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Precision T3500 with NVidia Quadro FX580 issues on Windows 7 and Windows 10 upgrade

Q: Precision T3500 with NVidia Quadro FX580 issues on Windows 7 and Windows 10 upgrade

I have Precision T3500 that came with NVidia Quadro FX580 display adapter.
I had issues installing the latest NVidia driver for this card on Windows 7 (the screen would just go blank) but it was working fine with the three years old driver recommended by Dell, and now I am trying to upgrade to Windows 10 and it would automatically install the latest Windows 10 driver for this card that would freeze the system after reboot...
On Dell's support web site it says that Windows 10 is not supported on my system.
Any suggestions how to make Windows 10 work on Precision T3500 with NVidia Quadro FX580?

Preferred Solution: Precision T3500 with NVidia Quadro FX580 issues on Windows 7 and Windows 10 upgrade

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Precision T3500 with NVidia Quadro FX580 issues on Windows 7 and Windows 10 upgrade

The FX580 is a DX9 WDDM 1.0 card.
I have 2006 and 2005 E510's that have been upgraded with Pentium D 915 and 4 gigs of ram and they work Fine with windows 10 once you get at least a Geforce 610 or Radeon HD 5450 or better DX11 wddm 1.3 card.
The FX580 is an ancient vacccum tube card that is not suitable for AERO or Windows 7,8,10
It works with the original WDDM 1.0 Vista Drivers but it will not have WDDM 1.1 or 1.3 drivers.

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I'm re-installing my Dell Precision T1500 desktop work station changing from Windows 7 Professional 32-bit to 64-bit.
Can anyone explain if there is a reason I should install the nVidia Quadro FX580 driver 191.75 available by Dell
downloads since May, 2010 instead of more recent 267.05 driver available by nVidia downloads?
I know that installing manufacturer specific drivers is important when you have an OEM-version of a product installed or
an integrated graphics adapter/sound card but in my case the Quadro FX580 GPU has been added in post-upgrade
out of a retail box so it should be supported by the most recent Nvidia driver. Or?
On the other hand I got the following answer when scanning for a driver a few minutes ago on the nVidia website:
"Installed driver: 191.75
Your PC currently has the latest driver installed for your GPU. No driver update is necessary at this time."
Why isn't nVidia directing me to the most recent driver?
How can the 191.75 driver be the latest driver when there have been several more recent drivers launched by nVidia
for my graphics adapter since May, 2010?
Please tell me what to do. I would prefer to install the correct driver from start as experience shows
that replacing a GPU driver could prove to be an agonizing experience... 

A:Which driver?: Dell Precision Desktop T1500 nVidia Quadro FX580 512Mb

Hi Andylindy,
The nVidia driver is preferred. If you go to the nVidia site and use their driver check tool, it will find the most current driver.

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I have a
Dell Precision 7710
i7-6920HQ CPU @ 2.9GHz
32GB Ram
Windows 7 Pro Sp1
Nvidia Quadro M5000M driver version 369.49
which I purchased as an upgrade for my
Precision M6700
Our company has developed and uses a software package that utilises WPF to render 3D content in an XBAP in Internet Explorer.  When I attempt to use this software on the 7710, the 3D content flickers a lot when it is redrawn, making it pretty much unusable.  From the stats that we can get from our application, we can see that the update time for the redraw / present is about 45ms, whereas on most other PCs, even ones utilising the integrated Intel graphics, it is usually about 12ms. 
We have used this software on a large number of PCs without experiencing anything this bad, which is obviously quite disappointing since the laptop should actually be able to display what we are asking it to without any hassles.
As far as I can tell all our drivers for everything on this laptop are up to date.  
We have tried using the NVIDIA control panel to force the laptop to use the High Performance Nvidia Quadro card rather than integrated graphics and it appears to be doing so as we were able to make it display the notification icon in the task bar and that showed that IE was using the Nvidia.
I have tried tweaking just about every other setting I can think of / see.
I have tried using the Dell Precision Optimiser to select different profiles with no luck.  The Dell Precision Optimiser does n... Read more

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I have a laptop dell precision m4600 the graphics card inside is NVIDIA Quadro 1000M with 2GB GDDR3 dedicated memory, plus intel graphics HD 3000. Is it possible to upgrade the NVIDIA Quadro 1000m to meet a 3D VERY complex modeling design which I am working on it at an engineering software?
because i have some 3d drawings work slowly in performance with the existing graphics card.
if so, please provide me by the list of varies upgraded graphics cards based on dell recommendations on my laptop.

A:dell precision m4600 the graphics card NVIDIA Quadro 1000M upgrade

No you would need a top of the line laptop or a desktop with a separate high powered video card. Your laptop graphics are integrated on the board--not removable cards. Read-- Upgrade Video

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Worked fine before.
I am buying expensive workstation hardware so I can use them for a long time, I have the full expectation to keep using this machine for another few years.

Dell.... you are working on an updated driver, right?

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I have Dell T3500 (Xeon W3530, 14gb ram, Quadro 2000, 500W) and I'm working in cad programs like Autocad & Revit, also Sketchup and Photoshop. Quadro 2000 seems to be a bit weak, especially in Sketchup.
I was thinking about changing Q2000 into Quadro 4000 or K620 - could you please advise me which one will be better.
Thanks in advance.

A:T3500 upgrade quadro 4000 or K620

The K4000 is a much better card but it costs quite a bit more.

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I have a p71 with basic NVIDIA Quadro M620.Is it possible to upgrade to  a Quadro P4000 8 Go? I heard it was mxm boards.The idea is to be VR ready. Thanks in advance for your answers. Cheers, Greg 

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I would like to upgrade graphics card in my precision m6700 and I was thinking about k5100m, but I'm not sure if It's that easy to install this card in my laptop. Probably I have to do some software upgrade(bios?). Does anybody use this card with m6700 or another card which is not supported by original Dell m6700 configuration? Is it hard to upgrade? How does it work later? Did you have any problems?

A:Nvidia Quadro K5100m in Precision m6700?

Graciously, you can easily find working drivers by going to laptopvideo2go.com (which I have already attached a link to this response--hope it works)
First of all know the sub vendor of your quadro k5100m (without which you will proceed to method 2 which is even easy). In my case I was specifically using a quadro k5100m card “biosed” or sub-vended by dell so modification was easy. For instance the k5100m is referenced by nvidia with code 11B8; Dell sub-vendor ref is 1028; and my m6700 bridge ref was 153F (15CD for m6800)
NB: Using any driver that is not WHQL certified or certified by dell (or nvidia) may surely void your warranty. Also the drivers to be "transmogrified" can only be installed if driver signature verification is disabled (in windows 7 press F8 and select disable driver signature; windows 8/8.1 legacy the same as in windows 7; but if UEFI mode in windows 8/8.1 do further research on how to disable driver signature

Download the official driver from dell (latest Video_Driver_X9T7N_WN32_9.18.13.4752_A11) 
Extract the driver to your main hdd (where windows is installed). For example into folder "C:\K5100M driver" 
Open the folder from which file is extracted
Search for and open sub folder "Display.Driver
Open with notepad, file "nvdm.info" in folder "Display.Driver"
Now begin Transmogrification

Transmogrification Meth... Read more

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We have 4 T3500's all with the W3503 Intel Xeon 2.4GHz Dual Core Processor. They all have the copper heatsinks. After a lot of research I found that they can be upgraded to any of the W35XX processors (just a question of what we want to pay). When I checked out the W3520, I found out that it was identical to the i7 920 processor.
Has anyone upgraded a T3500 with an i7 processor?

A:Precision T3500 Processor Upgrade

DELL DPN: XPDFK Precision Workstation T3500 Motherboard
Supported Processors:
Intel Xeon 6-Core (X5670, X5650),
Intel Xeon Quad Core (W3550, W3565, W3530, E5640, E5630, E5507),
Intel Xeon Dual Core (W3505, W3503),
Intel Xeon (W3680)

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So I have a newly refurbed T7400 with dual quad core Xeon, and Win 10Pro......Want to use it it for 3d CAD, got an Invidia Quadro FX 5800 GPU and try as I will I cant figure the power cables to get it up and running. I have searched, googled etc and can get a direct instruction on how this can be setup. Hoping someone has actually done this (and succeeded !) and give concise details on the cable workaround...
In advance thanks for taking the time

Cheers !!

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Hello I just won an ebay auction for the Nvidia Quadro 5000m. I plan to use it in the Dell Precision M6400, a laptop from a couple years ago. Now this video card wasn't originally shipped with the M6400, instead the M6500, but I heard it would fit inside the case and display on the laptop screen. My problem is that I am reading forums that claim that this video card(5000m) along with the AMD Firepro m7820 when used in the M6400 will not output video through DisplayPort, the dock, and possibly VGA. The also say that it will not display the Dell logo upon boot up so it's possibly a BIOS issue. My question is if there is possibly a solution or workaround to this problem

A:Dell Precision M6400 & Nvidia Quadro 5000m

There isn't going to be a workaround -- the system never shipped with that card, so the firmware won't support it.  It may produce an image internally, but it sounds like the rest (external displays or pre-Windows images) won't.

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Hello, we currently have a Dell Precision T3620 with the only 290W power supply in it. We are looking to upgrade the video card to the NVidia Quadro P4000 or P5000. We realize we need a larger power supply for this.
Does anyone else have this same setup of Workstation and video card? If so, what power supply did you find that was compatible?

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I have installed a new Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card in my Precision T3500 into the first PCIe x16 slot and was not able to install the drivers: the screen would go blank and the computer would just freeze in the middle of installation.
That same graphics card works just fine in the second PCIe x16 slot with all the latest drivers installed and even with some overclocking of GPU memory.
When I moved the graphics card to the first PCIe x16 slot after the successfull installation of the driver, the computer would not boot and would just start beeping. When I moved the graphics card back to the second PCIe x16 slot it worked just fine.
Why would the graphics card work fine on the second PCIe x16 slot, but not on the first PCIe x16 slot?What is the difference between these two PCIe x16 slots in Precision T3500?

P.S. To illustrate this: when I say first PCIe x16 slot I mean the blue one, and the second PCIe x16 slot is the black one.

A:Precision T3500 and PCIe x16 graphics card, Windows 10 x64bit

Hi varmatev,
Both slots should work the same so it sounds like one of them is faulty. Do all the pins on the connector look perfectly aligned?

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Hello everyone:
As my post title implies I've got a Dell Precision T3500 loaded with Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Center and I'm looking into the ins and outs of doing RAID on it.
You might have guessed, I'm no expert at this and am looking at building this as more of a learning exercise than anything else.
My system runs as is with no issues at all at this point, just fyi.
Does anyone know what direction I could go from here that would be productive?
After trying to install an unsupported HBA (LSIMegaraid 888elp), and having had my lunch handed to me, I sure would appreciate any insights or perhaps some proven solution that I've not been able to find up to this point.

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Hello everyone:
As my post title implies I've got a Dell Precision T3500 loaded with Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Center and I'm looking into the ins and outs of doing RAID on it.
You might have guessed, I'm no expert at this and am looking at building this as more of a learning exercise than anything else.
My system runs as is with no issues at all at this point, just fyi.
Does anyone know what direction I could go from here that would be productive?
After trying to install an unsupported HBA (LSIMegaraid 888elp), and having had my lunch handed to me, I sure would appreciate any insights or perhaps some proven solution that I've not been able to find up to this point.

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Greetings all.
I am having an issue with upgrading my Win7 T3600 workstation to windows 10.  I have looked through numerous posts on possible issues and tried different methods of the upgrade process.
My research has made me conclude that the T3600 with the embedded Intel raid controller has a problem in the pre-boot environment. I keep getting an error after the windows 10 upgrade does it's first re-boot.  error code 0xC1900101-0x20017.
I have seen posts on hidden drives and devices or old drivers.  None of these issues seam to apply to my situation.
Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Precision T3600 Windows 10 upgrade issues

Okay, so I just say this post.
When I checked my BIOS settings i verified that I have the latest version (a14), but the boot mode was set to legacy BIOS.  Do I need to change this to UEFI in order to get windows 10 to install?

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This is my first post on here and I am looking for advice.
I have a Dell Precision T3400 running Win 10 on a standard Nividia Quadro FX1700.
The images and text on the screen have become mostly illegible, along with vertical and sometimes horizontal lines.
I have tried different screens and different cables and the problem still exists.
Any ideas on the source of the issue please?
Thank you.

A:Precision T3400, Quadro FX1700, Windows 10

Run these steps and post the results =* Power the monitor and PC off* Unplug the power cord from the back of the PC* Disconnect the monitor from the video card* Remove the PC case cover* Disconnect the internal power supply leads from the rear of the video card* Remove the video card from the motherboard slot* Use compressed air to clean out the video card and the motherboard slot* Reseat the video card in the motherboard slot and attach the power supply leads to the rear of the video card* Close the case cover* Reconnect the monitor to the video card* Reconnect the PC power cord* Power on the monitor and then the PC* We never tested Windows 10 on this 10 year old PC. So reinstall the retail Nvidia Quadro FX1700 driver* Restart the PC when done. Retest* If available, remove that video card and test another one in the PC

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Prior to today, I had a Dell Precision M6600 with....
Intel Core i7-2620M 2.7GYZ
NVIDIA Quadro 3000M
Windows 7

Using HDMI and the eDock, I was able to get it to work fine with my LG 34UB67-B at 2560 x 1080.

I recently got a Precision 7710 with 

Core i7-6920HQ 2.9GHZ
Intel HD Graphics 530
NVIDIA Quadro 3000M
Windows 10

After updating all of the drivers I could find (LG, Intel 530, NVIDIA), I still can't get the 7710 to produce the 2560 x 1080 resolution?

According to the documentation I've read, this should be possible.

Any ideas?

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I searched the forums and the only posts involved the AMD card and I have an Nvidia card.  I couldn't find any information on the K4000M so I called tech support and they told me it was 2560x1600.  But then I found another forum where they said even the K1000M can do 4k.
I hooked up my 4k TV to the HDMI and used the Nvidia custom resolution to set up 3840x2160 at 30 hz and the display works.  The graphics look great, but the text is super fuzzy.  The TV supports 4K at 60Hz, but I'm not sure if the HDMI port on the back of my M6700 supports 60Hz.
Does the HDMI support 60Hz at 4k?  What about the display port?  Any idea why my text is super fuzzy while the graphics are razor sharp?

A:Precision M6700 Nvidia Quadro K4000M max resolution 4K monitor display port hdmi refresh rate

First, I'm going to refer you to this article from Nvidia discussing Ultra 4k Resolution.  The important statement is this:

The current HDMI 1.4 standard only has bandwidth for 4K at 30hz. HDMI 2.0 will add support for 4K at 60Hz. Details should become clearer in late 2013. There are a few TVs on sale today that support 4K @ 30Hz through HDMI.

Now, according to this review and article about the K4000m card specifications, it states that the card has HDMI 1.4 connections, which means it won't, theoretically, handle Ultra 4k resolution at the 60Hz bandwidth.
I also found this on documentation online about the Precision 6700.   

The Precision™ M4700 & M6700 incorporates HDMI version 1.4. Features

So, unfortunately, it doesn't sound like that card will support the higher refresh rate needed.   
As for Display port 

DisplayPort cables are much simpler to define: There’s just one type! The current version, DisplayPort 1.2, delivers enough bandwidth to carry video resolutions of up to 3840 by 2160 pixels at a refresh rate of 60Hz

So Display Port would be a much better option for you, if available.
I hope this answers your questions.

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I don't have a Quadro FX 3800m to compare to so my question is how does it physically differ from the 3700m and what's to prevent me from upgrading to one in my 6400 precision laptop ? Are there major differences in form that would preclude this ? Will my whole machine burst into flames ? Are the fans and exhaust substantially different between the 2 ? Is the chipset totally incompatible ? 
The only thing I have to go on right now are the service manuals for the 6400 & the 6500 and they aren't telling me much.
Thanks for your insights. If there is anyway to do this, including the use of crowbars and blowtorches, I'd like to know.

A:Could I upgrade the Quadro FX 3700m in my m6400 Precision to a 3800m ?

The 3800m was never offered in the 6400 -- though it was for the 6500.  So - the card should fit -- but you'll have to try one to find out whether the 6400 will actually boot with one installed.

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I an trying ti install a video graphics card, when I plug in to my pci ex slot and plug in the leads the screen does not work, but the computer does, now I see that I have a pnp monitor but the card and a vga adapter on it, I have tried everything possible but cant get to work, anyone any ideas?????????

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Hi there,
Just bought a new computer with Windows 7 and Nvidia Quadro FX 580.
After startup I am getting BSOD with:
attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed

I tried every single avilable driver for this card - nothing helps.
I would very much appreciate any help here.
Thanks in advance.

A:BSOD in Windows 7 (Nvidia Quadro fx 580)

Please provide us with the information in this post to get us started: http://www.techsupportforum.com/1871981-post2.html

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Hi all

I wonder if anyone can help out what seems the problem. The card used to work before I reinstalled Windows.

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Is there are remote possibility that the Quadro M5000M, found on the 17" Precision 7710, by placed in a 15" Precision 7510?

I know the cards are pluggable modules, however, would it actually fit and be powered by the 7510?

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Recently I bought some parts from the local classifieds. A foxconn destroyer AM2+ mobo, a cpu for said board, a 250gb hdd, and 4gb of ddr2 (i upgraded to 8 total) all for $60. I had the rest (case, psu, extra hdd, DVD-RW). But I installed my old workstation PCIe gfx card that I pulled from a working old dell precision circa 2008. It worked great in the dell and let me update its drivers too. Which is what i am having an issue with right now. I downloaded the Nvidia drivers+installer twice to rule out a bad installer but neither work. They run for a while and then fail when installing. The monitor used to flicker on and off (for the new driver) and then it would revert back to the included MS driver. I was using the provided MS driver but tried playing L4D2 and it crashed after loading the map. I searched it and it was most likely the gfx card. Also when I launched it through steam it told me I should update the driver before continuing. I've tried updating the driver manually (device manager) and with the installer. Both used to install then revert to the old driver but now in device manager it says installing for a bit then gives an error (the drivers for this device are not installed code 28). I am at somewhat of a loss now. I could try my other old gfx card, its about the same as they both are 512mb cards but the other is more for gaming. The thing is I dont want to download too much because I have a crap 3G hotspot which is Verizon so its automatically even worse. An... Read more

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hi everyone, well I've just bought a new graphic card nvidia quadro fx1500, and installed it on my hp workstation xw4600, when I wanted to download the driver from nvidia website, didn't find it for windows10-64bits at all, I searched in forums but all the suggestions weren't working for me, can you help me pleasethanks alot )

A:nvidia quadro fx1500 driver on windows 10 64bits

@ottman?, welcome to the forum. I suggest going into the Device Manager.  Right click on your adapter and select Update Driver Software / select Search automatically update driver software.  If there is an updated driver it will be found and installed. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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computer:HP XW4100, Win 2000Pro, 2 TFT 17"monitors
graphics: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 280 with AGP8X

I have no problem using "expended desk top" mode. All windows programs run correctly and can be placed and viewed on either screen.
However attempting to run and view simulatenously a DOS application on one screen and a Win application on the other will only display properly if the DOS application is viewed in the "minimized" mode.
If the DOS application is maximized (Alt+Enter), it seems that my "expended desk top" mode switches to "clone mode". Monitor 1 and 2 now show the same full size DOS screen and this is the problem I would like to resolve.

Is this a hardware/software limitation or am I overlooking something in the set-up to acheive what I am trying to achieve? Any help will be appreciated.

A:NVIDIA Quadro display limitation, DOS & Windows applications

I do believe it is a limitation of the software/hardware. You will have to use that DOS command in a windowed mode. I can't really tell if it's MS or nVidia to blame for that "problem" but you can always try to contact nVidia & tell them about it.

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My HP Z220 Base Model Convertible Minitower Workstation has HP 1790 motherboard with Inter core i-7 3770 3.4 GHz CPU and Quadro K600 GPU. I want to change my GPU to be able to play games with GPUs above NVIDIA GTX970 (preferably GTX1080). Will it be possible with a suitable PSU upgrade? Is there any issue which I need to know about? I am worried about possible bottlenecks and driver compatibility issues.

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I am looking to upgrade my graphics card on the H8-1214. I have noticed a lot of other people have posted about this, but I just couldn't find what I was looking for. The H8-1214 currenlty has a NVIDIA FX-1800 graphics card installed. I purchased the NVIDIA Quadro M2000 card, to replace it, but cannot get it to work. I was told by NVIDIA that the card I purchased was defective. So I purchased another one and I am having the same problem. The system boots to the HP splash screen, then it goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor. That is as far as I can get. I can't get into the BIOS with the new card installed either. I've read some info about needing a card that is/isn't UEFI compatible...I'm not really sure which one and honestly I'm not really sure what the difference is. Here is a list of all of my current hardware. It appears that this card is just not compatible, but if someone could verify, I would appreciate it. We purchased a new Samsung 34" curved monitor and the card we currently have is sluggish. If the M2000 isn't compatible, I would like a suggestion from the following video cards: Quadro K4200, or M4000. We need to stick with NVIDIA because we use Solidworks drawing software and it needs these types of video cards.  Motherboard: M3970AM-HP (Angelica) CPU: AMD FX-6100  RAM: 10GB of DDR3  Power Supply Wattage: 300 Watts Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Hi Guys, 

DO You think would be possible add to my Dell T3500 second card but fo rgaming like some GTX
Can I run both cards ? and swith then by some software depending from need ?

Thanks in advance

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Has anyone else run into an issue with the video drivers not working with the P50 after the Windows 10 version 1803, April Update? After the update, I've had issues with Windows 10 perpetually needing to use their Microsoft Basic Display Driver instead of the Quadro M2000M drivers.  I've tried updating the drivers from inside Device Manager:  However, while windows found and installed and updated driver, the same result happened when I rebooted. I've gone to the Nvidia website and found the most recent drivers, dated 3/27/2018:  The video drivers from the Lenovo website are dated 9/4/2017, and I've tried them nonetheless, and they did not resolve this Microsoft Basic Display Driver issue. Does anyone else have any insight on this, or are we now in wait mode for Lenovo to generate a working driver?

A:P50 Nvidia Quadro M2000M Windows 10 version 1803 April Update

You can try downloading the beta version from the NVIDIA site. This works for the M600M. http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/133652/en-us 

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So I've had two of this model give me the same issues. When booting the display shows the Dell logo and the Windows logo and then goes black. You can hear the Windows chimes but there is no display.
If the lid is closed and the computer goes to sleep then is reopened the log on screen is shown.
We have tried re-image and reinstalling all drivers in the proper order.
Updating BIOS and making sure that the video settings are correct.
No matter what we do every time the computer is booted the logon screen is black.

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I need help! So I'm reaching out to you even know this is not the forum--any ideas? Loved to make this ol' 64 bit run again for my kid!
I need to get a video card that will work with Windows 10 on a Dell Precision 380--It's a PCIe card with a power connector on the card. Can't figure that out. Any ideas? It has a FX 3450 card now.
Also I have a Pentium D 3.0 GHz with 8 GB of RAM so it's working--kind'a. I can't update the driver on the video card because this is so old, but it's running Windows 10 without a hiccup except for the video latency--skips like crazy--Didn't have the problem with XP: just after the upgrade. Mind you, this is 64 bit

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I have no audio signal coming through from the graphics card using a DP to HDMI cable.
I have tried the pc on different cables and monitors but to no success.
I have the latest up to date drivers installed and I have searched for days now looking for a solution.
I believe there is no spdif option on the motherboard to connect a cable to the card directly.
Does anyone have an idea what I need to do to resolve this issue?
I was running Win 7 but have upgraded to 10.

A:T3500 with Quadro fx3800 graphics card no audio via DP to HDMI

Only Display port + + has audio.  The FX card does not come with that option.
Audio is NOT guaranteed on all display port adapters its an option.


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Dell website says it wasn't tested and no win10 drivers will be developed. Is it safe to set up a dual boot and try win10 that way?

A:Will Precision T3500 Run Win 10?

No that will not work. Windows 10 is a free upgrade for win 7 & 8.1 users and you must replace your current operating system or buy win 10 for $150-200. As a windows 10 tester and user, I recommend you stick with your current OS especially if you have windows 7. Windows 8.1 users who have Dell approved models might want to upgrade later on in the year. You have until July 29th 2016 to get the free upgrade.
Since Dell does not provide drivers for that model you would have to depend on win 10 for the right drivers. Wait until you replace the computer to get windows 10.

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I ordered About 10 sticks of Dell SNPP9RN2C/8G For my T3500s , These are 8gb PC3-10600 sticks.Here is a link. ( it is the 1st Type of Ram offered) http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/PfydFeaturedCategoryResults.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&mfgpid=201440&chassisid=8560&stype=2&Tab=After putting these sticks in a t3500 I was receiving "non optimal ram config" error (the bios see's the 8gb stick). I could not get rid of this so I tried to only put the 8gb stick in. This caused the pc to not boot at all.After looking up some stuff I found the tech manual for the t3500. Reading this I found out the t3500 only supports up to a 4gb stick per slot. Then I thought why would dell make this the 1st option when you go to purchase upgrades for a t3500. Also, On the web page for the the RAM, The 1st table does not show the t3500 listed for compatibility. However, The list lower on the page does.Now after all this I Find BIOS update A11 says this under "fixed & enhancements" "Enhanced the memory map algorithm for 128GB configuration" . After installing the latest BIOS update (A17) and trying the ram again, Only putting the 8gb stick in , I still dont boot.(http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/04/DriverDetails?driverId=J7N1X&fileId=2964784371 )Does A17 not contain this memory change? Why would dell offer this ram for the t3500? Or am I just missing something?

A:Precision T3500 Ram

Have you tried installing a pair of those 8-GB sticks together in slots 1 and 2?
Are you sure you know which one is slot 1, etc? Slot 1 may or may not be the first physical slot and it may or may not be the slot closest to the CPU. Unfortunately, the manual doesn't show which one is slot 1.
I'll see if I can get a Dell tech to review your post and respond here...

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I got the Windows Vista X64 driver from Dell: R141391.exe

That installed fine and I now how my display in the proper proportions as well as the extended display.

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I search for a way to upgrade our bit oldish Precision T7610 workstation that currently runs two quadro K2000 cards. The power supply of this unit is rated for 1300 Wat and is equipped in 3 x 8pin outputs (for 3 video cards) . Quadro cards are fine for some less taxing calculations but the number of CUDA cores does not cut for much heavier graphic processing.  
I would like to replace them with a single nVidia 1080Ti supplied over 8+8 pins or 6+8pins. I have red on DELL support page that Precision T7610 supports 1080 model but will it work with its bit stronger and RAM richer version? Please advise.

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I have a Precision T3500 that just started not powering on. I went on vacation for about a week, powering down the system before leaving, where it was normally on 7/24 and working fine. Upon my return, when I tried to power the system back on, pushing the button had no effect. Upon opening the case, I noted that the amber led on the motherboard was lit and I saw the ethernet jack showing activity. Which is the most likely to be the culprit, the power supply or the motherboard?

Dave Frandin.

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I have a quick question about the heatsink installed in my Precision T3500. There seems to be 2 different heatsink's that may be installed depending on the CPU's TDP.
There is this one
And there is the performance heatsink that seems to be for CPU's with a higher TPD

Now in my T3500 I have the smaller heatsink with no heatpipe's but since the CPU installed in it is the Intel Xeon W3550 (130W TDP) should it not have the bigger heatsink with the heatpipe's?
I am very interested in knowing the answer to this as while I am writing this post my CPU is basically idling but it is almost reaching 50 Celsius.

A:Precision T3500 heatsink question

Anybody have any insights?

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Hi. So I'm working on a friends Precision T3500 and when its plugged in the green 1,2,3 and 4 lights stay solid green on the front panel. When I push the test button on the back of the power supply the fans come on but as soon as I let go of the button they shut off. There are also know beeps during any of this. I have tried another new power supply and get the same results. I think everything is fried as their house got hit with a lightning surge and some other electronics died as well. Any thought? Thanks.

A:Precision T3500 Wont power on

"When I push the test button on the back of the power supply the fans come on but as soon as I let go of the button they shut off." thats how the BIST button works.
Sounds like Fried ram, cpu, motherboard.

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I have an old T3500 with a Xeon W3670 that I would like to move into a modern retail case.  But as we are aware, Dell uses proprietary front panel wiring harnesses.  Is there any practical way to put the Precision motherboard in a retail case and still be able to connect the various front panel wiring to the headers on the Dell board?  Adapters? 
I'm willing to leave the IO Shield out of the new case since there is no way to move the old one to the new case.  Thanks.

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I would like to replace my PSU's wiring harness with one from a Alienware Area 51 ALX.  I was told they may match.  I need the 2nd 6-pin PCIe connector.  The workstation's PSU only has one.

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I have seven T3500 workstations and need to replace the motherboard on one of them. After pouring through the forums I've found there were three revisions of the motherboards.
Below are the motherboard P/N and manufactured dates of the five T3500 workstations I've looked at so far.


I'd greatly appreciate it If someone could help me figure out which motherboard P/N is the latest revision.

A:Precision T3500 Motherboard Revisions

Looks like 9KPNV.  That said:
These older Precisions are prone to bad capacitors, and with the newest of these being six or more years old, if you can find a board where the seller can guarantee the capacitors have been replaced, even if it's an older revision - you're better off.
You're likely to find that just about any of these on which the electrolytic caps haven't been replaced is very likely to suffer capacitor failure in the near future.

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Hi, i have problem with my Precision T3500. The issue is this, when i trying boot that machine, i got error 3 & 4 and fans goes at full speed. Here is my video with my problem:

I think is the motherboard problem. If anyone has a solution or answer for this I would be very grateful.
(sorry for bad english :( )

A:Precision T3500 error 3 & 4 + loud fan

Hi lucky512,
Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.
Request you to please remove the memory modules from the system, try one memory module at a time in each slot and then test the system. It could be the memory module or the memory slot on the motherboard causing the problem. You can also try these memory modules on another system to test. Memory error has occurred please refer to this link http://dell.to/1gOqfpM.
Please reply if you have any further questions.

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