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Norton Speed disk and my partitions

Q: Norton Speed disk and my partitions

Windows XP Pro SP2
Emachines T2203 (i think)
AMD sempron 3300+ 2ghz
496 megs of ram

WDC 160 gig drive (master) 3 partitions (C, D, G)
maxtor 60 gig drive (slave) 2 partitions (E, F)

all parts NTFS

ok. heres the problem. norton speed disk, cannot see partitions G, E, and F. i have no clue why. its the only program of all me programs that can't see them. (oh wait, also norton disk doctor has trouble with them as well).

every other progam, including the OS itself, sees them perfectly, and show no errors whatsoever. i used partition magic 8 to make the partitions in the western digital drive. and the maxtor drive partitions used partition magic 7 while it was connected to another computer. i recently transferd over that hard drive, onto this computer as it was. no formats, no nothing. evreything is fine.

I currently have PM8 installed and it shows no errors on ANY partitions or drives. windows checkdisk, shows all is ok as well. I have norton system works 2k4. i've uninstalled it and reinstalled it. same problems.

i really like to use norton speed disk to defrag my drives. (i hate windows defrag, takes 100 times longer. O_O)

i'm now checking norton system doctor. i have a configuration where all drives are showing both space used, spaced free, and fragmentation. it can't seem to display the fragmentation of any drives it seems. so from what i can tell, norton just can't see my partitions all that well. a few things here and there, but not perfect. the antivirus itself scans just fine.

this is really confusing me. i've no idea what the real problem is. i was thinking it was the partitions and how i simply took a partitioned drive from one pc and moved it over to another. maybe using two diff programs to partition them. but i don't think that's it. one reason because part G, which belongs to the wdc drive that came with the pc, should work. theres no reason why that one can't be seen. i could understand the maxtor i transferd over. but why part G?

but i'm also thinking..why norton? every other program sees it and works with it just fine. why norton? i can't figure it out.

if you have any ideas. please let me know.

thanks in advance.

NOTE: the maxtor drive, while in the other computer, was seen perfectly fine by norton speed disk.

Preferred Solution: Norton Speed disk and my partitions

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Norton Speed disk and my partitions

ooh. must be a tough prob. or maybe just confusing. if you have any questions, please let me know.


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After using Norton speed disk (from Nortion systemworks 2003) on the 2nd of 2 drives on my Dell Lattitude CPi laptop, windows xp won't start up. I keep getting the message disk write error. won't you please, please help me...

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Just looking for a couple of educated opinions...wondering which is prefered.

A:Norton Speed Disk vs. Windows' Disk Defrag.

If you have microsoft office install, use the microsoft defrag.. There's a reason for this, just trust me, your programs will start faster. As for norton's, I use diskkeeper and would not settle for anything less.

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I have Norton Systemworks Pro 2002 on my system (I'm using XP Pro). Norton Speed Disk is included under Norton Utilities and it worked beautifully on my last machine which ran Win98. On this one it appears to run but always ends in an error. The default defrag tool that came with XP works though.

Is anything known about this problem because I always found Speed Disk to do a much better job than the default Microsoft offering?


A:Norton Speed Disk under XP Pro

On my system with Speed Disk 2000, it gives a warning, but does work. The later versions ARE less reliable, for instance Disk Doctor 2004 will not work on my machine at all, but 2000 is fine.

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I have win 98, second edition, w/ Norton System Works installed. Speed Disk function, when peformed, disk appears to become even more fragmented, never finishing to optimize the hard disk. This just began recently. I even closed all programs such that Norton System Works, Explore & Systray were the only open software. Also closed DSL. What's up? Thank you. [email protected]

A:Norton Speed Disk

Did you make any changes to the Speed Disk options? Under Properties, Options, make sure it defaults to Full Optimization.

Generally when Speed Disk starts I don't wait for it to get done sorting, I hit start right away. Don't know if this will help or not.


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Lately I've been having a problem with Speed disk running. After my regular use of the "One touch Scan" in NSW and everything is repaired(if needed) it will offer to run Speed Disk if the fragmentation level is high enough. This is totally normal. The problem is .......It won't run. It used to,I would run it a least bi-weekly. I tried to run it straight from it's own tab,skipping around the scan,still nothing. BlackIce tells me an app. is wanting to start(like it should) and I tell it to continue.......but nothing. No lock-up or anything like that,just nothing happens. This happened a few weeks ago and I just un-installed/re-installed the whole NSW suite but that seems drastic. It worked after that,I ran it,but the next time I tried .......it wouldn't run again. Anyone have any Ideas?

A:Norton/Speed disk

Well, I ended up un/re-installing just the utilities part so I didn't have to do all the updates to NAV again. It fixed it,...for now. But this is the second time........there must be a conflict somewhere??? But I don't have a clue. Anybody have any Ideas?

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Has anyone else received this error using Norton Systemworks 2002 Utility Speed Disk?
Error: "Speed Disk encountered a device I/O error on drive x:. Run CHKDSK /R to fix any bad blocks that may exist on this drive."

I have followed instructions from Symantec's site for how to resolve this issue but had no success. I also am e-mailing tech support for Symantec but that is becoming futile. Anyone else have this and know of something I can try. I have done everything that Symantec says to do.
A side note that might be significant is that in Windows 2000, I cannot run Disk Defragmenter (Windows Defragmenter). Disk Defrag says that it has detected that chkdsk is scheduled to run and run chkdsk /f on restart. I did not schedule it to run so why would it say that it is.

Also I can run speed disk on my FAT32 drive but the NTFS drive I cannot.

A:Norton Speed Disk I/O error

What happens when you run windows defrag? same problem?

Hit up your hard drive manufacture's website, download, and run their drive fitness test.

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Hi Guys----------Just saw a post (Google) that states compatability issue with WinXP and Norton Speed Disk. Have been using it without obvious problems but would like to know for future use. Thanks Frank

A:WinXP Pro and Norton Speed Disk

Hello, I have been having problems on both my computers using norton speed disk. On one I was able to reload windows and solve the problem, on the other I tried the same, and nothing changed. I am running norton system works 2003 on win xp pro with a pentium III 500 meg proscesor 384 meg of ram with a 60 gig hard drive, on the comp that is giving me problems.
The other comp has a amd 2.2, win xp pro, 60 gig hd, norton 2003
reloading seemed to help that one.
Speed disk locks up and will not go above 0% moving files
Has anyone had simalar problems and what did you do to solve them.
I have been using the windows defrag option for now should i just continue to use this.
Thanks all

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Operating system is WinXP Home on a FAT32 disk. Norton was showing a good amount of fragmentation so I went to do the Speed disk - optimize - and well it just take sooooooooooooo long!! The Drive is 35gb, this thing has been going now for about 12 hours and is not near done! It was only about 20% fragmented.

Why does Norton Speed disk take so long? Do all defrag utilities take this long?

A:Norton Speed Disk Is So Slow!

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When I try to run Norton Speed Disk it says: "file~1" contains illegal long file name entries Drive C run Disk Doctor. Disk Doctor finds no problem and I can't track down the file. How do I fix this. By the way "file~1" is not the name it gives but the ~1 is part of it.

A:Norton Speed Disk error

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I am running Windows 98 OS and have trouble running Norton Speed Disk..Hard drive is about 54% fragmented.. No other programs are running, yet when speed disk gets to about 25% done, display screen goes black..When I hit enter key to bring back speed disk. It says interrupted by user. I clicked on OK and Speed Disk starts all over again converting start data.

I have a very large HDD about 60 GB.

Can anyone help me with this problem?

A:Norton Speed Disk Problem

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Hello All,
I have been defraging my Hard drives on a semi regular basis. seems that after using Norton's Speed disk and after rebooting the sensor warning remains as before. After waiting hours for the process to complete, using windows defrag tells me that the drives should be defraged. Cannot bring the sensor percent number down.
I recall reading some where that xp defrag and Nortons speed disk can't get along , so I would like to uninstall windows defrag and see if this helps, How do I uninstall windows defrag?
Thanks in advance


A:Xp Defrag VS Norton Speed Disk

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I am using Windows XP home and Norton System works 2006. My C drive is about 15 GB and Fat32, my D drive is around 60GB and is NTFS. When I try to defrag with Norton Speed disk, the D drive finishes in about 10 mins. but doesn't have much on it. My C drive has about 10 GB of information and takes over 5 hours to run every couple of weeks. Can anyone tell me if the C drive is slower because of the Fat32 or could it be caused by something else? Thank you for any help you can give. Mod Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Norton Speed Disk And Fat32

Just wanted to update my progress. I converted the C drive to NTFS and now it defrags in about 2 hours.
Much better than the 5+ I was getting before. Thanks for your time.

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I have been trying to use Norton's speed disk to defrag my computer. When I do I get this message: the operating system or process has exclusive disk access

Speed disk won't run and I have been unable to find any options to set it as the primary defrag program rather than the windows xp. I've tried running it in safe mode, deleting the software and reinstalling it, running it from the cd. I get this message every time.
I've noticed as I've been searching for a solution that there are others with this problem but without a solution. There are also many Norton users who have xp without this problem.
I'd appreciate any ideas anyone has.

A:Norton speed disk 2003/xp problem

right click on your taskbar and select task manager. Scroll down to speed disk and se it to automatic if it isn't.

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I can't start up Speed Disk cuz I disabled it somewhere by accident. When I try to start it up it says to enable Speed Disk from the control panel. I was looking in the Windows XP control panel but couldn't find anything there. Anyone know where it is, where I can re-enable it?


A:(Solved) Can't startup Norton Speed Disk

Start/control panel/ aministrative tools/ services/ scroll down to speed disk , double click on it and seti it to auto then start and apply.

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I am Using System Works 2006 Premier and Optimised both of my disks however, now each time I restart my computer Speed Disk starts and I have to manually stop it, scheduling boxes are all un-ticked.

I know a lot of people can Symantec but I had been using System Works 2002 Professional and had no problems, BUT this is a different beast – not VERY different though, more disappointing if anything.

I have contacted Symantec email support, they issued a job number and asked me to look at the knowledge base while waiting for someone to make contact – I had already ‘Been there done that’ that was how I got to the email support link.

48 hours later Symantec came back to ask if the problem had been fixed using the solution they sent – I replied that it wasn’t and that I STILL needed help ….. That was 2 days ago. Bloody hopeless.

So here I am.
Any help appreciated.

A:Norton SystemWorks 2006 - Speed Disk Problem.

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I dual boot Windows 98 and Windows 2000. Both are using FAT32. I have Norton Utilities installed in Windows 98 and Executive Software Diskeeper v6.0 installed in Windows 2000.

When I use Norton speed disk in Windows 98, it defrags the Win98 partition in about 10 minutes. When I use Diskeeper in Win2000 to defrags the Win2000 partition it takes 3 hours.

My question is "can I boot to Win 98 and use Norton to defrag the Win 2000 partition? It will be so much faster."

However I read from somewhere that this is not recommended and will damage the Windows 2000 files. Is this true?



A:Use Norton speed disk to defrag Windows 2000 partition

I do not know about using a win98 program to defrag win2k, however, why not use the win2k defrag utility? Also do you have dma enabled under win2k? This will speed up the defrag process and speed up your computer in general.

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Does anyone know how long it takes Norton Utilities 2005 Speed Disk to complete a defragmentation of a hard drive. I just installed the software on an old Thinkpad 390 that I am attempting to get up and running. This is the initial defrag of the hard drive and it is running about 10 hours. Can it really take this long?

A:Solved: Norton Utilities 2007 Speed Disk Question

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Running Windows ME desktop Dell Dimension 4100. Past few months, when trying to do Speed Disk defrag of C drive, I get pop-up: "An error has been detected that can be fixed by running NDD. We recommend that you run it now." Then, I do NDD,"examining Drive C", in which action goes back and forth between Partition Table and Boot record ... sometimes proceeds to File Structure, then goes back to Boot Record, Partition Table, like a loop. Never completes all the steps. Now, neither NDD nor Speed Disk work. Had worked fine til a few months ago.

Does anyone have suggestions? I fear that the system will get clogged arteries if I do not do the defrag. BTW...the Windows Defrag doesn't work, either! Had worked in the recent past.

Appreciate your help!

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When the 1st partition is created is it placed on the outer or inner edge of the platters for NTFS?

A:disk partitions - physical location of 1st partition on disk

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This is my first post in this Tech Support Forum,
When i go to Disk Management i am unable to see any disk partitions in that area only i can see the dvd Rom drive no hard disk and its partitions.
I can access the hard disk from explorer, go to any drive it dosent seams any problem there i can able to do whatever i like to there is no issue.
The only problem is that i am unable to locate my hard drive from Disk Management.
Hope I can able to do justice to the question, as i not a very good at computers so bear with me
thanks for any help regarding this issue
thank you for urs help and suggestions

A:Not able to see hard disk partitions in Disk Management

Please attach a screen shot of Disk Management so we can see what your seeing.

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Hello There.

I am looking at purchasing and creating a backup image of my hard drive using Norton Ghost. The hard drive is a 60GB hard drive with 2 partitions: WindowsXP partition (NTFS) Documents Drive (FAT32). Is Ghost capable of creating a full image of the entire drive including both partitions ? Or do I have to create an image of each partition separately?

Thanks in advance.

A:Can Norton Ghost Copy 2 Partitions into 1 Image?

The choice is yours. A disk to image dump will copy the whole disk. A partition to image dump will copy a partition.
Bear in mind that the latest versions of Ghost are actually Drive Image renamed. Ghost is extremely powerful in its original DOS based line command mode.
If you are just looking for a back-up restore program, you may want to look at Acronis True Image which is a better simple Graphical solution.

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If I am saving a backup to internal hard disk vs USB 3.0/2.0 USB external hard disk

1. Backing up to an internal 3.5 hard disk vs backing up to an external 2.5 hard disk using USB 3.0, roughly how much extra time would the external backup need to complete the backup process?

2. Backing up to an internal 3.5 hard disk vs backing up to an external 2.5 hard disk using USB 2.0, roughly how much extra time would the external backup need to complete the backup process?


A:Speed of saving to internal hard disk vs USB 3.0/2.0 external disk?

There's no definitive answer, it would all depend on which internal drives you had (SSD/HDD, SATA 6GB, SATA 3GB) and which external drives you had and their relative transfer speeds. It's all just guesswork without that info.

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I purchased Norton Ghost 2002 several years ago and now I would like to know how to use it.
I want to clone my computer's hard drive with Windows 98SE into a brand new Western Digital 40GB disk, just in case my old hard drive goes bad.
1. Do I have to format the new hard drive(WD 40GB) before I start with the cloning procedure? Or does Ghost 2002 automatically partition and format the destination hard drive?
2. Upon starting the computer do I need to have the created boot diskette in the floppy drive, and do I need to have the Norton Ghost 2002 CD in the CD-ROM also, or do I install the Norton Ghost 2002 in the old hard drive or in the new hard drive?
3. I am thinking of making the WD 40GB hard drive as a Slave? Is it this the correct configuration?

Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Norton Ghost 2002 How to clone a Disk to Disk

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I just installed a new 2nd SATA HD...no issues with it but a few questions: I am using XP MCE in a Dell Dimension 8400.

It is a 250gb SATA Seagate drive. I am setting it up as a Dynamic disk and one partition. Any reasons I should setup as multiple partitions or other options?

2nd, in XP disk manager, I saw that my main drive is in three partitions. 1st is a 55mb FAT partition identified as EISA configuration...I assume this is for booting purposes. 2nd is a 144gb NTFS partition that is my actual C: drive. 3rd is a 4.6gb FAT32 that is listed as unknown healthy partition. What is the 3rd for? It does not have a drive letter set to it. Should/Can I delete it and add the 4.6gb to my NTFS C: partition?


A:Disk partitions

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hi this is my fist post so um go easy on me '

well i recently upgraded my hard drive to an 80 gig but the original was only 60 when i did a fresh install of the os it only alloted around 40 gigs and left the other 40 un used i want to allocate the 40 with the main 40 ive been using but i dont want to risk losing any of my data ive gathered since then so how do i do so i have never had to use disk management before so im a lil gunshy about doing so with out a lil advice so please let me know your 2 cents im not new fixing comps on my own but never ran into this problem before ty in advance


A:disk partitions

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so here's my problem, i used to have a Disk 0(this is where C: was) and a Disk 1(my Drive D but since i installed win7 my two drives (C and D) were merged into just Disk 0.

what i want to do is get the Disk 1 label or volume (i dunno what that is called) back.

heres a screenie of what my new HD looks like

please help

A:Disk Partitions Help

This is the screen shot from your previous thread about a similar problem,

The problem is that according to that you only have one hard drive with four partitions, there is no second drive showing.

Start with going into the bios and making sure that the second drive is being detected there, and also make sure that both the power and data cable (either IDE or SATA) are connected firmly to the drive.

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Hi all, I have somehow partitioned my drive when loading XP, now i have XP and 98. How do i delete 98 from my c: and unpartition it so it becomes one with Xp on F: drive (dont say use yoga).

Next conundrum: if i have a new hard drive how can i install the Xp Os without any boot disk for Xp, do i have to load 98 first---this really is a paine in the window.

A:disk partitions

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ok, so my unexperienced friend reinstalled windows xp pro onto her system and a few days later, it goes dead so she ships it to me (turns out one of the power supply plugs melted) and i remember her saying a while back that the sata hard drive was supposed to be 200 gig but it only comes up as 130. i went into the disk management and noticed that she had 70 gigs of unallocated drive space, can i make it so that i can use that space and make it a part of the only partition rather than making a new partition and her thinking that she has 2 drives? help would be greatly appreciated

A:disk partitions

Yes I would think so....but you should be asking why the plug melted in the first place.

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Hey guys,

I recently purchased a laptop with Windows 7. Gotta say, a huge improvement over Vista.

But anyway, my disk came partitioned into 4 parts. I know 2 of them are for recovery purposes. And then there is the good old C drive with the OS installation on it. And then there is the D drive, labeled Data. This partition has a folder labeled Utilities, which contains the Adobe Reader, Works, and Windows Live installation.

Now, Both C and D are equal in size, about 160 GB each. So I was wondering what is the D drive meant for? Should I be installing applications there or in the Program Files? I think having it in Program Files would make it more logical, but I dunno.

Yeah, I was just wondering what the D partition was meant to be used for.

A:Disk Partitions

Quote: Originally Posted by talhaguy

Hey guys,

I recently purchased a laptop with Windows 7. Gotta say, a huge improvement over Vista.

But anyway, my disk came partitioned into 4 parts. I know 2 of them are for recovery purposes. And then there is the good old C drive with the OS installation on it. And then there is the D drive, labeled Data. This partition has a folder labeled Utilities, which contains the Adobe Reader, Works, and Windows Live installation.

Now, Both C and D are equal in size, about 160 GB each. So I was wondering what is the D drive meant for? Should I be installing applications there or in the Program Files? I think having it in Program Files would make it more logical, but I dunno.

Yeah, I was just wondering what the D partition was meant to be used for.

A lot of us like to use D for our date so that if the OS dies the data stays intact. Things like documents, media, etc. Apps usually are on the same partition as the Os because if you lose the OS you are going to have to reinstall the apps anywhere.


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here is what I have setup (SEE ATTACHMENT) from an Upgrade to Windows 7 Professional:

What is the blank OEM partition and should the D: partition be FAT32 OR CAN IT BE ntfs?


A:disk partitions

Quote: Originally Posted by Sagegrp

here is what I have setup (SEE ATTACHMENT) from an Upgrade to Windows 7 Professional:

What is the blank OEM partition and should the D: partition be FAT32 OR CAN IT BE ntfs?

Attachment 42628


When you bought your computer it had an OS installed. If you read your manual, in the case of problem there is an f key, that can be pressed which enalbles you to return to factory condition,like the day that you received the computer. That OEM partition probably contains the original settings. Why is it empty? Probably when you did the upgrade the settings were erased.

Many may disagree, but I would do the install again, this time as a clean install. And delete the extra partitions, unless desired. When done you only need C: and one other for the backups, you actually can pick the letter.

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My disk C has a free space of 4.6 gb while my disk D has 14 gb.
Would my pc crash if my disk C get overloaded? XP has no task manager.
Can I start using my disk D instead?

A:disk partitions

C is probably your Operating System.

D is not a start up drive.

It should be okay, but I would highly recommend that you update your disk drive to at least 40 GB.

You can always backup your data on to a backup drive online...then buy the new drive--do the install--and install the operating system and transfer the backup data on to your new drive!

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I have a Windows7(Home Premium) pre-installed Sony Vaio Nw20SF/S laptop in which i tried to create Recovery disks(2 DVD's)... using Vaio Recovery disk Software(Inbuit). It stopped(or hanged donno) in the middle while creating the 2nd DVD then that was cancelled, but a new partition with no FileSystem is created for about 9.3 GB when i look in the Computer Management tool present.

Now, i have two questions to ask...

1) Does Sony Vaio models with Windows 7 comes with Hidden Recovery Disk Partition(D:... something like that or not)???
2) What to do or how to make use of the 9.3GB partition present???

Please Help.
Thanks a lot in Advance...

A:Regarding Recovery disk and Recovery disk partitions in Sony Vaio NW series...

Help please.....

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In the attached picture, Disk 0 is divided into "Primary partition" (19GB), C (116GB), D (329GB). D has all of my data, C contains the Windows OS.
(1) I do not understand the 19GB Primary partition. Could someone give me an explanation of that partition?
(2) When I execute a clean install Windows 7, I will be asked if I want to delete partitions. I will choose to explicitly delete both C & D. Do I also explicitly delete the 19Gb Primary partition or will that be done automatically when I delete C and execute a clean install of the OS?
Thank you.

A:Explanation of disk partitions

What is the make and model of this computer?
If this is a OEM computer this could be the System Recovery partition.

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I was looking at the Disk Management on my PC (Vista Home Premium 32 SP2), and I was worrying about something I discovered.

I have 6 physical disks, all NTFS. One, disk Disk 4 is split into 2 logical disks, the first of which is my Boot C Drive.

The C drive shows a Status of "Healthy, Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition"

All other physical and the one logical drive show Status as "Primary Partition". In addition, Disk0 Named as Drive "E" is also shown as "Active."

I know the basics, but little more, but I have been reading that I should only have one "Active" partition (I have no multi-boots set-up).

I have also read that there should only be one "Primary partition" although this does seem to relate to older FAT systems. I haven't been able to find more recent info.

So two questions

a) Is it OK to have more than one Active partition

b) Is it OK to have Multiple Primary Partiitions.


A:Disk & Partitions question

Hello bonalymac.

You can have as many primarys as needed, they're the best to have anyway; it's best to only have one marked as active, you can use the program in the tutorial at the link below to boot and mark E: as non-active, if you have more than one 'active' and you ever have to do a startup repair it'll confuse things.

Partition Wizard : Use the Bootable CD

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I want to create a dual boot system with another OS. When I look at my partitions, I see that I have two problems:
I am not able to use the Extend Volume option on my C: partition because of where it's placed on the disk.
Apparently there are already 4 partitions on the disk, and I can't have another?

I'm including a screenshot of what I see in Disk Management. Most certainly I am misunderstanding something somewhere, so any help would be much appreciated!


A:Not sure how to deal with disk partitions

Hi Cbiweb

You maybe able to install another OS on the unallocated space . Format that space

Partition or Volume - Delete

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Small problem, HA that's a good one.
Probably a basic question but I can't find the answer.

My hard drive is partitioned into C,E,& F.
Turns out I need more space on C than anticipated even though I load all programs elsewere. Is there a way in windows (2000 PRO) to slide the partitions like "PARTION MAGIC" allows ???

You may reply direct to; [email protected] if you prefer

A:Partitions and disk space

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Hi all,

Having a lot of problems with a new Dell XPS 15 (L521X) which I finally got to boot after upgrading the RAM and it hanging on boot up.

Once I got that fixed I decided I wanted to create an extra partition for dropbox to sit on. I used EASEUS Partition Master to split the 750GB main HDD into a 350GB & 400GB partition. Something went wrong when performing the partition and the machine will no longer boot. Here's as much info as I can give:

When the machine powers up I get presented with a screen saying:Recovery. Your PC needs to be repaired. A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed. Error code: 0xc0000225.
Press Enter to try again
Press F8 for Startup Settings
Press Esc for UEFI Firmware SettingsI've tried to perform an automatic repair which doesn't work and thought that I'd just try and reinstall windows.

The problem is that when I go through the install options I cannot see any partitions or drives. If I go into DISKPART and list disks it only shows the USB drive I am booting from.

I just want to try and reformat the HDD and start a fresh install but I'm not exactly sure what the process is and the specific steps involved.

Any help trying to fix this would be much appreciated.


A:No disk partitions showing

Does Partition Master have a recovery disk you can create (most partition software does) to use to correct the partitioning problem?

If so, you'll have to create it with another pc, then use the recovery disk on yours to (hopefully) correct the problem.

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I'm attaching a screen shot of my disk management. I want to remove this 450 mb, 100mb and unallocated space and want to divide this 781GB + above removed partitions into three drives D, E, F ( Equal size)

Thank you!

A:How can I Manage Disk Partitions?

The attachment is as follow.

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My lap has the disk partitions as shown in the screenshot below.Is it ok to have partitions like this?I'm running win7 professional 32-bit.

A:Disk partitions Query

It's fine, as in, it won't break anything. My observations are:
30GB for W7 and installed programs is pretty tight. It will work fine as long as you do not exceed about 85% capacity. Windows needs room to breath in normal usage.
The dark blue partitions are Primary Partitions. You can have a maximum of 4 of these. That light blue partition with the green box around it is an Extended Partition and S: is a Logical Drive. This is good. You do not want to create dynamic disks! (unless you mean to) You can have many more than 4 partitions inside an Extended Partition as Logical Drives. For that matter it may make more sense to use the 99GB space as the Extended Partition.
Finally, it is a PC convention to use Drive letters A and B for floppy disk drives. Now I know that floppy disks are a fading memory and in most cases you will have no issues with naming a Hard Disk partition A or B, but it can cause a problem with older programs that assume that A or B must be a floppy. If you have no older programs and will never use one then you don't need to worry about this.

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I have some problems with one of my partitions,
I have a 930 gb hard drive and its divided into one 75 gb and one 855 GB but I can't have access to my 855 gb, I tried some software such as partition recovery, data recovery till now none helped.

Diskpart is not showing that missing 855 GB drive but disk management can show that missing 855 GB, but I can't assign a letter to it, and the only option is to delete that p
volume and I have around 500 GB data on it and I can't afford to lose it. How can I fix it or at least retrieve my data from that drive ?
I searched on internet about it and there were a lot of topics but actually none was helpful.

Volume Fs is not NTFS or Fat32 or any other, instead it says OTHER,
and some of partition recovery software can show that volume name, Is there a way to extract some of my data ? I know the folder names and locations. this will help a lot if only i could extract them..
Only option in disk management is to delete it, but I need my data so it's not my option.

How this happened, If that's important, I was trying to install a Linux and by mistake I messed with Boot loader and have "grub" installed on that drive, after that I lost access to that volume / drive. also I lost the OS that was on that drive, I
tried to fix the boot loader, but it wasn't successful, so I removed Linux and installed windows on my 75 GB volume / drive.

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I'm attaching a screen shot of my disk management. I want to remove this 450 mb, 100mb and unallocated space and want to divide this 781GB + above removed partitions into three drives D, E, F ( Equal size)

Thank you!

A:How can I Manage Disk Partitions?

The attachment is as follow.

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Admin, please delete this inadvertent double post, sorry and thanks!

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I will be upgrading form windows xp to windows 7 soon. I know there is no direct upgrade option from xp and that I will have to perform a clean install. I have created a couple of True Crypt disk partitions to store private data. Will those partitions be erased after the install or will they remain? Also, can I create another new disk partition to store the data I want to transfer over to windows 7 or will that be erased durring the install as well? I want to know if I need to go and get an external HD.


A:Win 7 upgrade and disk partitions

Having another drive is always a good idea, for backing up your files and system image for example, in case of HDD failure.

But your partitions will not be deleted during the installation unless you do it yourself. Just boot into the Installer, choose Custom install and keep the partitions you want, wipe and format any others.

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I have had this problem for a while, which I have not been able to resolve with just googling around...

I have a 1TB HDD installed, with two partitions D:// with 200GB of space for Win7 system requirements and the rest was C:// where i store all my files. When Win8 came out, I installed it on the free space (C://) just to see how it works. So basically i had a dual boot system on two partitions of the same HDD.
One time the boot file for Win7 on the D:// partition crashed, so from that point onward, I was not able to boot to the Win7 OS.

However that would not be the problem. The thing is, that now I want to get rid of the D:// partition, and merge it with the C:// partition. This is where the problem occurs - it seems that partition D:// is still set as "System, Active, Primary partition", so I cannot format it. However, C:// is set as "Boot, Page file, Crash dump, Primary partition". As far as I understand, the system boots through D://, but as it has no system config. file, it forwards on to C:// and loads the system.

How can I fix this without performing a complete system fresh install?

A:Win 8 problems with disk partitions

Don't understand why you want to format the 200 GB partition if you want to delete it. But, to do either you'll need to make the other partition active. You'll then also probably have to repair the boot in order to boot to that other partition. You may be able to accomplish the entire job with the free EasyBCD.

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My new computer came with one c: partition. I want to shrink it and use the avaialble space to set up a second partition which I want to format as vfat.

I've done this before with a machine running vista. By going to help I found something under partitioning a disk, which had me link to computer management. I think I see what to do, but I can't find computer management anywhere else. Is it one of several hidden programs available through the control panel? Is there some other way to bring it up?

Can anyone explain what is going on?

A:Want to divide disk into c: and d: partitions.

You need "disk management".

Type that phrase in the start button search box. Locate your C drive. Right click it for the shrink option.

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