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Open Office 4.1.2 Files UNUSABLE on exFAT portable drives

Q: Open Office 4.1.2 Files UNUSABLE on exFAT portable drives

Hi everyone

I am trying to resolve an issue regarding opening ODT & ODS files from an exFAT portable SSD drive via a PC running Windows 7 Pro (64bit). The problem is that trying to subsequently access the file causes the program to lock (freeze) at the initial opening screen (it doesn't actually get as far as opening the file) with the only way to recover being to pull the power from the PC and reboot.

After that the SSD then has to be checked and the corrupted file system repaired. Once done the file can be accessed if it's moved or copied to the local disk (NTFS formatted).

I have tested the above on two separate PC's running Windows 7 Pro 64bit with exactly the same results. Testing on 2 x Windows 10 PCs works fine i.e. you can access and open the files without issue.

At first I thought that it was every type of file but it looks like it's only Open Office files that are affected with all other types (PDF's, JPEGs, MS Word documents*, etc, etc.) opening as they should.

*Open Office files are able to be opened with MS Office without issue.

I found this out the hard way after buying a 500 gig Samsung SSD formatted by default with exFAT. To eliminate this drive I also carried out the same tests on a 64GB memory stick with exactly the same (bad) results.

At the moment the only way around this is to reformat the drives using NTFS but I've had issues with this type of format in the past with regards to file permissions plus the exFAT format can be used between PC and Mac.

Hopefully someone can throw some light on the issue as although I have the latest MS Office software (which isn't a problem) I still prefer OO.

Many thanks in advance.

PS I have also posted this issue on the Open Office forum but someone there recommended I also post it here as it also seems like a W7 issue.

Preferred Solution: Open Office 4.1.2 Files UNUSABLE on exFAT portable drives

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Open Office 4.1.2 Files UNUSABLE on exFAT portable drives

I think that the problem is the Office you have on your PC. Witch office you have on the PC, MS office or Open Office?
You are trying to open by double click on explorer or by File open form inside office?

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Hi there,

I have today downloaded and installed the Update Windows 10 Home 1903. It went pretty smoothly on the whole, although I had to change some of my settings and other bits and pieces I didn't like about the new set-up.

However, I have found that after the update, my portable USB hard drives and flash drives won't automatically open now. I have to find them in Windows Explorer and click on them myself. They used to open straightaway when I plugged them in. Has anyone any ideas on how to fix this.

Thanks in anticipation.


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hi guys
i want portable open office writer and calc applications only, i dont want other applications like impress, draw, math etc.
i want only writer and calc as portable. please help me where i can download it.

A:portable open office writer and calc applications only

I see you read the support page.
Can You Pick Which Apps Are Installed?
Unlike, say, Microsoft Office, which is actually multiple programs that are loosely interconnected, OpenOffice.org is actually one big application with multiple functions. So, even if you were to only install Writer and Calc, it would only save you a grand total of about 9MB. And it would be one more full distribution to maintain... the largest one, that takes an hour to upload every release.Click to expand...

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I have 2 USB powered portable hard drives (1 is a WD 2TB drive and the other is a WD 3TB drive. My problem is it will only let me transfer one video file at a time from the 2TB to the 3TB drive. When I click on multiple video files nothing happens. When I only try one it transfers over. Both drives are NTFS. Is there something I can change to allow it to move multiple files? Thanks in advance for everyone's help!!

A:Tansfer Files from portable Hard Drives

Might help if you told us the operating system you are running and how you are trying to transfer them? Are you trying to move them or copy them? Are your trying to drag the selected files from one open folder to another? Are you doing a copy and paste between folders?

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I have an old WD passport portable hard drive and it has been years since I have opened it because some file issues. I now want to fix it but is still having the same problem. They may be corrupt files and it will not allow me to open any of my photos. I tried to repair it with EaseUS but I really don?t know what I?m doing. It?ll say error or not accessible. How can I fix this without losing all my baby photos?

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Hello, when i tried 10 (about 6months ago i'd say), what made me go back to 7 was that issue :

It wasn't possible to associate (& therefore open) filetype with portables apps. Is that still the case?

A:Associate/Open files with portable apps : still not possible?

Could be, installed programs have to write to the Registry and the portable apps I've used didn't.

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Have tried to locate this problem all over the internet and on the MS forums.. but the only thing I find is that "it can't be done". I find this hard to believe since MS created ExFat.... 
I do have MACDRIVE installed on my system and have been able to read any MAC drives handed to me.. until the introduction of ExFAT... Now.. when my clients give me MAC drives formatted with ExFat, my Windows 8.1 Pro system tells me that the "Drive needs
to be formatted". If I inspect the volume with DISK MANAGEMENT it tells me that the file system is RAW... any lookups on RAW online say "drive is corrupted"... but this is not the case... I took the drive to someone with a MAC and they read
it perfectly.. when I asked what format the drive was in.. the answer.. ExFat. 
I understand that the problem is MAC is formatting ExFat with some kind of proprietary BOOT STRAP which makes the Win system unable to read it.. but has nothing been done with this? No driver update? For either side? 
Am I going to have to purchase a MAC system JUST to read ExFat.. which is ironic since it was created for compatibility... 
Any help with this will be greatly appreciated! 

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I have a W7 machine with multiple hdd's. All are formatted NTFS. I have media on a couple that I need to access with an Android box. exFat seems to be the way to go for Android. So I thought I'd reformat my drives with media on them to exfat.
Will Windows still be able to access media on a drive formatted exFat?
Can I format my primary drive (C) with my OS to exFat and have W7 work normally?

Im just trying to make an older W7 PC work with newer technology and Android is obviously the coming trend

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I have a W7 machine with multiple hdd's. All are formatted NTFS. I have media on a couple that I need to access with an Android box. exFat seems to be the way to go for Android. So I thought I'd reformat my drives with media on them to exfat.
Will Windows still be able to access media on a drive formatted exFat?
Can I format my primary drive (C) with my OS to exFat and have W7 work normally?

Im just trying to make an older W7 PC work with newer technology and Android is obviously the coming trend

A:W7 PC with mixed drives of NTFS and exFat

Windows from Vista and later has full support for exFAT but this is normally only used for external drives. There are few reasons to format an internal drive as anything but NTFS and that is the only option provided in Windows Explorer. Windows from Vista and later can only be installed on an NTFS partition.

exFAT was designed for external drives to overcome some of the limitations of FAT32. It was never intended to replace NTFS which is really a far more capable file system. All of my Windows 7 internal drives are formatted NTFS and I have no difficulty accessing them over the network, for both reading and writing, from my Android phone. Android knows nothing of NTFS but on a network that doesn't matter.

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I used to own 2 computers that have both been trashed in the past week, so now I don't own a computer anymore, but I still have a flash drive with all my data backed up on it.  All files are in TrueCrypt container files on the flash drive, which I created using TrueCrypt, and later was able to use VeraCrypt to open.  Those programs were installed on my computers, which I no longer have.  So now I use the computers at the public library.  They don't give me Administrator privledges.  So in order to open my TrueCrypt / VeraCrypt containers and have access to my data, I need a Portable version of one of those programs--or another program that is similar to those.  
So far, I tried getting a Portable version of VeraCrypt and found instructions online to simply Extract the files rather than clicking Install after downloading the program in order to make it Portable.  I did that, but then couldn't find what I was instructed to do next.  It said, "After you extract files from the VeraCrypt self-extracting package, you can directly run VeraCrypt.exe". Where is this VeraCrypt.exe located? I don't see that file name. If I knew what they were talking about, this would probably be the easiest method for me to run the program.
Right now on my flash drive, I have a VeraCrypt folder with files in it after clicking on Extract Files as opposed to Install.  Most of them are language files.  I clicked all the ones listed as type "App... Read more

A:Need a portable program to open TrueCrypt files. Suggestions?

I don't believe you can run Veracrypt or Truecrypt as a portable application unless you have admin rights on the computer. They need to install a driver on the computer in order to access the container.
Do you still have access to the computers? Were they trashed because of hardware issues?

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Just bought a new laptop with Windows7 64bit installed-my first exposure to Windows7. I had Office 2007 installed on my old Dell 32 bit machine. I had also recently pruchased Office 2010 and installed that on my new machine.

Now, when I try to open those 32bit 2007 files with 64bt 2011, Iget an error message that "no picture file is available", or words to that effect. When I try to "open with", the only option displayed is "Microsoft Office" with an icon that looks like a picture file. When I try to browse to the proper office program(Excel, for example), there are none of teh Office suite programs displayed, only "Microsoft Office".

I can navigate seperately to the proper progran, Excel, etc., and drag the file into the application, and it opens, and all seems to work OK. I "save as" the proper application file, but it still will not open with double-click on the file name.

I have not seen this particular item in the forums and would appreciate very much some help in fixing this issue.



A:Office 2010(Win7, 64bit) won't open Office 2007(WinXPr3 32 bit) files

Hello Grubby76, welcome to the forum.

We have an excellent Window 7 File Association Tutorial here:
Open With - Change Default Program

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Hey All,

Here is my issue. The Company we consult for has not transitioned all of the way to Office 2007. We have a number of machines that still have Office 2003. Compatibility Pack works on almost all issues.

Current issue is one of our users received a PowerPoint 2003 that has embedded PowerPoint 2007 files. When the user opens the PowerPoint 2007 file Office 2003 shuts down. He has to download the 2007 file to his desktop.

From what I can see this is because the file conversion process shuts down Office 2003 before attempting to open the PowerPoint 2007 file.

Another issue that may be complicating the error is we had to run a Fixit patch from Microsoft that was causing Excel, Word and PowerPoint to be scanned which caused long opening times. I don't remember the KB article for that one at the moment but will find it if I need to.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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I am running Office 2003 on Windows 7. My PC is only 6 months old and everything has been running like butter. All of a sudden Office files open slowly when double-clicked from their respective locations (they would normally blink up). If I open Word or Excel and then open the files from there, they open quick. Outlook on the other hand, is just slow to load up...which it wasn't before.

I did a ton of research online and couldn't get a clear fix. My thoughts are:
Anti Virus? (I'm using AVG Free)
Ad-Aware Free? (Ad-Watch live is on...however it was on before)
Windows update or office update?

But obviously I'm here to get your thoughts. It's a pain in the ass when I bought a new PC so it could perform quick, and now spreadsheets and email take 20 seconds or more to open.


A:Office files open slowly (Office 2003 / Windows 7)

I just wanted to add that when I disconnect the PC from the internet, the problem seems to go away?

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Recently installed Office 2010 (32 bit becuz it was recommended to do so my MS) and now when I send an Office 2007 file to that PC (both PCs are Win 7 64 it) it tries to open the file in Windows Media!!

What the heck am I doing wrong? I'm beginning to think I should not have purchased Office 2010 Pro and stayed with the Office 2007 on all my machines.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Office 2007 files will not open in Office 2010

That is weird.
Could you please describe step by step how you are sending the file to another PC.
Also, please provide more details on what type of the file that is. And if you create a similar file on recipient PC, will it be opened in Windows Media as well?

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At work I have Windows 2000 along with Office 2000. If I save a document to disk and take it home, will my home computer with Windows 95 and Office 97 be able to read the document??? If not, how can I change them to RTF files?

A:Office 97: Will it open Office 2000 Word files?

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I now have a new problem, before I managed to open 2007 files by opening Office 2010 and then from inside the application choosing to open a file. The problem I have though is if I just try to open an Office 2007 file then I can't open it, and I can't change the default program to open it.

How do you get Office 2010 to open all the Office 2007 files such as word, excel etc?

A:Can't open Office 2007 files with Office 2010!

please don't cross post

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I was wondering what the best way to make sure your external drive is functioning as it should?

Also, how much damage is done if your drive loses power abruptly?

Also, why would someone want a larger drive that needs an additional power source compared to a portable drive?

A:Checking Drives for errors and difference between portable and large external drives

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Samsung techies linked 24 of the company's 256GB SSD drives together in a RAID with the hopes of making the fast SSD drives even faster. The system actually reaches transfer speeds of 2GBps. What's that much speed mean to you?

Video: gizmodo

A:24 Solid State Drives Open ALL of Microsoft Office In .5 Seconds

impressive !!

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Hello. I?ve been stuck in a predicament for almost a week, day and night, for hours to end, and NOTHING. I?m going insane! I really hope you guys can help me! Here I have a description on the situation, what happened before after and during. Brace yourself, it?s a little lengthy? but hopefully, I give you enough information to solve this. I?ve reached a dead end.

So, I bought a USB drive of 1tb from somewhere in China (never doing THAT again) through the WISH app. I also recently purchased a new laptop and decided to use this drive to transfer all my files at once from an old laptop to the new one. So I?m copying all possible files to this USB drive, but for some unknown reason, I decide to CUT the most important file in my possession instead of copying it. As they were transferring, I noticed that the files were disappearing from the origin folder (something normal obviously, since I was cutting and pasting). I could see the transfer window and the progress and all. The weird part was that I couldn?t see the files ON the USB drive as they were transferring, like one normally does. There was nothing there as it transferred. I paid no mind to it because I thought it might appear once it was all done.

Since it was relatively late and I had to work early the next day, I decided to cancel the progress, thinking that I would AT LEAST have a few files in the USB when I continued the next day. And then there was nothing. I could see the folder, but no files in it. I ... Read more

A:Files disappeared while being transferred to a now-exFAT USB

If the 1TB Usb drive was very cheap it could be a fake. Is it mechanical or Usb stick type ? What did it cost ?

You might have better luck trying to restore the files by looking for them on the internal drive.

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Recently decided to get rid of the 3-drive RAID 5 array. Backed up all my data to an external drive, and deleted the array. I also designated each drive as a "non-member drive". However, now when I try to install windows xp SP3, it refuses to install on two of the drives (call them drive 2 and 3), and will only install on one partition of one drive (call it drive 1).

In addition, drive 1 is divided into two partitions. One of these is usable and acts completely normal. However the other partition (actually just non-partitioned space) cannot be formated, or altered in any way. The weirdest part of drive 1's problems is that the first partition shows about a third of the drives capacity, while the other unpartitioned space shows 5/3s, for a total capacity of double the hard drive.

Any ideas of how I can "recondition" the drives to get back to normal? Formatting doesn't change anything.


A:Unusable hard drives?

sakhurst said:

Formatting doesn't change anything.Click to expand...

But Partitioning (or removing the Partitions - in Full) might

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Hello everyone, I hope someone can give me some advice, because I have a huge issue. My wife's laptop (Macbook OSX Yosemite) was being upgraded, so she needed to backup a ton of work files and pictures of our newborn son (150 gigs or so of stuff). I, having an external HDD to spare, formatted it as exFat on my Windows 7 machine. She plugged it in and it worked fine; she was able to drag files over, open them, drag them back.

But today, she copied over a few hundred megs of work files. Then she goes to copy more, and is told "this device is incompatible", but can't tell me much more (I wasn't there and she didn't get a screen shot). Now there is nothing on the HDD. Literally nothing; no files, no folders, nothing. She can open the drive on her Macbook, there's just nothing there. I've plugged it into my Windows 7 machine and I'm also seeing nothing. According to my Disk Management, the drive is healthy, with a primary partition, and 100% HD space available for use (although the format field is blank).

Now her work stuff is easily replaced, but the pictures of our baby is something that matters a great deal to both of us. Does anyone know of a way to recover these files, or any idea what may have happened? I don't think the drive is corrupted; it mounts and ejects easily in both OS (Yosemite and Windows 7). I must confess to being an idiot when it comes to Macs, and I just barely get by with Windows, so I'm at a loss here.

Any help is MUCH appreci... Read more

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I have Open Office on Vista OS. I have to do a lot of editing of documents and recently I have had trouble with Open Office crashes in the middle of an editing session. Each time I get the assurance that all the files are saved. I find these edited files in My Documents, but I find it difficult to apply the edit to the original file. I have just updated to Open Office 4 to see if the crashes will stop, but I still think that there must be a simpler way of applying the edits saved from the crashes to the original file than the round about method I am using. Allan.

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Hey Guys!

TL : DR: All files accessable but contain binary-gibberish

So I was at a friends place yesterday and he told me that his phone (sony xperia z5) crashed and woudn't restart until he removed the SDXC card (exFAT formated, 64GB). He tried to access his data from his PC (Windows 10) and wasn't able to do so.

So when I inserted his sd card in his PC It got recognized as an exFAT volume of correct size and showed all (as far as I can tell) data in a resonable size (nothing like, all mp3's are 4kb or so), but as soon as I opend a file (like photos or music) it said that it isn't a supported format. even file that should contain plaintext had not a single word in it and looked more like a binary opend in notepad. I opened one in mp3Diags and couldn't find a proper header or any mpeg stream. The filesystem seemed fine and I checked it with chkdsk. Even writing a new file to it works and is perfectly readable.

Does anyone knows what causes this and/or how to get on the data?

A:SDXC exFAT card files readable but corrupted

Sounds like the data was corrupted in some way, possibly malware or virus. But could just be a hardware glitch with the phone. Is a different card working in the phone?

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it started by whenever i open a drive by clicking on it , it opens it in another window... now when trying to open it, the "open with..." appears
another thing is i can't unhide the hidden files from tools>folder options ..etc

now i saw another thread that is somehow like my problem by the user "virtu" and i've downloaded the combofix.exe .

here is the hijackthis log

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 09:23:14 ص, on 03/02/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
G:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Service\AdskScSrv.exe
G:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
g:\program files\mcafee.com\agent\mcdetect.exe
G:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7Debug\mdm.exe
G:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2008\mentalray\satellite\raysat_3dsMax2008_32server.exe
G:\WINXP\... Read more

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I save my MSWorks files on a working thumb drive and CD's. I have done this for years, I open them from the external drives(XD). Then today, when I open the XD's, and view the files, I am not able to click and open them on my PC as I have done many times in the past.

Something is blocking the opening process. the MSWorks programs starts to open but then nothing. I see the files in task mgr. (processes), system thinks they are open but not visible.

Similar files stored on my HD open fine so something to do with xd'S i THINK.

Appreciate any help.



Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 6 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1013 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G965 Express Chipset Family, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 73171 MB, Free - 12406 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0WG864, , ..CN4811173S063L.
Antivirus: Lavasoft Ad-Watch Live! Anti-Virus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Files won't open frome xternal drives

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Compaq Presario SR1830NX, Windows XP, MS Office 2007

Saved MS Office files take 30 seconds to open when accessed thru My Documents. Noticed this change just after installing a new Brother MFC-240C print/scan/fax combo. Could be coincidental. Same delay problem when opening Office files from email attachments.

Have noticed that if I go thru Start Menu, open Word/Excel from there, then open the saved files, they open very quickly.

What up?

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I have two client computers, one 64 bit and one 32 bit, both running XP Pro that are having problems with opening Office files. If the user navigates to the file (like a Word file) and double clicks on it to open, there is a very long pause, around 30 to 40 seconds, before Word opens up and then there is another fifteen seconds before the file opens. It does not matter if the file in question is on the server or on the client's machine.

However, if the user were to open Word first (which opens normally), then go to file open and then navigate to the file, the file opens instantly.

This seems to affect Office files mostly. PDFs and other files tend to open immediately regardless of which route taken to open them. I have installed the Office compatibility pack as suggested in one post I found but it did not seem to change anything.

No other machines on the network seem to exhibit this problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions or can direct me to a previous post that addresses this issue?

Thanks in advance.


A:Office files slow to open

I have been looking around elsewhere for this answer and I saw something but do not know if it could be the cause or not.

But could dead links be a potential cause? That when a user double clicks on the file, a search is begun to find some information at a link that no longer exists? But when say Word is already opened and they open a file in Word, that dead link is not searched?

I am just grasping at straws here. Would it be a dead link in one of the file associations?

Again, thanks in advance.


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Hi, I'm new to the forum so hopefully I'm using it correctly. I have recently had a new staff member join the company and brought her a new laptop which I subsequently kept for myself as it was a vast improvement on my own! I set her up a separate user account on my old laptop and created a user account on the server to enable her to access the server and the Company information. Unfortunately, on her log in she could only open Access and Excel files as read only. I've tried changing the permissions on the server to Administrator but that didn't help. The User account template on the server is the same as the two other girls that work in the office and their access is fine - as is mine when I log in as me on the same laptop!! If I copy one of the files from the server onto the desktop using a removable storage device then the file becomes readable.

Is this a problem at the laptop end or the server end??

Any help most appreciated.

A:Can only open files as read only on office pro

You gave the user Administrator rights on the server?? I would hope not. Other than that, your post is difficult to follow.

Are you the system administrator? Or does the company have some type of official IT support?
Is the computer on a domain?
Are the files on the server?
What are the NTFS permissions set to for the files?

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There is one computer in our peer-to-peer Windows network that will not open MS Office files that are stored on shared network drives on other computers. PDFs open just fine, but not MS Office docs. It displays a message that the file could not be found even though I can see and double-click the file. I can right-click and copy a networked file, paste it anywhere on the the local computer and from there it opens fine. It is a Dell Vostro, running Windows 7 (Home Edition). There is another one identical to it that works just fine on the network. I am using MS Office 2007 and MS Office 2003 on the this machine. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling MS Office to no avail. Any ideas on this issue?

A:MS Office files will not open over network

You've tried both Office 2003 and 2007?

Have you tried mounting the network drive and giving it a drive letter?

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Can't open Excel or Word files in office 2013. Screen message - "The operating system is not presently configured to run this application"
"There was a problem sending the application command to the program"

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when I try to open any office files on my computer I get the message

Windows installer preparing to install


uninstallation of the update package is not supported.

I have tried to do a system recovery but the problem still persists. Any advice is much appreciated

A:Cant open any office files on computer

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I have files that I made in Office 97 and 2003. I cannot open them in Word or Excel 2007. They are all in "code" when I open them. I downloaded Open Office and can open them from there , but it does not give me choice to save them in Office 2007 format.
I have had problems gettng used to MS 2007 and more problems with some of the functions on Open Office. Is there a program that I can download , in order to open these files in MS Office 2007?
I am only a home user and not proficient in either software. Know just the basics.

A:Can't open old files in MS Office 2007

Office 2007 is fully backwards compatable.

Can you confirm that the files that you are trying to open in Word are .doc files?

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Hi everyone,

I hope this thread is in the right area, and I'm posting this the right way!

Recently, my custom built computer has just gone kaput, where it will no longer boot up to windows.
To make a long story (2 weeks-long process) short, it kept giving the error that the boot drive couldn't be found.
I used the Windows installation disc to try to recover from a point in time before this trouble happened, and absolutely none of the restore points would work. They would restore, but at the last moment it would say that it didn't work. I believe I noticed the problem:
I have two HDDs. One for the OS and the other for data. My OS was of course originally named C: and my data was named E:
However, as I look at the attempts to restore, I notice that apparently my drives have been renamed to E: and D: (respectively). Therefore, when the restore is trying to take place I think it's messing up because it's looking to restore to C: when it's been renamed to E: somehow!

I've browsed the forums for a while trying to find a solution, and I'm not sure if I have or not. My thoughts are that I need to somehow RE-name my drives their correct names for at least a restore point to go through.

I saw one thread that seemed to have the same problem I have (Computer changed HD letter and will not Boot) that linked to another thread titled "BOOTMGR is Missing" (Bootmgr is missing - Fix). In it, it suggested going through the command prompt (within the installation disc of course)... Read more

A:Drives renamed, now Restore points unusable

How many times have you run Startup Repair? Confirm that Win7 or its 100mb System Reserved partition (preferred if you have it) is Partition Marked Active then run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times

Unplug all other HD's to do the repairs. They should not be plugged in anyway if you're that concerned about losing your data, but the main concern is that they interfere with repairs or derail the boot.

The drive letters will always be different in boot mode.

If the steps above fail then everything else that can be done is compiled in Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Start leading up to if necessary rescuiing your files to run Recovery or Reinstall.

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I'm new to Vista. I bought a 320gig hard drive and a external case and formated it with EXFAT. Ran into some problems and now Vista won't read the drive. I've tried 9 different recovery programs but none works with EXFAT. Is there anything out there that will? (yes, I didn't know what I was doing when I formated it. I thought FAT was FAT!) Any help will be greatly appreciated -Dot

A:Solved: recover files off hard drive with exfat format

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HI All, The first issue i am facing is , I am unable to open any .exe files from my laptop(Lenovo Ideapad 5-1470) and am getting .exe application error while trying to open it. I tried to uninstall the recently installed programs but I am unable to uninstall them as well.So i tried to create a Windows 10 ISO and tried USB boot so that it clears resintalls Windows 10 and clears all data( i dont need any data to be recovered as it has been just 2 months since i got the laptop). While the BIOS was able to recognize the USB and tried to install windows 10 but got an error at a particular steps after accepting windows agreement-'We couldn't find any drives. To get a storage driver, click Load driver'. Only when the Drives get loaded, i will able to confirm the partition and install win 10 again. So there are 2 issues i am mentioning here1) Unable to open any exe file from my laptop2) Drives does not get displayed while trying to resinstall win 10. Please let me know how to proceed or if there is anything else that can be done to resolve the .exe issue, let me know. Really appreciate any Help. Thanks.  

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When I try to open the 'Sharing...' or 'Properties' by right clicking on files or drives, nothing opens. So I can't get in to set sharing options or look at the properties for anything. Any ideas why not? Thanks


A:Can't open 'sharing' or 'properties' options for files/drives

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Hi everyone!

I have a user who is complaining that Office is slow to open/display files when you browse for them using File > Open. If I use windows explorer to browse to the file, it works fine.

Any suggestions??

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I need help! I have open office on my laptop and no Microsoft office what so ever. I have my CV saved in open office word. When trying to apply for jobs either via email or online application I cannot get my cv to attach. I have tried changing the format many times but seemingly which ever format I chose it still wont work. Please advice as to what I should do as thinking of just giving up and paying for Microsoft office. Thanx

A:Attaching open office writer files

Hello hanbes, and welcome to TSG.

I am not familiar with open office, but am going to assume it gives you the ability to print documents. If so, you can download and install a free PDF file creator program, like PrimoPDF. The software installs and appears as an available printer to any program. You could use it to convert your CV to a PDF file that can be attached to an email.

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Sometime last week I noticed that I can't open up any of my MS office saved files like word, excel, access. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but still have the same problem. It will let me open the application of word, etc. and work normally and save a file, but it will not let me open up a file. When I try, I get an error box that says "the file FILENAME is not available."

Any ideas on how to fix this, I really need my MS office apps.

A:Ms Office 2007 Saved Files Won't Open


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I can't open older (i. e. last week) files created in Micrsoft Office Excel 2003.
When I click on the file in my doc. or recent file while in Excel an error alert pops up stating " .xls' could not be found."

A:Can't Open MS Office Excel 2003 files

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trying to fix a pc with windows xp home.
The problem is that when ever, say, Word is run, it will try and open all word files on the machine or when excell is opened it will open all excell files. it will even open system files sometime as well.

Ive tryed uninstallinga nd re-installing, that doesnt work, ive tryed to remove all assosiated office files but some i dont have persmission to remove :(
Ive even tried installing 2007beta but it still does it.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I have a laptop connected by wireless network to my desktop. I do not use that laptop very much, so most of the time it is off. The problem: If that laptop is not on in the network, when I try to open files in any of my Microsoft Office software, things move real slow. That occures if I do not open directly from mu documents. If I have to go through several folders to get to what I want, about every third folder selections takes forever.

What can I do about this?


A:Hard to Open Files in Office Products

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My computer has always opened PDF files thru Microsoft Office and now when they open everything is all jumbled and unreadable. I have to close and reopen using Adobe Reader. Can anyone tell me what happened to cause this change?

A:PDF Files no longer open with Microsoft Office

Hi there ... What version of Office are you using ? Have you tried a Repair through the Control panel .. Go to program and features / Select Office .. And click on Repair

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I have downloaded the MS Compatibility pack but message appears "There was an error opening the file" when I try to open file.
I have XP and Office 2000. I followed all instructions re downloading the Comp pack.

Any suggestion please?

A:Can't open .docx files in Office 2000

You can not open a Word 2007 docx document in Word 2000 or Word 2003. Documents created in Word 2007 are not backward compatable. You need to either:
1. Upgrade your system to Office 2007 (Word 2007)
2. Have the originator save the document in Word 97-2003
3. Download the free Word 2007 viewer from Microsoft, however you can only view not edit with this.

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Help! My laptop totally crashed and my hard drive has been rescued. I have a new laptop but I don't have all the software I need and someone gave me a copy of open office.org so I can open my Microsoft Publisher files. I can't afford to buy the microsoft software, but I daren't load the version I had before because I've been told its illegal and that microsoft can track it on your pc! I have tried to open the publisher files with the open office draw program but it won't work. My business is based on designs i have created in these publisher files and most of my work over the last 18months I have created in Publisher. Does anyone know how to do it? I have spent the last 4 hours searching the net, including the open office and linux websites, but have found no information!

A:Convert Publisher Files In Open Office?

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My question is in the above title.   I have network set up and can see all the devices but cannot open files and folders on other computers running windows 7.   I have set sharing for all drives to "everyone" named the User
(admin) the same on all computers.  Not using passwords.  Yes to network discovery.  Done a lot of sweating but now quite frustrating.   Time to ask for help after studying the web for days....actually off and on for months. 
 Please email me and I do appreciate your help.   Thank you very much,
Gene F. ([email protected])

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