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Solved: Using fields as bullets in Word 2000

Q: Solved: Using fields as bullets in Word 2000

I was wondering if this was possible.

My mom wants me to write a template for school lesson plans. Each plan has several revisions, and each revision has several activity sets. For example, Lesson 1 might include Lesson Plans 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. Lesson 1.1 might include activity sets A, B, C, D, and E.

She would like each activity set to exist in its own document, and at one point in the document she wants the activities listed ordinally while referencing the activity set, if that makes sense. In other words, she wants the activities listed 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a; 1b, 2b, 3b, 4b; 1c...etc., with each set being in a separate document.

I don't like the setup and I think she's duplicating information, but that's the way she says it has to be. Anyway.

Adding that letter to the bullets isn't difficult to do manually, but she's pretty computer illiterate so I need a way to do it automatically. I thought the easiest thing would be to use a FILLIN field to SET a bookmark, and REF the bookmark in the numbered bullet. I don't know if it's possible to insert a field into a list's ordination, though. Any ideas?

I have a couple other things I could try if I can't find a simpler solution. For example, I thought I might use a FILLIN field to grab the activity set, then use a macro to format the bullet style of the list in question.

Anyway, just thought I'd toss that out there, if anyone has any suggestions I'd be grateful.



Preferred Solution: Solved: Using fields as bullets in Word 2000

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Using fields as bullets in Word 2000

I don't like the setup, either. I think you're just asking for trouble. WHY does she want separate documents? Also, consider using Caption for the 1a, 2a...

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I don't know if this is possible.

I do know it isn't possible to insert a form field into a field code.

The functionality I'm trying to achieve is something like this:

{ SET _Check1 { FORMCHECKBOX } }​
Then, further down the document:

{ REF _Check1 { FORMCHECKBOX } }​
In other words, I want to use bookmarks with form fields. Can it be done?


A:Solved: Merging form fields in Word 2000

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Hey folks,

Just an idle productivity question.

Assuming I wish to key in the name "John Doe" in the beginning of a contract document as a field and have the same name reappear in other fields within that same document, is this possible at all via MS Word 2000 independent of another supporting merge document?

Or am I restricted to the merge feature alone where I require another MS Word document with tables or an MS Excel table?


Mr Al-B

A:MS Word 2000 and Use of Fields

Hi, welcome to the board. Haven't done this for a year, maybe 2. Here's one method I've used before. (?How would you key in as a field?)

First type it in, then select it (the whole string), then Insert a Bookmark. Throughout the doc, you can then Insert -- Field(s) (Category = Links & Refs, Field names = Ref). In the Field codes text box you'll need "REF Name", where Name = the name of the bookmark you inserted. You may want to turn on "Show Bookmarks" in the doc (Tools -- Options -- View) to make editing the actual bookmark easier, when required.

The Ref fields should update automatically when you print ; if not, CTRL+A to select the whole doc, then rightclick one of them & "Update Field".


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Hi everybody,
I have the problem that Word 2000 updates fields (with date) in documents, when I don't want it to. According to my information, Word 2000 only updates these fields when you select a field, right click it and choose update or when you print it, if that option is set in options. In my documents, however, it seems that Word 2000 updates the field every time I open the document.

Does anybody know how I can stop Word from doing this?

A:Word 2000 updates fields when I don't want it to

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Hi, there are small arrows that appear to the right of each bullet in a list. How do I get rid of them? I don't know how they got there.

A:Solved: Bullets in Word

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I am working on a word document with bullets and numbers, somehow I have bullets with numbers as subsets, then I try to get my bullets to continue along and they keep indenting more, below is how I want it to look but the 3rd set of bullets is to the right and below the #. How do I get that back in the format I want? I find bullets tricky to work with


A:Solved: Word Bullets

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I think I inadvertently changed formatting in Word and don't know how to get back to my original setting. When I invoke bullets or numbering in a document the set up works ok, however the bullet or number now has an arrow pointing to the right (see attached screen capture). It prints ok but I'm wondering how I can get back so that only the bullet or number shows. It's no big deal but I just find it annoying.

A:Solved: Bullets and Numbering in Word 2007

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Hi I have installed word 2010 and the default bullets are a racket and ball, I want to change that to something more conventional like a square or circle, as default, how can I do that? Thanks

A:Solved: Default bullets in Word 2010

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In previous versions of Word I clearly remember that I could create a "bullet" where the "bullet-symbol" was actually a piece of text I defined myself. For example I had a bullet style starting with the text "Note" and another starting with "Tip". I cannot for my life find how to do this in word 2007 - which btw is driving me nuts in general.

A:Solved: Customized bullets in Word 2007 - how to

Welcome to the forum.

Click on the Drop-down level beside the multi-level list and select "Define New Multi-Level List" You can then type the text you want in there for the bullet.

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I'm on a pc using Windows 7, and Office 2010-- can't find out where the bullets are--can you help me?
Thank you.

A:Solved: Office 2010-Word-bullets

Sorry-found it-stupid question-don't bother answering

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When I create a list that has some numbers in it and then bullet that list, it deletes the first number on that line. Here's an example:

The Original:

Test 1

20 30
Test 1

30 50
What happens when I bullet the lines with numbers:

Is there any way to keep it from deleting those numbers? I am assuming it thinks that the first number on that line is part of a numbered list, but its not and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to make it stop!!!!!

A:Solved: Bullets in Word Deleting Numbers

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Hi there! Every time I try to number bullets. they do get numbered but in ARABIC Script. All attempts at my own level to change language keyboard etc. have failed. I need a solution badly as I am keying in an article on recipes by my wife.
Attachment shows my problem.


A:Solved: Font error in numbering bullets inMicrosoft Word 2003

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I am trying to create links to specific locations with each document between two documents. The document names will change. I can update the current name of the other document by creating a custom property called "otherDoc". I have solved most problems, however, I am unable to insert a field into the address of the link (to make the link dynamic) without utilizing the showfieldcodes command (which is very memory and time consuming since the documents I am working on are very large). Below is my code. I was wondering if there is any way to set the address as a field? Or somehow input an address and it would be understood by word to be field.
Sub link_to_other()

'pastes hyperlink to the other document
Selection.PasteSpecial Link:=True, DataType:=wdPasteHyperlink, Placement:= _
wdInLine, DisplayAsIcon:=False

'selects the hyperlink that was just inserted
Set myField = Selection.PreviousField

'creates variables
Dim temp_address As String
Dim temp_subaddress As String

'sets variables
temp_address = ActiveDocument.CustomDocumentProperties("otherDoc").Value & ".doc"
temp_subaddress = Selection.Range.Hyperlinks(1).SubAddress

'changes the hyperlink the the dynamic value
Set SCut = ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks.Add( _
Anchor:=Selection.Range, _
Address:=temp_address, SubAddress:=temp_subaddress)
End Sub


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Is there an EASY way to make two columns of bullets on four lines in MS Word 97 or 95. Word doesn't allow you to copy bullets on same line.

A:Bullets in MS Word

Use a 2 column table, and hide the gridlines so they don't print.

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I am trying to fill in a weekly dates using a form field start date.
It is setup as such:

Start Date: ________ (user enters date here in format ddMMMYY)
This is setup as a Text form field, set to date, with calculate on exit checked and bookmark as DateField.

Later in the document, I have a weekly calendar that I want to fill in the dates for Mon - Fri based on Monday as the start date from above.
I have been using the insert>Quick Parts>Field but cannot figure out the calculations even after multiple guides and searches.
I am able to reference the bookmark and repeat the date for Monday, but cannot figure out how to set Tue-Fri dates.

Please give me the exact code to put in if possible.
I could figure it out using VBA but want to do this without macros if possible.


A:Solved: Form Fields in MS Word

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I am using Word 2000. Can someone tell me where I can find animal bullets or better yet haw can I convert a jpeg, bmp or tiff to a bullet?



A:Microsoft Word bullets

Did you try clips online?
Format-Bullets and numbering.
Choose the Picture button.
Hit Clips online.

Format-Bullets and numbering.
Choose the Picture button.
Hit Import clips.
Choose your JPG or whatever.
Hit Import.
Hit Ok.

Looks like 12 pixels square is the size of one of those bullet files. If your graphic isn't 12 x 12, you'll want to resize it before choosing to import it and use it as a bullet.

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Is there a way to lock certain fields in a Microsoft Word form while keeping others editable?

A:Solved: Lock certain fields in Word form?

Got it.

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When I try to create a new number bullet in Word 2007 I am the okay button is greyed out. Why can I not change the format? The okay button is allowed when I first go into format the bullet but as soon as I remove the preformatted text it the okay button is disallowed. For example I want to change the preformatted style from i. to (i) It will not allow me just put a bracket either side of the i I have to delete the i which is highlighted at this point the okay button disappers. Is there some permission that needs changing to allow me to make the changes I want?

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I have been scouring the web (with remarkably little success) to find a way that I can combine numbers and letters so that it looks like this:

(i) (a)


(ii) (a)


....(c) etc

It's different from multi-level lists in that those leave a blank line after the (i) etc. I have seen this done in publications, but none of the books or web guides have shown how to do it in word.

Any ideas?

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Hi There

I have MS Office XP but in Word all the bullets looks like clock face and other strange shapes. I tried to uninstall/re-install the MS Office but even then they were not working properly. On MS website it says "try re-installing the fonts" but it does not say anything how? Any help would be appreciated in this regard. Thanks

A:Ms Office Word Bullets Not Working

Open up a document with these characters. Go to Format, Bullets and Shading. On the Bulleted tab, one of your choices should be selected (probably the first one - looks like a filled in black dot). Click on Customize, then Font. I will guess that it shows your font to be Webdings - and shows a clockface in the preview panel. Change the font to Symbol.

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Hi All:

I am running windows XP version 2002, service Pack2
I am using Microsoft Word 2002 (10.6829.6830) SP3

I have a form that has been created in microsoft word by corporate that they want us to use for documentation. The form contains several grey alphanumeric fields, as well as many yellow "drop-down" style fields.

I am having a problem transfering the completed form into our text-only note system. The procedure I am using is as follows:

1. I fill in the information to the alphanumeric fields, and select the items I want from the drop-down fields
2. Under the tools menu I select "unprotect document"
3. Under edit, I select "select all"
4. Copy with hotkeys CTRL+C
5. Click into text only space with mouse, Paste with CTRL+V.

The Problem is that once I have pasted, while the alphanumeric information is still there, there is nothing but a blank space where the information from the drop-down fields should be. I am thoroughly convinced that I am overlooking something incredibly menial and arbitrary, but I have so far been unsuccesful in locating the source of my error either in the Office Help, or in any previous forum threads I have been googling. Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Microsoft Word: Drop-down Fields Don't Paste?

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I have created a form in MS Word 2007. I used the form fields and have locked the form. When the user fills out the form it is saved and sent to someone to review, edit and/or comment. The receiving party unlocks the form and adds comments however, is not able to use track changes in the form fields. Do you know of a way that they can use track changes within a form field?

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I'm working with form fields in Word 2003 and I was wondering if it were possible to create a form field with a line extending to the maximum length of characters allowed? For example:


Where the underline is the form field. I know that MS shows them using tables to create a kind of pseudo line but I was hoping for something more...elegant? One that would be incorporated right with the form field.

Thanks for all your help!


A:Solved: WORD 2003: FORM FIELDS question

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Hello all!

We've been having some problems with Word here in the office, and this forum is our last hope!

When opening a file that contains bullet points, one of our computers insists on displaying those little empty upright rectangles that you often see if your system is trying to display Chinese characters it can't read. But these are standard Word bullets, not any special shapes. It is also impossible to highlight them, for example, and get them to change to normal bullets. And it isn't all the bullets, only some of them, although we haven't been able to discern a pattern.

When this file is then sent to another computer, it also displays the rectangles. Sometimes. Sometimes not. It's all very mysterious.

Please help the clueless! We want to print the file, but do not want rectangles in it!

ETA: I have some more info on when the rectangles occur. They also occur instead of the greater-than-or-equals-to symbol and the degree symbol. When you delete the rectangle and type in the unicode key combo for the symbol, however, it displays perfectly.

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When trying to add bullets to a resume typed on Word 2003, the line that I was trying to bullet became one vertical line going down the page. A second page is created which is blank while the 3rd page ends up containing the rest of the resume. I don't understand why this happening. Any help would be appreciated.


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Help Please.. I am going crazy

I am trying to type out office minutes in table form, and I am having a problem with formatting the bullets from one row to the next. I have tried unformatting and starting all over again but my text runs all over the place. this is not my document and is the first time I am working on it. This is the first time I have ever encountered problems like this! I cannot get consistency and I cannot correct the following problems:
Spacing between my initial bullet and text is too wide an then too closee on the sub bullet etc
The sub bullets do not conform to the previous bullet and this changes from row to row
The second line of text in any of my bullets will not align properly to the text in the first line
I am desperate for some help please. You can see an example below! Any suggestions?

∑ CSIR Policing Conference ​o Holding a meeting this week to discuss this conference​∑ Italy ​o Italian National day on Wednesday 2 June. Celbration​ dinner at 6pm​∑ Fan XXXXXX​o Not completed yet, still a lot of work to do​o Will have to contact about whether certain issues such as​ a cleaning service, plasma TVís etc have been thought of​o XXX is doing accreditation ​o XXXXX is doing permits for Beachfront Access​o XXXXX to take responsibility for NDM vehicles and Municipal Staff​o There is to be a dry run this coming weekend. Events and​ Protocol will be involved.​ ̴... Read more

A:Inserting Bullets in a table in Word 2007

One way to get your text aligned is to select the bullet, right click and then select "Adjust Line Indents" from the menu that pops up.

You can manually change the list level for each line by selecting it and then pressing SHIFT+ALT+RIGHT ARROW (or LEFT ARROW) to send that line lower (or higher) in the list level respectively.

You can also align a line by selecting it, going to the ruler, and dragging the tab/indent to where you want it.

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I'm trying to decide on the best way to fix a font problem on a friends computer. Yesterday his bullets started appearing as clock faces for no apparent reason - I did a little research and it seems that the Symbol Font may be corrupt and have to be reinstalled. What I'm wondering is - what is the easiest way to reinstall the Symbol Font if I don't have the CD for the OS? Can I copy the Symbol Font into a shared folder which he has access to and drag and drop it into his Fonts folder, thus overwriting and replacing his old Symbol Font? Are there any limitations to this? Is the an easier or better way to do it?

Thanks very much!

A:Bullets appear as clock faces in Outlook 2000 - Font Problem

Just a little update...his Outlook version is 97 not 2000.

I tried copying my symbol font onto his computer...it installed fine, but didn't fix the problem. The weird thing is that he can get bullets in Word just fine.

I sent a bulleted message to myself from his computer and the clock faces did not appear on my screen...they were bullets.

So it is his bullet font and it's limited to Outlook 97. Just not sure how to fix it.

PS - he was busy when I tried the font install, so I'm hoping that once he shuts down Outlook completely and restarts it that maybe the effects will take effect...fingers crossed!!!

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I know how to use bullets, but if you tab in the bullets, it will stay tabbed throughout the entire document unless you set up tabbed bullets again. When I try to backspace to go back to left alignment, it will delete the bullet and still stay tabbed. Basically what I am asking is after you do a tabbed bullet, how do you go back to aligning the bullets left again?

A:How to make bullets work in Microsoft Word 2007

Try shift-tab instead of Backspace to shift the tab to the left.

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I have Microsoft Word 2011 installed on a Mac OS 10.7.3. Does anybody know what could cause this error? The bullet points are showing up as hollow squares.

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I have a problem with MS Word 2007. In many of my documents I use both bullets and numbering in different lists. Sometimes when I open these doucments I see that since my last opening of the document word has automatically converted a lot of the bullets into numbering. I don't know if it has anything to say but these documents are very large (about 400 pages).

For example, if my original document looks like this:

1) aaaaaaa
2) aaaaaaa
3) aaaaaaa

- bbbbbbbb
- bbbbbbbb
- bbbbbbbb

...it will open up looking like this:

1) aaaaaaa
2) aaaaaaa
3) aaaaaaa

4) bbbbbbbb
5) bbbbbbbb
6) bbbbbbbb

Been searching the net for a solution but can't find it anywhere. It is possible to convert the numbered list back to bullets of course, but since my documents are so large, it would take forever, and the problem keeps repeating once I correct it.

Anyone has any clue as to what is going on???

A:Word 2007 error: automatically converts bullets to numbering

What file format are you saving in?
Does it only do it one machine?
Have you tried logging into the same machine as a different user?
Your Word preferences may be corrupted for that user. Creating a new user and testing it will cause Word to create new preferences from defaults.

Further than that, uninstalling Office and rebooting, and then manually removing any remaining Office registry keys, followed by reinstalling Office may resolve the issue.

You can also edit your AutoCorrect and AutoFormat settings. I personally disable all autocorrect and autoformat features as i find them more annoying than helpful.

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Hi There

This is not a macro question. I have been at this for hours now with no success. I have a picture in MS word 2000. The picture is text with a box around the text. See attached MS Word 2000 file. I want to copy this picture into Excel 2000. But when I do a copy and paste, it does paste into Excel but just the box shows up and not the writing. Can someone out there copy it and paste it for me in Excel 2000 and send it to me?? I can then copy it from your Excel spread sheet into my Excel spread sheet.

Thanks for your help in this.


A:Solved: Copying a Picture from Word 2000 to Excel 2000

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One of the features I really liked in the DOS version of WordPerfect 5.1 was the ability, when highlighting, to simply type a character or string of chars. near the end of the relevant portion to be highlighted and have the program take the highlight directly there.

Can WORD 2000 do this? So far, all I can figure out is how to highlight either an entire word, sentence, or line, but none of them with the precision that WordPerfect 5.1 allowed.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


A:Solved: Can Word 2000 emulate Word Perfect 5.1 (DOS)

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I'm sure some of this problem is just my numbskull approach to how I've begun to develop and structure pivot tables in Excel 2000.

In pivot tables where you do (or don't) have page fields, but where you have a fairly small number of items that your want to variably select or filter, I know you can use the pulldown arrow and individually select the items that you want to include or exclude from your column or row results, using the checkboxes.

Is there any universal command that will allow you to comprehensively check or uncheck all the items under a row or column field, if say, you have 50 items, and you want to filter the results down to just one or two items? Again, you probably wouldn't have a situation like this with quite so many items being used in a data summary capacity, but I suppose it could happen and I just wanted to know if this capability was available in Excel.

A:Solved: Pivot Tables - Selecting and De-selecting Items in Column/Row Fields in Excel 2000

For Excel 2000, no. They added to the 2002 version an option to check or uncheck them all off.

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Is there a way to put a word perfect 10 doc. into a word 2000 doc. I have word perfect 10 but my school has word 2000. I need to print my paper but don't know how. Can anyone help??

A:Solved: Word perfect 10 to word 2000 doc.

Word should be able to open the WordPerfect document. Or you can save the document as a Word 97 document in WP. Do file>Save As, and in the File Type box Select Word 97/2000/2002, and click save.

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I was trying to configure Word 2000 to send email, but I can't seem to find the means to configure the bloody thing. I have tried help files, but wasn't much help.

Anybody plz?


A:Microsoft Word 2000 aka MS Word 2000 - Sending Email - Need Help Configuring

Word itself does not send (or receive) e-mail messages. You may configure Word to be your e-mail editor, but it still requires an e-mail program (such as MS Outlook) to send messages.

You can send e-mails from within Word by using File, Send To, Mail Recipient (or Mail Recipient as Attachment), but this still uses Outlook to do the sending and receiving.


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Office 2007
Windows XP

I have been creating 2 seperate documents with 2 sets of exact styles. We post one of the documents to the Web (so it is a posting template) and the other is one that we utlitize for internal. Because of this we have created 2 template with exact styles except that in the template we created for internal, the styles are slightly different.

I'll call the first style 1_Body.
Posting template: 4pt space after (equivelant to a solid return online [our vendor for our Web platform developed this])
Internal template: same style has 12 pt space after (equilant to a solid return)

When the text from the posting template is placed into the internal template it automatically switches (eg, use destination styles) to the internal template (12pt space after). The problem is that it doesn't work as well for bullets.

With bullets what normally happens is any attributes associated with the posting template don't translate over the our internal template. It basically will change everything else to the internal template styles except for the bullets.

Does anyone know of a way to remedy this? From what I have found, the best that I can do is reapply the styles after I have pasted the text in for the bullets. Not sure why this isn't a smooth translation. A problem for this is that I'm not the end user when the templates are finished. Thoughts?

A:Word 2007 "Use Destination Styles" problems with bullets

Are you actually using a style for your bullets or are you just clicking the bullet button? Make SURE you're using a style.

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Just bought a new tablet pc which came with the newest version of of Word. i am using files created on this laptop with other pc's running word 2000. When i create files on this new laptop i need to save them down to the previous version in order to access them from the other laptops and pc's. Also, I don't really like the new interface, and would prefer to use the older one. Is this possible??

A:Solved: Can you set MS Word to look like Word 2000?

There is a third party transformation pack, but I wouldn't recommend using it. The best thing to do is just learn how to use Office 2007.

To save files as Office 97-2003 files, just click the file menu (the very top left button), go to Save As and click the arrow to the right of it, then click on (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) 97-2003 Document.

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Can anyone tell me how to setup a field in a word templet/form that will auto fill in another field when the data is entered. I would like to type in the name field and have it fill in the same name in all the name fields on the form. I would appreciate any help you can give. Thanks..

A:MS WORD fields

You can use "Reference" (REF) form fields to accomplish what you want. I will give you the basic steps of creating one and you'll have to play around with it on your own to learn the rest.

From the Forms Toolbar insert a text form field by clicking the button labeled ab Double click the newly inserted field and check the box marked "Calculate on Exit." Make note of the bookmark name that is assigned to this newly inserted field (By default it will be named Text1, Text2, etc)

After inserting text form field hit enter several times to move down a few lines in the document.

From file menu across the top of your document click INSERT--> FIELD. Choose the category "Links and Reference" and choose field name "REF." Next click the options button and from the Bookmark listbox select the bookmark name that you want this new field to reference. With the bookmark name highlighted click the "Field Codes" button and make sure the proper reference has been set it should say something like REF Text1. Click OK to create the reference. Now protect the form document by clicking TOOLS --> PROTECT DOCUMENT --> FORMS. Now type some text into the first field you added and click TAB. You will now see that whatever text you type in the first form field will also appear in the newly added refererence field. Hope this helps!


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Hello, I'm trying to figure out a way to calculate time fields in a database, I would like to know how to add time fields from two text boxes so that the amount of hours will display in a Total Hours text box. I am using two text boxes, Start Time and End Time, Total Hours is where the total will be displayed in amount of hours from the two time fields, an example would be 8:00 AM (in Start Time) and 10:30 AM (in End Time) and 2.5 being in Total Hours. On a form, when typed in the Control Source property for Total Time, =DateDiff("h",[Start Time],[End Time]) seems to work, but it is not inputting the sum in the main table where all of the fields are kept, is there any way the total can be done and kept in the main table? Also, I would like to include a Total Hours text box with the totals of the Total Time fields because I would like to add more text boxes on a form. Can somebody help?

A:Access 2000 Calculating Time fields

That's the only place you can do it is in a report or query. I don't think you can calculate directly in the same table for fields within that table. Try creating another table and calculate the date fields within that table. Is there a reason this time difference needs to be stored in a table?

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Just like fields in Outlook Start,End, Modified,...etc, I want to create a field Date. How to create User Defined Field.
Is it Possible?

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In Word, there are some auto-correct fields that I have changed. When I do that, some of them stay saved, but some won't stay changed.

I changed it so that 2 hyphens instantly becomes a dash instead of waiting until I type the next word; that change stays. I changed the ... to become . . . because that is required in academic writing; that change stays.

But some changes won't stay. Right now, --> becomes an arror. I want -> to become an arrow because the -- before the > automatically becomes a dash. I make the change, but the next time I go into Word, the change is gone. I cannot seem to get it to stay. Anybody know why?

Also, there are many auto-suggestion replacements that I like, but there is one that I really don't like. When I type 2005 in a document, it automatically suggests 2005-09-04 and replaces it if I hit enter. I NEVER use that format for dates, but I often am doing a form where I need to be able to hit enter after I put in the year. I cannot find a way to remove this one date field without disabling all the others.


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Hi - I am not a complete beginner but am having terrible trouble using basic fields. All I want to do is create a template with variable Fields ie I use Ctrl+F9 to insert a field and then type in something like "Insert Name" etc. I need to be able to print the document showing the fields - I go into Printer Options - Advanced - Print Section - tick "Print Fields Codes instead of their values". This works but when I go back into my document it comes up with "Error! Bookmark not Defined". What am I doing wrong and can anyone help me fix this without going into anything too complex.

Thank you

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I have made a template form on Word 2003 that uses many fill in text fields. I would like to have the information inserted on some of these fields to show on other parts of the same document without having to entered a again. So the question is how I ref a field in word to show the same information over again. Have it entered once and show in many parts. Please help.

A:Word Fields Automation

I would think you could edit the document and insert a new field and in that field refer to an exisitng field name then the data from that field would populate , Word 2007 go to mailings tab>Write&Inseert Fileds Select Insert Merge Field

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I use fields in my Word document. Is ther some way to update these automaticly. At the moment I'm going thru the document and doing it one at a time.

A:Update fields in Word

Have you tried F(?

The following id from the Help within Worf 2007.
Function key reference
Function keys
To do this Press
Get Help or visit Microsoft Office Online. F1
Move text or graphics. F2
Repeat the last action. F4
Choose the Go To command (Home tab). F5
Go to the next pane or frame. F6
Choose the Spelling command (Review tab). F7
Extend a selection. F8
Update the selected fields. F9
Show KeyTips. F10
Go to the next field. F11
Choose the Save As command (Microsoft Office Button ).

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Hello..I just discovered this place

I am writing up a legal doc. in Word. I know how to protect the document, however I need to UNPROTECT 3 lines (to allow date, name and address). Is there a way to only make those 3 fields (created with FORM) unprotected?

TIA Anyone

A:Need Help with Protecting Fields in Word

I'm not an expert at Word, but I believe if these are text form fields (from your forms toolbar), when you protect your document ONLY those form fields will be able to be edited. Everything else will be protected, which is, I believe, what you want. However, when the document is unprotected, you CANNOT enter or edit text in those fields.

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I have created a mail merge document in Word that also incorporates several word fields ( ask, if..then..else ) The primary document includes an If..then..else field that calls for IncludeText of another document. Within that document are more ask and if..then..else statements. In the final merge, Word asks the Ask fields twice...even though I have checked the ask once box and am only merging to one record. Any ideas on what I have done wrong? I have been working in both Word 2000 and Word 2002.

A:Problem with Word fields

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