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Solved: Envelope printing from a mailing list Word 2007

Q: Solved: Envelope printing from a mailing list Word 2007

In Word can I set up a batch file to print envelopes from a master address list, and only choose the addresses I want, as well as the quantity of envelopes per address I want to print?

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Preferred Solution: Solved: Envelope printing from a mailing list Word 2007

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I don't use this option often, and the last time I used it, it worked fine.

Now no matter what I do the recipent's address is double spaced which not only looks ridiculous it also has the zip code pushed off the bottom of the envelope.

I have looked high and low to find a solution but no matter what I do I can't get it to single space. I can put the name and address in the document and then select copy and then open the envelope window and past the info and it double spaces even though it was single spaced in the document. I also tried simply typing it in and same problem.

Thank you

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Hello. Does anyone know a way to print messages on an envelope after you've printed the address? From time to time I need to put messages such as "Confidential" or "Attention: X" on envelopes and would like to be able to do it via Word. Thanks.

A:Printing a Message on an Envelope using Word

I include the line within the address either as an extra line in the body of the address. Sometimes as the first line of the address. I haven't found a way to do it outside the Word Address templates.

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I was going to search, but not sure what to call it.

Earllier, I had to address an envelope and add "ATTENTION: (name)" on the bottom, below the address but over to the left.

I can set up addresses in Word (2000) but when I tried to figure out how to set it up so the name/address was in the correct place, I didn't know how to print the ATTENTION: on the lower left bottom. I ended up just printing the name and address and writing the ATTENTION on by hand, after it printed.

I assume there must be a way of adding this, or anything extra to the envelope?

Maybe another of those "right in front of me" solutions. Just when I think I pretty much know the basics (LOL)



A:Printing extras on envelope in Word

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I was trying to print an address on an envelope using the "landscape" style and could not get it to work. It only printed in the other style. I am using Word and have a Dell. Can you help?

A:Word envelope address printing

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Hello all. Trying to set up my friends new computer, I ran into this problem. His business envelopes will print, but the bottom left where you would put an ATTN: at, does not print. Even when previewing, it does not show. Envelope will not print anything to the left of the address. I have adjusted settings on the screen and in the drop downs, but no luck. Also, I dont know if this is related, but in order to print, he has to go through tools/envelopes and labels, etc. If he uses file/print/etc, the envelope prints accross it the wrong way. Been on the phone with HP and others for hours and no one knows why it does that. Printer is a HP officejet all-in-one 7100 series. System is brand new Gateway P4 with 256 ram. Thanks for all the help! Mike.

A:Word 2002 not printing on whole envelope.

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Can i get instructions on printing assorted envelope sizes in Word 97 using HP inkjet 610. Printer does great with standard #10 business evelopes, but will not print odd sizes especially when using the "cusom size" option.

A:printing odd envelope sizes in word 97

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I'm sure there is a stupidly easy solution for this, but I can't seem to find it.

I have all the proper boxes ticked and the orientation is fine.

I'm trying to print on a normal No. 10 envelope (standard letter size) and have that chosen in the envelope settings area, and the dang thing is insisting that I'm printing a 8 x 11 envelope?

How can I get Word to see things my way?

Thanks in advance,

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Can anyone help with the complete use of envelope printing in Microsoft Offce Word 7.

I use it quite a bit with no problem but sometimes if , for example , I have a fairly lengthy address with say 6 lines instead of 4 or 5 , I can find that the bottom of the characters on the last line are not completed.

Or , I can have 5 lines of address followed by a blank line with a final line underneath ( say the DX code number) and the final line is missed off altogether even though I have highlighted it with the cursor.

Hope that you can understand all that.

Regards ................ with hope !

A:Using Envelope printing in Microsoft Office Word 7

Hi zantelover,
It sounds like the specified height for text on envelopes is not high enough for the number of lines you're using. You need to change the style to incorporate more space. Try this and see if it helps.

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My WORD XP envelope printing function has always defaulted to my Outlook Contacts for addresses. Now it has started defaulting to the Outlook Address Book which is empty. How can I get it to default to the Contacts again?

A:WORD Envelope Printing Default Address Book

Make sure your Contacts folder IS an Outlook address book by right-click, Properties...

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I just recently purchased a new computer, XP pro SP2 with Office 2002, and several days before the computer arrived my old printer (an HP 722C) died. I went out and bought an HP 1610 PSC to use on the Win2k SP4 box with Office 2k until the XP machine arrived. I installed the 1610 properly, but when I went to print a 6 page document which had an envelope in it (from tools> envelopes and labels>add to document) the printer would suck in the paper half way, then freeze. All other office programs would print fine.

I installed the printer on my new XP pro machine when it arrived and it did the same thing. I later replaced the 1610 with a 2355 PSC and it continued to do the same thing. Eventually, after many hours of troubleshooting, I found that if I deleted the envelope from the document alltogether, the document would print fine.

Is there any fix for this envelope problem? It worked fine with the 722C. All Office updates and windows updates are current.


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I'm trying to print out a christmas card list using mail merge in Word. I've entered the names and addresses and the list is fine but when I try to print the addresses on the envelopes, they don't align properly on the envelopes.
I've tried different size envelopes from the list provided by Word but the only two that print properly are the size 6 3/4 and the size 9.
Unfortunately, I cannot find christmas cards that size. I also tried the custom option on the envelope list to size an envelope but that doesn't work either.
On the menu, I've tried manually adjusting the position of the address block instead of using the auto choice but that doesn't work either.
I use an H P C 4700 series printer and I am inserting the envelope properly (along the left side of the paper feed)
I've also downloaded lotus symphony and open office in the hope that the printing would work in their wps but there was a file recognition problem.
I have used Word 2002 and the Microsoft Word Starter 2010 and my printer works fine.
As far as I can see, there isn't an option that I've missed but I could be wrong.
Can someone help?
Thank you,
John Tysz

A:Problem printing envelope addresses in Word Mail Merge

Hi John.

I know this doesn't answer your problem directly, but I just use address labels, which means it makes absolutely no difference which Xmas cards I use.

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I've had Dazzle Envelope Manager since 2000. Do you believe it? :-) And it still works on my Asus M32B PC with Windows 8.1, but is starting to get a little flaky around the edges.
I don't even have an install disk. I think I bought it for around $20 at the time, and it was a download.
Since then, they stopped selling it for home / home office use, and went big time with a big company version only. ( As in $500+ dollars? ) But I only print one envelope at a time, to mail my SOHO clients, so I don't use mailing lists and need all that.
The reason I still need it, and haven't found a replacement, is that, when I put in an address and hit Ctrl-Z, it goes to some site called www.dial-a-zip.com and looks up the Zip+4, then puts it on the envelope for me - all in one step, with bar code, so I can print it. And for the life of me, I cant find anything that does this, to replace it with, in the same affordable price range, for home / home office use. Someone is missing some entrepreneurial opportunity here! :-) Isn't that crazy? I've searched and searched, and only found really basic and free envelope printer softwares, and some function of Microsoft Word that supposedly prints envelopes too, but I don't use Word or Microsoft Office. Who can afford that expensive thing, when OpenOffice is out there for free?
But, does anyone know of a modern replacement that does the same thing, without having to schlep to some USPS site and look up each address manually?

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I am trying to print from microsoft office word 2007 through windows vista. on a hp laptop bought about 6 months ago. anyway, when i see the document, the border is completely around the page. however, when in print view or after printing, the bottom border is not there. the border is like an inverted U. i tried messing with the margins and border width etc... but to no avail. any help would definately be appreciated. It is for a presentation.
---(not sure if it matters, but there are text boxes and images but nothing that would affect the print job).

A:Solved: printing word 2007 with vista

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I would like to print the contents of specific file folders included in the listings on the C- drive under "My documents". Is this possible? If so, can you send step-by-step instructions?

Many thanks

A:Solved: Windows XP WORD -- Printing File Folder List of Contents

Try this program
I think it will do all you want.

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There are occasional odd things happening in documents I get to edit, most of them related to formatting options that need to come out.

I've been looking for a full list of all the marks that Word uses to indicate when a style or a format or whatever is in use; if I don't know what the little symbol on the page is, it's often hard to figure out a way to get rid of it.

http://word.mvps.org/FAQs/Formatting/NonPrintChars.htm is the closest I've found to a list, but it's incomplete. For example, I'm now trying to figure out what two gray vertical parallel lines means and what a circle with four short lines sticking out on each diagonal represents.

Ideally, I'd like to see a list of these symbols and a feature name next to it, so that I'll have something to google on. Without knowing the terminology, it's hard to find a way to eliminate these pesky things.


A:Solved: List of formatting marks in Word 2007

Hi tito_john,
That list you found looks like the most comprehensive one there is. For the two gray vertical lines, are they always there, or only when you hover over something? Is the circle with the lines different from the one the list talks about under Cell Markers?

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whenever I open a new folder, its contents is shown as Icons. I go to View, click List, and it changes to List. But next time I open the same folder, it's back to the Icon View. How can I default View to List? Or at least save List to open back with List?

A:Solved: Word 2007: view menu as List

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I have Word 2007 & Windows XP, but not everyone in our office has upgraded to 2007 yet.

When accessing a document that was originally created in Word 2003, I am working in "compatibility mode". Everything looks great onscreen, but when I print it out, the font (Times New Roman) seems to be crowded on the page. Example: the word 27th will have the th scrunched on top of the 27; also, a hyphen will be scrunched on top of letters, or even a space will seem to be nonexistent.

I have checked the justification (it's normal left justify), and also tried changing the font to Arial, with no positive effect

Is this a printer problem or a Word 2007 problem? And how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide

A:Solved: Word 2007 font printing problem

Do you have access to a different printer? If so, try to print your document to that printer and see if the samething happens.

If the document prints fine on a different printer, then you can assume that it is a printer issue.

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I am using Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 and when I try to print the return address and the senders address,they print in a vertical position instead of the normal horizontal position.
does anyone know of a solution to this?
I have been all through the Corel site and help section and found nothing so I thought I'd try here.
I tried emailing their Newsgroup and it keeps telling me it does not authenticate my password and I just signed up for it today and it was sent to me by email right away,but won't let me in for some reason.

A:[SOLVED] envelope printing

Hi sasnak Is there a setting that you can choose between Landscape or Portrait before printing in your program?

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I've used Word 2007's Multilevel List feature many times, but only with numbers (I'm very comfortable with setting up the lists and they've always worked in the past). I now need to do a mixture of numbers and letters on one level and I can't seem to make that happen. For example, Level 3 might typically be 1.1.1, but my client wants 1.1.A. Now, I can make that happen on Level 3 without a problem. The issue starts in Level 4. For example, say I had worked my way down in the document from 1.1.A to 1.1.C and I wanted to insert a Level 4 after this 1.1.C. I would need it to automatically insert a 1.1.C.1, and I can't seem to make that happen when I'm setting up the list. It always wants to change the entire list to either all numbers or all letters. Any help?


A:Solved: Word 2007 -- Multilevel list with numbers and letters on the same level

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Windows XP
Using Word 2000 for address labeling.
HP D7560 printer

Will not print addresses on manila colored No 12 business envelopes.
The error is 'mismatched paper'.

It prints addresses on No 10 white envelopes correctly.

A:Solved: Envelope Printing Problems

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I use Microsoft Word to print envelopes. I need to print out the same information - to which I add , in writing , sequential numbers.

Unfortunately , the facility for printing an envelope is for ONE ENVELOPE only - unless I have missed something. Is it not possible to be able to select more than one envelope to be printed ?

Can anyone help ?

A:Solved: Multi-envelope printing

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I know there is probably a way of doing this and I am being really stupid but could anyone tell me how I form a data base of peoples addresses etc. so that I can print them on labels for a mail out?

I have addresses in my outlook express, can I use these somehow to do that or do I need separate software?

I hope you can help me for the Christmas mailout!!!!

My operating system is windows XP


A:[Solved] Re: Mailing list

You can use MS Word and the Mail Merge Wizard.

Use Word Help for details how to.

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I followed instructions to add customized mailing lists to my tool bar (information I got from Office Update Tips & Tricks Center) and now Outlook will not launch. I get a Invalid Page Fault in MS09.DLL.

I can launch Outlook with the /SAFE parameter -- as this keeps toolbar customization from loading. My question is, however, how can I remove this cusomtization since I can't launch Outlook with it? Is there a file I can delete/modify to get rid of this?

A:(Solved) Customized Mailing List Error

See if this helps Q241817

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what steps are used to
print a list of files inside a folder
that is opened using MS Word?
Is there a short way to do it or
do you have to do PrintScrn and use
the info from the clipboard?
Thanks in advance.

A:printing list of files in MS Word

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We upgraded to Office 2003 (from 2000), and I'm having trouble printing envelopes in Word.

I select Tools>Letters and Mailings>Envelopes and labels

When I click on the address book I get this message:
Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fufill the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Office Outlook and set it as the default mail client.

I click OK, and then I get the following message:
Logon failed. You must log on to Microsoft Exchange to access your address book. Error code: "unspecified error."

Outlook is set as the default mail client, but I'm not familiar with Microsoft Exchange. I'm hoping I just need to change some settings.
Can anyone help?

Pentium 3

A:Solved: Problem using Outlook contacts for envelope in Word

You might double the check your current mail configuration. Sounds like at least it is configured for an Exchange server when you don't have one.

See http://www.onecomputerguy.com/app_info/outlook_xp.htm for some ideas

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Am trying to learn to love 2007 suite. Have used Word since it was on 3.5 diskettes & had no spellchecker. Wish we still had Word 6 (rant over.)

My Word 2007 nightmare:
Regardless of how I try, I can NOT get a numbered list to work. I define a style, or simply "hand number". THe numbering or alpha characters restart, or, my personal favorite, do something like 1. A) (this with a style defined simply as numbered list, numbers selected, or vice versa w/alpha selected.

I have literally spent hours trying to solve this. Clear formatting, restart at 1 (neither works consistently.) I am graded by output.

I'm circling the drain here! Please, if you have a working example to share, or a solution, please, please help me!!


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I have Windows 8 and MS Word 2007. I am on a blank new document screen. I click on the Office Button, click on OPEN, and the list of files that appears is ALL FILES on my computer.

When I was using Windows XP until just a month ago, when I was in Word and Opened, the file list was only Word files.

Any suggestions how to get the file list in MS Word to include ONLY Word files?

A:List of documents in ms word 2007

You should have a drop-down box where you can select file type. Here's a screenshot from Word 2010 as I don't have Word 2007 installed, but from memory earlier versions all had this drop-down box too.

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I am with family for the holidays and will be gone soon, so if someone could answer this query ASAP... that would be great.

On Vista (the devil) how is it that one could change the printing option to print on both sides of the paper? In order to save paper from being wasted. Any help at all with this would be absolutely and amazingly helpful.

Happy Holidays.

A:Simple Printing Word 2007.

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Hi all,

When printing labels in 2007 my font is set to headings which prints various characters. Everything looks normal in the preview but on paper it will print different symbols. I change the font and try and print again and it works fine I set that font to default and close the program. When I open the program and try it again it goes right back to the symbols. Does anyone know how to correct this issue?


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I have an Acer Aspire laptop with Windows 7 OS. My problem started two days ago when I noticed Word would freeze (not responding transparent) when I tried to change the font, margin, print, practically everything I do except encoding.It also does the same with excel and publisher. I ran the antivirus but it came up with nothing so I uninstalled and reinstalled Microsoft but it didn't change anything. I tried printing in notepad and wordpad and it behaves the same -- it freezes when I print or do anything on it. I've had this laptop and software for over a year now and never had problems with it until now.Thanks for your help.

A:Word 2007 freezes when printing

Test the hard drive for possible signs of failure before it's too late and you lose all your data. It may be perfectly healthy but you need to know one way or the other before looking elsewhere for the cause.

If you know the make of the hard drive you should use their own testing software. Links here:

If you don't know the make and you'd rather not unclip the hard drive carrier to find out, you can use the testing software from Seagate called SeaTools from here: http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/support/downloads/seatools/

All the testing software from all the manufacturers is totally free.

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I followed the instructions in the following link:


This works BUT:

The other side of Page 1 is Page 3 ( instead of Page 2) and

Page 3 (which should be Page 2) is printed upside down, as is Page 2 (which should be Page 3)

Page 4 appears in the right place (opposite Page 1) and not upside down.

What am I doing wrong? Should I install my old Word 97 and try printing a booklet from there?

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Hi there,

I can't print any documents from word,the printer prints out blank pages.
Any other aplication from the web or excel I can print, but word.
Can any body give me a hint?

Thank you

A:word 2007 printing problem

Aleben, welcome to the windows 7 forum.

What is the font that your trying to print? It could be that the font is not available on your printer.

What printer are you using and what font is your word document in?


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When trying to create a 30 label sheet from a .wdb file, WORD (Office) says it can't merge from this file. Please verify that this is a valid Works file.
At Open Data Source I call on my .wdb file and am blocked by the above message. I'm using Works Suite 2006 and Word 2003.
I can't get past that point.

A:Solved: Mailing labels - from database to word.

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I am unable to print documents from Word 97 or Word 2007. Whilst typing a document recently, an error message appeared along the lines of "serious internal error", and I had to close everything down. I can print from internet pages or from emails, but not Word. Strangely, only the title of the document prints out, not the body of the text, despite the whole document appearing in Print Preview.

Any help gratefully received.

A:Printing from Word 97/Word 2007

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Hi everyone,

I am currently trying to figure out how to format Word to make multilevel lists/outlining easier. Currently when I am making a multilevel list and I want to promote an item, I need to press Shift+tab, and to demote an item, just tab. However, on my friend's computer (same software), if she has a list and wants to promote the next line, all she has to do is press Enter 2x; once to get to the next line, once to promote the item. Does anyone know how to configure Word to do this? It ends up being fewer keystrokes and more natural to just hit Enter a few time.


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Hello everyone,

i have made a multilevel list that works ok and shows lists like
and so on. here 1 and 2 are chapter numbers and then we move further down to different headings and subheadings. what i want to do is to have a separate list for figures in my document that should be like
Figure 1.1
Figure 1.2
Figure 2.1
Figure 2.2
figure number appears (and increases after dot) but it has to repeat itself after change in first level. the problem is that i want to inherit (or use) first level from my first list where 1,2,3 etc. are chapter no. and Figure 1.1 is 1st figure in chapter one. subheading 1.1 in first list has its own format and i don't want to disturb that. i would need a similar arrangement for tables in my document. can anybody help in doing what i want.
BTW can anybody tell me which rich text editor techguy forum is using and is it open source (Bonus)

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This is my first time posting here as usually I manage to figure problems out either myself or from reading stuff on the net but this one has me totally baffled! I shall do my best to try and explain the problem as concisely as possible but it is quite complicated!

I have defined and saved a new numbering scheme/list in Microsoft Word 2007 and added it to my Normal Template so I can import it when using it on new or existing documents. It looks a bit like this (ignore the underlining though!):-

1. Bla bla bla
1.1 Bla bla bla
__1.1.1 Bla bla bla
____1.1.1.1 Bla bla bla

I did this in order to try and apply this style to old documents without the hassle of going through every different section and manually altering the indentations, tabs etc. However, the problem is that when I apply the new style to an existing document it totally messes up all the existing numbering. If I applied it to a document which had the numbering as I detailed above then it would just look like this:-

1. Bla bla bla
2. Bla bla bla
3. Bla bla bla
4. Bla bla bla

This means that I then have to go through the whole document tabbing numbers across so that they are the same as before. Is there any easy way to preserve the existing list levels whilst applying the new style to format all the tabs, indentations and alignments?

Anyone who can solve this problem will earn instant hero status!



A:Problem Using New List Style in Word 2007

Hm. Paul...are these documents already formatted with styles? Are the style names the SAME as the ones you are using? If so, change your style names. If no, then they're manually formatted and it doesn't matter really what you do, you'll have to go the slow road...

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hi everyone,

i've created a form for re-use throughout my company. i want to add a List Box (ActiveX) that contains several entries (ranging from 3 to 10). i would like users to be able to select multiple entries.

i know how to insert the List Box, but i can't figure out how to populate it with the entries i want users to choose from. i've inserted the list box on page 2 of the attached document, under the section called "Commonly Used Applications."

please help. thx in advance.


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Does anyone know how to turn this off?

A:Word 2007, arrow after numbered list?

Read the article here:

It'll explain everything for you.

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Hi, I need some help from you guys to clarify some issues in Outlook 2003.
I have added some contacts, catagorised them, eg. Colleagues, Friends, Family. Now that I want to send e-mails to all my colleagues.

I opened the "New Message to Contact" then clicked on the "To" button and waited to see the list of my contacts show up, however, it shows a dialog box saying:

"The address list could not be displayed (not including the smiley ofcourse). The contacts folder associated with this address list could not be opened; it may have been moved or deleted... blah blah blah"

Knowing that nothing is deleted or damaged, I ignored it, and tried to create distribution list, gave it a name and clicked on "Select Members" then the same messsage box appears (as above).

I've been told that it uses contacts in the "Address Book" of Windows (to my knowledge, when you back up Outlook 2003 .pst files, these entried aren't backup too) and I would liek to keep my contacts in one place, in the .pst that is, so does this mean, to have distribution list (mailing list) to mass mail to my colleagues, I must use Windows's Address Book ? This has also been an issue with my clients who use Outlook.

How does all these contacts thingy work ? I would like to get my head around it, gimme a hand guys

A:Outlook Mailing-List / Distribution List

You need to set up Outlook to use your Contacts as an address book. Go to Tols > Options and click the Mail Setup tab and select the Mail Options button. Select the radio button for View or Change Existing directories or Address books. Click next and see if there is an entry for Outlook Address book and if it isn't there add it. If it is there it may be corrupted thus your message so delete it and recreate it. Once it is in there open your contacts folder and in the Outlook bar on the left right click on the contact item and select properties. select the Outlook Address Book tab and put a check in "Show this Folder as an Address Book" Should work after that.

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I have a two week old laptop with Win 7 pro x64 and it has Offcie 2007 Enterprise on it.

I have an XP desktop with USB HP6500 printer with which I network the laptop

My laptop has no problems seeing the desktop and printer.

I cannot print Word 2007 documents. I can print excel, powerpoint, web pages, pdf but word 2007 docs and docx will not print. They spool or indicate they are printing but do not print. It worked a few days ago when I installed Office then installed printer but it wont now.

I can print Word 2007 from the XP desktop whether the files are on my desktop or if I open them from the networked laptop.

A friend told me I should have installed the printer first then MS Office. I did the opposite. Does he remedy make sense?

Anyone heard this before? I am very stumped as to how to fix this.

A:Word 2007 not Printing on wireless network

Have you by chance restarted either computer since your last print job?

Are you sure that today at this time you can print from the other programs, or was that at the same time that you were able to print from Word?

The order on the setup of the printer or the install of Office will NOT make any difference. Some times these wiress and wired netwoks just loose their connection to the other machines.

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I'm having problems with a document in Word 2007. This document was originally created in Word 2003 and still works fine in that version but not the 2007 version.

I have a watermark on a document that is cut off when printed.

In the print layout view, the watermark is fine, the image ends at the bottom of page. When I print out the document it cuts off the image at the bottom and replaces it with an inch of white space. I've tried to reset my margins and other things but nothing seems to work. I could reduce the size of the image but I'm left with the ugly white space at the bottom of the page. My original watermark ends at the bottome with about a 1/4" of white space. Any suggestions.

A:Word 2007 not printing entire watermark

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I have googled this but cannot find a solution.
I want to produce multiple printed envelopes with the same printing. I do not have a letter to send. The application is in a small company and the printing on the envelope is as follows
"Thingymajig Company
Payment to Cleaner No......

Sometimes , I need to print 4 envelopes at one go. At the moment , I want to print 17 envelopes ....... All with the same information , apart from the actual 'No' of the envelope which I write on manually.

I am using Microsoft Word 2007. I have seen "solutions" which refer to 'Add to Document' button ... I don't have this ! .... and I don't have a 'Return Address'

Can anyone please suggest a way of doing this ?

A:Printing multiple envelopes in Word 2007

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Hi there!
I'm a seasoned Word user, and have never had any real problems until now.
I have to revise a book that I published a few years ago, which was prepared using Word 2000 and XP SP2. I'm now using Word 2007 and Vista Home Premium, SP1. The problem is that I have a List of Illustrations (created as a table of figures) at the beginning of the book, the individual illustrations of which I have to number using the numbered list function. For some reason it is impossible for me to select the list and then number each illustration; Word creates interlinear spaces above each entry and places the number at the beginning of each empty line. It also puts the first letter of each illustration at the very end of the empty line. So I have something resembling the following (except I can't get the tabulations to show in this post ;-):

1. W
illiam Smith 73
2. N
ew York skyline 127

This matter is rather urgent (I have a deadline to meet) and so I would greatly appreciate any help.

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Dear Sirs,

I am using Word 2007 (I definitely did not ask to use this software, if was plunked down on me by company policy) to produce technical documents - user manuals, technical manuals, etc.

I wish to setup, setup Styles to handle the document settings. I wish to setup in Styles / Heading 1 / Numbering a Multilevel list so that each paragraph is numbered according to the level setup in Styles / Heading 1 / Paragraph / Outline level.

So the multilevel list will look like this: Level 1 - SECTION 1, Level 2 - 1.1, Level 3 - 1.1.1 and so on.

Even with a right-click on the line / Numbering - there is no multilevel list on in the Numbering Library menu.

I can setup multilevel list from Paragraph / Multilevel List but I want to setup through Styles, so that I can control the formatting via Styles which is very useful for producing documents up to 300 pages and up to 5 levels deep which we must change according each customer's preferences!

Please help.


A:Word 2007 - Setting Multilevel List in Styles

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