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Is it possible to recover Data from Scratched Disk?

Q: Is it possible to recover Data from Scratched Disk?

There is a scratched disk which I have no idea why the scratched happened. Also, disk did not finalize on my DVD recorder.

Is it possible to recover Data from a scratched disk?
Or, if it's not possible, is there a good program for this issue? Because, there are several programs on-line, however which program is good for a non-expert DVD issue along with computer's?

Any help on this issue would be truly appreciated.


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Preferred Solution: Is it possible to recover Data from Scratched Disk?

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)



I run a Windows XP with NTFS Partition. I have got a Zip disk in which a few clusters in the middle have somehow corrupter,I guess it is the click of death, known to be associated with zip-disks.

As soon as any application tries to read in these clusters, the zip-drive goes vanishing, so I need to eject and re-insert the diskette to make it recognisible. I am not able to make even complete image of the drive.

Which software should I use to recover these files?(are these files recoverable?). Im trying to scan the disk with "Trouble In Paradise(TIP)" but it doesnt recognise my internal IDE zip drive.

i tried "ASPI_ME" & "force ASPI", still "TIP" doesnt recognise Zip disk. Can spinrite recover my data? if so how to make myNTFS machine run dos? and how to make spinrite detect zip drive in DOS?(i.e how to mount zip drive in dos?)

im not able to find the guest.exe utility to run it on DOS.,

Best Regards,

A:recover data from zip disk

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Hello I am trying to network two of my computers so that I can transfer some of my audio files that we made and recorded using Real Jukebox to my newer computer.

The old one is Win ME and the new one is XP pro.

What cables do I need/ How is this done???

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

A:XP and ME (recover data from ME disk)

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Hi All,

Is it possible to recover data from a floppy disk? One day it worked fine the next day a error message appeared "The disk in drive A is not formatted" "Do you want to format it now?" I have tried it on other PC's and the same thing happens.



A:Recover data from a floppy disk?

Unfortunately, once a floppy disk is damaged, I don`t think there is anything you can do about it IMHO.

Regards Howard

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I have problem with my hard disk's chip of my laptop. How do i recover all datas from it.
Thank you.

A:Recover data from hard disk.

You've not exactly explained the situation very well.
are you saying the laptop is broken or the hard drive itself. "hard discs chip" doesn't mean anything in any lingo lol.

if its the laptop at fault you can buy a usb 2.5" caddy place the hard drive in it and use another computer to recover all of your data and files.

if the hard drive has failed and no longer works, theres little you can do. you could try a caddy like above, placing it in the freezer is an old trick to gain a small amount of life from a dying drive.

I dont mean to go on.. but this is why EVERYONE should back up their data regularly. harddrive failures shouldnt result in manic.. it should be "oh well its all safe on another drive/disc/flash drive" ect

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I have a machine with a dead motherboard. I would like to copy my data to a new machine. My old machine two hard drives configured in a software RAID (dynamic disk). Do I just plug one of them into my new machine, or do I have to do something first since it was part of a software RAID?

A:Recover data from Dynamic Disk

If it's a "regular" dynamic disk (as in just a dynamic disk, you didn't RAID it in anyway in previous Windows installation) then you should be able to import the volume directly. I've done this many times back in XP.

But if it's a part of a RAID volume (other than RAID-1)... you are out of luck...


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My T61 is not booting. Can I take out the hard disk and pop it in any HDD and read it from a different computer to recover the data?

Go to Solution.

A:recover hard disk data

Yes, assuming it is not password protected

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I had a 400 MB HDD partitioned in 3 parts. Since the last 3 years the HDD was working fine. One day, the computer simply froze at windows XP boot screen. I restarted the machine quite a few times , but it use to freeze at the Windows loading screen of XP.

Then I removed the HDD and loaded win XP on another HDD 160 GB and made it the primary device. Now when I try to connect the earlier HDD as a secondary slave, the system just freezes and as soon as I disconnet the HDD from the cable, the system starts functioning.

I have a lot of data in the 400 MB HDD. Need to recover the data which is there in D and E partition.

Can anyone tell me the process with which I can recover the data from the old HDD ?

A:How to recover data from Hard Disk

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I have two identical drives a C and a D drive C was set up as primary and D as secondary. The C drive had winxp pro and my programs on it and the D drive was my storage drive for all my music and important files. I decided to reinstall winXP on my C drive and it kept giving me problems so I decided to install Linux Fedora on it instead. I am getting an external drive in a couple of days and figured I'd just reinstall winXP on the C drive and remove fedora when it got here then move my music and data from the D drive to the external. Then I would reformat both C and D drives and sell them. When looking in the case I mistook one for the other and reformatted my secondary D drive, then installed fedora Core onto it. During install I instructed it to remove all OS's and reformat everything. I had about 28 gigs of data and fedora core is only .5 gigs or so.

Now I have my D drive formatted with Fedora core and my C drive as it was with Win XP and my programs.

Can I set the C drive as primary again and plug in the D drive as secondary then from disk management change the D drive back to a windows format like NFTS or what ever and then run some program to get my data back?

Please Help all my stuff is on that disk.


A:Help! need to recover data from formatted disk

It would endanger any remaining data to try to change the file system yet again. Chances are you may have lost the data the first time.

Try scanning the drives with these programs. Look under the "Others" menu in Restoration and choose "Scan All Clusters". These are free and good and will give a good idea if anything remains of your files (if they allow access to an Ext2FS file system from Windows---I don't know).


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Hi there , can any one help me to fix my hard disk . my hard disk is St- 3500413as but now showing ST- M13fqbl ATA 500 gb . OS Windows 7 32 bit. Suddenly my pc won" t turn on & when I try to fix i find in disk manager my hard disk showing just 3.86 gb. & showing not initalized & unalocated. I try more then 10 software like mini tool , wonder share nothing . no result . i even try with windows command promot bootrec/FixMbr bootrec/FixBoot bootrec/Scan Os bootrec/RebuildBcd. itd not working too. can Any one help me . all i need is recover my data . Please can some one give me any idea to recover my data.I try every suggestion i got from internet . Nothing . Still I'm In the same place with my data in my hard disk . Really really need help to recover my data


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I'm desperate here, really need some ideas.

We offer B&B accommodation at home.
All our bookings until October were on the hard disk.
That hard disk no longer works!
It does not boot the computer, nor can it be accessed from another computer.
I took it to the shop where I bought it and they were unable to get it to work.

The disk turns, but for some reason is not recognized.
Then the message comes up asking if we want to format it.

The problem began this morning when the computer got blocked up.
I rebooted and got a message about a missing or corrupt ntfs.sys file in system32/drivers (the OS is Windows XP Professional).

I tried all the suggestions I found, like trying to restore from CD etc., but to no avail.
According to the shop where I bought it (the disk is a MAXTOR HD) there is something defective.

Is there any way to recover this data? I really need to or else we cannot make any more bookings.
Would the manufacturer be able to do so?
Are there services that might be able to help?

A:Help! Broken hard disk, I need to recover data!!

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I have recently bought a 1 TB Seagate external hard disk. It worked very good.
Some days ago I had to format my computer and reinstall windows, so I saved my important data on the external hard disk.
Accidentally, I did the format while the hard disk was connected to the computer.
I tried to connect the hard disk to my other computer, a massage popped up saying "Seagate storage device was successfully installed and ready to be used" , but I couldn't find it in "My Computer".
Then I went to My Computer-Manage-Disk Management and there I saw the hard disk, but it was Unallocated.
I tried to activate it, and then I saw it on My Computer. However, when I double clicked on it, A massage saying "This drive is not formatted, would you like to format it now?" popped up. I said NO and then tried some file recovery programs, but with no success.
The only program that worked was "VirtualLab" It found the files, all of them, but I couldn’t save them because I had to buy the program.

I Tried the "Recuva" software, but when I tried to scan the hard disk, Recuva said "Unable to read boot sector".

Please, I really need to recover my files from there, There are some Medical Documents there for my sisters surgery.
Help me up please!!!

A:Recover data from External hard disk

$40 is actually a very good price if the program can see and promises to recover all the files you need. Free software is free software; sometimes it works fine and sometimes you get what you pay for, especially with data recovery. The ones I would have suggested cost significantly more (GetDataBack and Easeus Recovery Wizard).

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Recently my 320GB Seagate Hard Disk faced a problem and had to be replaced.

Am running Win7 x64 on my new 1TB WD Hard Disk. However, there was some important and slightly sensitive data that I still want to recover from my old Sata Hard Disk.

Chronology of events before replacement:

Mid-July: Hard Disk was working fine. I had to go out of town for a month. PC was not being used during that period.
Aug 11- I returned home, but PC refused to boot. Even the BIOS screen or the name of the motherboard does not appear. Just a blank screen. After a couple of hours of replugging in all the hardware and power cables, the PC booted and worked normally.
Aug17- PC refused to boot, repeated the same procedure of unplugging the hardware etc but this time i noticed that one of the connectors of my hard disk appeared slightly chipped off at the edge (cant remember if its the power connector or the sata connector). PC worked normally after a couple of hours of playing around with the hardware.
Aug 18- PC was freezing, every mouse click was taking a couple of minutes to respond. I tried rebooting but the faced the same problem as the previous two times. Unplugged the HardDisk and used an old IDE hard disk to figure out if its indeed the hard disks problem. The old IDE hard disk worked.

I went and purchased a new SATA hard disk which works fine now, absolutely no issues.
But i wanted some of my data from the old disk, so I tried connecting the old Hard Disk back but cant get it to bo... Read more

A:Need to recover data from a Bad Sata Hard Disk

Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to manage partition directly with partition manager bootable CD.
Free download Magic Partition Manager Software, partition magic alternative, free partition magic, partition magic Windows 7 and server partition software - Partition Wizard Online (last one "bootable CD"). Download it and burn it. Boot from DVD. Does it see the SATA-disk? Does it see all partitions?

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I have 3 SCSI Hard Disks... Configured in RAID 5...
now i wanted to install Windows Server 2003 on it so i booted the server from the HP Start Smart Cd and then partitioned it and then installed. But then after completing the installation successfully i came to know that i need to have backed up certain folders also that i didnt do. I used Easeus software to recover the whole partition and it recovered 246 GB of data which is useless...
There are many excel, word files that appear in different versions and then any file doesnt open..
I want some help on this...

THank You

Syed Mohammed Sirajuddin

A:What to do if the hard disk is formatted and we need to recover the data?

the best software i would recommend is Easy Recovery Professional ==>as far as i have experienced, they have the BEST

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I am trying to recover data from laptop internal HDD use as an external hard drive to recover data from that HDD. I can't see my HDD in my computer but in DISK Managemnet, there is a message, "Disk 1 Unknown Not Initizalized"

Please Help!!


A:Recover Data from Disk that is unknown and not initialized

If the data is critical, and it sounds like it is.. the first thing I would do is use a software that makes a sector by sector backup or image of that uninitialized drive. That way if trying to make it readable by initializing it should hose it, you have a copy.

After that, if you know that the unititialized drive was at one time formatted NTFS then you might try initializing it with Partition Wizard freeware

But it may be worthwhile to talk to someone well versed in disk recovery. There may even be some dedicated forums around for that specialty.

If you get lucky and the Partition Wizard initialization shortcut works, then the files should be there after doing a non-destructive format as NTFS file system.

Assuming that's what it was to begin with.

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Hii everyone.

I have a Western Digital blue 640 GB internal SATA HDD, which showed bad hard disk in startup repair. It does not shows in disk management or device manager when connected via USB port. But shows status as "online" in diskpart when connected via SATA port & when I enter startup tools using windows installation disk. The SMART test fails in BIOS when hard disk is connected internally. I want to recover the data of this hard disk because it is utmost important for me.

The hard disk is spinning normally and not making any clicking noise. Also, I checked via a software called 'Hard Disk Sentinel' that it has about 519 bad sectors & showed 0% health & 0 days remaining.
Is there any possibility of getting my data back? If yes, then how? I'm just a student, & the data recovery experts take a huge amount in recovering data. Please suggest all possible solutions for recovering data.

Thank You.

A:How to recover data of Hard Disk with many bad sectors?

Utmost important data, along with the OS partition, is best backed up at least weekly if not bi-weekly onto trustworthy external media. Where are your backups? If no backups, a local recovery expert working in a serious-minded business-oriented computer fix-it place will probably be your best bet.
Have you ever used any kind of recovery software before? Rule one: whatever you decide to use must not write anything anywhere onto the hard-drive.
There are several very good recovery programs available:
MiniTool Power Data Recovery, Piriform's Recova, EaseUS Data Recovery, and many more. I have pay-for versions, however, you might get results with one or two free versions.

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I've got a Creative Nomad Zen Xtra, 40 gig version.
Well, it's messed up. It froze (No big deal, this happens alot), so I take the battery out. Usually this makes it reboot, and things go back to normal.
Well, this time, the Zen decided to be destroyed instead.
Whenever it starts up, I get four options:
1. Clean Up
2. Format all
3. Reload the OS
4. Reboot

1 does nothing, if I try 3 it says "Harddisk problem", 4 causes the MP3 player to reboot, but to no effect, as it just goes back to this screen.

I obviously haven't tried 2, as my entire objective is to recover the contents of the hard drive.

I've got LOTS of stuff on this Zen. (I bought a 40 gig Zen just so it could hold alot of stuff...), and I'd be extremely pissed if I had to lose it all.
Are there any ideas of what I could do to try and recover the contents of the drive? I'm willing to try anything.

The Zen's under warranty, so whatever happens, as long as I get a chance to back-up the hard drive (Which I probably should have done before now...), I can just then send it in to get a new one.

But I really need to get that data.

A:Hard Disk MP3 Player won't work, need to recover the data...

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My DELL Inspiron N5010 15R, Harddisk WDC WD5000BEVT-75A0RT0 is not starting up. While diagnostic test performed by pressing F12 at startup I am getting an Error Code 2000-0146 Hard drive-DST Short test Fail.
What I am really worried about is losing my data as I did not take any back up of it. What should I do? In case I have to replace my harddisk is there any way to recover my data before replacing my harddisk.

A:Recover data from my corrupted internal hard disk

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I accidentally deleted my Western Digital Hard Disk Volume,i created a new one (screenshot),though the hard disk is empty,everything is missing.

Unfortunately this is my storage E:\ and i had\have very important files on it.

I am not good with this,i never had a similar problem,so PLEASE HELP!!!

A:Undelete Hard disk Volume and recover data!

Hello there panais,

You can try Easeus's Data Recovery Wizard:-

Free Download hard drive data recovery software tools for FAT & NTFS Drive Recovery - EaseUS

Here's the guide for it:-

Recover deleted, lost partitions or hard drives. Hard Disk Partition Recovery software.

Hope that helps.

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hey there,
upon changing desktop computer and moving all the hard drives from one to another, my friend clicked on convert to basic instead of simply activating hard drive in computer mangement... the disk is basic now with 1 partition instead of previous 2 extended logical partitions and all data were lost.

upon researching, tried some recovery softwares but with no luck, i was directed to use partitionguru (diskgenius previously) and upon partition recovery, its showing me the "lost partition" with all the file and folders as they were, which is good, but its not showing a fully used volume as it was


now i know that previously the partition was an extended partition, so originally the volume had one drive letter with 2 partitions in it.

2 questions i would like some help with if u may,

1- if i recover like it is, will it know that its a 2tb partition extended into 2 931gb and hence restore the full 2tb or theres some other thing that i have to do then. (IS IT SAFE TO SAVE THE PARTITION TABLE AS IT IS)
2- if the above is the case, can i recover the files to as they were, AS TO THE SAME DRIVE ITSELF

thanks for ur support,

A:Recover data from a mistakenly converted dynamic disk to basic

Hello and welcome numbskull mate try this


Makea bootable Ubuntu disk http://www.ubuntu.com/download

Setthe BIOS to boot from the optical when the machine boots it will show you ascreen with TRY or INSTALL > select TRY. You can of course remove the hard drive and any otherdrives when doing this as if the optical alone is the only drive left in themachine then the BIOS will only find it to boot from.

Whenit is finished - it takes very little time you will get a screen like in thepic .

Openthe drive you want > User and dig down until you get to the data / settingsyou may be able to copy / paste the material you want to an external source orother installed drive doing this.

Iam not sure if it will but I have recovered tons of data etc using this methodboth on "dead" or just plain drives that you cannot get data fromusing Windows.
Whether you have destroyed the data in that partition or not will depend on what you can see.

Maybe an outside chance might be running Recuva https://www.piriform.com/recuva < free version is good enough.

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please help
how can I recover data from a damaged disk (not physically) of an external encrypted Bitlocer.
Description of the situation:

After connecting the drive - I can decipher it by typing the password - but when you try to open the contents of the report the message "format disk"
- the disk probably has some volume damaged - it has been disconnected from the computer (without being turned off)
What I have done so far:

Using the "Lazesoft" program - I managed to copy (of course after entering the password
on the damaged disk)
the content to another external disk (full - looking after size) but -
this data is encrypted (mainly ending with .ER)
I am asking for a hint:

whether the data that is on the new disk can somehow read (on this disk I can try) [or/and]how to create a damaged disk image to try on another disk [or/and]how to repair a damaged disk (as a last resort) - I am afraid of total data loss [or/and]what other program to use to copy data from a damaged disk
but decrypted
Thank you in advance for your help
Best Regards

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I have a scratched DVD-R that I need, NEED, to recover as much as I can from. Last night, it gave me a couple read errors (after copying around 350mb of the 2gb of files), so I decided I'd try again today when I had a little more time to spare. Now, when I try to open the DVD in Vista, it's showing that there are no files on the DVD, just 2.2gb of free space left. If I try navigating to it from the prompt, I get "The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable."

Does anyone have any suggestions? Are there any tools I can use to recover information from the session Vista can't see? I've already cleaned the DVD-R as much (and as safely) as possible.

A:Recovering data from a scratched DVD-R

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My operating system is XP professional SP2. Through years of use my system disk has alot of scratches on it, can this cause problems trying to do a clean install on a system. I know most big computer stores sell scratch removers, will they really help to restore my disk to almost new condition.


A:Scratched OS Disk

It would depend on the severity of the scratch.
You could try to copy the disk over to the HDD to make sure that all files are able to be read.
If they are you can use something like Magic Iso to make a copy of the disk so that you will have a spare.
Be sure to get the code from the disk before disposing of the original.

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Okay guys Official worst case scenario here... The seller has scratched off the windows coa KEY, then somehow when I got it here, it didn't even have the windows key stored in the bios, but the machine was definately sold with a valid copy of windows 7 profession.   I do however have the service tag only, how can I manage to retrieve the key that was on the sticker, the official key that was sold with the machine  on this individual service tag with NO key stored in the bios and no sticker on the machine?

A:My COA Windows KEY is scratched off and my Bios SLP SLIC2.1 Data has been wiped.... Key retrivel with ONLY dell service tag.

Please tell us what the system model is. If it has a SLIC version of 2.1 then you may use Windows 7 OEM System Locked Preinstallation. See here for details:
To Download Windows 7 Installation Media from Microsoft and apply Dell OEM SLP see here:
After Windows 7 is installed via OEM SLP you may follow the instructions here to Upgrade to Windows 10:

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At change of system disk in a desktop or laptop (internal hdd) as in my case from win 7 to 8 or 10, 

after rechange data on data disk had problems of ownership because other system disks as mentioned above

change ownership attributes, so that chkdsk has to run.

On the other side connected data disks to pc by usb 2/3 do not show any problems, obviously only when internal system disks changes and data disk is intern too.

I see this even if data only have ownership everybody. After change of systemdisk and rechange there are these problems

but not everytime, but sometimes with data destruction by chkdsk to folders like found001 and so on.

Perhaps this only at my personal pc, perhaps general, but rare people would use different system disks with different operation system of windows 7, 8.1 and 10 in a laptop or desktop pc.

Perhaps I have a fault there, I dont know.

Is there a solution, can I prevent this in future times or do I have a fault ? Or is this a problem in windows architecture which cannot be solved ??

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Plz can u guys help me out to recover the data from my external HDD. I hv got a 100GB HDD, 2 partion, sony vio, HDD manufecture by hitachi. When i try to open it its comes with "drive is not accessible, The file or directory corrupted or unreadable". tried to get the data from usb 2 IDE combo adapter, stil same message. Plz help is there any way i can retrive the data??? plz..

A:Need to recover data from HDD


Testdisk Documentation
Testdisk Download
Testdisk Boot Disk
Partition Find & Mount
Free DTIData NTFS Partition Repair Tool


Diskinternals Partition Recovery (Demo)
[email protected] Partition Recovery
Bootmaster Partition Recovery
ZAR Partition Recovery
DIY DataRecovery DiskPatch
Partition Table Doctor

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I just recently burnt data to a dvd, but now when I put the disk in the dvd drive it comes up as having no data.
I can see on the back of the disc that data has been burnt to it. I've also verified that the DVD drive is working correctly. I think possibly that the session wasn't closed properly????
Can somone pls recommend a "free" software that will allow me to recover the data off of the DVD +R disc.

A:Need To Recover DVD Data

I don't know about any free recoverytools , but i have used this app with good result http://www.runtime.org/downloads.htm

Hope it solves your problems

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I recently reformatted my computer, but for some reason, it formatted both my regular drive that I wanted to format, and my backup drive with all my data. I was wondering if there is going to be an "easy" and "free" method of recovering the data, specifically, reversing it back to the same condition it was in before the reformat.


A:recover data

No, sorry. Nothing particuarly easy but there are some choices. You can try a number of freeware apps such as this: http://officerecovery.com/freeundelete/ providing all you did was reformat and did not do anything else. I haven't used this but it was recommended once before here. It's for the NTFS file system. What file system was this drive?

I've used PCInspector and it's a fine tool but that was for recovering specific files not an entire drive's contents.

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Hi Guys!

I by mistake erased the contents of my DVD-RW using Nero Burning ROM's quick erase option. Is there a way or a software by which I can retrive the contents of the DVD.


A:How to recover data from DVD-RW???

Take a look at this


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Hey, friend needed me to transfer his desktop XP HDD to his new Vista laptop. So I did, and I find out a week later he had a bunch of stuff in 'Microsoft Works' that did not transfer. He NEEDS that data. But since then I have installed a fresh copy of xp on the old HDD (no other data, just the OS). Is there anyway I can recover some data on the old HDD? I only did a quick format.


A:Recover Hdd Data

You can try recovery software, Data recovery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_recovery Louis

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I recently installed win xp-3. All went well until one day when I tried to open the drive D, it popped up "This disk in drive D is not formatted. Do you want to format now?" I store all photographs, Important documents, emails, etc.

I have not formatted the disk..

I had really very important data on that drive and I want it to recover/backup. I tried all the means.. I did some search on net, tried different kinds of data recovery software, but nothing worked out. please.. please.. help me recover my data..

I tried data recovery wizard program, which they said will recover raw partitions... but it failed.
I tried recover my files.. which also failed.
I tried testdisk, which failed. and many others.. but of no avail

In disk management, it shows Disk is healthy and it showing as:
Layout: partition
Type: Basic
File system: (showing nothing... it is blank... other drives showing NTFS)
Status: Healthy
capacity: 192.32
Free Space: 192.32
%free: 100%
fault tolerance: NO
overhead 0%

My hdd is Seagate Barracuda 7200.12, 500 GB, Partition on D is 200 GB. Gegabyte motherboard

I will be very thankful somebody help me out......

If i am posting it in wrong forum or wrong way please change...

A:how to recover my raw data?

<<...tried different kinds of data recovery software...>>

<<I tried data recovery wizard program, which they said will recover raw partitions... but it failed. I tried recover my files.. which also failed.
I tried testdisk, which failed. and many others.. but of no avail>>

Well...there is no guarantee that any data-recovery program will be successful...as you have discovered.

The best program I have used costs and can be found at GetDataBack - Data Recovery Software - http://runtime.org/data-recovery-software.htm , but that doesn't mean that it will do the job for you.


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I have a dell inspiron 6000 with windows XP PRO (NTFS) installed and the computer hangs up during boot up. The hard drive seems to be corrupt. I read some of the sticky threads out here and the best option seems is to try and run the Maxtor Powerblast. However I fear losing some important data in my D and E drives on the harddisk. Is there any way I can boot into DOS copy some important data over to my external hardrive (connected through firewire) and then try this utility up. I tried Recovery console but I get an access is denied on most of the dos commands. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Recover data

The absolute safest option is to remove the HardDrive and using a notebook to PC connector (they're usually about $1 on ebay) plug it into a Desktop computer as "Slave" (ie where the CD/DVD usually goes) and backup (using just explorer) from there.

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Hi My friend had a problem with his computer
He installed a new bootscreen (by copying the ntoskrnl over the original) and when he rebooted the bootscreen came up and then it just locked up and kept reeboting. So this morning his dad Wiped the whole computer (with windows recovery CD)
So what I am asking is can he recover any files? he had over 1000 music files and videos/pictures etc.
not to mention the 6 or 7 games he had installed
Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Recover Data

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I have an interesting situation. I have an old business computer that is running DOS on an IBM PS/2 Model 80 (20 years old). I need to get the data off of it! I'd like to just suck all the info off of the drive on to a new machine...I can take it from there. The problem is there is now way to get info off the system that I can think of. The Hard Drive is not IDE...it is the old IMB Microchannel system. The microchannel Floppy drive is bad. No network card. No Modem. Thought of a Lap Link cable transfer, but I have no way to load the software onto the dos machine to enable that. Any one have a work around?

A:Data recover from Dos


This fellow seems to know quite a bit about IBM model 80 computers-
Maybe you can e-mail him and he will have some info for you on your


Good luck.


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Does anyone know how to recover files in widows XP
The problem is i installed a new OS but i did'nt format the hard-drive
In "Documents and Settings" Folder my files still exist but i cant seem to get access

A:Help Recover Data

I need to get my files from 'My Documents' After installing a new OS
I did'nt Format the drive i just replaced the Operating System
The file still exists in "Documents And Settings" but is not Accessible

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Is there a way to recover data over a yr ago?

A:How to recover old data

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Hello friends,

i have 40 gb harddrive i overwrite one folder with same name.

is it possible to recover that old folder if yes kindly guide how i can recover that.

A:can data recover?

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I had to format my C drive and there were files on there that I wanted but forgot to copy them. Is there a way to retrieve them because system restore won't work after you install XP again

A:recover data

Once you have formatted your drive you haveto all intents and purposes lost all files on it.

there are forensic investigation utilities that might recover part or all of the files, but they are not available to the public and only to law enforcement bodies. It is debateable whether they will work, depending on the effectiveness of the format

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Hello i had a bad 2.5inch hitachi 500gb laptop hdd that went bad doesnt get any power tested it on 2 pcs. Also tested an older laptop hdd on my desktop and it powers up fine. So i decided to take my bad hard drive apart and took the actual disks out my motive was to swap them into a working 2.5 inch hdd but i defiantly failed probably needs to be the same make and model or something. i think i got the basics down but im just wondering since all i have now are the actual hdd disks from my hdd and if my data is still recoverable.

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After splitting C: drive into two partitions by disk management tool, i am facing following problems:
1. Start up/boot problem (Windows 7 not started)
2. one old partition is hidden

i made many different attempt to solve the issue but failed.

in my last attempt, i install new windows 7 at new partition
this time my old partition has gone to hide but it is viewable only in disk management tool; it is not active here

kindly help me to recover my old data which is placed at old partition.

thanking you in anticipation

A:want help to recover data

Did you (1) try unhiding the partition using Disk Management, or (2) assigning it a drive letter using Disk Management?

If both of these fail, you will need to use a data recovery app to get your data back. Is that what you are asking to do?

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help me please
I am getting error on ex hd .

[drive] is not acceptable the disk structure is comupted and unreasonable

How to Recover Data?

A:How to Recover Data

Hi carlo67

not acceptable usually has some issues with the MBR...it can be repaired sometimes, but to recovery data first is more safer, after the data is back you can then choose to repaire or format or whatever. I myself use the Easeus backup software which is great, but noticed that they have recently got a beta version of the Data Recovery software, it seems simple yet efficient, you could also try just click out and download there, but the first thing after you recover the data, make sure you do backup regularily, also Macrium is a fine backup freebie, it's the safe way and much more easier when there is anything.

carlo67 said:

help me please
I am getting error on ex hd .

[drive] is not acceptable the disk structure is comupted and unreasonable

How to Recover Data?Click to expand...

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I am new so bear with me....I have an old toshiba laptop.....The place the power cord plugs into is broken....i cannot charge the battery. Is there any way that I can get my data (i.e. music, pictures and documents) off ym hard drive without my computer being powered up? The battery is completely dead and it wont even come on. Its such an old computer I dont wanna sink any more money into fixing it really. I just want my stuff off it to put on a new one. Can anyone help me???

A:Recover data?

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Hello, I own a DELL INSPIRON 15 and I recently experienced a problem with desktop error in my operating system Windows Vista Premium 64bit. I tried to use System Restore but it didn't work. Dell offers a program called Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 to restore the laptop to it's original factory state. I backed up my files into a folder called Emergency, located on drive C, then I did the formatting. I checked and my files were there, I restored them, but when I restarted the laptop, the same desktop error appeared. So I foolishly did the formatting again, I did it because Dell DataSafe program assured the files that were in the Emergency folder were not going to be deleted. So I did it, and when I went to the Emergency folder everything was gone. I checked the disk space and there was more space available. So I tried to do a System Restore again to go back before I did the 2nd formatting, and now it is stucked again and Vista won't start. So I suppose I have to do a formatting again, but now I don't know how can I recover my files. Is there a way? Please help!

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What is the best free program to recover data that has been deleted. I accidently deleted a file off my USB drive and need to recover it. Any suggestions?

A:Recover data

I like Recuva - i'ts FREE by Piriform


You should google "Recuva reviews comments" to see what others say

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I am running a Windows XP system and have a need to find the deletion date of some data on my HDD (NTFS journaled). The trick is I do not know what the data is, I do know the date. Windows seems to record the creation date, modification dates, but does not make a obvious record for deletion dates. What I want to find out is how to use my NTFS USN journal to tell me what HDD changes were made but I do not know how to read the hex data "fsinfo usn enumdata" spits out. Ideally I would export the whole thing into a file and look for info there but I do not know how to do that either and that would be a huge file. Nevertheless I will make a 250 MB file if I have to because it is vital I find this information.

Thanks in advance.


A:Recover Data

Hi -Have you used Recuva or any similar tool yet ??

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I am in a sticky situation.

I turned my USB drive into a bootable USB drive. The problem is, I turned the wrong one, the one with all my important files on it.

I would like to know if I could recover the files on my USB, but that isn't the biggest problem - because it's a bootable drive now, Vista does not sense it as a USB hard drive, it does not appear.

How can I get my data back?

Thanks for any help.

A:Recover USB Data

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