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Stop Word from auto cap first letter after bullet only

Q: Stop Word from auto cap first letter after bullet only

i like that Microsoft Word 2003 auto-corrects the first letter of a sentence after a period. However, i want it to stop making that same auto-correction after a bullet, in a list. I went to the auto-correct options, and there are only checkboxes for "capital first letter of sentences" and "capital first letter of table cells". there is no option for "bullets."

there is an "exceptions" box where you can tell Word not to capitalize the first word after whatever you want, but i dont know what to input to make it know im talking about symbols in a list.

any help, please!

Preferred Solution: Stop Word from auto cap first letter after bullet only

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Stop Word from auto cap first letter after bullet only

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My wife is an author and is trying to use Word (365) dictation. Whilst it works fine when she is speaking, when she stops to think for a few seconds the dictation system switches off. There must be a setting somewhere that defines this time interval. Does anyone know where it is in Windows 10? Ideally she would want no auto off at all. Searching the web yields nothing but since I do not know what term to look for it is perhaps not surprising.

Thanks for reading and for any ideas you may have.

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Hi I'm having trouble preventing Word 2013 from automatically formatting a document. I have defined a multi level list associated with the headings style. If I have a line of text that has a number at the beginning of the line, word will automatically apply the heading style that corresponds with the number when instead I just want to create a bulletted list. The little auto format lightning bolt drop down does not appear at all. I have turned off every possible auto format and auto correct option there is, but word is still changing the format. Any help would be appreciated.


1 heading one
1.1 sub paragraph
2 each


1 heading one
1.1 sub paragraph
? each

A:Word 2013 can't stop auto format of heading multi level list

I don't use Word much these days, but having a look through my Word 2013, I see you might be able to make changes. With Word open select Design from the top menu & over on the RH side is Paragraph Spacing, click on that & from the drop down menu select Custom Paragraph Spacing.
This will open a selection of tabs you can use to change your document settings.
Click on Edit & scroll down to find one that says List Bullets. You can also select New Style & this will give you a lot more options that you can change.
Also note down at the bottom there is an option to select for This Document Only or for all Documents based on this Template.

I have not tried any of these options, but give it a try & see how you go. If you regularly want to us this style you can save it as a template as a basis for future documents.

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I'm using Word 2000 with Windows XP. When I try and use a dotted bullet it prints as a different symbol albeit ok in Print Preview. I have tried going into Format, Bullets, confirming the 'dot' and trying again but the different symbol stubbornly remains.

Would be grateful for any suggestions.

Kind regards


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This is strange. I am editing my resume and have to put bullets in the middle of a sentence. I can't get the right bullet size from the default bullets in Insert>symbols to match the bullet size I am using in my document. I can't copy the bullets directly from the document or if there is a way to do that, I can't figure it out. It appears the bullets in my Word document are in between the two sizes I can find in the Symbols applet from the Insert menu.

A:Can't get right bullet size in Word 2016

I don't know if this is what you are looking for but after inserting your bullet symbol highlight it by left click and dragging the cursor over the bullet. Right click and select font and increase the font size. Hit the space bar and then right click to set your font size back to your default size.

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I am having some difficulty in inserting multiple bullet points on just one line in a word document.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Much appriciated.


*point one *point two *point three *point four

A:Using bullet points in word 2002


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does anybody knows how to change the default bullet?
I'd like to change it to the square bullet.


A:change the default bullet in Word

This should help:
How Do I Change the Default Bullets in Word 2010? - Microsoft Answers

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This is strange. I am editing my resume and have to put bullets in the middle of a sentence. I can't get the right bullet size from the default bullets in Insert>symbols to match the bullet size I am using in my document. I can't copy the bullets directly from the document or if there is a way to do that, I can't figure it out. It appears the bullets in my Word document are in between the two sizes I can find in the Symbols applet from the Insert menu.

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I'm trying to sort a problem for a school i'm doing tech support for. It seems when ever they insert bullet points into Word they print out as "3"'s or other characters. I've tried changing the printer drivers (HP LaserJet 4)

Any ideas?
I'm assuming it may be something to do with language settings but I'm not too sure!

A:Bullet Point not Printing Correctly From MS Word

Set the printer to download fonts as SoftFont instead of using device fonts. Try reducing the resolution and switching between PCL and PS drivers.

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I am having problems with my bullets in word - I run Word 2007 on Vista. When I start a new bullet, it works fine however the second time a start a bullet in a document, it automatically shifts to double line spacing. It does this on both my home and work computer. I can manually fix it, but it's very frustrating and takes time. I just want a simple standard bullet on each line, with single line spacing. What am I doing wrong?

A:Bullet formatting in Word 2007 Vista

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I am editing/formatting a document in Word 2007 (though it's being saved as a .doc 2003-compatible format for our client). There is a style called "Bullet" that is used for the bullets throughout the document. There are second-level bullets also throughout the document. Currently, they are also styled with "Bullet," but have been set to show up as second-level bullets. I want to create a new style for these bullets in case something happens to the main "Bullet" style, or we need to make a mass-change to the second-level bullets.

Normally, to do this, I would simply put my cursor on one of the second-level bullets and create a new style (we'll call it "Bullet 2") based off of my selection. When I do this, it creates the style in the style list, but it automatically reverts my selection to "Normal." If I re-select it and apply "Bullet 2" to the text again, it will not work. If I select another area of random text in the document and try to style it as "Bullet 2," it also reverts to Normal.

I've tried to clear all styles on the line and then style it as "Bullet 2," but that doesn't work, either.

I've looked all around in the Modify style area for clues, but everything looks fine. I've looked in the advanced compatibility options of word and I found something that says "Use normal style for bulleted or numbered lists," but checking/unchecking it doesn... Read more

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The bullet in Office 2007 (Word) is significantly smaller then it was in prior versions. When I hit the Alt plus the keyboard 7 I'd get a bullet symbol--I still get that but its much smaller. I want my big bullet back. Is there a way to reassign that or change it or some other character?

A:Word 2007 alt-7 bullet is smaller--how do you make it bigger?

The bullet size is related to the font size in use. I have not got Word 2003 to verify, but it looks OK in 2007 here.

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I'm needing to use the Unicode Character U+1F44A "Fisted Hand Sign" as a bullet.

Word uses the font "Segoe UI" to display this font, going by Internet Searches both Times New Roman and Ariel (sp) have this symbol. I cannot find this symbol using Windows 8 Character Map*. I cannot find a way to find this character, and still, I really need to use this symbol as a Bullet Point.

Inside of word Using Alt + X confirms the symbol code 1F44A, and still I cannot find a way to use this symbol. Is there a limit, why? Have I missed something? Any help greatly welcome.

Character Map:
Have tried doing an advance search for "Fist"
Have tried the Unicode 1f44a - which results in an error after typing four characters

A:Word 2010, Custom Bullet List, Unicode 1F44A

Found it.

Open the Character Map (Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map) then select Segoe UI Symbol from the Font drop list. The fist symbol is about half way down the scroll list of symbols.

If you need instructions on how to add that symbol to your Word bullet style list just let me know.

If you do not have the Segoe UI Symbol character set see this link:
Segoe UI Symbol - Version 1.00


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My operating system is Vista. I have been using it since I bought a HP Pavilion. I am using Corel Word Perfect for my written documents. Just the other day when opened Word Perfect the TEXT looked like half inch black block on the top of the page. It looked liked there was on spacing between letters, all there was black spots on the top of the page Nothing worked on this page. Yet when I COPYED and PASTED the document into Microsoft Word it was all right.
Is Vista causing this problem? How can I fix Word Perfect?
PLEASE HELP Pastor Harvey

A:Word/ Letter/ Spacing problen in Word Perfect

I found out what the problem was. The problem in Word Perfect was coused by the printer. The driver in the printer was out of date and coused a malfunction which caused the text to pile up in the corner of the page. We instaled the update driver and it worked.
Pastor Harvey

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I've never been bit by this as I always save my work before walking away from the computer, but this may be of help to some of you.

Windows Update - Enable or Disable Automatic Restart

A:Stop Win7 Auto-update from auto restarting your computer

Thanks a lot for this! My Windows Updates have fallen probably a month behind because I don't have it on automatic for this very reason. If this "fix" indeed works, it might finally be time to change that!

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The "Customize this Folder ..." and "Folder and Search Options ..." and "Properties" choices don't seem to do anything. So, I have two major headaches (at the moment): 1) How do I stop Vista's constant auto-sorting of folders? If I change a file name or add a few files to a directory it automatically resorts everything! This is extremely frustrating ... especially if I make a naming mistake and don't know where to find the file! How do I stop Vista until I--and only I--decide to refresh the folder?2) How do I stop Vista from deciding (always wrongly) what "Type of folder" a directory is and forcing its own display and sort criteria on it--actually them as it decides about EVERY folder and doesn't follow MY choices!Why can't Windows do what I need it to do?!? F & C

A:How do I stop auto-sort and auto-typing of folders?

Check here: http://www.smartestcomputing.us.com/index....showtopic=36574

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i have just installed Windows 10 on my Toshiba Laptop

whenever I type anything anywhere on this computer....like here for example.....you will notice that the first letter of each sentence is NOT a capital letter

i want to turn ON Auto Capitalise First Letter and have tried many things in windows 10....in web browsers......to no avail

i have gone into settings/devices/typing to look for any capitalization settings but there are none there

please....any assistance you could give to this annoying problem of having to hold down the shift key to capitalise the first letter of every sentence....would be appreciated

Thank you for your assistance...........see the first letter T ...I held SHIFT down to get it to capitalize


A:How do I turn on Auto Capitalise the first letter

Are you wanting to change every word, or just the sentence?

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Good day,
I use auto text and auto correct very frequently
Is there any way to put two columns in excel or access and programmatically import them to word ?


A:Ms word 2003 : Programming auto text or auto correct

See this - Inserting AutoText Using a Script and i am sure you can take a clue from there. I think you just have to call the excel file (with cell references) using the script. Just want to share what i found. Since your question wasn't replied to by experts yet, i thought i could post some tips to get you started until an experienced person intervenes and offers a perfection solution.

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After last "patch-tuesday" my Windows 8.1 don't assign drive letters to hotswaped HDD's and USB keys.
When starting my backupdrive (eSATA), it is now without a drive letter, I can give it one though in disk-management, but before last tuesday, it was given a letter automatic. Same problem when I connect an USB-HDD or an USB-stick.

Is there a way to get back "autoassign of a drive letter"? (don't know the correct word for this function in English).

A:Auto assign Drive letter don't work anymore?

Open Command Prompt in Administrator mode (right click on Start button for a shortcut)Type "diskpart" to enter Microsoft DiskPartAt the DiskPart prompt, type: "automount enable"

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I am helping a friend who has recently updated her Win 10 laptop and did the Win 10 upgrade to her Win 8.1 Surface Pro. She now finds that when using the "Mail" tile for email neither her Yahoo or gmail account provides the usual auto fill choices from her contact list for completing the name of the person for whom the email is intended. That function occurs just fine when accessing the accounts from Edge, but not from the Windows Mail tile. What have I missed in doing this setup? I use an identical HP laptop and have no such problem. Settings seem to be the same on both laptops. Suggestions appreciated.

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First, let me start by saying I am not an IT computer person, I have very basic knowledge (other than what I do for a living) about computers, and I really need instructions that are easy to follow, please?

I am a medical transcriptionist. I have hundreds of auto corrects on my current computer with Windows XP Word 2002 on it. I am needing to, if possible, copy the auto corrects from Word 2002 to another computer with Windows XP Word 2003.

I also have hundred of words that I have added to spell check that it would be great if I could copy those as well.

I do have a flash drive that I can save these to.

Can someone please help me in terminology and steps that a computer dummy can understand?

Thanking you in advance.

A:Solved: Copying auto corrects from Word 2002 to another computer with Word 2003

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How to stop all services that start with the letter N with cmd

A:How to stop all services that start with the letter N with cmd

You have to stop them one at a time.

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Dear All,
I just install al dual boot of winxp and win2003 ent. winxp is at the primary partition as C: and win2003 at 1st logical partition as d:. after installing it work fine. but after I do the windows update and patch to the most updated and reboot the system. to log into winxp it still function will but after boot into win2003 it showing error msg. it due to currently the win2003 drive letter change from the d: become c: now. so it make the system file unable to locate the correct win2003 file. because currently win2003 file already the drive letter with c: and the winxp file become d:. but the win2003 OS still keep on looking it own file at the d: path. any one here facing this kind of problem before? any way to solve it or change the win2003 file drive letter to become d: again? thank you

A:Drive letter auto change in win2003 make system error

Right click on My Computer on your desktop and choose manage, in the new screen that pops up choose for Disk Management and richt click on the disk you want to change the drive letter from, first change it to something like E so the C is empty. Then change the D to C and E to D again!

Good Luck!

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How do I stop "Forbes Daily" from printing everday?

A:Hoe fo I stop automated "Forbes Daily" Letter

stopforbes wrote:How do I stop "Forbes Daily" from printing everday?You must have signed up for it when you created your ePrint account.  You need to log into your ePrint account and turn off these notifications that you have turned on. Log in to your ePrint account:  https://h30495.www3.hp.com/c/46661/US/en/?jumpid=in_R11549%2Feprintcenter There will be a section at the top titled "My Printables on ...."  Click on the Settings button under Forbes Daily, then from the drop down you need to select "Remove from my Printables" --> then click the save button at the bottom. 

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Is there a way to force all documents sent to the printer to be printed on the A4 paper rather than the printer asking for US letter size.

I have asked the xerox printer supplier for help, they have configured the printer to do as i ask, but it is being over ruled somewhere along the process. I have told all staff to select A4 as the default paper size both in the word application and in the printer properties tab. I'm not sure what else to do, I have heard mention of doing something with the printer drivers on the server, but am afraid that is a bit beyond my abilities, I am happy to google and give things a go, but I do not have full admin rights where I work and would have to be confident that what I am trying, will work; and be able to fully explain it to the computer illiterates that do have full admin rights.

A solution to this problem would be gratefully received.

You can consider it your good deed for the week because you will be helping a charitable organisation

A:Permanently stop US Letter Size paper

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I'm trying to build a template which basically needs four input fields + the actual letter text:


The date field I've inserted via Insert -> Field.

The Address field should just accept text. It won't be linked to a database.
The Refence should be entered manually.
The subject should be entered manually.

What I then want is that when the user saves the file the default file name should be based on some of the above fields, i.e. "Reference, Date, Subject.doc"

A:Word Letter Template

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A judge on Tuesday ordered Microsoft to stop selling Microsoft Word products in their current form in the U.S., but legal appeals or technical work-arounds make an actual halt of sales unlikely.

Read more at Injunction on Microsoft Word unlikely to halt sales - Microsoft, microsoft office, microsoft word - ARN

Source: arnnet.com

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I've bought three WD 3Tb Elements external USB 3 drives (they were on special). The problem is that Windows 7 is not seeing them as separate drives. If you plug in one then the next one simply doesn't appear, either in My Computer or in the Disk Management utility.

This has happened to me before (with two identical 2Tb WD Elements drives) but I was able to fix the problem by manually assigning drive letters to each one. Once I did that they were recognized as separate drives. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be working with these ones.

I plug in drive #1 and assign it the drive letter S.
I then unplug it and plug in drive #2. It appears also as drive S (this is what normally happens).
I manually assign this second disk the drive letter T.
What SHOULD happen at this point is that when I now plug in the first drive again it will still have drive letter S and the two will both show. Instead only one of them will register at a time and they both now (separately) show as T. Both in My Computer and in Disk Management the second is simply invisible.

Any ideas? How do I make the drive letters 'stick' to their drives as I've been able to with other similar drives in the past?

A:How do I stop identical WD USB drives showing as the same drive letter

This happens because all the three drives have the same Unique Id.

Connect all the three drives and go to Windows Disk Management.

Only one drive will get the drive letter and the other two may be offline because of the signature collision.

Right click on the drives with a red arrow pointing down and bring them online.

Plug out the drives and plug in. Now all the drives will get a different drive letter.

EDIT: You may also check and change the Unique ID of the drives using diskpart. http://www.laurentkempe.com/post/Win...collision.aspx

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Gmail Stopping Signature Snipping Please Help!


I have some major questions about Gmail. I know that this has been an on-going issue with Gmail for several years involving many people. Gmail likes to cut off the signature of messages when someone is closing a letter. For example, if someone types as the Complimentary Close:


Mary's name will be replaced by ellipsis. (Three dots) and you have to click on the dots to see Mary's name. I have been helping my Mother with Gmail and she would be upset if the signature were cut off off her messages by these three dots.


1.) Why does Gmail cut off the signature in the first place?
2.) I have Conversation mode off on my Mother's G-mail account? Does not do anything.
3.) I have heard you can add a few lines and than a period to the text to make this stop and than make the text
White. Using the following:


Where do I add the enter spaces than the period and than make the period white so as not to be seen? Is it between Sincerely and Mary or after Mary?


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I wrote a page in my word program that has pictures and text. It saved as wps. The person I e-mailed it to couldn't read it. Is there another way to save it so both pics. and text will show?
I had also tried saving it (I think) in Html.htm. and that didn't exactly work right.

A:MS Works: Letter Can't Be Read by Word

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I am trying to create a customer letter template with the name of the sales rep and their title under the signature line (I got the sales rep name). So far the only way I see to add a title is in the employee additional fields, but when I try to use the employee toolbar for a customer letter it won't allow me to do that. Is there a way to do this? Please help - I need to get these letters out! Thanks!

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Can someone give me a tutorial on making a letter pad using Microsoft Word?Thanks in advance..

A:Make a letter pad using Microsoft word

Use Microsoft templates.
Start(In Microsoft work)->New->Choose letter or search it.

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A customer came in and they said they have a computer with word 97 on it. When they save a file, they type in a name, such as: 'New Document' and when they go to that file again, the file only has 'N', the first letter of the file name. They tried different names and different file types but the same problem happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A:microsoft word to write a letter

Hi, Have you tried this ? Start > All programs > Microsoft OfficeWrod is in there as shown (yours may not have all of them):  Regards.

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when typing, word autocorrect will not automatically capitalize first letters of first words of sentences. It will capitalize 1st letter of days of week, etc, but not first words.

I've checked and rechecked autocorrect, and the box IS checked to automatically capitalize first words of sentences. please help

A:Word won't capitalize the first letter of my sentences

Troubleshoot Word:

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Ms word 2000 pro letter c appears as e but capital C appears normal. Anyone know what's going on here? Everything else is ok.



A:Letter c appears as e in Word 2000

What font are you using?
Is this the case even when the font is large / the zoom is up?
Just thought it may be a display error rather than a charcter error.

Can you copy the lower case "c" from the Character Map and paste it into Word? (should be available in Start, Program, Accessories, System Tools, Character Map)


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As a writer this is driving me nuts. It's only started recently but every time I type the single letter I (as in I am) Word just won't capitalize it automatically. Most of the other functions seem to work, well most of the time, but I don't want to have to keep going back to change something that Word used to do for me and to which I've become accustomed. I've Googled it dozens of times and still not found a solution.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening and then tell me how to solve it please?
Incidentally I believe this happened after an update.

OS is Win7.

A:Word 2007 won't capitalize the letter i

You need to make that the auto correct value is there.
To customize AutoCorrect in Word 2007, follow these steps:
1. Click the Office button
2. Select Word Options
3. Click Proofing in the left pane
4. Click the AutoCorrect Options button
5. Select the AutoCorrect tab
6. In the box labeled Replace type the abbreviation
7. In the box labeled With enter the full text

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I am relatively new to VBA so please bare with me.

The company I work for has multiple business divisions and each business has multiple branch locations.

The letter template needs to allow the user to select their business division in a combobox in a userform which will populate that field in a table in the footer.

I then need to populate the address and contact details, also contained in a table in the footer. I would like this information to be pulled from an excel spreadsheet which will allow for updates by administrators who may have very basic level knowledge of Word. The other option, I believe, is to use docvariables, but I am unsure of how they work. I can only assume that the information is manually entered into the userform and that the document remembers the information?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

A:Word 2010 - VBA in Letter Template

Can you post a sample letter showing how the completed letter should appear?


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Greetings Word Brain Trust.

Can Word be set to automatically capatalize the first letter of every word I type - to save time typing lists and such.

thanks in advance


A:Solved: automatically capatalize the first letter of every word?

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How can I get Word 2002 to recognize the people listed in my addressbook? When I try to add receipients I get an error message that says I need to log onto MS Exchange Server.


A:Word 2002 Letter wizard problem

Sounds like an email issue, not a Word issue.

What is your email program?

Open Internet Explorer. Hit Tools-Internet Options-Programs tab.
What's listed there?
If you use Outlook, but Outlook Express is in there, it won't work when you hit Send to, etc.

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Does anyone know if one can create an e-mail form letter with 2-3 attachments for a small (50-100 pcs.) mailing to to customers or prospects? My review of Word tells me that I may insert a file which may work, but it may depend upon the user for opening it correctley. If you don't have an answer please advise where I might look, for one



A:word 97 email form letter with attachments?

Just crate a personal distribution list and send one message to multiple recipients.

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So I've tried to teach myself VBA to record macros that will take information from an excel spreadsheet and populate it in a corresponding bookmark in MS Word but no luck.

Basically I want a button in my excel spreadsheet that I can assign a macro to that will open up a word document for each student and populate a MS Word template with data from the excel file in the correct bookmark location.

In other words, I click the button in Excel, a file in MS Word is opened up for each student that is filled out using the corresponding data from Excel.

If anyone knows the code for all this it would be real helpful.

A:Populate a form letter in Word Using Excel

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I am not a beginner but closer to that, than a tech so I hope I can explain. My computer is virus free and well under utilized. In Word 2003 I wanted to write a letter and get a wizard that does the stationary heading (Name, address, centering, etc.) set up. When I go to tools and select the letter wizard it somehow gets directed to the floppy drive and a light comes on there. Then it goes to program not responding. It worked fine a few weeks ago and I can't figure out what I have done. It was factory installed works suite 2003, windows xp. Hope you can help me. I am not very comfortable when I don't know what I am doing. Many thanks,

A:Word 2003 Letter Wizard problem

Do you have the wizards installed? I don't use 2003 but in my version of Word wizards and other items can be installed to the pc, used from the CD as required or not used.

Might be worth checking if there are additional items on the CD that didn't get installed by the computer supplier.

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Not sure what happened, but When I open Microsoft Word (2007) it opens a new document with a letter i wrote some time ago. Can I change the default doc that comes up? Or can I erase all this data and save it as the default .doc?

thank you,

A:Word brings up a saved letter instead of a blank

Looks like you had open your Normal.dot file and used it to write the letter.

Try open it again and remove the text and then save it.

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How does one create a mail merge document that will print only certain paragraphs or sentences based on data in each record? For example, a mail merge document where you wanted the first paragraph to be one thing if [fieldx] is "yes" and something else entirely if [fieldx] is "no"?

A:Word: Mailmerge Letter Contents Based on Field Value

Check here, Don:


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Hello everybody, Every time I type a letter in Word I get a capital at the start of each line whether I want it or not. I know that somewhere there is an option for turning this off but I cant find it.
Can someone enlighten me? ted.

A:[SOLVED] Capital letter at the start of each line in word

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