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I have installed FileZilla server 0.9.41 on Windows Server 2008 R2. When I upload files to the FTP site, the time of the file uploaded is incorrect. For example if I upload a file modified 10:37:10 PM it becomes 5:37:00 PM on the FTP site. It is always 5

Q: I have installed FileZilla server 0.9.41 on Windows Server 2008 R2. When I upload files to the FTP site, the time of the file uploaded is incorrect. For example if I upload a file modified 10:37:10 PM it becomes 5:37:00 PM on the FTP site. It is always 5

I have installed FileZilla server 0.9.41 on Windows Server 2008 R2. When I upload files to the FTP site, the time
of the file uploaded is incorrect. For example if I upload a file modified 10:37:10 PM it becomes 5:37:00 PM on the FTP site. It is always 5 hours earlier, and truncates the seconds. This makes version control of files difficult. Is there some configuration
change that can fix this, or is this a Windows Server issue? The server time is configured for the Central time zone in The United States.

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Preferred Solution: I have installed FileZilla server 0.9.41 on Windows Server 2008 R2. When I upload files to the FTP site, the time of the file uploaded is incorrect. For example if I upload a file modified 10:37:10 PM it becomes 5:37:00 PM on the FTP site. It is always 5

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have Windows Server 2008 R2. When I upload files to the FTP site, the time of the file uploaded time is incorrect. For example if I upload a file modified 10:37:10 PM it becomes 5:37:00 PM on the FTP site. It is always 5 hour earlier??

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Please tell me what are the free online storage services, that gives remote files upload supporting feature free of charge?

A:What are the remote files upload supporting file-hosting site?

Let me google that for you

Comparison of online backup services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

that top link should be more useful

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The 'quick uploader' does not work either. When I try to upload it acts like it is doing it but nothing happens and it is unresponsive. Any suggestions?

A:Trying to upload a Hijack This file but the site won't let me...

Good evening.
As HijackThis has not been seriously updated by Trend Micro in some time, it is now no longer considered to be an effective tool for malware removal. You will need to go here, follow the steps as best you can, and then start a new thread and post accordingly.
Please include a brief description of your problem in the new thread, just to keep everything in one place, and somebody will be along as soon as they can to help.
To keep things tidy i'll lock this thread.

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I am using IE 9 (Windows 7 64 Bit)...I've had no problem all along but the other day I had to reset IE 9 after I had obtained a new monitor and had some graphics problems. Now when I go to one site that I always go to and upload a file, I receive an HTTP 500 error and cannot upload the file. It's not a problem with the site as I can upload if I use Firefox or Chrome...just not with IE 9.

I tried Compatibility View, I added the site to Trusted Sites, and I lowered the security in IE, but still no go. Any ideas?


A:Unable to Upload File to HTTPS Site

"Any ideas?"

Only that you should stick with Firefox or Chrome if they can do what IE can't.
That would be the simplest solution so why put up with the hassle IE is causing you?
I only fire up IE these days if someone on the forum wants to know how to do something with it and I can't remember the exact method from memory.

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Hello all,

Good to join this forum

Anyway, Please can someone support me regarding connecting a Windows Server 2008 standard that needs to connect to another Windows server in another country outside of UK (Site B). The ports 1433 and 3030 are also open in the firewall and also the Draytek 2830n router, therefore I can see the ports open via yougetsignal.com. We have 1 public (Static) IP address from BT that is already in the Draytek router on Site A (UK).

How is the simplest or easiest way to connect these 2 Window servers so a management program that uses MySQL Database server can talk to the Site B server or vice-versa) Both sites have a Public IP address.

Can this be done by the WIndows firewall inbound rules / outbound rules where the port 1433 is set. There is an option to enter a Remote IP address under 'scope' which I assume is the Site B's public IP address within the inbound firewall properties.

The other way is the VPN on the Draytek 2830n. There is an option for Lan to Lan using IPSec but not sure the best settings for Dial-out or Dial-in. There is usernames and passwords that not sure of including the Remote gateway or Remote IP to use

We have 2 different routers on Site A and Site B are not the same.

Thanks Guys

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I have a wave file that is about 1 hour long. I then converted it to an MP3 format. The MP3 file is also about 1 hour long, as it should be. I then uploaded the MP3 file to my server and created a link on my website to access this file. The upload seems to go without a hitch. However, when I click on the link, my media player is open and it begins to play the mp3. But when I look at the duration of this file as it is playing, it says it is only 45 minutes long. So I do not know why it is 15 minutes less then what it should be. Something must happen when it is uploaded. I spoke to the person hosting my server and this has also baffled her. Not sure how to resolve this problem. Hopefully, you can give me a few suggestions.

A:Solved: Upload MP3 file to server

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am sending scanedimage as multipart request to server in samsung wave 525 device(1.1) through httpconnection but very often am getting http response as 411 length required but same code works sometime well.so please help me in sloving this issue.

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I have some .wmv files that are too large to email, so I am looking for a free site that would allow me to upload these in order to provide a link I can post at forums.

Anyone know of such a site?

A:Upload site for .wmv files

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Hi there, I was hoping someone can help me. I have suddenly started having trouble finding files that I want to attach to an email, or upload to my art site. The files I am looking for in the attachment or upload browse lists are not there, but they are in the program folder where I saved them. I dont know what has changed, must be some setting. The files I am looking for are saved in my Paint Shop Pro 7 program in the "Images" folder as jpegs. I have Vista Ultimate, but I have done this many times before while using Vista Ultimate and not had any problems..so I am thinking it is something to do with some setting either in my PSP 7 program or some other setting and not a compatibility issue, although I thought I read they are not compatible, but I know I have been able to do this before. Also something might have been changed with the Windows photo gallery while I was trying to fix it...(aka, yes I was messing around with default stuff) Please help, its driving me crazy and Im wanting to upload my newest painting...finally finished it!

A:cannot find files to attach to email or upload to my art site

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I have a video file that opens with Quicktime. it opens fine on my local HD. When I upload it to my website and link to it, the video file does not play with quicktime and is corrupted.

There are 3 other video files, same type as the one described above, that work perfectly. I have renamed the video file mentioned above a few times, nothing seems to help. Any recomendations? I dont know why the others work perfect and this one does not work at all.


A:video file corrupting when uploaded to site

Does the file size change when you upload it?

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I have an MS Access application that sites on a server where multiple users can access it using Terminal Server. The business would like the ability to upload image files to a record in the database. Now I've read many places that its not a good idea to add the image to an Access table because eventually the database size will become quite large and the application will take a performance hit.

What I would like to do is upload the images to the terminal server and save the path in the Access table. The part I'm having a hard time with is that upload. I can use the FileDialog object, but if the application is running on the server, and it pulls up the FileDialog, won't it show the directories of the server and NOT the users machine right?

Any examples on how to solve this issue is greatly appreciated.

A:Upload files from users PC to Server

Your image upload could be form driven if the paths (in and out) are static. Naming the file can be an issue and file shares don't like files with the same name. A way around that is to add the recordID (or completely control the name) to the file name when the user saves.

While storing documents in access is clunky and leads to bloat it can be done. Depending on your volume and the image size(s) it might not be as bad as you think. I have process where I take 1000 records from sharepoint to Access then extract the documents as batch (SharePoint will only let you at them 1 at time). The 1000 limit records to keep the file under 1000MB. You results will vary.

My thought (without knowing the process) would be, if needed you could store the images in Access and move them out (saving new path) with a nightly\weekly process. Then compact/repair the Access DB. I've got the code to extract and delete the documents.

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I have recently started becomming more involved with the internet. Having spent many years downloading information, Itunes and videos i now find that I cannot go the other way. My PC will not upload any files to any internet site! It's driving me mad. I've always struggled to upload to social sites such as facebook but always put it down to the facebook site. Now i want to launch my own website and can't upload my site. I have tried turning off my mcafee firewall incase that was the problem. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP I FEEL LIKE I'M GOING NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!

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As the subject says, I am creating a PHP Script that allows users to upload files to my server, hosted by myself, and I am a bit worried about security. I have NOD32 and Windows Defender running on the server, but I am worried that I may get infected somehow.

I am aware on how to disable .exe files and the other obvious file types but now I've been starting to see viruses in images and even Microsoft Word Documents.

I was curious on is there another method of security other than Linux, or the virus scanners I have already. I was thinking of something with Virus Total, asking the server to upload the file, and then returning the results. If any results then the file will be denied.

Does anybody know of any other security measures, other than a virus scanner that I could put in place to protect my computer?


A:Directory on my server going to allow users to upload files.

Have a read through this, it's valuable security info for PHP coders

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Where can i upload music files to?? ive looked around, but the free hosts say no. Its for a script.

Also, how can i make .wavfiles from3.32MB to say 3MB?

A:make .wav files smaller or upload 2 free server

re: wav size ; Only thing I can think of right off is to decrease the quality of the wav to make it smaller but I think this has to be accomplished with a WAV editor... ie: Rip Edit Burn. There is a compression utility called Monkey's Audio that will compress a wav. It saves it as an APE file though which can only be used by a few compatible players (Media Center, Winamp and a few others).
Go here to get a copy.

As far as a free server to host them on for testing purposes.... not sure. Try http://free.hostdepartment.com/

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Every time I need to upload something like to an email or a website asking for a document like a resume. I click "attach file" then a file explorer window opens quickly but when I try to navigate to another window it takes like 2 mins to load. This does NOT happen when I open file explore separately, like opening it just to browse through my files. Only happens when I try to upload. Please help, I've been trying to solve this problem for weeks.

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Unable to upload the files on server by using AJAX on IE 11 on update version 11.0.21
This problem only occurs on that version on https only and for the rest it works fine. In this also it sometimes gets uploaded successfully.
Below is the client side code for uploading the image :
function Upload(fd, url, obj, mp) {
        var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
        var ul = {};
        xhr.upload.addEventListener("loadstart", function () {
            ul.percent = 0;
            ul.progress = InitProgress(obj, mp);
        }, false);
        xhr.upload.addEventListener("progress", function (e) {
            var percent = 0;
            var position = e.loaded || e.position;
            var total = e.total;
            if (e.lengthComputable) {
                percent = Math.floor(position / total * 100);
            } ... Read more

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I want to upload a picture from my computer to a historical website I like in its forum, but dont know how to.
I have been trying to paste a picture in my post by URL with no success, Arrgghh.
The website is very similar to this one in its design and format

Can anyone help a dummie like me and explain how to do this?

Cheers, DAVEO

A:How can I upload a Jpg by URL to another site?


You say that you are trying to use a URL, a URL is a Uniform Resouce Locator, or a web link for short, so if your picture was on a site say


Then this would be the URL you would enter, if however the picture is on your PC and the site only deals with pictures uploaded via a URL then you need to upload the picture to a web company that will host your picture for free.

I and many others use Imageshack, with this company you can put a picture on their server and are given a URL for the picture, upload is quick and the picture stays on the servers almost indefinately,

My avatar for a site I am on is hosted on imageshack and the URL is http://img17.exs.cx/img17/6241/smiley9dl.jpg so if I wanted to add this to your site I would copy this link into the box which asks for the URL.

Hope that clears it up


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I first notice the problem about a month ago. Suddenly I am unable to upload my resume to internet job sites. Word and PDF files will not upload and I end up having to manually enter a text version of my resume, which is time consuming and less attractive
than the formatted versions. I have MS Word 10 but even saved as compatible to lower versions it will not upload. I've tried saving the documents with shorter file names and making sure they do not exceed the space requirements. I've tried removing text boxes
and other unusual formatting in case that was the issue. Off the top of my head, my resume will not upload to government job sites, my university job seeker web site, or the career builder web site. This must be an issue with either windows Vista or my internet
explorer settings. I've searched the internet and this forum for an answer but have not been successful in resolving the issue. I noticed another user of the forum posted the same question, but the answer - a link to a resolution that changes a registry key
- did not resolve the problem. My registry already matches the recommended settings.
To recap - I cannot upload documents to internet sites. This is needed for my job search. Please help!

A:Unable to upload documents to employment web sites, *.doc, *.pdf files will not upload, Internet Explorer 9, Windows Vista

It could be a delay in activating your account if it was a new account and outside their work hours..

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The main problem appears to be that the system inserts paths to the graphics that mess up the publishing process. This on Win XP Pro. I am using Netscape Composer for html, and publishing Text uploads ok. Graphics are a no go.

Have been Using Netscape Composer for over 6 years on the same web site which I've changed every month. Things worked ok.

I only recently began using The Win XP Pro

A:cannot upload graphics to web site

i am using aol and tried playing on www.pogo.com but it will not allow me to play error saying cant load grafics..what is this about?

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I decided to create some simple software and games and make them available to the public for free. What are the sites that I can upload these for "Free" ? Is download.com is free to upload? Or softpedia? if it is, how can I upload? Any other trusted sites there? I need some free TRUSTED upload sites until I create enough software to add them into a web site of mine. Please help

A:Software Upload site

Check that link as its coming up as a nasty site


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I have a recording that I need to upload to a filehosting site, but when I try to get it to upload I get an error message saying that the file is empty. I have tried the file on 2 different computers and it plays fine. I tried uploading it to sendmefile.com, big upload.com, yousendit.com and a couple of others. What is causing this and what can i do to correct it?

Windows 98SE
Firefox browser
MP3 file


A:Can't upload to filehosting site

Try making it a ZIP file. Try using IE instead of FireFox.

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Dear All,

I am very new to this form and hope this would help me in solving my problem.
I need a code either ASP,Javascript or HTML for upload manager which i need to incorpoprate in my site so that people who upload from my site usually huge voice files (near to 50 and 100 MB) upload even if they break in middle the upload recovers .

Please help........

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I travel a lot for work and rely quite a bit on the information in my Palm Pilot (the calendar, contacts, etc.). I used to be with a company that had an outlook exchange server, so whenever I would sync my pda, the information would be synced on the pda, outlook on my computer, and the outlook web mail program. It was a great way for me to get my information from anywhere in the world. Now, I no longer have an outlook exchange server and wondered if anyone had any idea of sites that offer a similar service. I found mail2web.com, however it is very basic. Any and all ideas are welcomed.

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Yep thats right, I cant upload pictures to websites not Facebook, Photobucket, Myspace etc. Mozilla Firefox is the browser I mainly use, internet explorer is sorta a back up in case I cant do something in Firefox (problem occurs with both explorers) I use Windows XP Home, any help would be great

A:Cant upload any pictures to any site

are you getting any type of error messages? try disabling your firewall and see if you can upload.

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i just finish my software development site and im trying to upload it. when im previening it in dreamweaver cs4 it works perfectly but when im uploading all the files it get to the home page and for some reasson the buttons not seem to work allthought they are working at the preview.
anybody got a clue what the problem could be?

thanks in advicc.


A:Hard to upload my site,.Help!

Is all of your html code right.

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I am trying to upload pics to various websites but I keep encountering the same problem. Once I start an upload, it uploads anywhere from 1% to 10% then the connection times out or is reset. Pics won't attach to emails either. I've tried using different browsers (Firefox, Safari, IE, Chrome, etc) to no avail and tried an FTP client filezilla which also times out. I've turned firewall off, on, uninstalled it, reinstalled it and tried to upload each time like when it was uninstalled or off and still didn't work. I've added exceptions to firewall and nothing. Same with anti virus software but nothing. I also flushed the DNS cache, forwarded the port to my router to allow but still a no go. I don't really know what else to try, but no matter what, I keep getting the same problem. Safari says "Safari Cant Open The Page. The error is (KCFErrorDomainWinSock:10054)" and Firefox says "The connection was reset. The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." and the other browsers say something similar. Pls Help!!

A:Can't upload photos to any web site?

Hello dfulton110 Is this issue only on the pic's , are they in proper extension and permitted size ?

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I can not upload photos to one site. I can upload to others with no problem. This one site I have uploaded to with no problems many times before. This has been going on for over a month.

I run XP Pro, Service Pack 3. I have uploaded photos many times with this configuration. Firefox 3.0.6.

Every other day I try different tweaks fo fix the problem.
At first I thought it was browser settings. I use Firefox 3.06. So I went to IE 7.0.5370.11 and had the same problem.

Then I thought it was my Firewall. I use AVG Anti-Virus Free and everything is up to date. I turned my firewall off. Rebooted and still no luck.

Then I tried my wifes laptop. She is not as diligent on installing all the Microsoft updates. Same problem! This made me think I might have some router problems. I use AT&T Uverse with their supplied router. I turned off the firewall there, rebooted. No luck. I put my computer in DMZ, essentially opening everything up....no luck.

Then I was away on a trip for a week. I took a very old laptop. I was on the hotel wireless and I was able to upload with no problems using Firefox 3.0.1.

So I got home, loaded Firefox 3.0.1....no luck!

I downloaded and installed several Microsoft packages just prior to the problem happening. So I uninstalled each and everyone of these packages, one at a time. I would reboot, and try to upload using Firefox, but no luck.

I'm at my wits end. I don't think I have a virus. I scan nightly. I don't think I have malware... Read more

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I have setup a Site-to-Site VPN using Sophos UTM at each end. I set up an Ubuntu VM as a WINS Server using Samba.

So far so good. VPN Works.

My problem is with the WINS Server. I have taken two Windows 10 computers and for both of them added the IP of the WINS server under Advanced TCP/IP Settings and changed NetBIOS to Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

The results are close but not quite right. The two computers with the modified settings can now ping each other using computer name rather than IP. Other computers on each end of the VPN can not do that.

That said neither computer shows up in the Networks of the other. This is what I am trying to fix.

It appears that name resolution is working for the computers that check in with the WINS server but that the Windows 10 browsing service is not adding those computers to the network.

The LANs are and the WINS server is on and it comes back as __MSBROWSE__ for that network. For the computer that connects to the WINS server is showing __MSBROWSE__ when I check with nbtstat.

When I check services Computer Browser is running.

Can someone help me or at least point me in the right direction? This really shouldn't be this hard so I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

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I have recently been unable to upload photos to any outside site, such as to Facebook, e-mails, or photo printing sites etc. This is a recent development. I have been using windows 10 for almost a year.The error messages just say   "can't upload photos" or upload failed.Thank you

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Hello - I've just joined today and need some tech help!

I recently restored my Windows ME computer -had hijacker on home page...I think it's gone after using several Spyware Removers, but I can't upload my graphics or animations I've created on my Paint Shop Pro 7 program. My storage site gives me this message:

Warning: ftp_put(): Sorry, insufficient disk quota - receive file Umbrellagirl2snow.jpg aborted. in /home/webspace/public_html/index.php on line 138

I am also not able to download a Windows Media Player 9 Script updates--the spyware remover programs flash a couple of screens and stop the download.

Does the Media Player Script update have anything to do with me not being able to upload the graphics to my storage site?

Are there any web viewing programs or files that I should uplload free off the net, aside from Macromedia Flash and Shockwave? I've already downloaded those after the restore. I can view previous graphics, animations and web pages, but the recent ones I've created are not able to upload.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!!


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I am trying to post a Word document on various web sites (my resume to apply for jobs) and when I click on the option to browse for the document (which is on my desktop) the browser "encountered a problem" and crashes.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



A:All Browsers Crashing trying to upload .doc on web site

Try moving the file into Documents (My Documents) and see if you can upload it from there instead of the Desktop.

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What is the best way to upload a photo ID (driver's license photo) from computer to secure website?
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4130 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16261 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 111 GB (60 GB Free); D: 931 GB (931 GB Free); G: 31 GB (31 GB Free);
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., H87-D3H-CF
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

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Does anybody know of a good free or cheap ftp upload/download site?

Thank you,


A:Free Ftp Upload/download Site?

Hello,Are you looking for online file hosting for music, pics, and stuff like that?If so, here are a few that offer 500MB of free online storage, unlimited bandwidth, hotlinking, accepts most all files, and did I mention that it's free?http://filelodge.com/http://www.fileden.com/This one allows 2 gigs of storage, and unlimited bandwidth.http://filexoom.com/Hope this helps,nos

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Hi all,

This problem is with all browsers. With FireFox & IE, I get the error message "The server at [name of site] is taking too long to respond?" This problem is at only 1 site; all other sites are great. Had no problems last week and had no problem getting into it using Opera until yesterday. I've been doing some research and lots of people have the same problem with one site only. I haven't found any solutions yet.

My internet goes through a server & router. I thought for sure it was my pc but I get the same problem on my iTouch with that one site. At home, I have no problem with my pc & iTouch. Anyone have any ideas?

I even tried Safari and no luck. This is all from work. That site opens no problem from home. Must be something in the server? Why only one site??? It's not a bad site or anything like that, it's just a private community private forum like this one here.

Running Windows XP

Thanks in advance.

A:The server at [name of site] is taking too long to respond? 1 site only

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Hi all,

This problem is with all browsers so hope it's ok to post this here? If not, please move this thread.

With FireFox & IE, I get the error message "The server at [name of site] is taking too long to respond?" This problem is at only 1 site; all other sites are great. Had no problems last week and had no problem getting into it using Opera until yesterday. I've been doing some research and lots of people have the same problem with one site only. I haven't found any solutions yet.

My internet goes through a server & router. I thought for sure it was my pc but I get the same problem on my iTouch with that one site. At home, I have no problem with my pc & iTouch. Anyone have any ideas?

I even tried Safari and no luck. This is all from work. That site opens no problem from home. Must be something in the server? Why only one site??? It's not a bad site or anything like that, it's just a private community private forum like this one here.

Thanks in advance.

A:The server at [name of site] is taking too long to respond? 1 site only

No one with ideas?

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I have seen a few threads similar to this problem on this forum and I believe I have tried all the possible solutions that I've seen, but the problem persists.

On my co-worker's PC (Win7 Pro, 64-bit, SP1), when he uses Internet Explorer to upload image files to a website, the "Choose File to Upload" dialog always opens in detail view. He'll switch to large thumbnails, look for the file he needs to upload, upload it, and then move on to the next upload (this particular website only lets you upload one file at a time, unfortunately), and the dialog resets to detail view. This is incredibly frustrating for him, especially because I don't have this problem on my (identical) PC.

I've gone through all the folder view settings and painstakingly checked all the Internet Options looking for what might be different between our two systems, and I'm coming up dry. I have tried messing with the registry, doing a System Restore or two, downgrading him from IE11 (which we were both using) to IE10, and it keeps happening.

This doesn't happen in Chrome, but unfortunately the one website we have to use is one of those "Designed for IE, not supported in any other browser" sites (ARGH).

Is there anything I'm not thinking of that could be causing this? His PC is brand-new (A Dell, like all of ours) from just a couple of months ago. He doesn't have any malware that I've been able to spot, and is not an Administrator on the computer (the problem also exists when ... Read more

A:IE "Choose File to Upload" reverts to detail view after each upload

Hi and welcome to Sevenforums,
Which site are you having issues with exactly ?

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Hello All,

Not sure if this is possible. I have a site made in FrontPage, and wanted to let users upload files to my host. Just certain users and wont be open to everyone. Does anyone know how i couuld go about doing this??

I found this website, but not sure how to set it up to upload to my site. Thanks all


A:Allowing Users to upload to my HTML site

This is all going to depend on where you host your site and what they allow. Usually the sites that are just HTML sites aren't going to let you have a cgi script, much less an upload cgi script. But then again, most of the decent hosts nowadays will let you have PHP scripts. What's your current site right now, and where is it hosted (and if applicable, what package from them)? Then I think someone may be able to help you.

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I joined putfile.com, works OK with still pictures.

Tried uploading a short video (mov file).

Seems to upload OK, but when I log out and
back on, it disappears.

Also, when on an internet forum, I've been
trying to get that video to show. I can copy
the url link onto the forum OK. When I then
click on the link, it does take me to putfile.com,
but it does NOT show the video, just a blank
spot on the page where I believe the video is
supposed to show. And it DOES list the title
of the video.

I tried this on both Netscape and on IE.

Don't feel like fighting with it anymore.

There certainly must be a site out there that
actually WORKS!? And preferably NOT only
with IE.


A:What's the best free video upload / sharing site?

Have you tried www.youtube.com ?

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hey guys,
i am very new to making web pages so bare with me.
Ok i am useing Microsoft server 2000 with sql, i just installd MS Frontpage 2000 to my server, and i have now made a page in MS frontpage and i am trying to uplode it to the internet but i am getting a error messige.
I have my domane name registerd to register.com and i have the ip addres set to my server, so this is the error messige i am getting...

Ps. i have alredy installd the extensions for ms frontpage


A:Getting error message in MS Frontpage when trying to upload my site to the internet

i still need help

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Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, ect. No matter which I use, when I want to upload a file via a web based from and asked to browse for a file, the window never opens. The file explorer window never opens to allow me to browse for a file. This has been going on for a while now, my restore points have no effect. There are no addons installed, and I've run every virus and malware software out there. Any thoughts? Is my windows shell corrupt perhaps?

A:Won't execute file explorer to upload files/pictures

Have you tried running sfc?

Open the Command Prompt (Use the "Run as administrator" option in the context menu).

Type:sfc /scannow

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

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I have been unable to upload .csv or .jpg or .jpeg files to another website in Vista (32).

When I browse for the files, I get an error message which says that it is an incorrect file name. I know that the file names are accurate, but browsing will not locate them.

Also, the only way I am able to find the files (they are on my C drive)is to click the Start and enter them at the bottom left. They appear in the Start area on the left of the screen.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Vista recently because of other problems, and I have a registry cleaner.

Help! Help! Help! This is a major problem for me!!!

A:Unable to upload files in Vista(32)with correct file names

Hello, For one, stop using any Registry cleaner programs, you have probably done more harm than you realize. Go to a restore point before this issue . See this : System Restore - How to

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I am having the KMS Server with Server 2012 KMS Key,which is hosted on Windows server 2012 R2.

We need to update the KMS Server 2K12 Key to 2K16 KMS Key, Is there any way to Get the detail that the key will activate these OS Versions?

MBAM Report Feature Error Alert

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I recently had a major pain with the Google redirect virus, which was operating on a non admin user profile. Through some research on here and other sites I managed to get rid of it, using MalwareBytes. It found 5 viruses in all, and once they were gone so was the redirection issue. I did attempt using Combofix, but this didnt seem to do much at all.

However, I have found as of late that my computer's upload speed is pathetic, to the point of zero upload speed. I am unable to send files to sites like wordpress and photobucket 9 time out of 10. I originally thought it might be a connection issue, but restarting routers and contacting my ISP to find no known issues has not alleviated the issue. Because of the recent virus activity, I am concerned that the two could be related.

I have tried changing Firewall settings, installed "speedupmypc2011" (which has made a great general difference), but although in IE I can now upload, speed test puts it at a god awful 0.11 upload speed. It never used to take this long.

Please can you advise me on how to make sure the machine is ok?

A:Terrible to Zero upload speeds, cannot upload files.. recently got rid of viruses

Since you have used Combofix, Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<==.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it ==>HERE<== Please include the link to this topic in your new topic and a description of your computer issues and what you have done to resolve them.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.Once you have created the new topic, please reply back here with a link to the new topic.

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hey im new to FTP still and decided to start with filezilla, now i know i can set up client / server 1 on lets say my laptop and 1 on home PC and have things FTP back and forth that way... but the thing is im stationed in Korea and my home PC is in the states i could use remote access tools also i guess to make things more readily accessable but i was wondering if theres any reccommended sites that i could buy a subscription to and get a ip / username and password & upload to that site / info and access it via http if anyone knows of a good site please let me know cuz i have wasted my money in the past going with downscale servers and loosing data on storage sites... thanks in advance for any advice...

A:FTP filezilla upload ?

There are quite a few and many offer larger free amounts of space, but box.net has served me well.

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I would like a program that takes say a really large file, maybe even up to a gig and breaks it into smaller managable files like 5MB or whatever for transport/ upload and then someone else can download them. Know what I mean? Then a person can download pieces and not have to download a huge file. Is there something like this? Thanks.

A:Solved: Program that breaks up a large file ie 100MB into small files for upload?

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