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Does anyone have an HP deskjet 5550 printer?

Q: Does anyone have an HP deskjet 5550 printer?

Does anyone have an HP deskjet 5550 printer?

I was given this printer bare with no install instructions, no cd,etc.
I already had a spare usb cable and i got the install instructions and drivers from HP. I installed this printer into a spare test unit that i keep just for testing. Its P3 733 and has win xp pro. At least i tried to install it, no way, kept asking for files that werent there. I contacted HP who told me to install HP 550C drivers instead.
I did that, and with some other adjustments, like having to uninstall usb drivers and rebooting so system could re-install them,and a few other adjustments, its working. The tech guy told me "The issue seems to be with the some of the missing files from the Deskjet 5550 drivers which are required by the Operating System"
My cousin, who gave me the printer, installed it fine in his P4 system and he has win xp pro w sp2 installed.
I dont have sp1 or sp2 installed in my test unit.
I dont want to install the HP 5550 in my main unit as i have a Lexmark 4350 all in one unit that i like, although i do have sp 1 installed there.

My questions are:
Would the absence of sp1 and\or sp2 make a difference in wether one could install the 5550 drivers instead of having to revert to the 550 drivers?

If anyone else out there has this printer installed with either set of drivers, can you tell me if you have sp1 or sp2 installed?

I hope to get some idea of other peoples installations and if they had any issues with this printer install.

thanks in advance

Preferred Solution: Does anyone have an HP deskjet 5550 printer?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Does anyone have an HP deskjet 5550 printer?

Try this

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I have an HP Deskjet 5550 printer that sends out a blank page with every one it prints. I've checked to make sure I have the most current driver, so that's not the problem. Any ideas?

A:HP Deskjet 5550 Printer spews extra blank page

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After installing a new black printer cartridge the paper jammed whilst the printer was finishing the test print. After clearing the paper the printer has now stopped working all together - just the paper feed light and the power light flash simultaneously when the printer is switched on.
Can anyone please help.

A:Deskjet 5550

Make sure you got the whole sheet of paper out of the printer (even if it was in pieces). Sometimes even a small confetti-sized piece of paper can cause an error.

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When I give print command in any application then firstly the message appears that "DOCUMENT FAILED TO PRINT" then I tried troubleshooting through Windows, I updated the drivers also but nothing helped so far.
Then after a gap of some time say three mins. approx., the document starts printing !
How to solve this problem and what is it all about?

A:HP Deskjet 5550 does not print in one go!

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When I print any document the printer feeds a page through the printing head but does not try to print anything. When trying to print a test page I get the message that the test page failed to print but a page is again fed through the printer. The printer status shows 'deleting' but does freezes in this status. I am running Windows XP Professional and have also been through the help actions but have been unable to solve the problem. Any ideas?

Thanks Dave

A:HP Deskjet 5550 series

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Hope this is kinda the right sub forum to post my request here.

I have a HP Deskjet 5550 printer, but its power cable was stolen. Now I need again a power cable, but can't find such anywhere around me. I should say, that I live in Jamaica. So the amount of such shops is limited. I of course contacted HP and many online shops without success.

There are two versions of that cable: one with a triple plastic plug towards the printer in green or gray or some other color maybe, and one with a single metallic cylindrical plug - that one I need.

I want to ask here, if there's anyone here who could sell me that type of cable? If so, please PM me, and also show me a photo of that cable and plug (to ensure for me it's the right one).

Thanks a lot.

A:HP Deskjet 5550: Power Cable

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After a long time of inactivity, and with the help of a member of the Tech Guy forums here, I was able to re-avtivate my HP Deskjet 5550 printer. But it seems, there is one more problem to be solved: the paper is not reached by the pulling wheels inside.

I suspect a missing part here. Please have a look to the two photos showing the empty paper tray (I removed, for better visibility, the outlet tray), and the same tray filled with some paper. The papers are on the ground, but the wheels above them which should pull them into the mechanics of the printer, are not touching them. Thus my suspicion of a missing part.

Is there anyone who can assist me? It is so frustrating to had to wait six years to use this printer again (HP does not offer support nor even any response to help requests to people from Jamaica), and now to face a second problem just after the first problem of a missing cable was solved.

A:Solved: HP Deskjet 5550: Paper not fed in

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I have a Windows Me here at work and there is a HP Deskjet 5550. The other day, the printer was working just fine. Even had gotten new ink for it as well! The other day, I returned from work and the printer is no longer workign. So I went through the control panel and checked the install of it. I had deleted any old printers. Then I went to the www.hp.com site and downloaded the recommended driver for the computer. It downloaded and loaded into the computer. Though, it will not download the driver into a file so the printer can start to work again. Any ideas on how to fix this? /SIZE]

A:HP Deskjet 5550 software issue

Welcome to the TSG forum.

Is this what you tried to DL ???

You should be able to run the HPPSE1.9.1.3-2ENU.exe file to install the driver.

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I just bought a new HP computer
running WIN XP SP1
160 gig hd
1 gig mem
p4 3.4 ghz

i had an existing hp deskjet 5550 that i used on my old win 2k system

when i installed it on my new computer it installed o.k. i wanted to print out some digital photos, and when i went into "print" then selected "options" to change from "fast draft" to the highest setting (cant rememebr the name) that tab was all in french. nothing else was in french but the "options tab"


i deleted the printer, reinstalled - ALL was in english for a few days. i had to reboot the system, when XP came up, it said it "detected new hardware" (my printer) - next thing i know - i am back to french.

i called HP printer support and they wanted $30 - forget that

i went thru all my windows settings and everything appears fine.

i get this in french with ALL programs that allow me to print.

any thoughts? i am at work now, and i just downloaded a driver update for win xp for the deskjet 5550 - maybe this will fix my problem???


A:hp deskjet 5550 - keeps installing in FRENCH!!!!

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Moved my HP Deskjet 5550 from win 98 to XP using a parallel to USB cable. Obtained latest drivers and installed. Test print and calibration both correct but won't print out anything but first centimeter on page before ejecting in any other application. Print preview (even the HP supplied one) shows one page correctly but print queue lists it as 3 pages!

Is this to do with XP the cable or what? Have uninstalled and reinstalled - same problem. Have checked page set up in application and printer and all appears correct.

Can't understand why test page correct but nothing else!

Any help welcome!

A:Solved: Deskjet 5550 won't print properly

Umm... okay, when you say 'parallel to USB', do you mean a USB/Parallel adaptor? If so, why not just use a USB cable, since the 5550 has an either/or system? (I have 2 of these machines, one of which is plugged into two computers - one through the parallel, one through the USB.)

Remember though, since the 5550 has both jacks available, you have to chose which setup to use when doing so. If you are using a parallel to parallel hookup, the printer has to be plugged into the parallel jack and powered on while the software is being installed. If you're trying to plug it in via a USB to USB connection, you must install the software BEFORE plugging the machine into the USB jack - the install will tell you when to plug it in. If you are using a USB/Parallel adaptor, ITS OWN software must be installed first. The adaptor then needs to be plugged into the computer, and THEN you plug the printer into the adaptor and power it up, followed by installing the software via the Parallel to Parallel method.

Now, the other thing to remember is to either use the 5550's install disk to remove the software, or simply delete the 5550's icon from the Printer's and Faxes listing on your Control Pannel. I do NOT reccommend using "Add or Remove Software" for printers, since this program can remove too much, such as registry information from Windows.

Good luck!


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On WinXP Home, 2.4Gh 80gb hdd, 1gb ram. Can anyone help

A:HP DeskJet 5550 suddenly not printing in MSWord

does it print files other than word files? is the printer online? did you select the right printer when printing?

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Windows 7 / HP Deskjet 5550:  Printer has been working fine, but for some unknown reason it has decided to change over to Excruciatingly Slow Printing Mode:  instead of hearing the carrier busily scurrying back and forth, it now trundles once
across, then takes a long rest, then heads back the other direction.  Now, I'm getting on up in those "senior years" and so my walk-abouts and hikes are becoming more and more like that too . . . but after running HP Print & Scan Doctor
and trying every reset procedure I know of, the 5550 is not up to speed here; replaced the USB cable, but that made no difference; have gone through the "HP Printers - Slow Printing (Windows)" page of instructions, but nothing there made any difference.

Any suggestions toward a solution?

Many thanks.  Appreciated.

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Windows 7 / HP Deskjet 5550: Printer has been working fine, but for some unknown reason it has decided to change over to Excruciatingly Slow Printing Mode: instead of hearing the carrier busily scurrying back and forth, it now trundles once across, then takes a long rest, then heads back the other direction. Now, I'm getting on up in those "senior years" and so my walk-abouts and hikes are becoming more and more like that too . . . but after running HP Print & Scan Doctor and trying every reset procedure I know of, the 5550 is not up to speed here.

Any suggestions toward a solution?

Many thanks. Appreciated.

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I have the HP printer connected to a desk top PC on one end of the house and can print from two other PC's , a wireless laptop & another desk top on the other end , I would like to move the printer closer to the laptop where i do most of my work ,they are by a wireless router that is connected by a wire from a motem than another wire feeds back to the first computer ,but when i try to plug the printer into the other PC's i cannot print at all i have tryed to install the printer on the other PC using the printer CD with no success Any ideas thanks

A:Hp 5550 Printer

Hi .

If you have a home network setup...regardless of location of the printer, any system can print on it. All you have to do is make the printer a shared device on the network.

Start/Control Panel/Printers & Faxes...right-click on printer, select Properties...click on Sharing tab, put mark in Share This Printer, click Apply, click OK.

I just realized...there's a little more to be done, my apologies .

Now that we have the printer set up for sharing...we have to set it up as a shared device on the other computers. This is pretty easy.

Click My Network Places. Click Printers & Faxes, click Add A Printer...Next...select A Network Printer or Printer Attached. Next, Browse For A Printer, Next. Double-click on your home workgroup, select the printer with mouse, click Next. Click Finish.


Edited to complete the mission previously started .

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I got a new computer HP Pavilion HPE running Windows 7 (64 bit) and connected my HP Laserjet 5550 printer via the USB cable. The driver got automatically installed with all green checkmarks during the installation process and finally showed up in Control Panel as "hp color Laserjet 5550 series PCL 5. When I print a test page (or whatever), the document sits forever in the print queue with the status "printing", but nothing comes out of the printer. (Obviously, the printer is switched on, and paper is available.)
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6120 Six-Core Processor, AMD64 Family 21 Model 1 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 6
RAM: 10070 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7570, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 939217 MB, Free - 545218 MB; D: Total - 14226 MB, Free - 1757 MB; J: Total - 953835 MB, Free - 5 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte, 2AC8
Antivirus: Avira Desktop, Updated and Enabled

A:HP 5550 printer problem

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I have had a HP DeskJet 5550 for 8 months. I keep it very well maintained. This morning, the top orange light kept flashing and the printer would not print. I called HP and they have no idea as to what is causing the flashing orange light. Also, they have no idea why the printer { all of a sudden } will
not print. Any suggestions? missfuffy

A:HPDeskJet 5550 Printer

I had an older Deskjet that the light would flash when it was out of ink.

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Hi all, I wish I had never moved to Windows 7 for it seems to want to total control of the printer, when it says go to a test print check all I get is the words PRINT SAMPLE no red and yellow leaves to test, plus everything that I print is only a third size on a A4 sheet of paper, I cannot seem to size things myself.
Do you think a NEW printer is the answer ?

A:Windows 7 with a HP 5550 printer

Seems like Windows 7 is loading his own printer drivers, that are very generic, useful for emergencies and little more. It's remarkable that they work at all on so much different devices.
Did you install the right drivers?

From HP's site they say there are 5 different kinds of HP5550. please locate the manual or something to identify your printer, then try going here, select the printer you have and then on "microsoft windows 7 64 bit", then download and install the latest Universal Printer Driver.

Another thing that may help is the latest HP Print View software, from that same page, which seems to be a more advanced print utility. (HP Print View Software is a suite of tools that can help you produce professional-quality marketing material by using your own HP Printers.)

Try both and see if you regain control of the printer, then report back.

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Can anyone help! I have got a new Packard Bell computer (Vista) but my printer won't work. The printer is on the system and there is power but it says the drivers are out of date I have tried hp site but it says that there are no drivers for this printer on vista.

Hope this makes sense I am new to these forums

A:HP 5550 Printer need Drivers

Hello Harry2,

It could be that if they do not make drivers for that printer for vista, that it will not work with vista at all.

*I never said this.....*


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Just installed a hp dj5550 inkjet printer into a large network, afterwards the network crashed, ran up to the routers and fiddled with switching network cards, got network working but only at a extremely slow speed. Sometimes attempting to browse causes network busy error messages. Checked PC where printer was installed, no conflicts everything works fine. Network worked fine for months untill the printer was installed. Is HP using some sort of spyware in their drivers, or is there something else that could be causeing this?

A:HP 5550 printer slows network

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I've got a HP 5550 printer and a pentium4 with win98se
When i tried to install the printer from the cd the cd did not want to work.I then downloaded the latest driver from the net.
I ran the program and when I plugged the USB port into the pc during the program installation and the pc detected new hardware.I cancelled therequest for the driver installation and continued with the install program but it did not see see the printer again.
I then uninstalled the usb ports in safe mode but still it does'nt see the printer.The HP setup program also is not working even if I try a new installation

Can anyone please help me

A:HP 5550 Printer Install problem

Leave the usb cable hooked up and plug in the power for the printer. Then go to device manager and delete any printer that shows. Then reboot and watch for the new hardware wizard to start then when the driver installation starts select specific location and direct it to the drivers you have and click on the .inf file within.

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I'm running Win XP Pro on an AMD 2000 Thunderbird with 512mb memory. I have an HP Deskjet 500 running on my parallel port. The printer is working fine, but whenever I send something to the printer, my system practically comes to a standstill until the printing is complete. Seems like this should not be happening!

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix this?

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Using HP 648C Deskjet printer, the problem is that when i try to print
something the paper and power led start flashing and my screen says
that i am out of paper when i have plenty of paper. I can get rid of the
error message and the flashing leds by shutting off the power and
turning it back on but the problem comes back when i try to print
again. Can anyone hell me with this problem?

A:HP 648 Deskjet printer

Georg: Checkout this website and see if any of the links solve your problem......


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I'm running Win XP Pro on an AMD 2000 Thunderbird with 512mb memory. I have an HP Deskjet 500 running on my parallel port. The printer is working fine, but whenever I send something to the printer, my system practically comes to a standstill until the printing is complete. Seems like this should not be happening? I went to the HP web site to get a newer printer driver and it shows one available, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the +_)(*&^%$#@! to download!

A:HP Deskjet 500 Printer

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To change printer properties one can either go to settings-printers-properties or to the properties tab on the window that appears after the file-print menu. When I change printer properties using the first option, I find that the settings are not changed unless I change them again using the latter path. This happens repeatedly when I change the "print in greyscale option".

A:HP deskjet printer

I just double checked mine, I have a DeskJet 640 C, and an OfficeJet 600, and it stays changed on both....when you change it, are you hitting ok, or just closing the box?

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I have an HP Deskjet 320 portable printer and have installed the drivers on my Compaq 4110 Laptop computer. Brand new cartridge in the printer. When I print it prints bars of print approx 3/16 high with white lines between them. The bars are printed great. Does anyone have any idea how to eliminate this problem?? Does the same thing when printing text.

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I posted this same question a couple of weeks ago and got no replies, so I am trying again...hopefully someone will read it and have an answer.

I just got an HP Deskjet 320 portable printer and attached it to my Compaq 4110 laptop. I am running Win 95 on the laptop and installed the drivers that I downloaded from HP. The printer prints quite nicely except that approximately every 3/16 of an inch there is a white line. Other than that the print quallity is super. Does anyone have any suggestions as what I might do to alleviate this problem?

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I cannot get my DesKjet 720C to print in colour even after I turn off the check in the "print in greyscale" box under colour. I noticed that the apply button at the botom of the window does not activate when I change properties.

A:HP Deskjet printer

Check your color cartridge. It could be clogged too. You can clean the jets via the printer properties.
First make sure you have version 10.3 of the Hp drivers.


the newer version 10.3 isn't much different feature wise, but it could have some fixes. That is what version I use.

Check the settings in the printer properties too. Make sure your print quality on normal and the proper paper type selected. Put colorsmart II on automatic. Disable ICM.

You may have to uninstall the older drivers first. You could also remove the printer from the device manager, have windows detect again and then install the 10.3 drivers.

[Edited by Shadow2531 on 08-16-2001 at 06:52 PM]

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Hi a problem on a friends machine they upgraded their motherboard and processor, but when they tried to install their HP Deskjet 845c usb printer the instalation failed.

The usb cable and hub have been checked and the other three usb items are working.

Any ideas please: all I can think of is that the instalation disc might be faulty or there is some kind of software conflict



A:HP Deskjet 845c usb printer

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I hope someone can help me with this problem. my Printer has worked fine up until the last few days. So I deleted it and am trying to reinstall it, with no luck. This is the error message I get when I try to reinstall my printer, this is the error message I get.

This printer cannot be installed now because it's driver.

printer!} could not be loaded.
The driver or the INF file may be damaged. Restart Windows, and then try again.
I have tried restarting and tried over and over and it still won't work. I have the setup CD, but it still won't install. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:HP Deskjet 952C printer

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I have a Dell 400 MHz w/128 ram and an HP 722C printer. recently, the printer started taking an extremely long time to print. When I print something, the first line or so prints normal and then there is a really long pause. Than another line will print. Then a really long pause, etc. Eventually it will just stop printing altogether. I have tried re-installing the drivers and this issue was not resolved.

Any ideas?


A:HP deskjet printer issue

You might try this driver. I think most of the 722s shipped with the 10.0 driver. http://h20015.www2.hp.com/en/softwa...c=en&softitem=Microsoft Windows 98&sw_lang=en

When you say you reinstalled the driver did you remove it in add/remove programs? You have to do that and it is probably best to remove the printer from the printer folder as well. Reboot the computer and cancel out of the new hardware box for the printer. Install the software and reboot and it should show up.

First make sure it is showing as an EPP or ECP printer port on the details tab in your printers folder: Start>Settings>Printers. You might also mess with the spool settings, but note what they are so you can reset them.

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My sister is trying to connect her chrome book to a HP DeskJet 2548 printer but it won't allow her. we have been working on this for hours and no luck.

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Is a HP Deskjet 5650 capable of printing custom length banners? I have everything selected on the printer page that has anything to do with printing banners with no result.

I am using Inkscape to create banners and then print the banners.

I am trying to print a 40 inch long banner. (I will generally be
printing banners between 24 and 40 inches long.) When I try to print the
banner, only the first page prints. Everything then stops like the
print job was completed. I get great one page banners but....

I am using a PC running XP with an HP Deskjet 5650 printer. I then tried to print a
banner using my second computer which has Win 98se and a different HP printer
with the same results. I conclude that I am not setting Inkscape
correctly for printing the banner of this size. Is this a correct assumption?

I am using Inkscape 0.42.2. The banners look great on the screen but... Please
help me to print the complete banner(s).

Thank you so much in advance.


A:HP Printer Deskjet 5650

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I have a Windows XP with a HP Deskjet 895cse printer. My printer will print from the Internet but makes all the right noises but prints nothing from MS Word.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer but that does not fix the problem. Any suggestions? Also, I can not find HP toolbox.

In an effort to clean up my computer so that it would not run so slowly, I ran defrag and removed a number of old programs that were only frequently used. Prior to all the cleanup, this printer performed very well.

A:HP Deskjet printer problem

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I want to connect my 'redundant XP' via a USB cable to see if I can use it as a printer server. It does not detect the presence of the printer which is however shown as installed. When I click Add Printer the response is that 'spooler is not available.' I have not been able to find 'spooler' on the XP. How do I deal with this?

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I cannot uninstall an HP Deskjet 460 printer.

Nothing happens when I click on it in Add/Remove programs or on its uninstall facility in All Programs.

It seems to have become corrupted and I need to re-install it.

Be glad of some help

A:Cannot uninstall HP Deskjet 460 printer

Try the free Revo Uninstaller.

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I have received a HP Deskjet F2492 All-in-One Printer.

Can anyone tell me if it has wireless lan ?.

I have searched the HP site, but havent found anything about lan for this printer.

It can run via USB, and does it.

I also think it can be shared via USB, but then I think that the computer to where it's being installed with shall be active all the time.

A:HP Deskjet F2492 All-in-One Printer

Hi there ... I take it you did not get a Manual .. Should be some thing in there

Manuals for HP Deskjet F2492 All-in-One Printer | HP? Support

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After I re-filled my black ink cartridge (for about the 5th time) I get an INCORRECT INSTALLATION message on my screen.

I have re-installed the cartridge several times, cleaned and checked all the connect pins and even put in a new HP 45 black cartridge. No help!

The material prints jut fine if I press the OK on the message and in fact prints ok even if I don't press OK.



A:HP DeskJet 722C Printer

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Although I use a Canon printer myself, a friend has asked if I could help with a problem on his HP deskjet. We are both so called "silver surfers" but I'm reasonably literate. My friend is completely new to it all. I installed the printer according to the book and it appeared to work on normal b/w text A4 plain paper. However on trying to print colour text the printer simply started then hung and would not budge.
I uninstalled it using Windows (VIsta home premium) uninstaller and re-installed it. (He uses a Dell laptop in the Inspiron series.) It appeared to finish the re-install but the CD icon stayed spinning on the screen and I had to close down to get rid of it. Again the printer would produce a test page and b/w text but not colour text where there was a mix of b/w and colour text. One thing I would add is that on the 3rd attempt to reinstall it did not completely finish the reinstall but went into a loop? at the "installing software" line. However it would stll print b/w text. Can you please help? We would have gone gray in the head by now if we were not already there.
Thank you

A:HP Deskjet D1660 printer

Firstly you might like to consider going to the printers support pages on the manufactuers website. See if you need an update to the drivers for the printer.
Second. Have you tried your canon on the other machine ?
As you probably know, when it comes to fixing anything techy its a case of trial and error in tracking down the fault...and its always the last thing you try

It the printer is fairly new then it most likely a software/communication problem between both machines.
The fact it hangs when being installed suggests this.
When my HP plays up I have to switch off my lappy and then it prints,yes I need a new one ..lol

If its an old machine then it may not work with Vista or might work with Vista but only 32bit machines.

Not printing colour means it was not told too.
Printer stopping means its busted or its waiting for information.
Again it seems to point to communication issues which in most cases means driver update or a sharp blow to the side of the machine. I would opt for the former as the latter can get messy

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I hope someone can help me with this. I have tried everything.

I purchased this printer at christmas. I had a hp deskjet 920c and thought I would like a newer one. I hooked everything up by the directions. When I tried to print out something all I got was A bunch of letters, numbers, symbols etc.
I called hp tech support. We went through the whole set up again and even changed out the cables. Uninstalled and reinstalled the printer. Still same thing.
HP sent me a new printer. Guess what ? Same thing again.
I called again. We went through the same thing again. No luck.
To make a long story short. I am waiting on my 4th printer to come in the mail.
I am running windows ME.
My son has a pc and it has windows xp. I hooked up to his and the same thing happened.
This is really starting to get the best of me. I have used a lot of HP products before and never had any problem.
I no you can get a lemon sometimes but come on three in a row.
Please can someone offer any help........

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I am posted this at bleepingcomputer for others to see that may be having a hard time installing a printer driver after a Windows 7 32-bit repair installation.  
Cut & Paste from post on HP website;
HP Deskjet 6540 need driver

‎06-05-2016 04:35 PM

Product Name: HP 6540
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit)

Printer still very good condition.  Did Windows 7 repair install now cannot get printer to work.
HP Installation CD is outdated.  Cannot get Windows 7 Home Premium CD to install driver.
Sometimes I can get HP Deskjet 6500 Series to appear in Device Manager then it disappears.
And where is the HP printer drivers located on the Windows 7 Home Premium Disk?
This printer has worked flawlessly for years, worked on this Dell Desktop for years.
Just need a little help.
South Texas
Cut and Paste from HP Website;

Re: HP Deskjet 6540 need driver

‎06-05-2016 07:04 PM
I managed to fix it.  What I did was go into REGEDIT and type in "Find"  HP Deskjet
I had to remove about 30 entries.  Then I restarted the computer.
Then I went into "Add a printer" network printer,  \\Oxxxxx... Read more

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I've been unable to print even B/W text with my HP Deskjet 940c for some time, and the status light is blinking to indicate an installation problem with the color cartridge (rather than just an empty cartridge, although it probably *is* empty). I've tried unplugging and replugging the printer, wiping off the copper contacts, firmly reseating, etc. Because it used to work, I assume the cartridge itself isn't defective. I'm trying to gauge whether it's worth gambling $35 for a replacement cartridge if it turns out that the problem is something else and the printer will have to be replaced anyway. (I'm reluctant to do that
unless it's necessary because it's hard to find a model that will be economical over time given that our usage is low, we don't print much in color, and we never print photos.)

Any ideas about whether a replacement color cartridge is likely to work?

Thanks for any help!

A:HP Deskjet Printer Problem

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Hello, This is my first post. We have an HP Deskjet 6980 printer that we use wireless. The problem that we are having . Is the Network light keeps flashing and we aren't able to print.

A:HP Deskjet 6980 printer.

Have you configured the printer with the network information? It looks like this printer supports WEP and WPA. Print out your network settings and see where you need to provide input.

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I have a HP Deskjet 842C. It uses a Parallel port, and hasnt been used in a while. When I turn it on, it does its "reset" routine, and as soon as it stops, all three lights flicker very fast. If I press the resume button, then the power and the resume lights flash, slow this time. The only other option i have is to turn it off, and if i turn it back on, it goes through the whole loop again...
Any help would be appreciated thanks.

A:HP Deskjet Printer problem

When you say"hasn't been used in awhile" how long are we talking? Sometimes ink will harden to a point that thingsdon't want to move(just like rust). I'd remove the cartridges and clean the sliding bar,or whatever the proper name is, with a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol and the cartridges also. This definately will not hurt, just be careful..

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My problem is that everytime I print, I have a ArcadeTown download pop-up with instructions for setup. I had downloaded a Alien Shooter from ArcadeTown at one time for my grandson and he hated the game. I uninstalled it and now everytime I print I get this setup download. I have tried to delete it from as many files as possible, but can't seem to get rid of it. Any suggestion? I would uninstall my printer and re-install it but I got the computer and printer from a friend so I don't have disk for printer installation. If I knew more about computers I could probably download from a site, but I am not that computer literate. Thanks for any suggestions. Lana

A:Printer Deskjet 712C

The printer drivers are all downloadable for every Windows version from HP.

If we knew your Windows version a more direct link could be found, but go to http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/en/support.html?pageDisplay=drivers

And enter 712C in the window and go from there.

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I have got a HP deskjet 845c printer, my printer was out of ink and i was in a hurry so it went to this shop and refilled the colour cartridge. I came home installed it and it only prints in colour pink what ever i print be it photos or text it all comes out in pink. Pliz help! Thanks....

A:Printer Prob (HP Deskjet 845c)

Buy the actual catridge and remove the refilled one, then replace the it with the new catridge.

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I'm trying to get my printer to work on my laptop with windows 8.1 pro 64 bit.

Here are the deafult port settings after it self installs.

When I run the HP print and scan doctor it says:
I've done this and it hasn't solved it!

What is the correct port to solve this port mismatch?

Any help is appreciated.

Many Thanks.


A:HP Deskjet 450 Printer Can't Connect To Windows 8.1

The installer will figure it out when the printer is connected during installation.

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