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AV-Comparative of Free versions to corresponding Paid versions

Q: AV-Comparative of Free versions to corresponding Paid versions

Free vs. Paid AV Solutions
In this review, 15 free AV solutions were reviewed and compared against their paid counterparts --- that vendor’s cheapest paid antivirus software.
Products reviewed include Adaware, Avast, AVG, Avira, Bitdefender, Comodo, Fortinet, Kaspersky Lab, McAfee, Microsoft, Panda, Qihoo, Sophos, Tencent and ZoneAlarm

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Preferred Solution: AV-Comparative of Free versions to corresponding Paid versions

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello all, I just got a new machine. Acer-5542-5462 with windows 7.

Of course it comes with the McAfee and Norton trials. Is either one worth purchasing when the trial runs out? If not, is there another AV that I can buy thats worth a darn?

I'd also like to get one or two free AVs for backup..Malwarebytes is one I'll probably get right away, any other good free ones I that you folks would recommend?

Thanks in advance!

A:Best protect paid versions and free versions?

As far as purchasing one, I don't see why you should when you can get a free program that works well. I've used Kaspersky and it was good. Now I use Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free and since it's made by Microsoft, I figure they know Windows better than most companies..

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I am looking at Acronis True Image 2011 & Paragon Backup and Recovery Free edition. Basically I'd just like to be able to image my laptop once I have it set up with all the software I want and don't want As far as I can tell, they can both do the same thing with a few more features for the paid versions. What am I missing with the free edition? I used Macrium in the past and upon a restore I hosed my MBR so it could be operator error or that was a limitation of the free version. Any input would be appreciated.


A:Free Imaging Software vs. Paid Versions

The Macrium problem was likely operator error, although imaging is never foolproof.

You can get a perfectly usable version of Acronis at no charge if you have either a Seagate or Western Digital hard drive--go to the Seagate or WD web site.

All you get by paying is more features that you likely would not need.

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Both Antivir and AVG have very popular free versions of their anti-virus software.

I notice that the versions used in tests on AV-comparatives.org are the paid versions, and my understanding is that the performance of the paid versions is not the same as the free versions of both programs.

Does anyone have any solid info on this topic?

Are there any tests out there that compare, say, AVG's free and paid versions' performance? Or Anti-vir's.


A:Antivir and AVGs paid and free versions

IIRC, you don't get a popup ad every time you update with the paid version of Avira. Not sure if there's any other difference to the average user. Generally speaking, paid features added to high quality free software tends to be negligible at best. I don't need to pay 20 bucks for automatic updates. Based on your other post, you're assuming that paid products offer better protection than free products and that isn't true.

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Are Free Antivirus, etc programs better than the expensive Paid for versions?


A:Are Free Antivirus Programs Bettet Than Paid Versions?

If the free version is a sibling to a company's paid version, but without some of the interfaces and "nice-to-have's," the definitions and the engines are often the same for both its free and paid versions. So far as primary functionality go, there is almost no difference between them.

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There's a really decent assortment of free anti-virus software available on the Internet these days. Why are they free? It's a form of advertising, a way to "get in the door". Do something well, get positive reviews for it, then entice people to pay for additional features. Some free anti-virus is more obnoxious than others. Some will give you pop-up reports of the last scan results, tacking on offers to upgrade to a paid version. Others will just pop up offers at random, not in connection to any scanning activities.

OK, so if you're on a budget you've got free anti-virus installed. But if you don't need the added features offered in the paid versions, are you just as well protected for the installed functionality? The effectiveness of these programs relies on the breadth and frequency of comprehensive virus definitions, plus periodic updates to the engines for how they perform their scans. The software must know what to look for. If the free and paid versions get the same subscription updates, then they should be equally effective, right? Or... has anyone learned something to the contrary? If you can afford it, is it really best to buy your anti-virus software?

A:Does functionality of free anti-virus work just as well as paid versions?

The primary difference between the paid and the free is features. All have basic Anti Virus and automatic updates. The paid versions have other features such as firewalls, email protection, spam protection etc. If you scan with the free Malwarebytes and use a quality free anti virus, you have all the protection that you need. Bottom line, I do not think that any intelligent computer owner really needs the paid version if he or she uses common sense.
In some ways the paid versions are better, since they are not overloaded with features they may be faster
Free vs. Fee: Free and Paid Antivirus Programs Compared | PCWorld

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All my antiviruses, and anti malware have paid versions, and sometimes they go on sale. So you can get them really cheap. Should I jump at the chance. Or. Are my free versions keeping me just as safe?
Also. Which is the one I don't want Java, or Java Script? Thanks.

A:Paid Versions.

Personally, I don't have any preferences.

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My Norton suscription is about to run out and i was thinking if i should renew my Norton license for another year or if i should go for Avast Internet Security, as i find the firewall a must. I use to set up the firewalls to a maximum level so it notifies me about everything and let me choose.

What do you think?

A:Norton vs Avast (paid versions)

I do not like both but..if I were you. I pick up Norton for SONAR factor.
I do not want to pay for Avast to get same protection, if you will pay for Avast you will just get extra features, they are not core security components..use Avast free instead of paying it.

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Hi,Probably stupid question time, but... I'm going to be getting a new replacement laptop and installing AVG anti-virus Free once again. I still have the old .exe installation file called avg75free_432a904.exe, which is 17.4 megs.I see that the newest version is avg75free_476a1048.exe, and is 22megs. When I check what version of the program I currently have installed, it says 7.5.476, which seems to match the new installation .exe, right?I couldn't remember if I had seen anything about the new installation of AVG having stuff in it that's turned off or that it's problematic vs. older versions. But I'm guessing that I started off with 7.5.432 and did the various updates over the past x-number of months, which brought it up to 7.5.476, which is the newest version available for download. Does that sound right?So is there any reason to *not* just download the newest avg75free_476a1048.exe and install that, as compared to installing my old avg75free_432a904.exe and updating it through the program itself? (I'm guessing I should probably just download the newest version installation .exe, but I wanted to be sure there wasn't something in the newest version that would make using my old installation .exe and updating that better for some reason...)Thanks!

A:Question About Old Vs. New Versions Of Avg A/v Free

Haven't heard of any problems with the latest download, so that's the one I would install.
When a newer version comes out, it's included in your daily updates.

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hi, I've heard and seen a great many AVG recomendations. most of these noted that it was free... when I google searched them, their main site offers products at a cost. other sites offer the free version. a few questions...

1) what is the difference? is the cost version more like a 'full package' with ad and spy protection, or is there some other difference?

2) at this point, if spending money on a product would actually help, I'd do it. but it seems like the commercial versions are generally no better and often worse (eg: Norton)... is this because the companies are corrupt, or because popular products just tend to be targeted more? (or both...)

it seems like my money would be better spent taking the people that make and help out on this website out to dinner!


A:Avg Free Vs. Commercial Versions

I don't know what the technical details are, but from personal experience I find both MacAfee and Norton heavy on resources. I run freeware exclusively for my system protection. I have not had a virus since AVG free caught a virus that MacAfee missed. I also have not had to look for tech support, whichwas an almost weekly occurence with MacAfee. I have compilied a list of programs that are proven effective and are freeware/donationware. Please wait for more opinions, but here is the list of software I recommend.Antivirus (Run only one.)AVG Free Edition Antivirus (I personally use)Avast Home Edition Antivirus FreewareAntiVir Personal Edition Classic FreewareBitDefender 8 Free Edition AntiVirus FreewareAntispywareMicrosoft AntiSpyware Beta (2000,and XP only)SpybotAdAware SE Personal EditionEwido Security Suite - 14 day trial(2000, and XP only)A Squared FreeSpyBlasterSpywareGuardOnline scansTrendmicro's Housecall Internet Explorer OnlyTrendmicro"s Housecall FoxFire OnlyPanda's ActiveScan F-secure's Virus ScanSyGate's Trojan scanRemoval ToolsKaspersky Removal ToolsAVG Manual Virus Removal toolMacAfee Stinger Virus Removal ToolSymantec's Viurs Removal ToolsUtilitycCleanerEverest Home (hardware and software information) Site 1Everest Home (hardware and software information) Site 2Belarc Diagnostic ToolFresh Diagnose (Diagnostic and system resource)Memtest86 "A Stand-alone Memory Diagnostic"MicroSoft's Memory TestDigtal Dolly (Hard drive utility)www.boot... Read more

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Hi there
seems corporations are really getting STINGY these days

The Free versions of backup utilities seem to be getting more and more hobbled with each release.

EASUS is now so rediculuous that it doesn't even create a bootable version to restore an image -- so what USE is that to anybody --you might just as well use the Windows 7 built in utility bad though it is. -- A decent backup program should ALWAYS have the facility to create a bootable rescue media otherwise it's just NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

Paragon Free now no longer lets you re-size the partition on restore -- you have to fiddle around with a separate partition manager and it won't let you boot into the system recovery partition either if you have one.

I know people want to make you buy FULL VERSION programs -- but offering very hobbled restrictive free products IMO doesn't do the companies any good -- especially for IMPORTANT things like backups etc where you want to be 100% sure that your data and OS is SAFE. A MUCH MUCH better business model is to offer a 30 day Free trial which means you can exhaustively test the software and see if it meets your needs.

CLONEZILLA (Linux alternative) still works fine as a free product but I'm not really sure if relying on open source software is a sensible strategy to adopt for a really important part of your system and data. Don't get me wrong - I'm a HUGE believer in open source but sometimes it's not the best choice and Clonezilla is a bit geekish to use so I'd say o... Read more

A:Free versions -- Now IMO virtually USELESS

I was having a problem with Acronis True Image (that I eventually resolved). I downloaded a trial version of Macrium, to try it out, and it would not allow me to make a backup. Every time I tried it would abort with an error code. Obviously that was the end of Macrium for me.

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Hello folks,
I have a small question to ask about avg antivirus free editon. I am running of course, the 8.5 edition and had a small problem with it having a little false positive fit. Usually ive seen this from avg before and they would have a small dot update that would fix it but lately im noticing that my . updates are not happening for instance, avg 8.5.283 and the installed version on my pc according to the main avg window is: 8.5.278. What is odd is that the program does not update. Now, i have the new ad aware anniversary edition installed on my pc and heard a report from my dad with it interfering with an install. Could this be causing the problem? Because other menial updates do work properly in avg and i have no problem. Is anyone else having this problem? If anyone has a solution please let me know. Also, is it normal for avg to not update the main program through its own updater?

A:Avg free not autoupdating its program versions???

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I was wondering about the pay verses free versions of Ad-aware and the like. And what about virus security. What do we get and don't get?
Is it woth it to get the free stuff? Or just get it over with and pay for it.

A:Free versions verses pay on security for PC's

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Hello,I have a Dell Dimension 9150, 160GB WD1600JS-75NCB1 Caviar, 3gb RAM and XP Pro, SP3 logged into a Microsoft SBS2003 server domain as Administrator.Somehow I acquired malware called DoomJuice and from what was suggested by repliers to posts made here and on MSDN, I should wipe out my hard drive and reinstall my operating system.Others have suggested that, at the very least, I should get another hard drive, install the operating system on it and carefuly move the needed files from the old infected hard drive to the new hard drive and that is the route that I chose to take.I disconnected my old infected hard drive and installed a one 1TB, WD10EARS hard drive and installed Windows 7 Ultimate on it. I also plan to freshly install all of the other software that I need to do my work.I sometimes disconnect my new hard drive and connect to my old infected drive and bootup so that i can do some of the things that are not ready in the new Windows 7 drive. I never have both drives connected at the same time.What I would like to do is copy the needed files from the old infected hard drive to a Sony CD/DVD rewritable disc and reboot to the new Windows 7 system then copy them in, unless somebody has another suggestion about doing that.When I do that, I want to scan the files being copied so that I am sure I am not putting infected files on the new Windows 7 hard drive.Should I buy a good virus/malware scanner to do that or can I stay with the free versions, MS Security Essentials, S... Read more

A:Buy new or use free versions of malware protection?

Lots of people wonder how they get spyware when they have a product in place to protect them...Just my opinion, but I believe you would have gotten infected whether you were using AVG free or a $40 Norton product. It could have been caused by an ad banner you clicked on, there's no telling how you got infected....You may as well stick with MSSE, that's one that I like. It's kind of a personal preference thing. This might be a good read for you http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic407147.html
I would make sure your AV is installed first, so you can scan the storage media with your old files before copying. Any media will do, a DVD or CD is no safer than a flash drive or external...all are valid attack vectors.

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Hi there
Am I alone in seeing a new trend here in Free Software that also has a Paid version. The Freebies seem to become less functional with each release. Sometimes even the FREE version just disappears -- such as things like DYNDNS if you ever used that for accessing your computer from outside a router and your ISP gives you dynamic IP's.

Another one is the Virtual DVD / CD mounter in W7 (W8 has native function for this) - a very decent product was the Alcohol 52% free edition -- it's still there but much harder to find now. Still available on places like CNET but its hard to find on the developers site.


(You actually have to go to DOWNLOAD TRIAL to even see a mention that there IS a free version at all !!).

I see for example that the latest version of Partition Wizard (Free version) won't handle dynamic disks - but the EARLIER version did.

Seems that the days of decent FREE software might finally be coming to an end - at least as far as Windows is concerned.

Hopefully this trend isn't a permanent one -- but it seems everybody is trying to "Monetise" --Isn't that an absolutely HIDEOUS word -- their products now.

(I always keep a backup of earlier versions of products even after upgrading to a newer one -- then I can always revert to the older (and often better) version).


A:New software trend - Free versions less functional than before

Same thing twenty years ago, same comments.

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Hi all!!! It's been a while since I have posted anything. I have a quick question. I have been using Avast for over 2 years and have been very happy with it. The problem is Avast is getting pretty old. (in my mind) I downloaded and installed Avira Antivir Free Personal in one of my Vm's today and was pretty satisfied with the UI and features. The one thing that bothered me was that there was no feature to password protect my settings like there was in Avast. (even the free version) This is one of the things that is deterring me away from using Avira, since I have four other family members who could easily screw around with some settings. Another thing is that according to the Avira features list on their website it doesn't have some features that Avast has. (and i am not talking about the p2p shield, email scanner, online email scanner) If any one who has used both of these security products can tell me which one was better for them I would really appreciate it. The main thing is password protecting the settings.

Have a great day

A:Solved: Avast vs Avira (Free Versions)

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I'm looking for an older version of a free program that has been supercede by the newer version and is not being offered anywhere that I can find.

Is there a website where older versions of free programs might still be found to download?

A:place to still find old versions of free programs on the web?

The only one i happen to know of is: http://www.oldversion.com/

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From a Comodo forum post:


A:Longer lasting free full versions

Davec said:

From a Comodo forum post:

Free AV etcClick to expand...

links to 404

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If you pay the extra fifty bucks a year for the full versions of Avast or AVG antivirus software, are you any better protected than you are with the free versions?

Thank you.

A:Solved: Question about Avast or AVG free versions..

this will probably be better answered in secruity forum - so i moved to there

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Does anybody know a site where i can download previous version of various programs? Like Faxtalk Messenger Pro 6?


A:Free Download Site of Older Program Versions

Are you looking for a site kind of like Old Version? Although it appears that they don't have Faxtalk Messenger Pro 6, they do have older versions of many other programs!


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Hello, which one do you think is better and why?

A:Microsoft EMET vs Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit vs HitmanPro. Alert - Free versions

Free version?

I'll go for EMET because it's from Microsoft. Goes hand in hand with WD.

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Whenever I try to restore a file (right click > "Restore previous versions") that I know has recently changed, I see:
"There are no previous versions available" on the file's "Previous Versions" tab.

I've been running Windows 7 x64 Business for a long time now, and I have never seen it available for any of my files.

On "System Properties" > "System Protection", it says "On" under "Protection" for my only drive - C:. I have been able to manually create a system restore point.

I have "Restore system settings and previous versions of files" checked upon clicking the "Configure" button. 10% (93.14GB) is dedicated to "Disk Space Usage" on that same dialogue box.

Some threads have suggested that not having administrative shares enabled can prevent this service and suggest enabling it by adding a reg key, which I have done.:
Administrative share - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

TCP/IP netbios helper service is automatically starting successfully.

Any ideas how I can get this working?


A:Previous Versions not working-There are no previous versions available

You might want to take a look at this tutorial for restoring Previous Versions in Vista. The process might be the same (or very similar) in Windows 7. How to Restore Previous Versions of a File and Folder in Vista

I can't help you with any other suggestions to get your Previous Versions working, but as a workaround in the mean time, if you need to repair or restore previous versions of any files, you can download the free app ShadowExplorer http://www.shadowexplorer.com/ which is an alternative program for Vista and Windows 7 for the Previous Versions feature that is not available for all editions.

ShadowExplorer latest version - ShadowExplorer 0.8

ShadowExplorer Manual (for Version 0.8) - http://www.shadowexplorer.com/news/11/55.html

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I (stupidly and accidentally) deleted all files in my "Downloads" folder. As in, hard deleted them - not to the recycle bin.

I right-clicked the folder and picked "Properties", "Previous versions". Lo and behold, there were several previous versions. I opened the one from today, browsed through it, and it looked good - all 300+ GB of my files were there. So I went back to "Previous versions" and clicked "Restore". It managed to restore a few files, but most files it said were "missing", or that it needed "administrator access" for them. (I am obviously admin on this computer.) So I clicked "Skip" for those, and let it carry on.

After the restore process was done, it had only successfully restored about ten files. When I now click "Previous versions" for my "Downloads" folder, to at least get a list of the files that are missing, it suddenly says there are no files available! But before I did the restore, there were several restore points there. What happened?

A:Problem with previous versions: "No previous versions available"

Next time you want to recover a folder - rename the currently existing folder before restoring the old version as it will otherwise get overwritten.

Also suggest mounting system restore points and manually copying the required files. See the following software:

System Restore Explorer | Nic's Blog

The download link is hard to spot. It's in the line of text just above the section headed History

Other than that there's also:

ShadowExplorer - Recover Lost Files and Folders

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I've set up a scheduled daily backup of particular data folders on my C drive. The backups are taking place as scheduled, and the latest versions of the files are appearing in the backup. But when I use Win. Explorer and right-click>Restore Previous Versions, no previous versions show up. Daily Windows restore points are also being created at startup. I am running a standalone laptop and backing up to an external 2TB drive with plenty of available space.

I have checked the following and all are correct.

Previous Versions Requirements
System Protection for the C drive in ON
Files that are not system files are included in Windows Backups.
Volume Shadow Copy - Service set to Manual (appears as 'stopped' when checked with Task Manager)
Server - Service set to Started and Automatic.
TCP/IP NetBios Helper - Service set to Started and Automatic.
Workstation - Service set to Started and Automatic.

What am I missing?


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I know that only Windows XP Professional can be used to code .ASP, does anybody know how this will work with Vista?

A:New versions and .ASP

i saw some new d/l for asp yesterday either on a ms bullitin or on zdnet

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Hi there.
I was just wondering what the difference between Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Media Centre 2005 are?

Reason I ask is, i'm building a PC for someone and the site I normally use don't stock Home edition in OEM any longer, and only offer the Media Centre one, and professional. But I don't need Pro one.

Will it look and work the same as the Home edition if I were to get the Media Centre one?



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How many versions of windows 7 will there be ?
and what will be the main differences in them ?
premium and pro are only ones that availble for pre-order

Just want to make sure I have pre-ordered the right one

Sorry if its been asked before.


A:How many versions ?

Have a look here - Compare Windows 7 Editions

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Does anyone know different versions in Windows 8 i.e. Home, professional, Ultimate in Win 7 ? Thanks.

A:Win 8 versions

I think that the beta (or WCP) will be Ultimate / Server flavors only

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These are the following XP versions:
Windows XP Pro
Windows XP SP3
Windows FLP
Windows Emmbend POSReady 2009
Windows Emmbend
Windows XP Home
Windows XP Ultimate (Vista)
Windows XP Starter (2003)
Windows XP Remastered (10)
NOTE: I don't know how to spell Emmbend.

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Hi, I have the regular edition of EVGA GTX 260. I think the regular one is discontinued, so I'm wondering if it's possible to SLI with EVGA GTX 260 SC. Also, is it possible to SLI when my power supply is only 620 watts? It's a Corsair hx620w, and I think it's possible to SLI it because it's great quality. Several people have stated it's still good enough for SLI'ing a range of video cards. Anyways, the one question I care about is whether or not my regular GTX 260 can be SLI'd with the GTX 260 SC version. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

Just an edit to this post, my current gtx 260 is
EVGA E-GeForce GTX 260 CORE 216 55nm Mirror 576MHZ 896MB 1.998GHZ GDDR3 PCI-E (it came with a game called Mirror so I assume that's what the "Mirror" is in the stats)

A:GTX 260 SLI (different versions)

Yha you can, it'll downclock the high card... best thing to do is d/l evga precision and overclock the slower card, or frankly both cards, to a higher value.

I run 2 different brands, and 2 different factory overclocks.

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Hmm, that "secure" version looks familiar

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I have an iMac that I bought about 6 years ago in the time of Mac OS X 10.6.

Does it have USB 3 or USB 2 ports? Is there a way to see?

If I buy an external hard drive for backup (Time Machine) intended for USB 3, will it work on my machine if it is USB 2?

Thanks for your help.


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hi all, my new computer is now over a week old and after a nightmare first few days it seems to have

settled down. my query is why is there 2 internet explorers on ? (one is 64 bit) and could this be causing a conflict ?

ive had to re-install windows 7 twice but it seems okay now. when it was brand new l set up first with aol (my server)

then installed firefox 4 and avast anti virus, l lost both of those when l re-installed 7 and have not re-installed either,

l now only have AVG anti-virus running. can anyone explain the reason for the two I.E.'s on the computer ?

thanks in advance, joe

A:I.E. two versions

Windows 7 64-bit comes with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer. By default, IE8 32-bit automatically runs when you start the browser from any one of the following locations: The Quick Launch toolbarThe desktopThe Start menuA hyperlink or a file type that is associated with Internet Explorer.The main difference between the two is that IE8 64-bit only runs native 64-bit ActiveX controls, and IE8 32-bit only runs native 32-bit ActiveX controls. This means that plugins like Flash that are 32-bit will only work in the 32-bit Internet Explorer.To see if you are running the 64-bit version open Internet Explorer and click on help. The version running will appear on the version line.

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My preference of players is 6.4 but I will also sometimes use 7.1. Please tell me, what codec(s) should I have on my machine to fully use and enjoy these players. And as usual, TIA

A:WMP 6.4 and 7.1 versions

If you have a look at THIS thread, there's a link to an enhanced 6.4 player with more codecs than normal if you prefer this version.

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Hi everyone!

I wondered if you guys could tell me how to find out what version of Netware, and/or the current service pack levels on a Novell Netware server?



A:what versions?

Just type 'version' at the server prompt and it will tell you the OS version and Support Pack level.

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Have just had to uninstal - reboot - reinstall CC v3/02.1343 (64bit) because of some wretched cookies the old download couln't remove - a couple of little bugga's named core.videoegg.com & static.afnkd.net the second one I could be wrong on the letters but the first is right. The core. still comes up but at least CC is clearing it now.
Now although everything is tickety boo I notice that the fresh version on the desktop is showing 5 refs to apps and the version on the laptop is showing only 4 apps.
From the pics you will see BUT there is NO Reader 9 in my programs / apps whatever on the desktop and I have searched Progs& Feats, Start / All programs, and the two sets of Programs when opening "Computer - C:" x86 or the other list.

Any ideas anyone - it's not causing any problems as such - apart from why it is happening.

A:?Two versions?

Quote: Originally Posted by ICit2lol

Have just had to uninstal - reboot - reinstall CC v3/02.1343 (64bit) because of some wretched cookies the old download couln't remove - a couple of little bugga's named core.videoegg.com & static.afnkd.net the second one I could be wrong on the letters but the first is right. The core. still comes up but at least CC is clearing it now.
Now although everything is tickety boo I notice that the fresh version on the desktop is showing 5 refs to apps and the version on the laptop is showing only 4 apps.
From the pics you will see BUT there is NO Reader 9 in my programs / apps whatever on the desktop and I have searched Progs& Feats, Start / All programs, and the two sets of Programs when opening "Computer - C:" x86 or the other list.

Any ideas anyone - it's not causing any problems as such - apart from why it is happening.

Download and run Secunia PSI. See if it identifies an older (and insecure) version of Adobe. If so, the results will show the path to the leftover older version.


A Guy

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I have had a laptop for several years running XP pro. I recently bought a desktop with XP pro and there are some subtle differences. My laptop will not hibernate. Laptop restarts, standby, shutsdown via a menu. The desktop uses icons for
the same thing but includes SHIFT standby to hibernate. Both XP's are release 3. A file list on the desktop uses a menu on
the screen (left side) to copy, delete etc. Laptop uses icons on the top of the screen for the same functions.

A:XP pro versions

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I need copies of IE 9 and 10 for Win 7, 8.0, and 8.1 for testing complex SharePoint/Office 2010/2013/2016 integration. However, there is only IE 8 on MSDN subscription downloads. I don't want to download them from a virus-filled site like Softonic. Does
anybody know where I can get them from an official Microsoft site?


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I burned one DVD of Windows7 and installed it on my desktop and my netbook. On my desktop, I added a Quick Launch toolbar to the taskbar. Fine. Not problem. On the netbook, I can make the Quick Launch but when I shut down the netbook and reboot the Quick Launch is gone. I'm wondering if on a machine with a very slow processor Windows7 automatically installs different abilties?

A:Different Versions

I have noticed that sometimes it forgets to save your user setting when shutting down, if you set up Quick Launch again and log off it will save your settings and log on again and check to see if it worked. Don't forget to send some feedback to Microsoft about it.

"Goes to send feedback"

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hi to all you people already playing with 7 do you now how many versions there will be

ie basic, ultimate, home, ect

A:how many versions of 7

I'm going for the whole enchilada, the ultimate, extra beef, extra mayo and extra cheese!

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First disclaimer: Relatively moderate amount of PC knowledge/experience ahead - please be gentle.
Second disclaimer: Probably did something stupid...

1. Somewhere during the defrag process (Win XP Media edition SP2), PC froze up on a screen that listed PCI Devices: "Verifying DMI Pool Data." Reboot kept coming back to this (DOS-like) screen. Was able to access startup (DOS) menus by hitting delete during the IDE Drive process.

2. Tried everything to get a reboot. Powered down and checked all internal connections. Finally, put in Win XP disks and it created a new version of WIN on a new partition. The original version now appears on D: and the reinstalled version appears on G:. The reinstalled version boots up but there are just about NO programs or files to access. I can see the original version in MY Computer but there is nothing actually there, just icons (I think).

3. My main concern is getting the files that were in My Documents (pictures, etc.) on the original version. The new version My Docs is empty. Are they gone for good?

4. Next I will want to get rid of the second install and return to my original boot up of WIN.

I am off to the computer store where they built the thing for me, but thought i would post here to get some feedback (and provide some chuckles at my obvious lack of good judgement...). Thanks for any and all info.

AMD 64 38800 Processor
GA-K*NS Ultra 939 Motherboard
1024 MB DDR 3200 Lo-Lat RAM
250 GB SATA 150 7200 RPM HD
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A:2 Versions XP on 1 PC?

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You should be able to copy the files from the old installation My Documents folder to the new My Documents folder. You may have to take ownership to access them


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Is W7 RTM 32-bit or 64-bit still effective to load? Will they activate the same way as a W7 retail version? I have both, and have not tried either. Will they run 'live' for testing? If not, will it install on a partition next to XP? Which is better for an AMD II x2 6400+?

A:RTM versions...

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Hi there.
I was just wondering what the difference between Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Media Centre 2005 are?

Reason I ask is, i'm building a PC for someone and the site I normally use don't stock Home edition in OEM any longer, and only offer the Media Centre one, and professional. But I don't need Pro one.

Will it look and work the same as the Home edition if I were to get the Media Centre one?



A:XP Versions

Hi Craig,
Please try to avoid double posts.

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On my computer I originally had windows xp proffesional and then it freaked out and the disc wouldn't work anymore, so I'm using windows xp home edition. When the computer starts it asks me what version I want to use. How can I get rid of the other windows, so I don't have to select an os everytime I'm starting my computer?

A:2 versions of xp

Right click on My Computer, Properties, Advanced, Startup and Recovery. Make sure the O/S you want to boot is displayed in the pull-down window and uncheck the "Display list of O/S..." box.

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We're running Small Biz Server at all our locations. I'm setting up a new box to replace our old one in a couple of weeks.

Dose SBS come in different versions? I'm not real familar with it, and was just curious. The one thing they must have is SQL embedded in the OS due to the high cost of FULL blown SQL Server.

A:Does SBS come in different versions?

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Windows Update frequently wants to add security patches for various .NET versions from 1.0 through 3.5. In the interest of optimization, I'd like to delete as many old versions of .NET as I can.

Thoughts on whether this is safe? And will it stop Windows Update from trying to add security patches for versions of software I'm no longer running? They probably don't hurt anything but I'd prefer to not even install things I don't need.

A:Various .NET versions

It's safe to delete any version of MS.NET that is installed.NET Framework is not required on every system. In fact, it is needed only on systems which run a program which calls for/utilizes some version of NET, based on the way that the program was developed.In the history of using XP, I have only encountered two such programs myself...and, in each instance, the particular MS.NET version required is spelled out as a prerequisite for installing the program.I currently have two desktops. System A has NET Framework 3.5, SP1 installed...because I have nLite installed on that system and it requires Version 2.0 (Version 3.5 works in lieu of 2.0 for me), while System B has no version of MS.NET installed and works fine without it.If you want to remove all versions, then install only one or none...I suggest using the NET Framework Cleanup Tool .If NET is not installed on the system...there are no security updates to be installed for it. Just as there are security updates for the main body of XP, there are also critical security updates for key components (such as IE, WMP, NET Framework, etc.).Louis

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