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DHCP Issues on Moderate Sized Network

Q: DHCP Issues on Moderate Sized Network

Hello everyone,
I am working with a moderately sized network of about 75 devices. We have a device for our VOIP that supplies DHCP for the phones. Unfortunately this device is also handing out IPs to our other devices and causing them to be unable to see our other network services ( Internet filter and hosted applications ). I need to put a system in place to force our network to prioritize our other DHCP over our VOIP server. Setting a static ip address works but this is not an ideal solution.
VOIP - 10.172.0.X ( Forces all devices to have an address in this range when assigned to DHCP )
Network - 10.170.0.X

Preferred Solution: DHCP Issues on Moderate Sized Network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: DHCP Issues on Moderate Sized Network

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Hello, I hope everyone is having a great morning so far.

I am posting because I am having some internet connectivity issues in a medium sized network that I am responsible for (about 40 computers total). I would consider my own networking skills as intermediate, so your help would be greatly appreciated!

First off, here is the setup:
This is a non-profit after-school program with 40 total internet connected devices. The internet service is AT&T DSL with 6Mb download (and I think 1Mb upload).
For the modem/router we have a 2Wire2701HG-B (with wireless disabled),

The 2wire then runs to the sonicwall NSA 240,

The sonicwall then runs to (2) Linksys SRW224G4 network switches.

Then the network switches of course run to all the computers in the building and to one wireless N router. We have the wireless disabled on the 2wire because it is before the sonicwall and devices connected to it would not have the protection that we require.

The problem is when all the students get on the computer, not all of the computers have internet access. Internet explorer gives the cannot display webpage. When I click on "Diagnose Problem" sometimes it can't find an error and sometimes it gives the DNS error.

This problem is not limited to any specific computer, it is all the computers at one time or another. Some are able to browse and some are not (pretty much "first come, first serve" for the internet connection).

If any one has any ideas on how I could impro... Read more

A:Connectivity issues in medium sized network

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I reformatted my computer because after installing service pack 1 and other updates from Feb 14th my computer has been having issues getting a dhcp from my router. I have a windows 7 home premium 32 bit laptop that works just fine. I also have a ubuntu machine that pulls an address from this router and an xbox 360. From what I've read other places online it appears this is a bug with dhcp that appears some time around windows 7 service pack 1 x64. Is this update the one causing issues with the dhcp problems I'm having? Should I uninstall service pack 1 or reformat and not let windows install this? I'm a little confused as to what this problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

A:Dhcp issues and network connectivity issues since windows 7 x64 sp1

I've never heard of a service pack creating a DHCP problem.

You might want to try resetting your router either by pushing in the reset button "hold in for ten seconds" or you can reset the router from the router's service page or unplug the router for ten minutes then plug it back in again.

Just because other machines can pick up the DHCP address doesn't mean it's working correctly for all machines. Routers can limp along sometimes but the functionality becomes erratic until you reset them.

Or you can try using the ipconfig commands, such as the ones outlined in the link below.
ipconfig - Windows Command Line Utility

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I installed my linksys wrt54G v1 router that has DD-WRT v32 SP2 on it and my network worked great. I then plugged in my linksys switch with about 20 devices (internet phones, networked printers, windows pc, linux asterisk phone system) already connected and on. Almost immediately my internet went down, I could not access my router hardly ever, and lan connectivity failed or was flaky at best.
The dhcp lease table did not show the new devices assigned except for several static assignments.

I unplugged the switch, power cycled the router and all was fine.
I then plugged in the switch without devices and worked fine.
I turned off all networked devices connected to the switch, turned them on one at a time. Then everything worked. The lease table showed all the devices with default lease time of 24 hours.
About 48 hours later I walked into the office with internet down, no lan connectivity, and could not log onto the router either.
I performed the same fix above, and now we are working again just fine.

I had the same problem with a stock linksys 8 port router and using either the linksys switch or a netgear switch.

I think I am having lease renewal dhcp issues, but I have never experienced this problem before. I would appreciate your advice to avoid the next network crash - it ruins my morning.

DD-WRT v23 SP2
linnksys WRT54G v1
linksys 24 port switch

A:DHCP lease renewal issues crashes my network

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Hello All, My company has been buying the M910Z systems since last year and I have noticed that the NIC card on these things will just randomly not pick up an IP address via DHCP when the PC is first powered on or when a network cable is unplugged. This doesnt happen everytime, but there are instances when the PCs go to sleep and the user is unable to connect back to the network due to the PC dropping the network connection. To resolve the issue, i have to either shut the PC down and then boot it back up or go into the control panel, diable/enable the NIC card in hopes for it to grab an IP. Is there a fix to this issue because im assuming its either a BIOS or NIC driver issue because I have isolated the issue down to these PCs and i wanted to see if the community could help me out here.

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Hello ...

So I've set my Xbox a static IP Address of I've put this IP Address in the DMZ zone & forwarded the relevant ports which should mean that my Xbox nat is open but surprise surprise its not ...

Ive tried rebooted the router and Xbox but no luck, would appreciate it if someone could help me i really dont know what else i can. It does work when i use a dynamic IP but the IP keeps changing so i keep having to change the IP Address in the DMZ every couple of days which is annoying.

A:Xbox moderate nat issues ... again

dont use dmz it will confuse the modem. first set the modem back to its fackory defult and go to portforwarding and you can either slect xbox live on the scevice dropdown menu or you can open the ports manuelly. you need to open port 88 both and 3074 both and have fun

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Dear TechSupportGuy,
My PC has been performing half as well as it was last month. I mean every program lurches to start, I have no performance with old or new 3D applications (even though I have the latest video card drivers and DirectX) even on the oldest games my computer cannot run the games above 10 FPS even at 640*480. I was wondering if there are any problems with my PC. Here is my HijackThis! Log.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 7:37:36 PM, on 23/12/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16574)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0\avp.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0\avp.exe
C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe
C:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\HPWu... Read more

A:Moderate-Extreme Performance Issues

Hi, All those processes are normal and correspond to applications or drivers you are using....Kaspersky Internet Security, for one....things you need.

I am not sure why you cannot access msconfig to change startups, maybe it was a benefit as you can do some damage turning off things without any idea what they are....
You have had a Norton (Symantec) program before, possibly Norton Antivirus....I see the Live Update from it is still listed....does any Norton program still remain in use on the computer?

If not, I suggest Uninstalling Live Update in your Add/Remove programs list from the Control Panel....see if that works.

Post back if it does not show in that list or you cannot make it Uninstall.
also, please do this:
Open Hijack This and click on the "Open the Misc Tools section" button.
Click on the "Open Uninstall Manager" button.
Click the "Save List" button. After you click the "Save List" button, you will be asked where to save the file.
Pick a place to save it then the list should open in notepad.
Copy and paste that list in a reply.


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I volunteer at a mid-sized church (200-300) attending members.We are looking to increase our network capabilities.We are in the process of getting the internet speed and bandwidth increased.We currently have 3 wireless network routers to allow staff access.We want to increase the reach of this and also add a guest network for the members.Also since we are going to have to replace the existing network/internet interface would like to have the following:VPN, site content filtering, VLans, wi-fi access login/usage acceptance, wired wi-fi access points.
Of these is there a reason to establish separate physical networks vs VLans?
Is there good software/hardware to handle wi-fi login/usage acceptance and also provide for web site content filtering?
Recommendations on Access Points
Also recommendations on firewall/internet appliance?

A:Mid-sized Network

for a job like this, i would have to see the place and what exactly you have going on now, as well as take various measurements on things like coverage area and interference points. it is almost impossible to advise you on what to do with anything on this scale without at least a floorplan, and that won't tell me what the layout is actually like, in terms of interference and coverage. your best bet is to get a reputable company, not necessarily a big one, or have one of the members find someone who works in network administration or the like and pay them to come out and do this for you.

separate networks is going to be cheaper for you, as you already have the routers. you may want to consider purchasing equipment that will handle vlans for future growth or ease of maintenance. another option is to use windows server 2008 or 2012 and use active directory for the staff and have a separate open network for members (when i say open, put a password on it, and change it every two or three months). as for access points and firewalls, anything with cisco in the name is going to be overpriced.

there are some very good options for you, and it all boils down to two things: price and skill. with more skill, you can do it cheaper, with less skill, you will pay for ease of setup. best bet is to call in a prefessional, or at least someone local who is knowledgeable who can look at the whole thing.

whatever you use, be careful of the pretty lights. change the default password. conf... Read more

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I come to you again seeking help. We have a problem with our logon and startup to our Windows 7 Enterprise system. We have more than 3000 Windows Desktops situated in roughly 20+ buildings around
campus. Almost every computer on campus has the problem that I will be describing. I have spent over two months peering over etl files from Windows Performance Analyzer (A great product) and hundreds of thousands of event logs. I come to you today humbled
that I could not figure this out. The problem as simply put our logon times are extremely long. An average first time logon is roughly 2-10 minutes depending on the software installed. All computers are Windows 7, the oldest computers being 5 years old. Startup
times on various computers range from good (1-2 minutes) to very bad (5-60). Our second time logons range from 30 seconds to 4 minutes. We have a gigabit connection between each computer on the network. We have 5 domain controllers which also double as our
DNS servers.
My original posts on:
Technet: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itproperf/thread/e8400dbe-e6b8-4b1d-8851-a03e7af32e6e
Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/w5f38/network_logon_issues_with_group_policy_and/
I followed a lot of what you all told me to do from testing the domain controllers with dcdiag and also completing netlogon tests. I did group policy tests where I got rid of the group policy
and just did default policy and it only slightly fixed the prob... Read more

A:Major Network Logon Issues (8 Domain Controllers and 3.5 thousand workstations) DNS, Time Server, DHCP, and Group Policy Errors


I would like to suggest using Network Monitor to troubleshoot the issue.


Jeremy Wu
TechNet Community Support

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I am seeing a strange problem with very few dhcp clients.
It shows connected but the gateway will not ping.
If I give a static Ip or any other IP other than the IP the system is having network is fine.

But if I do a release/renew the system is getting the same IP.

DHCP server is in windows 2003.

How to get a new IP from a DHCP server when I release and renew it.


A:DHCP issues

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I'm having issues.

No matter what type of NIC I am using, if it is configured to use DHCP, it does not retrieve IP address information at startup. If I configure a static IP after it starts up, disable the LAN connection, and then re-enable it. Then reconfigure it for DHCP, disable, enable, then it will authenticate to the DHCP server and DHCP messages will be sent as normal.

I am running Windows 2000. Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

A:DHCP Issues

might want to reinstall your tcp/ip protocol under network properties. what kind of network are you running ? is the dhcp server a router?

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I'm sorry if this has already been asked and answered on this board...

Here's my problem. I live in an apartment complex that offers High Speed internet through an ethernet connection. Everything is supposed to be working fine. I've set up for DHCP the way they recommend. I've taken off all adapters and protocols except my NIC and TCP/IP and set TCP/IP to obtain addy automatically, etc. That part I know is fine. When I first start my computer (win98SE, with updates) and try to connect to the internet, it works just like it should. After about 5 minutes, I lose my connection. I goto winipcfg and can see all my info. If I click renew all, it says "DHCP server unavailable"... However, if I click release all and then renew all, it works just fine and i have a connection for another 3-5 min. and I have to do it all over again.

I plan on replacing my NIC and cable with brand new ones. I have no access to the DHCP server. If replacing those components don't work, is there any other suggestions? I'm not running any firewalls (that I know of) ... I'll try disabling Norton AV, although I don't see how that would cause this? Any help, advice, suggestions, ideas are greatly appreciated!


A:DHCP issues

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I need help on DHCP settings. I have a laptop that connects with a router whose DHCP is set to assign addresses in the 192.168.1.XXX range. The adapter is set to use DHCP.

I get Internet access through a USB WiFi adapter that connect to a WiFi network whose gateway is This adapter is also set to use DHCP. This setup seems to work sometimes, but other times there are problems that seem to be DHCP related.

What are the proper setting for this setup?

A:DHCP issues?

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I am having trouble accessing the internet; my IP address is not renewing. I checked online and read about making sure that the DHCP client has started and the steps to follow if it isn't. I tried everything and each time I receive the same "could not start the DHCP Client service on Local Computer" error. anyone know how I can fix this issue?

A:DHCP client issues

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Can anyone tell me how to stop the dhcp-client identifying the network connection
every minute? I'm running vista home premium and it's a wireless connection i'm using
on a laptop.



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I took apart my computer yesterday to get some CDs out of the drive my son had jammed in there. When I hooked everything back up I got the following error message. The System notification event service could not connect. Also my DHCP client only says "starting" and I can't stop and restart. I tried accessing my help and it's not available. Also I can not get on the Internet.

Any ideas of what is going on?

I'm using vista.

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I've recently set up a new office area in our home and hard wired 4 ethernet network points in it. I have been running a Netgear 4 port wireless broadband router in the kid's study and this has worked without fault.

I ran a cat5 cable to the router from the office. I have plugged in a Netgear 5 port switch (FS605) into this cable to connect the office (there appears to be no identified uplink port). I run at present both a Mac and PC laptop form the office.

Proble I have is the Mac will retrieve its IP address without fault from the router (DHCP set) but the PC comes back with a strange,, IP address and says it has limited or no connectivity. All cables test perfectly.

I am pulling my hair out. If I plug the PC directly into the cable from the router all is fine but when I put the switch between them the issues start. So the issues seems to be with the switch or the set up on the Laptop. It is currently set to DHCP. I have tried to overide that with a manual IP and subnet mask address setting - without luck.

Should I be using a router rather than a switch? But if so why will the Mac work fine?

Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: DHCP Issues with new switch

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so sorry, was having issues with it getting on. wasn't sure it it worked or not. so sorry, please delete it if pos

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After upgrading to windows 8 i seem to have an issue when windows either boots without internet connection (yellow sign is present) or looses connection randomly.

When this happens i am unable to access my router as well. Its as if windows can't communicate with my network card (i have nVIDIA nForce 780i SLI (MCP55PXE) - Gigabit LAN Controller).

It seems that restarting DHCP service fixes this issue. Any idea why this is happening and how can i fix the issue permanently?

Updating network drivers won't work since nvidia hasn't released any new drivers since 2009. Also windows installs some 2012 drivers anyway.

A:Internet/DHCP client issues.

Did you have any luck resolving your issue yet?

If not:

Have a look in the computer's Event Viewer Logs (type in "Event Viewer" in the Win8 Search box). See if any errors are there related to the DHCP service. It is set to start automatically by default, and to restart automatically if it fails. But it also has a fair number of other system components on which is it dependent -
-Ancillary Function Driver for Winsock
-NetIO Legacy TDI Support Driver
-Network Store Interface Service
-NSI Proxy Service Driver
-Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
-DCOM Process Launcher
-RPC Endpoint Mapper
If you see any error messages related to either the DHCP service itself, or to these components on which it depends, make a note of the error - you can also click on the blue-highlighted link "Event Log Online Help" to see if any information is available from Microsoft for the error (clicking the link should open up your default browser, and check on the Microsoft webpages for error information).

You should have the DHCP Service and the DNS Client Service set to Automatic in the "Services" applet in Control Panel (type "Services" into the Search box).

It's pretty rare for a wired connection to have any trouble. I imagine you've already done the obvious hardware checks -- the cables, activity lights on routers/gateway/modem -- and the setup screens of these devices are OK, power cycled the router/gateway/modem, shutdown &... Read more

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I have setup my network before and it was never this frustrating and confusing.

First off I have a Linksys WRT350N Router. Just like a WRT300N, with a gigabit connection.

I have 5 static IP's from Verizon FIOS. Now I have shut off my DHCP server in the Linksys, and entered all the static IP's for each computer.

All the computers can access the net just fine....but I have a webserver on one of the machines and I cannot access it at all.

I was thinking I had to still setup port forwarding to the specific machine that has the webserver, mail server, etc. but all the port forwarding options only give me the option to enter the last three digits of a DHCP'd address (192.168.1.*)

I am confused as to what and how to do it.

Can anyone help?


A:Static and DHCP mix up issues. Any help would be great!

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We are using  a DHCP Server,for our network we musst create new DHCP,how to add new DHCP and activate the scopes for

can someone give me some tips.

Thanks a lot.

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I have been able to connect to my wireless router until yesterday it stopped working. I reset my router and that's about as far as I got....now when I try to diagnose connectivity issues it says "DHCP is not enabled for wireless connection 3". Help please!!

A:Wireless connection issues and DHCP not enables...

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I have been looking everywhere to no avail. None of the things, hotfixes, registry editing, flushing or reseting of my DNS Cache has fixed this issue I have been having for the past week. I have been able to connect to the internet but it is so much slower than usual. I have already contacted my service provider and they are not the problem. Here is some info: My computer is a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit connected at a 15mbps down speed and a 3mbps up speed through Comcast. And here is what shows up when I type ipconfig /all in the command prompt with admin permission:

C:\Windows\system32>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : homecomp
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Mixed
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : Yes
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 44-87-FC-7A-E2-3B
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::fdb0:53d0:bb4a:806f%16(Prefer
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Thursday, November 17, 2011 9:39:48
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Friday, November 18... Read more

A:How do I enable my DNS Cache and my DHCP? I am having internet issues.

Welcome to SF,

Visit NVIDIA site and download the most recent driver for your network adapter.

Also, are there a few of you sharing the bandwidth in your network?

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Dear All,

I’m having some problems with my Wireless network.
I’m struggling to get my wireless devices to connect to my wireless network. The only way I can seem to do it, is by assigning them an IP address manually – otherwise they get given a 169.xxx.xxx.xxx number.
Ideally, I want the devises to get the IP address automatically.

Look at the diagram to see my network.

It’s not a secure network – I haven’t given the Wireless Router any Mac Addresses. I live in a very remote area, so I’m not bothered about security until I have it all working.

The wireless Router has 4 Earthnet Ports and 1 ‘Internet’ Port.

My ADSL Router has all my Internet settings
(Both are Netgear)

My question is: How do I get my Wireless devices to collect automatic IP addresses?

Hope you can help.

A:Wireless Network - DHCP - Help

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I have had a task dumped on me and am a little out of my depth.

We have a new EFM service, which is connected to a RAD Network termination Unit; in turn this is connected to a Cisco 887VAM router, which in turn is connected to a TP-Link TL-SG1024 switch.
I can connect any computer to the switch and can connect to the internet as long as I assign each one of the 5 static IP addresses I have.
How do I get it so that I can connect more computer and have them detect a generated IP address?
I gather this is to do with DHCP at the router but I don't know where to start.

Any help?


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Hi all,

System Info

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 with Bing, 64 bit
Processor: Intel® Pentium® CPU N3540 @ 2.16GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 55 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3975 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel® HD Graphics, -2044 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 461410 MB, Free - 394546 MB;
Motherboard: Notebook, KHLAP15N3540A
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

Modem Type MP264
Software Version:
Signaling Protocol: SIP
Web site: http://www.audiocodes.com/

Office One (Outdoor Wireless IP Camera)
Model SC10IP


Setting up IP Webcam on home Network.

Suspected area causing problem/s

1 > Modem DHCP ( IP address distribution ) settings. DHCP disabled.
2 > LAN 1 input on Modem flashing Orange. This occurs if IP webcam runs into LAN1 with ethernet. Also occurs when ethernet runs from my Laptop ( Windows ) to LAN1. HOWEVER> LAN1 goes green if connect Apple Mac laptop via ethernet to LAN1 on Modem.

Some things I have tried :
Software for Webcam is installed correctly
Have tried turning Kaspersky Security off

What may need to happen

I require some assistance with imputing the correct data and enabling DHCP settings in Modem
Attached are some images that may assist

Any help would be great. As I this is 2nd IP Webcam I have not been able to work out how to set up lol

Thanks all

A:Modem Settings DHCP Seetings IPWebcam issues

You 'modem' is already using DHCP to provide IP addresses for the devices

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Well. My Desktop crashed earlier today, and upon rebooting was unable to connect to the internet (my Network Connections tells me that it has 'Limited or no connectivity'). Upon running the Network Diagnostics I am told my DHCP Server has an invalid IP address, and after reading other posts on these boards it appears that the IP address displayed is only there because Windows automatically assigned it due to an inability to obtain a real one ( My router is working fine, as I am using at this very moment to post this topic on a friend's laptop, but for reference it is a Netgear VMDG280 supplied by Virgin Media.

After spending a few hours trying to find out what is wrong I have a feeling it is my computer's inability to contact the DHCP server that is preventing it from being assigned an IP address, but I have no idea how to remedy this.

I am running Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3.

A:Suspected DHCP issues preventing Internet access

Robertyne said:

I have a feeling it is my computer's inability to contact the DHCP server that is preventing it from being assigned an IP address, but I have no idea how to remedy this.

I am running Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3.Click to expand...

you are correct - - the DHCP address should be the same as the router address.

Start with the obvious
make sure your TCP does not have a static DHCP or DNS address defined
then ensure your router is still offering DHCP (ie is enabled) and has a range of addresses to offer (eg 2-32)
Then disconnect the system from the router; wait 30 seconds and reconnect

After another 30 seconds, get a command prompt and enter
ipconfig /all​and post your findings in the follow-up . . .

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Hello Everyone,

We our setting up a Training Company to assist unemployed IT people in the Silicon Valley area of California. Our group is very small and having a hard time even getting our network here started. Here is the problem: We have Windows 2003 Server Enterprise 180-day usage disc (from a book we bought to learn). We have 5 static IP addresses leased from DSL carrier. They are for example: thru with a gateway of [these are only IP numbers used for example to prevent hacking] my subnet mask is We tried and tried for 2 weeks now and still can not get the complete network to work. We need: Step1.) The server to be secure with a firewall (but willing to forgo that and add later) Step2.) the server to issue Ip addresses from a pool of thru 12 to 3 workstations running XP(we decided to make the server, subnet mask is and gateway Step3.) Have access to the internet on all workstations and the server too. All we have succeeded to do is get the dhcp to issue out addressses to the workstations and even that i think we got lucky. We think the problem is somewhere you need to tell the (maybe iprouting?) setup that the Public ip address is the and gateway, subnet info and to route to the server PRIVATE ip address
Thank you for any help. We are on very limited funds here and appreciate any help. My number is 925-984-9907 if you wish to call. We wil... Read more

A:DHCP Server using (1) Network card

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im having trouble connecting to my freinds belkin router across the street when using my new Dlink AP.
When using my laptop in a cirtain position i can connect and it recieves a ip from router okay.
Problem is i want to pick this signal up using this the Access point and boost it around my house.
When i log into the access point it shows that the router is connected to my access point okay so far. Problem is that it does not ever get an ip from the dhcp server. the router across the road has dhcp enabled and like i said earlier, the laptop gets an ip okay and connects to the net ..

My access point is a DLINK DWL 700p 802b and the remote router is a newer 802g..
I have MY AP configured in repeater mode using the routers mac. I dont know if i would be better off using accesss point mode or client mode because i dont know what there for..

So basically when using ap, laptops stuck on aquireing ip.... any help would be great...

A:Aquiring network ip from DHCP problem

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I have 3 network cards in my Windows 8.1 computer.   Each is attached to a different network.   I have assigned a static IP address to network card 1 which is on the internal LAN segment.   I want the other 2 network cards,
which are on different networks to run in promiscuous mode (IE.  No IP Assigned) so that I can sniff traffic.   There are no DHCP servers on those 2 other networks but there is one on the LAN which card #1 is plugged into.

My problem is that the 2 other network cards are getting IP addresses from the DHCP server on the card #1 network.   How is that possible?   If I disconnect card 1 from the network, the other 2 cards don't get an IP address.  
If I connect card #1 again, the other 2 cards get a DHCP assigned address.   So how to I stop network card #1 from forwarding DHCP traffic to cards #2 and #3?   Anyone know?



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The Server went down - it is at shop for repairs. Meanwhile everyone can acecss internet fine - router is the DHCP and DNS server. However today one computer on the network is getting an APIPA address and can't ping the default gateway or any other computers on the network. Loopback ping works and device manager indicates network card is working correctly. Checked cables. Uninstalled and reinstalled network card. Rebooted several time. Anyone have any idea what to try next? All other computers on the network are accessing the internet just fine.

A:one computer on network can't get to DHCP server

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I saw something relating to rogue DHCP virus earlier in this forum however I do not believe it is what we are experiencing.

On Friday our company got hit with a redirect which appeared to be from W3.org, but spoofed. It was then stating to "update" your browser for incompatibility. It is an unknown as to whether or not (:P) anyone actually "clicked" on the update, but since then a "phantom" DHCP server comes up every so often upon various PC's at this point I know it is traveling around.

After quick diagnosis we determined that something was "creating" a DHCP server on our XP PC's. A redirection then sent the PC to a network out of Eastern Europe. This effectively was starting to swarm across the network and replacing DHCP settings.

It is a rootkit and I am using Combofix to remove it, I am aware of the dangers of using Combofix having used it for nearly 10 years now. I would rather take the risk of damaging a PC than my network. I just have not had time to review the logs and see much info. Even if I did, we all know what the answer is to that.

My question is does anyone know what this is and how to stop it? It has popped up several times since and believe it may be floating around somewhere within the network, but what to look for and if possible how to prevent the future outbreak, I am shooting from the hip currently playing whack-a-mole.

So in the end I am looking for what is this rootkit named and also looking f... Read more

A:Rogue DHCP virus in the network


Without seeing any logs it is impossible to diagnose this infection.

It sound like this is a fair sized company and I think the best option is going to be to contact you IT department/support and have them remove the infection.

We are here to assist the home users who fall fail to infection, I am afraid it is not really our place to take over from your paid/onsite IT support.

All the time these machines are networked, you will be chasing your tail trying to remove this.

Your IT department should be able to clean the network in next to no time.


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I have this problem with a computer i'm trying to fix for my dad. This computer is used at his job, and its exposed to _a lot_ of dust. (not sure if this has anything to do with it, but there's a possibility)(also, the cooling rib for what i believe is the graphic processor was badly installed, and fell off as i opened the cabinet. I have put it back on with heat-carrying paste, and i still have a normal image on the screen, so i think it works...)

A bit about the specs, as far as i can remember them:

2 GHz Intel Pentium IV
512 MB RAM
AOpen motherboard
Sound, network and screen cards are on the motherboard
Running Windows XP Home

So all and all, a decent computer. This computer did have some spyware when i started looking at it, but it should be taken care of, as i bought Norton Internet Security 2006 and ran a full scan (i did not get to upgrade the definitions, reason for that will follow).

Before i installed it, i had arranged it so that the wireless network and internet worked on the computer. When i got back the day after, to install the Norton package, i noticed a lot of spyware, and took care of it. The computer was acting really slow for its specs, but after cleaning up a bit it works better. Now here is the problem: After i installed Norton Internet Security, the internet & network stopped working! Here's what i know:

Both the connection for LAN and WLAN contains protocols for Netware and IPX (even the new WLAN card that i bought did).... Read more

A:Network problem (possibly DHCP)

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I am having a problem with an NVDIA network connection. The network is MB based 750i chipset.
After the latest batch of updates certain sites will not display certain objects. I have found the easiest test site is YouTube where the video previews are blank and the initial flash eventually pops up Connection Reset By Server. Google and other sites without this kind of information work fine. Also the Pandora Gadget does not work.

If I allow the adapter to use DHCP I have the problem, if I manually set the IP with the exact same information the connection works fine. I have pulled drivers out, updated everything, reinstalled drivers... used netsh int ip reset and netsh winsock reset. I'm not running anything except the windows firewall - that I know of.

I had this problem in Vista x64; but after going through everything eventually it started working. I originally though it was caused by VitrualBoxes Bridging adapter. I could actually get it working check the Bridging Adapter and cause it to behave exactly like this. However, unchecking it did not always fix it, it sometimes required reinstalling the drivers.

My x32 installation (this is a dual boot machine) doesn't have VirtualBox installed. I'm guessing it's something behind the scenes in the bindings; but I'm at a loss.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:NVDIA Network Problem only when using DHCP

Hi sulldawg,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

Although it sounds like you did some of this, please go to and follow the instructions in: Network Posting Tips. Even those parts you already did (at least some of them), do so again using the batch file to make sure it includes everything (and it can't hurt to do it again).

When creating the IPCONFIG /ALL screenshots, please do so both with and without using DHCP so we can see how they differ when it is and isn't working (you may need to include multiple images to capture everything and please be sure to label the files so we know which ones apply to which circumstance).

Thank you and good luck!

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I am really suck with my network. I live in a shared house and the landlord seems to have no idea so I'm having to take control, though as you'll quickly notice I dont have much clue either.

We have a Virgin internet router downstairs, provided by thembut the wireless signal hardly passes the room, so there is a cat 5e cable through the wall, upstairs to a router that I have installed DD-WRT on, that we then intend everyone to connect to wirelessly, though some are wired.

I have put the cable from the Virgin box into the Linksys normal bit (not the one that you usually put the internet one in), but I have no idea what to do now. I've tried searching but all I can find is if I was picking up the internet wirelessly, but it its wired. A few things seem to mention DHCP though.

Any help would be amazing please. If you dont have time to write how, or point me in the right direction, then just the name of what I'm trying to do would be much appreciated, but any help would be great.

Thanks a lot,


A:Wireless DHCP network problems

one approach: multiple routers

I've written this several times, so I'll refer to a common post here.

Ask specific questions and I'll reply

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I am running windows xp on a dell inspiron 4150 with a built in wireless card. My wireless was working fine until windows prompted me to reboot due to windows update. It stopped working after that. It is telling me that no ip address can be found and when I ipconfiged it with renew and all it still could not find it. It gave me an error message that says cannot connect to DHCP server.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you,

A:Network could not connect to DHCP server

Nothing really comes to mind, but if you're using Window's Wireless Zero Configuration maybe you need to reconfigure your wireless connection; especially if your network is protected with encryption.

I use the utilities from my wireless cards' manufacturers to connect to my WPA protectecd network and had no trouble today after the same reboot (two notebooks). Well, same reboot if you're talking about the critical update released yesterday.

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I have a wireless network based on a Linksys router, which hooks to a Comcast modem.
His box is a systemax mini-pc, 1GB memory. My laptop is a Fujitsu P-series, 512mb memory. My PC is homebuilt (4GB). His PC and the laptop both have Atheros based wireless chips. I mention the memory because that was our first suspect.

I am trying to diagnose why my spouse's XP Home machine is so slow downloading from the internet. He sees long pings as well. Using speedtest.net, he's averaging less than 3Mps, and has long pings. My PC, and my tiny little underpowered laptop, average about 9Mps. His proc is faster than the laptop's, and he now has more memory too. Oddly, his upload speeds are fine.

I've run speedtest on the laptop at the same location as his PC, to eliminate interference causes. His system recognizes that he's on a 54Mbps link, and he's getting a very good signal strength.

We are on channel 7, nobody else we can see is, but there are two nearby networks on channel 6. Doesn't seem to be bothering my machines though. I don't see anything untoward in the router configuration. It's set up pretty simply at the moment, I haven't fussed with any settings except setting up WEP (because there's a computer on our net that won't do WAP).

Not sure where else to look. About the only difference I see in ipconfig /all is the node types have different names - mine says mixed, his says hybrid. I do not know anything about the no... Read more

A:Single client download issues: DHCP Node Type?

Channel 7 is much too close to channel 6, try channel 1 or 11.

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I am setting up a linux box for a server on my home network which is DHCP, I don't want to change the entire network, I just need this server to have a static IP (so that I can get port forwarding to work). I don't even know if this is possible, if I were to give the server a static IP can my router deal with it, even though everything else is DHCP? My router is a linksys WRT54GS if that helps any.
An answer to this would be much appreciated. ^_^ Thanks

A:Solved: Is it possible to have one computer with Static IP on a DHCP Network?

Yes just make sure it sits outside of your DHCP scope so if DHCP starts at and has 100 seats then make the machine be or lower or and higher and it would be fine. Make sure to copy all other items from what DHCP would give you. E.G. DNS, Subnet mask and gateway.

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so i have 3 computers and 2 ipod touches on my network.
2 computer are connected via ethernet and one via wireless.
1 pc on ethernet works just fine as well as one ipod touch.

the remaining, not so much.
i have done practically everything
the computers show up on the network, can trade files and look fine, but when i click on an internet browser, IM, or email, i get no connectivity.

i have verified DHCP is on and working.
i have pinged google.com and it timed out
i did the repair icon
restarted routers, and modem
i released and renewed ip settings via cmd
disabled and enabled network connections

so far nothing has worked, any help would be great appreciated.

A:no internet connectivity on SOME computers on network. DHCP is on

Please supply the following info, exact make and models of the equipment please.

Name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
Make and exact model of the broadband modem.
Make and exact model and hardware version of the router (if a separate unit).
Model numbers can usually be obtained from the label on the device.
Connection type, wired or wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (none, WEP, WPA, or WPA2)
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP (Home or Pro), SP1-SP2-SP3, Vista (Home, Business, Ultimate), etc.
The Internet Browser in use, IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Please give an exact description of your problem symptoms, including the exact text of any error messages.

If you're using a wireless connection, have you tried a direct connection with a cable to see if that changes the symptoms?
For wireless issues, have you disabled all encryption on the router to see if you can connect that way?
Have you connected directly to the broadband modem to see if this is a router or modem/ISP issue?
If there are other computers on the same network, are they experiencing the same issue, or do they function normally?

On any affected computer, I'd also like to see this:

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

Type the following commands on separate lines, following each one with the Enter key:


PING yahoo.com



Right click in the comm... Read more

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Hi folks,

As I've said in the title, I'm looking to make a network with two routers but only having DHCP enabled on the secondary router.

Before I go any further I must ask: I have an Arris GT840A (sigh) as the primary ISP required modem. I'm currently connecting via wifi and sometimes have pings to the router coming back in the 1 - 20ms range for extended periods and it's decent. Other times I get a huge range of different ping times, often in the 300ms - 6,000ms range and sometimes even dropped.

Is disabling the DHCP server on the modem and relegating all local networking duties to my WRT54GV2 likely to alleviate this problem, or does this simply boil down to I'm screwed because I have to use this Arris modem?

Moving on with the primary question, here is my current setup:

Router 1: Arris GT840A
WAN IP: Dynamic / ISP assigned
DHCP: Enabled - 50

Router 2: WRT54GV2 (Connected to router 1 via WAN port)
DHCP: Enabled - 50

With my current setup I have been able to ping both router 1 and 2 via wifi, but I have not been able to ping or connect to the internet at large. I have read a couple of different how-to's and other forum answers and feel like this is how I'm supposed to be setting it up, but it's still not working. Something that concerns me about this attempted setup is that it still is using DHCP from the Arris modem / router, and I'm r... Read more

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if it is a windows 7 box, try this: http://windows7themes.net/how-to-enable-dhcp-in-windows-7.html
if it is xp, try this: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~help/networking/dhcp_info/dhcp_xp.html
if it is vista, the first one should work. now linux, is a little bit trickier, but i would have to know the version.

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here is what happen, I am using internet and tv from the service provider, so they send me a new router which handle internet traffic and TV traffic, but since it already doing so much the technician told me not to enable the wireless function, else it might crash often.

so I have two router now,
router A handles TV and Internet (PS3 and A labtop)
router B handles wired and wireless internet ( I have it MAC enable, so ppl won't be able to access my wireless network from outside)

how should I setup so PS3 can access movies from computers behind router B ?

EDIT: I tried to make them within the same subnet

router A : (DHCP 65-99)
router B : (DHCP 100-120)

when I connect router A with B by connect ethernet cable by LAN, Router A is able to ping a computer behind router A, but the computer can't ping router A.

and computers behind router B has no access to internet, but is able to log into the router B setup page.

A:Need help to link two router within one network, and two dhcp server?

Please use edit rather than create another post.

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I have a question regarding DHCP on a established network. The network in work uses static IP addresses right now. The boss wants to enable DHCP so when he brings in his laptop he can just plug into the network and get on-line. My question is can I put DHCP on the NT server and just configure it for a small set of addresses Ex. to Or do I have to set up all the workstations and servers that are on the network to use the DHCP server?

A:{Advice Offered} - DHCP on an established network?

As long as you make sure the scope doesn't include IP addresses you are already using, you'll be fine. There is nothing wrong with a DHCP server only serving out to a few machines, while others remain static.

Of course, switching them all to DHCP might not be a bad idea, to make adding new machines, upgrading, etc... easier in the future. But you can do it a little at a time.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money

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At title states. I'm baffled

Unable to create a connection with the windows 7/64 machine. I've tried both dhcp and static with no resolve. Disabled/Enabled the adapter. Restarted the machine a few times. Uninstalled/Reinstalled/Updated/deleted the nic drivers and also let windows install its drivers. Used alternate eth cables / ports on hub.... other machines and mac work fine.

Network adapter states "This device is working properly"... local area connection status states:
ipv4 connectivity: no network access
media state: enabled

ran diagnose under the nic context menu and "troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem"...

System was working fine two days ago before I left for the weekend... machine was turned off before I left and was still off when I returned. Also, windows updates are set to manual.

A:Solved: Unidentified Network (DHCP / Static)

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I warmly welcome

I have a problem with configuring network cards

WIFI comes nicely with DHCP pool 192.168.0 .*

I have a virtual network adapter "Microsoft Loopback Adapter"
in it I have to have a static IP address
and set it manually (IPv4)

the problem is that the WiFi card is still changing my IP address of the virtual card

how to prevent it?

I wanted to wifi card automatically collects the IP address
but did not interfere in the virtual adapter's IP

A:Wifi DHCP - the second network card on a fixed IP

I quote (from ):

Microsoft Loopback Adapter is a dummy network card, no hardware is involved. It is used as a testing tool for a virtual network environment where network access is not available. Also, you must use the Loopback adapter if there are conflicts with a network adapter or with a network adapter driver. You can bind network clients, protocols, and other network configuration items to the Loopback adapter, and you can install the network adapter driver or network adapter later while retaining the network configuration information.

Given that, there is no way your wi-fi card can "change" the IP address of your fake network adapter. If you set a static IP for ANY adapter, it WILL stay that way, regardless if one adapter is set to release and renew based on DHCP and one is not.

I even tried it myself. I installed the loopback adapter, set an IP and all that for it, released ALL DHCP'd IPs and renewed them. the static IP for the loopback adapter didn't change.

Take a look at your settings again, make sure you didn't miss something.

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Hello, i was not exactly sure where i am supposed to post this question so if this isnt the right place i will delete this and repost where you tell me too, here is the problem.

I have a computer on a school network, i recently set up a WDS server to make rebuilding computers allot easier and faster. I created an image for a Inspiron Desktop 560ST but when i tried to redeploy the image back on the exact same computer while connecting to WDS deployment service i get this error.

<Installing windows>
WdsClient: An error Occured while obtaining an IP address from the DHCP server. Please check to ensure that there is an operational DHCP server on this network segment.

I do have a DHCP server and it is on.....

In the same screen i get the error i press shift+f10 to bring up CMD and type ipconfig and this is what i get

Windows IP Configuration

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-Specific DNS Suffix . :
Link-Local IPv6 Address . . . . . . : fe80::70bb:e025:dd6c:cf84%2
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address . .:
SubNet Mask . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .:
Default Gateway . . . . .. . . . . . .. :
_________________________... Read more

A:Solved: Can not connect to DHCP on a network computer

Networking would be the right section, I`ve moved the thread for you.

Does the card work while in Windows, maybe the network card is no good.

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