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Recovering Thunderbird profiles from Windows backup

Q: Recovering Thunderbird profiles from Windows backup

Please save my marriage.

We got a nasty virus on our home computer which has all of my and my wife's emails and contacts on it. After having no success getting rid of the virus and since I knew I had a good back up (Windows Backup) I decided to get rid of the old Vista 64 and rebuild my machine at Windows 7.

I was able to recover everything except my Thunderbird email accounts.

I have tried deleting the new profiles and pasting the old profiles in there place to no avail.

System was backed up using Windows backup (Vista 64 home premium)
Rebuilt at Windows 7

Preferred Solution: Recovering Thunderbird profiles from Windows backup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Recovering Thunderbird profiles from Windows backup

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I'm having problems with recovering network profiles they have disappeared what can I do to get them back?

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I will openly admit I don't have 100% of the details in this case. As far as I know, this person used the windows backup system to backup his mydocuments/mypictures to a dvd. This isn't supported by Microsoft, but apparently it didn't stop him from doing it. However, it is not possible to use the windows backup tool to restore that data. This is a known bug, which microsoft of course says is working as intended.

Tonight I got the DVD from him, hoping I could do something with it. However, neither of my computers are able to find anything to even read from on it. If I had to guess I would say the dvd is corrupted. Is there any way I would be able to recover the backup file from the dvd, so I can at least try and get SOMETHING out of it? Apparently the files are EXTREMELY important to this person, to the point of costing him his marriage.

A:Recovering windows backup from dvd

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I needed to reload my operating system (Windows XP Home). As part of my back-up, I located the Thunderbird Profiles Folder and copied it, believing this to contain things like my address lists and stored e-mails. Now I cannot work out how to reinstall this folder to the newly installed Thunderbird program. The Mozilla help stuff turned up by Google seems to be impenetrable gobbledegook. It wants me to find a file called "profiles.ini" but there isn't one in the copied folder and the Search facility cannot find one either. Worse still, if I enter Run/%APPDATA%\thunderbird\ I now get told "windows cannot find C:\documents".

Have I lost all my data, or can anyone help with a sensible step-by-step solution please?

A:Thunderbird Profiles

Hi Marine 105,

Is the new install of T-bird working?
If yes, you can find the current profile directory address by clicking Tools>Account Settings>Server Settings. The address on the Local directory line goes all the way into the Mail folder, but you only need as far as the folder ending in .default.
Either use Windows Explorer to navigate to that folder, or copy and paste the address into any folder address bar and click go.

Do the following with T-bird CLOSED.
Once inside the .default folder, you should see folders Mail, Chrome, and Extensions along with a number of individual files.
Click Edit>Select All then File>Delete.
The idea being to empty the folder of it's contents, but leaving the empty folder itself.

Now open the backup profile folder (the one you created and saved). You should have basically the same assortment of folders and files as in the one you just emptied.
Click Edit>Select All then Edit>Copy (be sure to only COPY).

Go to the folder you emptied and Click Edit>Paste.
The contents of your backup Profile should be copied to the empty Profile folder.
Open T-bird and you should have a duplicate of your original Profile.


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I've been trying to import my Thunderbird message and RSS feed profiles from XP to Win7 and am having a little trouble.  When going from XP to XP it is simply copy over the install directory and the Application Data directories and Thunderbird automatically picks all the data back up.  However, I can not seem to find the matching directories in Win7.  Has anybody else had this problem or found a solution? 

A:Importing Profiles In Thunderbird?

Uber,I had the same problem and overcame it by backing up in XP and Vista and then restoring in 7 using Mozbackup.
Pavel Cvrcek has put forth a great deal of time and effort in Mozbackup and it has worked very well for me.website http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/Good Luck,~n

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Laptop died but I have access to the HD. I want to merge the Thunderbird profile from the dead PC's HD to my Desktop's Thunderbird.
However, these are the issues/questions:
I can copy the 'appdata/roaming/Thunderbird/profiles/ folder but if I paste it to the same folder in my Desktop PC it'll wipe out the current profile.
So, how can I/can I merge the two profiles?

A:Merge thunderbird profiles

You cannot really merge the profiles but you can decide what information you want to copy: :

Transferring data to a new profile - Thunderbird - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

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Hello all! I am new here and had a quick question on profile recovery.

I work as a field tech dealing with small business network setup's. Sometimes I get handed the task of fixing a users system that has crashed and needs to be re-installed.

I am looking for a method to quickly restore the users old profile from the original drive or even an image or backup made, to the new installed XP I completed.

I see this more and more now. I usually just copy the needed files from the old profile to the new system one by one. Ex: Outlook *.pst, IE Bookmarks etc... But this takes forever and I feel their must be a more efficient way of handling this task. I know you can use the (File and Settings Transfer Wizard), but that has to be done (before) the system ever crashed. Is their a hidden utility from the XP CD that can do this? Is their any 3rd party utilities that can do this by pulling the data from the old drive or backup image and restoring it correctly to the new profile? Thanks guys!

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Ok, I was having some ram issues, which I traced back to my 512mb stick (I had a 1024 and a 512, they didnt get along) Afer removing the 512 stick, I rebooted the computer. Everytime it boots up I get the message "Windows had to recover the registry from a log or back up file, the recovery was successful"

How did pulling a stick of ram manage to cause this, and what can I do about it?

A:windows recovering registry from backup on every boot

This is XP?
What happens if you log in to safe mode with user name administrator (if you did not password protect this account leave password blank) and then restart?
What happens if you boot to that profile and create a new profile (user account ) with admin priveleges and boot to it , shut down and restart?

What happens if you choose "last known good" from the list of options when you try to boot to safe mode.

Unlike win98, XP does not have a permanent registry . The XP registry is created as it boots from data stored in multiple files called hives (.hiv) which load at different times during the boot process.
Since the hiv files are saved each time windows shuts down (windows is now saving your settings) then your problem either indicates that the current hiv for your profile is corrupted and even when it restores the backup copy, when you use your profile some virus or something is again corrupting it; or it indicates that your computer is shutting down before these files get written from RAM to hard drive.
Check your hard drive settings, disable write behind caching. (Device manager, choose the drive, properties/ policies)

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Hello, I am missing the Draft and Sent Items folder from Thunderbird 38.2.0.
I backed up the Profile folders before taking it to computer repair place for a c: drive formatting on my Windows 7, five year old Samsung notebook. Whether it was a somewhat earlier version of TB, I do not know.

Somehow I reloaded the intact Inbox back into each of my 3 email (POP mail server) accounts, but wasn't as lucky with retrieving the other folders, or even consistency in what (empty) folders made it back, and why those that /were/ populated only had a fraction of the number (of sporadically-dated) messages, compared to the hundreds of messages that were in the folders originally. Looks like this:

Account A has Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Archives, Trash
Account B has Inbox, Junk, Trash
Account C has Inbox, Sent, Trash

View > Folders is set to All.
Account Settings > Copies & Folders match their, respective, Account Names.

Lastly, I can live with having lost the (pre-formatting) message content, but really need to have the folders, at least, in going forward.

If you can answer, kindly provide step - by - step instructions, as my skill level is only Intermediate.

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I've switched from Windows Live Mail 2011 to Thunderbird 6.0.1. I've seen two backup plans here for Thunderbird--1) use Mozbackup, and 2) copy the entire Thunderbird folder in the AppData folder. Does anyone have an idea on which method is more reliable, or are both plans equally reliable? I'm way too chicken to test both. Thanks.

A:Backing Up Thunderbird directory, profiles

Personally I have always back upped my appdata folder and put it on a usb or somewhere safe.

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Hello I have installed win7 sp1 on my PC by custom install I didn't back up anything and I don't have my window 7 install disk can I restore these files? And reinstall back to my hard drive I'm running 64 bit versions window's.

A:recovering windows. old files without backup or install disk


The only way I know to restore the deleted files would be to do a data recovery scan using a software like Recuva which I have used to recover peoples deleted photos from a previous windows. It worked really well and recovered most of the lost files.

Here is a link to download Recuva: https://www.piriform.com/recuva

PLEASE NOTE: when performing the scan make sure you check this box that says 'Enable Deep Scan' this will take longer but in the past I was only able to recover any data using this option.

Goodluck I hope this is what you were asking for.

Let us know how you get on.

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I'm looking for a tutorial somewhere that explains how to find the data file, similar to Outlooks .pst file. However, I'm looking for a tutorial on how to pull it from a hard drive thats in a dock, then port it to a new computer, transfering contacts and everything. 
Coming from a " Oh no, my hard drive is so bad that it no longer boots the os, but all the files are still retreivable. "

A:Recovering Thunderbird Accounts

I Think I just solved the issue, from what I read you can simply copy the profile to the other computer and you're done. I've always had to retreieve the pst file since everyone used outlook; but I have more customers and family members using thunderbird and wanted to know before anything bad ever happened.

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Can't find a suitable category so I chose this one hoping someone can help.

I had to recover my Toshiba laptop and used W7 easy transfer to copy files and to restore them afterwards. Easy transfer says that it copies these files, but they are missing and I am in real trouble, particularly with my Email categories and all the files I stored there.

Can anyone help?

A:Problem with missing Thunderbird profiles and Firefox bookmarks

Going to move it to our Windows 7 forum.


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C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\default\27d2fhyb.slt\Mail\pop.YOUR EMAIL.com

I have Eraser erase those files every 2 days.
If you can't read .file (I dont have a word processor) just drag and drop it into your browser.

This can also be used to see deleted emails.
Also works for sent items and drafts.


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My thunderbird just opened as if it was a new install asking me to create a new account / profile and all settings and emails are missing from the client itself.

I checked and all folders and email files are still in the profiles folder.

Does anyone know what could be wrong and how to fix it?

Thanks very much

A:Thunderbird - Profiles and emails missing from client but still saved in the folder

Anyone able to help?

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I have been using Truecrypt for a while now. Got to thinking that my email is only protected by being hidden, probably as well as Firefox Data. Is it a good idea to move the storage locations to an encrypted disk and if so what would be a surefire way to do it safely and correctly? Thanks as always for your help!

A:How to move Thunderbird/Firefox profiles to Truecrypt Drive properly?

I see no problem by moving storage location to an encrypted volume.
But after that, every time before you start the software which have their storage folders in encrypted volume - you have to mount encrypted volume first. Because if disk will be unmounted then access will be denied (no file system).

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I love Microsoft Outlook 2010 but as with all Microsoft applications over the years they don't make it easy for use EU (End Users) to export their profiles... in fact there isnt an option to do so. Picture this, you have a new machine and/or you have build a new rig and you want to transfer all your profiles over to your new machine.

Option one will be to sit there for an our or two and type all your email accounts all over again and then copy your PST files back to the outlook folder and all your emails are back again. Well there is an easier way to accomplish this without even typing a single email account. How is this possible, well it's a simple registry hack which I shall show you now below.

Warning if you are not moving email accounts to another machine or a new machine, and you're just re-imaging your computer, then I strongly recommend you backup your registry first.
Click on Start>Run and then type in Regedit and Press OK
A standard message will come up asking if you want this program to make changes in this case we shall say Yes

Once the Registry has opened you will notice on the left side there are a number or tree menus... We want to concentrate on HKEY-CURRENT_USER

Click on the arrow to the left of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles and then just basically follow through the above path until you come to your Microsoft Out Look Profiles

Now right click on the profiles and then export them ont... Read more

A:How to backup Outlook profiles

found it in seconds in the search box, thanks

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MozBackup is a simple utility for creating backups of Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite and Netscape profiles. It allows you to backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, cache, etc.

Other software similar to MozBackup: AlternativeTo.net

A:Backup and Restore Mozilla Profiles, Bookmarks etc

In addition to the FEBE extension that Cor'e mentioned, Foxmarks is also an option. Foxmarks works great for me and is an operating system independent way to synchronize your Firefox data. It has some profile and password syncing capability (the latter off by default - and I haven't tried it). Still haven't done much with the profiles myself though.

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Will this program backup your options (i.e. proxy settings) and your "bookmarks toolbar" settings?


A:Backup and Restore Mozilla Profiles, Bookmarks etc

They should be covered by 'General Settings' which are backed up by default as part of your Profile.

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MozBackup is a simple utility for creating backups of Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite and Netscape profiles. It allows you to backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, cache, etc.

Other software similar to MozBackup: AlternativeTo.net

A:Backup and Restore Mozilla Profiles, Bookmarks etc

In addition to the FEBE extension that Cor'e mentioned, Foxmarks is also an option. Foxmarks works great for me and is an operating system independent way to synchronize your Firefox data. It has some profile and password syncing capability (the latter off by default - and I haven't tried it). Still haven't done much with the profiles myself though.

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Due to needing to clean C drive and re-install Windows, I backed up just the user profiles to an external hard drive using the Windows 7 utility. I have restored the profiles using the same utility but the profile names and logo's do not appear on the welcome screen. I can see the files and folders in Explorer but I thought that the profiles would be automatically re-created. Have I missed something?

Incidentally, when I reloaded windows I created an Admin profile for setting everything up and did not use my actual profile name.



A:User Profiles restored from backup do not appear on welcome screen

You will also need to create the user account that matches the profile. Load Control Panel, User Accounts to create a new account and make sure that the profile has full rights over the restored profile.

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I've set up several of my users to have Roaming Profiles.
I want to be able to backup the Local Settings folder.

Windows will by default exclude temp;local settins;temp ie files
and history from a roaming profile. This in done by default and can only
be "changed" by editing the ntuser.ini file in the users profiles. This
file lists all directories that windows should exclude from the roaming
profile when the user does a logoff and the profile is dumped back into
the profilestore (the profile share).
There is a default option under GroupPolicy if you have ActiveDirectory
that enables you to exclude folder from a roaming profile. Changes in
this setting is added to the 4 folders listed above.

I've changed these settings and even changed the INI file. Saved everything, logged onto the profile then logged off. Local Settings folder does not back up and when I open the INI file again Local Settings is placed back in there somehow.


A:Roaming Profiles/ Local settings folder won't backup

After seeing the load time, we won't be including Local Settings folder. Instead moving the Email users pst file to another location. I hope this helps someone in the future!

In general, that
> folder is left out of roaming profiles to speed up login
> times, if you start including it, your users could suffer, 5
> - 20 minute load times. (I have seen 20 min load times in
> extreme cases, it's highly annoying)

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Please can someone help.In my Lenovoe G50-45,     Initially I had installed windows 7 on it as I hated win 8.1., I upgraded it during the free year to Windows 10 Home, and then decided I needed more room, so I upgraded the hard drive to a 2TB 7mm Firecude Hybrid drive. and then I bought an upgrade to Win 10 Pro.Anyway, I cant remember the partitioning info I ended up with, as I can't remember if I Ghosted it or did a fresh Win 10 install, and then the Win 10 Pro upgrade. A few weeks ago, I had suspicions that the drive was going faulty, so I ran some Seagate tests, and also others, and they all indicated that doom was not far away, so I did a ONEKEY image ( a USERS Backup ) on an externat 2tb backup drive.   However, I am now u able to use this as I keep getting the message " THE PROGRAMME CANNOT RESTORE THE SYSTEM PARTITION BECAUSE IT'S STRUCTURE IS INCORRECT.  YOU MAY HAVE TO RECREATE THE PARTITION TO CONTINUE. "    ( aS SHOWN IN THE PICTURE.) All I have that may help is a file called " Backup.wsi ",  But it is gobbledegoock to me.Can anyone PLEASE help.  I forgot to mention.  I do have a RECOVERY USB Stick, which sets the laptop back to factory settings, with Win 8.1, and all the partitions, which, including the hidden ones, I think there are about 5 or 6. I have just received a replacement 2TB Firecuda drive from Seagate under warranty, so please could someone decode the  info to English,... Read more

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I'm have an 160GB Intel X25-M SSD installed in my Dell Laptop running Win8 64-bit. I created a backup image on an external HDD which I would like to update and then perhaps have the need to recover to the updated image if the recently discussed problem with update KB2862772 should occure. Click here to view the TSG post discussing the problem.

My question regards whether recovering from a backup image to an SSD requires one run a secure erase on the SSD prior to doing so? In my research so far it been implied one should not only do a secure erase (GParted was recommended), but also create a partition table and create the required partitions. This all seems unnecessarily complex and I would like to hear what TSG members have to say on the subject.

Thanks to all who respond.

A:Recovering backup image to SSD

You don't need to do a secure erase, secure erase should only be done in certain situations where the drive is not performing up to par or having issues.

If you are making an image, and not a clone, then you will need to create and format a partition on the drive to store the image on. If you are cloning then no partitions are required as the clone will handle all that. But an image is the way to go for backups.

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Do you know how to Backup email in Thunderbird?
Make a Backup of all current emails in Inbox.

Thank You

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Anyone know of some kind of backup for Thunderbird? Id like to be able to back all my 2007 correspondence up and then get rid of it to free up some space?

A:Thunderbird Backup?

http://mozbackup.jasnapaka.com/ MozBackup is a simple utility for creating backups of Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite and Netscape profiles.It allows you to backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, cache etc. It's an easy way to do Firefox backup, Thunderbird backup ...

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In a configuration with a single HDD with 2 partitions (one for OS+Progs and one for data), how do we properly back up the OS and progs given the fact that the ProgramData and Users folders have been relocated to the Data partition ?

In order for the OS and programs to work properly once I put the OS image back, do these two folders also need to be backed up ? ProgramData would be easy to copy paste.
But a user's folder is a mix of program related data (AppData, Start Menu, Application Data shortcut, some of which are hidden and some of which are hidden and are also system files) and one's personal files (music etc). The fact that these two kind of data exist in one's user folder, makes it difficult for me to see what do i need to backup (if anything at all) in order to be able to easily make a simple OS+progs restore. (without my data)

Given the fact that:I don't want to also make an image of the whole data partition, since I don't want to include in it my data such as music etc. (I use a syncronization tool for that, copying the files to an external drive).
I don't want to use Windows backup tool. I'm ok with Paragon free (or another if needed).
I just want to be sure that after I put back my OS+progs image, my OS and ALL of the programs will work without broken links paths errors etc.
I'm not interrested in getting back program specific settings and preferences, bookmarks etc, since the important ones are included in my sync.
I want to be sure that my start up me... Read more

A:What backup & relocation strategy for User profiles and Program Data

If anything, I would make 3 partitions and image the two pertaining to the OS. But why split the OS partition in the first place. That makes little sense - or am I missing something.

For Imaging I highly recommend free Macrium. In 5 years of research I have not found a better imaging program.

Imaging with free Macrium

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the form and in some very desperate need of help!

I backed up my computer a while ago using the Windows 7 back up feature onto a 1TB drive that I have. I then switched over to windows 8.1 and was not thinking and deleted my back up from windows 7. I have majority of the files but there are some files that I am trying to recover via "Recuva". I am trying to recover a my engagement video that I recorded, .mov file. It says that is excellent state and then I recover it, how when I recover it there is no video, the sound is all messed up, and the movie is 6 hr long. It seems that I am recovering a file that windows coded/encrypted because it was a backup file. Is there any way to recover a windows back up file that was deleted?

A:Help recovering deleted backup files

Try PhotoRec to recover the file and check whether it is error-free. I have atleast one report from a user here stating while most other recovery software did a bad job with media files with lots of fudge, PhotoRec recovered those clean.The scan may take a longtime. Do not lose your patience.

Guide to using PhotoRec recovery software.

(Just follow the steps under the heading Recovery)

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please forgive me if this is extremely long-winded. it's 3 weeks worth of trial and error, very tedious, but if anyone's willing to help me i want to try and explain it so that they hopefully have all the information and hopefully it makes sense.

...i was trying to burn all my precious data to cd, when i stupidly "cut" (not even copied) the files and pasted them to the drive, and never officially wrote them to the cd - and, because i don't know anything, i thought that was enough and i was done. but when i took the cd to my other computer, there were only shadowy images of the containing folders and all the files ...and when i opened the individual files, the data looked like gibberish (symbols) .
then, before i could do any sort of data recovery on the originating computer, disaster struck - unmountable boot volume error - and, i assume all the efforts made to get the machine functioning again, probably overwrote data ...plus, due to a misunderstanding, i have since also done a system restore and had to use the computer too.

now... i've run quetek file scavenger but probably did that the wrong way, too. the program showed a choice of drives (a, floppy; c, main; d, dvd; e, cd burner and... drive 0, with 38gb in parenthesis beside it) and... in my uninformed reasoning i thought drive 0 would have the largest contents so i selected that one. then .......i didn't know where to recover the files to. i bought a flash drive and it appears as ... Read more

A:Recovering from Botched Data Backup...

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Does anyone know where local mail folders are kept by Mozilla Thunderbird? Id like to back up my mail that i moved to local folders but I can not find them, they are not under programfiles/mozilla thunderbird.... I guess in general what I am asking is how do i back up my mail under thunderbird?


A:Thunderbird mail backup

This is what I use:

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Although I've read how to backup and restore Thunderbird emails, and profiles, I'm not sure how to backup/restore single emails. I have a few emails from contacts, that contain images or links, that I want to keep, so I don't want to print them, I just want to save them. So, if I backed up a folder, and then say I wanted to look at the email next year, would restoring the folder just overwrite the emails I had in that folder already? I have Thunderbird on a portable drive for convenience, but if I keep saving emails, it will soon get full.

A:Thunderbird email backup

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Is there a free and easy way to decompress a set of MaAfee ARBUS files?

I was going through my external HDD and came across a folder that I had forgotten about. The name suggested it was some kind of dump of an old laptop's HDD. There are five files with file names consisting of a common long alphanumeric string and ending in -0, -1, -2, -3 and -4. The combined file size is about 8GB. There is also a 38KB Index.arb file. Opening that file in wordpad shows the word ARBUS in lots of places. A Google search found explanations of what the files are and how to delete them, but I could not find any solid information on how to recover the contents.

The files are over four years old and I am pretty sure there is nothing in them that I would want to pay any money for to recover, but I am curious as to what is in them. I am using a desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. It running a McAfee Internet security package provided through AT&T. The package does not seem to include any kind data backup abilities.

A:Recovering McAfee Compressed backup files?

See this thread from July 2008: http://forums.techguy.org/windows-xp/734680-solved-unidentified-files.html

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HI  I did a one-click backup of my Yoga 3 pro machine when I did a fresh load. It worked like a charm and was convenient. I now, however, need to get some individual files from that backup but cannot find how to do so.  I have checked several forums but have not come right. Please, can you offer some assistance? 

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I've been getting ready for a disk replacement after 7 1/2 years but the disks arrived too late to avoid anything problematic.

My external HDD gave a cylindrical error while reading some data in a program so I knew this was going to be the end of it. I tried to avoid running chkdsk and suffer so I had time to backup but my harddrives won't come in the mail until tomorrow. I tried to navigate to the directory that gave the cylindrical error and half the files couldn't be found, as expected, going back the entire file tree containing couldn't be found either so I tried running chkdsk anyway and just go with it but it couldn't "load a RAW partition", so the boot sector of the drive failed, without thinking I shut off the drive and turned it back on.
Big mistake because now nothing loads at all.

I tried chkdsk /R, which did not work.

I downloaded testdisk and I'm running an analysis right now, its working, but extremely slowly (has been running for more then a day and is at 1%) and often gets stuck on a cylinder for several minutes to half an hour often resulting in a read error.

I have EasUS Partition Manager Pro 10.5 and HDD Regenerator as well if this does not help.

I'm not really familiar with testdisk, I never used it before, I did read the "manual" but that's only describes one scenario, mine already differs from whats on the site so I could use some help in how to fix this so I can access my data, copy and paste everything to the new HDD... Read more

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Tried backing up my Thunderbird eMails using MOZ Backup.
Always worked just fine on my old pc running W7.

Now, with W10 on new pc, I get a warning from my BitDefender Anti Virus program that there "might" be ransomware, as MOZ Baxkup is trying to modify some file called "index.xxx"

Anyone have any experience running MOZ Backup in W10 ?
Think it is safe to run ?

Any thoughts on ?


A:MOZ Backup (for backing up Thunderbird eMails) ?

I have used MozBackup on all my Windows 10 computers without any problems. My guess is a false positive.

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I need help getting Mozzilla Thunderbird to repopulate the inbox, settings and other stuff saved in a Harddrive Backup of a computer that crashed and has all my e-mail stored away in a large inbox file. How do I get Mozilla to use this file and restore these backed up e-mails?

A:Need help restoring Thunderbird Inbox from an HD backup


Mail Account Folder Location

Manually Transfer Mail Files

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So I'm reformatting my computer and I have preferences in Mozilla Thunderbird as well as Mozilla Firefox that I want to save mostly all the folders in Thunderbird and all the e-mails that have been stored in those files.

A:Need to backup Mozilla Thunderbird account preferences

Well have you tried to see your email add services? I Think that your email is also saved in there.

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My Z210 came with stripped RAID-0 array which is currently made up of 2x 1TB HDD where the OS partition lives. I want to change this to mirrored RAID-1 but since the IRST application does not allow RAID level migration of this type, I thought I?d try another approach.
As a solution, I'd make a backup, using the Windows Backup and Restore application. Then I'd change the array using the iRST Boot ROM before recovering the backup to this new array. But obviously a 1.9TB backup into a 932GB array does not go
So, in preparation for making a backup, I first disabled "System protection" and the "Page file". Doing this allowed me to shrink the OS partition to around 50GB using Disk Management. Then I re-enable "System protection" and the "Page file" before making the backup and creating a System Recovery Disk. This resulted in a 35GB backup which I stored on an external USB drive. And now a 35GB backup can fit on my reconfigured 932GB RAID-1 mirror
As such, I cold booted my system and during the start process I pressed CTRL-I to get into the Intel RAID Boot ROM. Mind you, CTRL-I only worked if I cold booted and directly plugged the HP USB keyboard into the first USB slot on the rear of the system. The first USB slot is at the upper left when looking at the rear with the tower upright. Plugging the HP USB keyboard into any other USB port or into the hub of my Dell monitor didn't allow me to access the Intel RAID Boot ROM!
HP should really investigate this fau... Read more

A:Poor support/Problem with recovering a Z210 system backup wh...

I was able to resolve the Intel RST application issue by updating to later Intel driver v11.2.0.1006 but this highlighted a few issues which HP should address, see linked post above. PS: adding this post so i can mark thread as solved.

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Does someone know a way of setting an auto-backup of Thunderbird addressbook? I would prefer not to add any more scripts to my startup tasks.
Thanks in advance

A:Create automatic backup of Thunderbird addressbook contacts.

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Hello There!!
 I am new in the page, so I hope to find someone to help me. Accidentally I had done a human error after a problem with sound in my inspiron N4010 I tried to do a recovery factory but I didn't a backup of all my important files so that I lost all my information now. That I did. I used Dell datasafe local backup application to restore drivers, the hard drive was formatted and re-installed all of the software originally shipping on my computer, this didn't fix the sound problem and the worst using basic Dell Datasafe mode basic. not returned me all files. so that I lost important files. I will be appreciating a lot if someone can post here how can I recover data? what software should I use?  How can I do it? it is possible to recove lost data?
Thanks in advance 

A:Recovering Data after formatted Hard drive and reinstalled OS using Dell datasafe local backup application

You can try a free utility such as Recuva, but it's likely to be only partially successful at best.  If you must have the data back, and it's worth the cost, contact a data recovery service - it will likely cost a few hundred dollars but they are the best-chance option for getting the data back.

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I have no idea what is up! I have no access to user profiles, search doe not work. Cannot access hardware settings. I have no viruses or infections. I don't know where to start! I get crackling from my speakers. What is going on? My desktop is possessed!

Dell Dimension Desktop 4700
Windows XP Media
Please someone rescue me.

A:Solved: No access to user profiles, hardware profiles, search.. something is really wrong!

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It has been my practice with prior versions of Windows OS's to set up multiple printer profiles, one for drafts, one for color, etc. "The Devices and Printers" section allows me to create such profiles, but does not show them individually. When I delete them in Windows, they are not deleted in the browser and WordPerfect. Advice would be welcome.

A:Multiple Printer Profiles; Deleting Unneeded Profiles

Welcome to Seven Forums

Following guide is from Microsoft:


To associate multiple color profiles to one device

Open Color Management by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type color management, and then click Color Management.
Click the Devices tab.
From the Device list, select the color device that you want to associate with one or more color profiles.
Select the Use my settings for this device check box, and then click Add.
In the Associate Color Profile dialog box, do one or both of the following:
If you want to use a color profile that’s already installed on your computer, click the color profile in the list, and then click OK.
If you want to use a custom color profile that isn’t installed on your computer, click Browse, locate the custom color profile that you want to use, and then click Add.
The selected color profile (or profiles) is now associated with the device and can be used by programs that use Windows Color Management to describe the color characteristics of that device. To use the newly associated color profile as the default color profile for the selected device, click Set as Default Profile.

Click Close.


Your picture or graphics editing program ... Read more

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So we are unable to display and manage domain user profile when we are logged in as anything other than the default administrator (domain\administrator).  I'm talking about this particular dialog window:

The screenshot above was taken when domain\administrator was logged in.  Everything is shown on the list and manageable (can change type, delete).
With anybody else logged in, the dialog showing only his/herself, even though they are member of the Domain Admins group:

This user logged in on this scenario is a member of the "Domain Admins" group.  I have also tried adding this same user (admin_domain) to the local computer's administrator group, and that didn't help.
We would like to have service personnel (no access to the default administrator) manage the user profiles if possible.

Thanks for your help

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Usually, I store my Windows 7 Backup Files on a large internal disk that i reserve more or less for Backups. From time to time, I also create additional copies on external USB disks that I store safely/remotely in the safe of my bank. For backing up my files/folders, I select the "Let Window choose (recommended)" option (Windows Backup will then include in the Backup a System image). I observed that when changing the destination of my file/folder backups from the internal disk to the external disk (and vice versa), Windows Backup always created on the new destination  a new Full Backup and a new Backup Set for my File/Folder backups (even though a previous Backup set was already existing on that destination).But..... When clicking on "Create A system Image" in the left pane of the Backup And Restore Control panel, to create a System Image Backup of my C partition, and when changing the backup destination from the internal disk to the external disk (or vice versa), things become more complex and I am not sure what is really happening.   a) On one side, when changing the backup destination, the Backup process takes long time and I have therefore the (right? or wrong?) impression that Windows Backup is creating a Full Backup of the C partition.  b) On the other side, after completion of the Backup,  I see in the "WindowsImageBackup" Folder  of the destination disk only one si... Read more

A:Is it really an incremental System Image Backup that the Windows 7 version of Windows Backup has created?

Hi there,
1. Microsoft states that the backup function was designed as first backup always full and subsequent backups are always incremental. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itproperf/thread/a413ba37-2cde-4e4f-b23b-e5adab4c8b2dWhen you change the backup destination, the backup wizard will let you chose backup items again and that would make the system believe this is a new Backup Plan.
2. Windows 7 use vhd file for image back and support attach vhd file directly (it’s a great feature). As you have noticed, the folder with name "Backup YYYY.MM.DD hhmmss" is one copy of your image back (full backup with one vhd file). Not sure how can you find several image backup restore info in WinRE, did you use this external drive for image backup for another computer (or save image backup to different partitions)? When you try to run image backup to the same drive for second time, you may receive a warning “Any exiting system images for this machine might be overwriteen.”http://cid-9c88b7cb6fa32a48.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/2010-01-27-ImageBackup.png
Actually, older data will be moved to the shadow copy storage area if it’s available (NTFS formatted internal or external hard disks supports Volume Shadow Copy), Network share and optical media, on the other hand, do not support shadow copy. Therefore only one system image per computer can be stored at a time (as the .vhd file). Any newer backup created will replace the... Read more

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i installed a new windows 7 pc and am trying to move my windows xp .icm display profile over and it is not working. is there a conversion process that i can do to make this work? i have attached the profile i am trying to use. this profile worked fine on my old XP machine.

A:.ICM Profiles in windows 7

According to this:

the icm is specific to the monitor or printer you use. If you got a new machine, then you need to get it from your manufacturer.

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I have been tasked to put 12 laptops on the domain of a school which i am fine with doing. The school has 2 profiles on their current computers Teachers and Pupils. I need to add these to the new laptops but dont know how.

Any help is much appreciated


A:Windows 7 profiles

What version/s of Windows are you talking about ?

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