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Computer enters sleep mode when screen is flipped to tablet mode

Q: Computer enters sleep mode when screen is flipped to tablet mode

Hi All, I bought my 11e 3rd Gen just today. I really like it so far, except, I don't seem to be able to utilize the tablet mode. Every time I fold the screen back, it will enter tablet mode as per usual, but then once the screen actually touches the bottom of the laptop, completely folded back, it turns off and enters tablet mode. It's almost as if the sensor thinks the screen is folded shut completely and the laptop enters sleep mode. Any ideas on what may ber happeneing? Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Computer enters sleep mode when screen is flipped to tablet mode

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


About every 3rd or 4th time I put my computer in sleep mode I am getting the BSOD. This is a brand new computer I put together myself one piece at a time. All the parts were bought brand new. I have followed the guidelines laid out in the BSOD posting instructions thread and have attached the requested files. Any help with this would be much appreciated! Thanks!

System Specs:
Windows 7
Home Premium
x64 bit
The entire system is a little under a month old

A:BSOD When Computer Enters Sleep Mode

Related to SCMNdisP.sys NDIS User mode I/O Driver from Windows (R) Codename Longhorn DDK provider. Yours is from 2007 and this driver is only used in Longhorn (beta).

I would remove it.

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Hey everyone,

I've had this Dell Studio 17 laptop for a few years now, and have ran into a few problems in the past. However, in the past few weeks, the computer seems to blue screen almost every time I close the lid and it enters sleep mode. This has not happened at all while the computer itself has been running.

Here is the minidump file from this morning. All of the 8-10 minidumps since 12/11 seem to point to "ntkrnlmp.exe", if I'm reading that correctly. What do you guys think is the problem?


A driver has failed to complete a power IRP within a specific time (usually 10 minutes).
Arg1: 0000000000000004, The power transition timed out waiting to synchronize with the Pnp
Arg2: 0000000000000258, Timeout in seconds.
Arg3: fffffa8003d57b50, The thread currently holding on to the Pnp lock.
Arg4: fffff80000b9c510, nt!TRIAGE_9F_PNP on Win7

Debugging Details:

Implicit thread is now fffffa80`03d57b50


FAULTING_THREAD: fffffa8003d57b50






LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from fffff80003289a32 to fffff80003296e7a

fffff880`0335b740 fffff800`03289a32 : fffffa80`03d57b50 fffffa80`03d57b50 00000000`00000000 00000000`0000000d : nt!KiSwapContext+0x7a
fffff880`0335b880 fffff800`032964da : ff... Read more

A:BSOD 0x9f when computer enters sleep mode

I may have found a solution. It may have to do with the fact that my computer is hosting a bluetooth network, and my iPhone may be trying to connect while the laptop is in sleep mode. I'm not sure if this is the case, but I will post if I've found any results.

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While playing games... my pc will always enter sleep mode after about 10 min. of play time. Once in sleep mode, it will not wake up.. so I have to turn off the computer by the button. This is really frustrating. I tried the live chat with microsoft and the tech found corrupted files?! But they wanted to charge me 69.99 to resolve the issue. Help?

A:Computer Enters Sleep Mode While Gaming and Wont Wake Up

guessing 7 or vista


and start type cmd right click it run as admin in the box enter sfc/ scannow enter run it twice

£70 to fix it? really???


use above to keep eye on your temperatures , i cleaned out a computer yesterday and the fluff was enough to make a jumper

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I'm new here and I hope I can explain my problem so you can understand. Sometimes I'm not the greatest at explaining things. :-/

I have a Gateway GT5662, with 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed, and lately I've been having problems when it goes into sleep mode or I shut it down. I usually just leave the computer on and it'll go into sleep mode on it's own after awhile. Well, when I come back to it after a few hours, it won't wake up. It'll just be a black screen, won't respond to any keys or mouse clicks(yes, the monitor is on). So, I end up having to shut it down and start it back up manually(with the power button). When it starts back up, the Gateway logo comes on, but then it goes to a black screen and says something about an API or ATI error and then says press any key to boot from CD. When I ignore that, it tells me to restart by hitting ctrl-alt-delete. Well, when I do that, the whole process starts all over. The first time it happened to me was a little over a week ago. I kept hitting ctrl-alt-delete and eventually this Windows Vista Start-up Repair came on and I ran it. Computer booted up fine. Next time it happened, the System Repair didn't come on, but I put the Recovery Disk in and ran it from there. Well, tonight when it happened, we put the Recovery Disk in and the CD-Rom started loading it(with the white bar on the bottom) and then another bar came up with Microsoft Corporation underneath it, which I believe happens everytime... Read more

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My Yoga 2 11 shuts down when flipped into tablet mode. Already tried to restart but nothing changes. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Over the last few months my Thinkpad S1 Yoga has developed a habit of randomly entering tablet mode when the lid is about 90-120 degrees open, as if the lid was swung past 180 degrees. Consequently the keyboard and trackpad are disabled when this happens. Closing the lid to force the computer to sleep and then opening the lid again removes the symptom. Moving the lid past 180 degrees sometimes makes the computer go into laptop mode again, or sometimes makes the display rotate 90 degrees while staying in tablet mode. I tried to remove the sensor in Device Manager and let plugnplay rediscover it but the problem remains. So I'm guessing this is a hardware problem? For now my workaround is to keep the sensor disabled (which means no tablet mode unless I Before I tear the computer apart and start replacing parts - it's out of warranty - any thoughts?Thanks.

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I am having this issue with my Yoga, it used to happen rarely but now it happens more than several times a day.While I am using the tablet in laptop mode, it will suddenly give a popup asking if I want to switch to tablet mode. I select no, because, I'm using it as a laptop. But then the Yoga disables my keyboard and trackpad. I have tried turning it to tablet mode and turnign it back again. I've tried closing the screen, or flipping the screen around. I've tried going into system settings and enabling and disabling the keyboard and trackpad, but they stay disabled.My bios and drivers are up to date. I would LOVE to be able to just manually turn off this automatic disabling of the keyboard and trackpad, but that doesn't seem possible. This computer just seems really confused about what mode I'm using it in. The only solution I have presently is to completley shut off the computer, but even then, sometimes I've had to do this several times. It seems other people have had this issue but the topics get prematurely closed. I have tried other solutions presented but they don't work for me.

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Thought i had virus(computer kept shutting down to enter sleep mode) I have since reset to original factory settings but it still wants to enter sleep mode. can any one offer assistance?.

A:Computter Enters Sleep Mode

Standby is a state in which your monitor and hard disks turn off, so that your computer uses less power. When you want to use the computer again, it comes out of standby quickly, and your desktop is restored exactly as you left it. Use standby to save power when you will be away from the computer for a short time while working. Because Standby does not save your desktop state to disk, a power failure while on Standby can cause you to lose unsaved information.

To automatically put your computer on standby
Open Power Options in Control Panel.
In Power Schemes, click the down arrow, and then select a power scheme. The time settings for the power scheme are displayed in System standby, Turn off monitor, and Turn off hard disks.
To turn off your monitor before your computer goes on standby, select a time in Turn off monitor.
To turn off your hard disk before your computer goes on standby, select a time in Turn off hard disks.

To open Power Options, click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Power Options.
You might want to save your work before putting your computer on standby. While the computer is on standby, information in computer memory is not saved to your hard disk. If there is an interruption in power, information in memory is lost.

To create a new power scheme, specify the time settings you want, and then click Save As.

If you're using a portable computer, you can specify one setting for battery power and a differen... Read more

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Hello TechGuy forums!

Recently my custom build has started randomly going into some kind of sleep mode, probably caused by lack of video signal. The monitors report that they are entering power save mode and there's a loud crack from the speakers.

However, no input will ever wake it back up. TeamViewer reports the computer as online for a minute or so (but fails to connect) and then it switches to offline.

The problem seems to occur at completely random times. It has happened after half an hour of browsing the internet or two hours of gaming.

All the temperatures are OK (except for an "AUX" sensor that has been reporting insane temperatures since the first day) and I have made no hardware or software changes other than reseating my video card a couple of weeks ago.

So far I have ran FurMark, which got my GPU temperature up to 75 C with the case open and it all seemed stable and the Windows-based memtest, during which the PC crashed again while I was away.

The next thing I would do is try using the PC with one stick of RAM at a time and see if that solves anything, but I thought I'd post here first to see if anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice.

Specs (short version)

2 x 4 GB Corsair
Sirtec 500W
ASRock 970DE3/U3S3
Dual monitors (DVI/VGA and HDMI)
Windows 7 x64

Thanks for reading!

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Have an HP Envy dv7 running Windows 8 64 bit.  Have only had the laptop a month and was fine to start but now the computer quickly enters sleep mode in as little as 2 minutes from walking away from it.  Am using the high performance power settings and have ensured that the dimming/turning screen off/put computer to sleep are set at 10/20/120min respectively.  The laptop wakes as soon as I swipe my finger on the reader but is annoying to constantly find it alseep in as little time it takes to go to the kitchen to get a drink. Also had it go to sleep on me while in the midst of reading a web page.  Have only added MS Office and Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird for additional programs since I purchased it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Envy dv7 enters sleep mode unexpectedly.

Hi,this is common and reported by many windows 8 users. how your PC will go into sleep again depends on how you wake it up.can you try wakeup your PC using power button and leave it for sometime - check if it still enters Sleep mode in the same time or this time as per your power Plan? you may need to create new power plans to get rid of this issue. because several updates from Microsoft/HP power assistant change the power settings of PC. which possibly causes the issue.what i can suggest is, create a new power plan and make sure hybrid sleep is disabled aswell. Hope it helps. Good Luck !!!!

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I have a new yoga 710 and a week ago (i think maybe it was after a windows update) it started getting into sleep mode every 2 minutes (screen goes black, i have to press a button and enter password). sleep mode is set to 10 minutes on battery and hibernate mode is set to 180 minutes so i dont know what is the problem. help will be appriciated since i cant work on the computer without touching the mouse every 2 minutes.

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I have a a Portege R930. I am running a program that take 25-30% of the CPU for many hours. If I put the laptop into sleep mode, does the computation get suspended? If not, and it is still running, how does the CPU get cooled when the fan is turned off in sleep mode? Can the CPU overheat?

I *don't* want my many-hour program run to be interrupted by an overheating sensor. If I know that the program is suspended in sleep mode, I won't fear entering sleep mode. If not, then I will keep the laptop awake, and if I need to transport the laptop, I'll put it into hibernation.

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I have WinXP and my computer restarts or enters sleep mode (if sleep mode: computer can not be 'woken' from sleep) with out warning every 15 mins.

Also when it restarts it comes up with 'Windows Has Recovered from a serious error' with some files that are effected...

I have been told it could be the RAM...

Any Help?

A:XP - Windows restarts or enters sleep mode without warning

Hello Adam. It appears to be a Power Management issue in Windows XP. In that case, you might find the following article useful.

Configure Windows XP power management

Hope that helps.

-- Goku

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After upgrading to Windows 10, my eMachines model EL1360G enters sleep mode of it's own accord, 10 minutes or so, then will not come out with mouse movement. Have to reboot each time. No problem before upgrade. Can anyone help, please? I've tried the obvious with Power Settings, etc. 

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Hi guys, i've had an issue since yesterday. My missus has downgraded me from the 46"

So i went out and purchased a second hand 15.5" lg monitor and a new vga cable, as before i was running via hdmi lead.. So everything was going fine untill i tried to play bf3, when i click on the bf3.exe my monitor enters sleep mode??

The game music can still be herd, and the pc seems responsive as my keyboard is still lit up and cap locks, numlock still responsive. Only way out is to hard reset.

I've gone inside the pc and removed the little dust that was there
Ive made sure pc is set in high performance mode
Made sure hibernation and sleep is off
Made sure vga cable is fixed
Checked driver for updates
Ran cc cleaner to insure no unwanted registary causing issues
Ran gpuZ to check temps (idle 32, gaming 57)
Tried unclocking my card
Tried raising fan speed manual to 100%

Yet it still happens, i've never had this issue before i got the monitor yesterday, and i know the gpu is not overheating, so do you think the monitor itself is the issue?

Tested games:
Working on highest settings:
-Black ops2
-Transformers foc
-DayZ (high not ultra)
-The warZ
-Portal 2

Games that shut down monitor:
-Crysis 2
-Resident evil: operation racoon city

The games that fail put the monitor into sleep mode as soon as the .exe is clicked.

Below is system
Win7 home 64bit
Amd black edition quadcore 4.22ghz
Amd 1gb HD 6570 gpu
450w psu
Gigabyte ga-78lmt-us... Read more

A:monitor enters sleep mode whilst gaming


Definitely sounds monitor related. What happens if you run BF3 at the same native resolution as the monitor?


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Got a weird one here that I can't solve but have an idea what it might be.

I'm running a Nvidia 8500GT video card and it has 2 video outputs, one VGA, one DVI. I wanted to run 2 monitors and connected a second one and set it up in the control panel to run dual view. It worked great in the beginning, but then started having some weird problems.

The first thing that happened is that the video card resolution settings would change sometimes on startup. Then it started thinking by Sammy 22" was a Generic CRT.

Then what I started noticing was that sometimes the monitors went into sleep mode (the monitors, not the PC), it wouldn't wake up when I moved the mouse or hit a key. When I tried rebooting it the monitors still wouldn't wake up but I could hear the PC booting up to the logon screen and making the logon sound.

Then I tried just going back to one monitor and the problem is persisting. If I leave the PC off for a few hours it will sometimes recognize the monitor on startup, but then after a while it will go into sleep mode and won't wake up.

Is it the video card? The drivers are all up to date. I've read the running dual view can be hard on the card? Do I need more power to run dual view? I'm not running it anymore.

I'm tempted to just try and run another card but if I can avoid dropping $100 for nothing...


A:Monitor enters sleep mode, won't come out, isn't recognized on reboot

Hmm, just tried rebooting PC and now it's not even rebooting, tried a couple times.

Forgot to mention that the power supply blew up about 4 months ago. Everything seemed fine after I replaced it though. Could it have shortened the life of the motherboard?

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I have a a Portege R930. I am running a program that take 25-30% of the CPU for many hours. If I put the laptop into sleep mode, does the computation get suspended? If not, and it is still running, how does the CPU get cooled when the fan is turned off in sleep mode? Can the CPU overheat?

I *don't* want my many-hour program run to be interrupted by an overheating sensor. If I know that the program is suspended in sleep mode, I won't fear entering sleep mode. If not, then I will keep the laptop awake, and if I need to transport the laptop, I'll put it into hibernation.

A:Can CPU overheat if Portege R930 enters sleep mode?

The answer seems to be that the CPU can't over heat because programs are suspended: http://forums.toshiba.com/t5/Port%C3...p/689961#M4014

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Hi there
My PC has been driving me crazy. I was having trouble with one of my HDs, so i removed it from the system and made a fresh install of Windows 7 Home Premium X64. Now it is even worst, before i had the same errors on the old system but at least it would enter sleep state correctly most of the times. Now i have again this "Custom Error" ntoskrnl.exe (nt+0x824DA)
Bugcheck code: 0x1000009F (0x4, 0x258, 0xFFFFFA8009B6AB60, 0xFFFFF80000BA2740)
But the PC will stay on and i have to shut it down on the Power button every Morning.
I checked the Crashdumps but cannot find the cause, maybe some of you will help me out.
Thank you

A:BSOD 0x1000009F everytime PC enters sleep Mode

Hello Picas and welcome to SF

Please have a look at Stop error when you put a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 to sleep or into hibernation, or when you restart the computer: "0x9F"
If you need any help on that, post back.

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Hello, i have a Satellite P50-A PSPMHU, and i install windows 10 64bits. Once installed, my laptop enter in sleep mode every time, must be every 5 minute, or 10 minute, it is not constant, i dont know what happened. If i install windows 7 64 bit, work good, but to install windows 10 64 bit, the failure occurs. Please help me. Only occur with windows 10 (32 o 64 bit). Thank for you can do for me.

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Hello all,

I've tried to troubleshoot this issue in which my laptop will enter sleep mode at random times. Strangely, it only happens when my computer is plugged in to the adapter. Looking in the Windows event logs showed that entering sleep mode was either caused by Event 37 (system is limited by firmware) or Event 42 (entering sleep because of the sleep button or lid). I have since installed every software update provided by Dell's website for my laptop model (Inspiron 7720), including the latest BIOS update, but the issue persists. After receiving the Event 42 warning in the log, I deactivated the power button in the power options for the current power plan, which only caused the system to freeze up entirely when it entered sleep mode again. The power light was still on, but the screen turned off and neither the touchpad nor the mouse nor the keyboard would wake the computer up. I've also tried using a different adapter with this laptop - a 90W adapter instead of the 130W one that came with the laptop - but this only prolonged the time it took for the computer to enter sleep mode again. I even deactivated sleep mode in the power options to ensure that this wasn't the cause. It will enter sleep mode regardless of whatever I'm doing, too - even while I was typing this post, the screen turned black and the power button began pulsing. The only way I can turn the laptop back on again is by closing the lid and opening it again, since for some reason pressing the power button wo... Read more

A:PC Randomly Enters Sleep Mode (Kernel Power Event 42)

Hi Fiero, Welcome to Forums.

Reason for the issue can be anything. Like a software which came pre installed on your laptop. Dell and other brands install their own power management tools.

You can goto advanced power management settings, look indeed for hibernate or sleep, change the 180 minutes into 0 for meaning NEVER.

If you find some software in your Control panel (add/remove programs) by Dell for power management. Try to uninstall it (Don't worry you can get it back from Dell site) and check.

Check for Keyboard/touchpad/mouse/DVD RW for "Allow this device to wake up the computer" at the "Power management" tab of respective hardware.

Keep us posted.

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I was working in Lightroom when my pc went into sleep mode.  Never happened before. I attempted to activate by pushing the power button.  Then I powered off and on. The Lenovo logo displayed on my monitor with the circular progress dial underneath, then the monitor displayed a "No signal, Entering the power saving mode shortly" message, then went black. I saw one thread suggesting removing the CMOS battery from the motherboard and holding the power button for 20 seconds to discharge power and reset the unit.  I have tried this and am still having the same issue.  Any suggestions?I am running windows 10, and note a major update applied last week, but I have been using the PC since then w/o issue until this problem occured this morning.Any help will be appreciated.Thanks

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new ThinkPad, windows 10, enters full screen while in tablet mode then after a few minutes it goes back to the windows start menu. any help would be appreciated.

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a lot of my friends have this problem. It doesn't matter what type of card they have. My problem is more difficult. When the screen turns off it happens quite often that it doesn't turn back but otherwise the pc (windows) is in working ("blindly" i deleted my icons from the desktop) If i press the power button than for instance the screen comes back and than the computer turn off. I operated with the power setting and i found a newer driver for my intel 4000 vga and new dell '06 bios, but the problem come back always. (+I tried on windows 7; always is ok!)

Dell inspirion 3521-intel hd 4000-core i3

My power plan (when plugged in):

Dim display: 2 min
Turn off the display: 3 min
Put the computer to sleep: never (on battery 1 hour)


A:Black screen after sleep mode and screen off (in power safer mode)

I dont think it's your touchpad specifically.  It will go out whenever the i/o is interacted with.  It will probably go out even if you plug your cell phone.  Since removing Mcaffee I havent had any problems.

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What could be causing the following situation- When restarting my computer (Windows 7 64bit) after the "starting windows" screen appears the screen will go dark and display "power saving mode". After about 60 seconds the computer will restart from the "starting windows" screen and complete the restart process. Once it completes everything the computer runs fine. Any help would be appreciated!

A:During restart computer enters power saving mode

Could be a boot sequence problem. Under the BIOS, make sure you're booting in the usual order (1. CD/DVD Drive, 2. Hard Drive, 3. USB, 4. Anything else). If that does not work, go into the BIOS and click the option to reset to defaults, save, and exit. If the previous methods still do not fix the issue, update your BIOS.

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waketup form sleep mode , wifi disconnect , earphone 3.5mm port no sound  and keyboard light buttom dosn't work , I have already updated all lanovo and window driver . How to fix it

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Display adapters
Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1)

System devices

The computer doesn't come out of sleep mode (I have to preform a shutdown by using the power button) and shows a weird pixelated image similar to a old TV - see picture 1
When I restarted the computer, a similar image showed up - see picture 2. After the third forced shutdown my computer started up fine.

Video 1
Video 2

Now my computer is working fine but I am still wondering...

A:Computer won't come out of sleep mode, something odd on screen

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For last few days i had a problem where in my computer would load perfectly boot-up and whenever i used to click on a user account to log-in it used to just shut down or you can say become un-responsive...

I then re-installed my win7 sp1 again and to my amazement this problem again showed-up....

I then used microsoft's fix it tools and it then somehow....managed to fix a few problem and win7 started to boot properly again yesterday....

Now, today my account would load normally, but after few minutes screen would show "entering power saving mode" and it would just restart...

I am enclosing details of PC and recent memory dump...

A:Computer Enters Power Saving Mode and Restarts with Error

any help?

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Sorry if this has been asked and answered before.  I'm a new owner of an X1 Yoga 3rd Gen.  Simple question: how do you revive it from sleep in tent/tablet mode?  In those modes the keyboard is deactivated.  When the screen turns off after inactivity the only way I can get it back on again is by folding the computer back into laptop mode.  Touching the screen, the touchpad, or pressing the power button does nothing. I've looked for an answer online, and it seems like there might not be another way to revive the laptop other than that, which seems silly.  Is the only workaround to install an app that prevents the screen from turning off?

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Hi There,

My setup: I have a windows 8.1 with Bing tablet. I am hoping to install these into taxi's and utilize for advertising. The charger will be connected to the ignition (will be on charge) and will hopefully go into sleep mode when ignition is off (ie:
no charge). Then when car starts the unit will boot up again (being on charge again).

I am therefore trying to make the tablet sleep after ignition is turned off (unfortunately there isn't an auto power ON function in the bios otherwise i would set that). So my plan is to try and make the tablet sleep (when car turns off) and then
wake up when the car starts (i.e: starts charging).

Q1: I know about the power settings but feeling very limited with them. I cant seem to send the tablet into sleep mode when i have a video running (and after the car has turned off)- If video isnt playing then the tablet will sleep. Is there anything
i am doing wrong, can i force the tablet to sleep no matter what apps/windows are open?

Q2: When power is restored, how can i get the tablet to boot up and open/continue playing the video?

Q3: If i use sleep mode i cant put the tablet into sleep when a video is playing (If i can execute this then i can use a task schedule to start up tablet from sleep

Any ideas or additional software platforms would be appreciated.


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This tablet has successive episiodes where it enters sleep mode, without user action and when battery still has sufficient charge. Battery seems fine, and Power Options are set to 5% / Hibernate. Can't seem to replicate the behaviour - but details as below. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to troubleshoot further? Event viewer:Event 524, Kernel-Power: 'Critical Battery Trigger Met'Event 42, Kernel-Power: 'The system is entering sleep. Sleep Reason: Battery' Battery report: CHEMISTRY: LiPDESIGN CAPACITY: 37,010 mWhFULL CHARGE CAPACITY: 36,710 mWhCYCLE COUNT: 29 Critical battery action:On battery: HibernatePlugged in: Hibernate Critical battery level:On battery: 5%Plugged in: 5%

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Hi there,

I recentley downloaded an alarm clock program by the name of '' Alarm Master Plus '' in evaluation trile. when I shut my computer off, instead of shutting it down I ask for the computer's sleep mode or '' Mettre en veille '' option (in french). The next morning I always find myself in front of the a screen which has two buttons. One says '' Verrouiil? '' (locked), and the other one says '' change user '' . When I click on the '' Locked '' button I find myself on my desk with my alarm starting '' Always late '' !

Is it possible to put my computer in sleep mode and have it stay on my desk without getting locked ?

You have my thanks !

A:How to put the computer in sleep mode without the screen going locked

If you goto the power options and tweak around with them you will find an option that says prompt for password when coming out of standby just uncheck it and you're good!

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Please help me, my computer mostly runs fine but when i leave it for a while (it goes to sleep mode) and it crashed. i have tried everything and i'm lost now. please help me i have also attached the dump file. Many thanx

A:Blue Screen while computer at sleep mode

Just had a look through your dumps and they are all the same bugcheck code 0x50 PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA have a look here for a bit more info and likely causes http://www.carrona.org/bsodindx.html#0x00000050

All dumps report the faulting driver to be 1160x64.sys, have tried googling it but i have no idea what this is or what program/software it belongs to, one thing you could try is to locate the driver in your windows folder and temporarily rename the file ext to .bak to stop the driver loading see if it helps your problem, worst case it will throw an error if it does simply change back but the error may give you an idea of what the driver belongs too.

A few of the dumps mention usb i would try unplugging/disabling any usb items you are using to see if it helps

AV can be also be factor

Also noticed these older drivers on your system would recommend updating them if possible especially those that are over 12 months old

ASACPI.sys Mon Mar 28 03:30:36 2005 Asus ACPI driver
netr28ux.sys Wed Aug 15 15:50:03 2007 LAN/Wireless driver
amdxata.sys Tue May 19 18:56:59 2009 AMD Storage filter driver
anodlwfx.sys Fri Mar 06 10:10:08 2009 ANOD Network Security Filter driver
1160x64.sys Fri Jun 19 14:15:45 2009
MpNWMon.sys Thu Jun 11 03:33:23 2009 network monitoring system driver

Hope this helps

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My computer seems to not like to wake up after being left. Sometimes it just wont turn back on or just reboots its self. The guy who I got the computer from can't seem to get this computer working right. He put Win 7 on it which make my PSP not work right and I am a digital artist and I cant walk away from the damn machine or it has a hissy fit. He said he shut the sleep and hibernation off sooo...wth

I came her because I found a thread about my screen flashing black for just a second. But after registering I cant find it now. The light doesn't turn off on the screen so I don't think its that....but have NO clue what it actually IS. I do know its making me mad. lol

A:computer sleep mode/black screen

Well first of all, you need to list your exact specs; ie make and model of mb, brand and wattage of pw supply, brand and speed of ram, exact cpu, etc, etc, etc.

No one knows what we are working on.

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I recently had the fan replaced on my Video Card. I was told that I needed to reinstall Windows XP Pro. They said they could do it for $75 or I could do it. I brought it home and thought it was as simple as sticking the disk in and turning the computer on. It didn't work. This disk came without instructions. If someone could tell me step by step because I am just a soccer mom that needs my computer back.

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Bascially it has started happenening where by I dont even tell the computer to wake, it just does after a set amount of time.

However the screen is totally black, fans spinning all lights on doing the their thing but totally unresponsive. I have to hold down the power button to restart the computer.

Funny thing is when I do all of my tabs, apps, games etc are open exactly where I left off after I turned off the machine.

Also my machine has NO trouble at all turning on/restarting from a cold boot.

Any help would be great, been bugging me for ages, I tried turning off hibernation etc but then I just lose the ability to continue on where I left off so im guessing it has to do with sleep.

Occasionaly if I pop it into sleep when I come back (maybe over an hour or more) it's already 'awake' into the black screen. Like something woke it up but the same problem of nothing happening is still there

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Hi all, I've noticed that my Yoga 910 is not auto rotatingwhen I set it to tent mode nor to tablet mode. Not only it doesn't auto rotate but it also keep the keyboard active... Not sure if this is a faulty sensor problem or just some bug. I've tried to follow the solutions presented in other topics but without success even tried a system restore but the problem is still here. I can't really identify which update has created this situtation but I know that when a couple of months ago it was still working. I also have the impression that more are affected, so could Lenovo release a patch to troubleshoot and solve such an important issue for a Yoga product (basically there is no Yoga functionality with this problem). Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey there,

my cat was sleeping on the keyboard of my Dell laptop and when she stood up and walked over it she accidentally changed the screen settings and I cannot get it back. So my screen is flipped around everytime I turn on my computer. I manually has to hit `FN` next to the windows button and choose the extended mode with `F1` to flip it back.

Does anybody know how I can make this to the default one so I don`t have to do it every time I log in?

Please help!


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My laptop, running Windows Ten from a clean install, has issues with the sleep function. About once a day, when I either put the computer to sleep or when it does it on its own, the screen will go black but the computer will not stop running. All the lights are on, the fan and disks keep running. Nothing works to turn the screen back on and my only option becomes to force a shut down.

I've tried tweaking all the power options in various ways, I've tried disabling/enabling hibernation/fast start and I've searched for an answer but I do not have one.

Thank you,

A:Sleep mode=Black screen, computer keeps running, force shut-down.

Still having this issue and can still not find an answer. Any ideas?


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Hey, everyone, I bought my Inspiron 15 7567 a few months ago and absolutely love it. I've had no problems with it until yesterday when I "woke" it from sleep: I opened the monitor and was greeted with a heavily distorted screen, seen below.
This has never happened before, and part of me thinks it may have something to do with a system update that I recently downloaded and installed. my guess is there's a bug in the latest Dell update that causes this to happen.
Has anybody here experienced this before, and how were you able to resolve this?

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Sometimes when I switch from tablet mode to laptop mode the keyboard and/or touchpad doesn't work temporarily (like 10-30 seconds). Sometimes the keyboard backlighting stays on when switching from tablet mode to laptop mode.

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Flex 4-1580, Win10 64bit. All updates installed. When working at my desk I keep the lid of the laptop closed and use an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor. When I open the lid, it asks if I want to go into tablet mode. Regardless of whether I say yes or no, the keyboard and touchpad are disabled. If I rotate the screen around to a "tent" or tablet configuration, the keyboard and touchpad start working. I have installed all updates I could find and tried manually toggling tablet mode but nothing helps. I would like to be able to use the computer as a laptop when I travel without having to use an external keyboard and mouse.

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Hey guys,
I bought a Flex 3 1580 about a week ago. I reformatted the computer because the video drivers were screwed up, but now when I flip the laptop around to tablet mode, nothing happens. The keyboard cuts out and everything but I no longer get the little pop up that asks if i want to switch. I've tried going into tablet settings and telling it to automatically switch without asking, but this also doesn't work.
I'm wondering if maybe I missed a cruicial piece of software after I reformatted because it was working perfectly before, but I reinstalled everything available on the lenovo website and nothing helped.
I've tried googling this problem over and over but I can never seem to find any answers, especially for this specific model.
Really would appreciate help with this. It's not a huge deal because I can still swith manually, but it certainly would be nice to have it working as before.
Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Flex 3-1580 - No automatic pc mode/tablet mode swi...

http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/enable-tablet-mode-windows-10if you have done this and it is not working, i have to ask have you ever had tablet mode working since you reinstalled windows 10?

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I have a ThinkPad L380 Yoga. This seems like a simple task, but I cannot figure out a good way to get the screen to come back on when I am in tablet mode. The screen times out, since it is in tablet mode the keyboard and touch pad do not work to wake the screen up. The touch screen does not work becuase the screen is off. The power button only puts the computer to sleep or wakes it up. The only way I can get the screen to come on again is to put the laptop back into laptop mode. This is frustrating because I would like to leave it in tablet mode and not put it back into laptop mode. 

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