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Outlook 2007 task request to Outlook 2003 issues

Q: Outlook 2007 task request to Outlook 2003 issues

Hi everyone,

At work we have outlook 2003 and I cannot upgrade that computer, at home I have recently upgraded to outlook 2007 but it left me with a little problem.

I use tasks to delegate jobs out to my team and I have it set up so categories are in fact their names. I used to send task requests with the name of the employee in the category section and when it arrived in the work inbox someone would accept the task and it would immediately go into that particular employees task category.

Now I have 2007 Outlook and although I have set categories up as they used to be (employee names) the task request gets accepted (at work) and instead of going under the employee name it goes into it's own category with no specific category.

Can anyone tell me (short of going back to outlook 2003) how to solve this issue?



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Preferred Solution: Outlook 2007 task request to Outlook 2003 issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



Today using outlook 2007 I tried to send a task to someone (also with outlook 2007) but when they get the email there was no option to accept or decline this request? I tried many times with the same result even after finding a step by step guide online. I seem to be doing it correctly.

I am on Vista they are on XP, they get the email fine and the task goes into my task list (for updates) but the recipient does not have the option to accept or decline?

Please help,


A:Outlook 2007 Task Request issue

Unless both of you are connected to an Exchange Server (2003 or 2007), and they talk to each other, you can't send tasks that way. They go via email. The recipient must drag the file to the task pane and it will automatically place, but you won't get a response. Tasks are managed by the Free/Busy part of Exchange, not Outlook, which is only a client.


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Hi, I am using Outlook 2003 and respond to taks requests that users create when they have tech issues. The problem is: when I receive the task request, Outlook does not give me the option to accept or reject the taks. Also, I can not track the hours I have worked on the issue and can not respond to close the task. How can I get that feature activated. All older versions of Office have that feature turned on by default, even my home PC running Office 2003 has it on by default. Any comments is greatly appreciated.


A:Outlook 2003 Taks request issues

I'm getting the same thing! Help!!

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Hi I hope someone can help,

I am creating email signatures for my office - I am using Outlook 2007. The images for the signature are stored on our web server. When I insert the image links into my colleague's Outlook (2003) signature, and open a new email message, the image sizes have changed and now are way too big.

Does anyone know why? How do I stop this? This is driving me nuts as all the images look fine on my pc!


A:Outlook 2003/2007 Signature Issues


See if this works for you.



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Windows XP Pro
Office 2007 Standard (Paid + registered + Updated to latest)
Office 2003 Pro (Paid + registered + Updated to latest)
Eset Protection

There seems to be a conflict between Office 2007 and Outlook 2003

Using Excel 2007 and Office 2003 seems to trigger a scroll down with no stop, in all Office modules + a loss of Junck mail Filter in Outlook 2003.

With Microsoft periodic new updates, all operations resume to normal, but after later uses, the scroll dpwn + Filter loss comes back again.

I am thinking of de-installing Office 2007 or 2003, but need to keep Outlook 2003.
Is there a way to make sure that Oulook 2003 would not interfere with Office 2007 if I remove all of Office 2003 modules but not Outlook 2003 ?

Please advise,

A:Outlook 2003 - Office 2007 Issues

I would also be willing to migrate to the near future Office 201x... if available soon because I am not all that satisfied with this new Excel 2007 interface. It feels like working in silo with the rooting of different options...

Did anyone ear of a new near future version of Office Pro (with Outlook)

Thanks again,

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Hi guys,

I'm writing this from work, so I'll make it quick and keep my boss happy.

In the office we run both Outlook 2003 and 2007, as most of the computers aren't built to deal with 2007 in terms of performance. I often move around the office and find that I'm jumping between 2003 and 2007 fairly regularly. This throws up enough issues on its own with flags, categories and syncronisation, but the most recent (and annoying one) involves calendars

I've made two new calendars (for a couple of meeting rooms so people can book them easily), but I originally made them in Outlook 2007, so all the guys using 2003 couldn't access it. Now I'm trying to make them in 2003, but I get half a million errors whenever I try to add something or share the calendar.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this.

A:Outlook 2003/2007 compatibility issues

hi, yes.

incompatibilities between outlook 2003 and '07.

don't think there is a solution other than updating the other computers.

tried it a few times myself, went clunk. lol


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I just put in a new hard drive and installed the latest version of Office 2007. I kept the data and archive files from Outlook 2003 so I could import them into Outlook 2007 and get back to business. However, that did not happen. It was able to read and bring up most of the data, but I am missing some folders which are critical.

The critical folders are folders that were created manually. They were used to store email messages that came in that were important. They were simply dragged from the Inbox and put into that folder. There were also folders within that folder. I'm not sure if these folders and subfolders were in the Inbox or not. They may not have been.

The way I imported it was by going to TOOLS>ACCOUNT SETTINGS>DATA FILES tab>and pointed to the old PST file.

I also pointed to the archive.pst file as well, but later went to FILE>ARCHIVE and pointed to the old archive.pst file in there. Bot ways did not reveal the folders that are needed.

Is Outlook 2007 not able to read all data from Outlook 2003 pst files, or is there a fix for this?

Please advise.

A:Move from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 not successful; not reading certain folders

I purchased a new Notebook with Office 2007 installed and copied over my Outlook 2000 pst file. I also had manually created folders for filing important emails. Mine were sub folders within the Inbox folder. Everything copied over, but I could not see the manual folders at first until I double clicked the Inbox folder in the side panel and then they spilled out. I would look for them in that panel and double click anything there starting with Inbox, Sent etc. Also try doing a search for any subject or address of an email you may have saved.

When copying over the pst file I think everything is copied. Appears you did not just copy contacts for example, but the complete pst file. I think the folders are there as Sub Folders, just hidden within one of the main folders such as Inbox.

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Most of my users are on Outlook 2003, but some are on Outlook 2007. When a 2007 user uses the scheduling assistant to try and set a meeting, the message appears No Information. No free/busy information could be retrieved.

Note: a 2003 user can see the other 2003 user's schedule.

Is this something that needs to be set at the Exchange level? How do I resolve?

All users are on Windows XP SP2

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We've purchased a new laptop and are using Office 07 now, Windows XP, instead of the old office 03. Regarding Outlook, when I tried to save the old .pst file(Outlook 03) and then import old emails and contacts, the emails imported very easily into Outlook 07. However, none of the contacts were imported. Is there a simple way to export or save Outlook 2003 contacts to a file that can then be imported into Outlook 2007 on a separate computer??



A:Trouble transferring Outlook 2003 contacts to Outlook 2007

Export the old contact as a .CSV file and then re-import into the new installation.


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I have been using the beta version of Office 2007 til it expired last month and during that time exported a back up of Outlook (contacts, calendar etc) to My Docs.
Not all that fussed with the '07 Office suite, I uninstalled it and then reinstalled Office 2002 but when I try to import the pst file to this earlier version of Outlook, it tellss me that it is not compatible and to contact the Administrator (me!).

If I cannot work around this somehow I intend laying on the railway tracks quite shortly as life without my files will no longer have any meaning to me!

I guess as a last resort I can download the latest trial of 2007 Office and see if that will let me re-import the backed up pst file but what a drama!

A:Cannot import Outlook Beta 2007 pst files to Outlook 2003

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I have an external software that creates and distributes an email to users with a link to view a report. The external software creates the email with Outlook 2007. Recipients that are using Outlook 2003 do not see the link, just the plain text. The workaround is to highlight and paste into the browser.

The software company says that it is a Microsoft issue.

I see lots of posts about creating HTML in 2003, but nothing about reading...


A:Links created in Outlook 2007 not a link in Outlook 2003

Some mail servers do not accept HTML formatted messages and only allow plain text? Are these recipients on en Exchange server or just some random POP accounts?

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We are using Exchange Server 2010.

Some staff are using Outlook 2007. They are creating calendars which need to be shared with other employees, most of which are running only Outlook 2003.

All Outlook 2003 users get an email with a link to Microsoft explaining how to open shared calendars. Off07 users get the icon to click and open specified calendar.

Outlook 2003 user then follows MS instructions, and pulls up the Outlook 2007 user's default calendar, then they get this message "Unable to display the folder. The Calendar folder could not be found".

Is there something lacking here? Anyone have any work-a-rounds for Outlook 2003 users to open a shared calendar of an Outlook 2007 user?

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We are using Exchange Server
Some staff in our executive branch have brand new laptops (lucky guys) with Office 2007[Of07]. They are creating calendars which need to be shared with other employees, most of which are running only Outlook 2003 [OL03].

Calendar(s) are made, and invites sent for specific calendars to specific groups of users.
IE: Regional Sales Mgr. creates several supplemental "events" calenders he wants to share with his different teams.
---Default, Corporate, Dist1, Dist2, Dist3, Region
---DistGrp1, DistGrp2, DistGrp3
---Dist1 calender --> DistGrp1
---Dist2 calendar --> DistGrp2
---Dist3 calendar --> DistGrp3
---Region --> DistGrp1, DistGrp2, DistGrp3

All OL03 users get an email with a link to Microsoft explaining how to open shared calendars. Off07 users get the icon to click and open specified calendar.

OL03 user then follows MS instructions, and pulls up the Off07 user's default calendar, with no option to open or even locate any other calender.

Is there something lacking here? Anyone have any work-a-rounds for OL03 users to open a shared calendar (other than the default or main calendar) of an OFF07 user?

Thank you.

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I'm working on an email blast, and have been testing out my email with different versions of Outlook. I have created the document from my PC (XP, Outlook 2007) and when I send it on to other users with Outlook 2007, there are no issues. However, when sent to someone using Outlook 2003, the Hyperlinks are no longer "clickable" although they appear to be in the email message.

I've been struggling with this all day, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


A:Outlook 2007 Hyperlink Not Working in Outlook 2003

Hi, this has to do with the compatibility between both the versions of Outlook. Outlook 2007 uses Word 2007 as its email editor. And it is a known issue that users who have Office 2003 experience this compatibility issue when they come across files created using Office 2007. So, try installing Office Compatibility Pack from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923505

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I just upgraded to outlook 2007 and having trouble copying my nickname file overfrom outlook 2003. I am using the same profile name and have copied the 2003 NK2 file over and pasted it in the right place but hen I try to access the nickname function - nothing happens. The file is there and is the same size as it was before - what am I doing wrong?

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Hi Experts,
I have got a problem regarding to my inability to find .pst file in Outlook 2003/2007.
I downloaded repair tool to repair .pst file and tried to find it but no .pst file was available.
I used normal path to find the pst file (Documents and Settings/username/application data/microsoft/outlook), then went through Outlook2003- Tools-Options-Mail Setup tab- Data File, done search, selected ''Show hidden files and folders'' in Windows Explore and no .pst file is coming up.
Any clue where else to look for it so I can try to repair it.
Environment: Outlook 2003/2007 and Exchange 2007

Thank you in advanced!

A:Cannot find Outlook .pst file in Outlook 2003/2007

Right location - - but think you need the OST

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I tried Outlook 2007 Trial and didn't like it. After removing and reinstalling Outlook 2003, the send/receive button is missing in the tool bar, I can no longer edit "rules", among other things.

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I had a trial verson of Outlook 2007. After the trial, I uninstalled it. Now I cannot see send/receieve, cannot make rules plus other things.
Any ideas?

A:Outlook 2003 errors after Removing Outlook 2007

Found the answer.
had the answer, all you need to do is so a search for 'mapisvc.inf' on your C: drive. It will find 2 files, one in C:\Windows\System32, one in C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033

I renamed both of them to mapiscv_old.inf - call it what you like, delete it if you are feeling game. Then run Outlook 2003, it will configure and put the file back there for you, and allow you to setup your account.
Posted by Rod at 10:32 AM


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Is an Outlook 2003 data file compatible with Outlook 2007? I hope to be able to copy the details of my Outlook 2003 email accounts, emails, contacts etc into an Outlook 2007 installation on another machine. Can I simply copy the data file over to the Outlook 2007 installation and select it as the data file to use in Outlook 2007?

Will this process copy the passwords and settings stored in my Outlook 2003 installation? Or, will I have to reconfigure the email accounts and passwords again in Outlook 2007?

Any advice most appreciated.

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I have a public folder Outlook Task in our Exchange which I can see from my Outlook 2007

When I try to create a "New Task Request" I am getting a message "This task request will be created on your personal task list"

How can I create a Task Request in Public folder?

What I am trying to achieve is to create a new task and assign it to another user.

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OK... well I thought I had it covered but.... I copied the pst file from 2003 and tried to open in 2007. I recently read somewhere that you have to copy the pst when Outlook is closed. I did not close Outlook and copied the file while Outlook was open. Anyway to rescue these Emails? The old drive is toast so I can't do that. The pst file is 79mg so I suspect the info is there. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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I want to switch from Outlook 2003 to 2007. Microsoft support notes say to uninstall 2003 first, BUT it does not say whether my address books, folders, etc., will be preserved once I install 2007. Does anyone know the answer?

A:Upgrading Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007

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I uninstalled Outlook 2007 (after not liking the program) and reinstalled Outlook 2003. When I start up 2003, I get an error: "Microsoft Office Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
The program will re-open in Safe Mode and functions without error.
I do not use any odd add-ins.

I have done the following to troubleshoot:
downloaded all upgrades, patches, etc.
renamed the MSMAPI32.DLL TO .old and reopend 2003.

Any ideas? Thank you.

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I am using Outlook 2007 in Vista Home Premium. When I got a new computer with Vista and Outlook 2007, I migrated all the Calendar appointments from the old computer with Outlook 2003 and Windows XP. The recurring appointments I migrated from Outlook 2003 are seemingly stand alone appointments in Outlook 2007, that is, they don't show that they are recurring, which means I can only delete them one by one, endlessly. Is there anything I can do to correct this?


Capn Zip

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I know that 07 Word saves files in a .docx file that is not usable by the 97-03 Word and same goes for PowerPoint and Excell. My question is does this occur with Outlook 2007 also? I have a friend who said that he can't read my Outlook 2007 email to him (he uses the older version of outlook). Is there a way to change it so that I can send 2007 Outlook emails to people with the 97-03 versions?

A:Can Outlook 2007 Email to Outlook 2003?

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I uninstalled Outlook 2007 (after not liking the program) and reinstalled Outlook 2003 in Windows XP. When I start up 2003, I get an error: "Microsoft Office Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
The program will re-open in Safe Mode and functions without error.
I do not use any odd add-ins.

I have done the following to troubleshoot:
downloaded all upgrades, patches, etc.
renamed the MSMAPI32.DLL TO .old and reopend 2003.

Any ideas? Thank you.

A:Downgrading Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2003

I have recreated a new mail profile, too. Still get the same error.

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Iím looking for some help with an NK2 file and a very demanding boss . Guess you canít help with the bossÖ..

Iím moving email contents Office 2003 from an XP Pro machine to Office 2007 on a 32 bit W-7. I went to ďuserĒ\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook and copied the all content of the file to a new location and saved it. I used Microsoftís instructions to transfer the profile from Office 2003 to Office 2007 too. I have plenty of files to choose from.


Everything seemed to transfer except the auto complete no longer works. I searched and found that I need to export the NK2 file from 2003 to 2007. I looked in the exported folder I saved on the network and could not find any file that ended in .nk2. I looked back on the computer itself and could not find it there either. Is there a different name it could be called? Show hidden file and folders is enabled and I tried to use Search. Nothing.

Also when I find it, how do I import this to the new Outlook 2007 account? I read something about changing the name. I should mention, incase this maters that the ISP provides Exchange to 3 users and the rest are using POP3. I still have the old machine if I need to grab something off of it. Please be as detailed as possible. Iím tired of being hollered at.

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Ive got an Outlook 2003 using Boss and a Outlook 2002 using Assistant who are having issues with sharing their calendar. The assistant is inputting appointment data into her bosses Outlook 2003 Calendar.

The issue is : The 2002 user puts in a whole day appointment on a given day (say 10/10/2004). When she opens her bosses 2003 calendar, the same appointment is still a whole day, but it stretches across 2 days (in this case 10/10/2004 and 11/10/2004). Both users use common Regional Settings (Australia).

Outlook 2002 user is at Office XP SP3.
Outlook 2003 user is at Office 2003 Pro SP1
Exchange Server 2000 (sp unknown)

Anyone have any ideas for me?

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I was wondering if anyone has seen this and has the fix for it. I'm running Outlook 2003 under Windows XP. When starting Outlook, I will momentarily see pending calendar items and tasks on the Outlook Today panel but it then goes blank. In addition, the Save Changes function on Outlook Today customization seems to be ignored. I'm the administrator of my local PC. I've tried the Detect and Repair option with no luck. Following a Microsoft tech letter, I renamed outlwvw.dll and had the system reinstall the dll - again no change.

If anyone knows what is wrong I'll be very grateful. Many thanks.

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Hi everyone. As the topic title suggests I have an odd request. Is there a way to determine in Outlook 2007 what contact files in the Contacts folder were most recently updated or changed in any way?

A:Odd Outlook 2007 request

You can change the view to Outlook Data Files and then right-click next to one of the column titles and select Field Chooser. Click on Modified and drag it to the column headings. Then you can sort by that field to see the most recently changed items. Hope that helps.

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Afternoon all,

We currently use Outlook 2003/SP2.

We have found the rule within Outlook whereby you can c.c. emails to a specified person.

Is there a way of doing something similar whereby the user gets, say, a pop-up message saying "do you want to copy this message to xxxx".

Basically, my boss keeps forgetting to copy me in on important emails but, doesn't want to set up a permanent rule as some emails will not be for me to see.

Our IT department have been very unhelpful and said this cannot be done. But, I don't believe there isn't a way of doing this.

Does such a thing exist?

Thanks in advance.

A:Outlook 2003 - c.c request

Sure. There's likely a way to do it, but you'd probably have to pay a pretty penny for the programming code. I can give you contact information for someone who does that. I don't know anyone here who does Outlook programming, but perhaps there is.

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I bought a new computer running Vista Home Prem x64 SP1 and installed Outlook 2007. My older computer (XP x32 SP2) has Outlook 2003. Both computers are connected in a home network. All my emails and address book are in Outlook 2003 outlook.pst file. How do I bring that outlook.pst (2003) into Outlook 2007, so that I could have all my emails and address book in Outlook 2007?
Right now in my Outlook 2007 my address book is practically blank.
Would appreciate any help. Thank you.

A:Outlook 2007 and outlook.pst 2003

Hi, I forgot to mention that in Outlook 2007 under File ---> Import or Export, other mail programs are listed but not another Outlook.

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My organisation has just rolled out an Exchange 2007 Server.
I am a desktop support engineer for my unit. We are setting up access to the server through Outlook 2003.

A small number of Outlook 2003 users get this error message when they are using a .prf file to configure their clients.

"Your Exchange Server administrator has blocked the version of Outlook that you are using. Contact your administrator for assistance."

This is XP SP2 running Outlook 2003 (error occurs on Office, Office SP2 and Office SP3) connecting to Exchange 2007.

I have tried tried applying SP2 and SP3 to Office and completely reinstalling Office but it still occurs.

I am told by the Server Administrators that this is a local problem so I am not getting any help from them. I tend to believe them that it's not server side because I set one of the profiles up on two PCs next to eachother. On one it worked fine but on the other it had this error message. I could not see a difference in the two Outlook installations.
I have read this article here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/924625 but a lot of the questions it asks and tests involve having administrator access over the server which I do not have.

Does anyone know of anything in the local Office installation that I do have control over that has been known to cause this?

All the best,


A:Solved: Outlook 2003/Exchange 2007 - "Your Version of Outlook has been blocked..."

Hi we managed to find the solution so I'm posting it here to help others.

We inherited a number of builds that were done by other companies. It appears these builds have in the past had previous versions of Office installed. This has resulted in registry keys lurking around from the old installs.

Once we removed these registry entries it worked.

Best way to do this that I could think of is to

1) Uninstall Office and then search the registry for any references to Outlook. You can do this using AML Free Registry Cleaner http://www.amltools.com/ (which has a search function). Ignore any hits for Outlook Express you are only insterested in Office Outlook.

2) If this is the problem that you are having then you will find registry entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\7.0 or 8.0 or 9.0 etc.

3) Delete any Outlook folders in the above tree. Onc eof the keys in the Outlook folder will be Version and this appears to be what is being read when the server asks what version you have.

4) Reinstall Office - it should now work.

All the best,


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Every now and then I look down at the task tray ...and whoa!!!! about a dozen instances of Outlook. See attached

What is causing this?

And how do I prevent it??

A:Mutliple Outlook 2003 instance in task tray and task manager

It just looks as though you have multiple instances of Outlook open. Probably the way you are accessing your mail each time you open a new email.

It's likely that Outlook is set to 'hide when minimised' on the task button.

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Got the Undeliverable error message back when sent out meeting request. Please help me to fix this problem. Thanks.

This message could not be sent. Try sending the message again later, or contact your network administrator. Error is

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Hello guy's

I work as a support technician and one of our users has a problem with outlook.

When one user receives a meeting request and he accepts the meetings are placed in the calendar of his delegate and not in his calendar.

I already checked on internet but i haven't found a solution.
Does anyone here knows one?


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Hi there! I was sent a meeting request by someone outside of our company. Is there a way in Outlook 2003 for me to add additional invitees (e.g. other people in my company) to the meeting request? Obviously, I could create a separate (identical) meeting and invite the people I want, but it would be better to just be able to add people to the original.


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I am looking for help in writing a macro that will do the following.

With Excel 2003 open and the current workbook open. The macro should be able to save 3 variables from the current spreadsheet (some text, a value and a date ) The macro should open up Outlook 2003 as a task, attach the current workbook. In the Subject field of the task it should add the user's name, then the attached spreadsheet's filename then the text variable, then the value variable and finally the date.

Also it would be great if the Priority of the task could be set to High and the Start and Due dates set to 3 calendar days before the date variable.

Finally the macro would set a list of people the task is assigned to. The macro should NOT save the task as a check would need to be done manually.

I have tried unsuccessfully to write a macro in Outlook as I cannot seem to access the attachment filename or any data from the file. I have tried a macro in Excel which I can create a task and add some text to the Subject of the task but with no real progress on the attachment.

I have tried searching the net for help but a lot of code for Outlook is for the mail side of things rather than tasks and the little code snippets I have found have been of limited use. I have limited skills in programming Visual Basic and C so quite prepared to get my use code which does similar things

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Meeting request in outlook issues.

Have you guys ever heard of this? I have one person that is telling me that my meeting request is effecting his entire day.

I sent a meeting request for 1 day only for the whole day. I have sent it to multiple people & no one else is having this issue.

I do these type of requests a lot & it normally only shows up as a one line entry.

Anyone have ideas?

A:Meeting request in outlook issues

What do you mean "its affecting his entire day"?

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I recently purchased a new computer that has Office 2010 installed. I would like to move the contents of my .pts file from my old computer which has Outlook 2007 to my new computer which has Outlook 2010. Before, when I wanted to transfer my .pts file from one computer to another I would just copy the file to a portable hard drive and then transfer the file to the other computer. However, Outlook 2010 is completely different animal. When I go to C:, Users, App Data, etc., new computer, it is completely different from my other computer that had Vista. My question is, how can I transfer my .pts file and/or my address book, calendar, contacts, etc. for my older Windows Vista computer that had Outlook 2007, to my new computer that has Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 installed? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

A:Solved: Moving Outlook Messages and Address Book From Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010

Hello referee07;

Copy your .pst file from your old computer to the new one or your portable hard drive.

To launch the Outlook 2010 Export/Import wizard, first go to File menu, navigate to Open, and click Import.

In the Import And Export wizard, select Import from another program or file option and hit Next

Under File Type, select Outlook Data File(.pst) and hit Next

Now choose the file to import, select the options, and hit Next

Once done, finally select the folder to import from(if you want to import complete data don’t change any settings) and make sure Include subfolders is checked. You can either import the file to the current folder or choose the folder.

Hope this helps!


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I have a user who is running Outlook 2007 on his Dell Latitude D630 (probably insignificant info). His problem is, he has a task list that he changes dates on occasionally. This morning when changing the date on a task (seems to be multiple tasks, not just a particular one) the task date changes, and when he selects another task, outlook error's out and shuts down. The date goes back to what it originally was upon the restart. I've had him restart the laptop, and made sure there weren't multiple instances of outlook.exe running. Any ideas?

A:Outlook 2007 Task question

try to repair the pst file. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/287497

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I had Office 2007 on my machine then installed 2003 as I need to use both applications. The problem is I need to run Outlook 2003 but this does not seem to load, other applications do. I receive the message

Cannot start Outlook MAPI32.DLL is corrupt or the wrong version. This could be caused by installing other messaging software. Please reinstall outlook?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also in Outlook 2007 calendar I have created appointments but instead of showing who the appointment is with it shows my name, I have also created a meeting request and it still shows as my name.

A:Outlook 2007 & 2003

To the first issue, I don't believe it is possible to run Office 2007 and Office 2003 on the same machine. Microsoft uses the same .dll names to work both products. I believe if you unintstall one instance of Office your calendar may be fixed as well.

Why do you need to run both?

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My daughter cannot any longer use Microsoft Office Professional 2003 because she has left work and started her university studies. She will buy Office Ultimate 2007, which is rather cheap for students. Her problem is how to save her Outlook data (addresses, mail, etc).

Will the following work?
Copy the present Outlook folder to her external USB disk.
Uninstall Office 2003.
Install Office 2007.
Move the files in the externally saved Outlook folder to the new Office 2007 Outlook folder (I guess there will be such a folder).
If it does not work, please suggest an alternative correct procedure.

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I have my email options set to HTML, yet i still receive email's in Plain Text. I don't want this because when I reply my signature is automatically inserted at the bottom (yes, that is what i want) but is then converted to plain text (no i dont want this).After I hit reply and switch the format from plain text to HTML my signature is not converted to the new format.

Any help of information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:[Outlook 2003/2007]

Hi Stoychastic, and welcome to TSG.

Stoychastic said:

I have my email options set to HTML, yet i still receive email's in Plain Text.Click to expand...

That may be because some people are sending their messages as plain text only. They may be doing that because whatever device they are using to compose, send and receive e-mails may only support plain text. Forcing your reply to use HTML will get it converted to plain text with possibly an attachment on their end.

I don't believe that Outlook 2003 has a built-in way to always use HTML for replies but you may be able to do it with a VBA macro. Here is a link to a page with the macro and also reasons why you should not send HTML replies to plain text messages.


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I use tasks quite a bit and when re-occuring monthly tasks it works fine. Eg a task is completed on the 12th it will re-occur as a task for the 12th next month.

There is an option to re-occur after multiple months e.g. 3 months of last completed task. if i complete the task for the 12th it then sets the next task for the 9/02/05??? why will it not use the 12?

Can anyone help, it is very frustrating


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Have been trying to follow suggestions from similar posts, but nothing working. Have tried to save as .xls and .csv, as well as trying to 'define names' of the various columns, but nothing allows me to import complete contact into Outlook. Please help, very important to get these contacts into Outlook asap. Thank you

A:Issues importing large contact list in Excel 2007 to Outlook 2007

Hi hbsurfer

Try going about it backwards.
Create one Contact in Outlook 2007, then Export that one Contact to a .csv file.
Then you will be able to see the format Outlook 2007 is using and reconfigure your headers in the Excel spreadsheet.
When all headers match, you should be able to Import it. Or copy the excel information to the one contact .csv file and Import that.

Let us know if that works for you or not.

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