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way i cannot create odbc connection on windows 8..1

Q: way i cannot create odbc connection on windows 8..1

how I can create a ODBC Connection in windows 8.1
I am use SQl server Express 2008

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Preferred Solution: way i cannot create odbc connection on windows 8..1

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello everyone
Ok, So here is the deal. I have a My SQL database that is being used with a Access 2003 front end. Its using the MY SQL ODBC driver and a User DSN. I have to deploy this front end to about 200 people and don't want to visit each computer to do so. I need to install the drive which i have built a script to do, and i need to create a DSN. How do i create a User DSN or a system DSN with a batch file with a script. I tried to use a File DSN,Which would have made my life easy as i could just have copied that file to all the computers, But it promoted the user to log into the database when a form is open. Which is no good. Can anyone help me?

A:Solved: Create a ODBC connection with a script

I found a code that will work, Thanks

Const HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE = &H80000002

strComputer = "."

Set objReg=GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & _
strComputer & "\root\default:StdRegProv")

strKeyPath = "SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC.INI\ODBC Data Sources"
strValueName = "Script Repository"
strValue = "SQL Server"
objReg.SetStringValue HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath,strValueName,strValue

strKeyPath = "SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC.INI\Script Repository"

objReg.CreateKey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath

strKeyPath = "SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC.INI\Script Repository"

strValueName = "Database"
strValue = "Script Center"
objReg.SetStringValue HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath,strValueName,strValue

strValueName = "Driver"
strValue = "C:\WINDOWS\System32\SQLSRV32.dll"
objReg.SetStringValue HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath,strValueName,strValue

strValueName = "Server"
strValue = "atl-sql-01"
objReg.SetStringValue HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath,strValueName,strValue

strValueName = "Trusted_Connection"
strValue = "Yes"
objReg.SetStringValue HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,strKeyPath,strValueName,strValue

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" the setup routines for the oracle odbc driver could not be loaded due to system error code 998"

Trying to create ODBC connection and then get this error message

also getting same error when trying to remove or edit connection ..

please advice ..URGENT

A:Cant create ODBC connection data resources

You may have the wrong driver as the error suggests.

Try Informix:


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Create a batch script for Oracle ODBC connection

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I have created a ODBC connection between MS Acceess 2003 and Excel 2003 in Windows 7 32bit enviroment . The Macro ( code ) is as follows :
ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:=Array(Array( _
"ODBC;DSN=MS Access Database;DBQ=D:\Acces7dat\STOCKS.mdb;DefaultDir=D:\Acces7dat;DriverId=25;FIL=MS Access;MaxBufferSize=2048;PageTim" _
), Array("eout=5;")), Destination:=Range("A1")) ... etc , transferring data from MS Access file stocks.mdb to an Excel spreadsheet for proccessing etc . All this works fine for the last three years until I have installed Windows 7 64 bit . Googling the problem found that I have to run the Windows/SysWOW64/obdcad32.exe file . Doing this appears the ODBC Data Source Admiinstrator with the tabs :
User DSN , System DSN , File DSN , Drivers , Tracing , Connection Pooling and About , and I can't configure all this in order to create a ODBC connection . First , is this the correct way to solve the problem and second how to setup the ODBC Data Source Admiinstrator under all these tabs ? Any help ? thanks in advance.
PS : I have reinstall Ms office 2003 in order to add missing items etc but no luck .

A:how to establish a ODBC connection in Windows 7 64 bit ?

the problem was solved by ODBC Data Source Admiinstrator , pressing the button " Add " and afterwards writing " MS Access 2003 " just right the DSN ( = Data Source Name ) label and OK , no matter should understand all of this .

thanks anyway

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Hi all,
I have a strange problem that occur on lots of our machine,
We deploy a fresh Windows 7 32Bit OS from SCCM.
I created a script that adds a "Microsoft ODBC for Oracle" DSN on all of our workstation (part of the task sequence).
I tested the script and its work great, but...
Some users have problem that the DSN is not showing on the "ODBC Data Source Administrator"

Now, when I try to manually add the DSN, the moment I select "Microsoft ODBC for Oracle" i get the following error -

I'm googling the web for few days now and cant find a solution...
Please help...

A:Microsoft ODBC for Oracle - Fail to create

Correct, I based my opinion on the error about the components apparently missing. Here is a Knowledge base article about troubleshooting this very issue:
How To Troubleshoot an ASP-to-Oracle Connectivity Problem
There is a similar thread on the Oracle forums which contains some solutions you can attempt to fix your problem:
Thread: Oracle client and networking components were not found

Do those steps resolve your issue?

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I am trying to connect to access 2007 but in my odbc there is only a driver for SQL I have 64 bit. I have read some fixes here but still have figured it out can anyone help.

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I have connected to a Access DataBase through AutoCAD for 3 years. Recently I get a error SQL client unable to establish SQL connection.
Microsoft ODBC Microsoft Access Driver System Resource exceeded.

Database record is small.
Have looked at other postings on this problem and none seems to be relative. Also most I do not understand how to do what is recommened.
Windows XP
AutoCAD 2013
Access 2007 database.
All help would be appreciated but include steps for trouble shooting.
Thank you in advance

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I'm running 2005 SQL server on Windows 2008 server. I have both Windows 7 and XP ODBC connections to the server. Everything was working fine but the server was running slow so I tried a windows update. The update made my ODBC connection go flakey, but only on Windows 7. Testing the connection would be successful, for several tests, then fail and you would have to reboot the workstation. I have both SQL server and Native Client. Now I am unable to create a connection with either. I've uninstalled the updates which hasn't helped. It seems like the update changed a security setting somewhere. Creating a new connection now fails with SQL state 08001 and server error 10060

Regards Hakit

I have the system working now with both Win 7 and XP Pro but not really happy with the fix. The SQL passwords seem to be stored in a different encryption for these 2 OS's If I change the password on the SQL server then let Win 7 rebuild it the system works ,, but you can't use that login on XP Pro without doing the same thing over again.

A:ODBC connection problem

Hakit, does your workaround work for users with windows authentication?
IF so can you step me through your method for resetting ?

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I'm not sure if i'm posting this in the correct area, but please let me know and I will move to appropriate forum.

I have a application I use that connects to a default ODBC connection "Connection1" which is the production enviroment. I want to create a shortcut on my desktop to point to the TEST enviroment so I don't have to go through and change odbc settings all the time. I added a SQL Server connection under System DSN "Connection2" which point to test database. In the shortcut properties I added to the end of the Target location "-oConnection2" so it looks like this:

C:\programfiles\app\app.exe -o"Connection2"

I saw this setup at another location and trying to set it up on my workstation. I know it's something simple i'm missing. Any help or direction would be great.

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I've developed a site www.kitkrazy.com using PHP, Access and an ODBC connection. It works very well ... most of the time.

Every now and again -- say every three months -- the site crashes, and I get the error message ...

Warning: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too many client tasks.,

Most recently I got ...

Warning: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] System resource exceeded., SQL state S1001 in SQLExecDirect in E:\home\Default\kitkrazy.com\htdocs\include\topthree.php on line 15
[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] System resource exceeded.

When I challenge the hosting company on this they always advise me to use a DSN-less connection. Well, it's got to the point where I'm thinking to myself, why don't I just go DSN-less and the hell with it.

So I took a look. And it seems that I'm going to have to rewrite all my SQL queries and database calls. Unless you know different ...

Is there a simple way to convert all my code from ODBC to DSN-less?


A:PHP: Converting from ODBC to DSN-less connection

You should probably convert to MySQL or a real database if you are having trouble with too many users accessing the database. You may also want to check all of your code to see that it is clean and you are closing all open object when the program is done with them. You will have the exact same problem with with a DSN-less connection and it will actually slow your site down. Rewriting the connection string is the only change you will need to make and if you use an include file for the DB connection string all you need to do is change one file.

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I have recently updated my ODBC connection settings to my sql database, however when I open a word 2003 document to mailmerge it still tries to connect to the old database settings.
Is there a way to refresh the settings in the word document so that it acknowledges the changes?
Any help is much appreciated

A:ODBC Connection doesn't update when trying to mailmerge.

Hi Gortini. Welcome to the TSG Forums

I suggest that you ask a Moderator to move your post to "Software & Hardware, Business Applications" as you are more likely to get a reply there than in the Windows XP Forum.

Please do NOT post again. You must ask a Moderator to move the post.


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We are moving an old Access project from XP too Windows 7 32 and .Net.

However there is something wrong with Windows 7! When I try and create an ODBC link via ODBC Administrator to allow the software to access data tables on SQL Server on the Windows 2003 Server it just keeps producing a message saying the TCP/IP port does not exist or access is denied.

Having tried the same experiment with an XP computer it worked fine, no issues, but Windows 7 strangely doesn't???

The SQL Server is on standard port 1433, I tried turning the firewall off in Windows 7 but that made no difference, when installing Windows 7 and connecting it too the network it complained it needed a DNS address so I put one on the server and set that in the Windows 7 client.

The XP client never needed one, could that be linked to this odd issue?

My first experience of Windows 7 this is and it seems like Microsoft have struck again by taking something that works and making it unnecessarily difficult...

Of course I could be wrong

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I have two laptops at my company that have Windows 7 Home - thus cannot login to AD/Domain as a specific user. They in-turn use a local administrative account setup on those laptops. We have a database setup with linked connections to our SQL Server 2005.

Whenever we're trying to access those linked tables we get the following error message:
We can bypass this issue by manually typing in the Login/Password within this error prompt.
What's strange is that we have ODBC setup to use the SQL Server Authentication:
That SHOULD allow us to not use Windows Authentication (as you can see it's trying to use the 'Guest' account on Windows 7. I've tried making this change through both x32 and x64 versions of ODBC (located in wow64). I've searched all over the internet concerning this issue but no one seems to have anything similar. This used to work a few weeks ago and I don't know of anything we changed other than a few system updates.

The SQL Server's Security is setup to use both authentication methods:
Our SQL Server gives us an Error: 18456, Severity: 14, State: 11
A quick Google search explains that State 11 means, "Valid login but server access failure".

Any help please? The only solution I have right now is to install W7 Pro...

A:Access & ODBC connection issue on W7 Home, State 11

Sound like a Windows permissions issue to see the SQL server.

You could also map a network drive using other credentials. This will authenticate the computer onto the domain.

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Mac OS X 10.6.1
perl 5.8
mysql 5.1
Installed ODBC connector: http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/5.1.html#macosx-dmg
I am trying to connect to a mysql DB using the perl API.

The connect command looks like this:
$dbHandle = DBI->connect("DBI:ODBC:gfr:localhost", "gfr", "gfr");

It produces the error:
DBI connect('gfr:localhost','gfr',...) failed: [iODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default driver specified. Driver could not be loaded (SQL-IM002) at x.pl line 30
error = [iODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default driver specified. Driver could not be loaded (SQL-IM002)

I'v done hours of rummaging around the web to find a solution but to now avail.

In desperation I executed the following "find" command:
cd /
sudo find . -name "*odbc*" -print

It produced the following output (only relevant part shown):
./usr/local/li... Read more

A:Solved: mysql connection using ODBC fails with error SQL_IM002

By using a combination of the information at
and the link within that page under "these simple instructions" (http://www.truerwords.net/articles/osx/install_dbd_mysql.html)
I managed to get DBD working instead of ODBC. That is sufficient for me.
I did the above with one difference. I used a later version of the latest non-beta DBD module.

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I have a user using Windows XP when connecting in the office the IP is set to Static and I need to have it set to DHCP when using from home with out the user having to make any amendements.

Any ideas??

A:Can you create more than one LAN connection in Windows XP

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I recently reinstalled Windows 2000 Pro on one of my older laptops ,a Compaq Presario 1235. Well, upon completion of the Windows installation, I tried to create a new internet connection using the Internet Connection Wizard. I chose to "Transfer my existing internet account to this computer," at which point I get a message saying: "The Internet connection wizard has not finished setting up your internet connecion. Are you sure you want to close the wizard?" I press "no" but then I get the same message over and over again. The only way to get out of that message is to press "yes" and close the wizard.

Also, I have chosen to use the "set up internet connection manually" option in the Internet Connection Wizard as well, but I also get a problem (a different message, however). I go through all the neccessary procedures, typing in the number that will be dials and username/password etc. However, once I have completed the steps and get to the "Completing The Internet Wizard" prompt and press "Finish," I recieve a message saying, "Cannot create a new dial-up networking connection for your internet service provider. Try creating a connection by double-clicking Dial-Up Networking in My Computer" I have attempted using that advice, but I really dont know what it means.

Any suggestions? Thanks. Also, I use SBC Yahoo! as an ISP, don't know if that may be a problem.

A:Windows 2000 Pro Error: Cannot create a New Internet Connection

I had a similar problem. The problem with my computer dialing out was because the Remote Access Connection Manager was disabled. I set it to "Manual" and started it with information found at:


Now it dials out.

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It won't allow us to create a network or conection. We have tried broadband but it keeps asking for a password and username which we never used. All we did was plugin and on the internet. We have a laptop working to the router connected to our cable modem. We thought it would be the wire so we switched plugs and the plug was working fine. Its a computer installed with Windows xp service pack2. When we plugin the the ethernet plug it doesnt recognize it at all. How do i create a network that it will work on my router. Everytime a person visits, their computer automatically connects.

A:Installed Windows XP Home Edition- unable to create new connection or network

Go to Device Manager (Start/Run...type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter).Are there any yellow markings visible?If so, then you need to install the system drivers from the CD which came with the system.How to update a Windows hardware driver - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/how-to-update-a-windows-hardware-driver/ Louis

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I Have Recently Updated Xp With First Sp2 And Then Sp3. Now I Cannot Create A Dialup Connection.
When I Go To Wizard For New Conenction Only Broadband Option Is Selectable And The Other 2 Are Greyed Out.
The Modem Is Working Fine.
I Doubt This May Be Because Of Service Packs I Have Installed.
The Remote Access Connection Manager Service Couldn't Be Started ( Error 126 : The Specified Module Could Not Be Found )
Other Depending Services Like Telephony Are Running.
I Have Tried Deleting The 25,26 Registry Keys.
Also Deleted The Telephony Registry Key And Restarted But Still No Use.
I Have Also Tried After Uninstalling Sp3 But The Same Problem.
I Am Currently Using Broadband Connection.
But I Need Dialup Connection Too.

Help Needed Desperately.

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I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on a PC and I am trying to set up the ODBC drivers to use with Crystal Reports. I ran CR on my XP machine and have the ODBC settings EXACTLY the same on both PCs. When I click 'Apply & Test Connection' in the ODBC Driver Setup window, it gives me the following error message:

Unspecified System Error = -11333
Unspecified System Error = -11356.[Informix][Informix ODBC
Driver][Informix]Unspecified system Error = -931. sqlerrm(idsgtne)

I have already tried to Disable User Account Access and turned off the Windows Firewall and my Anti-virus with no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Rich

A:ODBC Error in Windows 7

So far out of my area of expertise that I can't even read the documents.
Have a look at this Google search: http://www.google.com/search?q=infor...ient=firefox-a
If that doesn't help, I'd check the support functions at IBM: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/data/informix/

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I have Crystal Reports 6.5 and Windows 2000. When I do the install everything is fine. When I go to run the report I get the following error messages. "The ODBC resource DLL (C:\winnt\system32\odbcint.dll) is a different version than the administrator (C:\program files\seagate crystal reports\odbcad32.exe).
You need to reinstall the ODBC components to ensure proper operation."

When I open a file I get the message "File could not be opened: "f_asdt", at file location: "g\hsfis4\tables\sesn0003\f_asdt.dbf"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Windows 2000 and odbc

I take it G: is the letter of your cd. If so when it tells you it can't find G:\???? do you have the cd inserted in the cd?

Windows 2000 has the SP2 update that is out now try it, if it doesn't work then you might want to try the following.
I saw here this morning and it goes something like this. Maybe you'd like to try it.

If you try this and it works, please let us know for to me it seems like this O/S has problems and if this is a fix for them it sure would be nice to know.

Win 2000 random reboot, lost icons, etc. problems

Posted in a forum:
Go into Up Grade to Win2000 on the win2k disk , I thought that a screen would pop up saying , " look dummy...you have 2k running"
It didn't..so, I kept going
I saved settings
and , when complete this machine works like a charm
in fact is has not crashed, blinked, frozen, nothing, I mean no
problems, it's like a new computer.
All I know is that it works great.....I don't really know enough to explain this.
I even got my thumbnail views back. Upgrade to win2000 from
win2000.....I would have never thought it would even work. But, it sure did for me.

[Edited by rkselby98 on 08-15-2001 at 04:22 PM]

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I use Windows 98 with Internet Explorer 6. When I go online I get a small moveable window marked C:/WINDOWS/odbc.hta which comes up usually when I shut a window. I can remove it by clicking on the time in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, but I would like to stop it appearing at all. It seemed to start soon after a virus attack which I think I've cleared. McAfee scans suggest no infection. I'd be very grateful for any suggestions for stopping this?

A:Malicious C:/WINDOWS/odbc.hta

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When I search for Oracle ODBC drivers, I can only find drivers for Windows 7. I have seen installation instructions for installing Oracle 11g on Windows 10 (the actual database software) but I can't find anything on installing Oracle 11g ODBC drivers (32 or 64bit) for either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. I've also looked on Oracles "Instant Client downloads for Microsoft Windows (x64)", but only can seem to find ODBC drivers that work with Windows 7. What's taking so long? This would seems to be a rather highly requested driver.

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hi guys,

we run a custom manager application that connects to a sage database (line 50)
when setting it up on a xp workstation i install the application
then from a folder called odbc32 i install sage odbc 32bit drivers
then when i go to odbc sage v12 is available and i can change the path in config to point to my database

now one of my clients is a windows 7 64bit machine, and after installing the program i ran the odbc driver
but there is no option in my odbc setup, only sql...

where on earth could i get the 64bit drivers for sage...i have googled and find similar problems but not to do with sage but other applications, i will phone sage tomorrow...just wondered what your guys input would be.


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Hello again,

I am trying to creat a ODBC Data Source for my Access Database, so that I can see it in Open Office. I can't find the ODBC icon under the Control Panel however. Does anyone know where I can find it? I'm running Windows XP Professional SP2.


A:Solved: ODBC icon in Windows XP?

Found it. Sorry about the post.

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I upgraded my computer from Win 7 32 bit to win 7 64 bit but i cant see some of the
drivers under ODBC->system dsn->add button?

I can only see 4 types and some of my colleagues have a list of more than 20 drivers Any help how fix this.

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Hi All,

Hope you guys are doing well.
I got a problem when I install my application on Windows 7 and later version.
See the description :
I am using some third party ODBC driver. By using SQLDriversW( ) API I am trying to read the properties.
Here i am using FileUsage
param to do some action. In older version of windows (XP/Server 2003) my application works. Looks like in older version, the SQL API doens't contain FileUsage
value in its payload. That is why my code always picks default value.
Whereas in later wondows(Win7 and Win10) it contains the value in output payload.
I am suspection that SQLDriversW( )
API doesn't return FileUsage string in older version. As per my investigation I am suspecting it is due to the upgrade of MDAC 2.8 to WDAC XX version.
Please help me to solve this problem.



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Hello and thank you for reading my post.

My software creates MySQL ODBC System DSNs...
... except it doesn't work with Windows 7.
It used to work with the previous Windows OSes including XP, Vista.
I've been struggling the whole day trying to find a solution.

*** I believe UAC (User Account Control) has something to do with this.
But I can't disable it as my customers have it usually enabled.
How can my application be allowed to create MySQL ODBC System DSNs and as a "normal" user?

*** The MySQL ODBC connector I have installed is:
and I have installed it logged as "Administrator".
(I also installed my application logged as "Administrator").

*** The MySQL server is on localhost for now... (that is to say on the same host as the application).

*** I've already updated the "Target" in the "Shortcut" tab in "Data Sources (ODBC) Properties" to "%windir%\syswow64\odbcad32.exe"
so that the "Drivers" tab is properly populated, including "MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver".

*** Logged as "Administrator" (which shouldn't be of course: this account is disabled by default, I enabled it for testing reasons), MySQL ODBC DSNs are created but they are empty:
- only the "Data Source Name" field is not;
- the "TCP/IP Server", "User", "Password" and "Database" fields are empty.

*** In my application it results in th... Read more

A:Windows 7 - MySQL ODBC System DSN creation

Most likely yes, UAC is the cause of the problem. Changing system DSNs naturally requires administrator privileges and therefore CANNOT be done by normal users, UAC or not (UAC makes this worse by converting admins to normal users under the covers). But it's the normal, expected behavior, as regular applications aren't supposed to messing with global DSNs, and only elevated ones are allowed. Respecting that is the whole point of the admin/regular user distinction. You app seems to be abusing its administrative rights on pre-UAC systems.

First, as a side note, I think using DSNs is a bad programming practice, as it ties the database access to something not entirely manageable by the app itself. I would store the server/database/user/password somewhere else, where you know, and build a connection string from it at runtime and use that to connect, therefore forgetting the problems of DSNs. Such refactoring may be easy or complicated, depending how is the program made, but in the long run I think it's the best solution.

If you want to continue use DSNs, then at some point you must elevate the app to allow such change. I guess that the DSN is changed from a configuration screen somewhere where the user chooses the database, then the whole program simply uses that.
The idea is to create a second executable program and manifest it as "require administrator" and make that program make the changes, after UAC prompt. The main one can call that second passing the data t... Read more

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Good afternoon Lord Bob,

I have installed the Oracle 10 g drivers, but MS access 2007 x86 can't seem to see the ODBC driver. I tried to set up manually, but got a non administrator Fail answer. I am an administrator.

so what am I missing? I can see and connect using the SysWOW64 odbc driver, but the application can't,



A:For Lord Bob - installing Oracle 10G ODBC driver on windows 7 x 64

Not sure why you asked me this, and I have little experience with Access and Oracle software.

Have you checked the Access and Orcacle FAQs and forums for this problem?


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I got problems with trying to "Create a New COnnection" in the windows 2000, i guess XP and other window versions are similar. Trying to connect to my internet, to my school, but clicking on that has issues, i prob dont wanna get into the issue, so im just asking if there are FREE software out there that can do what Win2k's Making new connection" can do? Im not sure what you call that program exactly.. ..TCP, or PPP slip or something? Sorry, not much of a computer linguist. Or if the software is not free, name some at least. Been having a hard time trying to get online. Im using someone else's computer rigtt now.
edit: Basically, im just having problems connecting to the internet, I cant seem to go to the netwokring folder and then click on "Create a new connection", because whenever i fill in the blanks of the Wizard Connection-with the dial up phone number, name, type of conection, etc , some error shows up and doesnt let me finish up. So any programs out there than works the same way as this so i can connect to the net?

A:NEED: Software to replace Win2k's TCP/PPP COnnection thing "Create a new connection"

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We are working on a domain migration and need to push out a VPN connection (L2TP with PSK) to some field users and set that connection to "Allow other people to use this connection" so that we can get connected prior to login. 
I was able to make an installer with CMAK which creates the VPN connection (which works) but I see no way to set "Allow other people to use this connection". I know in Windows 10 powershell I can do a set-VPNConnection but that wont work for the
Win7 and Win8 PCs (not sure about Win8). 
I've run CMAK on Win10 and Win2008r2 with no difference. 
Clients are Win7, Win8.1, and Windows 10.
1. Is there a better way to push a L2TP with a PSK to clients? I looked at GPO but that doesn't seem to have an option for PSK.
2. Is there a way to set "Allow other people to use this connection" post creation?
3. I noticed a difference with the phonebook file when creating it manually and tried to copy a phonebook file from a working PC to a test box with no luck. What if any is the right way to migrate this data if it can fix the issue?

Thank You

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i m using linux 10.04 LTS. I can set up a interconnection by typing pppoeconf from the console but as a root. But the amazing fact is that. When i tried to install root by typing the appropriate command it says no root directory found. And even i myself really not found ant root directory where my system is being installed. Plz give me the solution or some way to get rid of these. plzz help anyone....

A:Cant create net connection...plz help

Have you tried posting your question at Ubuntu Forums???

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I'm having a problem with my notebook (Windows XP). The LAN connection disappeared and, now, when I try to create a new LAN connection I get a message saying that these connections should automatically be detected so I cannot recreate a defaukt LAN connection.

Does anybody now how to recreate it?

A:Create a LAN connection in XP

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Runing Windows XP Home

Modem is installed and did work fine previously. Then someone decided to delete all User accounts except for Administrators.

Now when I click on IE no connection appears. I go to set one up and the option to set up a dialup connection is greyed out. The only option available is through the network card. I don't have a high speed line so that option is useless.

Anyone know what is going on here?

HELP! & Thanks.

A:Can't create a dia-up connection

Try a system restore .

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Hi, i want to connect a vpn network. When i try to create a new vpn connection on xp, i can't select vpn because it's passive. Sorry for my bad english but i added a screen shot of my problem. When i click to next (ileri) nothing happens. What you think about this problem?Thanks in advance.

A:Can't Create Vpn Connection On Xp

Hi,strange...Try it again and see if it works. Do you have any router or firewall on?Do you get any error messages when trying to connect to VPNRead here for some information: http://www.chicagotech.net/VPN/vpncase800.htmhttp://www.howtonetworking.com/index.htmExtremeboy

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I'm trying to connect to an existant vpn and it doesn't work. To connect, I must give a gateway (xxx.xx.xxx.xxx), a group name with his password and a username with his password. I've found where to put the gateway, but not the other things. With XP I connected with cisco and I've the elements to connect with vpnc in linux. But I dont find how to parameter my vpn connection with the vpn of w7.

Somebody can help me?!


PS: Sorry for my bad english.

A:How to create a vpn connection

I forgot to specify : I'm on a 64 bits version (7068) and the vpn I try to connect is construct on a 32 bits. It's the VPN of my university.

Nobody has a solution?

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My laptop toshiba M35-S114, has problem.

anytime I set up dial up connection, it always fails, It automatically choose "connect using a broadband that is always on"

I need to check connect using dial up modem.

I have checked my modem, it works properly and also driver is updated.

what I did:

1. click control panel

2. click network connection

3.click add a new conection

4. welcome to the new connection wizard, click next

5. connect to the internet, next

6. set up my connection manually

7. I fail here, I can not check "connect sing dial up modem"

to see the capture, click here:

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Recently I felt a need to change the telephone number that I use to connect to the internet through my ISP. I could not accomplish this. The ISP and I have created reams of correspondence, but I still cannot create a new connection. The original connection works, but if I type in a different number to make the connection, I get a generic Error Message. The ISP has taken the position that the problem "can't" be solved without my having a Windows 98 CD, which I don't have (System Restore Disc, only). With this sketchy information, does anyone have any suggestion(s)?
Doug Keeling

A:Create a new dial-up connection

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My brother has just formatted his K7S5A motherboard and installed external 56k modem drivers.

When he tries to create a new dial up connection the dial up options are blanked out.

The K7S5A is based on the SiS735 Chipset and uses C-Media 9738 Codec Sound Drivers.

I am guessing that it has something to do with the audio drivers and the modem.

He is in a different City to me so I cant give him the latest drivers he only has the ones that came with his motherboard and he cant acces the net at the moment for obvious reasons.

A:Can't create a dial up connection

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Dear all:
i am using windows 7 ultimate and when i was trying to crate a new vpn connection i got the following error message:
connection failed with error 621
The system could not open the phone book file

and i cannot connect it just says connecting and stuck there

any idea please
waiting responses asap

best regards

A:Unable to create vpn connection

All I get is this.

Error Message: Cannot open the phone book file.
Solution: Install Blue Frog connection software again.

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I wanna set up dial up connection in my computer. I am stuck after clicking "set up my connection manually", my computer has automatically check connect using broadband that is always on, and I can not move my cursor to connect using dial up modem.

I found there is 1394 network connection. if I delete this icon will it help?
does anyone have idea?

A:can not create dial up connection

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dear all:
I am running windows 7 ultimate 32bit on my sony vaio laptop.
I have created a new vpn connection when I first formatted and installed the system and it was working properly but suddenly I could not find the connection and when I tried to recreate it I got the message: "the wizard can not connect, try again". when I pressed try again it was just try to connection and it could not connect.

anyhelp please cause I really need to use vpn connection on my laptop

by the way: the vpn is free and the address is: vpn.kongshare.com
user name and password is the same: anonymous

with all my thanks
witing ur response

A:Unaable To create new VPN connection

use these totally Free VPN connections


CyberGhost VPN.

These connection automatically create VPN connection you need not manually create any connection. When your installing above mention any VPN connections software, that applications automatically create your free VPN connection, only thing you need click "connect" icon.

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I have a problem with internet connection too slow on my new Laptop (cabel-internet)and i get a advice that i should crate a new connection using the "workgroup" model instead. I've tried to do but failed. Who knows "how to" please explain it for me. thanks

A:How to create a new internet connection???

Hi Tamarin,

How are you currently connecting to the internet? Wired or Wireless? Have you tried both if you're still having a slow connection?

Have you tried connecting directly to the Modem instead of the router?

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On Windows XP SP2 Laptop i cannot manually create Dial up connection cause option "Connect using a dial modem" & "Connect using broadband connection that requires a username are password are grayed out.

Modem is installed properly and able to query properly.

Pls help.


A:I cannot create dial up connection

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I'm cursed with 56k so I took my pc somewhere where I could get broadband so I could do updates and such. I enabled my ethernet card but it wiped out all of my dial-up preferences. When I try to created a new connection the required options are grayed so that I can't click it. I found this http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;320558 and I've tried all of it except reloading XP. Surely, someone knows more than Microsoft and can help me.

A:Can't create a new dial-up connection

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I cannot find where to enter the IP ADDRESS, SUBNET MASK, DEFAULT GATEWAY & DNS servers info. It should be in---SETTINGS-WIRELESS & NETWORKS   Some where?  Or where do I enter this info?Do I need to have the Wi-Fi turned ON, to connect the Ethernet? Or just the Ethernet turned on, withpout the WIRELESS or BLUETOOTH turned ON?

A:How do I create an Ethernet connection using an AC...

system settings/wireless & network/ethernetput switch to ON and then tap on the Ethernet label near the switch, i think this will open the IP settings. wireless must be off.

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