix this. i rebooted, reinstalled drive, no change. would appreciate any help. :

A:floppy not accessable

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I am facing problem of no detection of WD 160 GB HD . It seems that connection is built with USB but drive is not working fine.

I caant understand why this happened. Drive is beeping and its light is blinking. windows is showing Driver list but it makes computer hang on. Whole OS is working on just that drive.

I have my critical data and dont want to lose that data.

It will be great helpfull for me to have that drive on working state and i can get my data.

Its my 8 years effort on that drive with out backup.

So please do something for that

A:WD Drive not accessable

From what you're saying, I gather that the drive is installed in your computer.

If this is the case, I would suggest removing the drive from the computer and using an external USB enclosure to connect to another computer and recover what data you need.

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All computers on my network can access eachother except for one, which can access other computers but the others cannot access it. The drives are shared etc, so I do not know what is stopping it from being accessed.

Any suggestions?

A:Harddrive not accessable

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I have Window XP on my PC with a 4 partitions harddisk. After some time I converted a partition to NTFS with CONVERT E: /FS:NTFS

but now I cann't access to that Drive. When I try to access that drive it asked me to format the drive.

I have some important data on that partition also. Can any body help me out, what missing ????

A:NTFS not accessable

sounds like something got lost in the mix. Is the disk that you are using basic or dynamic. I dont think you can have FAT32 on a dynamic but I figured I would ask. I would run chkdsk from a floppy if you can reconize the drive.
Or talk to these people. Free eval software may help.

Active Recovery

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I bought this harddrive "TOSHIBA PH3300U-1I72 3TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive" model recognized number on harddrive as: "HDS723030BLE640" and the current problem I?m having with it is that I can?t access it with all my data possibly being gone. When I was randomly accessing my harddrive today, I noticed that it suddenly became inaccessible and my files started not showing. I seriously don't know what's going on if my data is still corrupted or what. So what I did is that when I restarted my computer the harddrive shows up in my computer but doesn't show data, when I try to access it it asks me "You need to reformat the rdive in I: before you can use it" then I also get the message "Volume does not contain a recognized file system". When I go to right click properties under system, it doesn't write or show anything, it's just blank in my computer.

I have over 1tb of data and i really hope you guys help suggest some data recovery programs out there, if I'm still able to retrieve all my data back please.

? i used getdataback and find and mount, didn't help me since it didn't show any of my data... only a few.

I really want my data back, if anyone can help me here I'd greatly appreciate it

A:HELP! My harddrive can't be accessable need to know if it's recoverable

By the way, I've been using this harddrive since May 2013 and I use the harddrive on an external harddrive. I think the problem was that using it on an external harddrive made my harddrive the way it is, I was unable to acesss certain files and folder and couldn't remove my harddrive safely via usb through "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media", so I removed the usb plug unsafely from the usb slot and now I'm currently facing this problem which hopefully can be fixed and my data is still recoverable.

Anyway, Is it possible to still e to recover all or most of my data?

I feel the most miserable in my life right now, I've owned harddrives and most of them are internal. I think the problem was I went external harddrive which isn't good for my harddrive to last very long, but I hope it's still recoverable. What can you guys suggest?

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I am having a problem, not sure if its my computer or my isp and not sure what to check.
The problem is when I try to access my web site from my home computer, it doesn't always find it if I use the www in the addy. Other times it finds it with the www but not without it! Sometimes doesn't find either and sometimes finds both. I can access other sites without any problem, and others can access my site without any problem. Has just started happening past week or so.

Have run some programs to try to fix ie:
Symantec System Works One Button Checkup
Symantec System Works Disk Doctor
Symantec System Works Win Doctor
Symantec System Works Anti Virus (full scan)
Ad-aware Full Scan
Hi-jack this

Sometimes one of these seems to fix temporaraly (but doesn't say it has found anything) until I reboot computer, then problem returns.
Have had someone look at my registry but can't find anything obvious in there causing problem.
Have also checked DNS report and all is fine there.
Done a tracert and here are results
C:\Documents and Settings\Family>tracert fra-designs.com

Tracing route to fra-designs.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 757 ms 761 ms 752 ms 254.reserved.callplus.net.nz []
2 1044 ms 961 ms 751 ms 173.reserved.callplus.net.nz []
3 1042 ms 992 ms 902 ms pvc800.mr2.akl.tranzpeer.net []
4 823 ms 769 ms 752 ms f0-0.5.cpiak1-r1.tranzpeer.net []
5 1024 ms 1303 ms 902 ms
6 1385 ms... Read more

A:Selected web address not accessable...

Does it always find it if you use the IP address directly? Sure sounds like a misbehaving DNS.

Try using the following temporarily as your DNS servers:

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)/Properties/General tab

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I have a Western Digital external HD, plugs into the USB. And i cant acess it on my computer. I dont think it shows up in the device manager. my comp wont recognize the ecternal drive. What do i do?

A:External Hardive Not Accessable

A couple of questions to help diagnose the problem:

Has this external hard drive ever worked on this computer before?

What happens when you plug the drive into another computer? Does it work ok?

Does this external hard drive have it's own power source as well as the USB cable, or does it get it's power through the USB cable?

Is this a Dell computer by chance?

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I have an issue with the one key recovery (another topic). Got the function of one key recovery wrong. Thought it would be enough to safe the disk with the software. Now the disk crashed an I cant access my files :-( I thougt about, is there a way to get access to the "original" files in the backup files? Is there a kind of "file" browser?

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My laptop operating system is MS Vista. The problem I am going to try and describe has persisted through upgrading from IE8 to IE9 with no change. IE references one favorites folder to save a link to a website and access a sub folder named favorites under a different folder named miscellaneous for retrieval. Is there a way to reset the path which is being referenced or just change the path IE references to favorites? Is this a problem with IE or Vista?

A:[SOLVED] Favorites Non Accessable

Don't understand what you mean by "retrieval" unless you mean "importing" favorites.
That's an IE9 problem in that it cannot import a favorites backup file (htm file), not even one that was exported and saved with IE9! Try it, you'll see what I mean.

That's the main reason I don't use it, the other reason being it's not customisable with extensions. I'm a dedicated Firefox user.

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HELP!!!!!!!! I have a network setup at home that consists of 2 wireless computers and 1 wired computer. The wired computer and one wireless are running XP Home SP 2 while the other wireless is running XP Media Edition, which I believe is SP 2 as well. On the wired PC, I can see and access the two wireless computers. The two wireless computers can access each other and see the wired computer, but neither one can access it. I keep getting the message " \\ ,,,,,,is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network." ,,,,,,is in place of the name of the computer. I did ipconfig/all and typed the ip address of the wired computer in the command line of one of the wireless computers and received the same message.

One thing that I have noticed is that the Windows firewall running on the wired computer is being controlled by group policy, while the others are not. Why, I do not know. After spending the entire day working on this, I was finally able to disable the windows firewall. I am still unable to connect. File and print sharing is on and I have folders set up to share on the network. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

A:Solved: ... is not accessable error

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I have a pc that was brought to me with windows 7 on it has c drive and another drive accessable the c drive is 0 of 48 gb free and then there is another drive that seems to have all the stuff on it. However, I removed the 2nd drive from the computer entirely and it still seems to have 2 partitions is all i can think of. One with windows system files which are on c: and the 2nd partition is the main drive? Doesnt really make any sense to me just wondering how that works, because im my experience i didnt think you could make for example 3 partitions and have them viewable as different drives under my computer????

I thought it was to boot different partitions and such how do you set this up towhere say you make 3 partitions and have it so that 1 drive has multiple partitions that are viewed in my computer as multiple hard drives?

A:2 accessable partitions from windows?

Please type Disk Management in the Start button Search box, maximize the window, open Snipping Tool in Start Menu, draw a rectangular Snip around the listings and drive map showing all of your partitions. You may want to plug back in the second HD if you want advice on it.

Attach the saved file in the Reply Box by clicking Paper Clip Icon. Tell us what exactly you think you'd like to do and we will give you our advice and the steps to do what you want.

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I've a problem with my external HDD. It's WD 1 My Passport Ultra, 1 TB and I had no problem with it until 4-5 days ago. It's formatted as NTFS and I'm using Windows 7, 32 bit.

Firstly, I couldn't copy files from pc to HDD, couldn't crate a new folder etc. So, I'd tried to do an error-checking. Right clicked onto the HDD, properties, Tools tab, check now, check both then start. I'd waited around 36 hours to complete, but it had stopped around 1/10 of the bar to complete. So, I'd clicked cancel. After that I couldn't access to the files anymore.

The HD light is always bright or blinks, changes. I can see it in the BIOS, device manager, control panel and even Computer without a name, but can't access to the files in it. When it plugged-in, it corrupt my internet and programs like when I scan the pc with antivirus programs.

When I tried to double-click or right click onto the HDD, it shows the circle that indicates loading but nothing happens. If I click other parts of windows explorer, it goes to not responding.

Of course I've tried to unplug and re-plug it, with other USB connections and another computer. Didn't work.
I've tried to scan it with Kaspersky and Avast, couldn't find anything. (Well, avast found 3-4 files then quarantied it but didn't solve the problem.) But I only could scan the pc because when HDD plugged-in, programs have paused.
I've tried SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker , couldn't find any integrity violations.
I've tried to assign a ne... Read more

A:External HDD is detected but not accessable.

If it misbehaves in more than one USB port, I'd download Western Digital's diagnostic tools and see what it says. I think it's called Data Lifeguard. There's a couple of tests---short and extended, something like that. Try the short one first.

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I have 2 drives, one is a TSSTCorp DVD/W TS-H552L Drive. The other is a TSSTCorp CD-ROM TS-H192C. Neither of them have a recording tab and the writable drive (DVD/W TS-H552L) is having a (see below) error.

E:/ is not accessible

Incorrect Function

It has been there for awhile but I finally got tired of seeing that. What can I do to fix my DVD drive so it can write using the wizard again? I only want to write CDs with the wizard and I know that I can't burn DVDs with it, so I use a 3rd Party Software.


A:[SOLVED] E:/ is not accessable and no recording tab

Hi again !

Do you use Roxio Easy CD Creator or any other program that was bundled with the drive or with the computer ? Contact the program's publisher for an update, uninstall the program then reinstall the latest version :
Error message when you access the CD drive or DVD drive after you upgrade to Windows XP: "Incorrect function"

If that didn't help then delete the upper and lower filters and uninstall the drive in the device manager :
Upon restart the drive will be redetected, see how it goes.

If you still don't have a recording tab check this for another registry hack :
D-R drive or CD-RW drive is not recognized as a recordable device

Once you have the recording tab back (right-click the drive in my computer => properties => recording tab) make sure you check "Enable CD Recording On This Drive".

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What does that Mean? My CD-RW won't write or burn to the disc I can't access the drive. It shows up in My Computer but it won't work. It worked for a while then went back to E:/not accessable incorrect funtion what does that mean?

A:E:/Not accessable Incorrect Function

Hi Gorgeousgal, I could really use some more information from you as this could be caused by many different issues. Some of which include, a malfunctioning CD-RW device, a software problem, ect. ect. However try this first and let me know if this resolves the issue. If it doesn't we can proceed from there to fix the problem.

Go into my computer - right click on the E: drive - select properties - then select the tab that says recording - then make sure that enable recording on this drive is checked, (Don't change anything else) - then click apply and then ok.

See if that allows you to burn again and let me know.


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I have a Toshiba portable drive 320G, 593400E that I am trying to get some files from.

When I try to access it windows 7 says "directory or file is corrupted". What should I do next to
try to recover data form it?

Thank you,

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I installed an additional hard drive in my machine.
It shows up in the bios, and when I run the diagnostic it also shows up there.
However, it is not visible in the windows explorer and therefore I can not access it.
What do I need to do to be able to use it.
There were no directions with the hard drive so I am at a loss.
Please anyone I need your help.


A:New hard drive not accessable

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I have purchased a WD 5001AALS sata hd and installed it and booted up but the new icon does not show. I am operating win xp 3 gig with 1 gig memory, An asus board. I have done this before with a seagate drive and had no problems. This will be a third hd on this pc. Just can't figure what I am missing.
I checked device manager and the drive is there listed, but no show. I rebooted and still nothing. Tried help and went through the steps but it tells me my new hd is working prefectly, but no icon I cannot access the drive. I am using this drive as a extra drive to store pics on. Need help bad. Thanks...

A:new hard drive not accessable

Have you partitioned and formatted the drive?

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Hi - I've just finished formatting C: on my other PC, reinstalling windows and all. The second hard disk in my computer (previously named H:, now it's D appears to be inaccessable now. I can upen the root folder on the disk, but when I click on My Documents from there (My Documents is on D, I get an alert: "D:\My Documents is not accessible. Access is denied."

Does anybody have any idea why might be causing this, and/or how to fix it? I'd really appreciate your input - Thanks a lot in advance.

A:Second disk not accessable after format of first

ntfs security permissions are screwed up since the account no longer exists for that profile. You are going to have take ownership of the files.

First turn simple file sharing off if on (my computer/tools/folder options/view/make sure use simple file sharing is unchecked

Second right click on folder User Profile you are unable to access in Documents And Settings select properties/security/advanced/owner/select your user account/check replace owner on subcontainers and objects/apply/ok

Now you should be able to access your files!!!!

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Hiiiiii I went to make a dvd and got a message tthat the e drive is not accessable . I tried to look for it in here but only found advice for xp and soooooo if someone can help me with baby steps I would appreciate it.
Thank You

A:Drive E is not accessable in vista

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Hey Guys!

For some reason I cannot access both my CDROMS in Windows XP!!

I am able to boot from Norton System Works 2003 CD so they are working in DOS mode.

I checked in Device Manager and they are showing flagged with an exclamation Sign.

Any ideas (I don't feel like re-installing Windows XP!!).

Thanks in advance

A:Both CDROM Not Accessable in Windows

Hi and welcome. Does the exclamation mark give you any clue as to what is wrong?

You might try removing them and rebooting and allowing Windows to find them again.

Or, if they were working recently, try a system restore back to another day.

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Windows 8.1 PC, For some reason if I click on any pc or device in the network folder in file explorer it comes back with <xxxx> is not accessable.

I can access folders on these same inaccessible pcs from the homegroup folder in the same file explorer, just not the network folder in file explorer

(3) other PCs in the same workgroup are not having any issues accessing these PCs via the network folder in explorer. These PCs are all running windows 7. Unfortunately I don't have a second windows 8 pc for testing.

Based on other threads I think I've looked in the obvious places but its entirely possible that I my have overlooked something. Any suggestions much appreciated.

A:PCs under Network Folder are not accessable

Sure hope someone has some thoughts on this. Been a while with no posts:-(

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I was clearing space on my computer a few days ago, and i restarted it because one of the programs recommended it. did not notice at first because it dose not change the use of the computer much, but not the computer will not let me access the hard drive at all. i cant save pictures, i cant get into device management.
please help me with this.

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I have a main drive that now doesnt allow me to access it. in the properties of MY Computer its states its offline but doesnt allow me to click on the settings.

its was a raid system and should have a mirror drive. they are currently H: & I:, H; being the main drive.

i tried to run a check disk on it but it just pop open a blank dos screen for a split second and gone....

i tried using a file scavenger program to see if it has files in it and yes it does...but i can recover anything because there is no filing system for those file (UNKNOWN)

the drives does say NTFS and i dont want to reformat because i know ill lose all the files doing that...

can anyone help me gain access to that drive again? even if its to just recover and reformat?

thank you

A:Hard Drive not accessable

oops the drive DOES NOT say NTFS sorry

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I have a user (non-administrator) sign on account that I always use. I need to install new software and update some existing software. When I try to load the disk, the screen says I need to use the administrator account to perform this function.
I tried to sign on to the administrator account and it says "account not found". The file for this account is empty.
What can I do? Thanks, jdoc

A:administrator account not accessable

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running XP home and IE7, explorer says no add ons, tried to go to control pannel to adjust internet options, it just flashes. can not access from explorer either? was going to reload useing CD, but it wont work, system devices says that there is a corupte file when I go thru the troble shooter to roll back or reinstall it? When I go to web sites I cannot download anything, everytime I cleck on the download link or button a new page opens and nothing happens. HELP PLEASE! I use this computer to look for and apply for employment mostly. With out it my options become very limited. Thank you.

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I am unable to access my task manager when hitting ctrl+alt+del. I am also unable to make regidt come up on my computer either. I first noticed the problem a few days ago, but I haven't tried to use task manager in awhile so it could've been going on for longer. I get the following error messages: 'task manager has been disabled by the administrator' and 'regidt has been disabled by the administrator'. I am the only account on the computer and I have administrative priviledges.

After I found out about regidt (sp?) not working I created a 'new' account on my computer and THAT account has task manager and registry access. I attempted to access redgit from there and was successful. However microsoft's instructions for changing the 1 to a 0 did not work. I ran a virus scan on my computer and McAfee found cookies it didn't like but nothing else. I am at my wit's end as to how to solve this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here is my Hijack:

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 1:56:47 PM, on 4/15/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16544)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\B... Read more

A:Task Manager/Registry not accessable

Hi, Meganstar


Please open Notepad. Select Format from the menu, then remove the checkmark from Word Wrap. That would allow us to better read your logs.

Please download ComboFix from Here or Here to your Desktop.

**Note: In the event you already have Combofix, this is a new version that I need you to download. It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop**

Please, never rename Combofix unless instructed.
Close any open browsers.
Close/disable all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix.
Very Important! Temporarily disable your anti-virus, script blocking and any anti-malware real-time protection before performing a scan. They can interfere with ComboFix or remove some of its embedded files which may cause "unpredictable results".
Click on this link to see a list of programs that should be disabled. The list is not all inclusive. If yours is not listed and you don't know how to disable it, please ask.

Close any open browsers.
WARNING: Combofix will disconnect your machine from the Internet as soon as it starts
Please do not attempt to re-connect your machine back to the Internet until Combofix has completely finished.
If there is no internet connection after running Combofix, then restart your computer to restore back your connection.
-----------------... Read more

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Hey guys. I have this laptop here that restarts at the windows loading screen, and gets stuck on "finding windows partitions" when I use the repair cd, but I can access the windows partition on my desktop with the use of an external hard drive docking bay.

I am thinking of copying all of their data until they can get it fixed. Is there anything I should try to fix the Windows 7 partition since I can see everything in it?

They cannot afford to buy Windows 7, there's no recovery partition on here, and I do not do the pirated method for people anymore except myself.

Thank you for any help you can give.

A:Windows 7, corrupt partition still accessable?

and I do not do the pirated method for people anymore except myself.

that dirty talk on a help forum like bleepingcomputers .

you cold try running chkdsk on it with it connected to your computer ,right click the drives icon in mycomputer and go to properties /tools and run the check disk repair
if the laptop came with win7 then there should be a key on the laptop for it ,and you can normally just use any win7 disk of the same version to install windows on it ,if it pirated ,then i thinks that topic is for another forum

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Why can a PC access a web site while on a dial up connection but not when using cable modem / router? I have tried three different browsers on two different PCs, one running XP and the other 98se, and the result is the same. The common item is of course the web site and my router. The site is one my wife has accessed in the past with no problems. It is a sewing / machine embroidery design site - www.ericas.com. Would appreciate opinions. tks, Bob

A:Website accessable via dialup but not broadband

A router is for sharing an Internet connection between more than two computers and/or for connecting more than one computer on a LAN. The firewall within it might be configurable and be blocking that one site. If you have just one computer using a broadband connection there is no need for the router. You would need a software firewall like free Sygate installed or, if using WinXP, the WinXP embedded Internet Connection Firewall (ICF).

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I have to travel from place to place and do alot of web surfing. I would like to know of web acessable bookmark archival type sites that you might be aware of?

YOu know like www.blink.com. I don't like blink.com much anymore. Any others out there?

A:Web Accessable Bookmarks/Favorites - Recommendations Plz

Have you thought about just registering with a free web host, and on the index page do nothing more than create a list of links that you use?

The easiest way to do this would be to go to File, Import and Export, Click Next, select Export Favorites, and click Next, Select your main folder and click next, export to a file and click next, then click Finish.

Register with a free site, that allows you to upload a page, renmae your bookmark.htm to index.htm and upload it. Now whenever you visit that site, you have your favorites available. Also, if you don't register it with Search engines, no one will ever know it exists.
Some other ideas.

Save to Hotmail Account

Save Favorites-bookmarks to Floppy

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