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Firefox Sync Bookmarks [moved to Firefox forum]

Q: Firefox Sync Bookmarks [moved to Firefox forum]

I set up Firefox Sync Bookmarks on my PC where and how do I get my Bookmarks which are being synced and saved ?

Preferred Solution: Firefox Sync Bookmarks [moved to Firefox forum]

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Firefox Sync Bookmarks [moved to Firefox forum]

Your Bookmarks, and anything else you chose to setup in sync, to save are sitting in your Sync Account. You login to your account, from any added devices you also setup.


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I set up Firefox Sync Bookmarks on my PC where and how do I get my Bookmarks which are being synced and saved ?

A:Firefox Sync Bookmarks? (Moved from Windows 10 forum)

The purpose of the Firefox sync feature is to allow another device (PC - Phone - etc) that has Firefox installed the ability to sync the bookmarks, history etc to itself. For example. I have a Desktop PC, A laptop PC and a Android Smart Phone. Each of these devices have FireFox installed. Each of the devices are sync'd together. So if I save a bookmark on my PC, I can then use Firefox on my Smart phone and the bookmark will appear there and can be used by FireFox.

Its not really a backup. It just makes what ever your syncing available on all devices that use FireFox.

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Firefox has been freezing up on me, and when I close it down, I get a bluescreen error. It also happens a lot of the time when I close Firefox down normally. This was happening before I updated to the latest version of FF. I am running Windows XP, and have recently started using ZoneAlarm and Avast on my system.

A:Firefox closes = bluescreen error? (Moved for the mozilla/Firefox Forum)


Can you give us the error in full that you are getting. Also, I would check and make sure that ZoneAlarm and Avast are allowing FF to connect to the internet.


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Hello all,

I have Firefox as my browser and Yahoo as my search engine. No matter how many updates, add-ons etc I use from Mozilla re: Adobe Flash player, Firefox continues to block Flash.

My question is, what can I use as a substitute to Flash and how do I install it to work on my browser

A:Firefox [moved to Firefox forum]

Download it: https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ Firefox does not block Flashplayer

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I set up Firefox Sync  Bookmarks on my PC where and how do I get my Bookmarks which are being synced and saved ?

A:Firefox Sync Bookmarks ?

I'm not quite certain what you mean by "how do *I* get" in this context.  These are not saved for direct user access, but for access by Firefox itself.
If you are using Firefox on another computer (or even a separate account on the same computer such that Firefox runs a completely separate instance of itself) and open Sync preferences to log in with the Firefox account you created, all of your Bookmarks, add-ons, etc., will be "instantly" (however long it takes, which isn't all that long) synchronized to the Firefox session you're using at that moment.
The one thing you need to remember is if you did log in to your Sync account on a computer that isn't yours and that you don't intend to use again that you have to go back to the Sync options screen at the end and disconnect.  Otherwise your sync account remains logged in for that instance of Firefox when whoever uses it next starts it up (because that information is saved in the user profile for that person) and if they start adding, deleting, etc., it will sync back, and most of us don't want that.
This is one reason that I generally only log in to my sync account on instances of Firefox that run under a dedicated Windows account for me on various machines.  I know that if I did this temporarily somewhere else I'd likely walk away without disconnecting the sync account and that could wreak havoc.

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I set up Firefox Sync Bookmarks on my PC where and how do I get my Bookmarks which are being synced and saved ?

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With the demise of Xmarks, what's the best way to sync bookmarks and favorites between Firefox and IE 8? I want to use my Firefox bookmarks as a master list and overwrite all the IE 8 favorites with it. I tried doing this manually, but I can't seem to paste the Firefox entries into the IE 8 favorites folder. Thanks.

A:Sync bookmarks and favorites between Firefox and IE 8

Well, I just saw that Xmarks is apparently back now--was it ever gone? Not sure how or when that happened, but it suits my needs.

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Hello tech guys

As per firefox browser offers the service of sync bookmarks after sing in with email,
This option worked accurately between 2 desktop PCs and laptop,
I tried to the same option to sign in ti firefox on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1),
unfortunately could not any bookmarks synced,
is there any experienced the same issue? or any solution of how to fix this?
Appreciate any relevant feedback,
Best regards,

A:Where to find sync bookmarks in firefox on samsung galaxy note 10.1

Apparently there is a new version of sync
Here are the details

I don't use the sync feature on my computers and tablet. Each device has different bookmarks.

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When using Firefox as my brouser it times out. Which makes streaming videos or movies difficult. Any suggestions?


A:Firefox (Moved from Windows 8 forum)

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Greetings, I have win7 home premium and just recently I've been having problems with Firefox.I can't download anything(always says failed) cannot install addons.I've uninstalled and reinstalled but no change.Any help is always appreciated. My anti virus is Vipre. Thanks

A:Firefox problems (Moved from Windows 7 forum)

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When I'm at a search engine and am looking for images, Firefox automatically resizes large images which I don't want it to do. When I changed the setting at about:config to set this to "false," it made no difference. Now I'm at a loss.


A:How to stop Firefox from resizing images - (Moved from Windows 7 forum)

If you are looking at a page of search results, it may be that the search engine is sending scaled down versions of the found images. What search engine are you using?

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Last month (or longer) I switched from IE to Chrome. Today I went back to IE just to get a name of a site I bookmarked and nothing was there(?) Everything was gone. What happened to all my old bookmarks and is there a way to find them?

A:Looking for my bookmarks on IE (Moved from Windows 8 forum)

Bookmarks are called Favorites in IE. I assume you looked under Favorites in the IE Menu bar? I also assume we're talking about IE11?

If so and they aren't there are you sure you're logged in as the correct user who added those sites to your favorites?

Lastly, look in this location:

C:\Users\(your usename)\Favorites folder to see if they are listed there.

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I'm using mac OS 10.5. I am trying to reinstall a clean version of firefox which is not a problem but I can't figure out how to get my old bookmarks back in. The browser has a function to import bookmarks from Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera but not previous bookmarks from firefox. I've tried to replace the bookmarks.html file in the application support folder, but it doesn't work. Does anyone know how to doe this?

A:reinstalling firefox and importing previous firefox bookmarks

I don't know the differences between firefox for windows and mac, but in windows you would click on bookmarks - then click on organize bookmarks, you can import your html file there.

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Could you tell me how to do this please?

i haven`t uninstalled and reinstalled yet so maybe i should ask are the bookmarks retained in the reinstallation?

A:[SOLVED] Put bookmarks back in Firefox after reinstallation of firefox 3.6

Hi Julie,

Yes, they should still be there.
However, I use MozBackup before doing anything 'drastic' with Firefox or Thunderbird to keep a separate backup of my profiles.

Oops - just realised there is a sticky in this forum about backing up!

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Had a number of abrupt computer shutdowns due to power outage and now Firefox won't open no matter what I do. I'm trying to recover all my bookmarks before I reinstall Firefox. So, after identifying which file it is (I think) I'm trying to get a look inside so I can record everything.

Thanks! I'm all ears!

A:How do I open a Firefox bookmarks file (.json) without using Firefox?

Your bookmarks and other preferences are stored in a separate and independent location/file on your disk, so you should be able to delete and reinstall Ff without needing to do a special save for them. See if the information linked to below does not, however, answer your question:http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Backing%20up%20and%20restoring%20bookmarks

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Do you know how to give my suggestions for "Firefox and Firefox Sync" developers?

A:How to give suggestions for Firefox and Firefox Sync?

Firefox 4 Beta Feedback

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I don't know if my problem is Firefox or WordPress but I thought I'd try here first.
I use WordPress to publish articles and usually copy and paste from the finished article in the Articles forum to WordPress but since I reinstalled Win 7 this no longer works as paste is no longer an option when I right click in WordPress, or at least in the particular part that I need it to. I can, however, do it in Internet Explorer, but images aren't copied over, which they used to be. I've tried all the usual things like clearing the cache, but nothing has worked. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

A:Is this Win 7 or Firefox at fault? Moved from Mozilla/Firefox browsers

I am using Win-7 too but I haven't used IE. So my suggestion is to, try another browser for the same purpose and then see the effects (I feel firefox is well suited for the purpose). If you are getting same problems then, you are missing with some features of Win-7 otherwise, it is the website issue.

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I'm running Win 8 and FF latest version. I cannot find a way to delete that darn drop-down menu from my bookmarks toolbar and it's wasting a lot of precious space. It doesn't show up in the "Customize" view and it won't delete, cut, or move in the Organize Bookmarks window. I've googled and goolged but can't find a solution.

A:Solved: How to Delete Bookmarks Drop-down Menu in Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar?

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Hey everyone. Why is Firefox 3.6.10 removing the bookmarks from my bookmarks toolbar whenever I add the bookmark to a folder under the bookmarks menu? Note: I am not moving them, I am going to the website and bookmarking them all over again so as to put them in a folder. However, when I do this, the bookmark gets removed from the toolbar and put in the folder. I really don't like this. I want to be able to have my bookmarks in two different places: both on the toolbar and in the folder.

A:Why does Firefox remove the bookmarks from my bookmarks toolbar?

Probably a Firefox feature to help you avoid duplicates.

After you have it once just copy it to where you want it. I just tested this with 3.5.13 copying from Bookmarks toolbar to another folder.

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hey guys, i've got Firefox's inbuilt 'Sync' setup and it works well. i've got everything ticked that i want synced, however, my 'pinned tabs' aren't synced which is a real shame.

thanks for any help.

A:Firefox Sync: Won't sync 'pinned tabs'?

anyone? i can't figure this out.

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Upon the requirement to restore my hard drive, I backed up all files/folders to reinstall upon completion of the restoration. I have a folder for my "favorites" or "bookmarks" for web browsing and want to import them to Firefox. The import option imports them from another browser but I cannot find a bookmark folder in Firefox or find a method to easily move them from my folder. Can anyone provide assistance with moving them to Firefox?

Thank you

A:Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox does not use a folder for bookmarks, it uses a SQLite database file places.sqlite.You should backup/restore from Firefox menu : Bookmarks -> Organize Boormarks ->Import/Export bookmarks.You can also use Mozilla Backup tool for creating backup of all Firefox settings.

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Where does FireFox store bookmarks in XP home? I want to transfer bookmarks from one PC to another.

A:Firefox Bookmarks

In the C:\Documents and Settings\<User name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<random characters>.default\bookmarks.html file.

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I did reinstalled Firefox to look like a new install do I saved the first bookmarks ?
I import and backup,my bookmarks and choose export HTML. I saved my bookmarks in an HTML file on my Desktop I do not know where to restore the bookmarks back in Firefox?

A:Firefox bookmarks ?

In Firefox 3.6.4: Bookmarks >> Organize Bookmarks >> Import and Backup >> Import HTML

Hope that helps!

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I've just upgraded to XP from Win98.

When I right click on a bookmark all I get is a little white square instead of the shortcut menu.

A:Firefox Bookmarks

woody100 said:

I've just upgraded to XP from Win98.

When I right click on a bookmark all I get is a little white square instead of the shortcut menu.Click to expand...

Mozilla (Firefox) is strange the way they upgrade. It is recommended that an older version be removed before the newer version is installed. (Normally, most upgrades take care of that for you).

Assuming that Firefox was installed before you upgraded to XP, I wonder if it would help if you un-installed Firefox and then re-installed it.

Lena (who's just guessing)

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Hi guys,

How do I copy my Firefox bookmarks from one computer to another? I can't find a folder containing them like there is with IE. Any ideas?


A:Firefox bookmarks

Hi papeman,
In Firefox, the bookmarks are stored in a file called "bookmarks.html". Look in C:\Documents and Settings\Yourname\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxx.default. Hope that helps.

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Hi for some reason when i try to import my bookmarks from a file nothing happens, no bookmarks. Whats wrong? Im stuffed without these. Help! Thanks.

A:firefox bookmarks

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I had over 100 bookmarks and when I turned on my computer they were all gone. I have tried some solutions but none of them worked, this is really frustrating cause ill never remember all of em. If you think you know whats wong please tell me.

A:Firefox bookmarks GONE!!!

Hi and welcome to TSF.

You have not said what solutions you've tried. Have you perhaps moved your profile? Have a look here and see if any of the info helps.



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Not sure what happened. a couple hours ago I wanted to jump to a bookmarked page and hit the key in a sumwhat akward manner a default user box came up and I didn't know how to get it to go away so i tinkered with it and got a start page that looked wierd for firefox. so i ran adaware and spybot and cws. now i come back to my cornpruter and they are gone. Something wierd is happening. Hope I posted this in the right forum if not please someone tell me how to get this in the right place and how to accomplish that feat. Thanks , D

A:Firefox Bookmarks Gone

AHA!!! And I thought I didn't know nutin. Well I just started looking in this forum for a similar problem and found one and the solution to mine. It is titled "Mozilla Firefox Problem, Default setting June 17. 2005". I read thru it and found that I had created a new profile in firefox I removed the new profile and "viola" all my troubles were over.

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OK, I got vista up and running. I copied my firefox bookmarks from XP but im not sure where i need to put them in vista.
more in less where do i put the bookmark file for my firefox

A:Firefox Bookmarks.


How do i enable it to see the Appdata ?

I do not have it listed.

I think i found it................................

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Can anyone tell me where my firefox bookmarks are located so I can move them to my new computer. Thanks

A:Firefox Bookmarks

If you have Windows XP they're in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxx.default and the filename is bookmarks.html.

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I bookmarked thousands of webpages in mozilla firefox!!! I made a backup C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox using the backup in windows as i needed to format my pc!! After formatting I restored the same folder using the file Backup.bkf!! Bt my bookmarks didnt show up!! Plz help as I need those links!!! The file backup.bkf is 20mb and the folder after restoring is also 20mb so i know my bookmarks are there somewhere!! I need help plz guys!!! Any sort of help will b highly appreciated!!!!

A:Need help with firefox bookmarks!!!

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At present, to access all of my Bookmarks I have to click the arrow at the end
of the Toolbar.
There is a way of enlarging this Toolbar so that I can see ALL of my Bookmarks
without having to click that arrow.
Advice on this would be appreciated. I cannot see to reference to it in any of
the Mozilla Firefox tutorials.

A:Firefox Bookmarks

What version of Firefox are you running? In version 11, there are several ways to access your bookmarks. Personally, I prefer to add a bookmarks toolbar to the toolbar area of Firefox and add folders for different bookmark categories:

Another way is to add a bookmarks button to your toolbar. This opens up your bookmarks in a sidebar:

And, finally, there is the keyboard shortcut, CTRL+SHIFT+B.

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Anyone know of a nifty extension for even a built in way that I don't know about, that will tally and display the number of bookmarks one has.

My friend and I are debating about how many bookmarks we each have.

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I build a new computer not too long ago and in doing so I forgot to save all of my book marks in firefox. I still have my old HD in my new computer with a new HD as well. I have not really touched the old drive except to move things from it to the new one( it is starting to go bad). Anyway, I have installed firefox on my new computer but I need some of the bookmarks from the older HD. Anyone know how I can go and get the old ones and save them to new HD? Thanks for the help.


A:Getting Bookmarks From Another Hd (firefox)

You can get the bookmarks from your old Firefox profile folder.This is a hidden file, so you'll have to set windows to show hidden files:How to see hidden files in Windows Then navigate to:C:\ Documents and Settings \ user name \ Application Data \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ default.7dp \ Bookmark.htmlEither copy, or move that file, to the same location on your new harddrive, replacing the one that's there.

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I do not know what exactly the problem is, but every once in a while (on computers with vista and xp) I lose my bookmarks in Firefox. Can anyone tell me why?

A:No Bookmarks In Firefox

Hello Navaroas,To try and prevent your bookmarks from disappearing in the future, read this about Lost Bookmark Prevention.A good reference is Lost Bookmarks, finding your bookmarks, and step-by-step bookmark recovery.

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Firefox did an update yesterday for me and now I notice when I hit 'Bookmarks' the first option is 'Show All Bookmarks' while the second is 'Bookmark this page'. Has anyone noticed this?? They've gone and swapped them around.. Why would anyone want 'Show All Bookmarks' as their first option?? Are some people out there having trouble locating a page they bookmarked only a week ago?? Also when I hit 'Tools' what shows up right down the bottom is a tab dedictaed to Adblock plus (an addon) instead of 'Options' which has now been pushed up one. Again... Why?? Too hard for some to find their addons and configure Adblock from there?? Stick it right where Options used to be so THEY-CANT-MISS-IT?! I dont mind Firefox updates addressing security issues (they have to for their own sake) but leave my tabs alone!!

A:Firefox 6.0 Bookmarks

To bookmark current page it's much easier to just click on bookmark favicon at the end of your address bar.One click and you're done...

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Just downloaded opera and can't locate Firefox bookmarks to import to Opera. Where the heck are they??Bill...

A:where R firefox bookmarks?

For WinXP there in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xxx.default and the filename is bookmarks.html.

For other than XP find the profile location here http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_folder

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I am copying My Favorite Placesfrom AOL into Firefox Bookmarks. I have been able to do many without any trouble. Now I am trying to add more. and the files won't go into the folders. I drag them but the folders will not accept them.

I have tried creating the folders both before and after I attempt to send files over. As a result of this my list is getting way too long. I would appreciate your help.



A:Firefox bookmarks

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I use FF all the time both on my desktop and my laptop.
I keep my bookmarks up to date by keeping an updated Json file on my desktop and a backup on an external drive.

I updated last week when I got the newest version of FF. My json file is also up to date.

I don't brows much on the laptop but decided to update the FF. When I downloaded the latest ff I tried to import the json file but when I looked at the bookmarks.. they were the old set. I tried repeatedly to delete the old ones and did it manually... I uninstalled ff and reinstalled it but every time I try to get my new json file imported, it always loads the old set.

I searched for ff and mozilla files to delete any but didn't find any. I even dumped my cookies and cache but somehow I still have and old set of bookmarks turning up.
How do I get rid of this hidden file?


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[/URL]How do i get them to be in my bookmarks again? There all my Bookmarks i had and i cant get them into Firefox, How do i do it?

A:Old Bookmarks - Firefox

What FF version bookmarks are those from and what version do you have now?

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A quicky: is there a way to make IR and Fireforx "share" bookmarks so a new bookmark in one will appear in the other?

A:IE vs. Firefox: Bookmarks

maybe this is for you:


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Sorry guys if this has been already answered...

I use Mozilla FireFox browser & have quite a number of Bookmarks/Favorites saved.

I need to buy a new laptop & would like to know is it posable to transfer my Bookmarks from my current laptop to Bookmarks in FireFox in the new laptop I plan to buy?

Thanks in advance for any help!


A:FireFox Bookmarks

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What is the file that contains all the bookmarks and cookies for my firefox browser. I'm building a new comp and naturally I want to save all my usefull stuff like my bookmarks and cookies(the useful ones at least).

A:firefox bookmarks


Open FF go to the ("Bookmarks"-----"Manage Bookmarks")----- it will open manager bookmarks now (go to the File----Export)

i will export all your bookmark and creat HTML file.

and save that page in the floppy or cd which contains all the informations of your bookmarks

now whenever you want them

Open FF go to the ("Bookmarks"-----"Manage Bookmarks")----- it will open manager bookmarks now (go to the File----import--- from file)

browse the location of the HTML page.

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Is there an easy/ quick way to synchronise Firefox bookmarks between 2 different computers.


A:Firefox bookmarks

Well, you can save them to a file, then email them or pop 'em on a thumb drive onto another PC.
to save them all, go to bookmarks, manage bookmarks, file, save.. then... well.. thats up to you

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Hi- I am in need of finding where my Bookmarks are located in the Firefox file folder. I'm hoping to be able to export them to IE7 which is my only working browser. Firefox (1.5) will no longer open. It stopped working after it was attempting to install some FF upgrade software (? application). While doing so the system locked up which it is prone to do several times a day-another post elsewhere, later. I am tempted to go ahead and install FF2.0 but fear that if V.1.5 is corrupted, I'll lose my hundreds of bookmarks for ever. Only a few are resident in IE7. Any suggestions will be deeply appreciated.

A:Where are Firefox Bookmarks

Your bookmarks.html is in your profile folder.
C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\xx.default
where xx is a random string of characters
Application Data is a hidden folder, use windows explorer Tools> Folder Options> View tab, check show hidden files and folders.
This might be of help.
Importing bookmarks from Firefox to IE7

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In Firefox 3.6.4: Bookmarks can you tell me the differance between doing restoring Import HTML and where to restore json ?

A:Firefox bookmarks ?

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