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Custom Icons from PNG - Including Icons from Metro apps

Q: Custom Icons from PNG - Including Icons from Metro apps

Hi there

If you wish to create easily custom desktop Icons from images captured then you can use the LAST FREE VERSION of ICOFX (It Used to be freeware - everybody seems to be trying to Monetise every possible item now -but the last FREE version is still available and the paid version doesn't really have much to offer if you just want to create ICONS).

Last Freeware version: DiskDigger, Amic Email Backup, Mystic Thumbs, IcoFX, phpDesigner, Xinorbis

@Brink - I added a question in your tutorial about How to create the ICONS for Metro apps as you used Custom ZIP one in your example -- perhaps you could delete the remark or refer to the above program which does it easily

1) For Metro simply open the tile and press PRT SCREEN before the application starts
2) Paste to ms WORD / WORDPAD (Standard comes with Windows enter WORDPAD in the Start box)
3) Use Snipping tool to select a reasonable rectangle of the ICON and save as PNG file
4) Import into the ICOFX program - Will create Icon for you
5) Save as .ICO file
6) Now ready to use in Windows.

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Preferred Solution: Custom Icons from PNG - Including Icons from Metro apps

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I would love to be able to use custom photos for launcher tiles. I'm inspired by some of the great screen shots I've seen for Launcher7 for android devices. Does anyone know if it is possible to use something like the icons found here Browsing Customization on deviantART over the tiles?

A:Custom Photo Icons for Metro

There is no program /code YET to customize the Metro tiles individually but give it time and it will appear.

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Does anyone think it'd be a good idea or be cool to give our Pinned stuff their own ICON when they are PINNED? I think so....I don't like seeing some default small icon in a HUGE box. There should be a way to do this.

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I cant see icon of metro in taskbar of windows 8.1

A:i cant see icons of metro apps in taskbar of windows 8.1

Are you in the Desktop or in the Metro/Start screen?

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Got a weird bug that's just happened:

This happened after I uninstalled all my metro apps this morning, rebooted then reinstalled them. Chrome also updated in the meantime.

They're the only icons that are broke so clearly something has happened between now and then to stop icons displaying properly for new programs.

Is it worth rebuilding icon cache? Not sure the icons for metro are the same as filetype icons in Explorer though.

A:Some App icons in Metro All Apps screen missing

I tried deleting the icon cache file file but it didn't fix it.
I also tried installing a new software and it too did not get an icon created in the menu.
However, if I pin it to start menu the app's icon works there.

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I have upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1 and been using it for the last week now with no problems.
Today, during a mandatory update my pc went blue screen and said it had to restart.
Once it restarted it updated and booted fine.
However after the update I realized that my start menu stopped working.
If I press it nothing shows up. It is the same with my search menu.
Also none of my taskbar icons will work like the volume and notifications.
I have searched the internet and tried all the solutions provided like windows powershell and uninstalling antivirus and restarting explorer but nothing seems to work for me.
I can't reformat and clean install at the moment because it's really inconvenient for me and have some important files and big programs that I can't back up.

Can anyone please provide me a solution for this bug?
Is there anyway I can reinstall the last update again manually?
Or if I revert back to win 8.1 would this problem still persist?
I can't afford to lose anything since I am away and need my computer for work.

A:Windows 10 Start Menu, metro apps, and taskbar icons not working

Right click the start button and click on Programs and Features. (It's at the top.)
In the window that opens click on 'View installed updates'
Click on the updates you want to uninstall and Bob's your auntie's live-in lover!

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This isn't a serious problem, but it is annoying since it has never happened before and I'm used to having a Win XP custom desktop.

Anyway, I can't think of anything new that I've done to my computer as of late except install Spybot and other spyware detecting programs (Hijack This!, etc.) but now, whenever I restart or turn off my computer, my custom icons revert to default windows icons.

By this I mean:

My Computer
My Documents
My Network Places
Recycle Bin (full)
Recycle Bin (empty)

I can normally customize these by clicking right clicking on the desktop > Properties > Desktop > Customize Desktop > Change Icon

But, just as of this week, they have begun to revert back to the boring default windows icons.

I'm sure this is a simple problem but I can't for the love of God figure out how to fix it.

Any suggestions would be incredibly appreciated.

A:My Custom Desktop Icons Keep Reverting to Windows Default Icons

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The My Computer, My Documents, and Recycle Bin icons keep reverting back to their default icons every time I start/reboot the compter. I prefer to have my own custom icons instead. What's going on?

A:Custom Desktop icons revert to default icons on startup.

are the icons you are trying to use actually stored on the computer somewhere?

i have seen them revert if you select icons from a cd, and then reboot without the cd. same with webpages...

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Hi All,

Wondering if you can offer me some pointers here......

Brink put together an excellent tutorial on this process for Windows 7 (http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials...tom-icons.html) and with some adaption for the revisions to the Metadata Authoring Wizard contained in the Windows 10 Drivers Kit I have already customised my device icons and even provided some (limited) assistance to others grappling with the task (iPhone shown as Unspecified in Devices and Printers).

All that is, with a couple of pesky exceptions namely the main system icon which remains set at it's somewhat bland generic Windows 10 image and I am at a loss as to how to change it to a more representative custom image....

Secondly, the (ugly) generic icon representing the WiFi Gigabit Router (always shown under the custom name assigned to my network) is inaccessible ("greyed out") such that selecting properties (right click) and bring up the properties dialogue offers the usual "General", "Hardware" and "UPnP" tabs but the "Properties" button on the "Hardware" tab is "greyed out" and thus non of the required Hardware ID's can be accessed.

Returning to the "System" icon customisation I am able to access the Properties and from the Hardware Tab to select "ACPI x64-based PC" from a very comprehensive "System Devices" list and then to select the "Properties" button and from the resulting "... Read more

A:Change Device Icons with Custom Icons - Devices & Printers

....Just realised meant to include a shot of the Devices & Printers folder icons:

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This is a weird problem I've notice in two computers I have, both with Vista. I assigned custom icons to various folders (like on my pictures I have an .ico file picture of a camera and on my documents I have an .ico picture of garfield, etc....) On both computers (one a desktop and the other a laptop) after about 1 month, the folders .ico went back to default, they both went back to the plain manilla folder .ico picture. I can manually put the custom icons back but its kind of a hassle. I don't have any idea why both computers have done this? Must be something I can do to stop it?? Any ideas

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I was looking at possibily changing my Windows XP media Edition Pro Icons
to some thing a bit more striking ..? and came across this ......



Bold and exciting Alienware custom icons create an unforgettable visual atmosphere for your desktop. From the Internet to the Recycling Bin, your Alienware icons will set a new standard for style.

just wondering if any forum members have tried them...?

your comments and advice most welcome


A:New Icons ....Alienware custom icons

Icon Changing has been around for a while with XP.

Themexp.org has them, and im sure others do too. StyleXp is a good program for customizing your xp. Watch for viruses or spyware on themexp though, my virus scanner has acted up a few times on that site. It isnt the downloaded file, but it occurrs when you download. Downloading to the current/default folder without switching seems to avoid viruses however.

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Many thanks to Lawrence Abrams (Sept.22/2011) for a very concise and helpful article. It was a great aid in organising Metro and getting rid of unwanted icons as well as adding others.
I have run into an unexpected problem: it seems impossible to sort the icons into useful groups or into any kind of order! As soon as one icon is moved to a desired spot, it displaces another that finds a place at random, causing a general reshuffle. It's like playing with quicksilver! Is there any way of getting each one to stay where it is put? I should be glad to know. 

A:Metro Icons

Hi Berlewan.
Right click at desktop > go to View > Uncheck Auto arrange icons.
Thank you.

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my metro icons are big and ease of access make everything big is turned off it was rows of 5 but now its 3 anyone help?! please

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Don't get me wrong. I love my win8 machine.

But here's the thing. After using win8 for months now, I still have trouble recognizing certain apps right away. The reason icons work so well is it takes advantage of our in-built ability to recognize patterns. One look at an icon and we subconsciously know what it's for.

But a bunch of squares and rectangles...

I pointed this out to some people when the MS released the beta of win8. And I honestly thought I'd eventually get use to it. But months after, I still have to focus a little more just to know which tile to press for what.

Am I the only one?

A:Why icons are still better than metro

No, you're not the only one.

Metro has been criticized by professionals of design and experts in usability from the beginning.

I will never adopt it voluntarily. Neither will buy a phone with it just for these reasons of wrong design.

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Never thought I'd have to post in here, but I suppose I was wrong.

I'll go over the various issues I've been experiencing for a few months now.

#1: System Tray Icons

Well, I have an idea on how I started thing issue. I was screwing around with Disk Cleanup and accidentally removed a few system utilities (like Paint and WordPad), but I fixed them and brought them back, so everything is reinstalled. However, I noticed that my system tray icons were different; most were missing. I assumed they would return after I reinstalled all of the missing utilities, but they didn't. Only once in a blue moon now do all of them start accordingly. Sometimes, when a tray icon SHOULD appear, like when I open a program that creates one, it doesn't, though my iTunes and mIRC icons always appear. Almost all of the tray icon processes are shown to be running when I open my task manager.

#2: Unable to Install the New Windows Live Messenger for XP

This one bothers me a lot more. I'm completely unable to install the new MSN, or any other Windows Live software for that matter. I received the notice from my WLM that unless I installed the update I couldn't use it, so I tried to get the updated version, and it appeared as if everything installed perfectly, it was at 100%, but it rolled back all its progress and didn't update/install anything, and it said that it didn't because "the installation was canceled". I tried running it again, and when I saw it w... Read more

A:Various Issues, Including Missing Tray Icons

Since we don't know exactly what you removed...nor do you...I suggest doing a repair install of XP.

I further suggest that not use any "registry cleaners" now or in the future on your system. I say this because they (typically) may remove/damage key system files.

I would also advise against downloading Microsoft files...from any website other than the MS site.


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Suddenly, I lost one of the bars at the top of Word. It is the one that includes an icon to save an edit in an existing document, icon for bold and font size etc.

What I have now is Final Showing Mark-up, then Show, and a bunch of little icons for previous, next, accept change, etc. How do I get rid of this bar and get back to my original?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: In Word, lost bar at top including some icons

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Two bad icons in system tray:Blinking triangle in system traySecurity Alert: Spyware FoundYour computer is infected with last version of PSW.x-Vir trojan. PSW trogans steal your private information such as: passwords, IP-address, credit card nformation, registration details, documents, etc.Click this baloon to remove PSW.x-Vir spyware.Blinking question mark and cirle with red mark through it.When clicked, it goes to://www.spylocked.com/?aff=334I did the following:Ran cleanmgrChecked:Temporary Files Temporary Internet Files Recycle BinInstalled and ran Ad-Aware If found Win32.Trojandownloader.Zlob and several other items. After the scan was complete, the two items in the system tray were gone.Ran Full Scan again.Still found Win32.Trojandownloader.Zlob and AntiVirusPCSuiteInstalled and ran Spybot - Search and Destroy Unpdated and ran, it found:AntiverminsProAV-GoldAzoogleAdsErrorSafeHotbarMalwareWipeSpyLocked.FakeAlertSpyLockedSystemDoctor2006VirusRescueWinsoftwareZlob.VideoAccessActiveXObjectZlob.VideoActiveObjectImmunizedScanned again, and found:Zlob.VideoAccessActiveXObjectRan NanoScan (www.nanoscan.com) from Panda Anti Virus Web site Nothing found.Turned off System Restore and rebootedRan StingerNothing found (I think). It just reported # of clean files 204,605Installed Sygate Personal FirewallThe icons are now gone from the system tray, but I want to be sure it is clean.Thanks in advance,HijackThis Log:Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 11:28:19 PM, on 6/4/2007Plat... Read more

A:System Tray Icons, Including Spylocked

Welcome to the BleepingComputer HijackThis Logs and Analysis forum repre My name is Richie and i'll be helping you to fix your problems.Please download Combofix and save to your desktop:http://download.bleepingcomputer.com/sUBs/Beta/ComboFix.exeNote: It is important that it is saved directly to your desktop Close any open browsers. Double click on combofix.exe and follow the prompts. When it's finished it will produce a log. Post the C:\ComboFix.txt into your next reply. Note: Do not mouseclick combofix's window whilst it's running. That may cause the program to freeze/hang. *******************Download SmitfraudFix (by S!Ri), to your desktop.Double click on Smitfraudfix.cmdSelect option #1 ? Search, by typing 1 and press "Enter"; a text file will appear, which lists infected files (if present).Please copy and paste the content of that report into your next reply.*IMPORTANT:* Do NOT run any other options until you are asked to do so!

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I had windows 8 once a time but the icons of metro will be disappeared after next start up so i degraded to windows 7...today i installed windows 8.1 hoping it's fixed...but i saw it didn't...
it's so awful... i cant see what i am clicking in metro...it's back button? it's delete button? what is it? even captions will disappear in 0.1 second...i can't see them...please help me...i will upload some screenshots...

please help me.

A:Metro Icons Problem

hello and welcome to eightforums ,give Dism a go to see if it will fix the issue ,check the tutorial in the link ,good luck
DISM - Fixing Component Store Corruption in Windows 8
if no results give system file checker a run ,
SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8

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not sure what's going on but none of my icons on the metro page work but 3.
internet explorer, windows explorer and disktop. are the others blocked or what could be happening?



A:icons on the metro page

Log off and back on, or restart. Do they all work then?

I myself have found the build pretty buggy actually...it is a dev preview (pre-beta) after all.

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i really want a way to change the metro UI tile icons because I really don't like when you pin a desktop application its icon is small and it has text above it, I just want a big icon! can anyone help?!

A:Is there a way you can change the metro UI tile icons?!

Hello Jamster, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Only the Metro apps have tiles. Programs, folders, or drives that are pinned to the Start screen are just shortcuts instead. I'm not aware of any way to make them look like metro app tiles.

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Would it be possible to carry over customized folder icons from the desktop,
to the metro interface. So that it shows the Icon within the tiled box?
Just curious...


A:Show Folder Icons in Metro??

Yes, of course it will.

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Is there a way to get new desktop icons to appear on the metro screen? If a file appear on my normal desktop (like a download picture that is saved to desktop) i also want to appear on the metro screen automatically/simultaneously.


A:How to get new desktop icons appear on metro menu


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Im working on relocating the remaining metro apps I havent been able to remove and I believe I've found the way to do it!! Problem is - most of them link to a blank file of sorts (if you check the properties).

I intend to create shortcuts based on said file, then change the icon to match what its supposed to look like. After deleting the icons which are attached to folders which seem to be magically invisible (Productivity/tools/photo/etc) I will be able to create my own folders and put the newly created icons in them and hopefully be a happy panda!!

ive wasted far too much time on this >.< who has my back? :P

A:Where to get the stock/default Metro App icons?

Originally Posted by klepp0906

Im working on relocating the remaining metro apps I havent been able to remove and I believe I've found the way to do it!! Problem is - most of them link to a blank file of sorts (if you check the properties).

I intend to create shortcuts based on said file, then change the icon to match what its supposed to look like. After deleting the icons which are attached to folders which seem to be magically invisible (Productivity/tools/photo/etc) I will be able to create my own folders and put the newly created icons in them and hopefully be a happy panda!!

ive wasted far too much time on this >.< who has my back? :P

Not sure if I fully understand what you're trying to do but the stock images are in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps
(you'll have to 'Show hidden files and folders' and 'Take Ownership' of the entire 'WindowsApps' folder)
(you may have to convert the stock png image to an ico image)


Attachment 44488

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Hi all
(I'm italian, excuse me for my bad english).
I have a pc with windows 7 home premium 64 bit. I have a problem with some icons on taskbar: sometimes some applications are displaying the wrong icons, sometimes, as you can see (screenshot), I don't see some icons: sometimes a few are missing (this time I have 8 icons of about 20!).

If I restart my pc, some icons return, but many still missing or are wrong!

So I launched this tool from microsof (I think it rebuilt icon cache, but I'm not sure): In Windows le icone vengono modificate in modo non corretto
but it doesnt' fix the problem, see this screenshot after using this tool from microsoft:

now as you can see some applications are displaying the wrong icons and 2 icons are still missing ...is there any fix for this problem? thanks!!


A:problem with icons on taskbar (wrong icons or missing icons)

perhaps the fixit from microsoft may help...

System icons do not appear in the notification area in Windows Vista or in Windows 7 until you restart the computer

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I am not sure if this is a real issue that i'm having but i haven't had this problem before in the past when i was running windows 8.1.

It seems now my laptop which has been recently upgraded to Windows 10 is now slowing down and accessing any toolbar is becoming very slow to respond when selecting an icon.

Although i dont have this issue compared to my desktop pc running the same operating system, this now is starting to become very concerning.

I was just wondering unless there are other startup programs in the background that i am not aware of, that is slowing things down the system which is understandable but i would think this now take me several minutes even up to about 10 minutes at a time before i access the volume control or for that matter any other toolbars on the task bar.

The strange thing here is that i can open up Google Chrome or Windows Edge or for that matter any other program i wish without having to wait. But why is it, this is only happening with the icon on the task bar.

Just wondering what should i do to allow this to say speed things up for me. Has anyone else had this similar issue.

Oh by the way i hardly have any programs installed on my laptop and this is still a fairly new pc as it is a Acer i5 processor so i would think it should be able to handle this startup issue without me having to wait such a long time.

Any ideas to get this moving more quickly.

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Hello all,

I am new here, although I did come here quite a few times and many times found the solution :-)

My problem is (I am on 1511) that some icons of removed (by powershell) apps reapeared, and there seem to be no way to get rid of them. Nothing I have found had worked (like going to start menu folder and deleting the shorcuts).

Namely it's MicrosoftWindowsAlarms, MicrosoftZuneMusic, MicrosoftWindowsPhotos, and in Apps the name looks like this: @{Microsoft.WindowsAlarms_10.1607.1991.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwems-resource--Microsoft.WindowsAlarms-Resources-AppName-Text}

Moreover, few days ago some "new" apps have materialized - that was a shock........no update, nothing, out of blue I had about 10 unwanted apps in my all apps...............crazy.

Any thoughts?

P.S. Normally I deffer updates by turning the service off and/or metered connection. Now I have left it on by mistake...........still should not install against my will some unwanted apps..........and as I said, no update.....

A:Icons of uninstalled apps showing in All apps

Those left-over icons may be a result of deleting programs instead of using Control Panel, Programs and Features to uninstall the programs. When a program is installed the install routine puts the program files in either C:\Program Files [32-bit] or C:\Program Files for 64-bit or C:\Program Files (x86) for 32-bit depending upon which version of the OS is in use. It will also create the icons, write support files to C:\Windows or other Folders and create Registry entries so Windows knows how to run the program. The uninstall routine is supposed to get rid of everything associated, don't know if PowerShell can do it as cleanly.

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Can installed program icons on the start screen be changed to the better looking metro icons? We have nice metro tiles then we have horrid looking squares with the program icon and the text in.

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I apologize in advance if this question isn't posted in the right section. Pretty simple question but assuming no real simple answer. I have windows 8 and 7 in dual boot, and use the windows 8 graphical boot menu to toggle between the 2. My question is, is it possible to change the icons. I like the windows 8 flag icon for windows 8 but would like to change the blank icon to the old windows style logo. Any suggestions welcomed.

A:Customizing dual boot metro icons

so another words i want to go from this....

to this...

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I have installed windows 8 and it worked fine, but now I seem to have lost the white icon display on the Metro Page task bar. when right clicking on a tile the task bar would popup with a selection of white icons and text. I now get the text but in place of the icons I get small white boxes, they still function so the link is active. Also when right clicking on the tiles a whit tick would appear, now it is a white box. How can I get the icons to re-appear? where are they stored? is there a regedit code I can change? I attach an image to show the problem.
 metroscreen.png   40.91KB
  12 downloadsIf anyone can help I would be eternally grateful.

Deleted duplicate topic which didn't show image - Platypus

A:No white icons on Metro screen task bar

For your info: Here . Hope that helps.

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Microsoft placed horrible icons for tiles like "Store", "Camera", "Mail" , "Messaging", "videos" and "Music".

Is there a way to put high resolution icons for these tiles?
Thanks in advance.

A:Is there a way to change the Icons of Metro Tiles in Windows 8?

I have one method, but I don't really know IF and HOW it works with RP/RTM. Try it yourself:
Hack the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen Tiles, Icons, and Pictures | a Tech-Recipes Tutorial

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Hey there,

I just upgraded to windows 8 ( i just bought the upgrade from the microsoft website).

After installing the upgrade I noticed that I was missing ALL the Metro Tiles basic ICONS ie: windows app store, internet explorer, mail , maps , messaging , music , news , people , photos , reader , travel , video ETC...

PLEASE check the attached JPGs. YOu will notice the empty tiles in the Metro UI. ALSO if i go to Default Programs you will also see that Icons are missing there as well. It's as if windows has no clue where to find the icons or windows never installed them...

Any way to fix this? I've rebooted a bunch of time. I tried doing a sfc scan ( or whatever the name is) It said it found some corrupt files and fixed them. I rebooted again but still no icons are showing up.

As much as POssible, I do not want to do a fresh install or a refresh. I also have no restore points prior because well its always been like this ever since it finished installing.

clicking the empty tiles work. It starts the application. Problem is I have no clue which tile is what.

I would really appreciate some help!
I'm disappointed that it didnt install properly for whatever reason.... Quite annoying ...

THANKS in advance.

A:Missing all windows 8 basic Metro Icons

Hey sgtfrog,

I am having the exact same issue. Tried updating graphics drivers and removing and readding the tiles.

No joy... I'll let you know if I find a solution.


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Hello pals, recently as I was multitasking on my HP W8 Pro I found my Metro UI had been corrupted or I might have done some CCleaner corruption ...
Any help?

A:Metro UI missing SOME tile icons and ALL ICONīS TEXT! HELP

Hello Amoled,

You could see if doing a system restore using a restore point dated before this happened may help.

Hope this helps.

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Recently I have upgraded to Win8...and everything worked well untill I installed an AV sollution, which I've uninstalled afterwards. After the AV uninstal, I noticed that my icons(thumbnails) got invisible (I can only see the name of any file/folder).
To mention that everything works properly and that in Metro mode, Control Panel and on desktop everything appears normal.

Please guide me towards a sollution for this. Thank you and excuse my english!

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It only fits two rows of apps and even the metro app I've been working on now has everything sized funny. This could come up as something that will bother users and make our apps look terrible without the user even knowing why.

A:All Icons in Metro mode have become very large - How to change it back

Hello r3ap3r, and welcome to Eight Forums.

What is your screen resolution set to?

You might check using the tutorial below to see if this may be the issue.

Start Screen - Metro Apps - Change Number of Rows in Windows 8

Hope this helps,

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Just made a computer icon , and planned to show here . This is the desktop screen capture of the computer icon I made :

Attaching the files ... first , the PNG , second a reflective png for docks , and third , the icon in the zip file.

I am planning to make a complete icon set , if I could make it .

Feedback, comments, ideas , criticisms and contributions are most welcome .

A:Custom Icons

Empty Recycle Bin this time . This is how it looks :
Png, Reflective PNG for docks and ico in the zip

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Below is a picture of my hdd's but I need some more custom hdd's and I am usless at
Could 1 of our members please add an seven/ubuntu/media centre/...
Well the 10 icons I have added to the rar
including the reflection as can be seen in the image
I have included the Hdd icons I use as well

I would be eternally grateful
and could sort somebody out with a rapidshare accout.

A:Custom Hdd icons help

ok ill post some in a min

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Quick simple question.
I want to make some custom gray-scaled icons. Do I need to make them at their largest size? If so, will they automatically re-scale themselves to fit smaller icons?

Also, what is their largest size? 122x122?

A:Custom Icons

yes they will will all fit nicely, except smallers ones wont as far as I know and the 3 main sizes are I believe are...


Good luck!

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I am working on an icon package that is going to have a lot of common and uncommon hardware and software icons in it.

I was inspired by the lack of icons for things I need icons for.

What I would like to know is are there any hardware/software icons anyone needs? Be specific if you can.

I will include any and all icons I can in a package and get it uploaded with a link once it's finished.

Here is an example of a volume icon I made for my SoundBlaster X-Fi Fatal1ty audio card:

These are the types of things I want to include in the package. I know there are quite a few other people out there running the same audio card that I am and with win7 displaying an icon for audio hardware in the volume slider I figured this could be a nice addition.

Anyhow let me know what you think and give me some suggestions for other possible icons I should include in this pack.

A:Custom Icons

I need this one. I am working on an application that will "shoot down" problems. Or 12 point fatties.

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I've been customizing my XP computer for the past day or so. I changed the start button and splash screen. I'm now looking at changing some icons. I'd like to start with the control panel icons (eg: internet options, power options, etc.) In Resource Hacker I see there's almost 1500 icons to sift through. Does anyone know of a better way of finding these icons without having to click on every single "1033"?

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I just got photoshop CS4 finally. and I've been dabbling with tools and tutorials and walk throughs and just having a blast.

I'm looking to create some custom icons for Rocketdock since every set I download is always missing a program or two that I use.

Does anyone have any links, tips, starting points, etc that they would like to share? A nice tutorial on How to start would be awesome.

A:Custom Icons - How to?

I have seen this a while ago. Maybe it helps: Create Icons the Easy Way with SimplyIcon :: the How-To Geek

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I'm not having any sucess in making my own custom icons as I have in previous versions of Windows. For example, I draw a blue circle with a white background (32 bits square), and save it as a bmp format with an ico extension (as instructed by Windows XP help). When I select this file as the custom icon the white background shows as black. If I set the background to transparent (I use PaintShop Pro) I get the same result. How can I get the background to be transparent so the Windows desktop background shows through?



A:Custom Icons

Is this what you are looking for? >>> Icons - Transparent

Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Advanced/Performance/Settings/ Visual Effects/"Use drop shadows for icon labels on the Desktop". If this still doesn't do the trick, right-click the desktop, point to Arrange Icons By and make sure that Lock Web Items on Desktop is un-checked.

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I like to place folders on my desktop, instead of individual icons. Since I have a lot of apps I frequent, I prefer to group them into folders based on category. To be brought up in Windows Explorer.
Problem is ... the icons for every folder looks exactly the same ... like this:

Is there any way I can take any image file that has small enough in terms of pixel dimensions (possibly even create one of my own), and map it to a folder or any other app or file I might want to map it to? That way, I would have a unique icon for ...
"Games" shortcuts
"Emulator" shortcuts,
"Word Documents" shortcuts,
And so forth?

A:Can I have custom icons?

Right-click the folder that you want to change, and then click Properties.
In the Properties dialog box, click the Customize tab.
Under Folder icons, click Change Icon, and then do one of the following: Click an icon from the default list, click OK, and then click OK again.

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does anyone know how i can make a folder in my usb appear with one of my custom icons??

it seems to always display the default icon and never my one, so when plaugged into another computer i want my custom one to appear

any software or anything to help me do this

A:custom icons on usb

You mean an icon for the usb drive itself?

yes you can, first you need the icon you want, use this wesite to make a favicon from any picture, use this favicon in the next steps. http://www.html-kit.com/favicon/

there should be a autorun.inf file on the root of your flash drive, right click on it and select "open with" then select notepad. Once the file is open edit it, add the entry


xxxx is the name of your favicon file you made earlier, save changes to the inf file when you close it.

Copy your favicon file to the root of your flash drive, you are done, it will now display that icon when you plug it into any windows pc.

If there is no autorun.inf file you can create one, make a new text file and name it autorun, open the text file and add this text at the top [Autorun] then add the text Icon=xxxx.ico below the autorun text. save changes when you close it, then change the txt file extension to inf
Custom icons for a folder are stored on each PC, and may not be available when plugged into different PC's

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how can I change folder icons in Windows 8? a system wide change? I had Activicons, before, and I think that worked in Windows 7 but not in Windows 8.

Should this program work in Windows 8 and, if not, is there any other program that would work?

Thank you.

A:custom icons

Even though it has Seven in its name, it works in eight.

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Here's my problem:

I chose a couple of nice icons for 2 of my desktop folders (movies and homework), but whenever I put something into the folder, the icon resets back to the default empty folder. When I go to properties it still shows the custom icon as the one selected, but I have to reapply it every time. Anyone know why this is happening or how I can get the icons to lock?


(Ps. Using Windows 7 Home)

A:Custom Icons Keep Resetting

Hello Crosby, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If these folders are not shortcuts, then try this:Move the folders to a different location in one of your other user folders.
Right click on the folder, and click on Send To and Desktop (create shortcut).
Now change the icon of the shortcut on the desktop.
Changing the icon of a shortcut of the folder usually works better than trying to change the icon of the folder itself.

Hope this helps,

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Ive downloaded an icon pack to change the folder icons in c:\users\swarfega but I cant seem to change Contacts and Desktop since the Customise tab is missing. Is there a way to change those two?

Also are there any dynamic icons that change according to the folder's contents like what the current yellow folder icons do?

A:Custom folder icons

You have to edit the registry to get the customize tab back:

(OPTION TWO) User Folders - Change Default Icon

For the contacts folder it is key:


In that key you should see a NoCustomize Dword with a value of 1, change to a 0 and you can now get the customize tab.

The Desktop folder properties are here:


Edit the registry at your own risk

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