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What is the use of "AT Service Account Configuration" in windows server 2012 R2 for Windows task scheduler

Q: What is the use of "AT Service Account Configuration" in windows server 2012 R2 for Windows task scheduler

With the security enhancements done in Windows Server 2012 R2,
Even when the user has set "AT Service Account Configuration" for a specific user, i am NOT able to run tasks with this configuration.
Is there any purpose of having this configuration?
Can this information be used for creating tasks?

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Preferred Solution: What is the use of "AT Service Account Configuration" in windows server 2012 R2 for Windows task scheduler

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


This one has me baffled and I hope you can help.  Here's the scenario: brand new freshly imaged Windows 7 Enterprise workstation; image built with MDT and Sysprep; machine initially in Workgroup.

The Task Scheduler service is set to "automatic" and is started and running as it should be. Add the machine to the domain; reboot; the Task Scheduler server is now in "manual", is not running, and any options to change anything are grayed
out. I can change the startup state to "automatic" by going into the registry but we can't have service desk people doing that. We need to have Task Scheduler set to "automatic" for so many reasons.

Here is what I have checked so far:  1. ran RSOP.msc and check if there is a GPO which is affecting the Task Scheduler service; there is not.  2. Checked any GPO's that might be running a script (logon, logoff, etc.); there doesn't seem to be anything
affecting Task Scheduler.

Does anybody have any ideas about this?  Have you ever seen Task Scheduler configured to "manual" after adding a machine to the domain?  When the freshly imaged machine is just sitting there in Workgroup, Task Scheduler is fine so I don't
think it is a problem with the image.

I've tried Googling this a lot but didn't find anything relevant.  Thanks if you can help.

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I have spent several hours looking for a link or information on whether "Internet Service Offers" is a good or bad thing. I inadvertently found that a task called "Internet Service Offers" has been triggered and runs with highest privileges and triggers every 30 minutes. I'm new to task scheduler with very little information. Should I get rid of "internet service offers" or disable or forget about it? I'm running Vista Ultimate.

A:Solved: Task Scheduler - "Internet Service Offers"

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I have moved to Windows 8 from XP where "on startup" tasks worked fine.
In Windows 8 I can't for the life of me get one to run. I add it through the UI and have Enable Tasks History set, but it never runs and there are no errors in the Event Log.
The task is (for now) just to run a test .bat script, and is defined as:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<Task version="1.4" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/windows/2004/02/mit/task">
<Principal id="Author">
<RunOnlyIfNetworkAvailable>false</RunOnlyIfN... Read more

A:Windows 8 Task Scheduler will not run "At system startup" task

Problem solved. It is caused by "shutdown" no longer meaning that!

My environment is a PC that is shut down every day and started the next.
The "At System startup task" is a constantly-running process (actually a CygWin script) for various housekeeping tasks. Its logic assumes it is run once on each system start-up.

But, by default when you shutdown this PC-hostile Operating System it doesn't.
It goes into some semi-hibernate mode and the startup task is never fully "killed", despite its Event Log entries reporting "Task Completed". Because of this, I assume, it is then not trigger on the next "startup".

Anyway, the cure is:

Control Panel | Power Options | Choose what the power button does
Then untick "Turn on fast start-up (recommended)"

Doing so makes no difference to start-up times (on this SSD-based PC).

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Without any apparent reason (no update, no new software installed") the task scheduler issues this message, followed by "Task Scheduler will attempt to reconnect to it." Clicking OK repeats the message, clicking on X too, so the task scheduler can only be closed by killing the process in the task manager.

sfc /scannow finds nothing to fix.

What should I do??

Thanks for suggestions,

A:Error: "Task Scheduler service is not available."

Hi, try this: go to:
Find the DWORD called start
Is it 2?

Set a system restore point/back up the registry before making changes

Also this (read article carefully and check):
you may also disable (or change) the startup process on the SCHEDULE service with the following:
(this opens a CMD prompt with the "NT Authority\SYSTEM" account)
SC CONFIG SCHEDULE start= auto (changes start to Automatic)

Task Scheduler Service (Schedule) cannot be stopped in Windows 2008 R1 +

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After effecting a repair install as per the Tute in these forums of Vista Ultimate SP2 x64 (my main OS) whenever I call up Task Scheduler I get a popup accompanying it with the header plus "Task Scheduler will attempt to reconnect".
The Task Scheduler Service appears in services.msc but is greyed out.
The services it depends on are all running OK as far as I can see.
Ideas anyone? An sfc /scannow run in an elevated Command Prompt doesn't find anything wrong.
Pics Below:

A:"Task Scheduler Service Is Not Available"

Hello Peter,

If you like, you can download and merge the REG file below, then restart the computer to see if it may help. It will reset the registry entries for Task Scheduler itself and the Task Scheduler service back to default. If you have any custom tasks in Task Scheduler, they will be lost though.

Hope this helps.

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Task Scheduler service has encountered RPC initialization error in "RpcServerUseProtseq:ncacn_ip_tcp". Additional Data: Error Value: 1720.

A:Task Scheduler service has encountered RPC initialization error in "RpcServerUseProtseq:ncacn_ip_tcp". Additional Data: Error Va

I have Windows Vista Ultimate and am an administrator on my box. I was able to open Task Scheduler but the the Create Task and other items were greyed out and the library was unavailable with the 'Reading Data Failed' error.After spending a looong time on the phone with a very nice man from Microsoft support, the fix for this error has been given to me. It is to delete a particular registry key that was corrupted by a MS update. Here is the fix that worked for me.Start > Run > regeditNavigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\RPC\INTERNET Export this key to back it up first, then delete the whole Internet key (and it's sub-keys). Reboot your systemTask Scheduler should now work.

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Error Message on UI:

None of the network adapters are bound to the netmon driver
Error Message on command:

Error(1169): '/Networks' - Invalid parameter '*'
Error: There was no match for the specified key in the index. (1169).
OS: Windows Server 2012
Version: Network Monitor Command Line Capture (nmcap) 3.4.2350.0
1. Use Administrator but still fail
2. Log out / Log in and still fail
3. Re-install still fail

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Hello all, I'm not sure if this is an operating system question or more of a software development question.

Anyway, I have a legacy COM service, a COM server that runs as a windows service, that was written for Windows NT 4.0. I have managed to use the service on both Windows 2000 and Windows XP unchanged. However, I now wish to run the service on a Windows Server 2003 machine and I can't seem to get it to work.

This is what happens:-
1. Install the service and set it to log on using a domain account.
2. Start the service from the services.msc applet.
3. Start the client application and connect to the service.
4. At this stagte the client applicaiton freezes for approximately 60 seconds and then returns with the error message "Server execution failed".

I've also tried using the client whilst the service is stopped. In this case when I connect the service is started but I get the same error.

The development team also provided a standalone application that hosts the exact same COM objects, mainly for debugging purposes. If I use the standalone application everything works fine.

Its all very strange.

Does anyone have any idea what the cause might be? And preferably a solution.


A:DCOM service on Windows Server 2003 - "Server execution failed" when connecting

I found the answer.


The above discussion says that a service must enter a running state before a COM server calls CoRergisterClassObject. So I guess its a development problem.

Not sure why it only manifests on Windows Server 2003 though.


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whenever i open task scheduler I keep getting the message

Error: selected task (o) no longer exists. To see the current tasks click refresh.

even after repeated clicking refresh the same message is displayed.

also on both task status and active tasks it says Reading data failed

wats happening?

A:Task scheduler (win7) fails to read data. Error: "selected task (o) no longer exits"

Can you not remove (o) from the scheduled task list?

If not then it might be that Task Scheduler has been corrupted by something, not sure how task scheduler is stored, but in system32 there is 3 files (taskschd.dll, taskschd.exe, TaskSchdPS.dll) that are all related to Task Scheduler, but not sure if any of them could be the cause of this issue.

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Help, please?
I'm trying to clean up a friend's computer and hoping to avoid a complete wipe the HDD, start from scratch. I ran AVG & Spybot and removed a bunch of trojans, but now I'm getting the message: "Windows XP must restart because DCOM server process launcher service terminated..."

I was able to stop the countdown timer using Start/Run, "shutdown -a", enter. But there is still a lingering critter that needs to be exterminated.

Another error window popping up sporadically: "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close."

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:08:08 AM, on 1/25/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
C:\Program Files\ThinkPad\ConnectUtilities\AcPrfMgrSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Diskeeper Corporation\Diskeeper\DkService.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\LogiShrd\LVCOMSER\LVComSer.exe
C:\Program Files\Common F... Read more

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Hello Technet,
i recently tried to make use of this fine powershell module to manage some windows updates on the clients: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/2d191bcd-3308-4edd-9de2-88dff796b0bc

I downloaded and installed it, but the "core cmdlet" get-wuinstall immediatly stops after executing the command.
When I run "get-wuinstall -verbose", I see "Connecting to Windows Server Update Service server. Please wait..."

This won't go away.

When I run the same command with the -debug switch instead, I get this:

I thought to myself, maybe the Windows Update Service is not ready, so I ran the get-wuServiceManager command, but from what I can tell, this looks good:

Any Ideas why this module won't work? I've also been trying to put this question in a more appropriate forum section, but coudn't find one that specifically was for powershell questions.
thanks for reading and have a good time

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So I don't know when this: "the selected task "{0}" no longer exists. to see the current task, click refresh" error started but I don't know how to repair this.
When I start task scheduler I first get this error and than no matter what folder I click the error pops up again. After this 2nd error it doesn't pop up anymore but all the folders show up empty.

Tried fixes:
Emptying all task folders in C:\Windows\System32\Tasks
Download Fix My Task Scheduler 1.0 Free - Repair all Task Scheduler errors - Softpedia
/sfc scannow

Programs believed to cause this issue:

Sadly I have both

Please help! I really don't know how to fix this problem, and it causes some programs to not boot correctly. Like MSIafterburner gives an error, so I have to go to the config settings of MSIafterburner because it tries to boot using the taskscheduler really weird I know :/

A:W7 64bits Task Scheduler, the selected task "{0}" no longer exists

Quote: Originally Posted by Deman

Programs believed to cause this issue:

Sadly I have both

Please help! I really don't know how to fix this problem, and it causes some programs to not boot correctly. Like MSIafterburner gives an error, so I have to go to the config settings of MSIafterburner because it tries to boot using the taskscheduler really weird I know :/

Doesn't seem likely to me.

I use "CCleaner" and "Defraggler" and the "Task Scheduler" still runs (although it constantly reports an error for an item which works correctly).

Check that the programs haven't been disabled in the CCleaner Startup list:Tools > Startup > Scheduled Tasks tab.
Have you tried doing a "System Restore"?

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A few days ago I installed a fresh install of Windows 7 Premium x64 on my mediacenter in order to be able to update to Windows 10.
After having installed all available updates for Windows 7, I still didn't receive the DWX icon in the system tray.
I had this issue before with my desktop pc and followed the resolution I received on my thread 

here regarding that issue.
One of the actions described there was to schedule a task under "application experience" in the task scheduler and to run the GWX.exe as administrator.
After doing that I received the GWX icon in the system tray and I signed up for Windows 10.
However I still wasn't receiving the update via Windows update.
Therefore I wanted to repeat the sequence of scheduling a task and when opening the task scheduler I received the error below.
Pressing refresh gives me the same error.
When I press OK and select one of the individual tasks (for example application experience), I don't see any tasks scheduled and get the same error message, see screenshot below.

When I look at services.msc as an administrator, I see that the service is started but I'm not able to change its status because all options are greyed out, see screenshot below.
Therefore restarting the service is not possible.

When I look in Windows Event Logs (WEL), I see that the last couple of days I received a Task Scheduler error with Event ID 413, see screenshot below.

I searched the internet for this error and I find t... Read more

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Hey guys, I'm having a mega monster problem!!! I just discovered it. When I go in the control panel -> administrative tools -> services, the service named "Server" isn't there at all!!! Because of that, I can't share anything on my local network. I just discovered the problem, since I wansn't sharing files and the Internet was working fine.

Is there a way to reinstall that service? (I don't remember having unistalled it...) Where the hell this service went?

Thanks in advance,

A:Solved: Windows service "Server" is gone!!!!

If you go to your networking under local area networking properties can you see file and printer sharing for Microsoft networks?

If so put a check mark in it and see if it will re-install it. You might need the Windows recovery disk in the CD-ROM drive for this to work.

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Just a quick question.

I have read in some places that it is better to create two accounts on a Windows PC- a "standard user" account (used for most day to day activities) and a password protected "administrator" account for when it is necessary to install software or make system changes. Apparently, this may help to guard against malware in some instances.

Can anyone comment on whether this actually leads to any improvements in security in practice ? Is it actually worth doing most day to day PC activites as a standard user ?

Microsoft dont really mention this to the average home user.


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I would like to know how to configure a Windows Server that will host a windows Diskless Client, I've read a lot of forums and blogs regarding this subject and I even tried to applied those summarized guide but until now I'm still stuck, and I hope someone
in this forum can help me or give me a detailed guide to this particular subject. I would really appreciate whatever suggestion or support that may give to me. 

Thank you,

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I came across this error in the Task Scheduler when checking scheduled task and it happened as soon as the application was opened so I did a little searching and found out the first occurrence was due to the Defrag schedule and found a solution for that here :



So now that took care of that error and decided to check a few more folders and sure enough I located another error of the same having to do with the AppID folder in the TaskScheduler Windows folder and it seems as though the PolicyConverter entry is missing from the task scheduler in this folder and more than likely from the Reg. I have not done a search there yet but it is located in the Windows Task folder system files . I will cut to the quick here and ask shouldn't I be able to import export that entry from a system Reg that has the entry to the system that does not have the entry and reboot and go back into the TaskScheduler to see if the entry is there now ? Of course I would first back up the system Reg or probably just do a complete back up first the continue .

I have attached some more Images for anyone's ? if need be .

I preformed sfc /scannow more than once with no results .

The images below are from a working system .

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I found that a good way to install updates, or programs, is to disable everything non-OS, so that only the OS is running:

msconfig / Services tab / check - Hide all Microsoft services / Disable all / Ok / Exit without restart

CCleaner / Tools / Startup / Ctrl+A, except Avast / right-click highlighted, Disable / Close CCleaner (X in the top right)

right-click on the Avast icon in Sys Tray / Avast shields control / Disable permanently

Restart computer

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

. . . These are the issues I have:

. . . I manually put these four in the "Start" folder. There's no way to disable them from starting up:
Notepad++ . . . "C:\Office\scratch.txt"
Yahoo Mail Basic . . . https://us-mg5.mail.yahoo.com/neo/b/launch?[long-string]
Sea Monkey Mail . . . "C:\Program Files\SeaMonkey\seamonkey.exe" -mail
Natural Reader . . . "C:\Program Files\naturalsoft\naturalreader9\NaturalReader9.exe"

. . . Power Menu writes itself to "Startup," but it does not startup, and there's no icon in the Sys Tray, unless I put a Shortcut to it in "Start"
Power Menu . . . "C:\Program Files\PowerMenu\PowerMenu.exe"

. . . When Crystal Disk Info is set to run on Startup within the program, it writes itself to the "Task Scheduler Library." There's no way to disable it from starting up. I have to manually close it after a Restart:
"C:\Program Files\C... Read more

A:Start folder, Startup, & Task Scheduler Library "Madness"

The simplest way is to kill all the tasks then create a batch file with all the startup in it and run that when you want to start things

you just put the cmds in a txt file with notepad like so

"C:\Program Files\naturalsoft\naturalreader9\NaturalReader9.exe"
"C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastUI.exe" /nogui

save it as start.cmd double click to run it winpatrol can be useful as you can kill startups with it and set delay for items https://www.winpatrol.com/winpatrol/

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Task Scheduler is setup to create restore points every day at midnight and at startup. It indicates that it runs successfully but those points do not show up in System Restore.

A:I cannot find Restore Points created "daily" with Task Scheduler.

Do you use Ccleaner. You can also look for restore points in there. Check and see how much hard drive space is free. I see you have a 1 TB bit with lots of info and several restore points they can get full.

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I get a number of these "task is corrupt or been tampered with" error messages when loading Task Scheduler.

In particular, I'm concerned about the System Restore task, found in \windows\system32\tasks\microsoft\windows\tasks\systemrestore (the SR task). I get the message and error code of 0x80041321.

I have lots of current and recent restore points in \system volume information.

I ran sfc /scannow to rebuild any problem system files.

vssadmin seems to show everything is ok with shadow copies.

I get the error message when running Control Panel...System...System Protection...Create. , so I cannot create a system restore point on my own. Restore points are created ok by Windows Update and other installer programs. I get "corrupt" message and error code of 0x80041321 when trying to run.

I have a clean system (no viruses) and am kind of stumped as to why these errors are occuring.

A:Solved: Task Scheduler "corrupt or tampered with" error messages

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Hi all

My task scheduler seems to work just fine but when I click on "Display all running tasks" I always get the message "Task scheduler service is not available. Task scheduler will attempt to reconnect to it". The service is running normally.

After looking up in various sites about similar problems I tried two things:
1) Run sfc /scannow from an elevated command prompt. No errors found
2) Run "Fix my task scheduler" tool, after creating a system restore point. Told me it found and fixed 7 errors, but apparently not this one.

Time to pull up ProcessMonitor. In the attachment is the snapshot of the event (clicking "Display..." in Task Scheduler). I can see there are a few "name not found" but here ends my "expertise" .

Obviously I'm not willing to take any big step (like refreshing the pc) for such a trivial matter. It just bugs me...

Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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I'm having a problem trying to automatically run a basic .bat file in task scheduler in windows 7 64-bit.

I have more complicated .bat files to schedule but I can't get a simple one to run.

This is the .bat file:

ECHO hello there...
PING -n 1 -w 5000 >NUL

It works fine manually - it opens a windows and displays the message and then closes after 5 seconds - no problems.

If I schedule it to automatically run in task scheduler nothing happens - no window appears - but it says its running.

I did create a .bat file in the same directory containing:

shutdown /r

This launched fine using task scheduler - the computer restarted - great.

Any ideas how to get a simple .bat file to execute in task scheduler other than restarting the computer?

I'm losing my hair - it shouldn't be this difficult.


A:Task Scheduler - Win 7 64-bit - problem running .bat file "Hello..."

Which option do you have selected for your task? "Run Only when user is logged on"
"Run whether user is logged on or not"
If it's not "Run Only when user is logged on", try using that option.
If that doesn't help: Right click on the Task and click "End" to stop any running tasks.
Click "Enable all tasks history".
Right click on the Task and click "Run" to manually run the task.
See what messages show up in the History tab.
Are there any error messages?

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Hi All,

I was just tweaking some services just then and notice that since i have installed SP3 v.5512 that the "Server" service has dissappeared from the services list. Has anyone else noted that?? or is my XP bugged

Looking forward to your replies,


A:"Server" Service deleted from "Services.msc" with the release of SP3???


Originally Posted by harrisball

Hi All,

I was just tweaking some services just then and notice that since i have installed SP3 v.5512 that the "Server" service has dissappeared from the services list. Has anyone else noted that?? or is my XP bugged

Looking forward to your replies,


I have "SERVER", alive and well, even after installing SP3.
I really don't use it though and have it set to "Manual".

I just checked and I was able to 'Start' and 'Stop' Server.

Big Mystery!


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Hi *,
So as the subject states I need help understanding how windows enumerate networks for "Conditions" listed under "Start only if following network connection is available".

Firstly, let me say I understand that WiFi network names are listed there, but I see much more there which I can't map to anything. E.g. I have more than 15 networks which are listed as "Network x", how can I map that to something useful?

Help is quite useless here:
"Network ConditionsYou can set a condition to run the task only if a specific named network connection is available or if any network connection is available when the task's trigger is activated. If your task action requires a network connection to execute, then set this condition."

On my system I have roughly 9 network (virtual and physical) interfaces listed in "ipconfig /all"
So in short - how doe Windows enumerats network connections listed in Task Scheduler "Conditions" under "Start only if following network connection is available".
If you have some command line tool that would produce this output would be best!

A:Task Scheduler - need help understaing "Conditions"

As far as I see it, but not completely sure, that list is built from all network connections that your computer has been connected to at some point. I'm being shown not only wired, but also WiFi network names (not physical adapters) that my computer has been connected, at least once, in the past. Thus it can collect tons of names, if you use multiple access points or plug your computer into multiple places, no matter if they're available right now, when editing the task.

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I have searched the web WITH NO SUCCESS.

I have been successful in creating and running tasks ONLY when the parameter
"Run only when user is logged on" is set.

Completely UNSUCCESSFUL when I set the parameter
"Run whether user is logged on or not"

with or without setting the parameter.
"Do not store password. The task will only have access to local resources""

I have admin rights. I created the task. I set the "Run with highest privileges"

What seems to happen (When I run on demand) : The task gets a process ID and thats it, nothing else. No other events occur. I have to end the task.

Task Scheduler launch task "\Test\test55" , instance "C:\Windows.old\Windows\notepad.exe" with process ID 3096.

I have several users sharing the computer. I want to be able to schedule a job and have it run at night after all the potential users have logged off.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I have two scheduled tasks set to run in Task Scheduler. One runs as it should but the other never does. In the "last result" column, the one that runs lists 0x02 and the other that doesn't lists 0x32.

I have checked the failing task's properties and re-entered its password just to be sure it's right; but, I get no change. If I right-click the failing task and tell it to run now, it runs just fine.

I can't Google up anything on 0x32 that helps.

A:"0x31" means what in task scheduler?

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I have been running MS-DOS Batch files as scheduled tasks for as long as I've been running Windows 98 and now Windows 2000. I recently replaced my board and processor and reloaded Windows 2000 and now I'm getting the following error every time a task is scheduled to run:

The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS: 10d1 IP:02a5....... etc.Click to expand...

When I simply double-click the same batch files, they run just fine.

Any ideas why this problem?

A:Task Scheduler Error "16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem"

Not really, Alex.

I have found a newsgroup thread for you, though:


Hope there's something there.

Good luck,

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I tried to create a new account on the family computer for my mother, because she was tired of using my nephew's account (He's very messy, even on the computer, and she doesn't like his clutter.)

She attempted to use it, and got the 'User Account Service service failed." error.

I deleted the account, and tried again with a different named account. Same thing.

The only accounts that seem to work are mine (Administrator) and my nephew's (Standard.)

I read a forum posting for this problem that stated the problem was because of account SIDs and the wonky way Vista goes about its business. Now, at one time I did have two accounts. Chance, and Blake. I deleted Blake because I hadn't realized that he would have permanent access to my private files after navigating to them from his account. However, this did not delete the Blake entry in C:\Users. I created another account for him, again called Blake. This created an entry in C:\Users called Blake.Home.

Now, the only entries I have SIDs for in regedit are Chance, Blake.Home, systemprofile, LocalService, and NetworkService.

There are no SIDs left over from previous accounts that could be causing this trouble.

I went to the System Properties Users tab and found three entries. Unknown Account,Chance, and Blake. I deleted Unknown Account (It was a leftover from some problems with creating a new account for my nephew.) Now the user account manager, and the System Properties User Profiles tab list ... Read more

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I am trying to make additional user accounts on my laptop or desktop, but whenever I try to do it on either one I get the following message

"User Profile Service service failed to sign in / User profile cannot be loaded"

I can't find a Windows 10 fix for this. I tried sfc /scannow and it could not find anything.

A:Creating new account yields: "User Profile Service service failed..."

Hello leftisthominid,

The tutorial below may be able to help with this error message. It's for Windows 8, but would be the same in Windows 10.

User Profile Service failed the sign-in - Fix in Windows 8

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Hi guys,
I have been told that Windows 7 includes something called a Task scheduler and that I can get it to do things like running security scans automatically before the PC shuts down. Now, this may sound a bit strange but I can't find it. Mostly because I'm blind as a bat and the Computer screen, although a decent size, sits about 8 feet from my eyes. So, if some kind soul could tell me exactly where to find it, I'll have a Goosey and see what I can find out.

A:"Task scheduler" & where to find it?

Hi, Welcome to Seven forums.

check out this tutorial. In this you will get the complete process on how to run the task scheduler and how to schedule a task in Win 7.

Keep us posted.

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I have a problem with Vista Task Scheduler. Items set up to run a given time are showning correct in "next run time" but the "last run time" is always just after 10 pm. Ex: see screenshot 2.

Also I had CCleaner set run daily and I went to change the run time and a popup box came up stating the the file was corrupt. I deleted the task. I then tried to recreate the task but I keep getting the message that TS cannot create the task since it is already a file.
I have gone to C:\windows\Tasks and C:\Windows\System32\Tasks but cannot find the file anywhere. Any help finding the location of the file?

Is there a way to "repair" task scheduler without doing a full restore of Vista?

Specs: New HP notebook - 2 months
Vista Home Premium SP1 & current updates

Thanks for any help

A:"Repair" of Task Scheduler?

I have the same problem. First symptom was my 2 daily task stopped working. I discovered the 'next run date' was empty. I tried to edit but got error messages. I added a new task and couldn't locate it. Task Scheduler (Vista Home Premium). "Task image is corrupt or has been tempered with.ScheduledDefrag" I removed all the tasks in C:\Windows\System32\Tasks but still get error message:
Catastrophic failure (Exception from HRESULT:0x8000FFFF (E_UNEXPECTED))
I also do not want to restore everything from backup. Can I fix just the Task Scheduler?

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Running Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] on a Lenovo T530.
When the system boot, this error shows up in the Event Viewer.
- System
  - Provider
   [ Name]  Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler
   [ Guid]  {DE7B24EA-73C8-4A09-985D-5BDADCFA9017}
   EventID 401
   Version 0
   Level 1
   Task 401
   Opcode 101
   Keywords 0x4000000000000000
  - TimeCreated
   [ SystemTime]  2017-10-13T00:22:25.946035100Z
   EventRecordID 637639
  - Execution
   [ ProcessID]  1504
   [ ThreadID]  2040
    Channel System
    Computer T530
   - Security
   [ UserID]  S-1-5-18
- EventData
  ErrorDescription Exception
  ResultCode 2147942402
The Dependency services are started and running - DCOM, RPC, Windows Event log.

In the Services view, looking at the properties of the Task Scheduler service, all of the fields and buttons on all of the tabs that one can normally select or change are greyed out. The lone exception is the 'Start' button. You can click on it. The service
tries to start

The Registry key looks normal - compared to another working system.

I have searched Google for answers and I think I have tried just about everything posted. Still can not get the service to start.

I have trie... Read more

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Is anyone who knows why my AT command doesn't work properly?
In three years I haven't had any problem, but now if I wont it works, I must stop and start the Task Scheduler service any day!
I tried to pass SP 6a without success.

Thanks in advance.


A:Task Scheduler on Windows NT 4 server

The resource Kit has a utility called WINAT.exe that is a GUI of the AT scheduler. If you try that you may be able to see some other properties of the scheduler and perhaps fix them. I have not had a problem like that so I am not sure this will fix it, but it will definately provide more information about each scheduled task.

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Hello, Im getting a BSOD randomly, and its a error called "Video Scheduler Internal Error".

Been getting it frequently, tried lot of different fixes.
Thought I did it when I managed to fix the AMDA00 Error thing, then I could use the pc again, but then it came back roughly 1-2 hours later.

The screen tend to get green kind of stripes across it, sometimes the whole screen just freaks out, freezes and goes black or just instantly crashes.

Sometimes it comes a "Nvidia Windows Kernel driver stopped responding" Error aswell.

Ive added the DM Log Collector as a attachment.

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In Windows XP, fully updated, I have several folders full of mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

But all the figures in the "Duration" column appear to be in "hours" and "minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03", but what I want is "minutes" and "seconds".

Any thoughts as to how to change this?

A:Solved: Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

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What changes when I press the "End Process" button besides the obvious stopping of the process, or likewise if I press "End Process Tree".
The next obvious question is, what is the relationship between a process and a process tree?
(I tried to take a screenshot of the context menu which contains the choices "End Process Tree" and "End Process Tree", but the menu disappears the moment I try to click on anything else.)
I drive a laptop with only a single-core processor and Win 7.  It's so overburdened that, even if I wanted to upgrade to Win 10 or better, I don't have the horsepower to do that, either.
I spend hours trying to get things done, when the CPU Usage reading is at a consistent 100% for several minutes at a time.  There are moments of desperation when I end one of the CPU hogs -- a browser... anti-browser/security package...  most frequently
one/more of the svchost.exe pieces...  by "End Process".  Otherwise I never get the point of meaningful action.  And in these circumstances, it takes even longer if I save file, shut down apps, restart, and bring up everything!
Thus this question!
      Win 7 Home Premium SP1 Build 7601, licensed to me; last successful update:  4/28/2016, KB 3141092
No images attached...

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Just received a PowerEdge T330 server, with Win2012 Essentials & 4 disk RAID5So, within Win2012 o/s, we have partitions:C:\  250 GB (System)G:\  1.2 TB (Data)We are needing to apply a subsequent software layer of encryption of the Windows partitions, due to nature of our business...We have 2 options available:1) a license of Symantec PGP2)  using the native Win BitLockerAny recommendations for software layer encryption of Win2012, particularly with RAID5... to not impact function or performance?

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I have a message coming up titled "Failed to connect to a windows service"
and it reads -

?Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service service. This problem prevents standard users from logging on to the system. As an administrative user, you can review the
System Event Log for details about why the service didn't respond.?

Also, the task bar and menu <g class="gr_ gr_46 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" data-gr-id="46" id="46">turns</g> into
a classic style of windows randomly when this is happening. This started happening a couple weeks ago to one device regardless of what network it is connected to.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? We have already reset the NIC on the laptop to force all settings to DHCP to ensure DNS is being set correctly. Updated DHCP settings
to disable NetBIOS as it is deprecated and should not be used over DNS for resolution. And we have run the <g class="gr_ gr_45 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="45"
id="45">winsock</g> reset.

How many devices were affected? - Just oneAre you connected to a domain network? - YesWhen did the issue start happening? - The issue started a couple weeks ago and is getting worse

What we have done so far:

- ... Read more

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I am running Windows XP SP3, fully updated, on an Acer lap top PC.

I have several folders full of .mp3's and want to see the bit rate and duration. To do this I right click on a column heading and select "Bit rate". I then click on "More..." so I can get to "Duration", and I select that one too.

The two new columns appear, but the format of the "Duration" column appears to be "hours:minutes", so I see "00:04" or "00:03" for most .mp3's, when what I want to see is 'hours:minutes:seconds", e.g. "00:03:45".

This also happens for video files (.avi files), e.g. all my episodes of "Heroes" (sad, I know) have a duration of "00:42" instead of "00:42:xx".

Here are two pictures showing the problem with the .mp3's. The first is of Explorer showing the Duration as "Hours:Minutes":

The second picture is of the properties window of the first .mp3 in the list above:

I copied some .mp3 files to another (old) PC on my home network, and it displayed the duration field correctly:

Also, the properties window correctly shows the duration also:

I'm not the only person to have this problem. I received a private message from a member of another forum where I posted about this problem several weeks ago. That person also has the same problem with the duration field.

The tech guys on that forum were unable to find the source... Read more

A:Windows Explorer "Duration" Column - no "Seconds", just "Hours" and "Minutes"

* bump *

Tricky, this one!

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Hi !
I recently have this problem on the services,when i try to Start the service he give me this error "Windows could not start the "service name" service on Local Computer Error 129 0x89" i search on google but i don't find this error,so
i think it will be good when i ask the Microsoft Comunity . I need help ! Sorry for my bad english !
         Thanks !

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 240e Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3839 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941424 MB, Free - 875641 MB; D: Total - 12341 MB, Free - 1744 MB;
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled

A:How do you create a "reply" rule for all msgs in Windows Live 2012

Here's more info on the problem I'm having...
Under "select one or more conditions", I selected "For all messages"
Under "select one or more actions", I selected "Reply with message"
Under "to edit this description, click the underlined words:
When I click on the underlined word "message" I get a pop-up that directs me to open a "Mail (*.eml)" file.
The problem is, I can't see my file here.
I can find the file if I go to "documents" out side of these prompts.

I created the file by using MS Word 2010 and used the ".eml" suffix.
I that what is causing me the problem?
Is there another way to create the ".eml" file?
Thank you

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My roommate got a particularly nasty version of the windows 7 antivirus 2012, it even installed a fake version of Malwarebytes. I was able to remove it by starting in safemode, killing it's process and running spybot followed by an avast full system scan, then a boot time scan. Now several scans and restarts later all scans are coming back clean (sfc included).

That being said, after the malware was removed .exe files were broken, windows firewall wouldn't start and the service was missing from the services list [BFE was also missing] (manually fixed the registry via various posts on this forum, these are working again). The netbook still won't connect to the internet, and I suspect windows update is broken as well. The malware also did something to Avasts realtime web shield, the shield is stuck off, attempting to turn it on does nothing. While the malware was still on the computer clicking the 'turn on' button in avast would trigger a popup from the virus (not an avast popup, a popup from the malware itself). All of the system restore points have been corrupted as well.

So, I'm not really sure what to do next... I would usually do a clean install of the OS in a situation like this, but his netbook doesn't have an optical drive (it would be easy enough to back up all his files, if there is an alternative method for reinstalling the OS...?). Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Various registry problems after removing "Windows 7 antivirus 2012"

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

A clean install does sound to be the best option.

Have a look at this tutorial, which explains how create a bootable USB drive.

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

I've done it myself and the install is far faster than installing from a DVD.

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I've got a rogue "Antivirus" program that I've never downloaded that keeps popping up named "AV Security 2012." These incidences began just a few hours ago. Since then multiple windows have been popping up when I open Firefox and show nothing but "Windings" style text. I updated all my spyware, antivirus, and malware programs to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a HijackThis File if it will help.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 12:35:39 AM, on 11/17/2011
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Security Client\Antimalware\MsMpEng.exe
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\bin\btwdins.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
c:\program files\ge healthcare\automated software update tool client\asutcs.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\cvpnd.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\NeatReceipts\DB Controller\NeatReceiptsD... Read more

A:"AV Security 2012" and Multiple Windows

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After a short period of time using Windows Explorer to copy files from my system to my backup server, or even if I use word and "Browse" for a file to open. IE: Anything that would use windows explorer within the os to save a file or open a file, I end up with multiple instances of Windows Explorer.exe. These spawned windows explorer task will not go away, even after closing out all the windows that were opened. In some cases this issue prevents me from 'safely removing' my thumb drive because it thinks there is a window open still. I have included a screenshot of my desktop and TaskInfo which shows all the instances. These all take up about 12.5% cpu and very shortly my quick system comes to a pausing halt.

This issue is only taking place on my 64bit version of windows 7 ultimate, it does not happen on my 32bit version of windows 7 ultimate. They appear only after doing things that utilize the windows explorer portion of browsing for a file, such as if I open word and choose "open", or if I open windows explorer in any way. After a short amount of time I will have this problem take place. It's as if there is a memory leak or some "error" that causes that instance to get hung up. My only remedy is to use TaskInfo and terminate the Windows Explorer.exe that are at 12% and I keep the one that is normal cpu usage (3%). At this point everything is fine.

Please, any ideas would be awesome. I have done ALL windows updates, but this started on clean i... Read more

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I have had this weird problem with Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer) creating multiple task and eating up my cpu. It started with the brand new clean install of windows 7 Ultimate 64bit version. It never took place with the 32bit version, but exist since the clean install. If I am performing task using windows explorer to view or copy files, then mysteriously multiple instances of Windows Explorer get created and eat up the cpu cycles till it is at 99.9%, at which point slows down the computer to a crawl. They do not close on their own and I have to terminate the task within taskinfo.

I have searched the net for this issue and everything I find comes to the Internet Explorer doing this, but nothing with Windows Explorer. I use Norton Antivirus and system is clean. I have tried several malware programs as well and all come back clean. I do have the paid for version of Malwarebytes anti-malware program as well.

I have attached a screenshot of TaskInfo with my desktop showing there are no active Windows Explorer windows are open. The "real" windows explorer task is at the bottom of that list and if I close that one, then the desktop "restarts".

Any ideas?

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