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Display Port Link Failure, Active Display Port->DVI

Q: Display Port Link Failure, Active Display Port->DVI

I have 3 monitors connected to an AMD HD5770 graphics card. Two monitors connect via HDMI, and the third through a Sapphire Active DisplayPort->DVI adaptor. Things have been working fine for years, but recently I started sleeping my computer when I am not using it during the day, as opposed to my previous habit of leaving it on all day and then shutting down at night, and a couple of days after starting this new habit, I received a 'Display Port Link Failure' message:

"The system has detected a link failure and cannot set the requested resolution and refresh rate on your DisplayPort display. Your display might not support the requested resolution or there may be an issue with the cable connecting the display to your computer"

Now, even upon resuming my normal habit of leaving the computer on and shutting down, the monitor will work sometimes but randomly stop other times.

How can I either fix the issues with sleep, which I would prefer since I want to save energy (a money issue rather than believing my actions make any difference to the environment), or if there is a problem somewhere, determine if it is the graphics card or the adaptor that needs replacing.?

Preferred Solution: Display Port Link Failure, Active Display Port->DVI

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Display Port Link Failure, Active Display Port->DVI

It could be the hardware is starting to give out. Not all problems are software related. Going to be hard to nail down if you don't have another cable. Could be the cable or the port.

Any way to test with a straight cable, not the adapter cable?

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I'm using a Dell U3415W monitor. My video card is AMD Radeon RX480. The monitor is connected via DisplayPort to my computer. The monitor is connected via HDMI to my work laptop. When I want to switch over to HDMI, it acts as if I shut off the monitor on the Displayport shifting everything over to my secondary monitor. It causes no problem, but drives me nuts because when I switch back over to DIsplayPort, I have to move my open programs around again. Is there any simple way to make this stop? If I don't use DisplayPort, and instead use HDMI/DVI combination, the behavior described does not happen. I'm guessing that is just the way it is, but I'm hoping there is an easy way to make it stop.

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Windows 7 EnterpriseSystem does not see or react to external display when connectedNothing displays when connectedExternal display says nothing connectedTried multiple dongles - same results
Other system that include a VGA connector work just fine to same external display.

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Here is my situation,
I own a Lattitude E7450, and needed to connected two displays to it. I went ahead and bought the Dell E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicator with USB 3.0, since it has 2 DVI ports on the back. It shows it is compatible with my laptop.
I set up my dock, connected my laptop, as well as both external monitors. Only one monitor shows a duplicated desktop. When I go into the display settings, I cannot see any existence of another external display being connected.
All of my drivers are up to date, restarted laptop many times. Pretty bummed out.
Anyone have any solution/knowledge to this?

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As mentioned in the title I have both pieces of hardware.  I also just purchased a third Dell U2414H LCD monitor.  I am trying to connect all 3 via display port.  However it seems that all I can do is 2 monitors?  When I try to daisychain them I got 2 monitors mirroring each other and one through HDMI off the laptop.

Is this a physical limitation of the replicator?  Is there a firmware update somewhere?

A:Dell Latitude E6520 & E-Port Plus 2 - Display port issue

The E6520 comes with Intel HD Graphics 3000.  The specs for that GPU are buried in the specs for the CPU itself, but if you go to ark.intel.com and look up your CPU, then scroll down to the graphics section and verify that it shows Intel HD Graphics 3000, you'll find that that GPU only supports 2 independent displays, which is why you see mirroring.  More recent Intel GPUs do indeed support 3 displays, but no Intel GPUs to my knowledge yet support 4.
If your E6520 has the NVIDIA discrete GPU, I can't find any information on NVIDIA's site about maximum number of supported displays, but based on your experience I would assume it's 2 unless indicated otherwise.

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Is there a way to make the USB Type-C port on the VN7-572G a display port? Like downloadable drivers?

A:VN7-572G USB Type-C port as a display port

Also curious about the answer to this. Did you try it out by any chance?

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J'ai acheté ce portable neuf par correspondance et j'aimerais savoir ce que j'ai comme port sur le côté droit de l'ordinateur. Je devais avoir un port Thunderbolt 3 mais il semble que ce soit un port mini-display. J'aimerais que l'on me précise la réaliser à l'aide de l'information suivante :
HP Spectre Pro x360 G2 Convertible PC

NOTEBOOK/TWO-IN-ONE/CORE I5 6300U/2.4GHZ/8GB-DDR-1600/256GB SSD M.2/13.3IN/W10P 1
Mon objectif était d'acheter une Docking station du type Thunderbolt 3. Est-ce que je le peux avec cet appareil ? Sinon, que me recommandez-vous comme docking qui contient le maximum de ports pour cet ordinateur ?
Henri Frappier

A:Port Thunderbolt 3 ou port mini-display



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Is there a way to make the USB Type-C port on the VN7-572G a display port? Like downloadable drivers?

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So hello to everyone. I myself got a huge problem with my T480 and the Pro Docking Station for while now.I cannot connect any display with any cable to the display ports on the back of the dock without having my T480 completely freezing up as long as the display cable is plugged in.After removing the display cable everything goes back to normal. I already got exchanged mainboard and docking station so my only left guess is a software problem. Currently running Win10 1809 up to date with all drivers (Win and Docking station) up to date. Anyone here might be able to help me here because the phone support is out of options. Greetings,Andreas

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Good day I am using the ThinkCentre M910s and would like to use a projector from VGA and the local screen on display port. However, both display ports are not giving any signal to the monitor. I have tried another monitor and a different cable with no luck. The computer does not Auto detect the monitor as well. Plaease assist with any solutions or ideas you might have to resolve this. Much appreciated.  

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Hello, I am attempting to use the mini display port outpt on the Thinkpad Yoga14 to connect to an HDMI monitor using a miniDP to HDMI adapter. I've tried two different adapters. The monitor is never recognized. However, the mini-display port will work with a miniDP to DVI or miniDP to VGA adapter cable (I verfied this at a store where there were multiple cables and monitors to use). miniDP to HDMI: does not workminiDP to DVI: worksminiDP to VGA: works Has anyone else seen this problem?

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Hello all
I have client who did a firmware upgrade to his e5450 because his old E-Port at home would not read his new laptop. he has admin rights so couldn't really stop him. now the laptop will not register on either e-port it does not detect the monitors at all. I want to undo his firmware update but cant seem to find where when or what did it upgrade. He ran this firmware Synaptics VMM2320 MST HUB Firmware Update(http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverid=1XFPM ) can anyone help to restore his displays or do I reimage ?

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New Omen 32...will not function on displayport.  Windows 7 all updated...MSi motherboard B75A G43...Sapphire  HD6670  1 G with display port.  I cannot seem to get the monitor to hold in didplay port mode using OSD. 

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Hi everyone, I have a Wacom Cintiq 27 qhd touch tablet and I am trying to hook it up to the Envy Recline's usb ports via Wacom's display port and don't know the combination to get the display to show correctly. The touch is working from the tablet to the Envy's screen, but the tablet is showing anything. What should I do?

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I just bought a new display that has DVI, display port and VGA. I'm looking at getting an EVGA GTX980 which has DVI and display port. What would be a better choice? The display is 1920x1080 at 60Hz.

A:display port or DVI?

Check and see if that card and monitor has a HDMI ports.

HDMI work very well with 1920x1080 at 60Hz.

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hi i have elitebook 8770w workstation the displayport dosnt work .. can you help me 

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Hi i have the new hp Envy 13-007na edition with Usb-c. i am attempting to use the usb port for video output ( as i need 60hz for 4k)  however i plug in a usb-c to display port adaptor and attach a Display port cable to the monitor. But nothing happens. windows not the screen pick anything up at all. I've never had issues on other laptops just this one, please can someone advise. thanks

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I want to connect my P50 to a 4K TV while ensuring that the TV receives a 4K signal at 60Hz. That rules out the use of the HDMI port as, per spec sheet, it is limited to 4k @ 30Hz. I am thinking of buying an active mini dp to HDMI 2.0 adapter. The question is, will this work with the P50 ?

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someone can confirm that the video card "NVIDIA GeForce GT630 DP (2GB) PCIe x16 Graphics Card Card" (B4J92AA) has two doors with DP 1.2 standard? thank you

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Hello, I have an issue that is stumping me. I have a 1GB service from a fiber switch. I have done various speedtests directly out of the port on the switch and consistently getting around 975mbps. The problem is when I connect it to my TP Link Gigabit VPN router the speed gets throttled down to no more than 350mbps on each LAN port. I have turned off the firewall and am still getting this slowdown.
Anyone have any suggestions as to how I could recover my speed?

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Dear Sir,

I would like to purchase DELL OPTIPLEX 3020 MICRO and it has only Display port. 
Actually, I want to connect it to TV. Therefore, I will use adapter to tranfer Display port to HDMI.
But I have question that
 Will the audio signal carry with HDMI or not? 
Please help me to answer 
Thanks a lot 

A:Display Port to HDMI

I don't know about the 3020 micro, but I have used DP to HDMI before and it carries the audio to the TV

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I've purchased a Display Port to HDMI converter, however, when I connect it to my 42" Panasonic TV I'm not getting any display (screen is blank).  My laptop "r500" acts as if it's not recognizing that it is connected.  Is there anything that I need to dowload (driver update, etc) or any settings I need to change for the Display port to work? Thanks for your help


Go to Solution.

A:Display Port to HDMI to TV

pwm91c, welcome to the forum, it would be helpful if you could post which R500 and Operating System you have, even better post the Type and Model Number this will help members to help you. If it ends in CTO please provide some details about your R500. Please do NOT post your s/n.  Thanks

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I bought 2 new monitors.
They look amazing. Ips monitors for an amazing price.

I open. I find no hdmi connection.
I check the specs. Oh. My bad. They don't mention. Grrrrr!

Anyway... I can buy a dvi to hdmi or display port to hdmi cable.

If I get one of these... Am I losing out in anyway?

If all ok... Of the 2... Which should I get? Dvi to hdmi or display port to hdmi?


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Hi all, I think we may have bought the wrong cables. We've been using product number 481409-002 (white DVI connector) and have bought a load of 481409-001 (black DVI connector). The display port connection for 481409-001 also seems to be longer. Does anyone know if there's a difference? Thanks in advance.

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Just purchased a new Mobo (Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe). Haven't bought the CPU. I am waithing on the new 22nm models. After taking a close look at the display outputs on the mobo I have a choice of HDMI or Display Port. None of my existing monitors have ports for that. Soooo I guess I get a new display.

What should I be looking at as far as cables and the choice between HDMI or Display Port. I am not familiar with either one. Also I am assuming the cabling is different for the two ports.

A:Display Port or HDMI

You can find adapters to allow you to use either with DVI. If your current monitor needs replacing anyway, an HDMI-native model will be cheaper than the DP version.

It can get more complicated if you have plans for multiple monitors down the road.

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Is it possible to use the Display Port wihout Docking station to setup 2 external monitor? Connect 1 monitor to the VGA connector and the 2nd monitor to the DisplayPort? If it does, it does not detect the monitor connected to the Displayport. Thanks.

A:Elitebook 840 G1 Display Port

mjk888 you mean HP 2013 Ultraslim Docking Station please make a firmware update ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp71001-71500/sp71104.exe 

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Hello, wondered is anyone could help?i have brought a HP 8470p which has a display port, i have brought an adaptor from a display port to HDMI but it doesn't seem to work. i wanted to know if that could work or if i have to change any settings. if not ill use the VGA port insted.Many thanks 

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My PC has a 4850 Radeon ATI with 2 Dual link DVI-D outputs. I recently acquired a Del U2412 monitor, which has several different input connectors, one of which is display port. ATM, I'm using DVI-D, but am wondering if a DVD-D to Display Port adaptor will increase the performance of this monitor? Thanks, Salton

A:DVI to Display Port feasibility

msalton1, it will not improve the performance, it is used to help with multi-monitor setups. A straight Display port connection can improve bandwidth but with an adapter you gain nothing.

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I upgraded my monitor to a freesync and it's all really nice, a part from one SERIOUSLY annoying problem.

I turn my monitor off as well as my system, I regularly leave my system on and my monitor off. The problem is, if i turn my system on without the monitor being on (which I like to do regularly) it doesn't think there is a monitor attached and reverts to a default resolution completely trashing my desktop icons and window sizes.

I am aware that Display Port is PnP and that the whole power off visibility thing is a known issue, but surely there is some sort of work around?

I've tried to find the default screen resolution settings in the registry but not had any luck.

Has anyone found a solution to this?

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I just bought a refurbished m82 and am trying to figure out what the display port is 

A:What is the display port on a thinkcentre m82

Hi friend,
Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.
As I understand that you have query regarding Display port in M82 
So here's the snaps of Display port present in the rear side of your system

Source, page 22 
I hope the above information helped you
Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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Greetings,I have a T540p laptop with an Intel HD Graphics 4600 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M video card.  When I plug the display port using an HDMI adapter into my TV, I get picture but no sound.  The 4600 is using drivers.  If I delete the Intel driver from the system, run the setup of the driver downloaded from Lenovo and reboot, the audio works fine.  If the cable is disconnected from the TV, the laptop is powered down, the TV is turned off, the PC screen saver turns on or any part of the A/V is disconnected, the next time it is reconnected, there is no audio again.  The playback device is the TV and all settings appear to be the same as when it was working.  Re-deleting and re-installing fixes it for one time again.   Any ideas on how to fix this as it is very annoying to have to reboot my PC every time I need to do a presentation or watch a movie?

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I have a E-port plus 2 Model pro2x. Laptop is a Latitude E5540. The computer is hooked to a large TV Toshiba 40RV525R with HDMI. it has been plugged up that way for so long and so many times that the hdmi port works sometimes and not others. I tried the display port and DVI-D port dont make the display show up. Is there any type of settings that I am missing when turning the display working?

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I have been doing a lot of research but all I find is B/S like when they were invented, royalty rights, extra pins ect. but not just some basics answers to some basic questions.

I have a video card and display both with HDMI and Display Port ability.
At the present time I'm using HDMI to HDMI.

1. Can I use HDMI and Display Port using 2 cables at the same time on the same screen and is it a advantage or disadvantage?
Please explain.

2. If I just use Display Port will it work better that just HDMI?

I don't have a Display Port to Display Port cable at this time.
I will buy one if it will make things better.

I'm not having a problem at this time. I'm just trying to get the most out of my hardware.

Asus GTX-770 Direct CU-II/OC
Asus VE278Q

A:HDMI<> Display Port

Quote: Originally Posted by Layback Bear

1. Can I use HDMI and Display Port using 2 cables at the same time on the same screen and is it a advantage or disadvantage?
Please explain.

1 monitor 1 cable

since DP and HDMI are both digital, I guess there is no advantage either way (unlike analog vs digital).

2 outputs usually means dual monitor support, although you'd have to check the manual. Dual screens is the best upgrade I've ever made, esp for my C4D work - also good for watching TV whilst surfing !

BTW although I mainly use DVI, I had to buy a HDMI lead recently to test some gear. I was surprised to see a note in the package to the effect 'warning do not hot swap this lead - power down all equipment before connecting'. Apparently there's some kinda live detecting pin that can cause probs when hot plugging.

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Can the built-in Display port carry audio and video? I have read that many ports only work with video. I am trying to use my work computer at home, without the docking station, to connect Display port using a converter to HDMI to my TV.

A:Display port specs

I guess so.But mine doesn't work lookhttps://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Video-Display-and-Touch/DP-port-to-HDMI-problem-with-connecti...

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Hi all! I just got an Z230 Tower workstation, Intel® CoreTM i7-4790 processor and I need to use two monitors.There are 1 DVI port and 2 Display port. DVI is working fine, but none of the displayport is working. I tried updating the Intel Graphic HD 4600 driver and looking at BIOS, but didn´t work. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? ThanksLucas

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what kind of cable or converters do i need, I have a dell latitute 6400 and it has a display port and vga port and im trying to connect it to my sony wega wega engine projection tv model KP-FR43M31 also i have vga port is vga cable to rca ok to use?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 560 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3957 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1754 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 237867 MB, Free - 39263 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0667CC
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

A:Display port to rca so i can use my pc to projection tv

They make a VGA to RCA cable but I don't think it will work on yours because it is a CRT screen. You may have to buy a converter , your TV will accept RCA ,Component (red/blue/green) and S-video. Component would be the best. Search YouTube for info on them.

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Simple question...but I have no clue as to the answer.

I was considering getting a "display port to hdmi adapter" for the display port on my XFX Radeon HD5770. Will I be able to get audio out of this port with the conversion to hdmi?

If so what adapter would you advise me to purchase to get the best 1080p video and sound?


I have another question as well now that I thought about it.

Is it possible at this time to use an "hdmi splitter cable" on the one hdmi port on this card and successfully get a good 1080p audio/video signal to both my Tv and my monitor at the same time?

I know these splitters exits but I have yet to see any good reviews on them. Are there any out there that might allow me to accomplish this?

A:Question about the display port on the HD5770

Hi there,

As far as I know, DisplayPort is an audio/video format so I don't see why it wouldn't work. But why do you need a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter when your video card already has an HDMI output?


Windows Outreach Team

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I have had several issues when I used my XPS 13 and output video using the display port.
1. When I used a DP to VGA converter, video cuts off after a while, and will not resume.
2. When I used a DP to HDMI converter, audio from the HDMI would cut off every ~10 minutes. Unplugging and plugging the DP, or changing the project method from windows will temporarily fix the issue, but same issue would occur repeatedly. 
The above issues seemed like the laptop cuts certain signal off after laptop not being actively used (playing videos). When I have constant mouse activity, then the above issues does not show, although screen would occasionally flicker (as  if laptop was trying to re-adjust resolution or something).

I wonder if anyone can give me some advise on possible causes? The most horrible part of these issues is that the first issue happened during my own wedding when I had my XPS13 played our wedding video. 

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I have brand new HP EliteDesk 800G2 SFF with 8GB/Samsung SSD in Window 7 professional with SP1. It is connected via Displayport cables to 2 HP E242 EliteDisplays. After the PC goes into sleep mode, thats no way it can wake it up. I have to cold boot it back. The only option to go around is to set the power option to never sleep.Also, once in a while, the displays will blink and go black for a few seconds and come back up. Then on the right bottom corner, a notification screen will appear and say the display driver is crushed or something.Any one knows the fixes for these 2 issues? Please advise and Thx! ps: I have tried installed the currect driver from HP as well as from Intel support but still in vain.

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Hi all, I recently bought a HP Envy desktop 750-103a but can't get the monitor to work using the HDMI ports 0 and 1? I have tried to use the playback devices to recognise it but I don't seem to be able to get anything. Could someone please assist me, I'm not sure what to do. Thanks Rick

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So this is the first time this sort of thing has ever happened. When I turned on my PC today only one monitor was picking up signal. In attempt to fix this I switched the display ports from the working monitor to the non working monitor. Nothing happened so I moved the cables back, when I did that the other monitor no longer received signal. I then plugged in a hdmi cable to my monitor and still no signal. I then unplugged the power to the PC and held the on/off button for 60 seconds and re plugged the power. The monitor began receiving signal but only through hdmi and the other monitor still does not work.
I have no idea how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated.

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Delll U2515H.Does the mini display port compatible with standard 1.2? There is no info about it in manual.

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Hello.  I am having an issue with my USB Type C port on my EliteBook 1040 G3.  Can the USB C port on this laptop be used to pass video?  I have looked through the documentation on line, but it makes no reference to the the USB C being able to act like a display port. I purchased a travel monitor (ASUS) that uses USB C, but when I plug in the monitor in the USB C port all I get is Windows does not recognise this device".  I have update all my HP drivers, and all appears to be in order. So my question is, can this laptop use the USB C port for video, and if so how does one enable this. Thank You!

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the workstation has 3x DisplayPort and nothing else. we can use a DP - HDMI cable and everything works fine. what we want to achieve is using this cable to plug into an active HDMI  extender which plugs into the back of the monitor. we have three monitors, one local to the PC which uses a passive DP to DVI converter, this works fine. the other two monitors need to be run over the extenders but we cannot get them to work. would we need an active converter to get the DP signal to HDMI because we are using an extender or is there something else that we've missed?

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I recently bought a 720p Sony Bravia TV. My laptop is a ASUS M50Sseries with HD capabilities. I wanted to watch a movie from my laptop on my TV So I plugged the HDMI cord in from the laptop to the TV and it adjusted the resolution and the brightness of my laptop. (On a separate note, I couldn't get the sound to work on the TV either) So, once I got done I un plugged my laptop and it adjusted my resolution but my brightness didn't change back. I have tried to adjust both software brightness and hardware brightness. The software actually does change but not enough to matter and the hardware adjustment does nothing, up or down. HELP PLEASE!

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I am reasonably OK diagnosing hardware etc but I have never really used a graphics card Display Port as the primary display port on a PC. I have 11 PCs setup in a network at work, all running Windows 7, they all work absolutely fine apart from sometimes when they go to sleep / screen turns off when not in use, I can not get the screen back on!

When this happens the screens etc go off as expected and normally, movement of the mouse or touching the keyboard will 'wake the machines up' however, sometimes the screen doesn't come back on. It remains with a 'No Signal' warning box for all inputs (DVI / HDMI and Display Port). The towers are connected via the Display Port only, anyone come across this before?

I haev another similar setup in another office, using the same / very similar HP machines which have the displayed connected via DVI and have never had the problem with those machines.

Any thoughts, ideas, information, links etc that would be useful would be appreciated before I raise this with our I.T. people (who are not very helpful sometimes, hence why I like to have an bit of an idea of the possible issue before I contact them).

I can find information from people that have asked the questions and had similar problems on other forums, just wondering if anyone had a more technical reason rather than 'it happens' haha.

Thanks in advance.

Tanis (Shane)

A:Display Port Questions / Information

I'd look at driver updates for the graphics card(from HP first, then from the GPU manufacturer), a firmware/BIOS update for the graphics card if available from HP if it's an add-in card, or a BIOS update for the system/motherboard.

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