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how do i turn on the wireless capability on compaq presario ...

Q: how do i turn on the wireless capability on compaq presario ...

how do i turn on the wireless capability on compaq presario notebook CQ56-115DX ?

Preferred Solution: how do i turn on the wireless capability on compaq presario ...

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A: how do i turn on the wireless capability on compaq presario ...

Press F12 key on the Notebook to turn ON/OFF the wireless. If the light turns amber in color its OFF , and if light is white it means wireless is ON

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Hi All,
It had been working fine for two years now. Just yesterday my I year old punched the keyboard of my Notebook here and there when I was working. I show a couple of dialogs popping up and getting closed when he was punching. And all of sudden I lost my wireless connection, in a strange way.

The WIFI card is disabled, the physical button on the laptop is red indicating that it is disabled. When I press it to switch the wifi back on, the switch don?t respond

WWhen I run network diagnostic: error is: Wireless capability is turned off. But I see no option to turn it on.

I checked the network adapters through the Control panel and also in the device manager. They are up and running. No yellow sign, no ?!? marks.
Restarted several times. No change.
Restarted in safe mode. Deleted the device in device manager and reinstalled. No change.
Disabled firewall. No change. (DO I need to restart after disabling?)

Checked the manual for Key combinations to toggle wireless on off. But there were non.
Any ideas? Please help. It may be a key combination that was activated when he punched the keys.

? AVG Free is installed. Need to check this one.
? Need to check in BIOS as well.

A:Turn on wireless capability COMPAQ c794 on Windows 7

Get rid of AVG free, it causes wireless connection problems on a daily basis around here.

Uninstalling AVG will most likely fix the problem but if you are still having problems please post your ipconfig/all here and I will have a look at it.

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My daughter has an old Compaq N600c with OS XP professional. When she visits me she would like to use my wireless broadband, however, her laptop does not seem to have a wireless capability. Is there any way we can install a card or something? I opened the silver multiport cover on the laptop lid – and there is a green card in there, marked PCB-PC7507 TRANSFB-30D-VER 310.Alternatively, would one of those USB dongle adaptors work? If so, can you suggest what to buy?I’m useless with computers, so any advice will be very much appreciated.

A:Solved: Compaq Evo N600c wireless capability?

You can use a USB wireless adapter. The laptop probably has a PCMCIA slot; if so you can use a PCMCIA (Notebook) card.

I prefer the PCMCIA cards, but USB adapters can be used with almost all computers while PCMCIA adapters are limited to older laptops.

Whatever you buy just make sure it is compatible with XP, and if possible with Windows 7 as it will probably outlast the PC.

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Hi, i'm having a problem turning on my laptop. I'm using a Compaq Presario C502US. I've been using the AC adapter that came with the laptop but eventually the AC adapter became loose and broke. The charging icon (lightning symbol) wouldn't turn on anymore and I think the laptop has now run out of power. I've finally received a new adapter and when i plug it in the charging icon lights up. However the laptop still won't turn on. I've waited for about 2 hours but it still won't turn on. When i click the power button, the Power turns on and then it blinks. The Fan turns on for about 3 seconds but then it goes off and the power light blinks and the monitor won't turn on. Can anyone help me with this problem?

A:Compaq Presario won't turn on

Remove battery and power adaptor (ie all power out)

Hold down the ON button (to disperse all internal power)
Plug the power adaptor back in only (and to wall socket!)
Turn on!

If it works, turn back off, and re-install battery, turn On

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I have a compaq Persario M2000. The other day, I was using the touch pad to move and it just shut off. I tried to turn it back on and nothing happens. When I look at the AC adaprter led it is not turned on and it is plugged in. I removed the battery and tried the same with no luck. the ac adapter led is still not light up. The battery is fully charged, and when i try just that nothing happens. I opened it up and removed the bios battery and checked the chips and circuits. nothing seems out of place ot burnt. I used a multi meter to check the power button and it is getting power, as well as the curcuits in the ac adapter
can someone help me or give me some ideas what my nxt step is?

A:Compaq Presario Will not turn on

I had similar problems with compaq laptops - it's the power supply in your laptop - the repair for that is about $300+

check your warranty before doing anything else...

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I bought a presario 1500 that I had assumed had a problem with green lines that were on the lcd and external monitor. The lady who owned it had taken it apart and sold it to me that way. I bought it today and tested it when I got home. I powered it on and I saw that the fan will move slightly but won't start and the hard drive will start but shuts down after about 5-10 seconds. The power light always stays on but nothing else. I noticed when I unplug the hard drive and battery inverter board(see link) it will shut off the power light. Could that be the problem? I don't see how the motherboard could break when it was never used. Anyone have some advise?


A:Compaq presario won't turn on

This looks like a power supply controller card issue. Also some systems will not run if the CPU fan is not working. You need the battery inverter board in place to power the system and light the light.

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I hit the power button this morning and nothing happened. Tried unplugging and holding power button in and still nothing.

A:compaq presario will not turn on

Please post your system specs, exact model Presario, include any upgrades or modifications please.

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Here's the story how it doesn't turn on...

I was charging my ipod and I accidentally pull the usb plug with my feet and then my Compaq Presario s3200nx turned off... I opened my CPU and tried looking if there's something wrong but it looks like it's fine. Now everytime I turn my Compaq Presario s3200nx on all the fans just rotates a little bit.

So can anyone help me how to fix this?

Please and thanks in advance =D

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I have a Compaq Presario R4000. It's around 6 years old. Until recently it has worked as well as any other laptop with the usual software problems. Yesterday I tried to switch it on and all I see is the charge light flashes once for around 1 second then goes out. No response at all from the machine. Tried running it without the battery but still no response. A friend told me that it may be the battery and that some laptops won't run without a battery inserted.
Any ideas would be appreciated.


A:Compaq Presario R4000 won't turn on

The motherboard is probably fried, after 6 years. Also, the CPU cooling heatsink/fan could be bad or the thermal paste or pads could be burned. If the battery is the original it is in long need of replacing...

"that some laptops won't run without a battery inserted"

Not exactly true. If the AC adapter circuits are faulty, maybe yes. Otherwise, it is not true. If a battery shorts, it can keep a laptop from powering up

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I have had these computer for about two years now no problem.Was working find the night before had a storm come through,and the next morring went to turn it on nothing.The light on the back of the power supply blinks instead of staying green.Thought it was the power supply but test it out and it good.What could be wrong with it and sould i fix it or buy something else?Any help would be helpful.Thanks Nasher205

A:Compaq presario s4020wm won't turn on!!!!

Yeah, it sounds like the end of the computer. It served you well. Move on to a modern HP for instance. They make a reasonable desktop for a reasonable price. Avoid the low cost attraction of another Compaq.

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My laptop is only a year and a half old and it wont turn on. I recently had to buy a universal charger because the original broke. I was using it tonight then all of sudden it turns off without warning. The light on the power cord is on, but when i plug it into the computer it turns off, so it just stays on when not connected to the laptop. The light that indicates the computer is charging doesn't come on. when i press the on button, nothing at all happens. I really dont know what to do. I had some files that i didnt back up but i really dont care about them, i just want my laptop back. Any suggestions?

A:Compaq Presario C717 won't turn on

"The light on the power cord is on, but when i plug it into the computer it turns off"...

Try another AC adapter first. If the same thing happens, there is a problem with the internal DC jack or the motherboard is bad

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I have a compaq SR2010NX with windows XP and ethernet that runs through a netgear module through the wall plug-in. I downloaded norton updates the other day and can't remember if I shut down the computer or not. Anyway my son turned off the power cord. When I turned it back on, the computer would not power up. The light on the hard drive does not illuminate and the fan does not run. I have checked the wall socket and power cord and they are fine. I also checked the power cord at the back of the cpu and tried other sockets, to no avail. Any ideas?

A:Compaq presario sr2010NX won't turn on

It probably has a cheap psu on it that now needs replacement.
Why on earth did you put norton on it? It is seriously crap.

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Hi, I have a probook 4430s and last night the wifi was working just fine when suddenly it turned off. It's not just my wifi, it's any wifi at all. I keep trying to turn the wireless capability back on but the light on the button stays orange. I tried to do it through the device manager thing as well but nothing seems to work. Maybe I am just doing it wrong, but please help

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A:Wireless capability won't turn on

On boot screen.. quickly press F10 repeatedly; other HP models will be different. Either F1 or Esc or F9 ans so on. try that out !!

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It says to turn on the wireless  capability, but i don't know how to. I tried press F12but it doesnt work. The only way i can use internet it by connecting my netsetter to the the laptop. PLEASE HELP

A:How do i turn on wireless capability?

@manish86, Hello and thanks for posting on the HP support forums.  Here is a link that should help you resolve your issue. HP PCs - Troubleshooting your wireless network and Internet connection (Windows 7) Please post back if you need any more assistance. Thanks again for the post and have a great day.

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It tells me to turn on wireless capability, but i dont know how.Wi Fi is working on my phone and computer, but it wont work on Laptop.I tried every fn and f1-f12 combination without success. Windows 7 32bit / ProBook 4515sThanks in advance

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Unable to turn on Wireless capability in my laptop. What is the probable solution for this problem.

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Hello! I have read many questions and answer about this problem but none of them helped me. I tried the fn key with every f? key i have in my keybord but nothing happened. I unchecked the option the option "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save energy", I enabled the wireless adapter via BIOS and still I don't have access to the internet. I searched every side of the laptop and I don't have a button to turn it on. Any other advice would be helpfull. Thank you in advance!

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I have got exactly the same problem like that one being encountered by scaterbrain. Mine is HP 635 with windows 7 ultimate, 64 bit. The Wifi quick launch button is continuously amber and cant find any wifi network. Even if the button(f12) is pressed for seconds, there is no change. Can you help me please

A:how do I turn on my wireless capability?

theaustins Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about WiFi not working and wanted to help. Yours is a new thread, so there is no information about the other person's problem.However, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try: HP PCs - Troubleshooting Wireless Network and InternetGood LuckI am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.========================================================================If you feel my suggestions helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks!If they helped resolve your issue, please click "Accept As Solution" to help others find similar information.

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HI  so i got this laptop that does not boot and does not even turn the screen led on... the power lights are onn plus i noticed the caps lock and the num lock lights keep flashing at the same time every 3 or 4 sec... before this it was working fine i remember the last time i use it the screen turns black... because the battery was low... then when i went home and connect my charger... nothing seem to show up... the things that I tried is rreplacing the ram modules, unplug battery and the power adapter then just connect the power adapter without the battery but still nothing.. plus i already tried connecting to a external monitor, a projector and also a tv with hdmi cables, still nothing.. i tried spamming the f9 f10 f2 but nothing shows... I am seriously worried now because all my documents are in the laptop... any suggestions? 

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Hi - thanks for your attention and help.

Saw this was posted before here but unresolved. That was years back.

I lost power last night, and now today, Compaq Presario SR1215CL is unresponsive. Was not moved, is plugged into a top notch surge protector, that also the printer, monitor, etc utilize and they are all operational.

There is a rapid clicking noise and a tiny green light in the back rapidly flashing.
When I unplug it, the clicking and flashing slows and finally stops.

Must stress this computer has been fine. No movement, impact, trauma, etc. Just power off and refuses to come back on.

Any advice? Have been Googling help threads before coming here. Thank you.

A:Solved: 2004 Compaq Presario now won't turn on

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My wifi suddenly turned off, when I troubleshooted it said that wireless capability was turned off and when I went to turn it on, it was already enabled. I've tried a lot of things including updating just about everything but nothing seems to be working. Help.

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Wireless capability is turned offHow do I turn on??

A:Wireless capability is turned off how do I turn on?

Hi, Please try to hit F12 Regards.

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My sister-in-laws can't connect to the internet cause the Wireless Capability won't turn on. I have tried to Press Fn + F3 yet nothing happens. In Windows Mobility Center, the Wireless section shows it is off and the 'Turn wireless on' is grayed out.

I can't connect directly to the router as the laptop doesn't have an ethernet port (which is stupid). I can't figure out how to get this done.

A:How to turn on Wireless Capability on Windows 7?

What make and model laptop is it? There may be a hardware switch that you need to press to turn the wifi on.

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My sister has given me her old laptop, its a medion akoya s5612, purchased from aldi a few years back. The keyboard on it is completely broken and none of the keys work. I have wiped the hdd and re-installed windows 7. I have updated all the drivers but I cannot get the wlan on. It is activated by pressing fn + f8 however I am unable to press this due to the keyboard not working. I have a usb keyboard but does not have an fn key. I have tried using virtual downloaded keyboards aswell the windows 7 easy access keyboard but that doesnt work. Also when I go to windows mobility centre the option for wireless is greyed out. I have also tried entering the bios but no options there for wlan. Anyone got any other ideas? Thanks

A:Turn in wireless capability without hot keys

Go to Start/Search and type devmgmt.msc right click the devmgmt icon in the search results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Device Manager open up Network Adapters, do you see a wifi adapter listed there? If not, and it it not listed in the Bios, this computer may not have ever had a wifi adapter.
If it does, go to Start/Search and type ncpa.cpl and press enter. If the wifi adapter is listed here you can right click it and Enable it.

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I'm trying to connect with a linksys wireless adapter, but diagnostics keep telling me that wireless capability is turned off. Thing is, it's a desktop, so there's no switch or function keys.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Turn on wireless capability - on a desktop

Quote: Originally Posted by heyz

I'm trying to connect with a linksys wireless adapter, but diagnostics keep telling me that wireless capability is turned off. Thing is, it's a desktop, so there's no switch or function keys.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need to first make sure that you have a wireless NIC installed on the desktop.

You need to make sure the wireless NIC is enabled in Device Manager.

You need to make sure you have the drivers for this wireless NIC up to date and installed.

You should make sure you are using WPA2 security with AES encryption in your routers settings for the wireless connection. Of course you will need an SSID "name for wireless network" and that you have a wireless password set up.

You need to make sure those settings are reflected in the profile for the wireless connection under Manage Wireless Connection in the Network and Sharing section in Windows.

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error message says to turn on wireless capability eithier with switch on side or front ( is none) or with function keys...anyone know what function keys to press?  thanks so much

A:how do you turn on wireless capability on hp laptop

Hi, Normally F12 but what is your machine ? Did you upgrade/downgrade your machine ? Regards.

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I am a student at university and using university wi-fi to connect to the internet and for the past two weeks it has worked fine. But today randomly, on my Desktop PC running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit it has stopped working and when I try and troubleshoot the problem it says 'Turn on wireless capability' It says no connections are available.

The network is working completely fine on my Windows 8.1 Laptop and Android mobile.

My Desktop PC recognizes my wireless adaptor as it makes the connected and disconnected sounds whenever I take it out or put it in.


A:Turn on wireless capability error

Try reinstalling drivers

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I have installed windows 7 professional to my hp laptop and wireless adapater capability is turned off, I am not able to turn it, I have downloaded all required drivers and updated it from the HP Drive page, still unable to turn on the wireless adapater

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Hello, my name is Alexander. I am new here.

I just decided to turn on my laptop to play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight. First I pressed the power button to turn on the laptop and it blinked, the battery light also blinked. As I remember the battery was charged, so I decided to turn it on again. After pressing the button, the COMPAQ boot screen appeared but suddenly all the screen gone gray for some unknown reason. I pressed and held the power button for 10 seconds but nothing happened. Then I removed the battery but the laptop didn't turned off. Now, I leaved the laptop for 3 hours and it didn't shut down.

Last night it worked fine. I was playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 and listening to some Guns 'n' Roses songs.

Specs (Sorry, I forgot the laptop model):
Graphics card: Mobile Intel 4 Series Chipset.
Processor: 2GHz.
HD: 137GB.
OS: Windows Vista Home Basic.

A:COMPAQ Presario screen turned gray and I can't turn it off.

Hold the power button for 15 seconds or until the computer shuts off. Let it set for a few minutes. Put the battery in and make sure you are using the power adapter too. Start the computer. If it won't boot normally press the F8 key repeatedly until you can boot into Safe Mode.

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So my compaq presario wont turn on
I have tried doing a hard reset
Something to note is that when i plug the charger in the light dosent turn on to say its charging
The computer makes no sound at all when i press the power button

Ps.im new so sorry if i put this in the wrong category

A:Solved: compaq presario cq62 wont turn on

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I have a HP Pavilion dv6 notebook. How can I turn tje wireless capabilities back on? The network (trouble shooting) is telling me thats the problem.Thanks so much!

A:wireless capability is 'turned off ' :( cant turn back on

Please provide the model number or product number of your notebook.

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Yesterday I was uploading some photos from my camera to my laptop. The SD card in the camera has something seriously wrong with it and whenever I put it in my laptop, the sound control opens and closes and a little message with the wifi and Bluetooth symbols with and without red circles with lines through over them. This is usually not a problem as when I take out the card the wifi and Bluetooth resume normally. However this time when I try to connect it says 'windows cannot find any networks'. A diagnosis says 'wireless capability on this computer is turned off. Turn on wireless capability. This can be done by using a switch, which is usually found on the front or side of the computer, or a function key combination.' I've found the switch, on one side it has a circle and on the other it has two arrows like a fast forward symbol followed by what looks like an LED and then an antenna symbol. Obviously the switch is meant to be towards the antenna, which it is. However it is only half way towards it because it slides back to the middle if I push it further to the antenna (this also brings up a 'wi-fi catcher' which is empty.) My investigations into this have found that fn+f2 doesn't do anything and there is no blue antenna symbol on the keyboard. The WLAN card is enabled. In 'dell wireless WLAN card utitlity' it says 'connection status: radio disabled'. Also a diagnostics of the WLAN hardware finds everything is ok. A ... Read more

A:Solved: Turn on wireless capability? - Vista

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Hello. I may have turned of my wireless capability accidentally by clicking a combination during a game. I used google to fix this problem but nothing helped yet. Some solutions that I have found and tried already:- turned on my laptop and clicked F10 & F9 (default pop up I clicked no)- Network and Sharing Center / Change adapter settings / right click enable (wireless icon)- configure / Power Management/ Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power (deactivated)Nothing helped yet. The windows network diagnostics still says "Turn on wireless capability".I use the HP Pavilion 15-p204ng and Windows 7 (64 bit). I hope someone can help me please!

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I have a problem with the switch button for my wireless network adapter on my laptop. It doesn't turn the radio on when the laptop restarts. I suppose, it stays on off no matter what the button position is.

So at every boot one has to:
- wait until it fails, (so all programs needing network at startup fail too)
- click on the network icon in the system tray, diagnose and repair
- wait for Vista to work out that there is no wireless connectivity,
- click on turn on wireless connectivity then wait until Vista repairs itself.

After that is works happily until the next reboot.
I repeat - it is not some software option. The on/off switch doesn't work (nor the function key).

Question 1 Can I switch on the connectivity on startup to allow this to
happen seamlessly. Is there a cmd command which I can setup to run at startup.

Question 2 Is there some way of creating a shortcut
which would allow the click of one button rather than going through the
learning experience each time that the connectivity requires to be switched

Thanks for reading

A:Automaticaly turn on wireless capability at startup

First, what type of laptop have you got? What make and model is it?
Have you had a look in your bios to see if there is a default state for the wireless.
My backup laptop has wireless and boots with it is the same state as it was when the system is closed down.
You may have to change the order of things that start up when you switch on your laptop or even put in a delay for some programs so that they do not start untill your laptop is connected to the wireless network.

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My laptops show "wireless capability is turn off"
The serial no.   [Personal Information Removed]
product no.  C7D57PA#AKL
I try to turn it on by pressing the F12 button on keyboard BUT it dosen't work. It not turn to WHITE.  However, the F12 button still working because I trying press to save file.  

hoping to hear from you soon

A:my lsptop shows wireless capability is turn off

Have you checked  in Control Panel,  Windows Mobility Center to see if it is turned on there?

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I have a desktop computer, and have a D-Link DWA-510 wireless network adapter installed. Though I cannot pick up any wireless networks even though I know there are wireless networks as my iPhone picks them up.

I have tried the following:

1/ Clicking on the wireless/internet icon (not sure what to called it, it's the icon that brings up network and sharing) located on the bottom right of the bottom task bar. though no networks show up.

2/ Adding a new wirless network via 'Network and Sharing' option - though when windows does a search for networks it never stops searching.

3/ Installing the new drivers from the D-Link website

If I look at the back of the tower the network card that I have the external antenna connected to has one static green light lit. So I gather it is installed correctly as it is lit and it was installed when I brought the computer, although if I go to device manager it is not listed under Networks?!. I have triedto search on turning the wireless capability on though I cannot find a solution that actualy turns it on.

Anyhow hope all that makes some kinda sense please suggest some solutions I could try!

Thanks in advance

A:Turn on wireless capability windows 7 64BIT

Also if I go to:

Control Panel
Network and Internet
Manage Wireless Networks

It says ' Wireless is currently not enabled' but no where to turn it on...

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A couple weeks ago during a thunderstorm, the power went out, and when I came home my Compaq Presario desktop would not turn on. The computer was on a surge protector. When plugged up a light below the plugin on the back flashes green, but nothing happens when the power button is pushed. I have tried other power cords, nothing worked. All of our pictures from the last few years are on this computer. Help???

A:Solved: Compaq Presario - flashing green light, will not turn on

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My Compaq Presario CQ50 Notebook PC can't connect now to wifi because the wireless network button located on the right of powr button above the keyword won't turn on. It was working before. I know when it worked because the amber color of the button would change to blue upon pressing it. The button is amber when wireless network is off. And the button is blue when wireless network is on. Tocay, the button's color stll changes to blue when I press it, but whenever I lift my finger the blue color would change back to amber. And I could see wireless networks appear when my finger remains pressing the button and it's blue. And upon lifting my finger and the blue light changes again to amber, all wireless networks would disappear. So it's just a matter of making that button hold the blue color. Is there a shortcut key to turn the wifi connectivity on Compaq Presario CQ50 Notebook PC? If none, can you please tell me what to do? Thank you so much in advance. 

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I have done basically everything I can think of and find online to fix this problem, some of those things are booting into bios and making sure my wireless is enabled through that, going into device manager and uninstall and reinstalling the drivers for the wireless.  Those are only a couple examples of what I have done to try and fix this problem, I have no wireless connectivity and it is making things harder to do. To my knowledge my laptop only has the internal radio switch (fn+f8), Once I do that I can turn on/off airplane mode and bluetooth but nothing happens when I select wireless, its loads for split of a second and then nothing changes. I don't know what the issue would be? Could be from a recent update or something, this just started happening the other day.

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I have a Compaq Presario 700 to which I added a Netgear MA111 wireless adaptor. The systray icon tells me I am connected with a strong signal, but I cannot get onto the internet, nor can I see any wireless networks when I follow the help instructions - everythings seems grayed out.

I know the name of the network I can join and the password for it, but I never seem to be able to find a way to do this - which I think is why I am not able to connect. I am not a complete novice, but I am a very frustrated one. Is there something in a config or other system file I need to do to be able to see wireless networks? Any help is appreciated

A:Can't see wireless networks - Compaq Presario

Dont use the Netgear software to connect, use the windows zero configuration to do this. I have never liked the connection software that netgear uses. You can do this by opening the network connections (Start>Control PAnel>Network Connections) and right click your wireless card, then select "View available wireless networks. If it gives you a prompt saying that the Windows Zero Configuration is disabled, go to Start>Run and type Services.msc, then hit ok. Find in the list Windows Zero Configuration and right click it. Select "Start", then open the "View Available" again. Post results

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I have a Compaq presario. I bought it about 11 months ago and I am having my first real problem with it. I was using my wirless card the other day and it worked fine. I turned the computer off properly and when I turned it back on later the next day the card did not work. The driver doesn't even exist. I have re installed the drivers and still nothing. I have a switch in the front of my computer which is red when the card is off and blue when the card is on. When I switch the card into the on position nothing happens. It stays red. I have restored it to last months back up and it still doesn't exist. please help me!!!

A:Wireless card Compaq Presario

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I'm using Presario V6000z with Windows XP Sp2. Some days ago, I "hibernate" it, and then wake it up. Waited for so long but the wireless LED never turn blue again. In the Device Manager there's no list item called Broadcom in Network Adapters like before. The specification at www.hp.com: http://search.hp.com/redirect.html?...io+v6000&oc=3230698&oc=3230698&ocr=21&ocrs=21

Please tell me how to fix it? Is it possible to replace the wireless card/chip only or I have to replace the mainboard?

I switched off the wireless slider, installed the driver for it. Then I searched in the C:\Windows and saw this file, bw.log. In this file, it said the broadcom is detected, don't know why it doesn't appear in the Device Manager.

02 2272: --- Log Start ---, "CROGRA~1COMMON~1INSTAL~1Engine6INTEL3~1IKernel.exe", Version, PID 2272
02 2272: SetupStatusRun( ""C:SWSetupSP34152Abcmwls32.exe" install Registry homol.loc.0009 ", "C:WINDOWSbcmwl.log" )
02 1680: --- Log Start ---, "C:SWSetupSP34152Abcmwls32.exe", Version, PID 1680
02 1680: Setup command: '"C:SWSetupSP34152Abcmwls32.exe" install Registry homol.loc.0009 '
02 1680: Current thread locale 0x0409, setting to 0x0409
02 1680: PackagePresent( "SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallBroadcom 802.11b Network Adapter", "UpgradeString", "Crogram FilesBroadcomBroadcom 802.1... Read more

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Ho cambiato da poco casa, mantenendo però sempre un modem fastweb. Il modello del modem è uguale a quello della vecchia casa, ma hanno cambiato il modem dandomene uno nuovo e il mio Compaq Presario CQ60 non si connette più a internet ma solo al modem. Nel centro connessioni mi dice Rete non identificata. Ho provato a spegnere e accendere il modem e a installare diversi driver ma niente ha funzionato. Cosa posso fare?

A:Wireless Compaq Presario CQ60 Driver

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Hello world,Recently I've bought a 2nd hand Compaq Presario C500 machine for the insane amount of ?25. I had some ram laying around so I buffed it to 2 gigabytes and decided it will do juuuust fine as a replacement for my almost dead Acer Travelmate 2420 laptop which was used as a small server. Replaced the 80 gigs drive with 800 gigs one. Installed everything I needed - great. Laptop is flying it.System: Host: andrzejl.eu Kernel: 4.6.3-1-ARCH i686 (32 bit gcc: 6.1.1) Desktop: N/A dm: N/A Distro: Arch LinuxMachine: System: Hewlett-Packard (portable) product: Presario C500 (GC193PA#ABG) v: F.24 Chassis: type: 10Mobo: Hewlett-Packard model: 30C6 v: 78.10 Bios: Hewlett-Packard v: F.24 date: 04/25/2007The only thing that I didn't liked about it was / is the wireless card.Network: Card-1: Broadcom BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN driver: b43-pci-bridge bus-ID: 06:00.0 chip-ID: 14e4:4311So I've decided to replace it. Mainly because its a) B43 chipset b) not working with N band.I've purchased this card:http://www.ebay.ie/itm/300893674625?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AITWhen it arrived I quickly popped the little hatch at the bottom of the laptop, swapped the cards and was pretty dang happy with myself just until I saw the fadoodled "104 - Unsupported wireless network device detected. System halted ? remove the device and restart? error.        So I've decided to upgrade BIOS from version F.15 to version F.24 to see if... Read more

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Hi i need help ! Fast please i have a compaq presario CQ62 and wireless dont worki installed driver for wireless but dont workis a BIOS problem? or anithing alsePlease i need help ! Fast !Thanks, AlexSorry for my bad english !FAST!Update> i enter in device maneger and network controler is not installedhardware ids >PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8171&SUBSYS_1467103C&REV_10PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8171&SUBSYS_1467103CPCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8171&CC_028000PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8171&CC_0280


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A:Wireless Problem Compaq Presario CQ62 220 sv Here is the sol...

Hi, First, download and reinstall the Chipset driver on the link below. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp46501-47000/sp46940.exe When this has completed, restart the notebook. When windows has fully reloaded, download and install the Realtek WLAN Driver on the following link. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp46501-47000/sp46673.exe Regards, DP-K

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