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Interesting Question about Printing between two computers?!?

Q: Interesting Question about Printing between two computers?!?

I have a couple questions about printing between two computers

i have one Canon all in one media printer that i would like to use between my two home computers... the computers are about 10 feet away.

First of all.. i was wondering if using a program like Remote Assitance or something like that where you can access everything on someone elses computer you could print on the computer thats not hooked up to the printer.


Second, is there anyway to send prints across the internet? i don't know if that makes sense so just ask for clarity if needed

i just dont' want to have to buy a router and all that...


Preferred Solution: Interesting Question about Printing between two computers?!?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Interesting Question about Printing between two computers?!?

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Well MS fixed "Error 80248015" ,  Thinking about it this AM how did they access our machines to apply the fix????????????????????

A:Interesting Question

They didn't, the problem was created by an outdated file located on the Microsoft Update servers.
When the Windows Update Client on your computer tries to update, first it check if there is a new version of the client on the server and during that check it downloads a file that didn't pass the validation check because of the expired date.

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I was wondering if the following is possible or not.
I want to put a message box on certain folders. To explain, when the user opens a certain folder, windows puts up a message on the screen with a message like "This folder is out of date, please use folder 3." or something along the same lines and then open the folder when they click "OK".
I don't want to restrict access, I just want to give the user information when they enter a folder.

I have searched about a bit but I don't really know if it is possible and what to search for.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Interesting Question

It'll take some searching but I think I saw this trick somewhere.
Do a ggogle search for "registry tips and tricks".
Here's a good one:

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Is there a way to block someone from booting up a computer?

(I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this question.)

I have an individual who frequently spends time at my house, and I do not want her to have access to this computer. I'm sure there is a way to do it, but I don't know how. I've tried going to the CMOS screen on start up and setting a password there - It didn't work. I can't remember if there is a password command that can go into a DOS .bat file.

I have an Intel Pentium III, 500 MHz processor. The "brand" name is Pionex. I'm not sure of the motherboard type.

I would appreciate any insite on this problem. Thanks in advance.

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A:Hello. I have an interesting question...

How did she find a way around the BIOS password? Here's an easy solution: take the power cord off your computer and hide it. Works for me.

Programming Page
Get Paid to Surf the Net

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Is it possible to send a fax over a cell phone? Hubby posed this question today. I can't think of a way it could be done, but promised I'd try to see if anyone here had ever heard of it being done.

A:Interesting question

A quick google search

Question: How can I send faxes with my cell phone?

Our fax software can send faxes with cell phone modems, as long as your modem can be seen from a COM Port on your computer, and your cell phone carrier supports this. You may need to call your cell phone service provider to ask if faxing is supported.


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Hi I am learning ASP.Net C# programming, My friend give me a very interesting question to solve

I have the following class decleration for a person, I need to write a C# code, for the following functions: PrintDescendants() and TestPrintDescendants()

PrintDescendants should return a string in the following format:

“childA ( grandChildAA ( greatGrandChildAAA () ) grandChildAB () ) childB ( grandChildBA () ) childC ()”
public class Person
List<Person> children;
string name;

public Person(string name)
this.name = name;

public string PrintName()
return name;

// print all of your descendants (children, grandchildren, etc)
// into a string
public string PrintDescendants()


class TestPerson
public void TestPrintDescendants()

I will be very thankfull If any one can give me a hint what is actually I needed to do and how to solve the problem.


A:An interesting C# question

"childA ( grandChildAA ( greatGrandChildAAA () ) grandChildAB () ) childB ( grandChildBA () ) childC ()&#8221; <------ can You Pls Explain this?

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Good morning

I'm wondering. On my laptop i have a screen (duh) How can i use it to play xbox 360 or for that matter.. use it as a monitor for another PC...
What can i get that has good quality HD comp. in or VGA in. I have VGA out, but not in.....
SO can i get some PCI card to fulfill this desire? Or is this just impossible....?



A:An interesting question

The laptop screen is hard wired (digitally) to the laptop motherboard.

It's a proprietary digital interface that differs between makes and models.

It's not therefore "available" to use as an external monitor, even if you were to disassemble the laptop.

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dear all members , i am running windows xp home edition and the problem since 3months onwards iam facing is that when iam starting the system in safe mode immediately the computer is switched off like a tv when there is a power failure. when i want to install or upgrading the current version with bootable xp home cd after copying files the system is switched off as said above. everything is running fine in normal mode and no problems during normal operation.please kindly help me to solve this problem.

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i know its possible to directly connect two computers via parallel port...but is it possible to share an internet connection connected like that? i've never had the want or need to link up via parallel, so i have no clue... and i've asked a couple people and no one knew for sure

A:interesting question i was asked..

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I was just wondering if there is an option in Newegg that makes all of the things in your cart get shipped the same day. For example, is there a way to make everything arrive on the same day, or at least get shipped on the same day?


A:An Interesting Question About Newegg

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Hi peoples
For security purposes is it safer to use the on screen keyboard in windows when logging into sites using your password etc.
For instance do keyloggers pickup this or is it hidden.
Just a curious question?

A:Interesting security question

It would help if you have a hardware keylogger but I don't think it would help if you had a much more common software keylogger.

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one of the mucky-mucks got a new laptop today, imaged it, installed his custom apps, copied over his profile, installed all necessary software for his various apps, and the only problem I am having is that he wants his custom dictionary imported. Now, I know that with word it's normal.dot; I know this as I tend to have most of my office suite products pretty customized and back up the toolbars rather frequently, as I don't feel like re-adding a few thousand entries into the custom dictionary.

My question, however, is is there a place where office stores ALL of the custom dictionary stuff, as when he opens outlook all his custom entries are popping up in spell checker, and he understandably doesn't want to rebuild that.

I had thought that by bringing over his profile it would solve that issue, or rather had assumed it, as nobody has ever voiced that question before in 5 years of doing this.

So is there a central repository that office dumps stuff in outside the profile that I need to bring up to his new machine?



A:Solved: interesting question

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On discord, its not uncommon for me to come across "Cursed MP4 Files" with strange properties.

I'm incredibly interested how the creators of these files were able to get their results and mostly I want to make my own "cursed files". Some of the properties I've seen are video lengths upwards of 13,000 hours long, yet still being 1 MB. I've also seen videos that have negative video lengths and videos that display the video length as 0, yet still plays a video.

How were some of these made? I can file share the specific MP4 files in question

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I would like to know if it is possible to add the username and password information into a hyperlink so that as soon as the hyperlink is clicked it will go to the specific page and bypass the sign on screen.

The website in question has an .aspx ending to it. Have just found out i cannot post the exact site on these forums.

I notice this is an asp page and wonder if this is possible or not, I have 30 children accessing these hyperlinks at a time for a class and it would be helpful if each and everyone of them did not have to sign in.


A:Interesting question, probably easy answer!

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I connect to a hotspot with a USB dongle. I want to connect another machine, a Wii to be exact, in another room but it can't recieve the signal from the hotspot. I was wondering if there was a way to use the wireless router I have, which only has one input and that is ethernet, to somehow extend the signal to the other room? I have no way of plugging my USB adapter into the router. Can the router plug into the ethernet port on my computer and transmit what is being received via the USB dongle? Thank you guys so much.

A:Interesting USB adapter / router question.

Bridging wireless connections with a pc

Short answer yes.
I currently have a DLink router in one room, a gaming bridge in another room and a USB wireless adapter in a third room. The internet connection from my cable modem service is being bridged to the usb adapter which relays all the internet to the router. The router also communicates wirelessly with the gaming bridge passing along all that traffic.

If you can connect the WII to the router/gaming bridge(one ethernet port makes it sound more like a bridge) then connect the router to your pc using the ethernet port. Finally there should be two connections under "Start>settings>network connections" (assumes windows xp). Select the two connections (holding ctrl while clicking) then right click either and select "bridge connections". That should pass all traffic from your wireless USB adapter to the ethernet adapter.

I don't have a WII but for the XBox 360 bridging was prefered to Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) as it blindly forwards all ports and eliminates the need to specify what ports are necessary for gaming.

Good Luck

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I will be so gratefull if you could help me out .I have a desktop ( XP).I
also have a laptop(Vista home premium) .I have a router hooked up so I can use my laptop.I just purchased a kodak 5300 AIO printer.I would like to be able to print from my laptop & my desktop.Is this possible.If this does'nt make sense please forgive me.

A:printing from my computers.

Originally Posted by lesterjet

I will be so gratefull if you could help me out .I have a desktop ( XP).I
also have a laptop(Vista home premium) .I have a router hooked up so I can use my laptop.I just purchased a kodak 5300 AIO printer.I would like to be able to print from my laptop & my desktop.Is this possible.If this does'nt make sense please forgive me.

---here is a link, click on it--->Wireless Printing---


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I have a bank of 11 computers, 8 of which are 2000s, and unfortunately 4 of them are NTs. I have configured the 2000 machines for my printer network, but cannot finish the process for the NTs. I have both the HP disc and the NT OS disc needed to do it. (It is an HP 930C printer). I get as far as Driver Options. I need to know which driver it is on the NT OS disc (and how to extract it), and hopefully I can finish the process from there. Thanks.

A:configure NT computers for network printing

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this is going to sound bizarre, but i need the info...i have been sending my husband nude photos to his mediacom email account. i asked him for his password and he freaked out and said i couldn't have it. it seems silly, but why would he say no? anyway, i don't want his password at all, i'm just wondering if someone can verify something for me...my husband claims that he cannot give me his password because i won't be able to see any emails, as all his emails sent to the mediacom address are forwarded in 15 seconds to outlook express on his work computer. he claims that i cannot have his password because the mediacom email is for work, and others in his store have access to the address log in, but he says they cannot see my photos because they are going to outlook. how does this work? sounds odd to me. basically, even though on my home computer i can go to the mediacom website and technically log in to his account if he gave me his password...but i wouldn't see any emails?
this is what hubby says...and is outlook truly this amazing

mediacom doesn't delete the messages, outlook express takes them from mediacom, and delivers them to my inbox....It is amazing when you think about it.

A:question about outlook and mediacom mail communication...interesting story at least

If he has Outlook Express set to check for new mail every 15 seconds and to delete downloaded messages from the (Mediacom) server immediately then what he says is true. I've never used OE, but I doubt that you can set it to check for mail more frequently than every minute.

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Hello. I just got a new laptop with the newest version of Microsoft Office, and I don't have a printer attached. What I usually do is send the document, through email, to a computer that does have a printer and print from there.

I am using Windows Vista, and the computer I'm sending it to is using Windows 98 SE. (Yeah, it's old, like my dad Rep.) Dad uses an older version of Word, and we're thinking that might be the issue.

Any ideas on how to solve this vexing problem?

A:Issues with printing from different computers with different word versions

1) Depending on the versions of the Office Applications on the older PC, you may be able to update the older version and then download and install a compatibility pack for Opening Office 2007 Documents.


2) Do the Office 2007 applications have an option to "save as" files that are compatible with older versions of the same application.

3) Do you have any fonts being used on the new PC that are not on the old one?

4) You may also have to deal with specific printer issues if the printer on the old PC does not support some of the page formatting in the files from the new PC.

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I manage a Computer Lab environment and there are 22 Windows 8.1 Ent. computers. These computers received updates on 1-12-2016 and since getting updates they will print. The printer is selected in the printer dialog box, but prints out blank pages. 
Can anyone help me with this?

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I know that I have a virus on my computer. I do not know what it is but I have run Mbam and it says that nothing is infected. I did have an infection but I got rid of most of it and now I cannot find the loose hairs that are still messing with my computer. While I was going through my computer seeing what had been added I came across something interesting. I came across a file that had been downloaded to my hard drive along with the virus. I read through the file and it was kind of like a guide for what was on my computer. I found some of the files it say were harming my computer and I deleted them. I am still having issues with the start up of my computer outside of safe mode and I was wondering if anyone could help me. I will also post the file that I found[Advertising.com]Threat="Tracking cookie or cookie of tracking site"Description="I won't call a saved IP in combination with a log of visited web pages anonymous!"[Avenue A, Inc.]Threat="Tracking cookie or cookie of tracking site"Description="They say they no longer do tracking."[ClickFinders]Threat=Tracking cookie or cookie of tracking siteDescription=Their cookie itself is a tracking cookie.[CoreMetrics][Enliven]Threat=Tracking cookie or cookie of tracking siteDescription=A unique number and the IP would be enough for me to call it tracking; but to also save search terms is even worse.[HitBox][Bluemountain]Threat=Tracking cookie or cookie of tracking siteDescription=[Adbur... Read more

A:interesting infection and an interesting find on computer

I would also like to add that my browser has been getting jacked too. When I search on Yahoo I get redirected to other websites.

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I hope this is in the right place...

I'm wondering... I just got DSL hooked up to my new desktop PC - the AT&T/Yahoo $14.99 deal, with the AT&T modem/installation kit. My question is, what exactly would I need to do to also hook up my laptop to DSL on a separate phone jack (same phone line)? Do I need a 2nd modem? Just some sort of cable running from the DSL hookup on the wall to the computer? Any info would be much appreciated.

A:Question on using DSL for two computers

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Like so many others before me, I have an issue and want help... And I’d be very grateful to anyone who can help...

So... yesterday, I believe, I was browsing around the internet... and I got the typical "This page cannot be displayed" error when I attempted to go to one of my heavily frequented websites. I refreshed a few times, as I thought the error popped up a bit quickly (and everyone knows that IE will, on occasion, toss that error at you for no good reason -_-)... but to no avail...

I shrugged, and went off to another of my regular websites. Same error. Now this struck me as odd. I refreshed a few times... both of these websites are LARGE websites... and generally are not down... one of them can be slow and sluggish on occasion, but very rarely down... Perhaps there was something wrong with my net connection? A few other clicks around the internet revealed that some websites would still load normally as though there was nothing wrong... So maybe just those websites, then?

I sent links to a few friends of mine over Yahoo!... all three of them said that the two webpages that would not load at all loaded fine for them... ...Even odder.

After a bit more experimentation, I discovered:

Some websites Will Not Show Up. At all. I get 'This page cannot be displayed" errors until the cows come home.

Some websites will display fine.

Some websites will give me 'page cannot be displayed' errors for the first several refreshes, then will... Read more

A:Interesting issues with IE... interesting to me, anyway...

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If I try to print from the web, printer in Printer and Faxes goes away. I go into services and manually stop and start print services and printer comes back. Try to print again and the same thing happens. What could cause this? If I create a document in Word, it will print without any problems. Win 7 Pro

Thanks, Reddoug

A:Printing from web question

No one has ever had this problem?


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I'm trying to print my desktop including my icons but I can't seem to get the wallpaper to print with my icons included, I can print my wallpaper by itself but not with my icons, Any suggestions.

A:Printing Question

you might wanna try capturing the whole thing, by pressing the windows key and print screen key at the same time while at the desktop. Then, paste it into some kind of image editing program, like MSpaint. It'll copy the whole image. Thats the cheapest, easiest way. Just print from there.

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Hi, I want to print a 3"x3" picture, but my printer (a Lexmark Z25) does not let me customize the size. It offers full page or cropped, both of which won't do. Can I customize the size so it comes out like I want or are the size options limited?

A:Printing Question

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Hi there all,

My first time here so please be patient!

I have 2 pc's networked through a router and that appears to be working ok.

I need to have 2 printers working, one HP laserjet for volume printing and one inkjet for photos etc.

I currently have the laserjet working through the parallel port of the 2nd PC and can print from both PC's ok. However, the LJ has a network interface card installed and I would love to be able to have it connected either:

Direct to the 2nd lan port on the main pc, or,

On the lan, via the router,

Allowing me to have the inkjet connected via the parallel port on the 2nd pc.

BTW the new pc (No. 1) does not have a parallel port, and neither does the inkjet have a USB port, if that helps.

I hope the above makes sense.

Does anyone have any pointers as to how I may achieve this goal?

Many thanks in advance,


A:Printing / LAN question

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Please instruct -how to have page one printed first when there are multiple pages in a document...thanks

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I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this :
I do a lot of genealogy work. When I print a page from a site it always has this big black border. Other than printing and cropping in a program like Kodak etc, is there a way to print from the site without that border? Is there a software program I need, or could I set my computer/printer to remove it?

A:Please help with printing question

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I have two pc's on a home network which are presently running great. However, I do not have a backup procedure or plan set up on them. Maybe someone could answer a few questions in order to prod me to get with a backup plan?

1. Can you backup two pc's on ONE external drive? Or, do you have to have two separate external drives?

2. Do you need a SEPARATE program (such as Acronis) for EACH pc to do the backup?

3. Backup of OS as well as files is possible, from what I've read in these forums, does that make a difference in answering the previous two questions?

I have been lucky so far and never been in need of backup, but I really believe it is important to make backup and prefer not to wait until I am forced to do something. Appreciate any suggestions or advice regarding this. Thanks.

A:Backup Question - Two Computers

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Homegroup or Sharing?

Which should I do. Its my home office computers. I'd like to be able to access files between both machines. Doing this, what precautions should I make that noone can get into my system? I'm a little hesitant to share ALL files on both computers between each other. But i'd like to!

I'm playing with Sharing now but i'm noticing that sometimes when I save a file on one computer it isn' accessible to the other computer until I right click and SHare it. I thought by sharing the folder it would just share every new file. Is there a way to do that?


A:Networking Two computers..question/s

Quote: Originally Posted by dragotron

Homegroup or Sharing?

Which should I do. Its my home office computers. I'd like to be able to access files between both machines. Doing this, what precautions should I make that noone can get into my system? I'm a little hesitant to share ALL files on both computers between each other. But i'd like to!

I'm playing with Sharing now but i'm noticing that sometimes when I save a file on one computer it isn' accessible to the other computer until I right click and SHare it. I thought by sharing the folder it would just share every new file. Is there a way to do that?


Hi and welcome
Homegroup sharing. In homegroup you share lib's (media, docs, etc) In sharing you share contents. If there are only 2 computers on the network and it is wired, you secure is preety good.


Anti Virus --good one updated automatically ( iuse eset smart security which also has a built in fire wall)
If wifi you can increase security by making your router 'mac address accessable only' that will mean the only machines that can log onto your router must have the address of the network card in your machine.

Those two on wifi should be enough. Always remember the final precaution is not to click on something you don tknow.

Ken J++

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my friend has got a pc. it is faster than mine. i am thinking of buying his computer and using his computer.

is there anythign i should do before using the computer to perform tasks e.g. internet surfing, word processing etc..

many people say to reinstall windows - i dont know how to do that, ive herd you can create a windows xp setup disk - i dont know how to do all these things

apart from that, the reson why i want to buy his computer is simply because my computer is very slow. it is emachines150dvd x50range. 128Mb Ram 1.20Ghz - the max. amount of ram i can upgrade to is 512. with his will be much higher but havent checked. i cant even control the pc with JUST 3 applications running. with just 3 apps. running the system runs slow. with 6 - really slow - 10 or over - ded slow. i havent got irus or anything. i think its because of the ram, i need to increase. my pc takes alot of cpu and pf usage than my friends.

A:Exchanging computers question

To reinstall Windows, you need Windows restore disks from the manufacturer, a recovery partition on the hard drive (created by the manufacturer), or a Windows XP installation disk.

None of these things can be downloaded.

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Not sure exactly where to post this question but here it is.

First of all, I am a computer novice. I have owned only 2 computers in my lifetime: a Toshiba laptop and now I have an HP laptop.

A few of my friends have MacBooks and highly recommend them. They also said that after using them, they will never go back. So now I am thinking that I might buy one when I need a new computer.
I read some reviews online and about 80% seem to be positive. I know they start at about a thousand dollars. My HP was about $500.

So I was hoping to get some input from the community on this site as to your experiences with Apple computers. Are they worth the money? One guy I talked to even said that you don't have to use Anti-virus software with an Apple? Is this true? And that they never "freeze up" like my computers do from time to time.

Thanks for your kind input.

A:Question about Apple computers

i've been using apple pretty much my whole life, and only recently had to start using a windows machine as well as my mac, unfortunately. i have pretty much never had one freeze or crash on me, never had a virus, and, if i could afford to get a mac powerful enough for my needs, would never use windows. i'm certain you'll get posts the exact opposite to this, but from my great expreriences i'd say go for it!

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I have always home built every computer I have ever owned, where I can update/repair it myself as necessary, and have never seen nor used a Compaq computer. There is a child I am mentoring, and I want to buy him a computer that he can use for school work and for some gaming. Not the intense gaming that I do myself, but something like Blackhawk Down, etc. I see several Compaq computers on E-Bay for the $100-$200 I have to spend. However, I have heard that to update/repair these machines, you can't use generic components, but have to purchase items for them specifically from the Compaq name brand. If that is so, it makes me leary of buying one. Any one on here have any experience with Compaq as far as upgrading/repairing? Thanks in advance.


A:Compaq Computers question

I have supported HP/Compaq's throughout the years.

As far as their brand products you really don't have to I.E. adding more ram just find whats made by the manufacturers and get them I.E. kingston, PNY, and whantnot. Adding a HDD or any other component is the same just buy one and plop it in,

Really the "propritary parts" are the MB, The power supply (I don't even think thats propriatry as it has all the hookups normal MB's do), and the case.

Older compaqs used to have the utility partition on the C: that drove me crazy but they did away with that.

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I just would like some input on something real quick. Does restarting the OS and resetting the CMOS quite frequently degrade a system's overall health over time? I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've lost track of how many times I've rebooted and cleared CMOS. I just want to know if I'm causing any real damage by doing so. Thanks!

A:Question On Computers In General

Clearing your cmos just sets the bios to it`s default settings and won`t harm anything, although you may need to manually reset some bios settings in order for your system to run at it`s optimal performance.

If by rebooting you mean initiating a proper shutdown and restart etc, then again, that shouldn`t harm anything.

Why do you find it necessary to keep resetting the cmos and how often do you reboot your system?

Regards Howard

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hi i was wondering how to network 2 computers but no router, i was thinking using the desktop as a server and the laptop connecting to it if possible wirelessly, the laptop has a wifi card installed already do i just need one for the desktop? how would i set it up? thanks

A:Question on how to network 2 computers

Do a wired connection if both PCs have NICs

If both computers have NICs, buy a crossover cable and connect them directly. I do not know if you can wirelessly connect two PCs without a wireless router, but I doubt it.

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This may be an odd question, but I would like to know the answer.

Is it possible when burning a CD to Lock it so that the contents can be read but NOT PRINTED or COPIED?

I want to distribute some writing on a few CD's, but would prefer that it not be printed out or copied onto another computer.

Thank you for any insight into this!

A:Odd Question--- Lock CD from Printing?

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I have a linksys wireless router which is not working so good(loosing connection). I think the problem is that it's hooked up in the basement. Their website says that it should be in the highest place possible. The problem is that we run a home business and our office is in the basement. Right now, we have a brother 7820N Printer/Fax/Scanner hooked up to the printer in order to be able to print wirelessly. It is connected to the router with an ethernet cable but we don't want to move it upstairs. It needs to be in our office. Is there some way to hook the printer to the network without a cable? Or can we hook another router to our cable internet upstairs and have it on the same network? I do a lot of stuff online upstairs with my laptop and have to keep reconnecting, in spite of the fact that the router is supposed to have a "speed boost"

A:wireless printing question

disconnections can be caused by a few things

1) router needs a firmware update
2) router is lossing DNS - see how to test later - with ipconfig /all and PING tests
3) Secruity enabled - remove any secruity and see if it improves
4) Cordless phones
5) other channels interfering - change channel - use 1 or 6 or 11 - download netstumber to see what channels are in use and also see if the wireless actually drops out (purple line on graph) see later
Free software to check signal strength of wireless is netstumbler 0.4.0 available for download from http://www.stumbler.net/





can you do the following tests when its working and then repeat them all when disconnected

its important to do all the ping tests

1) Ping the default gateway
2) ping google.com by the name
3) ping google using IP address

all details below
ipconfig /all

TWO Methods to do that - some people have problems with ONE----

ONE ---------------------------------
ipconfig /all

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

TWO -----------------------------------------------

Start, Run, CMD to open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire resu... Read more

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I posted this on HP forums, but I'd like know if anyone has any ideas here. I know that this doesn't really involve 7, but it's worth asking.

My HP Photosmart AiO C7280 will not print to card stock (for business cards). Basically, it is having trouble loading the card stock regardless if I load 1 or 100 sheets. The manual says that the printer should be able to handle the weight (110lb) fine and the card stock indicates that it can be used in inkjet printers. The card stock is not HP brand, but Georgia Pacific. I am not asking for it to automatically duplex the stock (even though I have that attachment installed).

I have had this printer for about 16 months having bought it as a floor model when circuit city liquidated. It has performed supurbly since I first used it including everyday printing, scanning, copying and even using the card reader on my network. I have not even had it jam on me.

A family member had printed business cards on this printer nearly a year ago, so I know it is capable of this. Since this printer is off warranty, I am considering dismantling it to see why the roller won't grip the card stock.

Is there something else to try first?

A:HP C7280 printing question


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Is printing quality depends on software? If yes then suggest me good software

A:Question about printing quality

Not really. It depends on the quality of the printer heads, ink, ink feeds, and the paper onto which you wish to print.
The quality of the image can be controlled by the software, but it depends on what you wish to print.

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Hi how can i get four diffrent pieces of text sheets onto the one piece of paper i want the four printed on the one A4 sheet of paper. Ive resized them to fit but dont know how i can only seem to get one in the corner

A:Solved: printing question

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Hello all,
Am considering having some photos printed as greeting cards. What type of file should I submit, jpeg, tiff, psd, etc. to the printer and what size file/resolution?

A:printing/file question

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Hi there -- I am new to this forum so I hope I am in the correct section.

If there are any publishers and photoshop users out there perhaps you can help me. I created an image for a cover of a book and the publisher wants it as 300 dpi .tiff in CMYK. I used photoshop to create the image -- but when I open it in other programs the colours change.

I am concerned that if the publisher does not have photoshop, the cover image may end up with the extra pink or extra blue skin tones that show up when I open it and print it using other programs.

My question is -- if the publisher tries to print it and the colour is off -- is there a way I can go into the .tiff CMYK "channels" to change the colour shift? (and if so -- how?)

A:CMYK printing question....

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Hey i work in an office that still uses procomm plus, and i've run into a bit of an issue, all of the computers running it are using dot matrix printers besides 2, one of them i can highlight and print an d it goes to the fax machine and prints perfectly, this one here is using a dell1100 printer and when you highlight and print, it goes to the printer and has a dark background with the printing over it.

i've tried changing all of the colors of the back round / highlighting / letters, to all kinds of colors so that when you highlight it it LOOKS while, but i just don't know what else to do, if i copy the contents into a txt file and print from there it works fine but this is for a secretary who really can't handle that lol let me know if you guys have any idea or any information on this... thanks in advance

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I wanted to print some of my digital pics, I wanted to print 4 on a page so i could place them in a binder. Could someone please help, can windows vista do it? or will i need another piece of software?


A:Photo Printing Question

Open up folder that contains pictures you want and on left side of box under "picture tasks" click on print pictures. Follow prompts........

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Hello all,
Wondering what file format to use when having large prints made by a professional lab, jpeg, psd. tiff?

A:Printing/files question

The best lab near me prefers 8bit tiff...

I got stupid a couple of months ago and bought a big printer... so now I only get mad at myself when it's not right...

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