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freezing computer

Q: freezing computer

So recently i've been having some computer freezes when trying to play any game I have and also just simply browsing the web but this takes way longer to get the freeze, at first it would freeze and the speakers would make a screeching noise, I took apart the case and saw I had my fans ran wrong so I changed them to the right direction so now I still get the freeze but no screeching noise, I can play a game longer since I changed the fans but still getting a freeze, I took the computer to bestbuy and they ran their full stress test on it and said it passed with no problem. I thought maybe overheating? Any suggestions on what I should do?

Specs:Gpu nvidia geforce gtx 970
cpu amd fx(tx) 6300 six core
psu corsair cx 850m
motherboard GA-78LMT-S2P
ram 8 gb @ 1333mhz
CORSAIR - Hydro Series 240mm Liquid CPU Cooler

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Preferred Solution: freezing computer

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I recently built my first PC three days ago...
i7 bloomfield 960 processor
4x4 vengeance ram
crosair hx850 PSU
evga x58 ftw3 mobo
hd 6870 radeon graphics xfx

When I first installed windows it started to work just fine but I soon noticed that it would randomly freeze every 15-30 minutes of use, but not on a particular program or anything. I assumed it was drivers so I installed the latest drivers for my GPU and MOBO and keyboard. It seemed fine again until it started crashing again. I ran a GPU burn test and a CPU burn test it passed both... (I tried runing memtest86+ but it froze at like 12%) Then I tried fixing the registry so I downloaded ccleaner and fixed the registry problems. Freezes continued. I finally decided to re install windows so I did and the problems still continued. I am at a loss of what to do and can't think of anything else.

any advice would be appreciated if not I will bring to a repair shop and have them sort it out.

A:Newly built computer random freezing and freezing on starting windows

Hello Skytri and welcome to Seven Forums. My usual disclaimer: I'm not at expert at anything.

I'm wondering if there isn't a RAM problem. Perhaps one of the sticks wasn't seated properly, etc. You could open Resource Monitor > Memory tab and make sure all RAM is being recognized. Make sure Installed = 16384MB and the Available + Cached + Hardware Reserved is the same amount. (You are using 16GB total, correct?)

Resource Monitor

If Memtest freezes you could try a quick check for a bad RAM module. Install one stick in Slot # 1 (or whichever slot the mobo manual says to use.) Run the computer to test for freezes. Test each of the remaining sticks one at a time. If all 4 sticks work you might want to go through these troubleshooting guides. They are time consuming but many people have been able to isolate their computer problems.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7

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I'm going to post two different scenarios that happens when my computer needs a hard restart
My computer freezes completely (literally no movement on the screen or anything, it's not slow it's frozen). And an extremely loud buzzing sound comes out of my headphones or speakers.The same thing as above except without the loud buzzing noise.

I saw that this happened to someone else who had both the speakers and the headphones plugged in at the same time. However, scenario #2 just happened to me 10 minutes ago even though I only had my headphones plugged in.

I built this computer six months ago and it's the first computer I've ever built. I assume it's a driver issue but I can't really pinpoint the problem since no BSOD appears on the screen and I have no higher computer knowledge.

I'm attaching the zip file required.


A:Random Computer Freezing - Need to hard restart after freezing No BSOD

Wow, this sounds like the same thing that happened to a friend of mine when his hard drive was failing. Replaced the drive and the freezes went away. Even the buzzing noise.

Also you may need to look at what drivers you may have just install/updated.

Hoping you don't have any failing hardware "Motherboard, video card, etc". Those are expensive

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I'm going to post two different scenarios that happens when my computer needs a hard restart
My computer freezes completely (literally no movement on the screen or anything, it's not slow it's frozen). And an extremely loud buzzing sound comes out of my headphones or speakers.The same thing as above except without the loud buzzing noise.

I saw that this happened to someone else who had both the speakers and the headphones plugged in at the same time. However, scenario #2 just happened to me 10 minutes ago even though I only had my headphones plugged in.

I built this computer six months ago and it's the first computer I've ever built. I assume it's a driver issue but I can't really pinpoint the problem since no BSOD appears on the screen and I have no higher computer knowledge.

I'm attaching the zip file required.


A:Random Computer Freezing - Need to hard restart after freezing No BSOD

Wow, this sounds like the same thing that happened to a friend of mine when his hard drive was failing. Replaced the drive and the freezes went away. Even the buzzing noise.

Also you may need to look at what drivers you may have just install/updated.

Hoping you don't have any failing hardware "Motherboard, video card, etc". Those are expensive

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My Computer for the past two weeks and sometimes on and off had suddenly becaame it freeze alot when starting jukebox, or just simple programs like internet explorer, I would highly appriciate someone looking at my log file and replying, Thanks Alot!

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:53:00 PM, on 11/17/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\ISSVC.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\New Boundary\PrismXL\PRISMXL.SYS
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\CCPD-LC\symlcsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Security Center\SymWSC.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system... Read more

A:Computer Freezing; Slowing Down. But mostly freezing. I have my HiJackThis! Log File.

I don't see anything in your log or your description of your problem to come to the conclusion that your problem is malware related. When there is malware present there will always be other internet related symptoms like popups or a browser hijack etc...

I will advise you to uninstall Microsoft Anti-Spyware as the version you have is very old and no longer supported. It in now called Windows Defender.

Here are some routine maintenance practices that you should do on a regular basis to keep your machine running efficiently. Go through this now and see if it helps:

Disk Cleanup:


Defrag your HD:


Run chkdsk:

To use Chkdsk, click Start and My Computer. Right-click the hard drive you want to check, and click Properties. Select the Tools tab and click Check Now. Check both boxes. Click Start. You'll get a message that the computer must be rebooted to run a complete check. Click Yes and reboot. Chkdsk will take awhile, so run it when you don't need to use the computer for something else.

Remove unnecessary startups

This should be done through the System Configuration Utility. Go to Start > Run and type in msconfig.
Click OK or hit the Enter key.

Click on the "Startup" tab and remove the check by the items that you have determined are unnecessary. Click "Apply" then "Close"

You will be prompted to ... Read more

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it used to work fine then about a week ago it started to freeze. i thought it had a virus so i tried to run a scan and it just froze again. i went on it again today and it is still freezing, i ran windows malicious software removal tool and it didnt find anything. When it freezes i have to restart it incorrectly then it comes up with a thing and asks if i want to start StartUp Repair. I do this, its fine, then freezes again and the cycle returns. Please help. I'm really worried.

it is vista. compaq presario C700

also the inbuilt microphone on it doesnt work anymore either if that is related.

A:Computer Freezing Repeatedly and Doing StartUp Repair but then freezing etc.


Personally, I think you should click on the "report" link of your post and ask the moderator to move your thread to the malware removal forum, to be certain that the malware is gone.

Be sure to read


and http://forums.techguy.org/general-security/603619-please-read-before-posting-forum.html

It is possible that the programs you listed have missed a nasty piece of malware.

Be sure to read http://forums.techguy.org/malware-removal-hijackthis-logs/622404-please-read-here-first-before.html .

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Hello, I'm having an issue with my computer.

My computer has started to restart/freeze up on me. The thing is, it has graphical issues once it freezes/tries to reboot. I get all these lines through the screen, graphical glitches when trying to go through the BIOS, etc. The computer isn't too slow, it isn't acting strange, the only thing that is wrong is the obvious freezing/restarting with graphical lines and glitches once it freezes.

My video card has been going out for a long time(I share a computer with a few people and they seem to think the video card is ok, but I have always seen small glitches in graphics here and there), so I am thinking maybe this might be a problem, given the graphical glitches, the horizontal lines going through the screen once it freezes.

When it hits the BIOS, it sometimes shows these same lines with the screen going mostly black.

System specs are:

CPU - Core 2 Duo, speed I don't remember.

Video Card - Geforce 7900 GT 512mb

Ram - 2GB DDR2

Motherboard - Asus, P5N-E SLI

I got this computer a few years back and I am not one to keep updated with specs or talk about them often, so I have forgotten the speed of the CPU and I do not know if I am missing information for you guys.

Solutions I have tried:

Overheating - I used air to filter out all dust/dirt that might be there to harm the computer, I have plenty of fans in there, etc.

Any and all help will be appreciated, Thank you.

A:Solved: Computer Freezing/freezing/graphical glitchs

If you're getting graphical 'glitches' while in bios, that's usually a good sign that your graphics card is having issues - however, I have seen this happen with faulty ram. I'd recommend reseating the cards (ensure your computer is off and unplugged whilst doing so) and see if that helps

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hi all im new to techspot,my computer keeps freezing.my friend who built both my last 2 computers has done all kinds of checks,tested hardware n software and pinpointed it to motherboard,replaced motherboard with new ram aswell n worked fine for 3 days then started freezing again then wouldnt boot up.replaced graphics card worked ok for 2 days then started to freeze again then wouldnt boot up,ive just ordered new 1.5tb hard drive if its not that only thing left is power supply,ive also replaced a few of the cables as i had new ones.i must say my friend who is a genius with computers and has worked for numerous computer companys no's wot he is doing and its totally thrown him he's never come across this,its totally random ive even got new 22 inch monitor which someone said it maybe but i didnt get it for that reason my old needed replacing and my partner got me an early xmas present.its so annoying can anyone help please

A:Computer freezing, replaced motherboard still freezing. Help.

Well replace the power supply then...

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so I got a computer that keeps freezing up on me. sometimes it runs for hours before hanging, and sometimes it hangs every 5-10 minutes.

I ran memtest and it seemed to freeze up during memtest. the little blinking icon was normal, but the test wasnt running and the commands didnt work.

does this mean that my memory sticks are bad?

A:freezing computer.(memtest freezing aswell)

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ok so recently my pc has been delaying on opening everything, when i open a program like chrome it takes about 5 minutes or so for it to open then when i try open a new tab, it takes about the same time.
when i unlock my pc or when i have to press yes or no to open that program, the sound played for it like 2- 5 minutes later. when i eventually open up a game the audio is fine but when trying to watch a youtube video sometime i dont even hear audio until about 5 minutes after the video has started

i have tried just about everything i can to sort it and nothing has worked. HELP!

A:Computer is Freezing Is Freezing When Opening any Program.

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I don't know what else to say other than my computer has been freezing and firefox has been freezing lately. I called the manufacturer and he said to restore windows to factory settings, so I did that. Things were great for a week or so, but recently my computer has begun freezing again. It happens pretty frequently. Firefox will also freeze when trying to get it to do very little work, like loading two tabs simultaneously, e.g. My AVS found a suspicious file recently and quarantined it, but still, the freezing has continued. Please advise.

And I do not think that I have a Boot CD

DDS (Ver_10-12-12.02) - NTFS_AMD64
Run by Carly Mergens at 23:41:53.37 on Sat 02/26/2011
Internet Explorer: 8.0.7600.16385
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7600.0.1252.1.1033.18.3884.2374 [GMT -8:00]

AV: Trend Micro Internet Security *Disabled/Outdated* {68F968AC-2AA0-091D-848C-803E83E35902}
AV: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 *Enabled/Updated* {5A2746B1-DEE9-F85A-FBCD-ADB11639C5F0}
SP: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 *Enabled/Updated* {E146A755-F8D3-F7D4-C17D-96C36DBE8F4D}
SP: Trend Micro Internet Security *Disabled/Updated* {D3988948-0C9A-0693-BE3C-BB4CF86413BF}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
... Read more

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Had the day from hell with my computer, antivirus stopped working and my computer got infected. On safe mode with networking, I ran malwarebyte a couple times, cleaned most all of it out. When rebooting to windows, computer became super slow, like 5 minutes to open a window, etc. I had to force reboot a few times. But then I started getting a screen that demanded a reboot disk. Only one I have is. a windows vista disc. I had windows 7. It won't let me even get that blue startup screen where I can push f keys.
Can anyone give me some advice, or do I need to just get a new hard drive.

A:computer infected , cleaned, bsod, freezing, now computer wants boot disk

The problem isn't the hard drive, it's that you are still infected.
I'm going to ask a moderator to move this thread into Am I Infected so that you can work with one of the expert volunteers there to get your system cleaned correctly.

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I have a HP Pavillion dv9417ca Notebook PC with AMD Turion 64X2 Mobile Technology Tl-56, 2.0G Ram, NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 with Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP2.

The computer when running slowly makes a ton of noise starting up and running and tends to use more processing. The computer sometimes makes weird noises that aren't normal windows sounds and come from error's. Like intense beeping noises ocassionally. Firefox especially is insanely slow and the longer I run it the more processing power it uses up along with the plugins.exe. Sometimes it will uses so much that it completely freezes my computer. Lately I've also been having trouble starting the computer where it won't even load windows.

I've ran Ccleaner daily and Malwarebytes weekly and find nothing and the problem has been getting progressively worse. I have Avast which updates daily.

DDS (Ver_11-03-05.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Run by bloopertown at 10:51:51.81 on Thu 04/21/2011
Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.19048 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_24
Microsoft? Windows Vista? Ultimate 6.0.6002.2.1252.1.1033.18.1982.922 [GMT -7:00]
AV: avast! Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {2B2D1395-420B-D5C9-657E-930FE358FC3C}
SP: avast! Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {904CF271-6431-DA47-5FCE-A87D98DFB681}
SP: Windows Defender *Enabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
============== Running Processes ===============
... Read more

A:(Vista) Computer freezing, incredibly slow with firefox, sometimes won't start fully on startup [Computer 1]

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks

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first off, here are my specsAMD Athlon 64 X2 5200M2N-e Asus motherboard2 gigs (1gig x2) Corsair dual channel ramNvidia Geforce 7900 GS 256mb PCI-EWhen I first built my computer and loaded windows, it worked super fast. Now, its slower then my older computer, which I thought was impossible. I mean...This is pathetic. I unistalled AVG cause there was a process running that is supposed to be a Trojan, and a program said AVG was running it. So, I deleted it, was prompted to restart, so I did. It took literally 10 minutes to shut down and restart. At worst, my old computer took 5 minutes. (P4 2.8, 1.5 gigs ram, ATI Radeon 9800). So, how do I fix this? I have a theory its Microsoft forcing people to upgrade by putting out crappy updates. I mean, for my card, the newest driver is dated the beginning of last year...They come out with a new one but its Vista only. Woo...idiots. So basically it started about 3 days ago, aprox. 4 days after this computer was built. I was playing Battlefield 1942, it froze. I tried 5 times, it froze in different spots at different times. I reinstalled. Same thing. Oblivion goes for about 30 minutes then crashes to the desktop. I then hit the window to maximize again, and it freezes. This has happened everytime as well. I also did older games, same thing, but done differently. Battlefield was the only one that froze the entire computer to where i had to manually shut it off.Then today I randomly check my processes, and theres 2 runn... Read more

A:I Need Help...slow Computer, Freezing Games, On A Fast Computer...(possible Trojan)

The first thing which strikes me is that you have 2 anti-virus applications on your computer ( Zone Alarm security suite and AVG Free) Having two anti virus applications running on your PC can give conflicts so I suggest you uninstall one.For the antispyware applications do you have all real time protection enabled?..I first would try Microsoft online test and see what comes up. The freezing can also indicate faulty memory, there for run a Memtest to rule that out.

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My laptop is a Gateway 450 ROG and it has had this problem for the last week. It will run for roughly 40 minutes, and then (even when small programs are running) it will freeze up. My mouse wont move, no command will respond and i am forced to hold the power button and shut it off.
2nd Problem, occasionally when i turn on the computer it wont boot up. The screen will turn on and stop with a dash blinking in the top left corner, not proceeding to any boot up of any kind, and just recently while i shut it down from this sort of freezing up, little pictures of pixel hearts and dots started appearing until i shut it off. This problem has gone on since i bought this computer from my brother but the pictures havent until this last week .
Here is my Hijackthis log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 4:36:40 PM, on 10/15/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE ... Read more

A:Computer freezing entirely, odd pictures popping up on screen while computer turns on

Hello snow_yehti and welcome,

Unfortunately, there is nothing readily apparent in this log. We'll run a few tools and see if any malware is revealed.

Please copy this page to Notepad and save to your desktop for reference as you will not have any browsers open while you are carrying out portions of these instructions.


Download AVG Anti-Spyware from HERE and save that file to your desktop.
This is a 30 day trial of the programOnce you have downloaded AVG Anti-Spyware, locate the icon on the desktop and double-click it to launch the set up program.
Once the setup is complete you will need run AVG Anti-Spyware and update the definition files.
On the main screen select the icon "Update" then select the "Update now" link.Next select the "Start Update" button, the update will start and a progress bar will show the updates being installed.

Once the update has completed select the "Scanner" icon at the top of the screen, then select the "Settings" tab.
Once in the Settings screen click on " Recommended actions" and then select " Quarantine".
Under "Reports"Select "Automatically generate report after every scan"
Un-Select "Only if threats were found"

Close AVG Anti-Spyware. Do Not run a scan just yet, we will shortly.

Download and install CleanUp! but do not run it yet. (Not Recommended fo... Read more

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Recently(about 2 weeks ago), my computer started freezing. It happened 5 times already(one of them occurred as I was typing this post). I wasn't doing anything in particular, just using Firefox to browser the web.

3 of the freezings occurred while I was just browsing, 2 occurred while my computer was starting up. No sites in general either, out of the 3 times I froze, I was on different sites each time(all of them are "known safe ones" too like ign.com, wikipedia, etc).

After the latest freeze(during browsing), I restarted my computer only for my computer to freeze again after 3 seconds(screen stayed the same, it happened right after it showed me my memory test). Then I restarted my computer again and it froze before anything showed up(monitor did not detect anything so the monitor did not show anything).
Here's what I have done so far:

1. I used memtest86 and done 3 full tests, no errors on any tests.

2. Did anti-virus and anti-spyware scan on my computer(I used: Avast, Spybot, Adaware).

3. Checked Windows Event Viewer(unfortunately it didn't log anything).

Here's the last things I did to my computer before I noticed the freezings:
1. I downloaded and installed Secunia PSI.

2. I downloaded and installed the latest version of WinRAR and Quicktime player(recommendations from Secunia).

3. I also installed various security patches from microsoft update.

Besides that, nothing in particular.

Also I noticed when my computer freezes, my ke... Read more

A:Computer randomly freezing(computer stays frozen until I shutdown)

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Hello everyone - I am a new member of the forum and hope that someone reading this might be able to help me with a problem I have with my computer.

In recent weeks the computer screen keeps freezing with the cursor being replaced by the hour glass symbol. This usually happens after several hours' computer usage - but sometimes it occurs soon after the computer is turned on.

When this happens, I am unable to log off; the computer on/off button does not work when the screen freezes and I have to turn the computer off at the mains.

In order to be able to log back into my broadband internet connection I have to turn the computer and and off twice and then on again .

Sometimes when the computer screen image freezes a message box appears always saying "End programme" (i.e. "End programme - CiceroUIWndFrame" or "End programme - mixer").

My computer runs on the Windows XP operating system.

I changed from Internet Explorer browser 6 to 7 yesterday but the problem of the computer screen freezing persists.

Any helpful advice on this would be much appreciated.

A:My computer screen keeps freezing and I have to keep turning the computer on and off

How old is your computer? Have you ever reinstalled your OS?

What I usually recommend is if your computer is at least a couple of years old and have yet to do a clean install of your Operating System now is the time, especially when it starts acting up =)

Windows XP Clean Installation - Partitioning and Formatting using Windows XP CD

How to format your hard drive and install Windows XP from scratch

Windows XP Clean Install (Interactive Setup)

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Ok this is my first time on this site and i have little understanding of the computer but let me try to explain the problem as well as i can.

Ok most of my games are freezing up during gameplay such as Everquest freezes up for no reason or same for Guild Wars. I think its something wrong with my computer (but no sure the problem) or it might be something wrong with the graphic card. I can telll the difference between lag of a game and the game just freezing up for no apparent reason.

If you need me to say what kind of computer i have or what graphic card i currently have, please say so.

If there is a program that i need to download to help fix this problem, i trust you guys seeing as you know more than i do.

Can you guys please help me out?

A:Computer Games freezing up (think its a computer problem)

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I have a Desktop computer, which is about 3 years old. It was custom made, with an ASUS Motherboard Model# P5VDC-Mx V2, 2 GBs. of RAM, 250 GB HDD, Nvidia 6200 Graphics Card.
The problem is, that I kept formatting and re-installing my O.S. with the O.S. CD, because of some mistakes that I had made earleir. Then, my computer kept freezing up on me. So, a friend of mine, who has his own computer shop, advised me, to use a specific software, to format or wipe the HDD clean, for a fresh install. Which I did, using Dulik's? Nuke & Boot. After my HDD was wiped, I re-installed XP Pro again, hoping that this would solve the problem of it freezing up. Well, after I installed XP Pro and the appropriate drives, it still freezes up! Usually when my screen saver is running, which is the Windows screen saver on file.
I have Avast A.V. installed, as well as Super-AntiSpyware Pro., Malware's Anti-Malware, Windows Malicious Software Remover to boot! I even used 2 types of one-time, on-line A.V. scanners, to scan for viruses. But, nothing. I even scanned my HDD for errors, defragged my HDD and scanned for registry errors. But, it still freezes up! If anyone has a suggestion, by all means, please advise! Thank you!

A:Computer Freezing up.

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Hey guys,

I put this computer together a week ago and its working fine except once a day during video playback whether imbeded or using gom player ,wmplayer it freezes up with a loud continuous beep. I just installed the new MOH airborn and it does it every time i play after a few minutes.
after this happens i have to do a complete shutdown(turn power off at supply) to get it to restart.

I am running windows xp pro corp with sp2 on
ASUS m2n-sli delux
AMD 64x2 4200
EVGA nividia 7600gt 256
1024 mb ddr memory

would appreciate any help on this thank you

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I got this computer on july first so it's still pretty new its a sony vio with 75.0 of ram or so anyway. i will be using my computer and all of a sudden it freezes up.i have updated virus protection and everything so why does my pc keep freezing to make it worse in a day i will have to reboot at least 10 times depending how much i use my pc

A:Why does my computer keep freezing up on me

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my computer keeps freezing up. i ran the registry clean up and still encountering the same thing

A:Computer freezing up

Registry Cleaners are a hoax. They do nothing good, and may cause problems. Get rid of it immediately.

Check BIOS and post the voltages it reports. Bad power is a common cause of computer freezes. Also run chkdsk.

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I am using windows 7. It freezes when I am watching videos or playing videos games, if I wait 10-20 seconds it will usually unfreeze and will go back to normal. I have tried CCleaner and it did not work for me. My computer does freeze on a regular basis. I want to try everything before i go see a professional. Are their any suggestions you guys have?

A:My computer keeps freezing.

A computer that freezes is usually caused by overheating. Or a failing Power Supply Unit. Shut down the computer and take off the side. Clean out the dust and blow out all fans with a can of compressed air. Take a look at the label for the PSU and report the Make, Model# and Wattage. Start the computer and make sure all fans are spinning.
Try doing a Clean Boot. If this works then add each startup item one at a time until you find the culprit.

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my computer keeps freezing up for about one minute and then runs fime for about 2minutes, i mean my mouse, keybord, everything hdd i think sound, it freezes as im toying now. im thinking eather hdd or prosser, plese help me i just orded a viedo card and dont want it to go to wast i dont know what to do


P.S it frose 2 rtimes as i was typing now.

A:HELP!!! computer keeps freezing

you should check your ram , or see if you have too many programs running at once .
i.e. limewire or downloading program and musik going at the same time .

"or you should try downloading spokeh.exe if you dont want your comp anymore"
lolz jk

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My computer freezes up. This occurs mostly with you tube videos. It also occurs during normal usage. Task manager shows CPU at 100%. Task manager states plug-in container, McShield or sometimes explorer.exe as having the heaviest load at CPU 90%. I have three explorer.exe which I found on SEARCH. One of the versions is in caps with a series of letters and numbers following it.

1) System Information

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.70GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2039 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family, 96 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76308 MB, Free - 58438 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0WF351, , .BX91991.CN129615CR2708.
Antivirus: McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

2) Hijack This LOG

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 9:09:45 AM, on 3/22/2011
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKeeper.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\s... Read more

A:Freezing Computer HELP

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My computer works fine for ages then the screen freezes, the mouse freezes and all i am left with is the screen frozen.

THIS MUST BE HARDWARE RELATED. I spent 3 days trying things with software and today i successfully reformatted and set up my computer again... everything was running smoothly and then poof it was frozen. It froze while i was moving a document from one folder to another... saying this it freezes no matter what i am doing.

What can cause this? I think i will have to take it into a repair shop but i would much prefer if you could give me some recommendation and perhaps some diagnostic tools i could use?

A:computer freezing

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Hi I am new to this forum and computers in general. I just bought my computer about a year ago and it came with a 80 gig hard drive and windows xp. It has worked fine up until about 2 months ago when it seem to start moving slower and freezing up every now and then. Sometimes after leaving it on for a day or more it will just start going crazy where the screen starts flashing and the tool bar will be at the top of the screen. Well all that has been bad but I have still been able to cope with it just by turning it off and back on whenever it would freeze or go crazy. But within the last week the mouse pointer doesnt act right. Right when I start the computer the pointer will follow as i move the mouse but freeze along its path so the pointer on the screen freezez as i keep moving the mouse and after a second or to it jumps to where the mouse would have it had it not have frozen. It gradually gets worse until eventually after an hour or two the mouse pointer just freezes completely or disappears so I cant use my computer. I have to restart my computer and start all over but sometimes even after I restart my computer the mouse pointer starts of frozen so I may have to restart it three times before I get to where I can move my mouse again. I thought it could be a virus or spyware so I finnally got the free versions of adaware and norton antivirus. I ran them they found some spyware and viruses and got rid of them but it still continues to behave the same. I did get t... Read more

A:Computer freezing?

You may still have some malware on your PC - have a look here:-


This is a good reg cleaner - run it on auto and use your delete key to clear the debris


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Hi there,

My computer keeps freezing at frequent occasions throughout the day. Sometimes it happens two or three times, other days as many as ten. I thought that this might have been a virus or perhaps some software that I had installed, but after checking my comp with various virus checking software (Ad-aware, CWShredder, Spybot and online virus checkers), I'm thinking it may be something else. Does anyone have any reason why this might be happening, and if there's any way it can be fixed? Thanks to anyone that helps.

A:Computer keeps freezing

well, have you run any online checks?

also how many programs do you have in startup - have a look at msconfig (every thing but win2k)
start> run > msconfig
startup tab
have a look here

also you may want to look at the performance of the PC when running - let us know the windows version you have.

possibly running low on resources

otherwise as you suspect spyware - so you seem to have done most things - I would post a hijackthis log and let an expert here decode just in case

Download and copy hijackthis to its own folder , it makes backups so keeping them separate and available can be useful.

Note the Spyware tools websites are very often under attack and so I have provided more than 1 location to download from:


Close all open windows and open Hijack This. Click “Scan”. When the scan is finished (it only takes a second), the scan button will change to “Save Log”.
Click on “Save Log” and then save it to NotePad.
Click on “Edit” – “Select all” – “copy” and then “paste” into the thread.
DO NOT FIX ANYTHING wait advice from one of the many security experts in this forum.
I currently do not have the skill/competence to advise and poor advice can be far more damaging to your ... Read more

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My computer keeps freezing up when I'm surfing the net. If I log off and then back on it's ok for awhile then it does it again. I scanned my computer Trend Micro free online scan and it didn't find anything but cookies. Any idea what to try next? I do have Avg too and it didn't find anything either.

A:Computer freezing up

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All day today it's been freezing up. After about an hour of being on it locks up and I have to unplug it then plug it back in. I don't really do anything on it other then browse the web. I haven't played a video game on it in a long time.

I installed Advanced Systemcare and did a few things on that today, but it still freezes on me. Any other suggestions?

A:Computer is freezing up. :(

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i purchased a game from wild tangent called polar bowler and it won't let me unlock it since there is a pop up blocker on it and it won't let me run it? what do i do to unlock the pop-up blocker? i am running microsoft xp

A:computer freezing up

Welcome to TSG

What pop up blocker are you using?

Many popular ad blocking software programs can be temporarily disabled by simply holding down one of the following keys until the new window appears: Control (CTRL), ALT, or Shift.

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Hello everyone,

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2, 2.00 GB Ram, Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2370 1.73 GHz processor

This laptop worked fine up till yesterday when it suddenly froze. I thought nothing of it but had to shutdown illegally. I was working again today when a few seconds after startup, it froze again when the weather channel desktop feed was booting. I thought that might be the problem so I uninstalled it. I had to do another illegal shutdown because the computer did not "de-freeze". Later I turned it back on and this happened again. I have no idea why this is happening because it alternates now. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it freezes completely. Can anyone help diagnose this?

A:Computer Freezing Up

Run a free antivirus like MSE:

Update windows:

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I have no clue whats going on........
But since reading threads on here I downloaded HIjack...
Heres what I got..
IS anything bad here?
Thanks in ADVANCE!!
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 1:43:27 AM, on 3/29/2007
Platform: Windows ME (Win9x 4.90.3000)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = http://red.clientapps.yahoo.com/cus.../sbcydsl/*http://www.yahoo.com/search/ie.html
R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://red.clientapps.yahoo.com/customize/ie/defaults/sp/sbcydsl/*http://www.yahoo.com
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = http://red.clientapps.yahoo.com/customize/ie/defaults/su/sbcydsl/*http://www.yahoo.com
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = http://red.clientapps.yahoo.com/cus.../sbcydsl/*http://www.yahoo.com/search/ie.html
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://red.clientapps.yahoo.com/customize/ie/defaults/sp/sbcydsl/*http://www.y... Read more

A:help.........computer keeps freezing up...

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I have a PC with windows xp on it and its about 2 years old. For some reason my computer just started randomly freezing. Sometimes 3 or 4 times an hour. Anyone have any solutions?

A:Computer keeps freezing

what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them

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Dear Bleeping Computer,

My windows 7 computer will freeze up with the circle of death ( the mouse will still move about).
Then, the screen will flash 1 to 4 times and the only thing visible will be my desk top.
Mozilla will reappear.

This process is taking anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes. Sometimes my disk drive will spool up very fast.

I have tried updating all of my drivers, running malwarebytes and un and re-installing mozilla.

Any help would be appreciated.



Script: chrome://global/content/contentAreaUtils.js:593

A:Computer freezing up

Hello,I will be helping you with your problemsPlease do the following:Step 1Download Security Check by screen317 from here.Save it to your Desktop.Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.----------------Step 2Please download Farbar Service Scanner to your Desktop and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply.----------------Step 3Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it.Checkmark the following checkboxes:Flush DNSReport IE Proxy SettingsReset IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsReset FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList DevicesList Users, Partitions and Memory size.List Minidump FilesClick Go and post the result (Result.txt). A copy of Result.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run. Note: When using "Reset FF Proxy Settings" option Firefox should be closed.----------------Step 4Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free to your de... Read more

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I just got this new computer towards the end of August and haven't had any problems until a couple days ago. I was playing Quake (yes the original Net Quake game) and about 45 minutes in the game froze and my computer would not response. CTRL-ALT-DEL did nothing. I hit the Reset button on my PC and everything loaded up fine. About an hour after this while I was browsing the internet with IE7 the compuer started running slow. When I'd scroll up or down on a webpage it was be very choppy. Finally it froze again while browsing the internet. Restarted again. Froze again. Next day the same thing happened while browsing the web. After about 4 or 5 restarts the computer started freezine right after Windows loaded up. Next restart I loaded the BIOs and while going through the screens here it froze.

First thought was some Windows updates I recently installed. I let the computer sit for awhile, turned it back on and removed the Windows Updates from 10/18, as well as a DIVX codec I installed about a week ago. Aside from those, nothing else has been installed on the PC since the first week of September. Everything ran fine for about an hour or two until it froze again when browsing the web. I tried using Firefox and Opera and it froze again using these different browsers. When I load Quake now it immediately freezes upon loading. Next I updated the graphics driver to the latest from the nVidia website. PC still froze up.

This morning I ran memtest and it returned no errors. n... Read more

A:Computer Keeps Freezing Up. Help!!

You really might have a virus or trojan causing some probs. I think I'd go to cleaning my system up and out, before I got too nervous about anything. How often do you play games and how often do you clean everything up in your OS? Let us know...Jazz

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I need help!!!!

My computer is about 6 months old. Here Are my specs

ASRock K8 Upgrade-1689 MoBo
AMD Sempron 2600+
ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 9800 pro 128MB
Hitachi 120GB HD
Windows XP Pro

Right then, my problem. Most of the games I run will play for a few minutes, then freeze. The computer makes some clicking noises, then I get a blank blue screen. I did have a WD 80GB HD that I thought was the problem. That got replaced by the Hitachi. I have also tried reinstalling windows, updating the bios, using Microsoft ATI drivers, using current and older ATI drivers, using current and older Omega ATI drivers(i figured cause it was games that it might have something to do with the graphics card), I've even tried different IDE cables and a new power supply . Please, anyone with any idea of what this could be let me know.


A:Computer Freezing

it is probably a memory problem.

to start off with, you have 2 (or possibly 3) unmatched RAM sticks, which is probably where your problem lies. Remove all but 1 RAM stick and see if it still crashes.

give us your RAM configuration (i.e. 1x512MB + 1x256MB -or- 3x256MB, etc.) and your exact RAM specs (brand name, model #, speed, CAS/timing of each RAM stick)

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Hello, I am running Windows XP Pro on my computer that I've had for 4 years. For some reason it has started to freeze up every time I watch a video on YouTube. Sometimes it will freeze up when I'm playing a casino game. The only thing I can do is to turn the computer off manually. I recently reinstalled Windows and all of my programs because the computer was running slow. I ran my AVG virus program and nothing came up. Do you have any ideas of what may be causing this? Thank You.

A:Computer keeps freezing up!

Have you had your AVG AntiVirus for a long time. Sounds like a Software Conflict. But maybe not. Go to http://nanoscan.com which is manufactured by Panda Security. It will find most any culprit and you can run it with your AVG AntiVirus turned on. Hope this helps.

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Hello!One of my computers recently battled a bogus "anti-virus software" infection. I can't remember which it was exactly; AntiVirus2010 I believe. I was able to remove it using Malwarebytes and Hijackthis. Or so I thought. Now whenever I turn it on it freezes within ten minutes should I try to perform any tasks and makes an insane beeping sound when it does. I've scanned for infections with Malwarebytes and Avira and nothing shows up. Any suggestions?Any help would be very much appreciated!!Thank you.KateEdit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:computer freezing

SAS, may take a long time to scanPlease download and scan with SUPERAntiSpyware FreeDouble-click SUPERAntiSypware.exe and use the default settings for installation.An icon will be created on your desktop. Double-click that icon to launch the program.If asked to update the program definitions, click "Yes". If not, update the definitions before scanning by selecting "Check for Updates". (If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here. Double-click on the hyperlink for Download Installer and save SASDEFINITIONS.EXE to your desktop. Then double-click on SASDEFINITIONS.EXE to install the definitions.)In the Main Menu, click the Preferences... button.Click the "General and Startup" tab, and under Start-up Options, make sure "Start SUPERAntiSpyware when Windows starts" box is unchecked.Click the "Scanning Control" tab, and under Scanner Options, make sure the following are checked (leave all others unchecked):
Close browsers before scanning.Scan for tracking cookies.Terminate memory threats before quarantining.Click the "Close" button to leave the control center screen and exit the program.Do not run a scan just yet.FirstReboot your computer in "Safe Mode" using the F8 method. To do this, restart your computer and after hearing your computer beep once during startup (but before the Windows icon appears) press the F8 key repeatedly. A menu will appear with several opti... Read more

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I have a fairly new laptop (WinXP media cener, 2 gb RAM, 1.66 ghz dual core, 160 gb hd) and it freezes a lot. I've done defrags, spyware scans, virus scans, run various utilities including System Mechanic, and nothing seems to change. I don't know if it matters or not, but when it does this, I can still move the mouse, Winamp continues to play, and ctrl+alt+del will sometimes work, but usually it just brings up the task manager and I get the hourglass. I have to say that I do have a lot of processes running and that might be causing something, but I don't know which ones I need and which ones I don't. I can provide a list of them if that would help. I'd appreciate it if anyone can offer any tips that might help. Thanks.

A:Computer Keeps Freezing


If you bring up the task manager, select the processes tab and arrange the list by memory usage, can you post back the ones that are using the most resources.

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I wasnt sure where to put this as I have no way of knowing what the cause is. I am WILLING to bet its hardware.. thats all I've got. I decided I wanted to put together a computer as my old one was freezing all the time. Once I got all the pieces and put them together the NEW computer was freezing just as bad.

I can't tell what the issue is. The only parts I migrated over from my old computer were my hard drive for storage, my power supply, and my graphics card which I have since then replaced completely. Still freezing. Here are my specs

My first graphics card was an Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 1 GB by Palit

XCLIO A380COLOR Fully Black 1.0 mm SECC / ABS Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case

1 x ASUS M5A88-V EVO AM3+ AMD 880G SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard

2 x ASUS EAH6450 Silent/DI/1GD3(LP) Radeon HD 6450 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready

1 x AMD Phenom II X4 970 Black Edition Deneb 3.5GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Desktop Processor HDZ970FBGMBOX

2 x Kingston HyperX 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 Desktop Memory Model KHX1600C9D3/4G

What I've recently put in

1 x CORSAIR CX Series CX750 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power

1 x Western Digital WD Green WD5000AZRX 500GB IntelliPower SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
I'll start the computer up and whether its doing nothing or if Im playing a game the computer just freezes as if it took... Read more

A:Computer freezing

Can you try a regular monitor for awhile just to settle this concern with your TV?

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any time i try burn dvd computer freeze otherwise system seems to run ok.

A:computer freezing

Have you tried burning at a slower speed?

Any error messages in the burn program when this occurs?


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I go into My Computer and every time, it hangs without listing my drives, and only way to stop it is killing explorer.exe.

wats going on?

A:My Computer keeps freezing

Possibly a virus. Do a thorough check with a fully-updated suite, and then an on-line scan from one or more of Trend Micro, Kaspersy, Panda in that order.

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Hey guys just wondering if you may have an idea why when playing euchre my computer keeps freezing up. Its not the browser as it will freeze whether i am using Mozellia or IE. I have run a complete virus scan and nothing major was detected. I am wondering if I may have a registry error of some kind? Is there some type of automatic scan I can do to possibly detect the problem.........Thanks

A:my computer keeps freezing

Hello,posting your PC specs will help the next person assist you better.
Make /model of PC etc..

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Anybody have any suggestions? This is really weird, it was working fine the other day. Now every time I restart the computer is really slow and I can't pull up Internet explorer or update Malware bytes. Whenever I do a scan in safe mode to check for malware the computer finds nothing. When I try to pull up Internet Explorer my computer freezes. When I do a registry check with Ccleaner no problems are found. Does anybody have any idea what is going on?

A:Computer freezing

Which version of IE do you have?If you have version 7 or 8 : Right-click on the desktop IE icon and select Start without addonsIf IE starts, one of your IE addons is malfunctioning. Open IE > Tools > IE Options Select Programs Tab and click on Manage Addons. Disable first third party(non-microsoft) addon that you see there. Then start IE in normal mode and check of IE starts. Do this for all addons to find faulty addons.

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I cannot get my computer to load, it keeps freezing before you can log on in "Normal" mode. I am running Windows XP Home Edition.

A:Computer Freezing

sorry wrong forum

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