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E5440 Fan Speed and Noise

Q: E5440 Fan Speed and Noise

Every other machine has a thread complaining about fan noise so I thought I'd create one for the E5440 too
I've had my E5440 for about 3 months and generally happy with it. Most annoying aspect however is fan control and noise in casual use.
I've used some software to track temps and the fan speed. I can see by default the fan is completely off while temps rise over ~12 minutes. Then the fan cuts in at 3000rpm and drones on for ~12 minutes. All temperatures fall back to their baseline after ~6 minutes but the fan keeps going for no obvious reason.
Fan off:

Fan on:

Considering this machine has a 4th generation i5 rated at only 15W I didn't expect the fan to be running half the time at a minimum of 3000rpm! Especially when the CPU is idling.
My old 2008 HP machine has an old Core 2 Duo chip rated at a huge 65W and yet in casual use the fan spins constantly and quietly at ~1000rpm and rarely ramps up at all.
It seems that the calibration for casual use is off. The HP method of keeping the fan spinning slowly at all times is much more desirable than alternating between 12 minutes silence and 12 minutes of droning noise.
Note: I updated to the latest BIOS A07 last week with no notiable improvement in fan control. The BIOS seems to have no fan control options.
I was hoping to use SpeedFan software to control the fan myself but although it can monitor fan speed it can't gain control.

Preferred Solution: E5440 Fan Speed and Noise

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: E5440 Fan Speed and Noise

Also worth noting from the graphs:
It only takes ~2 minutes of fan running to reduce all the temps to with 2/3 degrees of their baseline. The additional 10 minutes (!) of fan only reduces temps by that final couple of degrees.
It seems rather pointless to reach those lower levels as within a minute of the fan switching off the CPU temps are all back up 2/3 degrees.
Also, within 4/5 minutes the temps are all within ~5 degrees of peak, where the BIOS is happy to leave them. Even a simple switch to 2 minutes of fan alternating with 10 minutes of silence would be a vast improvement without making the chassis much hotter.
I understand Dell engineers have to be quite cautious in calibrating things but making a business machine quiet in casual use in a 20C room should be the number one scenario to target. I can't imagine using the built-in microphone for Skype teleconferencing as I would be shouting over the fan noise half the time!

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Hi everyone, got my device today. Running pretty smothly...... Only 1 thing bothers me... Fan speed/noise... it seems to speed up (cause noise) randomly without clear cause.Even when my computer is completely IDLE, I can hear the fan start after couple of mins. Power plan: HP Optimized Any advice? EDIT: Even when I am in BIOS fan creates noise and speeds up. From what I understand, in BIOS it should be completely silent?

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Hello, I have an HP laptop and i want to turn off deffinetly the fan. I mention that I have Windows 10.

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Hello - I just received my XPS 8920 SE and had a question about fan speeds and noise. At idle, the fans on my RX 580 are noticeable, spinning at around 540rpm, with GPU temp sitting around 50-53c. The i5 7400 also idles around 42C. Both seem a bit hot for idle temps. 
Room temperature is 20c. What are you guys seeing for idle temps and fan noise? I've tried adjusted the GPU fan speed with the AMD control center, yet can't bring the fans below 540rpm.Thanks in advance.

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Hello, I'm not satisfied with fan behavior on my YOGA 500-15ISK. (i7-6500U / 8GB DDR3 / SSD 256GB / nVidia 940M) In the evening in quiet room it is very noisy. Fan speed very often jumps from 0% speed to higher even with no significantly cpu load or my pc activity and after some time (sometimes the fan does go off after few seconds, sometimes after minutes...) it jumps back to 0% and again and again.. randomly. It happens all the time, also I formated system and tried clean win10 instalation with all up to date drivers. But still same behavior. I can't see any reason why when I browse web through Chrome, watch videos, work with folders and files -> all in 2D, I have to listen this alternating louder and softer fan speed noise. Core temp software shows CPU temperature around 40C.  My old HP laptop without ssd is much quiter in 2D than this YOGA 500-15ISK. I much rather prefer constant slight noise than this constant turning on and off fan noise. It looks it is standard behavior on the Yoga laptops because of fan speed level setings, and most of Yoga users don't care, maybe can't hear that or just don't bother about that speed jumps. Or it could be some hw or sw problem? Maybe some wrong driver? How can I change speed level settings?I found program NoteBook FanControl where is config profiles for Yoga 11s and Yoga 13 and some more but nothing work to my fan speed. Proba... Read more

A:YOGA 500-15ISK Fan speed noise

I too had this problem and returned the laptop for repair. It's since come back and is still making a noise. Totally gutted I ever purchased this machine. It's been a nightmare from day 1.

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Hey guys, I've recently bought a Lenovo ideapad 320 (320-15IKB (Type 80XL, 80YE) Laptop (ideapad)) and I hear something like a fan noise, it's not really a noise, but it's more of an oscillation, and it's low but if I'm in a quiet room I hear it well and it really bothers me since it's a brand new laptop.I searched the forum here and found something very useful but want to know first if this is for my laptop or not as I don't want to break something!the link is: https://support.lenovo.com/eg/en/solutions/ht117149 If this is not for me, any help would be great. P.S : I've replaced another one a week ago because of a screen issue, but the fan oscillation issue was on it too!

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I just bought a Inpiron 24 5459 AIO and noticed the fan is quite noisy. The fan seems to always spin at high speed regardless CPU temperature. Does this model supports fan speed PWM? Or maybe my unit is defective?



A:Inspiron 24 5459 AIO fan noise and speed control

I tried to use SpeedFan 4.52 to adjust the fan speed. However it cannot find any fan from this model.

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Hello, after updating my T450 to latest "Lenovo Power Management Driver" - Windows 10 The fan is working also in idle mode (no apps are open, cpu is in idle)  after reading on the page of the driver i noticed that T450 and also T450s are not supported in the list below see it on: http://support.lenovo.com/il/en/products/Laptops-and-netbooks/ThinkPad-T-Series-laptops/ThinkPad-T45... What can i do now? 

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I'm having problems with my new network setup.

I've recently changed ISPs from a 2Mb Pipex line to a 16Mb Sky line but have been forced as part of my T&C to change routers at the same time. I was previously using a BT voyager 2110 router. The new Sky router is a modified Netgear DG834GT. I have been told that it is possble to get the UN/PW from the router (so I could theoretically go back to the BT one) but it is hidden. I have also been informed that the router has been locked down by Sky to prevent firmware updates.

I am having problems maintaining ADSL connections with this new router and am wondering if this is due to the low noise margin I have. The noise margin is generally less than 7.2dB and often as low as 6.2bB, falling below 6.0dB on a few occasions. I have also had problems getting good wireless speeds and can't understand why.

Connected by ethernet I get download speeds of c14000kbps and uploads of c675kbps but on wireless I am struggling to maintain speeds of c2500/350 respectively.

I have tried changing channels, I have moved the router next to the wireless antenna (separated by <1cm). This has not helped and my speeds still don't get close to the ethernet speeds. My partners laptop (Broadcom 802.11g WLAN card) gets very respectable speeds (c13500/600kbps) in some areas of the house and poor in others. With the BT router she had good connections speeds throughout the house.

I recently fitted a new wireless card when my old intern... Read more

A:Poor wifi speed, dropped connections and low signal to noise margin.

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Hi All, I had some motherboard problem so I replaced the motherboard with the same model as the desktop was under warranty. Since then, the chasis fan runs on the maximum speed creating noise like a car engine. I tried updating the Bios , tried replacing the CMOS battery but nothing works . Kindly please share your thoughts and ideas so to help me out on this issue. 

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Hi folks, I've recently bought and installed a brand new 8Gb Kingston RAM memory (KCP316SD8/8), it should be compatible with my Dell Laptop (e5440) but after installing, the laptop just won't start. Power button will light  and fan will turn, coming to a stop in a split second. I've tried different configurations: inserting the memory stick in a different slot, with and without the default 4 Gb RAM. Nothing seems to work, it won't start anyhow if the memory stick is in :(
Anyone else experienced this? Any ideas?


A:Latitude e5440 RAM problem!

You are going to have to return it.
Your experience is why I recommend buying RAM from Crucial.
They guarantee it.

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The service manual for the E5440 on the Dell website makes no mention of it. However I believe this laptop can take a mSATA drive. At the socket, there is a message that says "See Manual" or something like that. Only manual doesn't mention diddly.
So can someone confirm laptop is mSATA compatible? If so, what's the max size supported and can I boot OS off the mSATA? Finally, if someone can explain exactly whether this takes mSATA or M2 or whatever drives because it's confusing me a bit.
Thanks in advance.

A:mSATA for Latitude E5440

This thread was created by someone with an E5440 who bought and installed an mSATA SSD: en.community.dell.com/.../19986632
So yes, there's an mSATA connector (not M.2), and you'll want to set your BIOS SATA mode to AHCI.  When you ask about max size I'm not sure if you're asking about capacity or physical dimensions, but capacity shouldn't have a practical limit given that SATA has long supported multi-TB drives (larger than mSATA SSDs ever offered), and for physical size, whatever the 850 Evo uses apparently works, and I think that's the most common size.

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I need a blu ray drive for this laptop.  The ones I'm seeing online don't have the curved front plate that conforms to my laptop.  Will any of these laptop drives online fit the E5440, or are my concerns about the plastic plate lining up legitimate?

Thanks in advance.

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I been researching in upgrading my screen for my dell e5440 but i'd like a 1080 display. The 1080 display only came out for the e5450 which has 30pin connector and the e5440 has the 40 pin connect.
My question is can i still upgrade to the e5450 higher resolution screen if i get the 30pin cable? 
Thank you!

A:e5440 screen upgrade to e5450

No -- if the older system doesn't have the option of a higher resolution screen, it's not going to work with that screen.
There's more to it than simple physical connection - if the system doesn't have an entry in the BIOS table for the screen, you may see a screen that works only partially - or not at all.

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Here is my issue in a nutshell.  I've turned "on" the nvida graphics card via the nvidia control panel AND the Intel Graphics Contol page.  As I play games like Star Wars : The Old Republic, the laptop seems to switch between the intel and nvidia graphics cards as the graphics are recalculated.  I also play Skyrim.  Often, the screen will freeze for a few seconds interrupting the game play.
I've downloaded the most "current" nvidia drivers but I'm now wondering if I should backrev the drivers to what Dell provides.  While decent graphics are nice, the pauses in gameplay are not becoming unacceptable to the point of wanting to disable the nvidia card entirely.  While the whole dual graphics idea might be good on paper, my experience with it has been pretty poor. :(
Any help would be appreciated.

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I just realized that my headphone jack is not working as my computer fell out of warrantee. I missed calling Dell by 7 days. The internal speakers work fine but whenever I plug in any known working device into the headphone jack I get no sound. I ran the F12 audio test a couple of times and I got nothing out of either the internal speakers or the external speakers I was using for the test. Other than that everything appears to be working. From what I read on the community support page below if this was a failed sense pin I should have heard sound through the speakers. Right?
When I was on the phone with Dell they did tell me it was a hardware problem but since the machine was a few days out of warrantee there was nothing they could do. I did do some looking on the forums and found this page http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3517/t/19345854 listing laptops with replaceable headphone jacks but did not see my Latitude E5440 listed. Needless to say I am in somewhat of quandary. Is it a sense pin? Is it fixable? Do people fix these things?
 Does anyone have any suggestions of what my problem could be, other than not catching this while it was under warrantee? Is this something worth taking to an external fix it shop? Or am I looking at costs that would exceed the original purchase?
I did order an external USB to audio stereo adapter to see if that would give me a fix but it will not come for a few days.
What really bothers me is that I think this failed wel... Read more

A:Latitude E5440 headphone jack

berwynedThe internal speakers work fine but whenever I plug in any known working device into the headphone jack I get no sound.
berwynedIs it a sense pin?
Hello. If it were the sense pin issue then you would have the opposite symptoms -- no audio through speakers but the headphone jack working okay. A failed sense pin would prevent the audio from going to the speakers.
It could be a buggy Realtek audio driver. The way to test for that is to switch to the Windows native audio driver (assuming that you are currently using the Realtek driver, not the native one). If the headphones work okay with the native driver then try a different version of the Realtek driver if one is available.
1. Open the Device Manager (type devmgmt.msc in the Windows search box).2. Expand the "Sound, video & game controllers" and right click on "Realtek High Definition Audio".3. Select to "Update Driver Software".4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".5. Click "Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".6. Put a check in the box "Show compatible hardware" if not already checked.7. In the list of devices, click "High Definition Audio" (the native driver).8. Click "Next".9. On the Update Driver Warning box, click "Yes" (install the driver). 10. Restart the laptop if prompted. If not prompted, then no need to restart.[To get back to the Realtek driver,  do it again but reverse the names... Read more

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I recently bought this laptop second hand in very good condition, and the only problem I noticed was that the GT 720M GPU downclocks massively when running on AC, to a point where the built-in iGPU runs better. When running on battery the GPU performs as it should do. Here are the specs of the system:
CPU: i5-4300U
The AC adapter is 65W, which is the one that came with the laptop. Could this be the problem? I've seen people sell 90W adapters for this laptop.
Thanks in advance!

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Hello ,
i have dell latitude e5440 , all my driver are up to date , but i can't but a finger print since it says that i need a fingerprint manager application , searched the net for 3 days now and found nothing , please help me to solve this ,

PS : its win 7 pro 64 bits

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If the Rotation lock is set to on and Orientation is set to  Landscape  then the display is in landscape mode. If the Rotation lock is set off and the screen is rotated clockwise 90 degrees  then the display is upside down. If the screen is rotated clockwise 90 degrees then the display does not change.. if the screen is rotated 90 degree then the display is upside down. If the screen is rotated 90 then the display does not move. 
Therefore if the laptop is in normal or opposite then the display is rotated 90 degrees. It the laptop is turned sideways then the display is upside down. 

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okay randomly when i let me laptop go in sleepmode ,when i came to wake it up ,the screen was very dark ,when i put it back in sleep mode ,and took the battery out again ,and it came back to normal ,and it was slow as well but fast now again ,the reason i asked because  i will be selling this and getting a macbook air ,need a new laptop ,dislike windows 10 ,find it hard to use ,and a downgrade compare to windows 7, shouild i mention this in the listing and just list for parts only? Thanks! 

A:dell latitude E5440 dark screen?

I'd suggest a clean install of Windows 7 and all drivers, if that's what you want.  It doesn't sound like a hardware issue.
You may want to seriously reconsider the Air -- a Macbook Pro might be a suitable replacement for your system, but the Air is a tablet with a keyboard - it's not the workhorse your current system (or the Pro) is.  The Air is also a dying lineup - it hasn't been updated much in several years (the CPU is three generations out of date).

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recently got a laptop from friend and can not log into it how do a factory reset the computer

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I have a Dell E5440 laptop that recently had it's LCD panel replaced. I usually dock it and connect it to an Optoma Projector and before I had the LCD panel replaced, I only showed 2 displays when I went to screen resolution. Now, after the LCD panel has been replaced, I see 3 displays in Screen Resolution, one of them being the laptop display.

Has anyone seen this behavior before and if so, do you know how to correct it? And before you go telling me to check my power setting in the Control Panel, my power settings are the same as they were before I had my LCD panel replaced. Also, I have upgraded the BIOS and completely wiped the hard drive and re-installed Windows.

At this point in time, I'm willing to entertain any and all suggestions.



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I purchased a new 500GB Samsung 850 EVO mSATA SSD for my Dell Latitude e5440 (running Windows 7 Pro).  The new drive was not visible in 'Computer', so I downloaded, installed, and ran the Samsung Magician software.
The Samsung software shows the drive is present.  And there was a "Validate" button - which I clicked - and now: "Drive Health Status: Good" and "Serial Number: Genuine" is displayed.
However the SSD is not visible when I double-click Computer, and the Samsung software states:
a. "AHCI Mode. Deactivated (IDE or RAID).  AHCI Mode is required for the best SSD performance."
b. SATA Interface N/A. Unable to detect SATA interface details.
c. OS Optimization N/A. OS optimization is only supported for disks using an OS drive.
Question 1: Will enabling this AHCI mode allow Windows to recognize the SSD?
Question 2: How do I do that?
Question 3: Will activating AHCI mode 'switch off' (disconnect) my 2.5" HDD?  (I want to keep Windows 7 on the 2.5" HDD, and install Windows 10 on the SSD to have a dual-boot system until I get used to Windows 10.)

A:Dell Latitude e5440 - Samsung 850 EVO mSATA SSD not recognized

1. Yes.
2.  Change it in system setup (F2 at powerup).
3.  You can dual boot but can't change the setup type to AHCI without reinstalling Windows onto the two drives  you want to use.  You will lose the contents of the hard drive when you do this.

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hi all , 

i have forget my Dell BIOS password and i am trying to reset it . i have tried to remove the CMOS battery and didnt work .

any idea ?

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Having a real nightmare here with trying to get any of the F keys to work after install of windows 7 from an OS image.
This only occurs in the E5550 and E5440 and due to us needing to dock the laptop and subsequently connect it to a monitor,  it is quite an issue for us as we can't use F8 to extend the display.
I have tried reinstalling all the drivers , Chipset then Video drivers in that order as I came across a site that said this should resolve it, but it clearly hasn't

for what it is worth I have also tried installing a new OS from the disk but for some reason only on these make of laptops IE isn't updating from our wsus server which is also odd, so we are stuck with IE 8 no matter what we try and do (manual install will not work) .

We have tried more or less everything and we have a lot of these laptops so any help is greatly appreciated. We may have to look at a another make of laptop in our company if we can't get a fix for this which would be a shame really but they are useless to us without the F keys working right

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I have tried searching everywhere and can't seem to find any solution to this problem.  Recently, I ordered a backlit keyboard for my Dell E5440 laptop. I installed it just fine and the backlight works, but the pointstick in the middle of the keyboard is not functioning.  I have installed Dell System Manager to control the backlit settings but I can't find anything about how to make the point stick work.  Does anyone know how I can fix this issue?  Thank you in advance. 

A:Dell E5440 Backlit Keyboard-Pointstick Not working!!

Did you ever get this resolved because I am having the exact same issue. Had unlit keyboard and replaced with lit keyboard, and the pointstick does not work.

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My Dell Latitude E5440 won't boot. Just black screen with power light on. If i pres the power button, the fan running and turns off
I have tried the following:
- Pulled the battery out, connect the charger and turn on
- Removed BIOS battery, connect the charger and turn on
- Swapped RAM
- Removed both RAM, and try 1 RAM 
None of these helps. I have tried to remove all RAM and turn on, fan running and turns off. It is out of warranty and I'm lazy to fully disassemble my laptop
Video: www.youtube.com/watch

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Hi guys,
I'd like to use the Intel Wifi Direct software for screen mirroring to Samsung TV, but looks like I'm in dead end. I've downloaded the software for WiDi, but it did not install due to my laptop did not meet program requirements - so I've googled and it came out I've got too old drivers. Updated them from official Dell driver support, and here comes the problem - it requires Graphics driver over 15.36.xx and if I choose my laptop model I got 10.xx driver and then 20.xx. 10.xx installs, 20.xx cannot. If i manually search for drivers for Intel HD4400 graphics then there are 15.36.xx drivers, but I cannot install them. Any idea how to skip that? 

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Hi, I am stuck with a dell E5440 here power light comes on and then laptop switches off and back on again and just repeat itself! I did not tried anything yet. It is i5 vpro and I installed 1TB HDD few months ago, it has been working no problem since yesterday.

A:DELL Latitude E5440 not booting endless repeating loop

Hi Mass112,Welcome to the Dell Community Forum.Please shut down the computer, remove any external connected devices like USB drives, AC Adapter battery and press and hold Power button for a minute which will release the flea power. Connect the Battery, AC Adapter and Power ON the computer, tap F12 at the Dell logo to initiate the Diagnostics. Please make a note of any error message and revert us here with the system status.

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I received the Latitude E5440 last night.  It stuck in airplane mode. I tried all options the following post mentioned here. Any idea? DELL/MIcrosoft support phone number to call?

A:Dell Latitude E5440 stuck in airplane mode Windows 10

Dell Technical Support is specific to country. What country are you in?
Are you saying that "out of the box" Airplane mode was turned on?
Was this purchased new directly from Dell? Or from a reseller?
How to Turn on/off Airplane mode in Windows 10
Review this document.
Use hardware switchMany devices have a hardware switch to turn on or off the Airplane mode. You can use that button or switch to turn off all the wireless signals from your device. However, Microsoft says that using a hardware switch may not necessarily disable all the wireless communications. Some Windows Store apps have the ability to bypass the hardware switch to connect to GPS or cellular data. The best method, according to Microsoft, is to use the Airplane mode button available via Notifications in System Tray.Use Notifications shortcutTo toggle the state of Airplane mode in Windows 10, click on Notifications icon. Scroll down to see the options. Click on the button saying Airplane mode to turn it on or off.
Use Windows 10 SettingsYou can also use Settings to turn the airplane mode off or on in Windows 10. Follow these steps:* Open Start Menu* Click on Settings* Click on Network and InternetChange Airplane mode to OffChange Wireless devices to OnIf Windows 10 is stuck in Airplane mode, here are few things you may want to try. Before you begin, make sure that if your device has a physical Wi-Fi On/Off button or switch, it is set to the On position.* Try pressing the Fn+Radio Tower key. On my Dell,... Read more

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I have a Dell E5440 laptop issued to me at work. I added a Dell Latitude E Series PR03X Docking Station and recently replaced a 1920 x 1080 monitor with an LG 29UB55-B 29" UltraWide monitor with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1080. The docking station has two ports, a DVI port and a DisplayPort. I discovered pretty quickly that the DVI port is single-link since my external monitor's resolution maxed out at 1920 x 1080. I ordered a DisplayPort cable in the hope that it will support the monitor's full resolution, but this question occurred to me:
Can the E5440 support an external monitor at that resolution? It used two video solutions, the Intel HD Graphics 4600 and a Nvidia GeForce 720M Discrete Graphics Card with 2 GB of RAM.
It uses two video solutions, the Intel HD Graphics 4600 and a Nvidia GeForce 720M Discrete Graphics Card with 2 GB of RAM, and apparently switches from one to the other depending on demand. My research suggests that both can support the resolution I need, but only through a DisplayPort. Of note, the laptop itself doesn't have a DisplayPort, but the docking station does. I don't know if that is a problem or not.
Is anyone else out there successfully driving a 2560 x 1080 monitor with a Dell docking station and laptop?

A:Can my Dell E5440 drive a 2560 x 1080 display through the docking station?

Thank you for your message.This system does support a resolution of 2560 x 1080.The maximum resolution supported by the Intel graphic card is 3840x2160.As you mentioned, you have a switchable graphic card. When there is a graphic intense application used, the system will automatically switch to the discrete card.You can also manually set the application to automatically open with the discrete card.You will need to use an HDMI – Display port adapter.

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After updating to BIOS A15, the keys to my Dell Latitude E5440 get "stuck" again with Linux. This has been a problem for many frustrating months back when I originally bought it, then solved by a BIOS update eventually, and now back again with A15. A14 worked fine.

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I'm having trouble with a driver update that I hope someone can help me with.  When using Dell Command Update to update drivers on a Latitude E5440 with Windows 7, the bluetooth driver starts to install then the laptop restarts without notice.  It's a nice restart and goes through the shutdown process--not a crash!  I've tried updating the bluetooth driver manually but the it keeps appearing in Command Update as an available update.  This is a problem because our environment has Command Update set to run on a daily schedule so the Latitude E5440s are rebooting every night.  In the grand scheme of things this isn't a big deal, but it is generating complaints and the update program obviously isn't working correctly.  Any suggestions?

A:Dell Command Update trouble with bluetooth driver on Latitude E5440

Same thing here.

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Would be grateful if anyone can help with the following problem. I have a Samsung U28E590D 4K monitor and at 2048 x 1152 it will only run at 30hz under Windows 7 (both DP and HDMI) on the E5540. I have installed the latest Dell Intel 4400 drivers(will not allow non dell) and the latest monitor driver. Both the Windows resolution form and the Intel control panel only provide 29 and 30 hz options.
I know the video card should be able to drive this as it just works on another LG 34UC98W monitor at a higher res of 3440 x 1440 at 50hz.
In the Intel control panel -> advanced IT says the monitor does not support advanced settings.
So by running CustomModeApp, it shows nothing in the dropdown for the monitor when the U28E590D is connected as I was hoping I could enter the paramters for 2048 x 1152 @60 hz here.
Any pointers would be appreciated!

A:Dell Latitude E5440 and 50hz on Samsung U28E590D 2048 x 1152 (Intel 4400) Win 7

Apologies, should have read "will only allow *from* dell" I.e I cannot download generic Intel 4400 drivers.

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Hi All

I hope someone out there can help me with this problem.

I am using a laptop in Cambodia and connecting to my ISP (Viettel) via a 3.5G Dongle. (Huewai E1550)
The ISP is a Vietnamese company and the customer support via their Cambodian subsidiary (Metfone) is effectively zero.

Here are my system details:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) M CPU 420 @ 1.60GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 14 Stepping 8
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1271 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 33738 MB, Free - 1189 MB;
Motherboard: DIXONSXP, ref.NO:G335-yymmdd-DI-01-00-FF-FF, 1.0, 00000001
Antivirus: avast! Internet Security, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

3.5G Dongle Huawei E1550 95% signal - Blue lights on dongle - 3.2 Mbits/s capable
I use Avast Internet Security and Comodo Firewall.
I have no viruses etc indicated by Avast
Browser Firefox 5.0

My problem is with the download speed when using Firefox (tried IE8 and same slow speed).
When I run speedtest.net I get a download speed of between 0.2 and 0.5 Mbits/s and the pages take annoyingly long to download. I have communicated with others on forums in Cambodia who are getting 2 to 2.5 Mbits/s when browsing using the same dongle and when I run my Vuze torrent downloader I also achieve 2 to 2.5 Mbits/s. So I know these speeds are achievable through my dongle in my prese... Read more

A:Browser Download Speed Less Than Upload Speed but Torrent Speed Superb

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Hi,  I just bought Envy x360 2-in-1 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 16GB Memory and I found it is making noise even if I am not doing anything.  I completed my account setup and install chrome and started using the laptop; the noise is continuouly coming up- not sure cooling fan or HD noise.  I am thinking to replace it (might be defective) or return it.  Please advice if anyone has any experience with this model.  

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I sure hope you guys can help. I'm on travel for work and this computer is driving me nuts. I would just format but all my CDs are at home.The computer is making the clicking noises like when using internet explorer - click on a link and it makes a noise - its doing this a lot. It also randomly plays music for a few seconds at almost max volume. Everything else seems to be working OK, just slow internet but I think that has to do with the hotel internet being slow.What I have done so far:1. Full scan with Symantec Endpoint (updated of course), nothing found.2. Spybot full scan: found a few things but still making noises3. Malwarebytes full scan: found a few more things but still making noises.4. Ran Combo Fix on advice from a friend and THEN found this site.- ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Other Deletions )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))c:\documents and settings\Joe\Application Data\inst.exec:\windows\system32\st326159.dllMBR is infected with the Whistler Bootkit !!-BTW, I tried to run GMER and it shut down my computer mid scan.DDS (Ver_10-03-17.01) - NTFSx86 Run by Joe at 4:34:04.84 on Fri 07/30/2010Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_17Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.3572.2542 [GMT -4:00]AV: Symantec Endpoint Protection *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {FB06448E-52B8-493A-90F3-E43226D3305C}FW: Symantec Endpoint Protection *enabled* ... Read more

A:Random clicking noise, blip noise and music

Good evening. Please download MBRCheck.exe by a_d_13 from here and save it to your Desktop. Double click the file to begin the scan. A Command Window will open and after the scan has completed you will be prompted to press <ENTER> to exit. A text file called MBRCheck_date/time.txt can be found on the Desktop. I'd like you to post the contents in your next reply.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Download Preformat.zip from here and save it to your Desktop. You will need to extract the file.Right click on the zipped folder and from the menu that appears, click on Extract All...In the 'Extraction Wizard' window that opens, click on Next> and in the next window that appears, click on Next> again. In the final window, click on FinishYou should now see a folder with a .vbs file in it. Double click Preformat.vbs to run it and a text file called Preformat.txt should be created in the same folder - either that or you'll get an error message.Please copy and paste the contents of the text file into your next reply and then you can delete both of the folders and their contents.

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Hi,Since last week, there's a static noise from my laptop's speakers, on playing music. But when I'm on earphones, there's no static noise. The static noise is a bit too much, when songs with humming sounds play.My laptop is 10 months old and all my drivers are upto date. The problem persists at both times, when the laptop's plugged in and when it's on battery. Please help me as soon as possible.... : (

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A:Static noise from the speakers and crackling noise from the ...

Hi @Tardis40... thank you for your help...Well, the link was of no use.... The last option left is recovery, which i do not want to resort to....Today, i noticed crackling sound in my earphones...So, now my problem is,Static noise in the speakers and crackling noise in the earphones...I am in a very disturbed state, and don't know what to do... Please help me asap...

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A few times now my E5440 will give a low beep... then a few seconds go by, and another beep.  It just happened a minute ago - only two beeps this time.  But I think it happened a few days ago and beeped several times with the same pause of a few/several seconds in between the beeps.  It's so quiet that before I've thought I was imagining it.  But this time I was sitting in front of it typing.
There are no pop-up notifications on the screen anything is wrong, such as the 'disconnection' sound when you remove a portable HDD, or your Wi-Fi disconnects.  Nothing to indicate what the beeps mean.  The laptop is working perfectly.  Battery is fully charged.  I can hear the fan turning and changing speed but it's 2:30am here with no outside noise and I can barely hear the fan.  (I assume it would be spinning up like crazy if something were overheating.)
I'm at a loss what it means.  Does anyone know?
I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit if that matters.

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guys please help me , it happens when ever i want. i speed test from speedtest.net and i get speed 0.89 mbps ( which is good for me) but if i download something , down speed is 2 kb. if i play a video it buffes so slowly that it takes ahour.

1 thing more, this happened few days ago on my laptop, so i started using internet on my pc , this this stopped and i got high speed.. but now after some days it has started again

A:Speed test gives vey good speed but down speed is just 2-3 kb

Quote: Originally Posted by Hassnain

guys please help me , it happens when ever i want. i speed test from speedtest.net and i get speed 0.89 mbps ( which is good for me) but if i download something , down speed is 2 kb. if i play a video it buffes so slowly that it takes ahour.

1 thing more, this happened few days ago on my laptop, so i started using internet on my pc , this this stopped and i got high speed.. but now after some days it has started again

When comparing speeds, remember to divide your speedtest result by 8. 0.89 mbps is around 101KBps.

Download speeds depend on many factors, inclduing the modem/router, traffic through your ISP at the time, and the type of download, just to name a couple.

What type of download is it? Are they torrents? These can often be slow.

Are downloads slow from everywhere?

You mentioned video buffering; Do you have downloads going at the same time that you are trying to view a video? Are there other people sharing your connection (eg other family members)?

You didn't say if you had tried rebooting the router/modem, or if you had been in contact with your ISP. These would be among the first things to try.

As you haven't stated what you have tried, I'm going to assume none of the following have been tried. Apologies if you have tried/tested the following.

If you plug a phone into the same wall socket at your modem do hear any noise/static or is is sound quality very poor or low... Read more

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This is really annoying because the loud noise from the CPU fan with full speed and lasts 5-8 seconds when it is powered on, before settling down to normal operating speed.
Another Optiplex 790 SFF is completely silent during booting process.
Is there any way to fix the issue of the CPU fan to full speed at startup of the Optiplex 3010SFF?

A:Optiplex 3010 SFF: CPU fan to full speed at startup, before settling down to normal operating speed

Version of Windows?
Some PCs run fans at full speed until drivers get loaded and then settle down. So this may depend on how fast it completes the POST and hands control off to Windows.
Make sure you have latest version of BIOS (A17), latest chipset driver, video driver etc. for whatever version of Windows is running.

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Hi, I may be missing something pretty basic here as my tech knowledge is pretty poor. I have recently paid my internet provider to increase my connection speed from 1meg package to 4meg as I need a faster connection. Ive done a speed test and it says that my speed is pretty much what the service provider has promised but when I use the wifi in my place (which I used with the original 1 meg connection) it doesnt seem any faster at all. I thought I'd be flying from one website to the next but its not happening that way at all. Someone said I should consider buying an aircard to increase my computers ability to recieve more data from the router but then someone else said that is not what an aircard is for. Anyway, Im stuck and would appreciate any help i could get as at the moment Im paying alot more cash each month for no improvement. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers

A:increased my internet speed from 1meg to 4meg but dont see much change in speed?

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Only had this new pc a few weeks and it is so slow now after 3 blue screen of death crashes that caused this I think, I believe firefox caused. I am not sure how to read dump files to show you details of the BSOD. I am including details of my PC along with the hijack this log, my system is clean though according to antispyware and virus scans.


I installed 64bit before this 32bit one on another partition of this HDD but cannot boot into it anymore at startup because this PC won't let me select it because it does not detect my keyboard in DOS mode for some weird reason.

Hijackthis log is attached file.

A:Snail Speed Pc At Times And Always Slow Internet Speed On Vista Ultimate

I found this helpful information on possible solutions, very familiar with errors on previous Microsoft operating systems. http://www.vandersluijs.nl/content/view/973/96/lang,enI uninstalled one of the suggested updates and so far it is fine, the update was only optional so no security threats. I think it has helped, not certain if it will be like a fresh install because windows is slower than it was two weeks ago. If 3 weeks is best windows can handle for being ready for a new install I may have to go back to Linux. I hope this thread can stay on this forum somewhere to help others follow the link I posted above for possible solutions to this problem, it will save them time and effort trying numerous things.

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I recently upgraded my internet service and found that speed test results from speedtest.net and speakeasy.com were giving me download results that were ~ half of what I was supposed to be getting ( 9Mbs vs 16Mbs). I called the ISP and they suggested I restart in safe mode w/ networking and run the tests again. I did and the results of the test were surprising. I was getting the 16Mbs download speed that I signed up for. The tech suggested that I may be infected with something. I run several free programs (Mbam, avg, avast, ect.) to try to aviod these things, but it seems as though something may have gotten through. Any help that you guys may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Btw, no error messages and I am running Windows XP. Thanks in advance.

A:Pc speed test download speed significantly faster in safe mode

I take it MBam is updayted and run..Rerun MBAM (MalwareBytes) like this:Open MBAM in normal mode and click Update tab, select Check for Updates,when doneclick Scanner tab,select Quick scan and scan (normal mode).After scan click Remove Selected, Post new scan log and Reboot into normal mode.Next run ATF and SAS: If you cannot access Safe Mode,run in normal ,but let me know.Note: On Vista, "Windows Temp" is disabled. To empty "Windows Temp" ATF-Cleaner must be "Run as an Administrator".From your regular user account..Download Attribune's ATF Cleaner and then SUPERAntiSpyware , Free Home Version. Save both to desktop ..DO NOT run yet.Open SUPER from icon and install and Update itUnder Scanner Options make sure the following are checked (leave all others unchecked):Close browsers before scanning.Scan for tracking cookies.Terminate memory threats before quarantining.Click the "Close" button to leave the control center screen and exit the program. DO NOT run yet.Now reboot into Safe Mode: How to enter safe mode(XP)Using the F8 MethodRestart your computer. When the machine first starts again it will generally list some equipment that is installed in your machine, amount of memory, hard drives installed etc. At this point you should gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with a Windows XP Advanced Options menu. Select the option for Safe Mode using the arrow keys. Then press enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode.... Read more

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ok after i formatted i noticed internet explorer opened instantly but then after installign the programs i need
(like 5 dif spyware removers, all popular ones like spysweeper)
trillian pro
gmail notifier
visual basic
breitt technologies BUDDY REMINDER
magic iso
iso buster
divx player
IE didnt open as quickly anymore and i cant think of anything...im pretty good with comptuers all of my knowledge is from using them sicne age 10, i actually run a computer repair business but im clueless why my computer speed as been affected so soon...
i have a pentium 4 intel celeron cpu
now 1gb ram..
win XP home...
i watch what starts with my comp, everythings fine...
i have two hard drives...they may not be set slave/master but i realy dont think thats it, if you DO but have other suggestions also, PLEASE tell me both because i dont think that is it.
i think i have a 40gb and a 40gb hard drive
with PLENTY room free..
cant really think what else to tell you..

my other question was, i used this program AShampoo WinOptimizer version 4
and i chose for it to "run desktop and taskbar as seperate process (more stable uses more memory though)" do i want to use that? if so, why?

thank you SO MUCH for reading you dont get how much i appreciate it.

A:Speed immediately reduced after installing all needed programs+another speed question

What firewall do you have? what security programs do you have installed

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I am using mozilla firefox and have wndows xp pro as OS.For last two days my net surfing experience is going very strange.My page loading speed is good but the download speed is very slow.When ever i download a file it downloads very slowly.The download speed has decrease about 4 times .I have my internet through siemens adsl sl2.141 modem and I login to my account through ppoe WAN password account.Can anybody help please?

A:Browsing/page Loading Speed Is Good But Downloading Speed Is Too Slow

Have you monitored your system with Windows Task Manager while downloading? If you determine Firefox is causing the problem, try safe mode and/or a new profile. Sometimes settings and/or extensions got corrupted leading to strange behavior. Standard diagnostic - Firefox

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