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Using a spare SSD for Pagefile and caching

Q: Using a spare SSD for Pagefile and caching

Hi all,

Quick question. I have a spare Agility 2 64GB SSD doing nothing so I'm wondering if I can use it as a pagefile drive for my OS drive which is also an SSD drive.


All the threads I've read about this have all been about using the OS drive whether it be an SSD drive or HD for pagefiling. I want to use a SPARE SSD drive to pagefile FOR my OS drive.

Is this even possible and if so, how do I do it?

Preferred Solution: Using a spare SSD for Pagefile and caching

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Using a spare SSD for Pagefile and caching

Yes, it is possible.

The general advice is not to do it, since it can shorten the life of the SSD because the pagefile is written to often and SSDs have their limitations in regards to that.

But things have gotten better: Taking a Hard Look At SSD Write Endurance - Slashdot

It's for you to decide. I say better to make sure you have enough system RAM (8 GB is starting to get into the "a lot" zone for 64 bit OS - on a 32 bit OS, 4 is "a lot".)

I see you have 24 GB of RAM installed. The pagefile still does certain things, but will be used much less than a system with say 4 GB RAM.

If you do it, make sure TRIM command is active in Windows.

All you would need to do is tell Windows to set the page file to the drive, while deleting the current page file. Nothing difficult.

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Sorry if someone had asked this before, but I'm looking for a very specific answer. There are many threads of people asking about Win7 pagefile, but none talked about exactly what I'm trying to do.

In WinXP, I like to set my pagefile to the minimum size and then let it grow when needed. The XP pagefile will grow when needed and shrinks back down when not needed.

In Win7, the pagefile grows when needed, but it will not shrink back down at all unless I reboot the system. Is there any way to change this? Maybe a registry change to make the pagefile function like the XP version? Specifically, I set the pagefile to min of 16 meg and allow it to grow base on need. I would like it to shrink back down when there is less demand.

Thank you.

A:How do I customize Win7 pagefile to work like WinXP pagefile?

With 16 GB of memory, you don`t even need a page file.

I haven`t used a page file in over 3 years.

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Hello all,

I have a SSD which runs my windows 7 and other processing heavy programs and a secondary HDD which holds files. I've been reading up on making sure I can get the most life out of my SSD since there are limited read/write cycles on them. Therefore, I looked into moving my pagefile.sys from my SSD (C drive) to my HHD (F drive). I went into my virtual memory settings and said no paging files on my C drive and on my F drive, start at ~1GB and get to ~32GB max (I have 32GB RAM). Pagefile3 is a screencap of what my virtual memory looks like right now.

I then used WinDirStat to check if the pagefile was removed from my C and put onto my F. Pagefile1 shows my current C drive and shows the ~32GB pagefile on the C drive. Pagefile2 shows that my F drive has the 1000MB pagefile on it.

My question is, can I delete the pagefile on my C drive. I've done some searching and found that if windows doesn't see a pagefile.sys it freaks out and crashes often. So I just wanted to verify all is good before I go ahead and delete it.


A:Moved Pagefile.sys to second HHD and old pagefile.sys still on primary

Please post: Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

What you have shown is good information and it appears that C:\pagefile.sys might just be an artifact, but disk management will say for certain.

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Which Gaming Case would you buy and why?

If you can, can you tell me if the "why" is because of first hand experience or reviews on some other site?

I am ready to pull the pin on a case since I seem to be having issues with high temps with the case I own right now and I am not handymand enough to dremmel the hell out of it to install more fans.

I have look, search, read and read some more but there are to many options and I will like to know what you guys use and how you like them so far.

A:If you had about 150 to 175 to spare...

Originally Posted by AstaLaVista

Which Gaming Case would you buy and why?

If you can, can you tell me if the "why" is because of first hand experience or reviews on some other site?

I am ready to pull the pin on a case since I seem to be having issues with high temps with the case I own right now and I am not handymand enough to dremmel the hell out of it to install more fans.

I have look, search, read and read some more but there are to many options and I will like to know what you guys use and how you like them so far.

antec 900 all the way, heres a few pics of my antec 900 and my temps right now

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I just have a question about this. I got a vista home premium 32-bit gateway laptop. And I see the option to delete DNS Cache in CCleaner. All I'm curious about is, what is that really going to do? Anything major besides make my pages load .2 seconds slower?

A:DNS Caching

In general, it's not going to do anything other than force the system to go out and repopulate the cache as you surf the web.

Also, if the DNS Cache is "poisoned" it can prevent you from reaching a website that you want to go to.

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Q: Caching

Does anyone know if Avira implements any caching technology concerning the scanner? (real time or manual).
I cannot find any answer on the net..


Avira uses a cache.

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Hi all,

When you load a webpage, the files (images, ...) that the webpage contains will be downloaded. If the server hosting the webpage goes down while the files are being downloaded, then IE's Temporary Internet Files will contain partially downloaded files. When the server is back up and running, and you refresh the page, the partially downloaded files will not finish downloading, and will never be downloaded again. The webpage will never display the files that were partially downloaded, and the only way to fix this is to delete the Temporary Internet Files.

Other browsers do not have this problem. It looks like IE does not compare the file size in the Cache, to the file size on the server, but only compares the date, which is the same.

How to reproduce the problem (for developers):
-create a webpage that contains a big file (jpg, swf, or any file).
-on a client computer, clear the Temporary Internet Files, then start loading the page.
-before the file has time to finish downloading, stop and start the web server.
-look inside the Temporary Internet Files, and you will see a partially downloaded file.
-refresh the page, and the partially downloaded files will not finish downloading.

Note: I tried many different file headers, but it looks like whatever header you set for the file, even "no caching ..." headers, the problem always happens.


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I have a pavilion 15-e078ea, Product = E9J38EA#ABU,[personal information removed]
UK Model
I need a new base cover but can't find the part number or any replacement parts
Can somebody advise me on part numbers, How to order and costs please
Many Thanks

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Hey folks. I have this spare machine laying around (AMD Athlon X2 5000+, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, GeForce 9500 GS) and I was wondering what OS I should put on it. It's not going to be an everyday usage computer but I don't know whether to make it a server or a media center. My primary machine has Win7 Pro x64 and my roommate's machine has Vista x64, and while 7 is obviously a fantastic OS, I wonder if something different might be better. Any advice?

A:Spare computer, what OS to put on it?

How about Windows Home Server?

If it does have a tuner card i would also vote for Media center and share what it tapes.

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Hello there everyone! I have a simple problem with a hot spare in my new server. I have an Intel s875wp1-e Motherboard and a SATA RAID set up with one hot spare. I am having difficulty in stalling the hotspare? Does anyone have any suggestions for me? How will I get the computer to detect the drive?

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hello ; i have lost my bios spare key and i cant get to my bios options ... my laptop is hp probook 450 g1 ..... could you help me please

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I know my backup/spare pc is full of infections what should I do? I got the computer for free but I know its full of some trojans and some stuff? Where should I post? ANYWAYS I PLAN TO JUST USE RECOVERY DISK AS THERE ARE NO FILES OF IMPORTANCE BUT SOME MP3s, so could I backup the mp3s and then use recovery disk, will that solve the problem? I have been waiting until that other computer is healthy until I mess with this one. Now that the other computer is healthy I have no real desire to clean this one if I can just reformat it

and about the mp3s I realize I can put to my iPod so what is the easiest way to clear this up?


A:IInfected spare

It's your decision...but if someone gave me an infected system...first thing I would do is eliminate everything that came on the hard drive, I would destroy any existing partitions and do a fresh, clean install of XP.Even if I know the types and extent of infections and system compromises such system might contain...I believe in starting with a "known good", as opposed to tryiing to "clean up" a "known not good."Others will have differing opinions.I'd forget about the .mp3s also. Theoretically, they might be safe..but malware is often not what it seems to be and I would see no point in taking the gamble.You might look at some of the topics Here.Louis

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Hi I have a HDD 250 gig 2.5 internal disk drive just lying around. I need an external drive and was about to go and buy one then it suddently occured to me that I can just use that as storage right?

All I need is a cradle and I am good to go right? No issues at all?

THanks! Also, just wondering if anyone knows of a portable version that I can buy, i.e. a cable that can attach to the old drive via USB?


A:Can I use spare HDD 250 Gig as storage?

Is it a SATA or IDE 2.5 HD ? Inexpensive ext enclosures are available & I use a Tri-Head USB adapter to test extra HDs

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Hi there

My parents computer suddenly stopped having access to the internet last night. The thing is, it does connect to the internet, however if you download something the download will only work for around 2-3 seconds before it freezes. Browsing the Internet takes hours to open websites (for example, i tried to open this website on their pc, but it took me >40 minutes just to log on). The actual PC is fine in itself, it isn't runnign any slower than normal speed, its just this problem with the internet. I ran ad aware and Search and destroy, it came up with a few things which i deleted but nothing changed. I've emptied the cache, cookies and temp files. also run > %temp% folder is empty.

I had a look at hjt log but im not too sure about this, i can see some faults sometimes, but not everything. I'll post a copy of the log at the end.

I'm wondering if maybe this i more of a hardware issue They say they have had the modem for nearly two years, and i spent 4 hours looking at it today but with no conclusion... please help!

Thanks a lot, here is a copy of the hjt log, they are runninf Windows XP Pro, internet explorer. Sorry if the version is out of date, i could not download a newer version on there PC unfortunatly.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.98.0
Scan saved at 16:21:49, on 28/10/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\system32... Read more

A:Pleae spare a second to help me fix this ;;

Hi Ben

Would you be able to download the latest version to a floppy and run it on their system?

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how to buy a new hp battery in bologna, italy?

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does anyone out there have a crossfire motherboard and cpu for sale??

A:spare parts?

You are not allowed to ask that here?
You are also not allowed to do any business over this forum.

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i get this on start up HP Battery alertThe system has detected the storage capacity of the battery stated below to be very low. for optimal performance this battery may need to be replaced. Primary (Internal) Battery (601) and in the HP PartSurfer it shows the Spare 657503-001 but not to buy.  

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Hi guys, a question about transferring parts from an old pc to a new one. I've recently bought a new Packard Bell 1605 imedia with 512 ram and 200gb hard drive. My previous pc is a several years old compaq with 256 ram and a 7gb hard drive, which I intend to keep as a back up. As it's just sitting there doing nothing, I wondered what parts I can transfer over to my new pc.

The 256ram is the obvious one, but I'm not sure if it would be compatable from such an old machine, also I only seem to see ram figures doubling ie 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, so would it be ok to have an "odd" ram figure of 768 and would it make a great deal of difference? And is it an easy task to perform, having never done it before?

Secondly, the 7gb hard drive - although the actual 7gb's won't make much of a difference to the 200gb's I've now got, is there a benefit to having a slave drive as well as a master albeit very small in comparison?

And a final, unrelated, hardware question, I occasionally receive a message in my sys tray telling me that the hardware wizard has detected new hardware (an unknown usb device) that would work faster if it was connected to a high speed hub/port, but I haven't installed anything - any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance

A:Spare Parts

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First Look At The Attached Pic...

I am in the middle of doing some e-bay sales on some parts I got at a steal.

I thinks its kinda cool actually, I never had so much good hardware in my possession

Heres whats there.....

5 AMD X2 4200+ 2.2ghz
1 AMD X2 4600+ 2.4ghz
1 Intel Pentium D 3.4ghz
1 Intel Pentium D 3.0ghz

THATS 19.6ghz OF POWER !!!!

8GB PC3200 DDR


3 Terabyte (3000MB) SATA 3GB/s hard drives.....

Not trying to impress anyone but I think its kinda cool lol

A:Spare Parts LoL tAkE a LoOk !!!

Wow thats a helluva deal... how much did you pay for all that?

P.S. something makes me think that that stuff doesn't work... to sell all that stuff at once is suspicious even for Ebay.

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How do i switch this off, its driving me insane. I am designing a webpage and when i make small modifications to the site or style sheet i have to clear the cache to actually see the changes. I have been through the options and can't find the setting.

How do i switch this stupid thing off!?

A:Firefox caching!?

Try in Firefox 2, Tools> Options> Advanced tab> Network tab, set the cache to 0.

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Guys, hoping someone can help me out...

I'm experiencing a problem when I'm browsing, in that there are Mbs & Mbs being dumped into my temporary folders.

I normally use IE8, but have also used Google Chrome and they both react in the same manner.

Approx 10 mins of browsing, plus a round of Tiger Woods Online can see as much as 150 Mbs be left in either the Temporary Internet Folder or Internet Cache (depending on the Browser used).

I have to run CCleaner on a regular basis, to stop slowdown due to this.

Has anyne else seen this, or can anyone assist in rectifying?

Thanks in advance.

A:Caching Issue

There is an Advanced>>Security option under IE Tools>>Internet Options to Empty the Temporary Internet Files folder when closing the browser. Alternatively, you can reduce the space allocation for the folder under General>>Browsing History>>Settings.

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Hi guys, my USB HDD started showing the 'delayed write failure' pop-ups so I changed the properties to 'Optimize for performance' and enabled write caching (previously it was set to 'optimize for quick removal').

Now the HDD wont show up in any PC, not in explorer / disk management ......i have rebooted, unplugged and waited, opened the caddy disconnected HDD and put together again but nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, there is about 250GB of stuff on it lol.

A:USB HDD and write caching

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With explorer. Copy a large, say 700mb file from folder a to b on a regular HDD, should take 10-15 secs right. If you watch resmon, disk activity, you will see write activity to the destination folder for almost a full minute afterwards. Anyone know what's going on here? I don't have restore (previous versions of files) enabled either.

A:Write caching or ???

Indexing perhaps?

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So, it's time I asked a question. I've got this awesome little 7eeePC you've probably read about as I babble on about it like a schoolgirl in many of my posts and I'd like to show of it's WEI score to convince folks it's not quite as castrated as some have insinuated. Only, the machine will not complete system assessment complaining about write caching not being enabled. I try to enable it but

In order to shoehorn 7057 into under 3GB of space some things had to go. Like help. Can anyone tell me what that link there says or how I might fix this?

A:Write Caching

You could try to update the mainboard bios if there's a new version available. It won't definitely fix it to be able, but there is a decent chance. Also, the controller drivers should be updated to latest, if they are not already.

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Hallo zusammen,wo finde ich bei meinem XPS 8900 die Einstellungen für den SSD Cache?
Gruß Peter

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My desktop is an old Dell.
Pentium III 667 MHZ
L667R - Dimension
256 K memory & 128 K memory = 325 total
Computer runs slow, what is the correct caching I should use?
Thanks, madheart

A:Correct Caching in xp

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I have update accelerator running on ipcop proxy server set up and it is set to cache windows updates, sp3 and few other updates never completeley cache and just get bigger and bigger long after the offending PC has finished updating.

the extention of the updates with the problems is *.spf

A:Caching SP3 for Xp on proxy

Kept deleting and re-caching sp3. Finnaly worked ok. Same for some of the other *.spf updates. With others the problem is ongoing but I'm sure if I keep deleting and re-caching they will work eventually. If anyone has a more reliable solution I'd love to hear it.

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Ok, so my hard drive in ACHI mode does not allow me to enable write caching but in compatibility mode it does.

Should I enable write caching?

Also this whole thing about memory loss is bugging me on what they are talking about. I have a laptop with a battery and mostly has power. But what if power were to cut off or it gets somehow unpluged, will my HD be corrupt? or would that "Word" document I was working on that was not saved be gone, everything else will be fine?


A:Write caching

You can read this tutorial from Vistax64 on it. Basically, it's not recommended for laptops without a UPS. I believe if the power were to go out, only the temp. cache would be lost, so like your word document you were working on might be lost if it were to go out.
Hard drive speed boosts - Vista Forums
Also a tut on how to enable it with AHCI on, but I don't think it was relevant if you read all the comments in the tutorial.
Hard Drive Advanced Write Caching - Fix Cannot Enable - Vista Forums

But be notified that having it enabled has caused many to have a lower reported WEI score.
Experience Index. Low HD result


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I have been looking around for information about using a onboard msata ssd as a boot drive for fast start up etc.
I have found information about loading windows directly to this drive (setting this drive as c and lists of ways to move the my music files etc to another partition so that when windows starts it only reads program information. However it sounds as if all or most programs would be saved to the drive not windows only.
Other information has described setting this up as a cache via srt with the cache automatically recognizing whats used most often and storing it there saving the issue of less frequently programs slowing it down.

Does anyone use this system? Do you know of a good msata ssd?
Is it possible to set up a drive as a boot drive and only store windows there?
Can you use onboard msata as a boot drive for windows and another small ssd for srt caching?

Sorry about all the questions a total noob to msata and ssd caching. My mobo will have srt / onboard msata capability and Id like to use it.
If a thread already exists about this please let me know what to search by as I haven't found anything on mSata here.


A:msata caching

Found some more info about this pros and cons etc. If anyone interested stumbles across this. To high level for me though ive only ever had 1 hdd or sdd and used ext hdds at home and at work its all servers.



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I am about to buy my SSD, but I don't know whether I can use the Crucial M4 64GB for caching, next to using it for my complete OS and a game (maybe two, 7 GB average). Because what I would like to do, is put my OS on it (Win7 64-bit) and the game. And then use (a part of) the space left (around 30GB, reserving 27GB for the OS and 3~4GB for the game) for Caching.

Will this work? Or can I only use the Intel SSD Caching on a empty SSD?

P.S. Someone told me I could only use ~20GB or 60GB for SRT Caching, I find this hard to believe, is it true?
P.P.S. Is it true I ought to put the SRT Caching to 64GB? Or would there actually be a difference if I would put my OS and Call of Duty 4 directly on my SSD?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

A:SSD SRT caching question

hmm; Personally I've never seen CACHING to be configurable.

Placing the pagefile.sys entirely on an SSD would seem doable . . .

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I have a company network with 2 internal dns servers on and
Using DHCP.

2 problem Win7 clients.

When I run ipconfig /all on both it shows both DNS servers as expected 

We have a corporate server on AWS and it's IP address changed on Monday during a restart.
Shouldn't have but it did, so we are stuck with a new public facing DNS name for that server, so we updated the friendly CNAME record to point to the new address.

18 of our 20 internal clients, including Win7, 8 and 10 clients and Mac and Linux clients are all finding the corporate server now using the original friendly name.

But 2 Win7 clients are still not getting there.

On both, if we run
nslookup <friendly.domname.com>

It returns the name of of our primary internal DNS server (as nameserver) and the NEW IP address of the host address

So it seems that the client's base OS DNS lookup returns the correct IP.

If I paste that IP into either chrome or Internet Explorer, I get the correct website.

However, if I enter <friendly.domname.com> into either browser (and Firefox) a different website appears.

I can in Chrome test the dns resolver using chrome://net-internals/#dns which returns a list of addresses in chromes internal cache.
And I can flush that browser dns cache by clicking the "clear host cache" button

If I then try the same <friendly.domname.com> again, the cache list is re-populated with a bunch of urls acce... Read more

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I have windows Vista home basic 32 bit operating system. Recently i installed IE9 ans now if i open a website after clearing cache it gives HTTP code 200 on fidddler then on second session it gives 304 for most of the request . My temporary internet file setting is "Automatic". I checked on temporary internet files and nothing is seen there. If i do the same in firefox 4 then on second request it doesnt give 304 and content is served from cache and i am able to see the content there in firefox cache.
1). In case of IE9 if content is not there in cache then how it is giving HTTP response code 304 (not modified)
2). Is there any other cache other than disc cache if yes then how can i see the content of that cache.

A:caching problem in IE9

I recently installed IE9 on my Windows vista home 32 bit. Whenever I open a website after clearing browser cache then on fiddler first time it gives HTTP code 200 for all requests. When i check on browser cache all gif, jpeg, js are cached and expiry time is 1 month. But when i open the same page it gives HTTP Status code 304 for gif, jpeg and js.
Not able to figure it out why it is not picking the content fron the browser cache. Temporary Internet Files setting in set to "Automatic".

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I have all my external drives set to "quick removal" option, so I don't have to use the "safe-removal" option.

On my internal drives, I have it set to "Enable write caching."

It says that a power outage could cause data loss.
Since I always use the "sleep" option, is this option safe?




Hello Paul,

Unless you have power outages often, then I wouldn't worry about it set like that.

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We use a WPAD file hosted on a Websense appliance and use IE11 on Windows 7 x64.

We are seeing some performance issues with the Websense delivery of WPAD and have discovered that every computer is making a large amount of calls to the websense appliance to retrieve WPAD.dat. (Up to 1000 per machine in some cases)

We have worked with Websense and found that they were returning a 'no-cache' option in the WPAD response header. Via a patch we have had this removed.
However I still can't find a cached WPAD file on my machine that I am using for testing and have checked all the registry entries I can think of related to caching.
Does anyone have any ideas?

For reference, the WPAD.dat is (edited of course):
// Start of Script
function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
// Convert everything to lower case
var lhost = host.toLowerCase();
host = lhost;
//Local Networking Match
if (isPlainHostName(host) ||
shExpMatch(host, "localhost.*") ||
shExpMatch(host, "*.ourdomain.net") ||
shExpMatch(host, "*.local") ||
isInNet(dnsResolve(host), "", "") ||
isInNet(dnsResolve(host), "", "") ||
isInNet(dnsResolve(host), "", "") ||
isInNet(dnsResolve(host), "", ""))
return "DIRECT";
//Host Matching
if (dnsDomainIs(host, "*.partnerdomain1.com") ||
dnsDomainIs(ho... Read more

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i've just got a new M/B (gigabyte Z170 K3) and i'm connecting the cables/connectors from the case.

My old M/B was an Asus P5N-E SLI and it had 3 connectors for USB, got front USB & memory card reader on the front of the case

Just wondering if anybody knows if i can still use the 3rd/spare connector, is their an adapter that can split a connection?

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I need some 72pin SODIMM memory to fix an old laptop that is otherwise in good condition. It is a charity job for a student.
Ideally it will take two 32mb sticks, but any would do to get it started.

A:Anyone got spare 72pin SODIMMs?

Well, I just remembered I have old Armada Laptop somewhere, I think its a 7100, or maybe a 1700... If either of those might work for you I could help you out.

I would have to find the laptop to tell you what model it is, I also have an old 44mhz Mac Book, really don't think that would work for you though.

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How much spare spade does Windows 7 need?

I am not asking how much total space, but rather how much "spare" space is required on system partition without getting into drive management bottlenecks. And to be as clear as I can, I mean extra space beyond that assigned to windows, programs, pagefile, caches, etc.

Here's the reason. I am considering trying SSD. I have a multiboot system. With conventional drives I just put system partitions on separate drives, with the rest of each drive available for data partitions. But doing this with the limited capacity of SDDs would reduce total capacity too much (unless I add more hdd in external enclosures), even before considering the added cost of multiple SSDs. So I may want to put two or three system partitions on the same SSD.

A:How much spare space does Windows 7 need?

That's very tough to answer, as it would change system to system, but why not step into a modern solution? Do away with the old, out-dated multi-boot systems, and virtualize. I run an SSD for my OS/apps drive, and store several VMs on my larger spinner. I get near native speeds, without messing with bootloaders. It's a much simpler setup than multi-booting, and I can run quite a few various OSes.

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Ok... so I've got a couple issues with my pc.
The main issues are home page settings... popups... and ocational errors.. sometimes folders will close or explorer will close with an error message.

I'm running Windows 2000. I have Norton & AdAware.
Norton didn't find anything. Adaware found a bunch of stuff, which I deleted. However a few things keep reapearing... Sometimes I'll delete everything and run the scan again immediately after that and the same few things will show up in the scan.
I did change the view settings, so I can now see the hidden and system file folders. After I did that and ran Adaware, I was able to find an .exe file that I hadn't seen before. I deleted that, and that was gone for good. But I still see these same few things when I run it twice in a row….these things stay every time.

CoolWebSearch Object found in memory (C:\WINNT\winnt256.bmp:uceis)
I think this is the file that’s causing my problems… but I can’t seem to delete it.
There is a file I can see called winnt256.bmp but it does not have that last part (uceis) on it.

CoolWebSearch Object Recognized!
Type : Regkey
Data :
Category : Malware
Comment :
Object : software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\sw
software\microsoft\windows\currentv... Read more

A:Hijack this log.... when someone has some time to spare

I also ran CWShredder & SpyBot Search & Destroy.
Both found a few things, but I think they were just things that had infected my computer as a result of my initial problem...and from continuing to use IE? I say this, because when I ran AdAware after that I still got the same 4 entries showing up.

Also, I tried to end the process... winnt256 .. but it won't let me.

And... I started windows in safe mode, ran Adaware, and "deleted" those things that keep showing up. Then I ran it a second time, as I usually do, and they were gone. I though I might have fixed the problem. I restared my computer in normal mode and ran Adaware again, but unfortunately they were back.

Again, Thanks to anyone who can help.

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I?ve been testing Windows 7 since Beta, and currently run RC.

Before I installed W7 I?d just built a new PC, with the following hard drive configuration:

320GB SATA (System)
750GB SATA (Data)

My system disk had Windows XP installed with all its apps etc, and my data drive contained all my documents etc.

For the purpose of testing Windows 7, I bought an additional disk to run it from:

80GB SATA (Windows 7 System)

My 320GB XP disk has been redundant for a while now, but I?m now ready to go full time with 7, and having just purchased Home Premium, I plan to install it, clean and fresh on to my 320 system drive, overwriting XP.

I can?t decide what to do with my now spare 80GB SATA drive that will become redundant. It?s too small for backups (I have a 250GB ext USB drive for this), and I was thinking about using it to run XP from in the case I need it ? but I was hoping W7 VM would take care of that (not WXP mode)

It?s a fairly decent disk so I?m reluctant to let it gather dust but I fear that?s what will happen.

Any suggestions?

A:What to do with spare hard drive?

you could use freecycle.com someone would be glad of a 80gb h/drive for an older pc.

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I have a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. I accidentally damaged the receiver and can't get one in UK and Logiteck only deliver to US and Canada. I just wondered if anyone had any ideas on how to get a hold of a replacement.

Receiver (C-BU44), Cordless Desktop Comfort Laser/Cordless Desktop MX 3000 Laser

A:Logitech Spare Parts

Hi BlueDancer,

How about this here. The one you need is 4 rows down.

Spare Parts Store

Logitech Spare Parts store, and the UK is listed in the shipping area.

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how can i reset my spare keys and bios password ????

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Hello Community.

i am reading a lot a from people not upgrading to a new build because they don't have a spare DVD or a 4 Gb USB stick handy.

Well you don't need all that.

Simply use your favorite mounting tool (i use Magic Disk), mount the image, start the upgrade process.
You might see an message about Magic Disk having to be reinstalled, dont worry, and continue.
You'll see, upgrade works just fine without wasting DVDs or time coping files to a USB drive.

Have fun :-)

A:For those that dont have a spare USB stick or DVD !

First off, welcome to sevenforums markushaZe.

If you have a look around the forums this topic has been covered for every OS that has been upgradeable.

Also the reason that most people have been wanting to use usb sticks etc is when you are doing a fresh install and want it to be quicker than the usual DVD route.

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this little, tiny white piece of plastic, which is attaches underneath the ALT/GR?

A:Re: Satellite Pro S - Where to get spare parts?

Hi masimba,

I don?t know which part you mean exactly but for keyboards there are no single parts available. That means you would need a complelty new keyboard.

Anyway, you should contact an ASP. There you can get all Toshiba parts:
http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

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Thanks in advance for your help guys & gals,

Here's my question:

My primary hard drive in a Windows ME machine just bombed on me, and I thought that this would be a good time to buy a newer faster box with of course a newer, improved OS, Windows XP.

Now that I have my new PC, I like to move the secondary hard drive I had in my old PC into my new computer and have it set up again as a secondary drive. On this drive, being my secondary, I did not have any Operating Systems loaded, just data, such as Word docs, pictures, MP3s, and etc.

Other than just hooking it up to my new computer and setting it up as a slave hard drive to my new hard drive, will I need to do anything else? Will XP automatically pick up the new drive and know how big it is and assign it a drive letter?

I guess one way to find out is to just try it and see what happens but I thought I ask you guys first, as it could probably save me some time.

Thanks again for your help.

A:Moving my spare drive to a new PC

slave it & turn it on.

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Well, I recently bought a New Tower. Its a Compac Presario SR1300NX.
3000+ AMD Sempron processor. 256 mb PC2700 DDR SDRAM memory, 60 GB
7200RPM Ultra DMA hard drive. I removed My 30 GB hard drive from My old Tower, and Installed it as a Storage drive. It reads as a Slave in the Bios, which is fine. The problem is on My desk Top it reads as a Removable disk drive. Oh, yea, Its Windows XP home, which I am tickled pink with.
Oh, the 30 gigger is a Maxtor ATA 133, if that has any bearing on the Subject.
It has Windows 98 SE installed on it. But the fact is I cant Access it. It keeps
telling Me to insert a Disk? duh.....Should I reset the little pin gizzy in back to Slave instead of Storage?

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Hi, i have spare parts from a Emachine T5224 (processor, ram, dvd drive.. pretty much it..) and i was wondering if there was any possible way i could get the rest of the parts i need (case, motherboard, power supply) so i can play some pc games, mostly just stalker: shadows of chernobyl, its prequel, and the sequel.. for under $300. im going to ask for a graphics card for xmas so any ideas for one under $200 would be great.

heres a link to the t5224 specs

thanks for looking .

A:help building a pc from spare parts and $300

Man, this just keeps getting harder.
You won't be able to reuse that ram. It's too old.

mobo: this one

psu: 400w+

case: this one

hdd: 500gb

ram: 1gb until you can afford more

You might want to wait because this is as good as you can do for $200.
and it won't be long until it's outdated.

EDIT: here it is in a wishlist

EDIT2: please note that you won't be able to get an operating system.

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