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do i need asus epu6 utility if not overclocking

Q: do i need asus epu6 utility if not overclocking

do i need asus epu6 utility. I have no plans to overclock. when my pc was built it was installed at high performance with tranquility. I never used it in 1.5 years so I uninstalled it. Should i put back on

Preferred Solution: do i need asus epu6 utility if not overclocking

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: do i need asus epu6 utility if not overclocking

It's not really about overclocking, but power savings. I have not used it myself. You can certainly do without it, but if you are interested in seeing what effects lower energy usage settings have (if any) on performance in day to day use, you might be able to save some energy.

Use the ASUS EPU-6 Utility for Greener Computing

A Guy

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i was wondering if i can overclock my e6550 to 3ghz ? and up to what point ? my ram is dual channel ddr2 800 2gig and my gpu is geforce 8600 256mb..

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Hello, I am new here and was wondering if you could help me out with the problem I am having. I have a p5n-d (750sli) board. I am running gtx 275 sli and I just got the q9450 as an upgrade from E5300 clocked to 3.3mhz. So far I had no luck at running at anything but the stock speed. I have tried many different set ups that people have tried on the forums and nothing has been succesfull. I have 8gb DDR2 Ram. If you know what to do please help. Here or some options
Vcore - ?
Dram Voltage - ?
HT Voltage- ?
NB Chipset Voltage- ?
SB Chipset Voltage- ?
FSB Memory clock mode - ? (tried linked most of the time)
Memory Ratio - ? (tried 1 to 1 and sync)
Do I do anything in the chipset options?

Thanks for your help

PS. I have just tried
Vcore - 1.32500
Dram Voltage - 1.910
HT Voltage- 1.32
NB Chipset Voltage- 1.40
SB Chipset Voltage- Auto
FSB Memory clock mode - Unlinked (1600 for FSB and 800 RAM)
Memory Ratio 1 to 1
I also disabled all the CPU options where Multiplier is and I put 5-5-5-15 ram setting in the chipset menu


A:Please help with overclocking q9450 on an Asus P5N-D

OK, first of all there is no guarantee that you are going to be able to overclock. Just because someone else was able to get XXX out of a given cpu does not mean you are going to be able to duplicate that result.

Next it would help if you posted your exact system specs. The board and cpu you have already posted however we have no idea what pw supply you have, what ram is installed, etc.

Next and most important, have you read the guide at the top of the forum regarding overclocking?

Remember the first rule of overclocking. Do not overclock with parts you cannot afford to replace. There is NO safe overclock; that is why it voids any warranty.

Post back with your exact system specs and we can try and help you.

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Asus P4b266

Okay, I?ll admit, I?m fairly new to overclocking, I have browsed through a number of threads but I could not find a solution to my problem. So give me helping hand please.
My hardware:
Intel Pentium 4 1.9 (boxed)
512 MB PC2100 ram (unknown brand)
Geforce Ti 4400 (creative)
My OS: Windows XP Pro.

I?m trying to get the best FPS-rate possible because I want to run F1 2001 (and very soon F1 2002) with full options.
With default BIOS settings and factory settings on my GF I got a 3Dmark score of 8200. Overclocking the GF resulted in an even lower score so I needed to increase the FSB. FSB from 101 up to 107 resulted finally in a 3Dmark score of 9250 but as soon as I change the FSB to 108 windows XP will crash with the unfamous blue screen.
I have installed all the stuff in a server-box; lots of space, a good air flow and two additional fans integrated in the chassis. I can?t measure the CPU temp (because of
ASUS Bios 1005) but it does not feel hot. The same for de RAM and the GF.
Have I reached the max or am I doing something wrong.
Please help me out?


A:Asus P4B266 & P4 overclocking

Well, it's getting weirder all the time.
My system is unstable even at FSB 107; DVD does not allow me to play the next track; F1 2001 crashes in the middle of the game.
I can't (or could not find) an option to lower the speed of the FSB.
I have tried to change the CAS latency from 2 to 2.5 (the only options available) but it did not cure the problem
So it looks that I'm not able to get this system any faster than it is now... Could it be the memory?
I'm willing to invest in some hig-end memory but I would like to be more of less sure that that will solve my problem.
Any similar experiences? Any ideas?

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Hi, this is my first overclock of a CPU and i was wondering if someone could give me some quick as to what to increase various things (FSB, DRAM, PCIe, CPU-volt). I am trying to overclock an Intel E8400 3GHZ to 3.6 GHZ and my spec is currently:
Core speed: 1998 MHZ
Multiplier: 6x
Bus: 333 MHZ
Rated FSB: 1331
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3GH
Motherboard = P5Q SE PLUS

I was watching this video and it seems good except he doesnt increase the Ratio, and i wasnt sure if i was sure if i should or not...

A:Help overclocking E8400 on Asus P5Q SE Plus

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hello and happy new years guys and girls... my name is battleon and im new to this forum. im here cause im overcloking my asus (a7n8x-e deluxe ) with a 3200+ barton and two 512 ocz pc 3700 memory sticks with totals 1 gb . i would like to know how to set the proper setting in the bios or if anyone has mess with the latency setting and so on please help me or give me some idea in how and if helpful to me. is there a page or site were it shows the settings of the bios already overclock. thanks for now and if you guys need more info on what i have in my box please response back to me and i might also help with info on this mobo... thanks again truly yours battleone.

A:Overclocking asus e deluxe

Wow, I have the same exact board running a 3000+ and I can barly keep it stable. Id be very impressed if you actually do sucessfully OC it.

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I have recently purchased several upgrades for my compaq presario SR2125UK and I was wondering:

Is it true that OEM systems cannot be overclocked? Ive just read that using some OS based oc software can alter clock speeds slightly but does this really work and would it work on my system?

I have a HD 4890 and I suspect it will still bottleneck my newly purchased core 2 duo e6700 so i would love to try OCing the cpu. Got a scythe shruiken heatsink/fan too to keep things cool.

I also read something about having the right PLL for overclocking, what does this mean and does anyone know what the right code would be for my mobo? (Example: ICS 954123)

Full Specs:

Core 2 Duo e6700 2.66hgz 4mb cache
Scythe Shuriken low profile cooler/heatsink
XFX HD 4890 1GB
4GB DDR2 667 RAM
500w OCZ PSU
Asus P5LP-LE Motherboard

Any help related would be much appreciated thanks


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What's the recommended procedure of overclocking the graphics card?
Anything else that can go horribly wrong except overheating and noticing artifacts?
Any good software for testing that include 3D animations to detect artifacts?
Been think about OCCT or MSI Kombustor maybe.


A:Overclocking Asus 7870 2GB DC2


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Two of my fans are running at 50%.
Although my case is running cool ( 32 to 35) and running Intel Burn Test and under full load it was 80 degrees, I would still like to adjust fan control.

I have the Asus P8z77-v and downloaded the utility for Fanxpert 2 which allows for control of fans.

The program was downloaded from Asus site, but will not run.

Thanks for any advice.

A:Asus Utility won't run


From the attached image, it looks like the exe and associated files are still wrapped up within the .zip file. Extract the files to their own folder, then try and run setup.


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Any opinions on which is the better board overclocked... or, where to find out which is best. Thanks.

[This message has been edited by fajohn (edited 10-08-2000).]

A:asus cusl2 vs abit se6 - which is best with overclocking?

Have heard nothing but good about cusl2. This coming from a abit user. Know serveral people with that board and they all love it.

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Hi, I've been trying to oc my CPU on this mobo with no luck at all. since the multiplier is locked im playing with the bus speed and the vcore. The mobo has an auto oc utility it got my cpu to 3.3 but it takes down the dram freq to ~900 (why? idk) and sets vcore to 1.425 I think other stuff are the same. 3.3 isnt bad at all but why take down my ddr3 1600 to ~900??

Mobo: ASUS M5A88-M
CPU: AMD Athlon II x2 240 @ 2.8Ghz (stock)
Memory: 2x4GB kingston hyperX blu Red DDR3 1600 CL9 6-6-6-18
PSU: HEC Raptor 500w
Video Card: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD6670 1GB GDDR5
Cooler: CoolerMaster TX3

PS: Memory Currently running on 1333 not 1600

A:Overclocking AMD Athlon II x2 240 on Asus M5A88-M

Ok freaking bios was acting up updated it to the latest version and everything seems to be working like a charm
got it to 3.3 idle 39c max load 60c also got my memory to run @ 1600 9-9-9-24 vcore 1.425.
currently running prime25, are those settings ok or did I screw something up ?

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I'd like to know if there's an easy way to put speed into my Asus P4S800 2.8GHz MB. I am running Win XP Pro build 2600. Memory 2x 512 DDR PC3200. HDD 80Gigs.

What can be done to moderately speed up my computer, I was thinking of throwing in another 512 mb

A:Overclocking an Asus P4S800 2.8GHz

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Since i lost my good computer (dont ask ) Im to my old faithful. Its an athlon xp200+ with an asus a7n266-vm mobo. I understand that my multiplier is locked, but i cant find anywhere in bios to change my fsb speed? How do i do this?

A:Overclocking XP200+ with asus mobo?

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I have the P4C800-E Deluxe modo and Kingston(x2) DDR400 Duel channel memory set-up. The problem is that when I over clock the processor I loose the 400MHz and it goes to 160Mhz, but i can overclock successfully. If I do not overclock, I can have my memory at 400MHz. So what gives? Why can I not overclock and have my memory at 400MHz?

A:Overclocking in BIOS using ASUS mobo

I think that ASUS has an automatic thing that does that automatically if it is not overclocked properly.. it's really annoying.

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Ok, so basically I overclocked my system no problem first of all, it ran fine on stock cooling at 1400 fsb on a 9x multiplier, 3.15ghz, it ran a little hot at 58c on load 51c idle, but that's mainly cos of stock cooling + b3 revision instead of the newer g0.

The problem came after running a stress test for a few hours, it eventually gave out after some 4 hours of stressing and just hard reset on me, but ever since then my bios won't post on anything above 1066 default fsb, it just sits there frozen on the logo screen.

I got ram timings set just like the ram sticker and the fsb is unlinked and set at 800mhz like it should be.

I pretty much run out of ideas as to why it's doing this now, and i'm pretty sick of resetting the bios via the jumper as i have to remove the sata cables every time just to get to it.

Any help / suggestions would be appreciated

A:Asus P5N-E Sli Motherboard and Overclocking my q6600

what the hell are you overclocking a q6600 for

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I have an Asus p4p800 se Mobo, 2.25 GB ram, 200 GB HDD, ATI Radeon 9500 128 MB graphics card. Every now and then when I turn on my PC it will say "overclocking failed" and I can either press F1 to enter Setup or F2 to load default settings and continue. Now I don't know why its saying this, I don't overclock my computer. I am not very sure why its saying this, I think it may have something to do with the BIOS and as far as I know the Mobo BIOS has been updated at all, but I also can't get the darn thing to update if I try. Any help with this matter would be great. Thanks in advance.

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I have an ASUS P7P55D-E Deluxe Mobo and an Intel i7-860 processor. I am using them with Crucial PC1600 memory (4 sticks, total 8GB) According to the fine print, the i7-860 cannot handle 2 sticks sticks at the full 1600mhz. When I installed the memory the BIOS (I assume) downgraded the memory speed to PC1333. All runs well.

The Mobo has many overclocking options. I would like to run the memory at the full 1600mhz. There is 2 options. you can set the "AI overclock tuner" to D.O.C.P, this will set everything. but the minimum memory speed is 1800mhz. This also adjusts the BCLK frequency. ( I don't know what the BCLK is) You can also adjust the DRAM frequency directly and this allows 1600mhz. (Interestingly when you ask it to set the frequency higher, the BIOS asks you if you want it to adjust the memory voltage to the proper value for that frequency. I knew it had to be 1.65v, but it was cool that it asked.)

MY question. The memory controller is on the CPU chip, will just adjusting the frequency allow the CPU to use the extra speed or do i need to do more and overclock the CPU to use the increased memory speed.

I really don't want to overclock the CPU, i just want to use the memory at the speed it was designed for.


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Hi everyone!

Just received the following components for my new rig:

CPU - Intel i5 3570K
Mobo - ASRock Z77 Extreme 4
PSU - Corsair TX 750 V2
RAM - G-Skill 2x 4GB Ripjaws (1600MHz)
Cooler - Corsair H100
Case - Corsair Obsidian 650D
SSD - Corsair Force Series GT (120GB)

I would like some perspectives on overclocking this particular Ivy Bridge CPU from members who've had prior experience with it.

The same regarding the ASUS GTX 670 DCII (Non Top edition). Which software do you recommend for OCing the GPU?

A:Overclocking the i5-3570K and Asus GTX 670 DCII

Ritwik7 said:

I would like some perspectives on overclocking this particular Ivy Bridge CPU from members who've had prior experience with it Click to expand...

Ivy Bridge overclocking doesn't really differ from Sandy Bridge oc'ing. The base Vcore and maximum multiplier are different, but apart from that you're dealing with the same beast.
I'd suggest this OCN Ivy Bridge overclocking guide for ASRock motherboards -since it deals with precisely the same setup as yours ( no vendor specific UEFI layout/naming convention problems to translate). As for all overclocking endeavours, your achievable results are going to depend on the ASIC quality- and in the case of a CPU, board stability.

Ritwik7 said:

The same regarding the ASUS GTX 670 DCII (Non Top edition). Which software do you recommend for OCing the GPU?Click to expand...

Either Asus' bundled OC utility ( TweakIT, GPU Tweak), or MSI's Afterburner (the latter includes MSI's Kombuster -similar to Furmark - for test stability testing)

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I have just bought an Asus 6800XT, 128MB (AGP). I need some help in overlocking it and unlocking pipelines and vertex shaders.

The original specs in this video card is 8 Pipelines and 4 Vertex Shaders, but i have recently unlocked 4 more pipelines and 1 more vertex shader, upgrading my card to 12 pipelines and 5 vertex shaders. Everything is running perfect, no artifacts on the screen!

I want to know if i am able to raise the pipelines to 16 and vertex shaders to 6, is it safe?

Also the engine speed is 300MHz and memory speed is 700MHz, should i raise it a bit?



AMD Athlon64 3400+, 2.4Ghz
Asus K8N-E Deluxe
Crucial 1GB DDR, PC3200, 400Mhz
Asus 6800XT, 128MB, AGPX8
Western Digital 80GB
Maxtor 40GB

A:Overclocking, Unlocking: Asus 6800XT (AGP)

It has 16 pipes but that doesnt mean all are good. You can use Rivatuner to unlock all 16. If some are damaged you can just disable them again. Download Coolbits. Its will ad clock speed adjustments to the driver control panel. You should be able to OC the core. Ive gotten regualr 6800's up to 400 core. But they seem to run better at 375. http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=815

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im really new to overclocking, and im not sure what to do eitheir.
I tried oc-ing myself, but i cant get the CPU FSB past 225.
the normal voltage @ 2.6GHz was about 1.39V so i added a lil voltage, to 1.45V, but still it wouldnt post if i set FSB over 225.
I was scared that too much voltage would damage the processor so i stopped adding at 1.45000 volts.
I set Advanced clock calibration to all cores, rest of the settings are set to AUTO.
Anyone can share some tips?

A:Overclocking the Athlon 620 on Asus M4A785TD-EVO

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Hi guys,I have this system:
Cpu - core 2 Quad Q 9550 2.83 Ghz.(stock)
M/B - Asus P5Q SE2 Chipset p45
Graphic card Nvidia Geforce 9800GT 1024 MB
Memory - OSZ 2048 Mb PC2 6400 (400 mhz) Nvidia SLI redy 2 -2GB (total 4 gb)
Watercooler -Corsair H50
Hard drive - WD 750Gb
Ok now the setting I,ve trying:

FSB 426
Cpu clock 3.43 Ghz ,
Voltage 1.336 V
memory voltage 2.1 V, mem timing 5:4:4:15 ,so i got 1:1 FSBram
And all rest is Auto.

It works kind of unstable,and sometimes i got crashes, it's just throw me to the windows with some funy pixel (a lot of Colors) screen ,when i playing the online game such as ModernWarefare 2.
Is any one know the best setting for this Hardware ? and How Far I can go with that?

A:Overclocking Q9550 (C1 steping) on ASUS P5Q SE2 help please

make sure you have CPU and PCIE spead spectrums disabled in your bios it helps with overclocking also turn of intel speedstep and anything that throttles your cpu. next you need more voltage my good sir try 1.375 that is a good round voltage for that overclock.

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Hy there, i'm having a problem with Win 7 (x64)....i can't install the driver utility for my remote controler....Win 7 does recognize the usb receiver as ASUS DH REMOTE .... but when i install driver from Vista x64 the setup fails to install acpi driver (i need the program to configure the device )...i've tryed run as administrator and same happens... so if anyone has some exp. about it...
My MB ( Asus P5W DH DELUXE )


PVD =)

A:Asus DH Remote utility for Win 7

Quote: Originally Posted by PVD

Hy there, i'm having a problem with Win 7 (x64)....i can't install the driver utility for my remote controler....Win 7 does recognize the usb receiver as ASUS DH REMOTE .... but when i install driver from Vista x64 the setup fails to install acpi driver (i need the program to configure the device )...i've tryed run as administrator and same happens... so if anyone has some exp. about it...
My MB ( Asus P5W DH DELUXE )


PVD =)

Try using the Vista conpatablity mode to install that driver. Right clicking the driver should show you the option.

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I am pulling my hair out. I bought a new motherboard because my AGP slot was bad on the previous one. Then i messed up thinking my CPU was way overheating, so i bought a new CPU (Sempron 2800). Now, my PC Still reboots everytime i try to load a game.

Looking around, I tried various combos on memory. I have 1GIG (2x512) DDR 2700. FInally, this morning I took one stick out, and now i can play my game, but the asus voice still tells me "Error due to overclocking". Does my ram just not work for this mobo? Why cant i have both sticks in, and how do i tell that person to shutup, im not overclocking the machine.

Very troubling Can anyone help?

A:Overclocking Error (ASUS A7N8X-E Delux)

one more thing

i never found a cable to plug into the chassy fan and the other fan right next to it, from the psu. i plugged in my main power cable, my CPU fan, and thats really it. The mobo told me to plug in the cords for those two cables as well, but i had nothing to plug into them with. This relevant?

i have a geforce 5200 ultra (AGP), and everything else is pretty standard. Do i need to trick my mobo in the bios with this ram or something? i'm so frustrated. Does the RAM need to be registerd or something?

I am on bios 1012 as I flashed last night.

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I'm trying to overclock my computer and ı have couple of questions in my mind.
System Specs:

Cpu : İntel Core-i7 2600k (@4430Mhz 1.368V 9:9:9:24) (%100 Fan speed)
Ram : Kingston 8GB(2x4) 1600 Mhz 1.65V
Gpu : 2x Asus HD 6970 Direct Cu II 2Gb (@ Core:960Mhz Memory:1425Mhz Stock Voltage) (%100 Fan speed)
Mainboard: Asus p8z68-V
Powersupply: Highpower Absolute 1000W
Soundcard: Creative X-Fi Titanium
MOnitor: (1920x 1080) @60hz Led Tv
Chasis: Aerocool XPredator(With full of fans)
Storage: 2TB Western Digital Caviar Black 7200 Rpm 64mb Cache Sata-III (With 60Gb SSD as cache, İntel smart respnse technology)

All of the drivers are up-to-date and bios is up-to-date.

My first question is, as you see i overclocked gpus to 960mhz Core clock and 1425mhz memory clock at stock voltage. My 3DMark 11 score slightly increases but i don't gain any important performance in game benchmarks.
Should i use these gpus with these clock speeds for daily use? Will these clock speeds cause damage ? (All temps are good and ı dont change voltages). İf there is any possibility to couse damage to gpus , i will revert
back to default clocks because the performance difference is very small.

I have done a lot of benchmark test and i'm posting the results, is there any problem in these results ?

[#ff0048]((((Gpu @Stock Speed)))) Core: 890mhz - Memory: 1375mhz[/#ff0048]

3D Mark 2011 (Minimum Settings)
Graphics Score= 29244 ... Read more

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I have bought the asus P4R800-VM mobo and The celeron 2400 ghz , and I can't find out how to overclock the processor.
The FSB option is not available in bios
please help

A:asus P4R800-VM +celeron 2400ghz overclocking

Did you make your PC yourself? If not you most likely wont find the FSB option or if you do it'll be locked. Manufacturers do this for the very reason. I dont think you will be able to OC your Celeron very much at all to begin with. Even if you can OC a little, it probably wont be noticbale..

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Hi, I recently built a computer with the Asus P8Z68-V LX and the intel i5 2500K.

In windows there is software from Asus that overclocks for you, I went into it and clicked on fast. I then booted up ok and it over clocked me to 4.5Ghz. Then the next morning I started the computer and heard the fans spin up then stop and again, on the 3rd time it took me to the 'run setup bios screen ' press F1 etc. I can go into the bios and then into windows and everything seems fine the temperature is at 35C whereas it was about 25C before OC. It seems to be unstable when cold.

Anyway can anyone tell me either how to over clock to 4.5 (max) 4.0 would be Ok, or tell me how to get it back to default settings.

I have the arctic freezer 7 and plenty of air flow so I am not worried about temperature. I have a 550W PSU and 8GB of RAM.

Ask me to read anything from the BIOS.

Any help would be great, Thanks.

A:Overclocking the Asus P8Z68-V LX with the intel i5 2500K

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Hello everyone, This is my problem. I get a message sometimes when I start my computer. This message is 'Overclocked failed'. Its not a big thing since it only comes on a couple times a day but its annoying as heck since I haven't even overclocked my computer. I changed the PSU from 330w to 500w and that didn't help. I also reseated my CPU and that didn't help. Any help would be appreciated. Here are my specs.

Microsoft XP Pro
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
Prescott Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz
Corsair XMS 2048 mb PC3200
ATI Radeon X800 Pro
2- WD 120 gig hard drives

A:Asus P4C800-E Deluxe overclocking failed!

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Hey guys i want to update my ASUS k8n4-e-deluxe bios.. i downloaded the latest bios update from asus's website... but i dont know which bios flash utility to use... can anyone give me a link


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Hello SF members.

Note : I dont know where to put this topic. If you know better , move it.

I already asked some questions here, some members helped me a lot but I need help again.

In one topic I asked how to Overclock. I learned it , and know more about it.
But now my problems is my BIOS. I dont know how to use it. That isnt classic....
I dont have to edit time or HDD slave, not to do anything harder !

My BIOS is same as http://images.anandtech.com/doci/4499/ASUS%20BIOS%201%20-%20EZ%20Main.png

My motherboard is ASUS P8H61-M LX2 and it have latest ASUS BIOS (EFI BIOS Utility- EZ mode , I attached one link here to see).

My questions are :
1. Can I back normal BIOS like one old ?
2. How to use that ? Is there any tutorial for this ?

That is all for now.
Thanks in advance.

A:How to use ASUS EFI Bios Utility - EZ Mode ?

Did you read your MB manual. It has a section on the Bios that explains all the options. If you click on the Advanced Mode it will look a lot like the old bios with lots of options.


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In the middle of using my computer today it randomly sent me to a screen called asus uefi bios utility. I now can?t get off of this screen or use my computer. None of the tutorials online have helped and none of the screens look anything like mine any help would be appreciated

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I have a Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard with 24 gigs of Corsair memory running Windows 10 64 bit. I have the Intel 965 Extreme Edition CPU. I tried to access the Asus AI Suite by download but once i try to install it i get a message..."Not for this Operating System". So I figure I would ask around. I just want to do mild overclocking nothing too extreme. I primarily do a lot of rendering in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

A:Any good overclocking utilities for Asus P6T Deluxe Windows 10 Pro

Yes, most important suggestion, do it from BIOS not thru those utilities.

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How do I reboot a Asus windows 10 I think it is I need your help asap please give me a call 6672007582

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ASUS board, 1 year old, has the Asus Probe Utility for, among other things,
monitoring the fans, incl. the PS fan, the CPU fan, and one of my 3 case

All of a sudden, it says that the chassis (case) fan isn't running, and is
giving an audible "bonk" warning sound. But the fan IS running.

It's plugged in to the board.

What's wrong, can anything be done to fix this?


I hate to turn the utility off, but don't want to listen
to that bonking all the time, incl in the headphones.

A:ASUS Mo Utility Suddenly Doesn't Recognize Fan

the asus probe reports a fan problem when a fan is either running to slow or does not register at all (and therefore is considered stopped)

if the fan uses a 3-pin connector that goes into the motherboard, the yellow wire is ised to detect the fan's speed. you have to make sure that there is, at no point, a loose electrical connection, or one that is blocked by dust.

you can disable the alert in your bios, and probably in the asus probe utility as well.

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After downgrading my Os from windows 8 to windows 7. I also noticed that my system can't detect WIFI or dsl or any form of internet connection.. I want to upgrade my drivers and utilities in windows 7 but the problem is,, i cannot connect to internet.. is there anyone who can share a downloaded drivers and utilities for windows 7.. I am really having a hard time with this..


ASUS S550C Series
CPU:Intel Core- I5- 3317U, 1.7 GHz
Memory: 4 GB
HDD: 500 GB

A:Where to download drivers and utility for windows 7 Asus s550cm

You will have to take a look at the device manager and get the drivers off the manufacture . Asus doesn't have drivers for the laptop on windows 7

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Hello all, I am new to OC. I just wanted to see what my system could do. The motherboard has a built in OC utility in BIOS. The motherboard has three settings you can click on, Energy Efficient, Normal, and OCBurner(or something of that nature). I have Open Hardware Monitor always running. My temps never go higher than 45 C. The BSOD/Lock Up is sporadic. Sometimes during gameplay, and other times just idling. Any ideas?

Here is my rig if this helps.

AMD FX-6100FX Black Edition, normal clock is 3.31Ghz, using the OC utility its 4.14Ghz

Asus Sabertooth 990FX MOBO

DDR3 PC10700 4x4 16GB Kingston RAM

Asus 660ti DirectCU II 2GB GFX

Corsair GT 240GB SSD - OS, Games.

Hitachi 1TB SATA - Storage, approximately 95% empty.
Please assist in this matter, I am pretty good at building PCs and troubleshooting, however, I am new to OC. Thanks in advance!

A:BSOD After using ASUS Sabertooth 990FX MOBO OC Utility.

From a BSOD perspective, I can say that Overclocking makes the computer unstable. If it BSODs with overclocking and stable without it, I would go with stable.

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Hi Seven Forums,

I have a problem with my Asus X52JK laptop.
Upon getting a new laptop and my sibling's laptop (conveniently) breaking down it was decided that I would give the X52 to her.

I backed up all of my personal files to an external HDD so no worries about retrieivng them. When I went to create the Recovery Discs through the utility mentioned in the title that all went smoothly and so I began the recovery process.

Booted from discs first and went through the moitons and when that was done I was expected the W7 installation screen however I was greeted with my old login screen with user account still there.

I repeated the process with the same result then decided to check the Recovery Utility and says partition does not exist yet I used MiniTool Partition Wizard and the partition is in fact there. I have tried to use EasyBCD to get around this but with no luck. I have spent roughly 2 days on this problem.

So is there a remedy for this or will I just have to download a Windows 7 ISO and install that?

I appreciate any help I can get.

A:ASUS AI Recovery Utility message: Partition does not exist.

Asus know they have a problem with the Recovery Partition & A1 Recovery app.

Quote: Originally Posted by Nite10dnood

This issue frustrated me for quite some, so I had to post this since I couldn't find the solution anywhere else. I also made a tutorial on youtube
ASUS AI Recovery burner fix: Partition does not exist - YouTube
because I tired looking there too for answers.

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was long time member unfortunately it seems that my account got wiped? Or im assuming you guys have some cap on non-active accounts.

Non the less, im here about my x751s. Today i turned it on and it made 5 rapid sequential beeps and goes straight to the BIO's menu.
Ive tried launch csm route, but that gives me the " No bootable driver" error, On startup ive tried esc, f1, f8, f9, f10, f11, f12 none of them work.

I opened my laptop and looked around, safely unclipped the mother board connections and nothing looks out of place i unscrewed the HDD it looks good none of the small slits are moved and the pins are also fine.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

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I am trying to update the BIOS and went here to use their update utility:

ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P5Q-E

However, the software Afudos BIOS update tool V2.36 will not load (3rd item of the above web page's list)!?!?

What do I do now? Any other BIOS update utility compatible to the Asus P5Q-E?

I am having these problems: http://www.sevenforums.com/crashes-d...ing-start.html

A:Asus P5Q-E motherboard bios update utility software won't install?

You could have a corrupt file. I would down load a new copy and try it.

Here is a link to Asus for your board.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P5Q-E

If that doesn't work here is a link to an engineering ver of AFUDOS that may work.

Afudos Engineering - Download

Try those out as the first attempt. The engineering ver will let you downgrade if you need to.

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i have an ASUS piece of garbage thats not even a year old - model X751N - that opened up today with a series of start-up errors. one was "Inaccessible Boot Device" and it tried repairing itself multiple times. then it opened up automatically in ASUS Bios Utility which i couldnt get out of. i looked online and found a way to get around it, but my overall question is, when im getting these errors and auto-repairing and bios utility...is this generally a sign that the laptop is a goner? i dont think i can trust this unit anymore. its running windows 10 if you need to know.

thanks for reading.

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Hi there,
My sister just bought a new desktop. It was working fine and all. But this morning, she forced shut down a windows update. The next thing happen once it gets past through BIOS is
"Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"
So I told her to look at the BIOS setting and it only recognise the Optical Disc Drive of
as shown in the picture below

Is there anything I can do? I tried opening the desktop case and see everything is loose, but everything was still in tact.
Any suggestion would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

A:Hard Disk Drive not found in ASUS UEFI BIOS Utility - EZ Mode

Try reinstalling the driver, changing cables. If it can't be recognized then boot the maker's diagnostics DOS CD scan to test it - Seatools if there isn't one - or Partition Wizard bootable CD surface scan. If these won't see it you can slave it to another PC to try Disk Check or see if it will see it. If not then I'd replace it.

Do a Clean Reinstall on the replacement drive from tutorial in my signature below if you want it perfect.

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Please help me set the correct settings or what you would recommend for overclocking using the AI Booster without going into the Bios.

The settings are CPU Frequency, CPU Ratio, Dram Frequency, PCIE Frequency and Dram Voltage. I have DDR3 6Mb's installed. Also if you would give me any other SAFE tips for overclocking I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your help my friends!

A:" Overclocking an Asus P5Q3 using AI Booster "

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A Basic Guide to Overclocking

Before we begin, there are some things you need to understand;

1 There is NO safe overclocking. All overclocking involves some degree of risk.

2 There is no guarantee of an overclock. Just because someone else was able to OC the same cpu as you have to 3.6gig is NO guarantee you will be able to achieve the same overclock.

3 No overclock is worth anything unless it is a stable overclock. If it is not prime95 stable, it is NOT a stable overclock

4 Do not ask how much you can overclock your XXX cpu. There is no answer to this until you test in a systematic manner. It is like asking how long is a rope? You do not know until you measure it.

5 Do not ask about overclocking your dell, hp, gateway, compaq or other big box system. It is not going to happen. Just about ALL big box systems come with a bios that does not have overclocking options.

6 Chuck’s rule. Do not overclock with parts you cannot afford to replace.

If you are comfortable with the above, we can continue to attempt a stable OC of your system. The very first thing I would like you to do is read your manual. Become familiar with the bios menus and where settings are located. Each bios [and even each bios revision] can differ as to where settings are located. Giving you detailed instructions on where to find a given setting is just about impossible.

Next issue; the quality of your parts. A stable OC is highly dependent on the quality of your parts. Do not buy an ECS mothe... Read more

A:A Basic Guide to Overclocking. Read before posting Overclocking Questions

Also note that they must have significant cooling/air flow for a significant overclock.
And I think you made the message twice? I read the second half and it's exactly the same as the first half.

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Tom’s Hardware readers know all about overclocking, of course. In fact, many processor and graphics card reviews would be deemed incomplete without coverage of overclocking potential. Indeed, articles such as the System Builder Marathon series have a long history of specifically valuing performance achieved through overclocking rather than just through stock performance.

If you already consider yourself an enthusiast, pardon a bit of background here--we'll get into the nitty-gritty technical stuff in just a second.

What exactly is overclocking? In a nutshell, the term is used to describe running a component at a higher speed than its specification in an attempt to increase performance. Various computer components can be overclocked, including the processor, memory, and graphics card. And the degree of overclocking can include anything from simply procuring small gains from an inexpensive component all the way to seeking a level of performance way beyond what could even be purchased at that point in time.

Read more here.

A:How To: Overclocking Your AMD Processor : Introduction: The Basics Of Overclocking

great site Tom has, and not just for the OC'ers.... I find many well written reviews of products on that site. One of the first places I visit before buying a new piece of HW

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Hi Guys I hope that this doesn't sound too silly a question, but here goes: Laptop bought Dec 2014, Win 8.  Updated to Win 8.1.  Now upgraded to Win 10 via the MS free upgrade. I then ran the "Create recovery media tool" and produced the recovery drive (19GB+) - ie just after the Win 10 upgrade. Does anyone know if I can verify if the USB I have created holds Windows 8, 8.1 or 10? Also, can anyone explain why the same process (home made PC rather than HP laptop) produces a recovery drive of just over 4GB?  Both USBs were created within an hour of each other, and each of the computers has virtually the same 3rd party software on them. Many thanks for your sagacious help. ChilliFix

A:does create recovery media utility create utility for window...

ChilliFix, welcome to the forum. I believe that the Recovery media will be for Windows 8.  This is the original OS.  The app to make it is set for the original configuration.  You would be able to Reset the computer to Win 10 using the Recovery Manager, however. I am not certain of the reason for the difference in the size of the Recovery media.  I believe that it has to do with the fact that it Recovers the OS and all of the apps, as well as, the Recovery partition.  This would be done on a custom computer. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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HI all,

I am having problems detecting the Xonar Pheobus and have tried all the pcie slots with no luck. Red and the grey - even the shorter grey slot.

Have disabled the motherboard's HD onboard sound too and still not detected in my devices......

The pcie cable is connected to the sound card and I have enough PSU to power all - Enermax 1250W.

When the card is inserted to the grey slots - The red light is seen through the control extension box (Headphone/Microphone Connector box) jack ports. However the green light is NOT seen AND the Xonar Phoebus logo on the card itself is lit (powered up)

However, when I insert the card into the red pcie slots these lights are not on.

One this else I noticed is the card DOES go warm over some time so tells me it is 'not' switched off........

I tried to install the driver and I get a message 'no card detected' etc etc.
Is there anyone kind enough to advise me their BIOS settings etc who has managed to get the Xonar to work properly. Did you have to adjust any BIOS settings from default to get the card to be recognised?

Printscreens would be cool if it is not too much of a bother.

Thank you in advance

Kind regards


A:Asus Xonar Phoebus and Asus Rampage 5 Extreme issue

The question(s) I have is ->
Am I missing anything when attempting to install the sound card? I have tried with no GPU drivers (including the Nvidia sound for the GTX 750 ti sc) / disabled onboard HD sound and still the sound card not detected.
Even in this motherboard, it should detect the sound card regardless of what sound source is set as default and then allow me to install it and set it as default (without messing about with the BIOS)?
Maybe my sound card has died when moving it from the last computer - Static death.....................

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The other day, I tried to do a factory reset on my laptop, but it failed, and I could only click cancel. Now, when I booted up my computer, it goes to the ASUS logo, then a black screen, still backlit, with an underscore flashing in the upper left corner of the screen. I can access the BIOS, and have been trying to do boot overrides. Please help, I don't have the ASUS Recovery partition installed on the laptop, and I don't have any possible ways to install an ISO. Thank you for any help you can provide.

A:My ASUS G74SX doesn't boot past the ASUS logo!

Originally Posted by Isoldmyname

The other day, I tried to do a factory reset on my laptop, but it failed, and I could only click cancel. Now, when I booted up my computer, it goes to the ASUS logo, then a black screen, still backlit, with an underscore flashing in the upper left corner of the screen. I can access the BIOS, and have been trying to do boot overrides. Please help, I don't have the ASUS Recovery partition installed on the laptop, and I don't have any possible ways to install an ISO. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Not sure I understand how you could perform a factory reset if you don't have the recovery partition available. You should have gotten an error that the ASUS Recovery Partition could not be found.

You would need to get to a working computer and download either the Media Creation Tool for W10, or the current ISO from MSTechBench. You can use RUFUS to create a bootable flash drive, and then install W10 that way.

You might also want to check the health of your hard drive, to make sure it's not failing.

Hope that helps!

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