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Digital Photos

Q: Digital Photos

I need to know of if anyone can recommend a good software program that I could use to put my photos I have saved on my desktop to a cd. I have tried Nero but can't get the cd to work after I have saved them to the cd. Or maybe I am not doing it right. I just want to get all these pictures off my desktop but still keep them for me to look at again.

Preferred Solution: Digital Photos

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Digital Photos

Nero will do it fine. What version of nero do you have and what OS?
Could you just give a brief decription of the process you went through to try and burn them?

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My sister has photos of me in my bridesmaid dress that she took with her camera. I saved them on my computer.
I am going out of town to see our family, and cannot take the computer, but want to show the pictures. I will have my camera.

I tried transferring the photos to my camera's memory card by changing their file names to the same type of name as the photos that were taken with my camera. They are displayed as DSCN0610, so I renamed the photos as DSCN0700 and so on. Then I put my memory card in the driver, (G drive) opened up the drive, opened the folder where the pictures from my camera were, and dragged the newly renamed photos into that folder.

I put the memory card back in my camera and hit the display button, and the message I am getting for the spots where those files are is "File contains no image data."

What did I do wrong? What do I do?

Information - My camera is a Nikon Coolpix.

A:Can I transfer photos from my saved photos on my computer onto my digital camera?

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when i take a photo with a digital camera and put it on the computer it says its a :jpeg file but i want my photos to be :jpg files. what do i need to change. i have windows xp home editon with e-machines390 2.3 ghz and a polaroid 2.1 mega pixel camera i have taken photos before and they were jpg files but i am getting jpeg files all the time now

A:digital photos

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I bought a Nikon Coolpix 750 digital camera at the weekend. It came with Piccolo 2 software and I also have Adobe Photoshop 6.0. Although I can edit and print photographs to A4 paper, I can not seem to print on the 6x4 photo papers I bought. I have tried to adjust the setup of the printer and I can change the type of paper used, however when I print the image is either too small or does not fit onto the paper properly. Have I misssed something straightforward or can anyone help with this?

A:Digital Photos

Welcome to TSG!
I am not familiar with the Piccolo software but most graphic programs express size in Pixel width and height. If I want a specific size of picture to print then I do a conversion to inches once I know what PPI I am going to print with abd convert the pic to tht size.
For instance:
If you have a Pic that is 1500W x 1200H and your printer prints at 300PPI then the inch size of the pic equals....
1500 Divided by 300 = 5 Inches Width
1200 Divided by 300 = 4 Inches Height

For a 6" X 4" just multiply....

6 x 300 = 1800 pixels Width
4 x 300 = 1200 pixels Height

This procedure can get you close to the mark but is never perfect since there are other factors at play with pixel sizing.

Here is a link that will help you further.


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To: xgerryx,

Thank you for trying to help. I do not know how to format memory on my Sony Cybershot. jkofoid

A:Digital photos

hi you did not post the model but hopefully this may be of some help

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I have asked this question before, but I am trying to find a software program that will let me download all my digital pictures onto a CD or DVD but I don't want Nero. I tried the Nero program and didn't like it. Any good software programs out there that will work easy and work with Windows XP.

A:Digital Photos

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I am looking for a program that I can create a video DVD with music and my digital pictures that will play on TV. Any suggestions? I didn't want to go out and buy an expensive/complicated program.

A:Digital Photos onto DVD

If you want to create a slideshow of your photographs with music playing in the background, to play on your dvd player, have a look at this tutorial I wrote.

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I have a Canon Digital Rebel SLR and the photos look great on the camera and on the computer screen when I download them onto my imac. However, when I print them on my printer (Epson Stylus C82) they are grainy, the color is not as vibrant, they are awful. I am new at this, is it my printer or the paper? (using HP high gloss)? What am I doing wrong?
Thanks. tomles4

A:better digital photos

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i have a fujifilm digital camera a210 3.2m i can not down load my pictures using the usb port from the camera to the hard drive it would do it automatically before can you help thank you

A:down loading digital photos

You need the USB driver from Fuji's website. I just did the same thing with my computer when trying to use my daughter's camera, same model as yours. Here's a link to their site for downloads. Pick the one for your operating system.

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If I have a photo that is not a digital photo, can I put it on my web site? If so, how?


A:Is It Possible To Put Non-Digital Photos On Web Site?


Yes you can by scanning the image with a scanner and uploading it.

See scanning tips here.


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How do you transfer digital photos saved onto the hard drive onto a CD?

Any suggestions, or help in this area is GREATLY appreciated!

A:Transfer digital photos onto CD..HOW?

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Hi guys!

I have a few photos in JPEG format that I took from my digital camera. The problem with them is that whenever I view the same in Thumbnail mode, it displays the image properly but when I try to open the file, only a part of the image is displayed and the rest is all corrupted.

Why is this happening and what can be done to resolve the same. This problem is not with all pictures taken from the digital camera.

Thank you.

A:Problem with digital photos???

If you look in the folder with the photos you will probably see a thumbs.db file. That is a database file with your thumbnails. That you can see good thumbnails doesn’t necessarily mean the image file is OK. Quite often the camera puts thumbnails in the EXIF as well.

I have no idea why files are getting corrupted. It seems to be happening a lot to people and I don’t see a common thread in the causes. Once they are corrupted like that they are hard to get back. There is JPG repair software, but it isn’t free and doesn’t seem to work that often unless just the header is corrupted. That doesn’t seem to be the case if the file opens and part of it is corrupted.

If you are using a program to download your images I would try bypassing the program and get the images directly from the camera or card reader.

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Hi. I have a 6 megapixal digital camera. When i try and email phtos as an attachment, the email won't go through due to its size. How can I reduce the file size of a digital photo for emailing?

A:Emailing Digital Photos

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On one of our computers, 110 digital photos were downloaded from a 1 gb flash drive. They were put in the "My Pictures" folder. They ended up in "My Documents" as single entries, as well as many of them as single icons on the desktop. We can't seem to get them deleted from the desktop, nor singularly in "My Documents". If we get them in the Recycle Bin and then empty it, the icons on the desktop come back as well as he single files in "My Documents". We have done this numerous time, but they all come backWhat has happened? How can the situation be solved? Any help will be appreciated.

A:Multipying digital photos!

I had a problem fairly similar to this some years back and could only fix it by putting the flash card back in again and then deleting them from the folder/desktop.
Just why the flashcard being in place made the difference I have no idea.
I wonder if you could successfully transfer them back to the flashcard - that might work?
If you right click on one of the pics and select "properties" are they "read only"
Sometimes this makes things a bit more difficult to mess about with with though I doubt this would be the problem!

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Can some help me I downloaded some digital photos from my digital camera onto my PC. Into My Picture folder. Viewed them, now gone. I was moving photos into there own folders when noticed them missing. Cant locate them anywhere in my PC. Any suggestions

A:Help Missing digital photos

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Can anyone help me. We purchased a Mavica digital camera that used floppy discs. When I retrieve pictures - I go to "my computer" - "floppy" and then I click on send to: and then mail recipent.

The individual I send it to does indeed receive them, but the problem lies in them wanting to send them to their friends. She forwards the e-mail message that includes the pictures - but they tell her that all they get is her message and where the pictures were - just small x appears in it's place. What are we doing wrong?

Also is there an easier way to send photos so it doesn't take so long to send and receive - ?

A:Digital Photos sent via e-mail

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i have 88 photo images on my p/c monitor from an OLYMPUS CAMERA, HOW CAN I DELETE/REMOVE these, as the camera was a REFURBISHED a lot of these photos must have been on it, as i have not taken them, when displayed on OLYPUS BROWSE etc there is nothing showing to DELETE/REMOVE. CAN SOME 1 PLEASE HELP ME, THANKS,

A:digital photos/remove

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I have a DELL with drive D and drive E. When I backup regular data, I jst drag files onto the disk in drive E. For backups I use a RW disc.

I have a batch of photos in "My Pictures" that I want to put on a CD. I put a R (write only) blank CD into drive E and dragged the photos onto it - or so I thought. But instead of being on the CD, they appear to be in the drive E, and the CD itself is empty. I.e., if there is no CD at all in drive E, if I pull up "My Computer" and click on drive E, it contains all those photos. Meanwhile the CD itself is blank.

Help, please...

A:copying digital photos onto CD

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recently i did print screen thing to take pictures of my deasktop. well my friend had her baby on her webcam and i wanted to get pics of the baby and this was the simplest way to do it. i was wondering how or if i can somehow edit these pictures, i can open them with paint or and other apps, but none can edit them like i want, i dl a program called Gimp, its for pictures but its kinda confusing. lol
all i want is to clear the images up, enlarge them a bit, and get rid of the graininess they all have.
can anyone give me a hand or a program to try?

A:Editing Digital Photos

I don't think you will be satisfied with the results from any photo editing software. There is no sure way to decrease the graininess since that is most likely how the web cam sent the original images. Enlarging the photos will also enlarge the graininess.

If you want large clear pictures of the baby, you may need to ask your friend to take pictures with a much higher resolution (5 Mega Pixels or more) and then e-mail the picture files to you (assuming your e-mail service will support receiving messages with large attachments).

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can some one please recomend a program to burn digital photos to acd for a novice

A:Solved: digital photos to cd

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I want to know if there is a very easy simple software out there that isn't too expensive which will show me how to transfer my digital photos onto a cd to store them. Also how to put music with it. I was told about the software called "Unlead Disc Creator". Is this a good one for what I want? I was to a funeral and they put the pictures of the deceased on a cd and they had music with it. They is so much nicer than putting pictures onto a big piece of tack board. I just want to remove my pictures off my hard drive and store them onto a cd. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks!

A:Putting my digital photos onto CD

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Have 1 folder 60 files 192 mb digital photos on power point trying to send it by e mail. How can I do it? Please advise

thanks MJ

A:Digital photos slides

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Where do I start...

The other day/night I was out with a few friends etc you know how it goes, was just taking photos and then a lot of them accidentally got wipped/removed/deleted I'm not sure how, I or a friend prob deleted "all" instead of "this one only" by accident.

My question is:

Is there anyway I can get these photos back? Like a piece of software that I can download that can retrieve them back? Please help 'cause I'd really like these photos.


A:Solved: Please Help with Photos from my Digital Camera!

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Hi all,

This is probably a simple question, but...

We've just bought a new digital camera (Jenoptik JD C2.1 LCD) and took around 160 photos whilst on holiday. I have a CD Burner (HP 8100) and using the software provided (HP CD-Writer Plus) tried to burn a CD that we can put in the DVD player/another PC and bore people with holiday snaps..

I created a data copy of the photos to CD for back up, so I know the burner works (except I can't read it on any other PC ) but I just can't get it to burn the DVD compatible version. I dl'd some software (Apollo Versatile Burner), to see if that would work.. but I can't seem to make it burn..

Could someone recommend an easy to use program (free) so that I can bore people as soon as possible.

Preferably I would like it so that I can just drag/drop the images to the software, and click the BURN icon. (I bet it's not that easy, is it?)

I don't want any flashy transition formats, I just want to scroll through the pictures one at a time using the DVD remote control.

Further info...

60Gb HD
786Mb Ram
ASPI 4.6 (whatever that is)
HP 8100 burner (and a big box of TDK CD-Rs)
All images in one folder, in JPG format
Based in the UK so PAL is the format required

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'll return the favour on the security forums, if you want..



A:Burning Digital photos to CD, to watch on DVD


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I have a problem with my digital images. I took some pictures at night and it came out too dark, so I edited it in adobe anad changed the brighteness and contrast. It came out nice and clear on my computer but when i sent it to my friend it was all pixelatted and fuzzy. Is there a way of keeping the image consistent, or is there a better way of lightening up dark images.

A:change of color in digital photos

Many variables without seeing the image...

You could try auto levels or curves...

How much the image can be improved depends on the original capture quality...

Post it here so we can have a look if that is possible...


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While right clicking on a picture (.jpg) and clicking on "Send to Recipient" at work I get a message box that says "Send pictures via E-mail" and it gives me an option to make my pictures smaller for emailing. I have the same system at home Windows XP Home Edition and when I right click on a picture it bypasses the option to make the pictures smaller & just goes to Outlook Express to email.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I use my computer at home for pictures more than I do at work for obvious reasons.



A:Share your digital photos in Windows XP

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Hi Everyone,
Im sure this has been asked before and is a topic that I have been trying to understand for a while.

I own a Canon S3 IS digital camera, that is great (all problems I think are user error) and I am trying to create a brochure to be professionally printed.

Now I keep getting told by all the printers I speak to that any photos I need to include in the document need to be 300dpi, but my camera only seems to shoot 72dpi.

My next problem is that everwhere I go people tell me that incresing the dpi of a photo is impossible (or they use some extremely strange mathematical way of doing it)

The photos are taken at 2816 x 2112 resolution and only need to be printed at thumbnail size so the size can be reduced.

Doies anyone know of any good tutorials or ways in which I can achieve this? (I have access to both Corel Photo and Adobe Photoshop)

It would be most appreciated!


A:Digital Camera Photos & Printing

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Hi, I am trying to find a software that enables to take photo by digital camera on tripod being controlled by pc. Any suggestions.
I have Kodak DX7630 digital camera.

A:Taking digital photos by camera through pc

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How do I accomplish sending photos via e-mail so it doesn't take so long for the receipent to download them?

I have them on disk and insert into drive "A".

Thank you.

A:Sharing Digital photos via e-mail

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A friend, who is an artisan with glass, has asked me to advise her about photographing her work. She is interested in buying a digital camera so that she can take the best possible photos to email or to print. I would appreciate any suggestions and advice that would help her with her particular need. Is there anyone out there who can help with this? I guess the glass' reflection is one concern.
Thanks so much!

A:Digital photos of glass sculpture

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I'm just starting to research digital cameras and hope this isn't a stupid question. I really don't want to print photos here at home on my printer. Can digital photos be printed as regular photos (4x6, 5x7, 8x10) by a photo shop, or CVS photo counter, or a Picture Maker machine? If the answer is yes, how do I get the digital picture information to the printing place? How is the transfer accomplished?

A:Printing digital camera photos

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new to digital photography I would like to know how to post photos to ebay and craiglist

A:Solved: digital photos to ebay

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I am not sure where to post, because I do not know what is causing issue.

My laptop has not be hooked up for over a year and just got comcast/infinity.

I use blingee - gimp and site to store photos.

My photos have stopped uploading. Sometimes I get a http error?

What is the problem(s)

A:Problem uploading digital photos to other web sites

Hello Tricfit, and welcome to Seven Forums.

How large are the photo files? Most sites have a size limit of what you are able to upload. If the photo is larger than the their max size, then you could get that error.

Blingee says this: Frequently Asked Questions | Blingee.com

5. What types of images can I upload? Your images must be in jpeg, gif, or png format and less than 3 megs in size.

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I used the san disk from my digital camera to export the photos from it onto my computer. Once it was
completed I was unable to find the photos anywhere on my computer. I've checked My Pictures, files, and every other place I could think of and they are nowhere to be found. I use Windows 8.1 O/S. Any help
with this matter would be appreciated.

Thank you,

A:How to find photos I exported from my digital camera to m

Try Picasa:


It works good.

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I have a Sony Cybershot 3.2 Megapixels camera which works really well.

My problem is that when I go to print photos, my printer prints out weird colours - very much like sepia but with some other colours here and there. The colour bears no resemblance to the original!

Is this a matter of changing settings somewhere or do I need to install a different driver. I am now operating off XP and the printer (Epson Stylus Photo 700) has been around since the old Windows 98 days.

I don't know very much about these things so I'm hoping for some help from your good selves ( in layman's terms wherever poss please).

Thanks in anticipation

A:Colour problems printing digital photos

My guess would be that some of your color heads are clogged. Run a couple cleaning cycles. Print a test page and check to see whether all of the colors are printing completely.

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My mom died in January and so I loaded a slew of photos of her onto my dad's HP digital picture frame from my computer. Then my computer (with all the original photos) was stolen. Since I had not been smart and backed up the photos of my mom, the only copy of these precious photos is now on the digital picture frame.

Is there any way to recover these photos from the digital picture frame? I have tried putting in a flash drive as well as connecting the frame to my new computer using a USB connection, but the frame does not show an option to transfer photos from it to anything else.....only the other direction. I can delete photos, but I can't move them back to my computer.

Can I take the frame apart, remove the internal memory card and somehow retrieve the photos from the drive?

Sigh. Thank you.

A:Recover photos from Digital Picture Frame?

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I have a kodak digital camera that I have successfully used to download pictures. When I do this the display on the camera goes out and the pics download on to my computer's hard drive. I have attempted to do this to download video recorded with the same camera. The same process happens with the camera, but nothing will download. i am using Windows Vista for Dummies and have followed the steps outlined in the chapter which explains this process. At best I only am able to download an empty file. Any suggestions on what to do?

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My hdd recently crashed, erasing pictures that Iīve already moved from my camera (Digital IXUS 80). Now I want to recover them from the memory card. I have O&O UnErase, but my problem is that when I connect my camera to my computer running Win XP, it shows up as "Digital Camara IXUS 80", and not as an external drive, therefore O&O Unerase canīt recover anything from it.
Is it possible to make XP recognize the camera as an external drive (eg. F: )? Or can I use another program in this case?


A:Recover erased photos from digital camara

You need a media card reader which a lot of new PC's come with. You can also buy a multi-card reader that plugs in to your USB port. That may not allow you to "undelete: however. A memory card is not the same as a hard drive especially if you have used the memory card for anything else since.

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Recently received a Viewsonic Digital Photo Frame as gift (Model DPX804BK). Unfortunately, there are no instructions on how to move pictures and music from my computer to the frame. The booklet only lists the function of various buttons, one of which is "Browser" mode. I store most of my photos in Picasa3. Any ideas on how to load the photos very much appreciated. I am running Windows XP Professional.

A:Load photos to Viewsonic Digital Frame


my son got me a jessops one of these for xmas, i had to go into the settings and chance the USB to -PC- mode, then plug it into my PC and was good to go.


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Hi guys!

I have a habit of enhancing my digital photos (jpeg format) in a image editing software. Does this degrade the quality of the photos???

Thank you.

A:Does enhahcing digital photos reduces quality???

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I use a Canon Digital IXUS 8501S camera which works fine, and until recently Zoombrowser EX, the program that I use to import photos onto my PC (running Windows XP) was running fine too.

However, now when I connect the camera to my PC, although I can hear my computer recognising that the camera is there (it makes a noise when it finds new hardware), it no longer brings up the little window that used to appear automatically that allowed me to upload pictures.

When I manually go into Zoombrowser and click 'Connect to Camera' nothing happens at all - no error message, just no action. As far as I can remember, nothing significant's changed in my PC since a few months ago when I last tried this and everything worked fine.

Any suggestions?


A:Solved: Problem transferring digital photos

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Our church has a large collection of photos, negatives, slides, etc. that it wants to pass on to future generations. We are considering scanning them all and storing them digitally. What problems do you foresee several generations down the line?

If a concerted effort is made through the years to regularly update software and hardware to continue to have access to these images, is it likely to succeed?

For example, are there codecs in the early versions of Photoshop or aspects of the program that are not there now or not supported that would mean photos scanned on the early version would be less good (color, clarity, range, etc.) if accessed on today's Photoshop?

I welcome hearing your thoughts concerns. Thanks. Duncan

A:Solved: Problems with longterm storage of digital photos?

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I can't find any info. on how to load photos from my Sony RX100 to my HP Chromebook (which I believe is "model 11").

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I have a Minolta 7hi camera using the largest image size and stored as a jpeg (lowest compression) and saved in the sRGB color space.
They look fine on the LCD display, BUT look very grainy as a 8bit bitmap does (similar to the 2k splashscreen).
I have tried 2 different programs to print the photo and the same thing.
The printer is a HP 932 and I'm running 2k.

Now, all other photos and images are and have been fine. Same program(s) same paper and settings with the same printer.

Any ideas??

A:Digital photos print as grainy 8bit images

There is an advanced setting in the printer properties (I'm not at home so my memory is a bit fuzzy) that allows the printer to print in photo mode. I've got the same printer and the same happened to me initially. I found this setting and use it whenever printing photos.

Hope this helps.

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I want to download my digital photos to floppy discs but I can only get a few on each disc. Is there a method to increase this amount.
Thanks for any help
Peter B.

A:Solved: Downloading digital photos to a floppy disk

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Hi everyone,
I bought an HP Pavilion G6 (AMD-A6- 4400m APU Radeon 7520 integrated graphics, 4gb ram, Win 8 back in 2014. I had upgraded to 8.1 and installed 4 more gb ram and it was running really smoothly since) Until recently I haven't had any issues with it. I primarily use it to for transfering photos from my Canon camera (7D dslr) to my laptop. Everything was fine for months until last week. Suddenly the laptop just started running VERY slow no matter what I was doing. It even took forever to load my browser, and open a simple document. I ran an anti-virus scan ( Kasperky 2015) and ran Malwarebytes. Both came back with no issues. I ran HP's installed diagnostic to check the processor and memory. Again all was ok. I also tried to boot into diagnostic mode and still it ran slow. I updated my drivers, did a rootkit scan, and registry diagnostic. Finally I got fed up so I reset it back to factory settings which of course put win 8 back on. I figured any os or software issues would be taken care of. No, it still runs very slow, and I am now unable to upgrade to 8.1 or of course 10. I haven't installed any programs or apps that didn't come with 8, but did install all updates. I'd think that it would essentially be a brand new laptop and run like it did when I bought it ( perhaps faster since it now has 8gb ram). I'm at a point where I'm about to smash the thing if I can't get this issue resolved. Please help!!
Sorry if my post isn'... Read more

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