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Audio sounds normalized, resulting in distored loud-soft sou...

Q: Audio sounds normalized, resulting in distored loud-soft sou...

Just bought this HP notebook. Seems very good, except for the audio. When music is playing, it appears to automatically cut the volume when the level gets high, then it slowly increases. This gives music an annoying loud-soft-loud-soft feel that sounds awful. I don't want it normalized, just played straight. This occurs both for online music and for local music. However, it only happens with the internal speakers. With an external speaker plugged in, no distortion. I am trying to turn this off, if at all possible. My searching shows that some drivers have "loudness equalization" for audio effects; However, when I go to Playback Devices > Properties, the Enhancements tab does not have any options at all. Any ideas? The laptop will be used for frequent music playing, so this is a deal breaker if it can't be modified.

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Preferred Solution: Audio sounds normalized, resulting in distored loud-soft sou...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have been currently been having a problem with my computer sounds. This is hard for me to explain but I will try my best to explain it.

During the start of of the computer, after I enter in my password to my account, you would usually hear the Windows start up music. Well I hear it and it sounds very distored. Also I am an average user of Pandora radio and if during times of listening to a station the sounds get electronic sounding if I open another page on a different tab or open a program and it hurts my poor ears.

I have tried to uninstall my sound driver and also have tried updating it with no luck. Any and all help would be great. I am providing both my specs and the hijackthis info.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 235e Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 6143 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT , 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 941478 MB, Free - 742971 MB; E: Total - 226949 MB, Free - 168272 MB; F: Total - 11523 MB, Free - 11423 MB;
Motherboard: eMachines, MCP61PM-GM, ,
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated and Enabled
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 10:25:49 PM, on 12/15/2010
Platform: Windows 7 (WinNT 6.00.3504)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7600.16700)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\... Read more

A:Computer sounds - Distored and Electronic

Forgot to add that the sound card is a Realtek High Definition Audio built into the motherboard. This is the information provided by the Realtek HD Audio Manager Information panel:

Audio Driver Version:
DirectX Version: DirectX 11.0
Audio Controller: HD Audio
Audio Codec: ALC888S

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Common complaint, I am working with Windows 7 on a Dell Optiplex 755, but teh issue is with the System Volume setting. When I go to the audio mixer and do the test and configuration, the SoundMax audio level is loud and clear. The problem is with the Windows system settings somewhere, is there a limiter or cap setting in teh registry that I can set to maximum?

I know that it is not the standard slide bars/levels but somewhere that Windows 7 Professional is cutting the volume on any Windows application. The drivers are fine, if I invoke the card directly it will blast the sound out. But in any application it is too soft.


A:Windows 7, sound limit, audio card is loud Windows is soft

As you have a Dell, for proper operation you need to use the Dell supplied driver. I used to do a lot of support on the Dell forums and we found that non-Dell sound drivers either did not work or did not work correctly.

Here is the Dell Vista sound driver, it will also work with Windows 7 as it is just "Vista improved". It is for both the 32 bit and 64 bit OS versions. Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]

This is a first step. If its still not working correctly after installing the driver, the next thing is what programs you are using that are "low"? If you click on the speaker icon in the notification area (lower right) you can set the system volume level.

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 My sound from  Dvd or music is not loud enough to hear much,, just started doing this a couple of wks  ago,,,can you give me any advice to try and correct, I listen to my cd a lot. please help me to find the problem, it is set on 97,but bearly
hear it.
Your help or advice would be apprechated I have not changed anything, it was loud enough until a few days ago
Betty Kemp     [email protected]

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Eight Forums,

So I open Zune.

I start a song.

It starts off at normal volume, at the quieter beginning part, but then it gets REALLY soft when the more louder part of the song plays.

It never did that before I did a clean install of Windows 8. Do you know what's causing that and how to fix it?



A:Music starts off loud then goes soft

Since you did a clean install, did you install the HP provided RealTek sound drivers? If not, give that a try.

If you didn't install the HP RealTek, all you probably have is the generic basic function Windows installed HD Audio Codec.

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My System Sounds are not loud enough and certainly noy as loud as in any previous Microsoft OS. Can this be "fixed?"

A:System sounds are not loud enough

Quote: Originally Posted by Nisko

My System Sounds are not loud enough and certainly noy as loud as in any previous Microsoft OS. Can this be "fixed?"

I think we need a lot more info before we can be of any help

What sound card, how much ram, is there a driver in device manger, etc


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HD suddenly started making these loud sounds while playing on-line game. I shut down, re-booted but still making sounds and won't boot up...just clacks away. What do you think? Sounds to me like something may have let go inside? Thanks for viewing my thread.

A:HD making loud rat-a-tat sounds!

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The fan is loud and the Harman speakers have loud statis sound!

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Hello forums, im crazykilla

I don't know why this is, but when i turn up my speakers and play something loud, they buzz, i can't really explain it, as i have sat here for 3 minutes trying to do so, the sound doesn't have to be too loud, about 50% volume will make my speakers buzz:

as you can see i have this stuff in my speakers, i guess these might be the source of the buzzing, try to put your speakers up very loud and see if yours buzz, i've had this with the previous speakers and i wonder if theres a way to fix it?
by the way i have a sound card built-in my motherboard, maybe it's the sound card? i can get a new one if it would fix this annoying buzzing

A:My Speakers Buzz at loud sounds

If you only paid a few dollars for your speakers, that could be the problem. If they are fairly cheap, buy some new ones and see if that fixes the problem. Has it always been this way or did the problem just start?

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when I got my Toshiba satellite it had been a display model and the audio driver had been deleted so when I downloaded one (realtek hd audio) the sound was really quiet even with the volume turned all the way up.
The weird part is that while the sound is quiet for things like videos and music it is loud for system sounds like the startup and pings.
I've gone into the control panel sound setting and checked but they were both up, I turned the system sounds down but I would like the regular audio to be louder if possible.

A:System sounds are loud, everything else it too quiet

The preferred audio driver is the one from the PC vendor. Check with Toshiba for a driver for your exact model, as a first step.

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When I receive a message which is marked with high priority, Outlook plays 3 loud beeps.
How can I disable this?

High priority mail sounds 3 loud beeps | MSOutlook.info

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When powering on computer, computer will shutdown within 10 seconds, and also have no display. Noticed that the Fan on Heatsink runs a little high. Removed motherboard from case, only connected graphics card, one stick of RAM, and Power Supply. Continued with the same problem. Below are the specs on Desktop.

Motherboard - XFX NFORCE 680I LT SLI INTEL SOCKET 775 DDR2 (Intel)
Processor - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz LGA 775 Quad-Core
Power Supply - 300W
Video - MSI N210-512D2 GeForce 210 512MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16
Hard Drive - 250Gb Sata

A:Solved: Computer Powers On; No Display; CPU Fan Sounds Loud

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I recently recorded some songs on video at a concert on both an iPod nano and regular camera, and although the video came out fine, since we were standing so close, the mic must have been overloaded on both devices, and when they are played, they are just so muffled and distorted because the music there was SO LOUD. Is there any way, hopefully easy, to reduce the sound, and possibly recover some of the music so it at least partially listen to-able? Thanks!

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This PC problem has been around since the computer was purchased two years ago.
The computer name is Compaq Presario PC AMD 64 Athlon, the OS being Windows XP Media Center Edition. I've noticed that, whenever a program loads up, taking more than 70% of the CPU (in the task manager), the computer fan spins so quickly that a very loud whirring sound is produced. Not only is this sound annoying to hear, but also I am worried about the long term damages of the computer when the internal server overheats (which is probably why the fan is spinning so loudly).
Terminating the application in the task manager is what i do if the fan-spinning doesn't stop on its own, but there are several problems:
1. If that application is System, then I can't terminate it
2. Sometimes an application (e.g. IE) loads for a second and the CPU usage jumps quickly to 100%, before jumping back to 0%. This could damage the CPU
3. If I'm using a certain program, or visiting a site that has flash media, for example, the fan would spin loudly. I'm stuck between stopping what I'm doing or enduring the loud noise before the computer invariably shuts down on itself

Is there any way to fix this problem?

A:Presario PC fan produces loud sounds, shuts down computer if not stopped

It's probably too late now but if it was doing this since it was new, you should have returned it to be fixed free under warranty. It sounds like the heatsink is not connected to the CPU properly or there is something wrong with the thermal compound connection between the heatsink and CPU.

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Not sure where to put this as I'm quite sure it isn't a hard drive issue per se...

I've a weird issue with Windows 8.1 and my mechanical hard drive. I've a 2TB Western Digital hard drive that's partitioned with one of the partitions being a Media partition (H) containing over 107 gig of images, mostly tiff files ranging from 80-700 meg. I'm a photographer who tends to edit it layers.

Anyway for some odd reason when I access a folder containing these files, my hard drive goes into a frenzy and starts making loud vibration noise as though the drive is thrashing rapidly. Additionally I get a green bar going across the address bar as though it's establishing access permission. I've checked the drive and initially it just had "Everyone" listed so I added Administrators, and myself. But it still acts as though it's seeking permissions...

Interestingly enough no other folder or partition goes into this frenzy; just the folders under H partition containing the tiff images.

My initial thought is it's a caching issues as the PC is trying to cache and display the thumbnails for these files but I'm not sure. And if it is, how do I fix?

BTW this is a replacement drive as I thought my other drive was defective since it was doing the same and had it RMA'd.

Also this is basically the same partition/orginization structure that was under my Win 7 machine and I never had this issue.



A:Hard Drive making loud sounds when rendering tiff images

Hey Drew,

Not sure what may be causing this, but you might see if defragging the HDD may help any.

In addition, it wouldn't hurt to test the HDD with Data Lifeguard Diagnostic to see if it passes and reports anything.
WD Support / Downloads / SATA & SAS

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I just got a beautiful new laptop for Christmas (HP Pavilion g7 1260ca). Every time I start it up, it starts in "Windows Boot Manager" and makes me select Windows 7 as my operating system. That's annoying in it's self (why won't it just start on it's own! It's not like I'm running another operation system as well!) but what's even worse, as the text is appearing on the screen, a loud obnoxious beep sounds with each word that appears!
I checked to make sure no keys are stuck, so it's not that. Once I choose Windows 7, I'm able to sign in with no problem.
How can I turn off the beep? And how can I make Windows 7 start automatically?

A:Starts in Windows Boot Manager and LOUD continuous beep sounds!

Hello ChelseyWol Welcome to the Seven Forums!

Brand new and under warranty! Take it right back! Don't attempt to do any repairs yourself! That would likely void the warranty the unit comes with.

The default preinstalled copy of Windows 7 should at least upto the point where you would select the user account during the initial setup. Refer to the user guide as well to make you followed the procedure correctly there too.

The beeping part however does sound a bit odd and the purchaser who gave you the laptop may want to bring it back in to the store or dealer where it was bought for examination or replacement if a problem is found.

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ok so i have been having thi sprob for a long time, like ever since i got the card, actually. tried looking thru creative forums, even contacted creative customer support several times. it happens when i am playing a game, or even just playing music, but not as often.

here is what i have done to try and fix: change pci slot of card, change audio settings in creative audio console, change latency settings, change all types of bios settings, uninst/reinst drivers 100's of times/manually delete registry entries/installshield entries/use drivercleaner pro, etc; close ALL background processes except the ones you can't close, probly more but i cant remember off hand.

this doesn't happen during any particular game either. it happens during the elder scrolls 3: morrowind quite frequently though. other games : wizardry 7, wizardry 8, i DO play a lot of "older games" (1999-2002) and there is no compatibility mode built into the sound card or creative software. i have tried running the games under windopws compat mode, no help either. any ideas anyone?

p.s., my specs in my profile are up to date. thanks


Hi there,
I see you have tried a lot of things.
It sounds weird, I do not think sound cards need any compatibility mode.
With older titles it's direct sound only isn't it so they SHOULD work ....

Is onboard sound disabled in BIOS?
What entries do you have under sound video and game controllers in the device manager?

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This is a problem that just started after having my drive wiped and OS re-installed.

Sound plays quite loudly when played through virtually anything; media players, Youtube, Firefox and Internet Explorer, anything. Yet the sounds from certain video games are extremely low in volume, which has never happened to me before.

Also worth noting: At seemingly random intervals, certain sounds in the games would play at full volume.

Attaching my DxDiag

One thing I noticed is that in the Playback devices, the stereo mix always picks up sounds louder than the speakers play out, unsure if this is related at all.

Also not sure if it's related or relevant, but my original system had the hard drives set on IDE, but now they're both set on AHCI

EDIT: I think I've solved it. It was just a matter of turning on Loudness Equalization. Leaving it open because I wanna know if this is indeed the issue or just a quickfix.

A:RealTek audio loud, in-game audio sharply muted

I doubt that the loudness is the correct "fix" since the sound is OK except in games. Many games have an option for the sound level and can be adjusted in the game setup. Others use MIDI to generate the sounds.

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How can I uninstall Dell Audio and only have the legacy Realtek Driver and Software in my XPS 14 (L421x)?
I installed some time age the default audio driver that I got from "Dell Drivers", this installed the "Dell Audio" + "MAXX AUDIO 4". I already uninstalled this thing, run CCleaner, deleted the folders, and downloaded and installed the legacy Realtek R 2.73 driver, but this thing (Dell Audio) is always installing with the driver.  
My system audio is ridiculously loud. I need to put my system audio in somewhat 5~15 / 100% to get "normal audio", the only way I get realistic "normal audio range" is using my SteelSeries Wireless Headset with USB, this way the system audio goes to 100% automatically and I control the audio with the scroll located in the headset, even in 100% max audio, I get a "normal 100%", it's loud, but not EXTREME like the notebook audio!
Another problem, when I plugin my Apple Earpods, they simple doesn't work, I already tested them with tons of devices at home, and they are working great. The system doesn't even recognize them.
I think that everything would be resolved if I could install the Leagacy Realtek drivers & software, not this *** loaded with bloatware from Dell, I don't care about "MAXX Audio", "MaxxSense" and all this BS. If you look with attention, all the settings located in this "Dell Audio" menu are the same in the Real... Read more

A:Dell Audio + Headphone Jack + Loud notebook audio

I forgot to mention in the main post, and I can't edit it, so here it goes:
First, Sometimes I need to run LiveUSB Linux distros in this notebook, and the audio in them is all great, realistic audio range, 100% loud but not extreme, everything OK.
Second, I'm using Windows 8.1 Pro up-to-date.

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My computer is making kind of a loud whistling sound, it doesn't look like I have bad caps(on my motherboard) though.

Also I hear some sort of "disc spinning" or "fan-like sound" that's loud but it's "soft" loud(like a refrigerator/freezer makes a sort of "soft" but loud sound) makes but it's not my fans. I am guessing it could be my hard drive?

Anyone know what problem I could possibly have?

A:Whistling sound + soft-loud harddrive sound?

Take the side off the case and tell us where the noise is coming from.

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i recently bought a new mobo (MSI - p4m900m3) and everything is working fine apart from i cannot get my sound to work.... everything seems to be installed correctly in device manager ( no '!' next to any of my audio drivers) i have ALC888 on board sound. on board sound is enabbled in my BIOS. iv been compleatly stumped on this one for quite a while. if you need any more information just ask. any help would be very appretiated.

A:No Audio Device shown in sounds and audio devices

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I am using the trial version of Audio Mid Recorder and when i record anything from like lets say, youtube or even from a radio station it comes out sounding very thin, as if it was recorded from a pair of head phones. All audio devices seem to be in working order.
ok, I just found out why it's sounding thin is because it was recording through the mic head set. Now I disabled the headset but still on the recorder the source device on the drop down option for recording device it is not listed.

A:Audio Mid Recorder audio sounds thin and fraily

I thought that this was disable to plug the analog hole, so that people could not record what they are hearing from their sound card...basically going around copy protection.

Analog hole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I think they started it with Vista, I could be wrong.

Here is some more info on it:
Ask the Doctor: Pluggin' the Analog Hole | Maximum PC

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I'm taking transcription classes and running into a problem where I can't get the audio coming through my headphones high enough to hear some doctors mumbling.
I can turn my speakers up loud enough to hurt my ears when the headphones aren't plugged in. I've tried turning the volume all the way up in volume control and turning it all the way up in the application I use to load and listen to audio. If I unplug my headphones with these settings everyone down to the dog will jump and run.

Any one have any suggestions on how to get the same volume through my headphones?

A:Audio Not Loud Enough

Have you tried double-clicking your Volume icon, and checking to make sure none of your settings are muted?Play around with the settings.I find that when Wave, and SW synth, are set to low, I have problems with hearing using the headphones.If these 2 options aren't available, click Options in the Toolbar, and select Properties.That's where you can add volume controls, by putting a check next to the items you want to add.

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Hey guys, hoping you can help me with this.
I have run a A-Squared 3 times and each time it has found this Trace.File.
When I delete it, it has taken my media player with it.
I cant seem to find any info regarding this, so I have turned to you guys for assistance if possible.

I have attached the A-Squared report, as well as a HiJack This scan.

a-squared Free - Version 3.5
Last update: 3/05/2008 2:06:41 PM

Scan settings:

Objects: Memory, Traces, Cookies, C:\WINDOWS\, C:\Program Files
Scan archives: On
Heuristics: On
ADS Scan: On

Scan start: 4/05/2008 8:31:39 AM

c:\documents and settings\kath\desktop\media player.lnk detected: Trace.File.RosioSoft Audio Tools


Files: 122342
Traces: 393985
Cookies: 42
Processes: 28


Files: 0
Traces: 1
Cookies: 0
Processes: 0
Registry keys: 0

Scan end: 4/05/2008 9:53:55 AM
Scan time: 1:22:16
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 10:57:58 AM, on 4/05/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16608)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\aawservice.exe
c:\program files\a-squared free\a2service.exe
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
C:\PROGRA~1\... Read more

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Ok, I've been having this problem for several months now. I have scoured multiple windows forums, chat groups and the like looking for a solve. But, no avail. Someone from another community actually told me to come here to you folks. So here I go again.

I have windows 10 (home edition, 64 bit, (10.0, Build 10586)). I am running an AsusTek RoG Gaming Laptop that uses VIA HD Audio. I have all the updated drivers, have downloaded multiple different codecs. Uninstalled, re-installed, gone into bios setting, pretty much everything. And my sound -isn't- as loud as it was with previous versions of Windows. I've gone into setting and enhancements. When I actually test the speakers sound the left speaker is sorta low, the right is really high. The problem is when I open any video file/music file, the sound absurdly drops to a whisper even when the video player volume is running as high as it can go. Now this only works for video/music files. If I run a game, the sound is amazing. This only happens with Windows Media Player/Media Player Classic. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this? I'm about ready to just go back to Windows 8.1.

I have also included a dxdiag.txt to help out if it helps.

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I have a dell pricision t1700, and when I use a headphone to listen to music I have to set the volume to 2 or 3 out of 100 (on windows 10) and it is still too loud. If it goes beyond it is so loud and painfull when it happens.
I tried to update the realtek drivers but I had alread the latest version, 
I tried to download a 200mb driver file from realtek and install it and reboot my computer 2 times but none of this did change anything.
what can I do?

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My laptop's headphone port broke so I bought this audio adapter from NewEgg. It works, but the volume's too low when listening with headphones. I've adjusted all the settings I could think of (within its software and on the device itself) and still no dice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:New audio adapter not loud enough

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Hi, im having a frustating problem with audio when playing certain video on a new pc i've built. Specifically, the problem whenever it occurs, is that the audio is EXTREMELY loud and distorted and makes watching the relevant vid pointless; but as i said its with certain vids only. (Music files are fine).

To clarify:
- A video file saved on the harddrive with a proper file extension (mpg, avi, mov, wmv) will play fine using any media player.
- A video file saved on the harddrive with a non-standard-video file extension (eg iso) played in VLC will sound distorted.
- Any type of streaming video from the net (such as the vids on ebaums) will sound distorted.

So, ive tried a number of things to sort this out with no joy. I simply thought it was a codec issue and proceeded to download k-lite codec pack, wmv9 codecs from MS, sherlock, ffdshow, etc, and tried installing/updating/removing with all of these to no avail. Now, Im unsure whether its a codec issue but im pretty certain its software related.

Just to note my OS is WinXP Pro sp2 and any time i try to remedy this problem its from a fresh acronis image saved prior to any codecs or anything being installed.

If anybody has any tips/advice on how i can troubleshoot this it would be MUCH appreciated.

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I upgraded to windows 7 but every time I use my earphones I need to keep my volume at level 1. If I go even higher then level 10 the audio is really loud.
I'm using Realtek HD.

A:Audio too loud on earphones

Quote: Originally Posted by MokonaBuny

I upgraded to windows 7 but every time I use my earphones I need to keep my volume at level 1. If I go even higher then level 10 the audio is really loud.
I'm using Realtek HD.


We really could use some more information abt your system. Please fill in the system specs (lower left corner). Also is your OS 32bit or 64? Clean install of upgrade?

It might be as somple as a setting like room eq, etc in sound cpanel but without info im in the dark


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Inspiron 13 5368 2-in-1 win10Home x64 realteck hd
I notice in "Volume mixer" volume bar for mozila (when i try listen to youtube) pops up and down but "Device speaker/headphone" on main system sound bar stays empty. Same for windows media player and everything. Thats with drivers from dell and drivers from autoupdate same issue.
Its a brand new PC !!!

A:Audio fade from loud to none in 10-20s

Hi Dzatara,
I would suggest you to update the BIOS and audio driver on the system. Please enter your service tag # on the link below, select the OS, then download the BIOS from BIOS section and audio driver from audio section onto the system and install it.
Please let me know if this helps.

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I can't get any audio sound for music or videos (or even "sounds"). However, in my music creation software (Finale, Band in a box) it works perfectly. so there's nothing wrong with the speakers or sound card, etc.

Is there a setting somewhere that I have somehow violated?

T o try to solve this, I did a system restore and it restored my sound. However, I had subsequently installed and done a bunch of tortuous, special setup with Dreamweaver, and I cannot restore the machine to a time when I had both the sound and also Dreamweaver. so I'm stuck...

I notice that on Wed. of last week, it indicates that a "Software distribution service 2.0" did something at 11;34 p.m. Anyone know what that means? Because, I can restore back to Tuesday and have the sound, but after that "Software distribution service 2.0," the sound is gone. something messed with the setting or whatever. To reiterate: I get sound just fine with my music audio programs, but not in anything else...Please, any ideas?

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Hey guys,
   I'm having a problem with my volume on my computer. I use integrated sound, Realtek HD Audio to be exact (you probably already know that). My problem is that my volume is way too loud. In order to get a volume that I can actually listen at without rupturing my eardrums, I have to drag the volume slider down to 10. The volume changes drastically when I drag it, and at the maximum volume, my headphones would probably sound like speakers at full volume, but I haven't been suicidal enough to try it. Is there a way to change the maximum volume so that normal volume would be somewhere around 30? Thanks!

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I have a fairly new M-Audio M-Track that works as expected. EXCEPT...when going to sleep or restart, a very loud and annoying pop sounds in the speaker. This also happens when it awakens.

I've tried different drivers, including none but the noise continues.

Any ideas, besides getting a new sound card?

A:M-Audio makes loud pop when shutting down

I have a recording studio (Sonar), but use Roland Studio-Capture.

The M-Track is a bus powered unit (gets its power from the USB port) and popping is probably caused by power being applied from the USB port. I don't know how you can stop that. Post on the www.gearslutz.com forum and see if someone familiar with the M-Track can help you.

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My computer is a Dell Dimension 2400. The output audio jack in the rear will intermittently cause a loud hum when I connect to my stereo, which goes away when you wiggle the connector in the jack. Headphones connected to the same jack are fine. I just invested in a new Monster cable. Strangely, I also just noticed that the hum will also be affected if I jiggle the power strip. I am comfortable soldering surface mounted parts. How can I fix this? Can I get a replacement part?


A:Rear Audio Jack Loud Hum

You might want to pwer the computer down and run a pipe cleaner with some isopropyl alchohol on
it to clean the contacts.
You also might be able to use a small jewlers screw driver to bend the contacts out slightly.
Be careful when doing this.
You are getting a buzz because the ground is not contacting properly.
I have a front port with the same problem.

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Working with sound file through Olympus Player Pro and the sound cuts out after about 10 minutes, then shows "TPSTWND caused an invalid page fault in module TPSTWND.EXE" then shows not enough memory so have to reboot. Working with Windows 98, WP11 and plenty of memory. Really need to correct this. Thanks

A:Audio soft ware program Olympus Player Pro

Hi and welcome. How much memory do you have?

I'm going to move this to hardware.

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I recently realised that my YouTube video's audio is softer compared to how it is usually. I kind of verified that this is caused by the flash player; I uninstalled adobe flash player, and when the YouTube video plays via the default html player (I'm using Firefox), the audio becomes normal (the usual loudness I am used to).
I'm thinking that somehow the volume of the flash player has been adjusted (I tried searching around the net but could not find a reliable way to adjust the volumne of flash players). Is there a way to do so? I tried installing a slightly older version of the flash player (I suspected it might be due to the newest version of the flash player) but the issue remained.
Hope to get some help! Thanks!


A:Youtube audio soft after updating flash player

Though this appears to be some sort of long standing Firefox bug, I found the solution linked below. When it says right click on the Flash player, that means right clicking on the Youtube player will take you into Flash settings.

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Windows 7 64-bit I'm using an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ processor My audio is working, but I'm getting "popping" noises every 15-30 seconds and it's really bothering me. I updated to the latest driver for Realtek AC'97 and I insalled the Realtek HD Audio drivers, but only the AC'97 shows up in the device manager. When I got to add/remove programs, it shows that HD Audio can be uninstalled, but I don't know if that means it's working. From reading around on the internet, some people said the HD Audio driver solved their problem, but I'm not sure if mine is actually working or not. I don't know much about computers, so please spell things out explicitly for me so I can just follow directions.

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I am surfing and out of nowhere a loud audio appears warning me that there is a strong possibility of a virus. I get out of it by going to task manager, which seems the only way to get rid of it...but i seem to be getting more of my share of this intrusion lately. I scanned my desktop and no problem is mentioned. I could count at least 5 or more times that this has happened as of late.

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Hi everyone,
Recently I made a post on the BSOD subforum in regards to recent BSODs I've been having.
After investigation, it seems that it was my Corsair Vengeance 1500 headset drivers. I've since uninstalled the drivers and I've experience no more problems. I hope they make drivers that work for windows 8 properly.

HOWEVER, the problem is that now with the basic windows drivers, the volume is way too loud! Before, with the Corsair drivers, I could listen to something at 50% volume and it would sound fine. Now, 2% volume is equivalent to that 50% volume I heard before. I hope that makes sense.

My question is that if there is any way for me to change the volume/driver settings so I could have more normalized audio? Anything past 10% blows my ears out and it's really annoying for obvious reasons.

Thanks in advance!

A:Corsair Vengeance 1500 Audio Too Loud

No "My System Specs". We have no idea what sound you have and can't specifically comment to help you.

However, one general issue. You should have the correct sound driver (preferred driver is the one supplied by the PC vendor (or motherboard vendor in the case of a custom built). If you only have the generic Windows installed HD Audio Codec, the proper driver is the first step.

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When listening to any audio source or video the volume starts normally then reduces to inaudible.  If I pause the recording or video, it will return to full volume then reduce itself.When I initially set up the machine it forced a driver update for the Realtek HD audio.  When I rolled back the driver to the previous version it seemed to be working ok but can I expect it to automatically update then not work after?  Has anyone else identified this problem?  Has it been communicated to Realtek?I don't want to bounce back and forth with the old and new drivers but the one that seems to work is version dated 3/15/2016.  If that's the current driver then I guess doing the "rollback" routine solves the problem!Thanks

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After a driver update my B&O Speaker is extremely loud even on the lowest volume possible, also with headphones it has the same issue, how can I solve this?

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Hi all,

I just got a 5.1 Speakers set.
Anyway, the smart guys that designed the sound card, or drivers, dont let me use all specific jack holes to hook them up.
Instead, they force me to use mic and line out holes to get Center/Woofer and front sounds.
I need headphones and mic at least as often as speakers.

Anyway, I have a splitter device that let me connect both headphones and front speakers, also mic and Center/woofer.
Where can I find a simple application that let me switch from headphones/mic mode to 5.1 speakers mode.
I can write one myself in VB if I get the right direction where to look (Windows API?).

The best solution whould be a simple sys-tray icon that give me a menu to switch from 5.1 to headphones.
That whould set Speakers setup from desktop speakers to 5.1 speakers and mic/front checkbox you can see in C-panel/Sound and Audio device.


A:Custom soft to change Sound and Audio Speakers setup

I would say you are better off getting a new sound card with more ports. Switching liek that shoudl be built into the sound card drivers.

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I just did a fresh install of windows 7 and now my audio doesn't even get 1/5th as loud as it use to

A:After i did a clean install audio isnt loud anymore

No System specs provided so we can only offer general suggestions.

The first suggestion is, did you install all the device drivers after install. In the case of the sound, in most cases, the PC or motherboard vendor as applicable, sound drivers should be used. Non-Vendor can either not work or not work properly. If no drivers were installed usually Windows will install the basic function HD Audio Codec for sound.

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For the past couple weeks I've been having trouble with a very loud staticky buzzing noise coming from the bottom left corner of my Aspire VN7-791G (left of the touch pad below the keyboard) when the machine is under load (working in game engines and playing games, mainly). I've had this laptop for a little over a year and never had this issue before. On the software side everything seems fine, I haven't noticed FPS drops or freezes/lockups or anything of the sorts. I do get an occasional blue screen but those are very uncommon after all the driver and BIOS updates (power state failure or something like that). The buzzing seems to get louder depending on the work load. If I close all active programs the noise tends to still stay constant for couple few minutes, then it dies down gradually until it's silent completely.I tried recording the sound, and when I listen through headphones it sounds a lot like the real thing (just not as loud):  http://vocaroo.com/i/s1cZvjzHgHs5.  Also: I haven't tried replicating this yet but earlier I was running a game on battery battery power by accident. The machine was completely silent. After a while I got a message saying battery was low, so I plugged in the charger and...instantly heard the buzzing at maximum loudness (not a gradual increase like normal). Could it have something to do with power saving settings maybe? Or more likely to be a hardware thing? T... Read more

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Hi there,

I'm struggling to figure out what to do to make the annoying hiss go away! I'm using Audacity with my usb mic and MacBook Pro. When the mic is not plugged in and it's just my computer mic, Audacity picks up no noise. As soon as I plug in the mic, the noise floor jumps to around -30db! If I turn the recording volume down on the mic the noise floor goes down too, but then I can't hear myself at all on my recording because my recording volume is set to .40! If I try to increase my recording volume at all you hear a hiss in the background and I can't for the life of me figure out why. Thanks for any help in advance!!

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We bought the Inspiron 11 3000 series 2-in-1 with the Intel pentium processor and Windows 10 back in August 2015. We've recently been having problems with the audio, it goes from quiet to loud and then loud to quiet without touching the volume. It almost sounds like it's skipping, but the volume just goes so low you can barely hear it, then goes so loud you almost have to turn it down.
When the laptop is plugged in the problem seems to vanish and the volume is constant.

Does anyone know what might be the problem? Software, hardware? I appreciate any replies.


A:Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2-in-1 Audio loud/quiet

I have had the same issue with my inspiron 11 3000 series. Very annoying. It has the Realtek HD sound system.
Between all the bugs in this computer's OS and Widows 10 this has been the worst computer I've ever owned. What happened to the old Dell? They used to make a reliable product with great customer service.

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