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Brightness Control Hotkey No Working On Toshiba P105

Q: Brightness Control Hotkey No Working On Toshiba P105

I bought this laptop used with Vista on it and the LCD brightness control wont work. The Brihtness is set at default level which is tolerable but non the less i cannot adjust it brighter or less. I reinstalled Vista and installed XP media center edition and still cannot get the brightness to adjust. I have installed all of the toshiba drivers for this notebook including the recent ACPI bios and hotkey application. I am currently on XP MCE.
If anyone has any ideas to what could be wrong i would glady appreciate it. I have been at this for a few days now and no answers not even from the Toshiba site.


Preferred Solution: Brightness Control Hotkey No Working On Toshiba P105

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Brightness Control Hotkey No Working On Toshiba P105

I assume this is the "push the Fn button and another key" thingie? If so, check to ensure that the Fn key works by pressing it and one of the other functions to see if that works.

Then test the key that you use to adjust brightness - without using the Fn key. Does that key also perform it's designated function?

This'll let you determine if it's an error with the keyboard.

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Other hotkeys work normally, both brightness up/down keys stopped working (did not update or make changes)

A:brightness hotkey stopped working

Hi,I don't know which processor/graphic is installed in your notebook.You can try downloading, save and install the appropriate graphic driver for your notebook:Intel:http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=7815290&swItemId=ob_176908_1&swEnvOid=419...AMD:http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=7815290&swItemId=ob_177365_1&swEnvOid=419...Restart system.RegardsVisruth

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my brightness control hotkey is not working.i have windows 10 (64-bit) come with laptop.after some time hotkey for brightness stop working and i can not either chage brightness from display settings,brightness cann't change from any where else from laptop my battery drain fast.so please help to solve this problemprovide any link of latest driver.so it will be more helpfull

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I shut down my laptops once every week; they're either in sleep mode or hybernating. My P50 is currenly running Windows 7 Pro with all the drivers installed. I have changed bios settings such that the function keys behave as function keys and only act as media keys (or whatever they're called) when pressed in combination with the Fn key. All hotkeys work as they are intended to.However, resuming from hybernation causes only the reduce brightness key (Fn + F5) to stop performing although all other hotkeys work as they should. Pressing the F5 key by itself works normally; its just the Fn + F5 combination that doesn't work.Anyone experiencing this ?

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my brightness control hotkey is not working.i have windows 10 (64-bit) come with laptop.after some time hotkey for brightness stop working and i can not either chage brightness from display settings,brightness cann't change from any where else from laptop my battery drain fast.so please help to solve this problemprovide any link of latest driver.so it will be more helpfull

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After fresh installing Windows 10, the Brightness hotkeys (Fn + F8/F9) do not work. I've tried installing Hoteky driver from the HP website but I got an error about missing .NET 3.51 framework. I was able to check that I actually have NET 4 so I'm not sure what I should do. Please help.

A:Brightness hotkey not working after freesh Windows 10 instal...

Hi: You install net framework 3.5 from the add programs menu in W10... Go to:  Control Panel>Programs>Turn Windows Features on or Off>Check the box to add Net Framework 3.5.

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I had to format and re-install Windows XP on a Satellite A105-S4201 Laptop. I installed XP, and updated to SP3. The brightness control no longer works using Fn+F6/F7 (or any other way for that matter). It was working before the format.
I tried a couple of different Common Modules installs. This one: tc00324000b (version 6.07.03) won't even install. Gave me error message, "TVALG Driver installation has failed". And this one: SPA210 TCommon Modules-XP (version 1.00.06) installed, and had me restart, but when I tried to install the hotkey utilities afterward, it said "TOSHIBA Common Module not found! This setup will terminate." Also, I have the latest BIOS version installed (v 6.0)
Any ideas?

A:Fn Brightness Control lost, Toshiba Laptop

Are there any yellow (!) in the device manager?

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I had to format and re-install Windows XP on a Satellite A105-S4201 Laptop. I installed XP, and updated to SP3. The brightness control no longer works using Fn+F6/F7 (or any other way for that matter). It was working before the format.
I tried a couple of different Common Modules installs. This one: tc00324000b (version 6.07.03) won't even install. Gave me error message, "TVALG Driver installation has failed". And this one: SPA210 TCommon Modules-XP (version 1.00.06) installed, and had me restart, but when I tried to install the hotkey utilities afterward, it said "TOSHIBA Common Module not found! This setup will terminate."
Also, I have the latest BIOS version installed (v 6.0) Any ideas?

A:Fn Brightness Control lost, Toshiba Laptop

I suspect you need to go to the Toshiba site and see if there is a document telling you what drivers are needed AND the sequence to install them.

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I got bored and put windows 7 on the Satellite P105. The only driver I cannot find is the audio driver. speakers are harman/kardon. Any help would be great!
Thanks, Joel

A:Toshiba Satellite P105

What p105 model do you have?......Toshiba used H/K as well as realtek on some p105 models.....

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Something went wrong. I can no longer print from any software, print screen or notepad.
Magicolor 2300DL
Epson workforce 630.
wireless network
reset print spooler
will not do a restore point
removed and reinstalled software
direct cat 5e patch cord wont work
direct usb cable wont work
Thinking about a .45ACP to the CPU
Thanks in advance for ANY suggestions

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My Toshiba laptop screen has begun developing display problems. It started with one thin yellow line down the screen about 2 inches from the left edge. Now it has a grayish band about 2 to 3 inches wide down the middle of the screen. I can still read what's on the screen but when viewing photos it's a problem. Is there any way to fix it? The laptop is over 3 years old. Thanks a lot.

A:Display Problems on Toshiba Satellite P105

Take the keyboard out and check that the screen connections are OK.
I think there are two ribbon cables (1 big 1 small) on that machine

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I have recently taken this Toshiba P105-S9337 piece of junk and put Windows XP on it, rather than Vista. Everything is great, except for one problem - the graphics card fan won't work. It just seems to refuse to run, even though I have the drivers for it and everything.

The GPU itself can reach temperatures of up to 120C, while the Core can reach around 119C!

I believe it's the graphics card fan, at least. I've tried several drivers but none of them seem to want to start the fan up! I have used almost a whole can of compressed air on this sucker just to get any clogged dust out, but alas the problem still persists. Thoughts?

A:Toshiba P105-S9337 - Major Overheating!

No one has any ideas? I just need the fan to start spinning, and all my problems are solved.

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Wife's laptop dies(no LEDS on front of case)
Checked battery, only find 3+ volts on any terms
Checked AC adapter , 15.35vdc output , no load
Checked battery compartment terms = no volts on any
Is there a fuse somewhere inside??
Is there a way to test for this??
Any HELP would be appreciated

A:Dead Toshiba P105-S6197 Laptop

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Hi,My brightness control does not work. Fn buttons for brightness control don't work as well. I've tried all methods given on the internet such as updating the driver through device manager, changing the startup application etc. Quite frustrating that I cannot change the brightness settings. However, I realise that after I click on 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer', it states that I have two of the same display adapters.  Thanks  

A:Brightness control not working.

I'd suggest removing/deleting them all from device mgr. Then reboot and allow the system to re-install. Jack E/NJ

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Dear Team,   We purchased new Notebook HP 240 G4. In which we install windows 7 (64 Bit) we download all the drivers from HP support and also installed. But Brightness key F2 and F3 not working on HP 240 G4.  Please help 

A:Brightness Control Key not working (F2 & F3)

Hi Have you tried the combination of fn + F2 or F3 key at the same time?

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Hi there.My f2 and f3 controls for brightness are no longer working.My laptop is stuck at dim and I could barely see anything during daytime.I hope you can help me as this is what I use for work.Thank you!

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Hello! I have the above laptop and just installed a replacement M'board since the original board failed. Loaded vista home premium and now cannot get sound. I've tried every possible audio driver with no luck. I loaded Linux and the sound worked immediately so I know the hardware is OK. The audio hardware is identified as Conexant (Waikiki). No matter which driver I attempt to load I get an error message indicating that the hardware media doesn't recognize the driver. I have no other issues with this Motherboard, just no sound.

Does anyone have an answer to this dilemma? Your help is appreciated.

A:Toshiba Laptop P105-S6217 audio driver issue

Have you tried loading XP? Perhaps Vista has no audio drivers for this board.

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ok my brother in-law bought a Toshiba Satellite P105-S6064 for work and gaming. it has a Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset video card. He recently purchased Oblivion for the PC and found to his dismay that that his computer would not run it due to not having the right video card.

so now to my endless questions.

Can you swap a video card in the Toshiba Satellite P105-S6064?
If so how?
and if not why?
if he can which of the following cards would work best in his system?
Ge force 7800, 6800, 6600 6200 fx
Radeon 9800, 9700, 9600, 9500

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


A:Changing Video Cards in a Toshiba Satellite P105-S6064

Laptops almost never have removable video cards, and that particular one is no different. You can't change the video card.

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I have tried each and every steps described before including uninstalling of monitor driver and removal of display adapter and scanning for change in hardwaresBut still i m unable to get the brightness controllAlso provide with the graphics driver for amd r5 m430

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    I'm using Win7 64bit in Inspiron 3542.
   After i resume windows from hibernate, brightness control is not happening using quick keys. Every time i need to go to control panel & change manually. Other quick key functions are working except the brightness control.  The brightness bar stuck like below.

  Even killed quickset process & opened again, nothing useful in it. But when i reboot the system it starts working, and problem starts again when i hibernate.

A:brightness control not working after hibernate

I take it that when you notice this, restarting the notebook corrects the problem every time? I am not suggesting this as a solution(sometimes i would rather see the dentist than have to restart one of my PCs) but I want to make sure that this isn't a hardware issue. 
When you notice the problem with the brightness keys try holding down FN when pressing them and see if there is a change. 
As another test go into Windows and change the power plan and change it to "high performance" before hibernating the notebook. Before resuming plug in the AC adapter and see if you are now able to adjust the brightness, if you are able to then this becomes less of a problem with the function key behavior and an issue with power management. 


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In my windows 8 HP laptop, brightness control buttons F2 & F3 suddenly stopped working. How to resolve this issue ?

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I have recently upgraded from  windows 8.1 to windows 10. After the upgrade i installed all the drivers and tried all the methods given online but they all failed . please help me find the solution to this problem .

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I have the strangest problem... When on battery (and only when on battery) my screen brightness keys (f2, f3) don't work. When I press them, the popup appears in the top left, but it won't move up or down with the keys. Using the touchscreen or a mouse I can drag it and it does indeed adjust the brightness. When plugged in to charge, the keys work as they would normally. I have tried disabling and enabling the "Generic PnP Monitor" device as well as reinstalling graphics and chipset drivers. I also tried changing the power profile and obviously restarting. Any ideas?

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Hi there,

I've got a Satellite Pro R50 - bought just 1 month ago.

Suddenly the Function F3 command to control the brightness has stopped working.

The Brightness can go down with Function F2 but F3 doesn't work

F3 Works in software and the Windows OS to pull up search, but not pulling up the control for brightness.

As such I'm stuck with my brightness down as low as it goes.

I've downloaded the latest Function key driver and installed, so it's not that.

Anyone got any help they can give?


A:Satellite Pro R50 - Brightness F3 control not is working

As temporary solution you can change brightness level in power settings.
I really cannot understand what the problem can be but try to install Toshiba system driver and then Toshiba function key utility again.

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Hi, I have bought HP g5 245 and have installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. I am facing a problem that i am not able to reduce screen brightness using the brightness buttons. The brightness is stuck at the highest level. Please suggest solutions

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After installing new Windows7 ultimate OS.Brightness control keys are not working of my laptop.My laptop model is HP RT3290I search for drivers but not find suitable.I  also search for wifi driver but not find suitable.SO please solve my problem. THANKYOU  1  

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The issue is resolvedI would like to know how to get hp splash screenI dont hav it

A:Re: Brightness Control Unavailability and Non Working of Hot...

Welcome back @shrayank!  I moved your post for better exposure because the splash screen not showing up is a separate issue from the original brightness issue you had experienced and resolved. By accepting the solution when the issue is resolved, others will be able to find the steps that work also.   To help computers start faster, on some models the HP splash screen is not displayed during the start up process. In this case,you can try these steps to see if it is possible for you to enable the HP logo screen:Restart the computer.Press F10 repeatedly to enter the system BIOS screen.Select the Boot section using the right arrow key.Select Boot-time Diagnostic Screen using the up and down arrow keys.Press Enter to select boot-time diagnostic.Select Disabled to show the logo screen.Press Enter.Press F10, and then press Enter to save the changes and exit the system BIOSThis should enable the splash screen if it is available to be enabled.  If this reply helped, please use the Accept as Solution button. If you want to give me a virtual high five, please click the Thumbs Up icon below.  Thank you for coming back and seeking another helping hand from the HP Support Forums community! Have a great day! 

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My HP Notebook N8M15PA#ACJ Brightness control is not working.When I press buttons it didn't give me response.Kindly, please give me best suggestion. My system info: - Product name: - HP Notebook N8M15PA#ACJMotherboard ID: - 80C1BIOS: - F.21-05/17/2016 Please solve my this issue.

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This issue has come up again and again. I have re-installed the System Event Utility driver. It didn't work. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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Hi Experts, I am Using HP Pavilion 15-NOO3TXRecently I Updated Windows 10 from Windows 8.1All Drivers are updated Sucessfully.I have Intel Graphics and AMD Radeon HD 8600both are also updated Sucessfully. but F2 and F3 hotkeys are not working for brightness adjustments.when i Unistall AMD Radeon drivers then hot keys are working properly(only with intel graphics)  Please Take a look for my Drivers But in Video Memory it showing only 128MB Dedicated Video Memory   I Installed AMD Drivers using autodetectutility.exe from AMD Website.how can install both AMD Radeon Drivers and brightness hotkey adjysutment. 

A:Brightness Control Hotkeys are not working after windows 10 ...

Which BIOS version is installed? Have you tried the AMD graphics software softpaq from HP? Try the Windows 8.1 version in compatibility mode. Right click the softpaq and click on troubleshoot compatibility.http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp64001-64500/sp64040.exe The following article at the How-to Gee has some info on driver installation.http://www.howtogeek.com/219782/is-windows-10-backwards-compatible-with-your-existing-software/

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I have a Satellite P50-C-11V laptop. I cannot adjust screen brightness using keys or settings. Even the slider in the mobility center does not change the brightness. I can move the slider but nothing changes. This happend 2 or 3 days ago. Before it was woking perfecly. I cannot understand what caused this.

All my drivers are up to date (maybe this is the problem )

A:Satellite P50-C-11V screen brightness control not working anymore

After a few sleepless night i fixed my probem. If you are experiencing the same problem, all you need to do is to go device manager - monitor - teamviewer monitor driver
and uninstall it. Reboot your laptop. That's it.

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Yeah, when I put my lappie to sleep and then wake it up again in the morning, it's usually on a lower birghtness setting and the function keys seems to have stopped working so I either have to reboot or adjust it via Start > Control Panel.

The volume control also fails to show up on the screen, but appears to still work.

Anyone know what I need to to do fix this? Sony Care Centre or something?

A:Fn + F5/F6 Brightness control not working after sleep (Sony Vaio)

Hi there .. You need the Function Key Software Vaio Care ..

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I've just got new dell INSPIRON N5050 but I can't set its brightness from Fn key.
is it a hardware issue or software?
sometimes it works and sometimes not.
i have Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

A:Fn+brightness control isn't working in DELL inspiron N505

since you just got it, better off to take it back to the shop and get some servicing.

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Hi I was wondering if there was a way to bind a key to increase/decrease brightness of my laptop screen.

I can use the regular FN+Fnkey combo but I am using an external USB keyboard so it would be easier to use a non FN key combo.
I tried reading the scan codes of the FN+F6 key but I couldn't get any, so I can't remap it with a tool like AutoHotkey.

Also, since I have the slider thing in Control Panel > Power Options, this seems doable with a software.

Last note. I do not want a 'screen dimmer' program that does not actually dim the LEDs behind the screen.

Thanks for your input!

A:Hotkey to change brightness


Windows Key + X opens the Mobility Centre.

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Initially when i bought the notebook had windows 7 64 bit where brightness hotkey worked but ever since i upgraded to windows 10 the brightness hotkey which is fn + f6 and fn +f5 stopped working.Help... Any drivers??

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I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and downloaded all the drivers from the lenovo support page.I've got everything working except for this fn + f11/f12 buttons (brightness+/-)I only able to ajust my screen brightness in control panel. I've tried to install graphics drivers (intel hd and amd) from lenovo support website , and also latest intel hd graphics driver from intel. But I still can't adjust screen brightness through fn hotkeys...What should I do?System Model : Lenovo Ideapad 300-14iskProcessor : Intel Core i5-6200U

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Dear Forum,

Recently reactivated this notebook as a backup solution with an nex HD.

Which driver / programm is necessary to bring the hotkey to function?
The display itensity is very low and backwards I was able to control that with this key function.

Thanks a lot for support and hints

A:Satellite S5200-903 Hotkey Function (Fn+F7/F6) Monitor Brightness

For this old notebook models the whole thing works a little bit different as on new models. Now you have one package that contains all necessary stuff for FN functionality.
On old notebooks like your Satellite 5200 you must install several different tools to get this FN functionality, not brightness control only.

So, to make all this easier I recommend you to check Installation instructions for Satellite 5200 and install all missing stuff. Please follow the installation order.

If you still need help let us know.

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I have a new Toshiba Tecra A7. For some reason, Toshiba doesn't preload some utilities, including their Hotkey Utilities (you press the Fn key and mute, dim, brighten, etc. by pressing different F keys). So Toshiba sends the app for you to install separately.
Something is blocking the install of the Hotkey Utilities (HU) on my machine. I load the app. No errors during installation. But no success.
I've downloaded the app from Toshiba's web site and I've run that in case the app they sent me is corrupted. That doesn't work either.
Toshiba tech support thinks there's another program I have running/installed that's blocking the installation of HU. Of course, they have no guesses what it might be so they recommend running a recovery disk which would zero out all the development I've done. Big help.
I've done an internet search for this problem and found other frustrated users with different Toshiba machines. Here's one saga http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t50580.html

No solutions found so far. Any ideas?


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my laptop brightness control control system software is not working so please tell me a link to download a new brightness control software HP G62windows 764 bit 

A:my laptop brightness control control system software is not ...

my lenevo laptop is brightness not working.please solotion me.

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I am not entirely sure if this is the right place to post my question, but I will try anyway. I have had a problem with my Toshiba Hotkey Utility. I have a Toshiba Satellite M45-S355 and a few months ago I started getting a error popup on each startup that says that the utility is not functioning properly. As a result, I cannot use any of my function key quick keys except for the one that switches between my laptop monitor and any attached monitor. I have tried updating the utility and my graphics card, but if anyone could give me a better list of steps to get this utility to start working again, I would appreciate it.

A:Toshiba Hotkey Utility Problems

Are you running antivirus and antispyware on your computer? Have you added any USB or Firewire devices lately?

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I hope I'm posting in the right forum. Anyway, I have a toshiba satellite laptop C650D running windows 7. As of yesterday the blasted brightness control does not work.

As you know you have to press fn and F6 or F7 for the brightness to go up or down. I press FN then press either F6 or F7 and the brightness doesn't do anything. Doesn't go darker or brighter. Nada. I don't even know what number it has gotten itself stuck on, as the brightness seems like maybe a 6 or 7. For some reason my daughter likes her screen really dark at a number 2..yeesh..I don't know how she can see the screen. So now we have a problem.

Thanks for any help.


A:Solved: FN Hotkey on Toshiba laptop

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I noticed that alot of people are experiencing this problem and I've decided to help.

Well I'm not sure if this would work for you but it sure worked for me. I currently use Toshiba Notebook of the F20 series.

I had the same problem and I managed to fix it successfully. Here's what I've done:

I uninstalled the Toshiba Hotkey Utility and Toshiba Utilities.
After rebooting the computer I clicked on Toshiba Assist icon on the desktop.

Next I clicked on the Protect and Fix tab and then Preinstalled Drivers Depository.

A screen appears displaying tools and utilties. Just click on it and you should have a list of the preinstalled files on the left.

I suggest that you click on the Common Modules first and install that before installing other Toshiba components.
Afterwards install Toshiba Utilties and Toshiba Hotkey for Display Devices.

This should hopefully help.

My apologies if this doesn't work out.

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I frequently need to access My Computer (Explorer) when online and clicking "Show Desktop" and opening the My Computer Icon is not very efficient. I would like to be able to create a hotkey (shortcut key) to My Computer to make this simpler.

I am aware that <Windows Key>-E will open this with a 104-key keyboard, but I use an older keyboard and cannot find an equivalent key sequence for the <Windows Key>. Also cannot find a utility that would let me remap a key(s) to be the same as the <Windows Key>.

I also know that I could create a shortcut of My Computer and set a hotkey to this, but this would just add additional icons to my desktop which I would prefer not to do.

Does anyone know of (1) a way to set a hotkey to open My Computer; or (2) a program that would set a key sequence to act the same as the <Windows Key>?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


A:Create a Hotkey for Control Panel


I'm not entirely sure that this will work, since I no longer have XP, but it works in Vista.

Make a shortcut on your desktop for "my computer" (I know you dont want it there, it is only temporary) Then pull the shortcut into the quicklaunch area (enable it if it is not already enabled). There should now be an icon in the quicklaunchmenu for "my computer" which is accesible by mouse at least. You can now delete the desktop shortcut, and the quicklaunch shortcut will still be there.

Its not a hotkey per se, but if you are using a browser it is a fairly easy way to access "my computer"


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Just installed XP on my brother's Toshiba Satellite L305-S5919 and got all the drivers installed except the hotkey driver. Every time the setup starts I get an error saying "TOSHIBA Common Module not found! This setup will terminate."

I've looked for another driver for them but can't seem to find any driver other than the one on the Toshiba website. If anyone could find a solution to this I'd appreciate it. I made sure I typed in the right model number every time.

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i have hp notebook 15 ac 119 txbecause of various errors after windows update i put my system on recovery after the recovery again the problems have started coming. recent problem is of brightness. i cannot adjust my brightness at all. F-keys from keyboard have no effect and even it can not be adjusted through control pannel. i checked in device manager regarding the dispaly drivers update. it says i am using the latest versions of display  drivers.please help. 

A:brightness keys not working ; can't adjust brightness at all

Hi, I'd try reinstalling the amd/intel switchable graphics software package on the link below as it mentions a fix related to the f2/f3 keys. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp74501-75000/sp74717.exe When this has completed, restart the notebook. Regards, DP-K

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Is it a way in windows 7 os to use a hotkey for opening volume control when running a full screen program or game?

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