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My left touchpad button turned into a right button!!!

Q: My left touchpad button turned into a right button!!!


I have a Windows 7 and I use an ALPS touch pad driver and all of a sudden the left button on the touchpad now is a right button (opens the right click menu).

Any ideas how to fix this?

P.S. I have two sets of buttons one above and one below the touchpad, it is the one above the touchpad that has the problem while the one below it is fine.

Preferred Solution: My left touchpad button turned into a right button!!!

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: My left touchpad button turned into a right button!!!

I actually just updated the driver software and it worked

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I have a Windows 7 and I use an ALPS touch pad driver and all of a sudden the left button on the touchpad now is a right button (opens the right click menu).

Any ideas how to fix this?

P.S. I have two sets of buttons one above and one below the touchpad, it is the one above the touchpad that has the problem while the one below it is fine.


A:My left touchpad button turned into a right button!!!

If you have a mouse, you can use it to delete the touch pad driver and re-install it.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L4550-S5976 running under Windows 7. When I start it up (and if I catch it at the right time), the touchpad buttons work fine for a few minutes. After the machine completely boots, the touchpad button problems start - the left button performs as the right button and the right button does nothing.

On a lark, I plugged in a USB mouse and rebooted. When I do that, the mouse works fine AND the touchpad buttons work properly. Carrying around a mouse isn't always convenient so I'd like to have the machine work as expected.

I tried updating the touchpad drivers - that did not fix the problem. I even reinstalled Windows 7 on the machine - that did not fix the problem either.

Any ideas what I could do next to fix this problem?

Thanks, Brian

A:Touchpad Left button does Right Button actions and Right Button does nothing

try in safe mode, that may work. if it does, remove programs that run on startup one by one until you find the one causing the issue

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Man this feels weird. I'm usually the one giving help, not asking for it lol.


HP Pavilion dv7
Win7 Professional x64

This problem started after I left my computer on sleep for a couple hours. When I woke it up, the touchpad taps and left mouse button clicks brought up the right-click context menu and nothing on the taskbar responded to the cursor hovering over it. Also for some reason pressing the Windows key on the keyboard wouldn't bring up the Start menu. The only way I've found to correct this is to plug in a USB mouse and press the right MB on it. I also was able to fix it one time by uninstalling the Synaptics drivers and letting Windows restart and find the mouse, but after trying to reinstall the Synaptics drivers then uninstalling them again after the problem reappeared this method no longer works. In either case left click functionality is restored but there is no right click functionality period on the touchpad/buttons. However the USB mouse that I plug in works normally. Also after left click is restored, everything on the taskbar and elsewhere responds as it should with the exception of not being able to right click on anything (which sucks in W7). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Synaptics drivers to see if that would fix it but after reinstalling them and restarting, the problem came back. Another thing I've noticed is that even with the Synaptics drivers installed the vertical scroll area doesn't respond.... Read more

A:Left mouse button/touchpad tap acting as right button click, right MB not functional

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Hello, I'm having a problem with my Thinkpad L430. The right bottom button on the Touchpad is registering as a left click rather than a right click (which normally brings up the pop-up menu. It is enabled and is set to this in the Elan software. I've also tried changing the command, however it simply doesn't work. When I click the 'mouse button reverse' option in Windows, the left click brings up the pop-up menu, so it probably isn't a software issue but to get a second opinion would be great. I have all of the latest drivers and software updates, and the Elan software is set up to default. I have also completely reinstalled Windows and rolling back to an earlier driver version, but it still isn't working. Any advice on how to make the right button work again would be greatly appreciated! I'm running Windows 7. Thanks.

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Hi!I've bought the new Dell Vostro 3568 with Ubuntu but I'd decided to install Mint 18.1.Now the right button of my touchpad works like I am clicking on the left one.How can I fix this problem?
P.S. When I have reversed the mouse for the left-handed, the both buttons became "right" with menu function.
P.S.S. In Windows-10 the touchpad works properly.

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I turned on my 6 months old Acer Aspire One as usual and realised that something was wrong with my mouse. The left button simply doesn't work. Neither does tapping the touchpad. Nothing happens no matter how many times I push or tap. I can move the cursor around just fine and the right mousebutton still works. I can also plug in a USB mouse and use that instead.
I have checked the mouse properties. Under the tab "Hardware" the mouse is listed "Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad", and the unit status says it works correctly. I also checked the preferences, and both tapping and buttons are activated and set to normal.
I have tried restarting, removing the battery and Fn-F7 without any luck.
I have also tried switching preferences to left-handed - that gave a funny result: Both the right button and tapping the touchpad functioned like a right-click except now they could also for instance close a window and open the start-menu. The left-button still didn't have any function what so ever.
Hope someone can help me.

A:left button not working on synaptics touchpad

I would suggest replacing the touchpad and buttons.

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I have a brand-new EliteBook 840 running Windows 10. The left touchpad button sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. It's like this: If I click a second time (or a third time) with the left button, without having moved the cursor (not double click, but two separated clicks), then the computer doesn't respond to the click. If I click by tapping on the touchpad area (instead of pressing the button) then everything is fine. But I don't like tapping! If I click with an external mouse connected via USB then everything is fine. If I move the cursor and then click, then it works. The problem is very annoying because each time the computer doesn't respond to the clicks, I have to move the cursor and then click again.

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Hello there!I am experiencing this particular problem since a few days and I have been wondering wether there isn't a software that could help me diagnoze wether my x250's TouchPad's left button is broken or not. Everything was working swell a day ago.The TouchPad itself, as well as the middle and right button are working.If someone has any ideas how this could be solved, please throw them at me.How do I find out wether the laptop detects the button even?Thanks a lot.

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Hello!Using Win 10 64 bitLenovo Driver 29 May 15 installed. My left and right touchpad buttons aren't registering. I can scroll, tap to click, use gestures... I can't right click or left click on icons however.  It also makes it impossible to click and drag.  I've searched forums....can't find anyone with this specific problem.  Ideas?  Thank you!  

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Hey,As in topic i got problem with touchpad. Laptop is new like 1 week, I didnt check it at the start cause i use mouse all the time. I updated drivers for touchpad and i checked all settings i know. Anyone can help?

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Hello, My touchpad left button was working 30% of the times those days, so I opened it and cleaned it (there was dust).How to reassemble it? I guess part #2 goes on the round green circle, and I tried, and it works. How to reassemble #1, #3, #4 ? Thanks in advace. Here is the photo:        

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The left mouse button on the U31.70 laptop I have ocassionally will stay stuck down after being pressed.  It is very intermittent and sometimes the laptop is fine for a few days, but then every so often it seems to happen a great deal.  t has done it from a few months old and it will soon be out of warranty,  I have updated the touchpad drivers, but this has made no difference. Is this a known fault with this model?

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Dell Inspiron 17R 5737: A few months ago the left click button of the touchpad got deflated from bottom left edge and the click got sticky, if I clicked on right top edge, it worked sometimes but mostly left click stayed pressed.
I opened the laptop and found that the small plastic attached to the button, which inflates it back is broken. I tried to fix it using glue but it didn't work. As it was part of the whole Palmrest thus I ordered a new palmrest. After receiving the new palmrest, I detached the buttons circuit and touchpad circuit from the old palmrest and attached it to the new palmrest.
Strangely now, the left click button is partially sticky, if I click on the left half of the button it sticks, if I click on the right half of the button it works properly 90% of the time. The button is no more deflated and it inflates and deflates properly on clicking, there is nothing broken in the new palmrest, the clicking sound is fine, there is just 1 button for left click then how it is working differently for left half and right half, that I am not able to understand.
Next step can be to order new buttons circuit but I am not sure if this will fix the problem.
This is my work laptop thus it is effecting my work and time quite badly, any help will be highly appreciated.

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Well I sure can't find where to post this.  It's not a question it's a solution to a problem that was driving me nuts and I wanted other people to know this. If your touchpad left button stops working and not for the usual reasons - this is what will make it work again.1.  Unplug power cord if plugged in 2.  Remove battery3.  Hold down start button for about 20 seconds4.  Put in battery5.  Reboot I would actually like the whole world to know this as I have googled countless times and never found a solution that works.  I have the Acer Aspire One - not one of the locations listed either. Hope this helps someone!  DonnaB

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Hello, The left button on my Synaptics Touchpad doesn't work when I'm pressing a key on the keyboard. Initially, I thought it was a PalmCheck problem, but that feature was already disabled. The right click works fine and so does the touchpad itself. The only problem is the left button. I tried reinstalling an updated driver, but that didn't fix the problem. I tried the generic Synaptics driver and both the HP Windows 8 and 8.1 versions. They all worked fine for all touchpad functions except for the left button which still doesn't work when I'm pressing a keyboard key. I tried using a wireless mouse and the left click worked fine so the problem is only with the touchpad.  

A:Left touchpad button doesn't work when the keyboard is in us...

Same thing for me too, and I really want it fixed. I'm using an HP Pavillion Windows 8.1 Laptop, and using the same TouchPad as you. Kudos for you!

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I am running Windows 10 (Creators Update) and have been doing so for quite a while on a laptop. Recently, whilst playing a game, I was clicking the touchpads left hand button (mouse1) rapidly until suddenly it stopped working completely.

In addition, tapping to activate mouse 1 is also not working with the touchpad. Right clicking is still working and mouses are also working properly.

When I looked to see what the touchpad was doing (and if any of the buttons were activated) I noticed that it says the left side button is always being clicked and held (even though I'm not pressing nor holding it)?

Is there some way of fixing this or has the hardware completely broke?


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When i click them in interent explorer i get the scroll thing. i can't access my shortcut menu, or highlight anything. I went to control panel and both buttons are enabled and i tried reseting everything and they still don't work. I have a dell insipiron 1440 running windows vista. Anyone have any ideas???

A:Solved: Left and Right button on touchpad wont work

There is a separate touchpad driver as well as the mouse driver. If you see no separate settings in Control Panel, try reinstalling the driver from the Dell site.

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I have windows 7 and a dell inspiron 1545.

When using both my mouse and my touch pad the cursor does a left click without a button being pressed approximately every five seconds.

I have downloaded some drivers from dell but this did not solve the problem.

The computer originally ran window's vista.

Thanks guys!!!

A:Touchpad and mouse do left click without button being pressed

Do you want to use the mouse and the touch pad at the same time?
If not there is normally a hotkey (FN + the touchpad icon) to disable the touchpad when using the mouse.

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My X1 Carbon (4th gen) runs Windows 10 (64-bit). When I click the middle TrackPoint button to scroll (with the red TrackPoint mouse), I am able to scroll, but this always opens the Windows start/search menu. If the cursor is far enough to the right of the screen, I can scroll just fine with the Start menu open, but I would like to disable whatever it is that is making the middle button open the start menu. Thanks

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HiI am getting very frustrated with this problem and I would love it if someone were to help me out. I prefer to use my touchpad by clicking with my thumb and then dragging with my index finger. However, the bottom of the touchpad still has touch input so when I want to click and drag, it doesn't always work or the mouse doesn't move smoothly. This is because the touchpad thinks I want to move the mouse with my thumb, and doesn't read the input from my index finger. In order to solve this, I would like to find a way to disable the touchpad in only the bottom (i.e. create a deadzone), so that it only reads clicking inputs, and not touch input. If anyone knows how to do this please tell me! Thank you!

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Hi all

I have an Equium P300-16T with a Synaptics touchpad.
A few months back I had the following problem. As soon as I touch the touchpad, or left/right button, the icon appears to show the left button as being depressed; it would be fine up until this point. I updated the drivers, tried a system restore, checked under the touchpad button for obstructions etc and nothing changed.
I did a completely fresh reinstall of Windows ... still the same problem. I suspected a faulty touchpad, so contacted Topaz for a replacement touchpad, fitted that and still the same problem.

Sooooo ... having eliminated faulty drivers/software/hardware, I'm running out of ideas. Is there anything else I can check?

Works fine with a USB mouse.



A:Equium P300-16T with Synaptics touchpad. Left button stuck?

> As soon as I touch the touchpad, or left/right button, the icon appears to show the left button as being depressed; it would be fine up until this point

I think you should check the settings.
In Control Panel -> Mouse -> Last tab (Advanced) -> Advanced settings button

Here you should be able to get all touchpad settings.
In my case I found interesting function in Pointer speed and tapping settings.

There is a taping area and if you enable taping you could get a access to other tapping settings.
The option is called DragLock? in my case its set to Auto release and auto release delay is set to short.
Recommend checking this!

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When scrolling with the index finger on my right hand I will regularly hover over and lightly touch the left button with my left index finger in anticipation of the link/button/text box etc that I am about to click on. I have always done this an never encoutered any issues on the numerous laptops I have owned and used in the past). When I do this on my newly axquired Lenovo Yoga 900 it causes the mouse pointer to lag momentarily. I have updated drivers (v19.0.17.57), I have turned off ALL Multi-Finger options (2-finger, 3-finger and 4-finger) and reduced Palm Tracking to the minimum. Is this behavior isolated to me, or are other experiencing the same behavior? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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My operating system is windows 10 Pro.
After updating the bios my built in speaker and touch-pad three button not working. Can anyone give me suggestion that how to overcome this problem. 

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I have purchase multiple xps 13 and inspiron 13 laptops and observe the same issues.  I tend to use the touch pad with my right hand's index finger, and click the touchpad button with my left hand's index finger.  It's a quick way to get things done.  Many in my organization do this, too and have been running into problems.
However, quite frequently (but not all the time) when I click the button with my left hand the cursor jumps to another location on the screen.  Frequently this is the lower-left corner of the screen, but sometimes it is the upper right, too. This causes different windows to come into focus, or it activates the start menu.  Really , really annoying, and it happens on both laptop models.  Our previous Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro and Acer laptops did not have this issue. 
I think this has to do with the touch pad thinking that the user has two fingers on the touch pad and moves the cursor thinking the finger jumped around the pad.  Otherwise the gestures and movement of the touchpad is fine. 
Is this a known issue to Dell?  It's really aggravating and other users in my organization are complaining as well.  I may need to return the lot (3 XPS 13, 5 Inspiron 13 machines ) and look at different hardware.  

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today i was working with my pc 's power button to mount it into a different little case when the wires to the power button snaped,now what do i do,is there any way to turn the computer on without the power button and the computer being off or am i out of luck?

A:fix it power button turned bad

you can turn your motherboard on manually by getting any slim metal and then touching both power pins with the slim metal, you touch one pin from the bottom and from the top something, but if you don't want to struggle you might need to solder

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Hello, I have been facing this issue for a a long time.On Network Diagnosis, It is giving this error :Wireless capability is turned off I did not have any hardware button that can Turn Off/On wifi device on my keyboard, see below image for example :I never turned off the wifi physcal device directly or from BIOS.Tried the "f12" Airplane Mode also, that also didn't help. Anyways I have tried following things till now, nothing helped : 1) Reseting the HP BIOS using HP Usb Disk2) Updating the Broadcom wireless drivers using HP Support Assistent3) Re-installing the Broadcom Drivers4) Installing the Realtek Drivers5) Restroing the complete Windows 8.1 from recovery Disk.6) Installed Linux (Ubuntu/Fedora), but in that also wi-fi is not showing.  Please guide me what can be the possible cause for this problem.

View Solution.

A:Wireless Capability is Turned Off, Wi-Fi On/OFF button Greye...

The issue seems to be with my wifi hardware chip. Eventualy I had to take the laptop to Service Center. The guy tried everything that I did again. Finally the problem is resolved, he plugged out the wifi hardware chip, cleand its both ends a little bit using a eraser, and inserted again and voila, it got detected. He said it could be the issue of carbon lodged on chip's connecting ends. Since then I have faced same issue several times, and All I do is open my laptop, plug out WiFi chip from motherboard, clean it a little and plug it again.And It starts working like a charm.May be it is loose or I don't know what is the exact problem.But it still has a problem with Antenna, I recieve very low signal from my wifi, even I am within decent range of wifi router.

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Hi there!
My question is really specifically related to Pinterest - so usually when you log in to Pinterest, all the pins show up in your main feed and you can hover the cursor over each one, and it will give you options to repin, send, or like.
However, my 'like' button in the top-right corner has turned into a 'link' button. It now has an arrow symbol instead of a heart, and when I click on it, it takes me to the original page the image was pinned from.
HOW have I done this? I've been through all of my settings and the Pinterest help forum, and nothing seems to address this. I've googled it SO MUCH times and can't find any answers, which is kind of weird for google. I've also submitted a question to the Pinterest Team but only got automated responses.
Also, it's only doing this to my personal account, not the one I have for work. It does it on Mac and PC, but not on my phone. 
So, I know it probably seems like a small stupid thing but please, if you can help me get my 'like' button back I would be so grateful!!
Thank you so much.

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At work I need to turn off wireless button when connected to LAN there.  Connection Manager shows all connections as "Disabled by wirelss button" (as it should).  I then Hibernate and at home when I turn the laptop on again and turn on the wireless button, only wireless and bluetooth will go on, the but mobile broadband continues to show "Disabled by wireless button" comment, and won't work unless I restart the computer. 

A:Broadband turned off by wirelss button won't go back on

Dear Customer , Greetings for the day!!! please use the link below this will certainly help you understand the techonlogy and how the connections would work- LINK :http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02948491

I'm an HP Employee.The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions, not of HP.Click on Thumbs up if my post helped you.Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking an answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem.Regards,Vijay

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i have windows 7 ultimate, with kaspersky internet security,
Its not a gaming machine.
since today i noticed that i click twice on the icon internet explorer ou microsoft outlook and does not open,i must do open with right button.
What is happening ?
I have a kvm switch with usb and audio support for 2 pcs.
The mouse is a microsoft optical, i tried with a different mouse and its the same, on windows xp on the other pc works ok.

A:left mouse button

Hi! fjabrantes, welcome to W7F

Mouse Button - Vista Forums

Go to >Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Mouse

And make sure, the Switch Primary and Secondary button box is un-checked

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Here's a screenshot (I watched a video before and the player hung when going full screen, and then the task bar was gone. I can reboot and then it's back again, but I want to know if there is an option somewhere to get it back without rebooting?):

A:Only the start button left

My Taskbar is missing and I have no Start button - what do I do?

This might be a good place to start looking for a solution.

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Hey, I have two problems, the first problem was with headphones. When i plug in headphones, volume doesn't come even though it was working fine when the headphones weren't plugged in. My mates all have the same issue and to fix it, we had to turn the sound all the way to 0 and then back upto watever sound level u want it. This is really annoying. I just want the sound to start playing though headphones as soon as i plug it in. I need help fixing that.Second problem is with my externet/physical sound button is always turned on even when its muted. Its really annoying too because i have to check my taskbar to actually see if its muted or not. Thanks in advance

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hello, i tried to uppercase the letter "o" with the left shift but i cant. i can uppercase all other letters except "o"
can uppercase "o" with the right shift key but the left dont work with the letter "o" i need this to work with o on the left because i use the left one only

A:Cant Uppercase o (Left shift button)

If it's not a laptop just buy a new keyboard.

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Lately I seem to be having sensitivity issues with my mouse. The left button's ability to hold is off... some clicks act as rapid double clicks or just let go. I want to make sure this is a problem with the MOUSE and not Windows 7.

I've tried internal cleaning but the actual button is clipped together and the wheel prevents me from unclipping one side to clean inside. I've tried switching USB ports, no good.

A:issues with the left mouse button

Could be the mouse that's busted. I have a Raptor gaming mouse sat in the wardrobe because it started double clicking even though my computers set to one click, and it became unbearable to use Winamp with.

Don't you have another PC you could test it with to be sure?

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While surfing web sites, I often will select from lists (for example on cars.com, I can pick several different types of cars to look for). To do this, I USED to use the CTRL key to pick and choose several items from a list by holding down CTRL and clicking on the selection.

HOWEVER, now, my computer has decided that holding down CTRL and left-clicking the mouse opens up a brand-new browser window and does not select anything from the list.

A:Control & Left Mouse Button

Does this happen when you click on any link in the browser or just CTRL + left click? And what browser are you using?

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Hi there,

I just got a new gaming mouse, an Anker 4000 DPI one from Amazon and i've been having this problem for the week i've had this and it's that the left mouse button doesn't like to work. I've tried doing most things like checking if Click Lock has been turned on, re-installing drivers and doing that power management thing in the USB Root Hub in Device Manager. I've tried the mouse on my dads laptop and no problems at all.

Any idea?

A:Help, left click button isn't working

Hi .. Did you Download the Driver from the Manufactures Website ? ... I assume the Mouse has Software have you tried Uninstalling that just and not the Driver and then Re-Install ? ....

Also have you Posted on the Anker Support site ? ...

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When I'm on-line the left mouse button won't work, although it works fine when I'm off-line. When on-lin, in order to acces a link or open a file, I have to use the right button, and then select "open" from the menu. I also can't check boxes or select options in online forms... This just started happening recently, I've restored the system back as far as possible, but that didn't help. I've also had the hardware and software ,(ie The mouse) cleared, so those aren't the issue either. Maybe the registry?...

A:Left Mouse-button Issue

Hi 516John,

I'll assume by "online" you mean while using a browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox - please correct me if this is not what you mean.

When you say you've "cleared" the hardware and software, do you mean you've tried using the mouse with different browsers or different computers and the left-click works fine?


Windows Outreach Team

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I have a HP Pavillion 9000 series with Vista 32. This afternoon the left button on the touch pad stopped working. I have reinstalled the software/drivers and it did not correct the problem. After an excruciatingly slow chat session with HP, they only recommended what I already tried.

Any suggestions? The touch pad is Symnaptics TouchPad v.6.2

Thanks in advance.

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Hello.I have an issue regarding my new Notebook HP - 15-ay062nl, running Windows 10 Version 1511.The Touch Pad left button has a strange reaction to pressure, which leads to a difficult everyday use.When pressed normally (i mean: as any other touch pad button, including the same Notebook's right button)  it doesn't work, it works when a little extra-pressure is given. The right button works normally instead. I'm afraid of damaging it by pressing it too hard repeatedly in normal use.I think it's a hardware issue (maybe a Touch Pad/Cover assembly issue), since i tried to reverse the buttons' function setting with no change on its sensitivity to pressure. I haven't found a way to set-up the button's sensitivity.Did anyone experience the same problem?Thanks.

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It stopped working, and has no 'click'. Same with new mouse. Original mouse worked OK on another computer. Left mouse button function was ok when switched to right mouse button. Pad function is normal. Uninstalling mouse driver reconnecting mouse, and restoring Vista, did not help.


A:left mouse button failure

i just received the same problem. I have an HP wireless mouse. I was browsing the internet and suddenly the left button stopped working. Everything else worked fine. I used my keyboard to run a norton full system scan, but it yielded no results. After about 2-3 minutes, it started to work again for some reason. something tells me this is a virus, but since none of my antivirus programs (Windows Defender and Norton) come up with anything, i am skeptical of it. any other ideas?

P.S. When i started to get functionality back into my left mouse button, my computer was running a lot slower than normal, but now after about 5-10 minutes, its back up to speed

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I'm trying to fix my daughter's Everex Stepnote laptop. I don't know if it had a virus or a mechanical problem so I used killdisk and then loaded Ubuntu. I've discovered that the left mouse button doesn't work. Is there another key combination that can be used to replace it? Thanks.

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At times, I will use the left and right cursor buttons -- the 4 arrows on the lower right on my laptop -- and rather than the cursor moving, it will change tabs to the left or right. It isn't an everyday thing but when it happens, it frustrates me. I use Firefox' latest build.

Why does it happen and how do I fix it?

A:Left or right cursor button cursed

Have a look in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Ease of Access Center\Make the mouse easier to use and see if a setting there needs to be checked, e.g. Mouse Keys.

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The left (primary) button seems to stick, causing text to be inadvertantly highlighted or icons to be dragged or scolling to keep going. First it was intermittant then it became permenent and unusable so I use an external mouse now! I've removed the synaptics device and driver in the device manager and rebooted letting windows use the generic microsoft driver. Problem remains. I've also tried reversing the left & right buttons from in the control panel and in that case the stickiness remains but pertains to the 'right click' or context functions (which are now on the 'sticky physical left button' therby indicating it may be the physical button having mechanically 'worn out'. I've worn the coating off the button where my finger rests on the extreme left of it so I started pressing on the right side and that is starting to show signs of the coating wearing off also, so its had a lot of use. Is the synaptics button assembly an easy part to replace if it needs to be?

A:left synaptics button 'sticking'

Dear Customer, The Left Click and the Right Click is a Part of TOP COVER. This can only removed/Replaced from an Expertise. You may try replacing it please go this link and see the videos : http://thesml.hp.com/ Choose  FRU Remove/Replace - TOP COVER.   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee 

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My little brother was using the computer last night and said that everything froze up for a bit and he could not click on anything. When I rebooted, it said "Active Desktop Recovery" on the screen as part of the wall paper saying it was disabled. It had instructions to turn it back on and there was a button to click for me to restore it. But, I could not click on it. The right-click works just fine. I figured out how to switch primary control to the right button on the mouse, so I could get around while fixing it. Unfortunately, now that I can use right click, the restore active desktop button is gone. It disappeared after a reboot. I have run McAfee, Panda Active Scan, Spybot, Ad-Aware and Registry Mechanic. There were a few infected files and spyware and I removed them. The problem still exists. I have uninstalled the mouse driver and let the computer auto-install the driver on reboot. If anyone has any idea how to fix this, then please help me.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.96.1
Scan saved at 1:56:02 PM, on 9/3/2004
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
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A:Left mouse button not working!

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Help!.. please help me with this problem... before... our start button was green and the taskbar was blue.... then one time.... when i opened my computer... the start button and the taskbar was turned to gray. and it was like a classic style start button and taskbar... and there was this eeecking sound appearing when i increase the volume of my speaker.... but this problem was fixed when we called a technician and the technician i think formatted our computer... there the eecking sound problem was fixed.. BUT... the start button and the taskbar was still gray.. and i want to turn this gray thing to normal... green start button.... blue taskbar... PLease help..!!!... All Help are needed.. Nothing will be rejected... thank you....


A:Help!start button and taskbar turned into classic style and all gray!!... T_t

All you have to do is click start then click run. Type in services.msc and a services window should pop up. Scroll all the way down to Themes, then right click and hit start. If the color does not change automatically then go to your desktop right click and scroll down to properties. From there you should be able to edit your themes/colors.

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I hope this topic is in the correct forum.

I have a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 which was brand new when purchased at the end of December. I was using it fine until yesterday, when I went to click the IE shortcut and noticed it wasn't working. Everything else works (hover, point, scroll) just the left click button has stopped functioning. The mouse is clean.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be wrong and how to fix it?


A:The left click button just stopped working...? Help?

Hi and welcome

Maybre try some of these suggestions? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/321122

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