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All in one Desktop does not power on

Q: All in one Desktop does not power on

I am working on a customers all in one desktop that powers on but there is no output to screen, the back light does not even appear to come on. The hard drive lighet blicks steadily once about every 2 or 3 seconds. Putting my ear to the back of the system I can hear something running but not sure if it is the HD or the fan or both. The power supply is putting out 19.85 volts.Anybody have any ideas what this could be or have a link to point me to. I did look at the troubleshooting section of the support website but that all appears to be broad and could not find any codes that match up to what I am seeing. Thank You

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Preferred Solution: All in one Desktop does not power on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello to the HP community. I must warn you all, this is a long thread and is potentially confusing, so only read this if you're interested in giving feedback. I am here today to not ask a question, but to share with you my confusion on your Pavilion desktop PCs. I've looked at the technical specifications for many of the Pavilion desktops, including my own, and I simply can't understand one thing; where do you get your PSU power ratings from? I currently have a Pavilion 500-319na: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04343438.It's a good computer, powerful in most areas although the GPU isn't, so I'm looking to upgrade it. The first thing I check before I upgrade parts, and hopefully others do too, is the PSU's power rating. And this is where my problem lies. Firstly, your website states that for my PC, and others, it's an external power adapter. It simply isn't, as it's inside of the PC. I've seen in many discussions that this has confused people, including myself. And secondly, your website states that for many of the Pavilion PCs, including mine, the PSU is rated at 180W. Let me tell you why I believe is wrong: The PSU that comes with my PC, and presumably other Pavilions too, has four power outputs: 3.3V (12A) and 5.08V (10A) outputs, 'limited' at 70W. Then there are 12Va (7A) and 12Vb (10A) outputs. These apparently produce 180W. First of all, the 3.3V and 5.08V outputs can't be limited to 70W, in theory. This is because, using the equation... Read more

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Bought a XPS-8900.  When I switch the power strip on, the 8900 powers on momentarily then powers off (call it an "a/c power on surge").  From there it remains powered off until I press the power on button on the top of the 8900 and then it powers on normally and boots into Windows 10.
This a/c power on surge has never happened to any previous desktop PC that I've owned.
I always do a shutdown at night and then turn off the power strip to remove a/c power to the 8900, monitor, and external hard drive docking stations.  But the a/c power on surge that happens on the 8900 when I switch the power strip on is a major concern.  It seems that the a/c power on surge would be harmful to all of the electronics in the 8900.
Is this a/c power on surge normal for an XPS-8900 or other Dell desktop PCs?

A:Desktop power on surge when power strip switched on

That's entirely  normal!
BIOS has an AC Recovery option which tells the PC what to do when it recovers from a "power failure". Since you turn off the power strip at night, that's the same as a power failure.
So when you turn the strip on in the morning, the PC powers on briefly to see what it's supposed to do when recovering from a power failure. If BIOS is set to "do nothing", the PC powers off again, and you have to press the power button to boot.
If you're lazy like me, you can set that BIOS AC Recovery option to "reboot". So as soon as I turn the power strip on the PC starts booting and I don't have to press the power button.  Just make sure your strip can handle the load of the PC booting plus monitor and HDD all powering on at the same time.

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I have to unplug the PC power cord and plug it back it to get the PC to boot.  It's like it goes to sleep and will not wake up.  Please help! Thank you, Mike

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Wasn't sure if this is the right category but I guess it's ultimately a question of hardware...

In case you don't want to read the whole background, my ultimate question is, Which power supply should I look to get to replace the dead one in the old unit?

I just moved into an off-campus house at college and the last homeowners left behind a lot of stuff, including what appears to be a functional Dell desktop PC. At least 10 years old, judging by the available ports on the MB and the other hardware inside. The unit is dead on its own, but I tried connecting the 20-pin part of my desktop's power supply to the old unit and the motherboard seemed to power up (light went on, CPU fan started).

The hard drive and CD-ROM drive didn't seem to power on, but I found what seemed to be a safety button (see first image) which I am guessing prevents those devices from powering on if the case is open. Can anyone confirm this for me? I want to know if anything else in this unit is dead, but it seems like everything was in great shape (not much dust, etc). I don't really want to pump more than like $50 bucks into this thing, as my goal was to use this PC as either a dedicated Linux machine or to host a web site (not expecting much traffic at all, and with FiOS Quantum 75/75 we have more than enough bandwidth).

The motherboard looks very much like the Dell OptiPlex GX260 SDT SFF Socket 478 (Image: http://attach.forum.ge/post-54-1270667615.jpg) although I cannot seem to find the exa... Read more

A:Desktop Resurrection - Need power supply for 2002 Dell desktop


I have no idea if that model number is what you need, but it can be bought at the above link. 24 bucks, refurbished.

Google reveals other prices, most higher than $24.

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My SR1910NX Desktop PC can load Win. Xp when I power off and power on.

The first time I turn on power bar to turn on my computer after overnight in the morning my computer fan at the back is working and on immediately
I don't even need to press power button in front for it to do that.
I don't know why since I always needed to press the front power button in front of computer in other Compaq Presarios which I have.
But Windows XP doesn't even startup.

It has message that monitor can't find computer signal.

I have to turn off power power button in front, by continously pressing the button for awhile then it swtiches off, then turn on in front again.

When I turn on the power the 2nd time.

It says something about bios, but message dissappears too quickly for
me to see entire message.

Then Windows XP starts to load and open and everything loads normally to
the Windows XP desktop.

I was wondering if this problem is due to low battery on my computer or some other type of problem ?


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Hi All,
Could any of advice me, how to make pc to power on auto after power main lane.
I want the pc power on after i turn on in main lane. I don want press any botton from pc.
Please advice me......

A:Desktop power Auto Power on.

Check in the BIOS to see if there is an option to restart after power failure. Usually a setting called After Power Failure, with three options:
Stay Off
Last State
Power On

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I "built" myself a computer back in February or so after buying a barebones setup off of Tiger Direct and everything had been running pretty smoothly until my graphics card, a EVGA GeForce 7300 GT, started causing errors in Windows while its fan made wonderful grinding noises. I was able to get it replaced while using my 8 MB backup (never had any problems with that installed) and not 12 hours later, my computer had shut off over night.

When I first tried to turn it back on, I would hear this slight sound from the hard drive as if it was (trying to) boot up and the CPU fan would startup. But, this process would repeat itself every second or so (basically a non-stop clicking sound from the HDD and the CPU fan revving itself) but wouldn't do much of anything else. I tried taking out the new graphics card and that didn't seem to help.

Now the computer won't even respond when I hit the power button and I'm at a loss as to what's going on with this thing. It seemed like the system was getting consistent power since the case fan that is directly connected to the power supply ran normally while everything else was acting up, but at this point I wont even guess what the problem is.

Sorry if this is long-winded, I'm trying to be descriptive without being TOO descriptive (if there is such a thing). I appreciate any help I can get!

A:Desktop won't power up

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Hi...Went to turn on my PC (re model above) four days ago and it was not responsive. I had left it in sleep mode the night before which I have done many times, and it usually turns on with a touch of the mouse...nothing.I went on to HP troubleshooting support and followed the guidelines for checking the adapter. No breakages or obvious wear on the cable connections. Checked the wall outlet by plugging in a lamp....fine. Tried plugging it in to another wall outlet which I knew was working, still nothing.The only thing I have noticed is that the green light on the main adapter unit is flashing and there is a corresponding, but barely perceptible beeping sound emitting from same. Went on to HP tech support but was informed that my warranty expired in 2014 and that if I wanted to phone a technician it would cost me a minimum charge of $59.99 I decided to go to the spare parts order page instead to see if I could order a new adapter unit, but when I input the part # it came back that it was not orderable (?) and to try one of their partner sites....1 only in Canada. Checked, also did not carry that adapter. Am feeling frustrated here... Any advice or help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! 

A:No power to All in One desktop

Here is a troubleshooting guide for similar problemshttp://hp.dezide.com/ts/start.jsp?guide=NoPowerorBootIssues.net&section=ccweb&sfs=isearch&language=e... When you indicate the "adapter" are you talking about the 150W external power adapter?

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i have this 4 year old desktop pc that i want to get up and running again...its previous owner dropped it off with me a couple days ago...i cannot get it to power on (no fans no lights no nothing)...but the power to the monitor is working ok...what could be the problem?

A:Old desktop no power

I'd say Power Supply or Ram

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My desktop is an HP A1620n. When I press the power button in the front it does nothing. No fans or sound. I plugged the pc into a working outlet. There is no on/off switch for the psu. There is a green light on the psu that is solid green when plugged in. Any problems I found online were associated with a blinking green light or no green light. I tried troubleshooting the internal hardware and power supply for things like the cd-rom and no luck in powering on. The light is always solid green when plugged in. The strange this is after 4 hours I put everything back together except the outer case and it did not start up. But while I was putting the case on it started on it's own. The pc ran fine all day. The pc powered on and off fine. I shut it down for the night and in the morning it wouldn't start again. I was reading about maybe the motherboard is shorting out on the case but I don't know if that is a real thing. Any help would be appreciated. Also there was no power outage or lightning storms that happened.
Thanks, Matt.

A:My desktop won't power on

sounds like there is a possible ground fault or something is triggering chassis intrusion (i.e. the side panel is off).

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Hello I have a HP Pavilion desktop 550-a114 and it won't power on at all. I've held the button for ten seconds and I've pressed it for a second nothing. I've switched outlets, unplugged and replugged everything still nothing. The computer is only 6 months old so it shouldn't be anything hardware wise should it?

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I came home and my HP desktop was off. It is usually hibernating. When I press the button on the front, the fans will spin briefly but the computer will not power up. Does anyone have any idea what this problem could be?

A:HP desktop won't power up

If it shut off by itself, it may have overheated.

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My Dell desktop suddenly decided not to power-up. I've tired different ac outlets but can't get a peep out of it. Any ideas on what happened and if its an inexpensive fix before I submit to the PC doctor? Thanks for suggestions, etc.

A:Help with desktop no power.

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I have recently acquired the parts that i am using to make my own computer from scratch. They all fit together nicely. I plugged it in and hit the power button but nothing happened (no smoke). The reason is that the power button i am using was from the old computer that was in that case. The power button itself is a 6-pin connection (4 on top, 2 on bottom) but my new motherboard has a 9-pin connection (5 on top, 4 on bottom) for the power button. What should I do?

A:No power Desktop

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My wife has a HP Compaq sff desktop computer. It quit one day and after checking and cleaning a lot of lint out of the fan, it worked, for 2 days. If left sit off for a few days, it will start to load and then quit. When it quits, there is no power to the mouse or keyboard. The light on the front of the computer still lights.
Is there a quick fix, and/or is it worth spending some money to repair, or should I just scavange the memory, drives, etc.? I have limited experience, i.e. replaced motherboards, harddrives, memory, and disk drives. Anyone have any suggestions for me to try?

A:HP Desktop will not power on

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I bought dell inspiron 660 on 10/1/2012, used for 3.5 years everything was good until tonight, suddenly I noticed my pc was off, I tried to hit the from dell button to reset it (power on), but nothing happened. I follow the instruction to unplug all other peripherals, and reseat the power cord, and swapped the monitor cord with the main pc power cord... but the front reset button still no response. after I unplugged the power and press the front button, a green light on the back on, but the monitor shows entering to save mode. I have no idea what should I try next...
I have many important documents need to send tomorrow and also need work on QuickBook... Please help!! 

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Hey I was wonder what could be the problem with my desktop computer.

First thing is I usually leave my computer on all day.

But in the morning when I press the power button on my desktop nothing happens at all. Usually I have to press it several times before all the lights come on. Once the power finally comes on everything boots up fine.

Does anyone know what the problem could be. I was thinking maybe something was loose, but when I open the side cover to check where the wire from the power button is connected to the motherboard everything seems to connected securely.

please help.

A:Power Issues, Desktop

CMOS battery

Is this your MoBo? http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/show_pic.php?S_ID=377 if it is or it looks similar to this then look closely on the Board, between where it reads PCI Express 2.0 and Hybrid CrossfireX Master there is a silver shiny thing looks almost like a Coin. That is what you need to replace first. Once the computer is unplugged from the power source and the battery is out (count 30seconds before re-fitting) touch the pins and the casing (tower) at the same time and this should reset the CMOS. :approve:
Edit: hold the power button down (30 seconds) to disperse any internal power

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our office desktop tower will not turn on...we've disconnected the power sources etc and still nothing?

A:desktop tower power

What exactly do you mean by this?
we've disconnected the power sources etc and still nothing?Click to expand...

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Hi, I hope someone can help me. When I push the power on button, the light comes on and I hear it gearing up. It last about 3 seconds and then goes dead. I have tried a different surge protector and electrical outlet already. Does anyone have any ideas. Thanks

A:desktop wont power up

by dead, do you mean it shuts itself off, or does it just sit idle?

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Hello, everyone -

my computer doesn't seem to hold my settings to never sleep. Below is what is shown after I reboot. I would like it to hold the "High Performance" option so that my desktop never sleeps.

Any ideas why it wouldn't hold the setting.
Best regards,


A:Power options on my Desktop

None of those settings control whether the computer goes into sleep mode or not. You need to go a few steps further for that,

Hibernate - Enable or Disable

Option 4, step #4.

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We recently had lightening overhead followed by a power cut the following day (I'm pretty sure the PC was switched on) and despite having the plug plugged into a surge protector the PC will not boot up.

When you press the power button the tower switches on (lights also flash on the keyboard) and then the 1st boot up sequence page appears which has on it:

Boot Menu [F10]
Bios [F2]
a logo that says 'Pentium inside'
and the manufacturers logo 'emachines'

Nothing happens when I press F10 or F2.

The computer is an emachines E4036 media centre thing.

Can anybody help, many thanks

A:Desktop won't boot up after power cut

Sounds as if the motherboard may have had a belt through the phone wire connected to your modem - not all of these go through surge protection, sadly. Please confirm that there is a phone connection to the machine?

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I tried to watch a video on a news page and the pc froze. I gave it about 20 minutes to fix itself and nothing so I held the power button in, nothing. I unplugged the pc and tried to plug it back in, power up and nothing. Any help would be appreciated. I apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge about the PC. (PC 1 in specs info) I didn't build it myself and I'm unable to get into the specs to tell you about it. :/

A:Desktop PC froze and won't power up

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Dell all in one wo1b

no power coming thru to pc at all. 

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Is this only effective for laptops, or if I select low power consumption via power options, will that actually make my system run less thus saving power?

I have a custom built desktop Intel Core 2 Quad running Vista.

It's probably a very dumb question but I am doing my best to save power.

A:Power Options on a desktop

My PC seems to run slower, but other than that I can't really tell. I've been testing it in a lower "power state" for a few days.

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I had a power failure while my desktop computer was in sleep mode. When I turned my computer back on after the power failure it looks like many files were lost.

All my icons were reset to the left on the screen, all my Firefox bookmarks are gone,
my screen resolution changed, etc.

After I restore my desktop settings and Firefox, I turn off my computer using the start menu, start it back up and find that none of my changes on the desktop or
Firefox were changed. It's like I didn't make any changes.

Anyone have an idea whats wrong.


A:My desktop is not being saved on power off

Quote: Originally Posted by Dowser

I had a power failure while my desktop computer was in sleep mode. When I turned my computer back on after the power failure it looks like many files were lost.

All my icons were reset to the left on the screen, all my Firefox bookmarks are gone,
my screen resolution changed, etc.

After I restore my desktop settings and Firefox, I turn off my computer using the start menu, start it back up and find that none of my changes on the desktop or
Firefox were changed. It's like I didn't make any changes.

Anyone have an idea whats wrong.


Do a system restore. Pick the date BEFORE the power failure as your restore point.
System Restore

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When I try to power up my desktop the fans whirr and all of the drive lights on the front of the case light up for about half a second and then nothing. I have tried an alternative psu from a working computer and there is no change. I've taken out the CMOS battery for a minute or so - again no change. Is there anything else I can try?


A:Desktop Power Up Failure

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I have a custom build desktop. One week ago it started to stop booting due to a missing file or corrupt file error on Windows XP. Yesterday when I decided to fix it via repair function of windows, I plugged the desktop to the outlet and press the power switch, It startedas normal ( fans started spinning, lights came on) and couple minutes later, It shut down itself andsmopkes came out of the power supply.

I unplugged the computer, from the outlet and removed the power supply unit from the case, I smelledlike cable burn and Ifigured that I fried my power supply some how.

I went to a computer store to replace my old power supply ( Turbolink Switching Powersupply Model: LC-A350ATX) with Antec BP 350. I installed the new power supply and pressed the power switch the fans and lights came on again but one minute later it shut down itself and since that time whenever I want to start it, It doesn't do anything at all. No fan spins, no lights.

I removed all the cables from other devices. I checked the connections of motherboard, no sign of burn mark on motherboard. But still no nothing.

What else can I do to figure out the problem?

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.


A:No sign of any power on desktop

When a power supply goes up in smoke, it usually takes other parts with it. Unfortunately, without replacing or testing each part one at a time, there's no easy way to tell.

The fastest solution would be to bring the whoel PC down to a local repair shop to have them test it.

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I bought a CD-ROM drive which should supposedly be used on BUS power. I have a Dell Latitude CS (old, I know) with XP pro, and it's plugged into the wall, with a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card in it, with the proper drivers. The CD-ROM drive uses the standard XP CD-ROM driver, as it's fully compliant and all that.

The problem is that it won't work on BUS power alone, and it won't work on USB to DC power when the USB 2.0 power cord is plugged into the laptop. The only time I have been able to get it to work is when the device is plugged into the laptop's USB 2.0 port, and the USB power cord is plugged into my desktop's USB 2.0 port.

I was told by the salesman that with Windows XP, a USB 2.0 pcmcia card should support bus power, but alas, it doesn't seem to.

Anyhow, I need your help! I really need BUS power to work!



A:CD-ROM Works Only Under Desktop USB Power

Most USB 2.0 2.5" hard disks come with a dual head USB cable to draw power from two USB ports for the very reason that it's difficult to power a drive from 0.5A of +5V. I suspect your CD-ROM has the same problem...

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My desktop computer will not power up. . i am not sure what to do. i took it to best buy and the technician opened the case and checked the power supply and it checked out fine. he powered it up and it was fine. i asked them to do a diagnostic test and left it with them. after a week i stopped by to pick up the pc. however, when i went to pick it up they said they were unable to complete the test because it would not would not power up. the technician (who helped me the last time) was able to power it up on the spot and was not clear why the other technician was unable to start it. he gave me my money back on the diagnostic test and told me to take it home b/c it was fine and should work. he suggested that i back it up and re-format the harddrive to avoid future issues. well, when i got home, it did not work. i still can not power up the pc. when i press the power button, absolutely nothing happens (i.e., no fan, no power, nothing). can you please help me?

A:desktop computer will not power up

Is the switch on the back of the power supply turned on?

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I am currently building a custom desktop (Specifications in My System Specs) and I've run into a few problems along the way:
- When I first put it all together and powered it up, the edge of the motherboard literally caught on fire for a second and I immeadiately turned the power off.
- I returned the motherboard and the psu and got both brand new again.
- I just tried to reinstall the motherboard and psu and now I get no power at all to the pc.
- I checked all connectors to make sure they were plugged in tightly and correctly. Everything looked fine. The 12V atx power connector and 24-pin connector were both plugged in correctly.
- I checked the psu with a paper clip and checked the voltage of each pin that should have been outputting voltage. Everything was fine there. And the psu powered up and the fans turned as soon as I pressed the switch.
- Checked for bad heads on the motherboard. None.
- I also went through all of these steps already: PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about POST/boot/no video problems! - New-System-Build - Homebuilt-Systems

I'm not sure what else to check. Anyone know what could possibly be wrong with it?

A:Custom Desktop won't power up.

I highly recommend not using that power supply. Their is no such thing as a $35.00 quality prower supply. A GTX-650 requires a quality power supply along with the rest of your hardware.
I would recommend using a Corsair or a Seasonic power supply 650W or more.

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Hi this is tony, i am haveing problems with my hp, pavilion 6830 it comes on with power but will not create a bios screen the screen is blank. I am running windows xp profesional i rebooted and the computer it will not respond to any input or will not create any screen i have checked all conections and all are ok. Greatest respects and please help with possible repair procedures.

A:HP desktop power on issues

To start trouble shooting your issue I would recommend disconnecting all of your peripherals. Only leave your video card connected at first. Take out all of your RAM also. you should get some error message or 3 beeps indicating a RAM issue. If you hear the three beeps (depending on your Motherboard this could be different) then insert a stick of RAM. start the computer and see if it boots. If it does boot, then add another stick of RAM if you removed it, reboot and see if it boots. If it does not boot, then you have a bad memory module. If the system does not boot with the first stick of RAM replace it with the other stick of RAM.

If all works, then connect your peripherals one at a time until your system no longer boots. If all boots fine after you connect all of your peripherals, then it could be something was not seated properly.

Good luck!


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-Brief background-  Computer working flawlessly; then I plugged a USB charger for a NITECORE HM20 LED flashlight into it [YES, know now, bad idea  ]
Desktop, Processor- AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 Dual-Core 3.1 GHz, MB- Gigabyte GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H, W-7 Ultimate, PS- Rosewill RP550V2-D-SL 550W. 
First thoughts: When the SHUT DOWN is toggled the screen goes off (as normal) but the computer won't power off. Holding the START button on the case (which usually shuts it down) will not shut it down. Unplug the computer and it stops (naturally). Plug it in and it begins running again (but no start up). Have managed a couple times to get it to boot and it works normally. Still when SHUT DOWN it keeps running..  Now, will NOT boot-up again.
Problem is: cannot get access on start-up to the MACRUM REFLECT boot disk.
What was done to troubleshoot so far: Power supply voltages to MB checked ok. Wiped the current system HDD and was able to load a fresh copy of W-7 Ultimate. After finishing reload found it would RESTART in the proper manner. SHUT DOWN through proper on-screen manner. Noted fans and lights still running after system shut down. Unplugged power to reconnect the second drive with MACRUM REFLEX system copy on it and found fans and lights to be still running when re-plugged in. Would not boot up- Hard shut-down (panel power switch) still would not work.
Know power supply could possibly be intermittent, but believe in most cases if it is no... Read more

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When i try to power on  pc it powers on then goes off 2 seconds after, then it will come on after 10 secons then 2 seconds later it goes off, it does this in a loop i have reseated memory, checked drives still no luck Anyone know if this is a PSU problem or maybe a MB Issue  Thanks Mike 

A:Desktop Power up issue

pegasuspc Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your PC repeatedly restarting ... and if I had to guess (which I do!) I would say this is likely a short in the motherboard tracing somewhere.  The PC starts up, starts to do POST (Power On Self Test), which takes a while, but before it can complete, in encounters a critical flaw and restarts -- repeating this process over and over until you turn it off. It could also be the PSU, as having the original one in a Win 7-era PC is a long time for a PSU to last, especially if you turn it on and off on a daily basis. Sorry, but this is just a community forum staffed by volunteers and we have no way of troubleshooting or repairing your PC from here.Your only recourse is to take the PC into a repair facility and have them look at it.Good LuckI am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.========================================================================If you feel my suggestions helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks!If they helped resolve your issue, please click "Accept As Solution" to help others find similar information.

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computer spec:

alien ware case, power supply came with it, has fan with blue.lights
asus navidia dulex mother board
amd athlon 64 processor 3200+
nivdia 3600 GS video card
1x4 ddr dam!
ata HD's
-----------------computer won't power on!
my friend had this system for about two years, or less before i bought it from him: he did replace some of the fans & the video card!

issue: today i tried to power on the computer and one i say some fan light came on then it just turned off! and comp won't power on again.

i shut the computer manually by holding the power botten all this week, so i did it about 6times. since my vista would get stuck at shut down i had no other option, some time how ever i pressed the reset button and as soon as it got to boot screen i powered it off, and that is what i did last!

old things that can be useful info:
i just thought it was wired that some time when i un-intentionally move the PC, the fan (blue)light was acting wired(it dims adn comes back on, just two of them)! teh computer also made a notice like a paper cut after the OS got stuck at shutdown, and it also made it while in the OS while browsing and doing things on the computer!
also i again had vista ULTIMATE installed after i got this pc from him a month ago, and it got corrupted like week later after i installed it! allot of program stopped working and now the wireless internet was not working on it, so i had to do manual shutdown allot! i was about to erase vista and... Read more

A:Solved: PC(desktop) won't power on!

Disconnect everything. Really all you need for it to turn on is the CPU/HS/Fan with the power supply and MB. You generally don't even need RAM or Video Card for it to turn on, although you will get lots of beeps. Check all power connections, including the power cord and power strip/outlet.

Then it's replacing parts. The Power Supply is most likely the problem.

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I have an older Dell Dimension 4600 that suddenly stopped powering up. When I hit the power button, all I get is a flashing amber light to the left of the power button. I checked all my connections and all are good. I did a little research and I tried jumping green to black on the 20 pin mb plug, to see if any fans would run. Nothing. Also neither of my drive bays will open. I'm thinking it is possibly the power supply that has failed, but from reading online it sounds like it could also be the mother board. Can anyone walk me through any other procedures to narrow down the problem please? I don't have the extra $$$ to start randomly replacing components. Thank you in advance, John

A:Dell desktop won't power up

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Idk if this belongs here but seems like the best place. But anyways~ I bought a HP Pavilion Slimline s5220y no more then 2years ago. I had no real problem until today. I noticed the power light was on and thought my screen was just asleep but my keyboard didnt have power going to it.
I forced restarted it. when I power it back on the power light comes on but doesnt power up.
I took off the case and tried to power it up again. My fans move a tad bit when i turn it on but stop after. I swapped power cords and still the same thing.

I tired to to unplug the power cord and hold the power button for 10secs. but nothing.

any idea what it could be? or what needs to be replaced?

A:HP desktop wont power on!! Help!

Can you boot into BIOS? If not, your PSU might be dead.

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I have a desktop with 1.7 Ghz Celeron CPU, 256 MB DDR RAM, 40 GB 7200 RPM IDE HDD, Intel based i845 motherboard with onboard sound and video, 52X CD-ROM drive and a 15 " monitor. How much power do you think my desktop consumes?


A:How much power does my desktop consume?

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Attached picture of what I would like gone. Just did clean reinstall of 7.1 from disc and then a day or so of downloaded updates. Managed to hide the 2 Free Windows 10 Task Bar add-ons after deleting them every time. Had a new HP ENVY with sweet CPU, 24 GB Ram and 4 GB Graphics card but because there was no guarantee [from Costco] that it would take the 7.1 op system, I took the Windows 10 unit in and got my money back and am back on my old machine. Windows 10 is not for folks who like easy control of their computer...too much junk to delete.

Any idea what download number this annoyance might be? I almost blocks my "Show Desktop" area on the Task Bar. I am getting too old for annoyances if I can get rid of them, but if not, then I will live with it the few years the machine and I have left.

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hello I had a 3 year old hp m1070n had power outage at home.and was unable to boot up my pc. took it to staples for tests was told dead motherboard etc. now what fix it or buy another?

A:power surge damage to desktop

you would need to test the indervidual parts in another computer to check if you lost more than the m/board

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Hello to all,

I'm going to build a desktop computer which will primarily be used for high-end gaming. I will be using a 1920x1080 (1080p) monitor (Samsung LED Monitor BX2250 21.5").

Now, what I'm wondering is whether a Recom Power Engine 580W will be enough for the energy consumption of the parts below, or whether I need an even heavier power supply.

Specs thus far:
AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 3.30GHz 6MB
ASRock 870-Extreme3 AMD 870, SATA600, USB3.0
Corsair 2x4GB, DDR3, PC12800, CL9, XMS3
Samsung 1TB SATA300 32MB, HD103SJ
Samsung DVD-/+/RAM SH-S223L/RSMS 22x/22x/12x SATA
Sapphire PCI-e Radeon HD6970 2GB 2xDVI/HDMI/2xDP
Scythe Processor Cooler Big Shuriken AMD & Intel

On a sidenote, do you think I will be able to enjoy Crysis 2 at a resolution of 1920x1080 with this setup?

Also, I've picked a hexacore instead of a quad core processor as I believe the extra two cores may become more useful in terms of gaming in the future.

And last but not least, if you have any suggestions to improve the list above, please do not hesitate to speak up.

Thanks in advance

Edit: Could you also explain me why the power supply does or does not suffice?

A:Power supply for gaming desktop

No, because it doesn't provide enough power and I bet it's very low quality and prone to blow out the rest of your system as it dies.
IMO http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...ckTab=true&Keywords=(keywords)#scrollFullInfo

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I have it plugged in but it won't power on?
On the back of tower is a small flickering green light
What's happening?

A:Hp pavillion desktop a520n won't power up

If that light is flickering, it is likely that the power supply has burned out, and must be replaced.

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Hello. I have an HP Stream Mini Desktop 200-010 that will not power on again after it turned itself off while it was idle.  No power light, no fan movement, no beep codes. Things I already tried: 1. I replaced the original AC power adapter with a new one. It still does not power on so we can probably rule out a defective AC adapter brick and cable. 2. Held down the power button with the AC cable and other cables unplugged from the computer to discharge the power as stated on the HP support page. It did not fix it. 3. Opened the computer up and checked all the cables inside. This is not quite like a traditional desktop PC, so the only cables I saw in there were to connect the WLAN/Bluetooth card to the antenna on the top and a small cable for the speaker for beep codes. 4. Tried 3different power outlets around the house so a faulty power outlet shouldn't be the case. Is there any other troubleshooting I can try to fix this problem? It is already outside of the 1 year warranty. Normally I would know what to do to fix a problem if it could actually power on but I feel so helpless when it can't even power on to give me beep codes or anything to work with. Thank you in advance!  

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Coolermaster 1000W PSU (3y old)
Intel core i5 2500k (3y old) with an i3 stock cooler (new)
Asrock Z75 pro MB (new)
Corsair Vengeance 8 gb ram (new)
Nvidia 560ti (3y old)

My computer problem has been a bit complicated so here is a brief summary. Initially I woke up one day and found my PC had powered off overnight and would not turn back on. After looking for the obvious causes I tripped the 24 pin lead to force the PSU to cycle and checked the other 24 pin PSU leads and 4 pin power connectors and found that PSU voltages were in specified range under no load. I replaced the motherboard with the one shown above along with a new heatsink/fan since I discovered that my aftermarket one had peeling copper foil and was not cooling the CPU effectively per the bios readings on the new motherboard.

With the new mobo and cpu fan I was able to power the computer on, read temp settings in bios, etc and reinstall my OS. The computer randomly began to power off within ~1 hour (every time I was not in the room to see it do so and it was not udner any load beyond running windows 7). It would power back on and worked fine so I disabled sleep mode thinking that was the cause. It powered off again and would not turn back on despite all the power connections being secure, but then would randomly turn itself back on a few minutes later and work OK (I did not think to check the temps at this point). Today it turned off when I was using it with a 5-10 second hang before switching off and not turni... Read more

A:Desktop power/video loss

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I am running 3 separate PCs with a single LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse - using a 4 port switch.

My primary PC runs Windows XP Home, and the other two PCs run Windows XP Professional. The 3 PCs are networked with a 4 port hub for print sharing (a single printer) and one or two shared directories.

Having nothing to do with the shared network, 4 port switch or hub:

PC # 1 - if the monitor is powered OFF when I start my primary PC, running XP Home, waiting 30 seconds (or so) to allow it to settle into the desktop mode, and then power ON the monitor, the desktop does NOT appear - the screen remains blank. Obviously, I always power ON the monitor before starting this computer - I simply wanted to emphasize this issue as it pertains to my other PCs, noted below.

PC # 2 - with monitor powered OFF, when I start my 1st XP Professional PC, the desktop DOES appear when I power ON the monitor

PC # 3 - with monitor powered OFF, when I start my 2nd XP Professional PC, the desktop does NOT appear when I power ON the monitor

"... nothing to do with the shared network, 4 port switch or hub" because if the switch and hub are removed, the PCs all operate as described above - nothing changes.

This may seem trivial at first glance. I typically run PC # 1

The system.ini files, win.ini files, and LCD monitor drivers are identical for all PCs.

My objective is to configure PC # 1 and PC # 3 to operate as PC # 2 which displays the desktop whether the monitor is powered OFF... Read more

A:Solved: . . . the desktop does NOT appear when I power ON the monitor

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