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Lexmark 3200 printer/ photo cart, colors not right

Q: Lexmark 3200 printer/ photo cart, colors not right

I have a Lexmark 3200 and I am trying to print some photos from photoshop. I have installed the photo cartridge and have changed the default settings to natural color and it still is only printing 3 colors purplish blue, pink and black. What's wrong? Please help. I also have a color cartridge installed. If it is low on ink will it affect what is printed even though it's a photo I'm trying to print?

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Preferred Solution: Lexmark 3200 printer/ photo cart, colors not right

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I keep getting a message box coming up saying that the printer is off line. I have the option to 'Retry' or 'Cancel' and when I select 'Cancel' I get another message saying the job is printing - but it really isn't printing. I've checked the cables and the printer is turned on. I can't print anything. Any suggestions?

A:Printer off-line error on Lexmark 3200

Hi simpsg, welcome to TSG....

Do a ctrl-alt-del when you can't print.....how many items do you have running? Also, how much ram do you have.

Also, when you have this problem, right click on my computer, properties, performance....what are your system resources at this point?

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I have just upgraded my computer. AMD Athlon 900, 256MB SDRAM, etc. I also upgraded to Windows 2000 Professional. All is well except that everytime I try to do anything with the printer (Lexmark 3200) it says that the cartridges are missing. I have removed and reinstalled the printer many times and have downloaded the drivers twice.

I have also tried several cabled and have tried all of the printer port settings in CMOS.

Nothing seems to help. Anybody have and ideas as to what is happening and what to do about it????? HELP!!!

A:[Solved] WIN 2000 Pro and Lexmark 3200 Printer

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Trying to get an old Polaroid (Lexmark) 130 series stand alone photo printer to work with a hp R817 digital camera. When you connect the USB cable from the camera to the printer a message pops up on the camera that it is connected to the "computer". At this point a printer setup message is supposed to come up on the camera, but nothing happens. I've got the camera manual and believe it's set up right. There are no useful directions for the printer and I can't find anything helpful on Google. It might just be that they don't work together, but if anyone has experience on the subject it would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Lexmark photo printer and HP camera

No experience with your procedure or the printer ... But ...
Can you download the pictures from the camera to your computer ... Then print them ???

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On a Lexmark Printer,scanner,copier Box i saw in a store today, one of the features was "6 colors". Any ideas what this refers to?


A:"6 colors" on Lexmark Printer Box

Some Lexmark can use an optional special "photo ink" cartridge with 6 colors of ink .. ?

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I just installed XP and the driver that comes with my printer (Lexmark 3200) doesn't work with XP. I went on the Lexmark site and attempted a number of times to download the correct driver, I can get right to the end of the procedure and can get no further and cannot get the printer to work with XP.

A:Lexmark 3200 with XP

You get to the end of the downloading procedure? or the installation procedure?

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When I turn on the printer, the gears within the printer is rolling but the feed roller doesn't turn at all. After 15 seconds, the feed LED blinks and stops responding to the feed button. This problem occurs regardless of whether there is paper in the bin or not.

Also how do you replace the feed roller of a Lexmark 3200?

A:Blinking Feed LED, Lexmark 3200

You don't. Instead you use that POS as a door stopper or an anchor for your boat, and buy a decent printer from the likes of Canon. Much cheaper on the ink as well.

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Hi there

If you use one of these there is a driver for it on the Epson site for Windows 8.1 but download THE DRIVER not the utility.

When installing you need to watch the popup window very quickly and select MANUAL when it asks you to choose the port (USB connection). If you don't do this the popup will disappear and you'll get a message saying "Printer driver being installed - please wait" --and then nothing happens.

So in the Manual port setup choose say USB0001 (Virtual printer port) or create one before running the driver installation.

Then the printer works just fine (Hurrah -- Now another nail in W7's coffin before I can finally get rid of it !!).

(BTW the Epson 1400 is a really excellent Printer - very fast and of course has individual cartridges -- it's really a PRO model - I don't do a huge amount of printing - but you still sometimes can't beat a beautifully printed A4 / A3 size print -- Mobile phone cameras are fine for what they do - but a real print once in a while is great).


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I'm facing lot of trouble in connecting a rp3200 star kot printer via ethernet cable. Thought i connected it, not printing at all. Kindly help asap. Its been a month i'm trying to fix it.


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I downloaded Windows 10 when Microsoft offered it..now my printer Lexmark X8350 will not work and I went into lexmark to download the drivers, however there is no driver for windows 10 ..Now what do I do..buy a new printer..jerrysgirl777

A:windows 10 and lexmark x8350 printer . my printer won't work...

Hi there @jerrysgirl777?Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, both from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you cannot get your Lexmark printer to print after upgrading to Windows 10. I am happy to help with this. If there is a driver for your printer for Windows 8.1, then you could try that, otherwise I would recommend that you contact Lexmark support. It is possible that  they have a workaround that would allow you to print for not until a full service driver becomes available. Lexmark X8350 - support.lexmark.com

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Ever since I've had Vista, Windows Photo Gallery doesnt display the proper colors in pictures and I can't figure out why. At first, I figured it was just a flaw somewhere adn I didn't worry too much about it because everything else looked fine. Just the photo gallery was messed up. Then, I replaced my geforce 7600 with a newer 8800 gts and reinstalled my OSs fresh for my annual clean up and same thing. Photo Gallery displays goofy colors. I'll provide an attachment for details. What's up with it? Take a look at the attachment. doesn't it look like some... antique photo?

A:Photo Gallery and Goofy colors?

lol anybody?

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I am unable to find a driver for my HP 3200, model C7052 printer and would appreciate help.

A:HP Laserjet 3200 printer driver

A simple search on HP's website found these.
HP Support, Drivers, Contact and Help Forums | HP? Support

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I have a hp 3210 photosmart all-in-one printer that I bought in England it uses the 363 series ink cartridges, on my return to Australia the ink cartridges here are the 02 series they are exactly the same & fit perfectly but they will not work, the printer complains it uses the 363 series.
I contacted HP who tell me I need to change the configuration settings to be able to use the 02 series, HP are happy to get a techie to call me & talk me through the changes but the problem is that when the 1st of my 363 cartridges runs out & I change my settings to use 02 series I will have 5 part used & 6 new cartridges that are unusable, this is an awfull waste not to mention cost,does anyone know a way I can get the printer to use both series cartridges together,

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I got a new computer and I cannot for the life of me add the scanner to it. It is an epson stylus cx 3200 . I have downloaded the twain driver and the printer driver but I can not seem to get it to work

A:Help Please!!! Epson scanner/printer 3200

If you go to Device Manager, do you see any errors or any devices without a driver? If so remove/uninstall them from Device Manager and reboot the computer. When you reboot the computer with the Epson A-i-O connected Windows should reinstall the drivers. The printer driver is provided on the Windows Update so you should not have to install any driver from Epson for that, but the scanner driver you can and shoudl download from the Epson website: http://www.epson.com/cgi-bin/Store/...=24875245&infoType=Downloads&platform=Windows

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I'm at a loss here. After looking everywhere I could I still have different colors on my Windows desktop and in Photo Viewer and Photoshop. I load an image and set it as the background on my primary monitor, an Asus ProArt PA246Q. Then I load the same image in Photo Viewer and they're totally different. I've set the monitor to display sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and set the same color profile in Photoshop and I think I've set the same color profile in Windows. However things still look radically different As you can see, the reds are totally gone, saturation is very low.
Any help I would so appreciate.

A:Colors different on desktop than in Photo Viewer and PShop

Most likely you will need to calibrate your display. Desktop is always going to be different from what you see in various programs.

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Hello all, I am getting some strange colours with Windows Vista Photo Viewer. I have uploaded a pic to show the difference. Its strange though, it only happens on my primary monitor and not the secondary one. But once I took that photo, i dragged it over to the secondary monitor, and the colors were funky. So I know its not a monitor problem :S

A:Weird colors with Vista Photo Viewer

Okay I found the solution to the problem. It generally tends to happen on the Samsung models (like mine) and is due to a color profile error, not your monitor color reproduction. Here is the link http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/0...round-problem/

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Hi Guys,

I'm using xerox Phaser 3200 about 2 years, I have change the sensor 6 months ago, now the problem is when I print or photostat the paper always stuck and jammed. I have no idea how to fix this problem. Can anyone help me how can I fix it ?

A:Xerox Phaser 3200 printer always stuck

check the sensor has not worked loose

humidity can also be a problem as the paper becomes damp

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I used instructions from this forum to get Windows Photo Viewer back on my Windows 10 machine, thank you. When I 'page through' a folder with photos the colors are back to matching (as close as I can tell anyway) the colors I saw in photoshop when I made the file. I put Photo Viewer in because this was not the case in the Photos program that comes as the default with Windows 10.

But wait! The slideshow colors inside Photo Viewer are so obviously completely different from the one-by-ones, I'm hoping you can help me get the slideshow working too. I apologize if this is an old story and I just missed the fix. Thank you!

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All right. Need some options here, as I've pretty much exhausted my brain power on this one.

We have a copier that can email an attachment from the unit. The unit successfully emails within the domain just fine, but not outside the domain. I've changed the POP settings/SMTP, etc., tried a different account, direct IP address of servers, checked firewall, etc.

The model is a Canon IR3300, and a Canon IR3200.

Active Directory is running, and the unit does have an account/logon that successfully works on a terminal.

Using all the above settings, I can send/email from any Terminal using Outlook, but not this frickin' printer.


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Hi There!

I'm using a Lexmark x1165 printer connected directly to a Dell Dimension 4600 running XP Home SP2.

All of a sudden I get this message: Printer Cannot Communicate With The Computer.

I've checked the print spooler, the usb cable, the device manager, powered up and down the printer, and all the other things that are normally suggested, but I just can't get this thing to work. It shows up in Printers & Faxes but won't print a test page.

Any thoughts?

A:Lexmark Printer, Error Message: "Printer Cannot Communicate With The Computer"

When checking device manager,usb controllers,you probably should see some kind of entry for usb print support or some such wording,also you might wnat to check the entries that you find in the usb section,just to make sure there are no yellow exclam marks and that all appears to be ,according to the system,functioning properly.
Sometimes,just unplugging the printer from the wall socket does magic.If you have another usb socket that you could use ,try that.

As perhaps a last resort,uninstall/re-install the printer and see if XP will plug/play it back into the world of the living.Do you have any other usb devices that appear to be functioning properly?
In addition to this,you might want to check the lexmark site for a more current driver.

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Hello. The problem is my associate has a Lexmark Z12 printer and Win ME / Windows Me computer. Unfortunately one day a guest @ it's house tried printing something and the computer responded with the message along the lines of "unable to communicate with printer." I went over to associate's house to attempt trouble shoot. I checked the cables, ports (hardware) and the software ports (best of my ability). It couldn't have been the drivers because no one messes around with this machine. So what the hell is going on?

I am in the process of obtaining the newest driver files and contacting Lexmark.com and will await their response as well.

Can anybody help?

Thank you.

A:[SOLVED] Lexmark Z12 printer "unable to communicate with printer" - Error - Help Plz.

jonasdatum said:

Hello. The problem is my associate has a Lexmark Z12 printer and Win ME / Windows Me computer. Unfortunately one day a guest @ it's house tried printing something and the computer responded with the message along the lines of "unable to communicate with printer." I went over to associate's house to attempt trouble shoot. I checked the cables, ports (hardware) and the software ports (best of my ability). It couldn't have been the drivers because no one messes around with this machine. So what the hell is going on?

I am in the process of obtaining the newest driver files and contacting Lexmark.com and will await their response as well.

Can anybody help?

Thank you.Click to expand...

As I suspected it was the drivers. The tech support recieved from www.lexmark.com was a steping stone approach. They wanted me to check the ports and stuff. I didn't that (all of them inside/outside) before posting. Well thanks for the asistance.

TechGuy.org aka helponthe.net rules!

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Good printer but bit slow printing recent problem when I printout the printout is good but it prints an extra page with Filename,author,keywords,creation date etc,etc,etc.How do I stop this?


A:Lexmark Zii Printer

This is from having the first page spilling into the second one. When there is too many lines on one page it opens a second page that will print. The onlyu way to stop this is to open the document back up in what ever program that it was created in or will work in and go to the end of the page and remove the extra lines that are not needed even if it means re-formatting the page a bit. You can check this out by using print preview while in the program that is fixing it, when fixed the preview will show only one page then you will be safe to print.

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I am returning this printer because we have been unable to install.

When I first tried to install, no printer was detected. Lexmark CSR advised to get more memory. Did that. Same problem.

At the conclusion of the second call (2.5 hours on the phone trying to install), Lexmark CSR concludes there's something wrong with USB port and suggest returning PC to manufacturer.

I call in my local techie. After 3.5 hours (and $ 180), we conclude there's nothing wrong with the USB ports, the printer, or the software but it won't install.

He suggests buying a hub to boost power; only another $ 69.

Time to throw in the towel.

Anybody else having problems like this?

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im on vista admin and suddenly printer has stopped working. takes page to printer and then joins queue showing error. could this have anything to do with change in administrator or incompatible drivers? i have triedcancelling printer and then reinstalling with manufacturers disk but jobs still will not print. showing error again

A:printer lexmark Z12

The most recent driver available for the Z12 is something labeled Customer Driver for Windows XP. What driver did you install? And what does "change in administrator" mean?

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I wish I didn't but I do have a Lexmark printer. Currently it says "Paper Jam" which there is not. Have tried everything including Uninstall and reinstall, pulled all the plugs and replugged, and everything else known to mankind. It still says Paper Jam. My thinking is the computer is not talking to the printer. I have windows I think 8

I have a samsung printer that i use for printing anything from the computer and only use the lexmark if I want to print a surface copy. It worked fine for sometime until just recently when Paper Jam appeared in the window.

Needless to say when you consider the cost of print cartridges for the Lexmark it is a very poor product. Hopefully some one out there has the simple answer to correct this problem before I decide to drop it in the lake.

Thank You


A:lexmark printer

I got away from the "paper jam" and "paper not loaded" messages and issues by switching from front-loading to top-loading printers.

The HP Deskjet 2540/2541/2542 All-In-One printers have worked great for me.


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When I install the drivers for the Lexmark X9575 AIO printer on XP or Vista (x64), it also installs a Lexmark FAX printer which I can use from Word or other programs to automatically send a FAX from my PC. I now have Win 7 x64 RTM installed and there's no Lexmark FAX printer listed. I tried ubinstalling and reinstalling the Lexmark software quite a few times, I tried Compatibility mode, I tried running as Administrator all with no luck. I tried the Lexmark driver from the Website, still no luck. Is there anyone here who does have the Lexmark FAX printer installed with Win 7? If so, how did you do it???

Tom Lake

A:No Lexmark FAX Printer

Try this driver

Lexmark X9575 Driver v. download for Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit

or from Lexmark


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My Lexmark x2670 printer suddenly stopped printing in the middle of a job with no error messages on the screen. Anyone know why?

A:Lexmark printer

Need more information, probably a hardware problem. do try updating the drivers though.

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I am having nothing but problems installing my Lexmark Z22 printer to a new computer with Windows XP. It was working fine on my old one with Windows 98. I have downloaded and installed the recommended driver for XP. I get the message" Can't communicate with printer", It then tells me to open the ports tab and make sure "enable bidirectional support" is checked. When I try to click on it to check it, nothing happens because it is greyed out. Does anyone know what to do? Thanks. BigRed

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i have a lexmark X63 all in one printer(prints/scans/copies/faxes)
have had for month and a half and recently the problem is that now it only prints! scanning and copier produce only BLANK pages
have tried unplugging,restarting, resetup etc. definately software
related not hardware! have read that all in one printers dont last long but wow less than 2 months! any help or suggestions mighty appreciated! thanks

A:all in one lexmark printer

Hiya and welcome

Which version of Windows are you using?

Go here, and choose the version of Windows:


Which version have you got? Go to Control Panel | System. Device Manager. Look for your printer, rightclick and choose Properties. In the Driver tab, see if its older than the ones at the above site.



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Tyring to install printer on my laptop which runs an XP program using the install cd but keeping getting message that printer is unavailable and the printer doesnt pass XP standards. Its the only printer I have and desperately need to print. Can anyone assist me?

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Anyone have any experience or comments on this multi-function Lexmark X85 printer?

I just ordered a Dell desktop system for the home & am considering this printer but am curious if it's a good move or not.


A:Lexmark X85 Printer

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ok i just changed printers to my old one since the last one was old (brother) ,now every single time i print a pic or anything big or full page sized it always cuts the one of the ends off and either doesnt print it at all or prints a the rest quarter inch on a 2nd page lol. and it obviously has something to do with the margins but i dont know where to edit any of those other than in word and notepad. and yes ive tried the standard paper setting as well as A4 now. ive tried the main windows printing thing as well as downloaded and now uninstalled many MANY other apps to print with to see if it was a soft issue but isnt every single thing i printed did this.
just needing some help fixing this irritating error ... thanks.

o and i uninstalled and reinstalled this lexmark as well to no prevail
ps. my printer is a Lexmark X1240

A:Lexmark Printer Help....

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I have a Lexmark Z52 printer. It prints OK in B & W but the color comes out mostly light blue. I've run the cleaning utility numerous times and even put in a new color cartridge. No change. Any suggestions??

A:Lexmark Z52 Printer - help!!

Seems you may have one or a few broken traces on the print head. Unless you can weld them back you may have to purchase a new head. Check the copper colored contact on the print head.

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Probably a silly question but here goes anyway.

Is there any chance a lexmark x5495 can be connected to a computer through a usb 1 port? I know its specs list it as usb 2 but I want to connect it to an old IBP thinkpad that only has a single usb 1 port. Am I wasting my time trying to install the drivers for it. Should I tell the G/F to return the printer unopened?

A:lexmark USB printer

Yes it is. All the USB2 device still compatible with the USB1. And you can use same driver to install the printer. Just make sure the Windows updated.

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I cleaned up this printer because a tiny wad of gum somehow got lodged in it. Now it doesn't jam but will only print one page at a time, spits out the paper ok, and spins like it is doing a banner. Then it shows a paper jam (both on screen and with flashing light). But there isn't any! All the settings are correct as far as size of paper, etc. What's up?
Anyone have any ideas?

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it copies, it scans, and it shows its connected to the computer correctly, why doesnt it want to print?

A:help with lexmark printer

you might try reloading the drivers. Unistall everything listed inthe add/remove programs list that has to do with the lexmark printer. Go to your printers and delete the printer. then check your Device manager if it is listed there remove it. Power off. Disconnect the printer from the computer. Install the software again but wiat until the software tells you to connect teh printer before doing so. Lexmarks are really picky about this. As are some other printers.

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Does this Lexmark printer have a USB out or is it newer than I think?

A:Does this Lexmark printer have a USB-out?

No, but one can be added.
Are you sure you want a government-owned laser printer? Especially that Lexmark.

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Hi all,

I am not having any issues with the Lexmark printer just wanted to share some surprising info:

For giggles I decided to see if Windows 7 could use this printer as a network printer.

The Lexmark printer is hooked up to a Compaq XP Pro desktop. Since all my pc's see each other on my home network I decided to use the printer as a network printer. To my surprise when I clicked "Add Printer" in Devices and Printers Windows 7 loaded the driver for the really old Lexmark. test page worked! I could never get Vista to work with this old printer but 7 does!

I also have a HP Officejet 4315 all-in-one printer (not as old) and it works great also. Both printers are shared. Didnt have a prob sharing them either. Both are recoginized in Devices and Printers too.

A:Lexmark X74-X75 printer :-)

I am having trouble on my end sharing Printers in Vista. It says the driver is missing. Any suggestions?

I had it working at one point, but I forget...


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I am using a Dell Dimension 4500 computer running Windows XP hooked up to a Lexmark X83 Printer. I get an audio message that says "computer cannot communicate with the printer" and error A06. I've tried removing and replacing the cartridges, unplugging and re-plugging the USB and Power cable and re-installing the driver. Nothing works. Please Help!

A:Lexmark X83 Printer

I have had this problem also,i haft to unplug the usb cable at the printer and then start your pc after windows loads plug usb back in printer hop this helps

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please help me with my printer. i try to print something and it gives me a message to unlock scanner. what is this and how do i unlock scanner? thank you

A:lexmark x83 printer

Welcome to TSG....

Scanners have a little lock that keeps the mechanism from moving it is sup post to be unlocked before use. They are different some it is a little slide button on others it is a little one that looks like a screw head. I would take a look see at the manual for how to un-lock it.

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I have a Lexmark 515.
I recently got WinXp re-installed on my computer.
When I first plugged in my Lexmark again (once I got the computer fixed) an Icon popped up that said new hardware detected.
I have the disk and tried to install my printer but each time it comes up with an error and says the printer cannot be detected.
I don't understand....it does not work in any of my 3 USB ports. This printer worked fine previous to the "repair".

Any suggestions?


A:Lexmark Printer

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I have a lexmark Z22 printer which has been working well. The color prints, but even a new black cartridge does not. The interface between the cartridge and the carriage holder is clean and bright. I have cleaned the storage area out, and the noozle cleaner shows the color is correct. Do not know what to check next. All internal connections appear to be tight.
Any ideas?

A:lexmark printer

The other day I changed my cartrides in my lexmark and I pulled the tab and it still wouldn't work. Upon checking there was still some clear tape on it that was very hard to see. I don't know if there was double or just a thin piece stayed on. Just double check for now. It doesn't hurt to look. If not, let me know.

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Having a problem getting printer to work. I did not receive a setup disc as I didn't buy the printer. Called Microsoft they referred me to you. Can you help? I also have a problem with an unauthorized website. I now have parental control on my computer.Prior to Sept.22,2005 I did not. A minor connected to the internet and accessed a website (Movieland.com) without permission.I have contacted the company via email to let them know of this problem.I have contacted the local authorities and was told to try all my options before they can take any further action against this company.I'm still receiving pop-ups even though I have more than 1 pop-up blocker running and anti-spyware running. Can you help with this problem?

A:Need Help with Lexmark X printer

Go to the lexmark site and download the software----and the manual----Then follow the setup instructions. As far as your other problem goes, take that over to Security---they will have you run Hijack this and find out what they planted on your drive.

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the paperfeed roller on my printer will not shut off. The only way to
turn it off is to unplug the printer itself. Pushing the power button
itself will not turn the printer off. Also the status button keeps on
blinking while the printer is on. I have had this printer for a couple of
years and it has worked great until this started going on here in the last
couple of days. Any suggestions??

A:lexmark x74-x75 printer

Replace it! could be the obvious response from a number of people. It sounds like some
one little component on the small circuit card quit on you. It's not related to one brand
either. A common problem similar to this seen on a good number of failed printers. It is
basically the switching circuit that is causing this.

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I have a Lexmark Z52. It calls for a color cartgidge 15M0120. Is the color cartridge 12A1980 the same? Will it work in the Z52?

A:Lexmark Z52 printer

From Lexmark's Website: http://www.lexmark.com/US/products/supplies/0,1230,MTQ1fDE=,00.html

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if so, or maybe anyone else that might know...

it seems like a trivial thing, but i have this printer...installed the driver and its software...

well, i find the software very annoying... everytime i print something, it brings up a window, and says "printing started", and when it finishes "printing complete"...its soooo annoying....

do i just uninstall the software ? it wont take out the printer driver?

dont ask why im asking such a stupid question...

A:anyone have the Lexmark X75 printer?

Hi, The printer driver/software are used interchangeably. Though I do not use a X75, I have a Lexmark, and in the program options (mine is the LPT1 Control it's called) it has an option to uncheck "Use sound effects"- try looking for one of those options.

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