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Complete hardware beginner: How to remove power cables, ribbon cables and HDD drives?

Q: Complete hardware beginner: How to remove power cables, ribbon cables and HDD drives?

Please read this, sorry, I would copy and paste but like I say I'm using a Wii for internet due to no working PC, and there's no copy and paste (yes, I'm actually typing this damn long URL by hand):

Thanks for any help! Hopefully this forum will have more people online at this late/early time (I'm UK based and so is the previous forum)

Preferred Solution: Complete hardware beginner: How to remove power cables, ribbon cables and HDD drives?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Complete hardware beginner: How to remove power cables, ribbon cables and HDD drives?

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My DVD burner is IDE and has the ribbon cable. I read on a couple other sites how the newer rounded cables inproves airflow and makes the case just look better. == I thought I would come here where the smart folks hang out and see if you think I should spend a few bucks and get rounded cables. What kind do you have?


A:Rounded vs Ribbon IDE Cables

Hello Jim,

Sure, if it's not much more, the rounded cables would be easier to work with and give you better airflow.

However, if within budget, you can get SATA DVD burners at some pretty good low prices these days. This would give you much better performance over your current IDE DVD burner.

Newegg.com - sata dvd burner internal

Hope this helps,

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This is a new type of ZIF cable socket to us. How do you release the cable? (We have tried to move the metal clips in every possible direction and they are not going! We've even bent a couple while trying. Time to ask for help!!)

A:How do these ribbon cables release?

They slide both up and down the chamfered bits (left and right in the picture). One way the end of the ribbon is gripped. The other it is not. Gently pull on the blue ribbon. I think as it is shown the ribbon should be fairly free and moved to the left it will be gripped.

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I have a CD rom capable of DMA 66. It's plugged into my IDE ATA100 secondary port as a master.
Can I use a 80 pin cable on this drive to get dma66?
What should I use. My existing cable looks like a std IDE cabe.

A:Ribbon Cables and CD Roms

this is the one

with the std cable your only going to get ata33, with the new you should get full speed

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Hi All,

I want to connect two screens to a motherboard, but do you know if there are motherboards with multiple LCD sockets? I know there may be vga or dvi sockets, but I don't want to use those, or any kind of converter. Would a video card give me extra lcd sockets? I just want to extend my laptop screens with only using LCD ribbon cables - is this possible?


A:Extended LCD screens using ribbon cables

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Are the ribbon cables for the DVD/ROM drives the same as the ones hooking up the hard drives? In other words, are they inter-changeable or do they have different pin-outs?

A:Ribbon cables for DVD/ROM and hard drive

As far as I know, I'm pretty sure they're the same. I've been able to interchange them, so I think they must be.

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Is there a performance boost in using 80 wire IDE cables to connect my DVD drive and CD-RW drive? Or will 40 wire do the same thing?

If I wanted to, how could I add a third HDD(not likely) or a third optica drive, say DVD-RW (more likely)? I know on my mobo manual and in BIOS there is a 3rd an 4th IDE interface but I dont remember seeing any places on the mobo to plug any cables into.

Any ideas?

A:ide cables and drives

Hi There!

Using an 80 Pin IDE ribbon cable for DVD/CD-Rom drives won't make much difference at all. Normally, DVD & CD-Rom drives do not use the UATA specs so a 40 pin cable would be fine.

as far as adding a 3rd HDD, to the IDE Chain, Each IDE Controller can handle 2 drives. Your motherboard may have U-ATA Controllers in addition to the IDE controllers and that is where you would need to configure things more the added HDD.
Good Luck


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I'm using IDE cables

>>one with my hard drive and dvd rom connected to it...
>>The other with another hard drive and a cd-writer connected to it..

I've heard that having both hard drives one one cable makes them run faster than having them seperate?

If so, by how much faster?

Thanks in advance


A:IDE cables and hard drives...?

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I purchased several USB to IDE cables to make my life easier for cloning (Ghosting) drives using my laptop.

All appears to work fine, the laptop recognizes my old drive (say E and also the NEW blank drive (say F.

I am using Norton Ghost and all seems OK so far.

I ended up with a mirror image of my original drive as F:

Now the problem: The drive won't boot. It appears as F: in my computer, so I believe that may be the issue of drive lettering... Or what else???

Thanks in advance...

A:USB to IDE Cables for cloning drives

When you clone a drive it needs to be blank; no partition / drive letter, etc. If the old drive was E, then the new one should be E as well.
Steps to clone a drive.
1 Install new drive and do not partition or format; just install it like it comes out of the box.
2 Boot with your cloning app
3 Select source [old] drive and destination [new] drive.
4 Complete the clone process and shutdown DO NOT reboot with both drive connected.
5 Swap drives so the new one is the master drive. If using ide, you must set the jumper as the master device. Pull the power connector from the old drive.
6 Power on the system and make sure you can boot, drives are correct, etc. If all is well, you can shutdown and reconnect power to the old drive. The os will assign the next available drive letter to the old drive.

Most of the time problems with cloning drives come from attempting to partition the drive before you clone it. You may be able to fix the existing clone by running fdisk /mbr from a win9x bootdisk.

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Is it possible to connect a ps2 to a computer so you can capture video and save it on the computer? I know there are tv tuners out there but I don't know if its possible to connect AV cables (2 connectors for sound and 1 for the video).

A:Is there a hardware that allows you to connect A/V cables to the computer

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OK this is short and sweet right to the point, I use to be able to unplug my

ide cables/ cd-rom drives, no problem but i recently formatted my computer I

also have tried with XP PRO and WINDOWS 2000 cant seem to unplug my cd

rom and cd recorder because if i do my computer does not start up. It


ANYBODY can you help me plz? But If I plug the cables back in my computer

starts up. How else can I disable my cd rom? ALSO does anyone know if

STARFORCE 1.12 works with windows 2000?

A:Solved: Unpluging IDE cables/ cd rom and DVD drives

If the optical drives are on the same IDE cable as the hard drive then you need to make sure the hard drive is jumpered as a SINGLE MASTER and not CABLE SELECT or MASTER WITH SLAVE PRESENT. Also the hard drive should be connected at the END of an 80 wire IDE cable. Then in the BIOS setup set all the drives to AUTO DETECT rather then setting any of the drives to CD-ROM/DVD-ROM.

But why are you disconnecting the drives?

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Can anyone tell me if switching my optical drives from IDE to Sata will give me better read and write speeds? thanks

A:Sata cables and Optical drives

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OK, I am lost! I bought a new DVD burner, plugged it in, connected the dat cable and now nothing works! Being a born fiddledr, I have been playing about with cables, jumpers and have now lost the plot completely.
Here is my hardware setup:

C Drive containing XP Pro OS
D Drive being a backup only for docs etc.
E Drive my old and trusty DVD burner
F Drive my new DVD burner

What do I set the jumpers to on the two DVD drives? I really don't care which is E or F
What should the BIOS be set to in terms of the DVD's
Do I have to start pulling data cables out and connecting them to the DVD's in a different order

What intrigues me is that I thought just sticking the new burner in would be a simple task! Guess I have made it doubly difficult somehow!

A:Need help on IDE Contols, Jumpers, cables & DVD drives

There are two ways you can set up the drives. I would jumper the old drive E as Master and the new drive F as slave.

If you have 40 pin 80 conductor IDE cables you could jumper both drives as Cable Select (CS) and the drive at the end of the cable automatically becomes the Master and the next drive inline becomes the Slave.

If you have 40 pin 40 conductor cables then you need to jumper the drive at the end of the IDE cable as Master and the next drive inline as Slave.

Master and Slave settings will work for either the 40 pin 80 conductor IDE cable or the 40 pin 40 conductor IDE cable.

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I have a couple small USB cables (with one small end, for MP3 players...). Inserting either one's normal end into my computer front panel USB port causes something to spin up to high speed inside (not sure what), and computer is locked - no mouse or keyboard. Note: NOTHING on other end of cable.

Happens with ports in back of computer as well.

Shutting system down, rebooting normally (restart windows normally) returns everything to normal. Note that all other devices (USB dongles, etc) in that port work just fine. Also, printer, keyboard, mouse - all USB - work fine - until I plug in one of those cables.

I am using Win 7 Pro 64 bit. However, this happened with some USB device on my Wife's machine (Win XP pro) several weeks ago. Exact same behavior - but OK after hard reboot. Threw that device away.

Could these small cables be shorted? There isn't enuf room in either plug to get an ohm-meter probe in there. I may cut one apart to see. Or get a new cable - but those small-end MP3 type cables are not easy to find.

Any comments? Thanks -


A:USB cables spin drives, lock computer?

use that cable to connect any real USB device to the system AND THEN boot Windows - -
what happens?

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Im trying to remove my motherboard, but there are cables connected in sockets that wont come out. In the picture is my problem. Whats the trick to removing these? And thanks!
Sorry about the title

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I need to order some new power cables for my computers, and Monoprice.com lists different gauges. I'm not sure what to pick. Do I need 16AWG or 14AWG? Does it matter? I don't care about the couple dollar price difference. I just want something good.

A:Power Cables & AWG

The 16 awg will handle about 10 amps the 14awg will handle 15 amps. Unless you have a monster power supply or are running a large server the 16 awg should suffice.

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I have just added a new CD-RW to my PC
I am going to rearrange all the devices/drives because Its not recognising the burner at the moment.


Not enough power supply cables

My setup will be:

IDE0 slot > HDD(master) > 2nd HDD (slave)
IDE1 slot > CD-RW (master) > CD-ROM (slave)

How can I connect them all so they all recive power
At the moment only the 2 HDD's and the CD-ROM have power cables

I purchased an adapter power cable when I added my second HDD.

Your help will be appreciated(smile)


A:CD-Rom +CD-RW power cables

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I have 2 power cables that do not belong to this toshiba satillite pro CDT430
but they do work. This computer has the old fashion female socket that ive never seen before ,but think is really cool because there must be a built in transformer unlike the newer laptops.The power cords ive seen on ebay and google look the same no big boxes with transformers just a striate connection
with the wall out let.I do not want to take chances much more than i have to
these cords have some differnces.First just says 7A 125V and the other KDK-FKS-15W 7A 125V this is the differnce dont know much of what this means or if i should use eather of these but if anybody else knows please let me know.

A:Power cables?

I am sure they would be fine if they fit.... Some of these are molded differently and won't quite fit into specific items.

Here is a cheap priced one that thates right on the page its compatible.

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This seems to be a well known issue for these models...But I am not computer savvy 100%  It happens on and off over past year and this problem is getting old. What is a permanent fix?

Dell/Alienware know this is a manufacturer defect as many on forum have complained about it over the years it seems. 

A:(Redirected) alienware x51 r2 please power down and connect pcie power cables for this graphics card

Best to post this in the Alienware Owners Club Forum, here:http://en.community.dell.com/owners-club/alienware/default.aspxBev.

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The cables are really hard to get out. There is also no latch. How do I remove my SATA cables to my SSD and HDD??

A:How do I remove my SATA cables to my SSD and HDD

Can you post pictures? If there's no clip it should come off pretty easy with a light pull.

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When running power to all your parts is there a "best" way to do it? Like should i run power to my raedon and my cdrw driver on the same cable? How many should i link to each cable? I have a lot of extra cables inside, do I need them all? Are they limiting power to other parts? Just trying to get the best setup inside.

I removed a lot of the wires that i thought were just clutter or didnt really serve any purpose and connected a bunch of other wires to each other. Now my comp seems to be running a little warmer than usual and sluggish in some loading areas. Plus my ASUS monitor keeps warning me that my CPU fan is below threshold. What does that mean and what do I do?

Is there a difference between the white and the black power connectors?


CPU P4/2.4CGHz 800M 478P/512K HT RT



HD 36GB|WD 10,000 WD360GD 8MB




Raedon 9800 Pro 128 MB

A:Linking Power Cables

Whatever wires you connected together, you should un-connect them. If they were meant to be hooked together, I'm sure the PSU people would have done it for you. There is no "limiting of power" because they are not connected or are connected to two devices at the same time. I run a separate plug to each HDD then split one for the CD-DVD drives. I have one connector for the water pump. The case fans and light run off another power supply. With 430 watts, you won't have any power problems. Just put it back like it was before you changed things around before it burns the cpu or MB.

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Hey people!

I have a question about my Cooler Master Real Power M620. I have a lot of cables inside my computer to power my GTX 580. It has these cables hanging to it:

- one 8-pins power connector
- a two-6-pins to 8-pins adapter to cover the second 8-pins slot.

The point is that I have one 6-pins cable from my PSU and 2 molex to a 6-pins to the adapter.

The last bit requires the use of a lot of cables and adapters. Therefor my question is: would I be able to hook up my PSU with two 8-pins power connectors, thus getting rid of the unnecessary adapters?


A:Changing PSU power cables.

What is the connector needed on the graphics card?
You don't state that.

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where can i get them, i cant find them anywhere, mine snapped off by accident when my memory card fell down my comp, mines in like 1 thing an orange and white wires for the power sw and red and white wires for the h.d.d led, sorry i completely dumb to this

many thanks

A:h.d.d. led power switch cables

OK, exactly what broke off? Attached is a picture of kk connectors which I guess are what you are describing. Did the connectors just break, OR, did the wires break also?

The only place I know you could get complete new wiring assemblies would be from the case manufacturer, if they have them for sale.

If just the connectors broke, you can get new connectors here;


scroll down the page and you would need a pack of the BLS-2 (you have to buy a pack of 50 but they are cheap). If either of the connectors are 3 pin you would also need a pack of part # BLS-3.

If the ends of the wires broke off you would also need a pack of pins part # BLS-PIN/F and a crimper Part # PHT-DS-STMP

If you have a repair shop near you they should be able to replace the ends for you if the wires are broken off at the pins. Unless you do a lot of these on a regular basis kk connectors are a little tricky to crimp, and I suggest that you let a shop crimp on the new pins for the connectors, because if they are not crimped correctly the pins will not stay in the connectors.

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I have a Thermaltake Black Widow 850W modular power supply in my current computer. I have been looking for hours trying to find the right product for my question.


My PSU uses 8-pin PCI-e power to power all connected devices (ex. 8-pin PCI-e connection at the PSU to a cable with SATA connectors for hard drives, etc).

My question is: are there cables somewhere that are PCI-e (6 pin or 8-pin) to cables with SATA connectors on the other end to power HDD?

All I can find are cables that are SATA to PCI-e (the cable that is connected to the PSU is SATA and transfers the power to a device using a PCI-e like a GPU)


A:Power Supply Cables

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i unplugged the internal wires to the power button of my computer and now it won't start. can you tell me how they go?
please help

A:internal power cables

You need a board layout diagram with the specs for which pin out goes where becasue there is no standard. Sometimes they have a little printed shorthand right on the board you can make an educated guess at, otherwise you need the manual to look it up.

Alternatively, if you're feeling adventurous you can take a flatblade screwdriver and carefully complete the curcuit across pins and see which two start the computer---those are obviously your power pins.

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Following a recent move cross country, I have unfortunately lost my power cable (both parts) for my Lenovo H30-05 desktop. Whilst it was really cheap desktop, and probably needed replacing soon anyway, I'm not really in a financial position to do that at present. I've searched amazon and ebay, and even Lenovo's own website to relatively no avail, so was wondering if anyone could possibly suggest where I may be able to replace the lost cables, or any other alternatives I can persue.  Any help would be very much appreciated, and I can provide further information if this is all a bit too vague. 

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I'm trying to hook up a 2nd hard drive to my computer. I hooked it up (or I thought I did) and then now it would only recognize the one I just hooked up but not the other I had already. I unhooked the cord that goes to the fan on the door and did some other stuff, and now my computer won't recognize any of my hard drives or my CD/DVD drives.

Can someone give me easy instructions for me to properly hook up the power cables inside my computer?

A:How to hook up power cables properly?

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hi guys again

I was thinking if this is bad or not. Like for my pc setup, I have a bad habit of disconnecting my backup HDDs[3 of em] and reconnecting (ide+power wires)them just to transfer files, whats the point of having them connecting 12-24 hours a day if im not going to use them so thats why I have them disc., mainly for backup purposes.

Is it ok just to leave the IDE cable connected without the power wire connected(Really dont wanna disconnect ide cable out of my seagate one, afraid the pin might get ruined again)while my pc is running? I only use 2 main hdds on my bottom racket. Other 3 are just backups. Or to any IDE hardware with ide cable connected without power?.

Recently just fixed my seagate drive with pliers, I mentioned in another thread, where it was pushed in the pin, and when i pulled it out it clicked, now working full speed I suppose, now just need to test it out some more to be sure cause before with the pin pushed in it was like 1/4 of its speed only.

A:IDE & power cables connection questions

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Hi all, I am looking for some ideas as to how I can best manage all my power cables.

Basically I have a room with 2 PCs, 3 TFTs, external hard drives, routers, UPS, phone docking stations et.c etc. etc. and the power cable requirement is rediculous. I am running with several trailing extension cords, whilst safe from an ampage perspective (ampage - is there such a word? ) I would still like a better way of managing my power supply requirements.

I have only 2 single power sockets in the room and I guess I should have a lot more.

I'd love to know if people have found 3rd party solutions to this issue or any ideas at all.

I am in the UK.


A:Managing the power cables.....ideas?

stever26 said:

Hi all, I am looking for some ideas as to how I can best manage all my power cables.

Basically I have a room with 2 PCs, 3 TFTs, external hard drives, routers, UPS, phone docking stations et.c etc. etc. and the power cable requirement is rediculous. I am running with several trailing extension cords, whilst safe from an ampage perspective (ampage - is there such a word? ) I would still like a better way of managing my power supply requirements.

I have only 2 single power sockets in the room and I guess I should have a lot more.

I'd love to know if people have found 3rd party solutions to this issue or any ideas at all.

I am in the UK.

SteveClick to expand...
Might be a good idea to call in an electrician to check it out. But you can always come off the original outlet and put in another(keeping in mind the amperage) He or she could do that for both. Or could single out the wires to that room and put them on a single breaker and increase the power supply(amperage) to them.
Good luck!

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I want to add 2 SSD drives to my desktop, but only have 1 SATA power connector free. I've been told I can connect a splitter cable into a Molex connection, but don't see this in the case. Would this be inside the power supply unit or would I need to buy a new one that would have more SATA connections?

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I have an older Dell PC, and I ran into a roadblock while trying to add a second SATA2 hard drive. The problem is with the available power cables. Its my understanding that the drives need to be hooked up in series in addition to setting the pins on the slave drive in order for them to function correctly. Is this right? The one spare power cable I have with series connectors is too short to reach the bottom of the case where the drives are (its actually designed for 2 CD/DVD roms and a floppy drive, but I'm sure it would work if it could reach!) I spent a while going through newegg.ca's inventory and unfortunately I can only find Y-cord splitters which would put the drives in parallel, not series. Would anyone be able to help me find what I need? Secondly, I was wondering what the difference between the 5 and 4 wire power cables. My system has 5 wire cables (red, orange, black, black, white) while all of the ones I see on newegg are four wire cables. Are they interchangeable, or would I need a converter? Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated.

A:2nd hard drive & power cables

SATA drives have no slave or master designation, and no need to set jumpers.
For power, you need a Molex/SATA adapter like this one:
Don't worry about Parallel/Series.

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I installed a replacement SSD for one that crashed. I reinstalled Windows 7 operating system on it and powered off computer and installed the hard drive that has the Libraries and various other programs on it. Now my computer is not seeing the hard drive or the CD/DVD. I have 2 sets of power cables with 3 on each one. Does it matter which power cable I use? I know the SATA cables go in SATA 1, SATA 2, etc. but am not sure about the power cables. It would be easier to use both because of the limited length of using just one.

A:Connecting SATA & Power Cables

The power cables come from the power supply and it doesn't matter if there's 2 or 3 connectors on the lead coming from the power supply.

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Hi, I need to plug 3 PCIe cards into my HP Z800 chassis. Now these require external power from the desktop's power-supply, but I am unable to locate the auxiliary power cable. I looked at the Maintenance and Service guide and it says (See Removing the expansion card guide/front fan holder on page 126 to find the storage location of the auxiliary power cables.) I followed the instructions and removed the card guide/front fan holder, but the auxiliary power cables are nowhere to be seen. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,samir

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Hello, running out of ideas!  Envy Phoenix 810 running Win 10 (64).  Following regular Win 10 maintenance update, system suddenly started running fan at ultra high speed and lost video.  Geeks said replace M/B.  Swapped in new Pegatron Pittsburgh board - exact match with original build. Now fan runs at normal speed BUT no video or USBs. Did the usual: checked monitors, cables, power supply,  graphics card, popped battery to clear CMOS, reset jumpers for bios and password, swapped ram, disconnected HDDs to try boot, same issues.  So my sense is the BIOS is corrupted, but with no video or active USB slots, no way to see or do anything (MOB has no onboard video, obviously USB & wireless keyboards wont work) -- WHat can I do??  Thanks

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I have lost my power cables for the dock and camera to a photosmart 435 digital camera.  Any ideas on where I can get these?

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I found a couple threads where a moderator PM'd the original poster on this topic.  I've had pretty much every one of our 8000 models do this and I was wondering if HP has an extended warranty or replacement program for these occurences. This describes my exact scenario - http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/8000-CMT-CD-Rom-drive-and-power-...

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I'm curious if there are any places around the internet where I can buy some Cooler Master SATA power cables? I went to Cooler Master's site, and although it's $4 if I remember correctly, it was about $20 in total to bring it here to Calgary. Kind of expensive, I was looking for something cheaper.

I guess when I had my system built, the store forgot to give me the power supply box. They told me it didn't come with a box, which most power supplies do come in one with all the accessories.

A:Cooler Master SATA power cables

From looking at your system specs it says that you have a Corsair PSU and a Cooler Master Case. So, I'm going to assume you are talking about the accessory box for the case. I believe you can go to their web site and do an online chat. Just tell them you bought one of their cases that was missing the accessory box and ask them if they could send you one. You may get lucky. But, be aware that Cooler Master is not known for quick customer service.

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I have exposed cables within my battery charger adapter. What should I do and how do I do it?

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So I built my first computer, but before I start it up I just wanna make sure of a few things...

With my case(ATX), the power supply has a bunch of cables coming from it(obviously), the large 4 pinned cables are the power supplys right? Well, each cable has two 4-pinned connectors, one in the middle and then one at the end, and a few of them have a smaller 4 pinned connector coming out of that too(still with me?)
Does it matter if I have the first connector hooked up to.. lets say... the CD drive, and the second to say, the harddrive, and the third smaller one to my floppy drive? Or can each cable only connect to one device?

I really hope your still with me, cause the next question gets worse....

Ok well on the front panel on my case I got 4 USB ports, a mic port, headphone port, and firewire port. The USB connectors we're labeled exactly as whats on the motherboard so that was no biggie, but then came the mic and headphone ports =
On the motherboard from what I can tell theres only one place for front panel connectors:

2 4 6 - 10
1 3 5 7 9

and in the manual it labels them as follows:
1 is labeled AUD_MIC (Front panel microphone input signal)
2 is labeled AUD_GND
3 is labeled AUD_MIC_BIAS (microphone power)
4 is labeled AUD_VCC (Filtered +5V used by analog audio circuits)
5 is labeled AUD_FPOUT_R (right channel audio signal to front panel)
6 is labeled AUD_RET_R (right channel audio signal return from front panel)
7 is labeled HP_ON (... Read more

A:My cases power cables and front panel connectors..

For your first question, yes, you can connect the power jacks in that order.

Now onto you're second question:

From what you've described, I would assume that AUD_FPOUT_R would correspond to HPOUT R and AUD_RET_R would correspond to HPOUT -R. The negative corresponding to the return line.

About the vcc and ground, i'm not sure. If it were me, I would try it. But that is completely up to you.

Hope this helps!

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We have exactly the same issue with HP8000CMT. The same issue from this link. http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/8000-CMT-CD-Rom-drive-and-power-... 

A:8000 CMT CD-Rom drive and power cables shorting out and burn...

So I am now seeing these power connectors fry as well. 2 in thepast week alone and in classrooms. Can HP weigh in on whether or not there is a particluar harness that is failing. I haven't got the second failure back in office today yet but the first one that came in is a Century Asia harness. I have other units here that have Foxconn cables. I'll be curious to see what the second box has in it, cablewise.  OK so next machine jst came back in and another Century Harness fried. WTH HP. What harnesses can we trust? 

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So i have a really old computer. The mother board is a Asus M2N MX SE Plus and i'm having problems doing the last step which is plugging in those Power cables to actually turn on the computer. So there's a 2 pin with the label, "Power sw", another 2 pin with the label. "H.D.D Led", another 2 pin with the label, "Power Led" and lastly a 3 pin with the label, "Power Led E". On the mother board, i know where the panel is for these cables but i just don't know where each one goes. There's intotal of 9 pins with 4 on top and 5 on the bottom. Please if someone knows where to put each on this old motherboard pleaseeee tell me

A:Solved: How to Plug the Power Cables on the Mother Board?

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i have an intel d845esp1 motherboard but the power switch cables have been unplugged can you please tell me the correct way to put them back on as the cables are labelled but the board isn't have tried every way possible with the power switch cable but i don't think it will work unless all three cables are attached
thanks for any help you can provide

A:need to know the correct way to plug power switch cables onto motherboard

According to Intel there is no such board as a D845ESP1. All Intel STANDARD 845 boards use the attached front panel pinout.

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please help unless i i bypass the botton

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Has anyone else had issues with the SATA power cord connecting CD-Rom drives and the system board shorting out and smoking pretty badly. If this is a known issue shouldn't there be a recall like Samsung have done for their phones? 

A:8000 CMT CD-Rom drive and power cables shorting out and burn...

Is the PC still in warranty?Nevermind. I see it has been around for a while.   I highly recommend that you consider replacing the SATA power cable with a new one to prevent that fire hazard from happening again.  You might  end up having to replace the PSU, depending on the configuration of the desktop PC. I think you may be the first to report something  safety related like that happening with your desktop.

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Safety recall notice

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Longwell Electronics is recalling AC power cords shipped with certain inkjet printers manufactured by Hewlett-Packard Company.
The plug that connects the power cord to the printer may crack, exposing live electrical contacts and presenting a hazard for electric shock or electrocution.

The recall is isolated to grey Longwell two prong power cords with the designation LS-7C molded into the plastic female end of the cord (the end of the cord that plugs into the printer). The cords were shipped with certain HP Deskjet and Photosmart printers in the U.S. and Canada from April 2001 through January 2002. Grey Longwell two prong power cords with the designation HB-01 or HP-AA on the female end of the cord are not affected by this recall, and can safely be used.

How to determine if your cord is part of the recall
Step #1: Do you have one of the following printers?

Deskjet 800 series: Deskjet 810c, Deskjet 812c, Deskjet 825c, Deskjet 825cvr, Deskjet 825cxi, Deskjet 830c, Deskjet 832c, Deskjet 840c, Deskjet 841c, Deskjet 842c, Deskjet 843cxe, Deskjet 845c, Deskjet 845cvr, Deskjet 845cxi, Deskjet 880c, Deskjet 882c, Deskjet 895cse, Deskjet 895cxi

Deskjet 900 series: Deskjet 930c, Deskjet 932c, Deskjet 934c, Deskjet 940c, Deskjet 940cvr, Deskjet 940cw, Deskjet 940cxi, Deskjet ... Read more

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I noticed that it looks like my power supply has two plugs for each cable. Is this some sort of master/slave relationship, like in IDE and other ribbon cables? If so, does it matter what I plug in where? I really don't understand the workings of master/slave relationships. I am looking at a Dell Dimension 4300 power supply, but I am about to build a new system from scratch, so I want to know what I'm doing before I buy my own power supply. (As a side note, it would be nice if anyone could recommend a good, high performance, quiet power supply, around 400 watts). Thanks for any help!

A:Master/slave relationship in power supply output cables?

No there is no master slave relationship involving power supplys, several reason's could be given for only having two per line, wattage rating of wire, voltage drop, etc.

I personally like antec true power supplies, the link goes to a 430 watt, they also have a 380 watt

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