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Need a laser printer compatible with Windows 7

Q: Need a laser printer compatible with Windows 7

I have a HP Pavillions P6000 Series with a Windows 7 operating system. It would not "talk" to my 5-yr old HP 3700dn printer. Bought a new HP Color LaserJet CP2025 less than a year ago. Have spent countless hours with Tech Support downloading, uninstalling, and reinstalling various drivers. Worked for a couple of days then would not print. Any color print job over 500 kb would not print. Now it will not print at all. Need to print frequently using 65 cardstock and always in color with graphics.

I have searched review boards for a color laser printer compatible with Windows 7 and prints quality pages ($500 price limit). This is what I have found: Konica Minota: problems with compatability, Brother: toner hog and bad customer service, Samsung: fuser issues and terrible customer service, OKI: fuser problems and expensive ink, Lexmark: toner hog and other hardware issues, Ricoh: could not find any reviews but do they really still sell these?

Grateful for any suggestions of a brand and model # that would actually be a good fit for my needs.

Thanks in advance!


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Preferred Solution: Need a laser printer compatible with Windows 7

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


So I have an interesting situation here. A client of mine uses an old dos based database program that can't print to any printer that uses a USB connection, but it works fine with parallel. I've just upgraded them to Windows 7, and some of their printers (which I didn't know at the time, I wish I did), don't have compatible Win7 drivers. Does anybody here know of a new model printer that still can use a parallel port and works with windows 7? I know HP Laserjet 1300 works, because they have several of those, but I'm hoping I can find actual new machines (it's a longshot, I know).

A:Need a Win7 Compatible Parallel Port Laser Printer

What model printer are they using now, and can you get it to work with any of the inbox (and generic) HP Laserjet drivers?

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I have a HP 1020 Laser Jet Printer connected to my computer and have had for some months a working well. Suddenly it created a problem with the spooler and each time I tried to print with it, it disconnected the spooler. After some research I found that the problem was rectified by updating the Printer Driver from the HP site.
However despite the fact that the computer recognizes the printer and the spooler remains active, I cannot print any documents with this printer. If PDF files are attempted it comes up with a messages saying Adobe reader is not working.
There are three other printers, all Ink Jets connected to this computer and are working fine. Has anyone else experienced similar difficulties.

I'm just a new 'Kid' on the block,and some clues would be appreciated.

A:Windows 7 64bit HP 1020 Laser Jet Printer

try removing the driver and re-installing it.

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I'm having real problems getting the printer to be installed, If I go to add printer it finds it on the network, but when I try to install the drivers using windows update it does not find them also I can't find any windows 8 drivers for this printer! I've tried using the windows 7 ones without any luck, Dell support are as much use as a chocolate teapot!!!

A:Windows 8 and Dell 3120C laser printer

I found my original CD and that worked, just pointed to the drivers on the cd and selected the drivers from it

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 330 @ 2.13GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3894 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator HD, 1723 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 291440 MB, Free - 237490 MB; D: Total - 13499 MB, Free - 2246 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 92 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 3658, 32.24, CNF0131F3X
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Disabled
I loaded the driver but it will not recognize this printer while it is directly
plugged into the computer!

A:Printer HP laser Jet 1000 how canI run in windows 7

Did you follow the install directions? In most cases the printer is not connected until after the printer driver is installed.
I assume you downloaded the 64 bit driver.

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Laptop: HP 15 n028US. Just purchased and all Windows updates installed.

I installed the recommended full driver from the HP website and it doesn't work. The printer does appear on the list of printers, but it doesn't work. I followed the recommendation to only plug in the USB cable when prompted and it appeared that the installation was successful. I tried a recommendation found in another forum to install the Windows 7 driver. That didn't work either.

Anyone know of a driver that will work?

A:Driver for HP Laser Jet 1020 printer for Windows 8.1

Are you sure you have the correct OS bit type installed. I see this all the time, the wrong bit type is downloaded and it doesn't work. What bit type of 8.1 do you have 32 or 64?

Software & driver downloads HP LaserJet 1020 Printer | HP? Support

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i have an old laser printer "bloom Laser 1600+" for which i have win xp drivers. I didn't found these drivers for windows 7 64 bit anywhere online, not even in company's website "wepindia.com". when i try to install winxp drivers in win7 it gives an error as

AddPrintProcessor failed
pPrintProcessorName: WIMFPR_N
The operation completed successfully.

but it remains as unspecified device in "devices and printers" and it is not recognized as printer.

plz help.

my system:
intel core2duo 2nd gen processor
2gb ram
500 gb hdd
windows 7 64-bit

A:Bloom Laser 1600+ printer driver for windows 7 64 bit

Likely a not supported device in Windows 7, it happens, key word: OLD

I have USB connection, video camera that was DOA on 7 also.

Specific 7 driver or possibly a Vista, but a XP driver? Dead end right there.

Looked further and found:

Operating Systems Supported
Windows 2000 Workstation, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2003 Server

Printer is circa 2005, so I am not too surprised, no driver means potential SALES!

I spent $99 on a Brother Laser Printer last year (HL-2270DW) when I found it on sale down from $149, it's so good, I went back and got a spare, and still on #1, by no means a heavy use printer, but it's 17PPM and perfect for my meager needs.

^Possible solution if you need a budget black and white laser printer, I was quite thrilled with it.

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Some time ago I started a thread in which several people tied to help me get my printer up and running.
It's a legacy dinosaur bullet proof rock solid HP laser 5 printer that I paid a lot for and didn't want to scrap.

When I switched to Win 7 it stopped working.
I got a parallel card from Star tech. Tried that, no joy. Got another parallel card and still no joy.

I tried all sorts of stupid work-arounds Some might even have been smart - who knows but they didn't help. I even reinstalled my OS thinking that maybe the drivers never took in the first place. I was killing myself.

Finally I gave up and tried a VisionTek? Connect™ USB 3.0 PCI Express expansion card and a cable to go from the printer to the card.
Prolly any card would do, I chose this one because the price was OK. There was no other reason.

Ya gotta have a 4P power hook up available - the card needs power.

I installed the drivers for the card per the instructions from the CD provided ( Doh~!)
Then Booted the Pc.

Hooked the cable up to the printer and PC

Then on reboot the computer found the expansion card and THEN all by itself ( Sua Sponte so to speak) it found the printer installed the drivers and I was printing right away.

Why didn't I think of this before?
I guess because the parallel card seemed to be the correct solution but it wasn't. Something about the OS and maybe in conjunction with the Asus Mainboard there was just no getting the parallel card to work.

A:HP Laser 5 Parallel printer in Windows 7 64bit home premium

Go to hear, here is your thread post what you did there.

HP laserjet 5 driver anyone?


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I have a Brother laser printer and need to get a new toner cartridge and found some great deeals, except they are called compatible (not original)... Is it safe to use those?? I will not do anything where I have to refill anything, but those look like the real cartridge, except they are not made by Brother...Please advise...Thank you.

A:Compatible laser toner cartridge vs. OEM??

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My computer is working fine - but I recently purchased a new Samsung ML2570 laser printer that just died when the starter cartridge ran out of toner (or actually when the printer counter hit its predetermined set no. - probably 1000). At least I think that's what happened. The starter cartridges come without fuses. Replacement cartridges or toner refill kits come with fuses that are supposed to reset the counters, so when I refilled the starter cartridge and inserted the fuse that came with the kit, the printer still didn't work. I tried again with two more fuses, with no luck. I don't have a printer jam and all the doors are well-latched before I turn it on. Does anyone have any idea what I should do next to get my printer working again? My email is [email protected]

Regards, and thanks for any help,


A:New Samsung Laser Printer Starter Cartridge Won't Reset Printer When Toner Refilled


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Hi, is this printer a good printer. i.e. I heard that after your toner runs out on some of these new laser printers, U have to replace more than juat a toner.


A:HP 1020 Laser printer.. good printer??

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We just recently purchased a new computer but am struggling to get our printer installed.  My printer works on my desktop ( I work from home so yes I have a desktop).  The printer also works with our other laptop via USB. Something happened sometime back that disrupted our Wi-Fi connection so I just never got it back up and running.   Anyway, we have this brand new laptop. I have been on the Support website and downloaded the drivers. save the files to the computer , unzipped them and executed the setup. The printer shows on my computer but it still says the drivers are missing.  It doesn't work hooking it up to the USB port etc.... 

I am ready to send my new computer back...so frustrated.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Windows 10 - Need help with installing Dell 2130cn laser printer

Please list exact Dell model. Ex: Dell Inspiron 5000 5567, windows 10. If you don't know, type msinfo32 onto the [Cortana] search box, and then look for System Model.
In the meantime, type Device Manager on to search box, and then check and see if there's any Printer listed. If yes, expand printer, right click on it, and then update it. Please click on links for additional information.
How to Troubleshoot Dell Laser Printers | Dell US
Fix printer problems in Windows 10 - Windows Help

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I have an old hp laser printer III. It does not pick the paper correctly from the tray. Somebody told me to change the rollers.
I have a few questions?
Where can I buy these parts?
How to change the input rollers?
Where can I buy toner for this printers?

Thank you.

A:laser jet printer hp III

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I have had a Canon Pixma MP500 all in one for several years, and it is a great printer. BUT, I am really, really tired of paying for the ink. Even though I buy my ink for much less over the internet, an ink jet printer is cheap to buy, but expensive to use.

Are their any reasonably priced all in one color laser printers on the horizon that would be of good quality? For this type machine, I'm thinking under $500 would be reasonably priced, and I would seriously consider it.

A:laser all-in-one printer?

Check the cost of color laser consumables, it's not unusual to find a complete set of toners get close to the printer price.

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I just got a Lexmark Optra R+. When printing it will print good but it has lines going across the page. What could be causing this? Old toner? Thanks

A:Laser Printer

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Looking to buy a laser printer but not sure what to go for.
Looking for something that is at least - Print Resolution (dpi) Up to 600 x 2400 dpi and color.
Dont want to spend more that 150 if posiable but dont want to buy something thats not going to last,,,, and rather spend a little more on the printer if i going to save on the price of ink.
Also would like something thats not to big and doest make a lot of noise
Thanks for your time

A:Help to buy laser printer

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couldn't find exactly what i wanted when i searched so i posted here...
does any one know of a good quality laser printer?
not all in one...
does not have to be networked.

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Hi all,

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 (32 bit), but now my Lexmark All-In-One X74-X75 printer drivers aren't compatible... well, kind of.

When I first reinstalled the drivers after the upgrade, I was able to use the scan facility of the printer, and print jobs could queue up for printing, but they would not print. When I attempted to update drivers, uninstall/reinstall, etc, I was told the installation was unsuccessful.

I could not find any drivers for my model printer on the Lexmark site, but I was hoping someone out there may have some tips on how I can get around this problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



A:Printer drivers compatible with Windows 7

That is an old printer, there are no W7 drivers available for it, time for an upgrade.



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One of my companies laser printers is leaving light blotches on printouts. They are random and they look like water drops or something. I don't know a lot about printers so can anybody help me? Thank you.

A:Laser printer problems

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I am going to get a free HP laser printer from my work as they are getting a new one. It is a few years old and uses a PS2 port connection. My computer is a couple years old but does have a PS2 port and USB ports, so that part shouldn't be a problem, however, they no longer have the printer installation CD.

My PC is running Windows XP SP2.

How can I get it installed without the install software?

A:Installing Laser Printer?

Easy. Go ot the manufacture's website, look up that particular model and download the drivers.

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Hi all,

I am after either an A3 or A4 laser printer that can print on heavier papers and the thickest card stock. I will mainly be using it for foiling, hence the reason for it needing to be a laser printer. Obviously it will make more sense if it has a straight path to avoid jamming and curling. I will mainly be using black toner only rather than colour, so maybe a printer that has larger mono cartridges available would be beneficial. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks - M

A:Laser Printer Advice

You are highly recommended to download the software for your printer device in order to ensure that you carry the latest software. Make sure that you are going to download the software which is meant for your PC and printer model. Also ensure that the same network is running your printer machine or the PC on which you have installed the printer software.

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Hello ,

I'm going to buy a All-in-one for home-use and student use(10 papers /week) so I need a high quality All in one printer , Please suggest some printers that have high DPI in scannnig and printing.
sometimes i need to print Pictures with high quality(although it couldn't be same as special Printers for photo but it can be significant).

Until now I find some items but I accept your suggestions :wahoo:

HP LaserJet Pro 200 M276nw All-in-One Color Printer
HP M476nw LaserJet Pro Wireless Color Laser
Lexmark CX410e Color Laser MFP
HP Officejet Pro X551dw Printer

which one? If none, what is your suggestion?

Features I'm looking but not important:

printing,copping and scanning A3 or A2

A:Best Laser All in one Printer for home use - under $500

No comments?

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My son gave me this printer that he purchased used. I downloaded all the latest drivers for Vista which I unfortunately have on a Toshiba Satelite laptop.
When I try to print it prompts me to "print to file" and add a file name. I can't get it to actually print! Please help.


A:Samsung laser printer CLP-315

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Can not install a Laser Jet 4l printer using Vista Home Vista x64. When I boot pc it tries to install the driver but i get it can't find the devices. I am using a usb to parrell converted to hook up my printer

A:Can't install laser 4 l printer

Did you check the bios setting for parallel port?

If it still presents problems, you might want to purchase a USB card for your PCI slot.


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I am having an issue when printing. Every page has 8 uniform dots on the right hand side of the paper. I have tried cleaning the cartridge and removing any dust from the machine.
If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

A:HP 4600 Laser Jet Printer

If the "dots" are of exact spacing then it will be caused by a fault in the drum or the transfer system, a dot being made on each rotation.

There is usually nothing you can do about it if it is the drum, apart from replacing it. That model does have an "all in one" drum and color toner assembly I believe, but I am unsure if the drum will have the problem or the transfer belt in your case.

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Hello. I have a crashed Dell CPU and a HP laser printer with a damaged memory. What is the proper way to dispose of these? I'd like to do something that is environmentally sound. Is there a use/market for the parts?


A:cpu and laser printer disposal

Depending on how remote you are there should be an outlet that will take these items. There are new directives coming into force in the UK (WEEE Directive) that puts a restriction on the disposal of unwanted (primarily commercial) electrical goods. As a result small companies are cropping up who specialise in unwanted electrical goods, particularly computers.

Some charities have learned how to cannabalise computer parts and turn them into servicable systems, there may be one near you. Alternatively, contact your local authority who should give you advice of where to dispose of your parts in an environmentally friendly manner.

Good luck !


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I have tried to install 3 different HP laser jet printers 1300 - 1505n and 1010 one I gave avay as I thought it not compatible with my new
Vista Home Premium x64 bit - but the other two also give me the same problem - first delayed printout - app. 1 minute - ant eventually no print at all - as the printer have not installed properly.

anybody have a solution - I read about the Canon printers which also had similar problems otherwise I was thinking of changing over to Canon.

Please help!!


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Hi everyone

I got an HP brother laser printer HL 1440 from a liquidation sale and I am trying to set it up but I have no drivers. I have tried to search the internet and the HP site to find one, with no luck. I really don't know a whole lot about this. If anyone knows where I could find the driver I would greatly appreciate it.

I am using windows xp home edition, I have heard that xp comes with it's own drivers and stuff, but again I don't know much about installing.

Thanks again.

A:HP laser printer driver

Hi, and welcome to the TSG forums.

You really confused me when you described your printer as an "HP brother laser printer HL 1440", since I don't think it can be made by both Hewlett-Packard AND Brother at the same time, but I THINK I've got it figured out.

Unless I'm mistaken, you want a WinXP Home driver for a BROTHER HL-1440 printer. If I'm RIGHT, then download the XP driver from this page:


Do NOT let the "win2000" in the page name concern you; the driver is the same for both Windows 2000 and Windows XP. According to these notes on that page:

NOTES for Windows XP user:

1.This is a Windows XP driver that has the same capability as drivers available for other previous Windows operating systems.

2.If your PC has an active Internet connection, the driver will be downloaded
and installed automatically when you connect the device to your computer.
Your internet connection must remain active during the driver installation.
If you do not wish to install the driver using an active Internet
connection, simply download the file from this page and following the installation instructions.

Judging by that, all you should have to do to the printer is hook it up to your system, turn it on, then boot up, and connect to the Internet. Of course, that might NOT work, but it would be one way to install the printer.

Or, you can download the driver and then install the printer AND th... Read more

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I pulled out my old NEC SuperScript 1450 laser printer. Unfortunately, there are no drivers for either Vista or Windows 7.

Can I use it in that WinXP emulation for Win7? WinXP has the driver preinstalled. I also cannot find the driver for WinXP online, so another question would be will the driver be there for it if I run it in WinXP emulation?

If not, Is there any possible way I can use that printer in Windows 7? Last resort would be to throw a WinXP installation on one of my drives.

A:Old Laser Printer Driver

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Is it possible to connect my laser printer,/ Samsung ml-1210, to my dell inspiron 530-1142 via a usb port or do i need to install a pci parralel port card,or something like that. the laser printer came with two parralel ends on the lead and i baught a parralel to usb port cable but it will not print my dell inspiron does not have a parralel port connection any help would be appreciated many thanks

A:Installing Laser Printer

According to the spces for your printer, it also has a USB port. Check for the little square thing to the left of the parallel port in this picture.

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Our office laser printer is stamping and smudging print down the page repeatedly from what appears from one of the center guide wheels. I've cleaned the printer wheels a couple times and the problem persists. Has anyone had this issue and solved it?

A:HP 4250 Laser Printer

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I am setting up printer sharing on a small network. There is a heavy duty laser printer currently working on the LPT port of one of the workstations. It is desirable that all workstations would share this laser printer as it is convenient to all. Can anyone give me a detailed list of the steps I should take to complete this task.

A:Laser printer network

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Inexpensive laser printer?

Suggestions on inexpensive laser printer?

Costco has Brother, OKI, HP. Don't know anything about the first two.

A:Inexpensive laser printer?

Start Checking around places like Staples, I got a brand new Canon MF3110 for $49.00 off the Clearance rack. They had it as a Holiday display and never even opened the toner cartridge box. only thing was the box was opened. Clearance Racks are my friend!

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My Samsung CLX 2160 laser printer was giving poor outputs in that the black text was faint. I replaced all the toner cartridges, but still get the same problem. The waste toner container was also replaced later. I have spoken to Samsung who were no real help. I've cleaned the nozzles and generally cleaned accessible bits of the printer. The test page shows colours that are reasonably good, but the black is faint. A manufacturer's repair will cost as much as a new machine.

A:Samsung Laser Printer

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Does anyone know of websites that specialize in reviewing laser printers? Other than Cnet, that is. I am looking for a close to entry level laser that is standard equiped with duplex (two-sided) printing capabilities.

Only two I have identified so far are the Samsung ML-2151N and Brother 1850.

A:Laser Printer Reviews

Tom's Hardware typically reviews a wide variety of hardware, and has many good links. I've not seen laser printers in there, but I've never exactly looked that way either. Google can also be your friend- just be wary of the source.

Hope this helps.

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Hi guys,
Im looking to buy a nice B&W A4 laser printer for my office.
Im after a network one so that it doesnt need to be connected to a pc.

Other things that are important.
- Good toner life
- Reliable
- Good warranty

Anyone reccommend one?


A:Advice On Laser Printer

I have used a HP LaserJet 1100 very successfully for 4 years now, without it ever giving a problem. The latest model I think is the Laserjet 1200. It does about 4000 pages per toner-refill.

Also Brother HL-1440 is a very good one (try Amazon.co.uk)

Rather than spending the money on a network-capable printer, buy a separate dedicated print-server like Netgear PS110 which can connect 2 printers to your network via the hub/switch.
I use that for my network at home with the above LaserJet and a colour Deskjet. Very easy to install.

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I have an HP Color Laser Jet 5550hdn. I have tried to load drivers (Windows 7 Pro X64) in 3 different environments: Auto Load from Windows, and from HP site - specific driver and universal driver. When Windows loads the drivers, the system freezes and requires a full hard boot. When drivers are loaded from HP, it shows that the printer is ready but will not print (spooler stops). I have also encountered problems with networking the printer (of course it cant be since the drivers aren't loaded) but I cannot find the printer's network address on the wired network.

A:HP Color Laser Jet Printer

Are you sure the drivers are 64-bit drivers?

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Hi! A friend got a used Brother HL-5170DN laser printer that didn't come with a drum unit. So, she bought a drum unit that is compatible with the printer but when she prints, the print comes out with a dark coloration throughout the page.

Could this be caused by a bad drum unit or at least the roller in the drum unit?


A:Question about a laser printer

Is the Drum an integral part of the toner cartridge? If so, was this a retail cartridge or a refilled cartridge?

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Had toner cartridge reloaded; now only prints total black.
Printer was ok before. Is it the cartridge? Reloader says no! Hopefully yours, Harry

A:Lexmark Laser Printer

Hi hmsteven

Only way to tell for sure is to try a new cartridge or take yours to a different printer. I have seen lots of remanufactured cartridges fail in many ways.

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Is this a reportable code due to USB error or a printer specific error? Still t-shooting printer probs with hp hdn5550. Reportable code is 43.

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43).

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I am looking for a colour laser printer to act as a back up black and white printer when my main printer goed wrong and an occasional good quality colur requiremnent for the occasional brochure and photo requirements.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Ian Wallace

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Hidy ho all,

I have a client that does alot of printing. And I mean alot. They go through a a 3x2x1 stack of printer paper boxes in a month.

And their primary printer, a Brother 8890DW all in one, is starting to have its parts fail after just over 3 years of service.

They wanted to get a price comparison for replacement parts vs a new printer.

My biggest issue is, I've never really shopped for a heavy duty laser printer before now. And they want this replacement to be able to scan photos and send faxes as well.

So, what criteria should I be looking for in the printer aspect of the device?

A:Need Help Shopping for a Laser Printer

First thing I would do is look at their business scenario. Paper is soooo 2000's.

We use Ricoh AIO here at the shop. One of our satellite shops also uses a Ricoh AIO, they have about 20 people. That meets their needs, but they are nowhere near printing as much as your client.

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I have an Oki Laser C5250n with duplex unit connected by USB to my WIN 7 Pro PC. I used the Oki Vista drivers to get the printer working and all is fine except for the duplex option.

When I right click on the Oki C5250n device - select Printer Properties - Device Options Tab - Tick box for Duplex Unit - click apply and ok. Then under Printing Preferences I still can't select 2-sided printing.

When I repeat the above I find that the box is unticked and won't stay ticked.

Can anyone suggest why this shoud be happening. I had no probs on an XP machine.


A:Laser Printer Problem

I have exactly the same problem.

Any solutions anywhere?

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My HP Laserjet III died today and the shop said that a circuit board failed. Repair would cost $150-$200 and they said not to do it. Not worth it when newer printers are cheap.

They have several used and rebuilt printers (bankrupt stock and end of lease machines) available and I trust them. Have bought toner from them for 10-15 years.

They want about $350 for a used 2100 or 2200 series HP laser printer (50,000 copies on one of them) and have others available as well. Newegg has some that look comparable for about the same price new (I want to paper trays).

It has been so many years since I bought a printer that it is hard to know what to get. I use it at home and probably print 20-30 pages a week.

I like HP because they seem to last forever. Bought my laserjet III in 1992 and have not had any problems until now.

Any advice?


A:Replacement laser printer

HP's are fine. Brothers are also good, but their drums need to be replaced. I guess you just need to get one that has two trays..? I'm not sure what else to say, except don't buy a used one if you can get a new one for the same price. At 20-30 pages a week, it would be hard to find a bad laser printer

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I've had to install my o/s, win 2k about 4 times. Its running fine now. Out of those four times my laser printer has installed twice. This being the fourth, no such luck.

i keep getting the error "cannot connect with the mita 560 status monitor. The current job was deleted".

I've downloaded the 2k, 2k pro drivers from different boards, looked for different rasdd.dll files to compensate for the windows 2k problem with this file. Still no luck.

Any suggestions, thanks....

Athlon 500 Mhz
6167 MSI MB
256 SDram pc 133
20 gig HD Quantum
Mita dp-560 laser printer (GDI)
Win 2k Pro

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Hi Everyone!

I run Windows 98 on a desktop and own a HP Laser Jet 6L Printer. It works fine except when about 10 pages or less are left in the paper input bin, it feeds them all the way through. (This has been happening for 6 months to a year) To try to avoid paper jams,when the bin gets low, I feed the pages through one at a time and it seems to work fine. It also works fine if the bin is fairly full. A relative of mine had this same problem after printing several 100 pages of documents with an HP Laser Jet 5L. The printer has had a lot of use and is over 3 years old. (4 years in July) some questions:

1. Can I manually feed the pages through when the bin is low and that's gonna be ok?

2. What's the most likely senerio for what is causing this problem?

3. My relative spent about $75 to get his printer problem fixed This was about 4 years ago, so how much would you think I would have to pay to get it fixed.

Considering the computer/printer is almost 4 years old, it's more of a minor annoyance than anything else. What do you guys think about this? Thank you for your help

A:HP Laser Jet 6L Printer Situation

Just my opinions, but

IF you found someone who'd work on it, the cost average probably wouldn't make sense......however, if you could find an older type apprentice person, the person would appreciate quality....they just don't make the new ones like they used to.

Feeding the sheets are no big deal...it's not going to harm anything.....

I would guess that after 4 years, the feeder teeth just aren't grabbing once the paper tray gets low........

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