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Ams Tech Rodeo 1000 Series No Start Up

Q: Ams Tech Rodeo 1000 Series No Start Up


Preferred Solution: Ams Tech Rodeo 1000 Series No Start Up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Ams Tech Rodeo 1000 Series No Start Up

Hi CADMAN66 - welcome!

What Operating System are you running? Do you have a Startup disk that you could put in the floppy and try to boot from?

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Recently, I mistakenly erased some drivers from my Averatec Series 1000N, 10.5 inch computer. Now, can not accessed my computer.
Can anyone please help me. I have struggled with this for manyhours.
The Averatec computer originally came with Windows XP. But, I upgraded to Vista. In doing so, I could not get on the internet.
Then, started trouble shooting and really screwed things up.
I can get several Windows such as BIOS and Safe Start, etc. But, just cant boot up.
This computer does not have a CD Drive, so can't install a disk.
I tried programing a Thumb drive with Rufus to try to recover, but that  failed.
Is my computer done for?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Recently, I mistakenly erased some drivers from my Averatec Series 1000N, 10.5 inch computer. Now, can not accessed my computer.

A:How to start up Averatec series 1000 after deleting driver.

Just a couple of questions.

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I have a Pavilion G6 2000 series, I bought this laptop 2nd hand it has a generic cd/dvd bezel that does not stay on. I have found a G6 1000 bezels but I need to know if it will fit before I purchase a replacement that may or may not fit. Help????

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Okay, so my gf has an AcerPower 1000 she got last christmas from her dad. In the past week, the system has been crashing. Here's the complicated part.

No BSOD, no overheating, just a simple hard shut-off. I can run the system in safe mode no problem, but after logging in the normal way, it shuts down.
I thought it was a windows problem, so I tried popping in a linux live CD.
PCLinux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, they all crash after they reach the logon screen.
At this point, I can't tell if it's a hardware or software problem. I've googled everywhere but no luck.

Please help guys.

A:AcerPower 1000 Tech Problems:

To diagnose the problem, try this
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

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I'm trying to check the ink levels for my printer. For HP Deskjet 1000 J100 series. I've installed and set up the printer but don't know where the control panel or HP toolbox is. I opened the HP Deskjet icon, but the only thing that opens is a window asking if I want to install a new printer. I opened the HP Smart app, and the printer says that it's Ready, but when I click on printer settings, then print quality tools, it says "This feature is not available for your selected printer through HP smart app. To check control panel."

I've been going around in circles trying to find the control panel or toolbox. Also, I've been using the printer for a couple of years now, with no problems. So it's hooked up correctly. It's only now I decided to use the Check Printer ink function.

Maybe I need to install another driver or something. All I want to do is check printer ink levels. Please help.

Thanks, Josie

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When i turn it on it says enter current password be for the winows or whatever program it has. I just got it at yard sale last week and would love to use it

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You Guys Rock with all your Tech Knowledge!!
I tried to surf the net to learn but there is soo much stuff to rumble through!!

Do anybody know of direct links where I can get started? Like for example, the workings of a mother board, why some Video Cards have a AGP slot and why others take a PCI slot??

It took me one year to learn how to put noises on my computer!! Duh!! thanks..

A:Where do I start to be a Tech Man?

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hi there

im having a major issue with my daughter's laptop at the min!..she was using it the previous day and it was working well..but the thing is she is always on it and always has the AC Adapter charging ( i know she shudnt ) the battery life isnt that good 2-3hrs at most but because shes always using the laptop she thought it was ok..i know ur sposed to 'drain' the battery b4 re-charging...anyhow i noticed that the charger wasnt charging up the battery..so i checked the charger and found a little wire poking out ..the laptop switched off because their was no life in the battery..so.... i ordered a new AC Adapter and it still didnt charge!?!( the power button flashes when the adapter is slightly moved in the port...im thinking i need to buy a new battery?? im absolutley rubbish when it comes to computers etc im hoping theirs a bright spark out there who wud help me.....thankyou

A:my Advent Roma 1000 laptop wont start up??

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I have a Dell Inspirion E1505 I purchased in the summer of 2006. Last year, I put in a new hard drive, doubled the amount of memory, replaced the keyboard, and put in a new CD/DVD drive. It's currently running XP.

Lately, especially with the wireless, my computer has been acting funny. Slow, very slow to open up new tabs in Internet Explorer. The other day it was SO slow I decided to restart it and see if that helped. It started up fine, but when I tried pressing "Start" to open back up Internet Explorer it was frozen. At this point I decided to reboot and run a diagnostic. This is what I got:

DST Short Status Test
Test results: Fail
Error code 1000-0146
Message: Unit0: IDE status failed
Status byte=64 Control code=1
Message=no additional sense information

Test results: Fail
Error code: 1000-0141
Message: no drive detected
I haven't done anything since I got that result (as in, my computer is still on and on this diagnostics page)

What should I do?

A:DST Short Status Test, 1000-0146, 1000-0141

Test results: Fail
Error code: 1000-0141
Message: no drive detectedClick to expand...

Looks like the hard drive has failed again, you could however remove and reinsert the drive to see if that gets the drive detected again, most likely a failed hard drive.



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I am helping my friend try to fix his computer ( it's a Dell latitude 600 with windows XP) and ran the diagnostic on the start up and got the start dst short test error code 1000 0146. It let's me load windows but some programs are slow and wont let me browse the Internet at all. I installed webroot virus scanner and it detected a win 32 virus and got ride of it but still having the same problem with the same error coming up. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Need Help. Start dst short test error code 1000 0146

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This is a builtin device to motherboard, Intel server S875WP1-e

I tried different cables, and moved switch next to PC. I also tried Ubuntu.
The cables do work at gigabit speeds.

So does anyone know why?
It is enabled in the bios. And latest bios p18 is installed.

I tried installing the intel win32 drivers for ethernet, and it errors saying there are no intel adaptors are present, yet they are. This board has 2 builtin Intel ethernet controllers..

A:intel pro/1000 ct gigabit ethernet never can connect at 1000 only 100

What is the make/model of the switch? Is the switch gigabit capable?

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Suddenly my dell latitude d620 stopped working. Message when I boot the laptop is "Start DST Short Test - no hard drive detected - error 1000-0141".

I removed the hard drive (hitachigst travelstar) and placed another one from another laptop. The laptop worked well. I placed the 1st hard drive in the 2nd laptop. I got the same error as above.

So is something wrong with the hard drive???

When I shake it gently, I can hear a small part moving inside. This doesnt happen in the 2nd hard drive. So is something broken too?

A:Start DST Short Test - no hard drive detected - error 1000-0141

"...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth" (Sherlock Holmes)

Seems to be the case. But don't worry too much, hard disks are inexpensive and easily replaced.

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Hi guys (thanks for reading this post!)

my husband bought a laptop for xmas about 2 years, maybe 3 ago, from Currys so I doubt it's still under waranty.

Anyways, here's the problem

We were using it normall and then the next day we tried to start the laptop:
pushed the power, starts with that normal booting writing, then it goes like it's about to load Vista, but this mouse pointer a bit larger then normal appears and the screen goes to Tech (now I read that this is like a repair thing that was pre installed cause the laptop was bought from Currys and I imagine the have a deal with this company to fix any problems)

I don't mind installing a new OS like Windows7 but I'd like to be able to save the 'pictures and documents' in the laptop if at all possible. I'm not that good with pc so dont go all technical on me... (I use a mac myself, never had problems...)
anyways it come with this screen and gives you a few options, and tried all of them, says the pc had come errors or something and to try to reinstall but the Vista came alrady installed on the laptop....

Let me know if you know how to remove this techguys or how to save the info on the laptop so I can just clean wipe and reinstall...

I you want, I can try taking pics and posting them... and i will get the specs in a sec...
IT's an Advent 9115, intel pen duo core, with vista home premium


A:Help: ADVENT wont start vista - Tech Guys popup!

You could make a bootable Linux Live CD or USB flash drive if you want to recover the files. Puppy Linux is probably your best bet, it sells itself (in so much as a free product can be said to sell itself) based on its small size and ability to do just this kind of work on Windows.

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I just got a used ThinkCentre i7 M series  and it will not start up at all? I put new ram in it and a new hard drive and when I hit the start button the fans come on for about 2 seconds and then it shuts off.  I hope that someone can help me with this problem. Thanks

A:ThinkCentre i7 M series will not start up at all?

HI. Hello this usually happens when the processor is dead and you must replace it. Regards.

Click on the star to say thanks.Please mark if it solves your problem.No work for LENOVO I volunteer.

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Recently I had gotten some used laptops from a relative and it seems they are broken from previous use, but I decided maybe I can fix or make use of them.
But anyway, this small laptop apparently has Windows 7 Starter on it, and whenever I press the power button, it will not boot up. I have to hold it for it to "stay on" but nothing happens with the screen will not show any picture, it's completely black with only the fans soundings as if it is on. What might be the source of the problem? I also neglected to mention that it is connected to the powercord and battery is when it can only sorta "startup".

A:ASUS Eee PC SEashell series won't start up at all?

hi justabluejay,

I would suggest that the laptop is on its way out and you are experiencing mobo problems a dead battery and that the monitor has gone. In which case the cost of repair and time spent on such a piece of equipment would not be benefical to you or your Asus.

time to let this one go.

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I have recently been painting my room and for the past... week or so my Emachines has been turned off. I have never had any problems with it before and when I went to trun it on today the two lights on the front just flickered on and off really rapidly and the fan started and it made a "clicking" sound. I have tried a lot of things and I cannot get this thing to even boot up.


A:T Series Emachine wont start

There are 27 models of eMachines built since 2004 that suffer motherboard failure, due to defective manufacturing processes in Korea and Singapore. The failed motherboard causes the power supply to short out... ruining both. The replacement is $159.95 for the motherboard and $65 for the power supply, and both are out of stock at eMachines.
Which model do you have, and how long have you had it.
The memory, modem, hard drive, cpu, cpu fan, and optical drives remain good... if you can find another motherboard that can use the memory and cpu.

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Hi my desktop will not kick in when I press the start button the 3 fans start and the green light at the back stays on but the on off button dose not light up and nothing happens after that
any thoughts please is it my power supply

A:Hp pavilion series 6 pc wont start up

Might be the RAM or power supply. You might need to diagnose it if you know how to.

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Hi, Wasn't sure where to post this but hopefully somebody will pick this up. I bought an Aspire F series (The unit seems to state that it is both an F15 and an F5) just over a year ago - brand new. Its been working like a dream up to now, I've even only ever used it sparingly.  Went to boot it up tonight after using it last week and it won't boot. I've checked the power supply (there is no LED light on it anyway so its tough to tell if its working in the best of cases). I've also changed the fuse on the power supply - but still no joy. I've tried the trick with the paper-clip into the battery pin-hole at the back of the unit, that doesn't seem to have worked. At the moment I am left with a laptop which won't power up after only 13 months from buying it brand new! Can anybody help with this please? Any suggestions/help to get the unit working again would be most appreciated!! Thanks in advance. T.

A:Aspire F series will not start (Only 13 months old...

Try this too Try to remove the battery from the bottom Plug-in the AC adapter ans switch it on Or test your adapter with a screw testerPls make sure when testing, you don't touch the metallic screw You can use the tester to test your fuse as well but only with a caution Expectation:The testing of your AC adapter is to make sure that you have no breakage anywhere in the cable Your laptop should show a sign of LED light blinking  on  

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Until today my computer has run perfectly. Then I took my harddrive out to tale a look at it. When I put it back in, and re-started I got a series of beeps and it wouldnt boot-up.
The computer has NEVER been on-line. It seems like I hooked something up backwards or something. Not sure?? Any help would be appreciated.

A:Unable to start-up/Series of beeps?

BIOS beeps are indicative of hardware failure. Read your mobo book to find out what they mean.

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My Fujitsu Lifebook A Series has Windows 7 on it and it just recently locked up and upon reboot took me to the login in screen minus the login box and the cursor. I was able to get it to safe mode once and got in and checked on for viruses etc with none to be found, and rebooted again later with the same issue. Now F8 is no longer taking me to the startup options. Any ideas how to fix?

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i can load the nascar 2003 series game with no problems, then when you put the disk in the drive and close it, yiu get the spinning disk on the desk top for about one minute then it stops and i get a message saying could not authenticate original disk in time.i have heard that the samsug dvd rom sd 616e drive that i have may have a conflict with the security file on the disk. i have tried to download new firmware but do not know how to install it can someone help me?

A:nascar 2003 series wont start

What type of file is the firmware. If it's an exe you should be able to open it and follow instructions.

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Hi and thanks for reading.

I have a Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch. The other day, for reasons unknown, it would start up into the auto repair process. It would "diagnose PC" then "repairing", warning that might take a long time. Well after 24 hours I figured this was a dead end.

I have been through a crazy number of troubleshooting steps
--couldn't get into any F8 or Shift=F8 action
--Samsung's Restore mode crashed (F4)
--Made a recovery USB and figured out the magical BIOS steps that would actually allow me to use it after much trial and error)

The recovery process has yielded no joy.
--System Restore crashed
--Automatic Repair was never ending
--System Refresh said the drive was locked

So I started using DOS commands. Chkdsk seems to be taking forever to accomplish very little. Please see the screenshot:

Should I let it continue with chkdsk /f /r /x?

A:Can't start Windows 8 on Samsung Series 5 Ultra

How old is the machine? Do you still have OEM support on it? Call them. Also, possibly arrange an RMA on the machine if you have time left.

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I am a Laptop Technician in Canada, and well to e honest I am really tired of junking so many motherboards because something has gone wrong on them. So I have decided to learn how to track down what on the board is blown, and replace it.

Can anyone you point me to where I can get board schematics and tech manuals for various laptops? And possible some sites with nicely documented details on the process of tracing down the short or whatnot?

Thank you,

A:Laptop Tech needing Tech Manuals

You should be able to get the manuals online at the manufacturers site.

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Typical Dell issue. I just got my new Dell 15 5000 series laptop. Spent 1 hour setting it up. Took a break closed the lid and now its dead. I have a power light on the front but screen wont come back. Have held the power button down for 10 seconds then retried it but nothing. It is plugged in just no screen or activity.

A:Brand new Dell 15 5000 series wont start up

You pressed and held the power button for 10 seconds. Did you try in this way?
Remove the battery and disconnect the power supply from the laptop and then press the power button for 30 seconds. Then connect the battery and power supply and press the power button to turn on thr laptop.
Also, can you notice any beep sound?

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I bought four Compac Pro EN Series MoBos, All with 500 MHz CPUs.
I hooked one up and installed WIN XP PRO.
Windows rebooted as always and the install was complete. I always run the Tour Windows so I can see how the graphics look and stuff on a new install.
All was fine.
I let Windows shut down the computer.
The computer will not start again.
I have power to the Mobo as I can see the aug LED light on the Mobo.
I used several on off switches and the same thing,nothing!
This has done the same thing to two of the four mobos.
I let the BIOS reset itself to default settings at POST both times.
The only problem I had at POST was two short beeps as the time and date were not set correctly. I set that in the OS after the OS install.
Does anyone have any idea as to what I did wrong?
Did I destroy the Mobos? puke:
I cleared CMOS and reset the jumper, but I probably just erased the time again doing that, but it did no good eather.
I am truely stumped. Tried another power supply and memory to no avail.

A:After first OS install computer will not start. Compaq Pro EN series MOBO

Dead battery comes to mind (the little silver round one).
If the mobos are all the same, set the switches identical to one that works.

You may be able to save the BIOS from a working mobo and flash that onto a non-working board (but save that BIOS first as well, if you can).

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Hello everybody,

I have two profiles in my laptop. One usual and one professional. In my professional (which is the one I used the most) every time I log in and I try to access program clicking on the start button (or press the key with the windows symbol) I get a CRITICAL ERROR message and tells me it will be repaired the next time I log in. Which hasn't happened. Also my usual PDF has changed and i can't read any f my documents!
Can somebody please help?
Thank you

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Current Problem: System fails boot in Windows 7 following series of scans and tools ran.
Problems began after running Combofix
Prior to my running of Combofix the system was very slow, always high memory and cpu use (much due to only 2 gig memory and number of programs running).  I also had occasions where when writing email the characters would disappear after being typed in and continue to delete text.  Also the system was set up with the c: drive ssd as the operating system only, and additional partitions/drive as program and data drives.  Over the last several months those additional program and data drives would power down and sleep during use and have to wake up quite often. I thought was unusual behavior.
History of bleeping computer support from Trojans,Viruses.  (see postings) Have been referred to this area for help
Ran ComboFix then sought help from Bleeping
I ran combo fix before doing my research -  following which I could not open explorer, kaspersky, control panel etc.  I am using Chrome browser on Windows 7.  When the combofix ran it did indicate that it set a restore point.
At this point the computer currently was still booting fully fine into win 7 not just by using safe mode.  It connects to the internet, many programs run but cannot open some dialog windows such as explorer, control panel, kaspersky to name a few.
Booted using Last Known Good Configeration
 ... Read more

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Sorry I searched for this topic but came up empty handed ..... I've been looking at the AntiGravity brand Micro-start XP-1 or XP-10 external battery as a way to power my T440s laptop while on an extended motorcycle trip.  The unit puts out 19 VDC.  The charger for my T440s says 20V ... I'm wondering if 19V is "close enough"? The Micro-start comes with a number of different co-axial adapters for laptop use, but does not have the rectangular plug that the T-series uses, I'm sure I could source one of those adapters if that was the only thing standing in my way... Any thoughts on this topic would be sincerly appreciated!Thanks,Jim  

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Hi my friends, it is me again, Ran. wish you all more blessings to come and good health
by the way, i have another problem of my laptop, sony vaio VGN-NS240E.
Windows Both Manager
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer. (I don’t have the disc in my current country)
2. Click “repair your computer.” (I did but it was just going back to windows error recovery page )
Info: windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt.

what should we do my friends? kindly help me. thank you, Ran.

A:NS Series Notebook Sony vaio -windows failed to start :(

You didn't say which Windows version it's running, and that's often important in order to recommend the most appropriate fix for a problem.
If you'd posted in the appropriate Windows forum that would have been better for the people trying to help you.

For Windows XP go here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307545

For Windows Vista or Windows 7, boot your PC from the System Repair Disc which you should have made when your PC was working okay, then choose one of the repair options on the screen.

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Good Morning all:
I have a brand new Dell 5378..I have only plugged it in, done the registration and done the 2 downloads waiting. Then I get the APPLICATION ERROR: EXPLORER.EXE.  tHE EXCEPTION UNKNOWN SOFTWARE AT THE LOCATION 0X00007ff92467e5ec.  I've been my own tech for 25 years in my own business but i am afraid to keep this computer! Should I return it or do i need to do something to fix it on my own.  I can't believe it! Thanks for any help.  I have not put any software on it since i got it yesterday.  Is it explorer?  Should I use Chrome will that eliminate the situation?  HELP! thank you

A:Should i return it before i start using it? Error Dell Inspiron 13 5000 series 5378

This may not be your situation but I got a new Inspiron 17 and it Blue Screened three times in the first hour.  The dump file pointed to the Product Registration software from Dell.
I would give it some time to see if it settles down...  Mine has had no further problems since that initial situation.

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I updated my laptop, and it would not start up correctly afterwords. I reset the laptop back to before the update, and it ran fine again, until it automatically updated, after which, it would not run properlyDoes anyone know how to fix this issue?

A:My Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series, running windows 8 will not start up after updating.

Thank you for writing to us !
Which update was run on the system ?
Does it come up with any error messages ?
Kindly try the following steps :
a.Boot using Windows 8 Installation disk and perform startup repair.
b. Insert the disk into DVD drive and restart the computer.
c. Press F12 key (typically this is F12, but it can differ between computer manufacturers) and choose the drive that you inserted the installation media into.
d. Once the Windows Setup window appears click Next.
e. Click on Repair your computer.
f. Click on Troubleshoot and then select Advanced Options.
g. Click on Automatic repair.
h. Follow the on-screen instructions and finish the repair.


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Yesterday my dell computer would not come on. When I hit the power button the keyboard would light up but the screen would not start. The computer was completely charged and the power cord works with no problems. It does not have a battery pack so I let the battery completely drain overnight. When I tried to turn the computer on again after 3 attempts of holding down the power button it finally rebooted. While my computer is working now I am concerned that this may happen again and that next time my computer will not start at all. Any suggestions or recommendations as to what could have caused this problem and how to prevent it from happening again. I completely love my touchscreen dell and would hate for it not to work!

A:Laptop (dell inspiron 15-7000 series-7537) wont start

It could have simply been a program or utility hanging the system.  Holding down the power button for a couple minutes should have fully shut down the system allowing you to boot, but baring that, you either have to remove the battery or wait until it is fully discharged.
I do suggest running diagnostics just to make sure that this isn't and indicator of possible hardware failure.
Please check here for more information on how to run diagnostics.  Please let me know what you find out.  

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is anyone else having a problem getting on to these sites??? error says:

Server Error in '/' Application.
SQL Server does not exist or access denied.
Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

Source Error:

An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

Stack Trace:

[SqlException: SQL Server does not exist or access denied.]
System.Data.SqlClient.ConnectionPool.GetConnection(Boolean& isInTransaction) +474
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnectionPoolManager.GetPooledConnection(SqlConnectionString options, Boolean& isInTransaction) +372
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.Open() +384
CommunityServer.Data.SqlCommonDataProvider.LoadSiteSettings(String application) +168

[CSException: Unable to open connection to data provider.]
CommunityServer.Components.SiteUrls.Instance() +542
CommunityServer.Components.SiteUrls.RewriteUrl(String path, String queryString, String& newPath) +55
CommunityServer.CSHttpModule.ReWriteUrl(HttpContext context) +68
CommunityServer.CSHttpModule.Application_BeginRequest(Object source, EventArgs e) +91
System.Web.SyncEventExecut... Read more

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I have an HP Pavillion with a nvidia 10/100/1000 connected to a 10/100/1000 router and it is only running 100. Another computer is running 1000 on the same router.
How do I get this running at 1000.

A:10/100/1000 not running 1000

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Vega3,8,10 natively support HDMI 2.0b with HDR. But Lenovo write in psref for Ryzen series support only for HDMI 1.4b? Why? And how is this possible? After all, in order to get HDMI 1.4b from 2.0b, you need to unsolder a special chip converter from 2.0b hardware protocol in 1.4b(downgrade!). Which is absurd in essence. Moreover, customer reviews already confirm that versions with Ryzen give out [email protected] by HDMI, which on series with Intel UHD620 is not physically possible without soldering the LSPCON chip (by Intel datasheet for UHD620/630), but only in HDMI 2.0a (not log gamma data for HDR, as supported in 2.0b), which Lenovo does not soldered for the saving. But for what Lenovo writes lies in psref about HDMI 1.4b in versions with Ryzen , it is not clear to me, thus confusing buyers that thinking, then they will not be able to output movies in 4k with HDR and will not be able to connect 4k monitors @60Hz. Although all this will 100% work on Ryzen on HDMI, but 100% will not work on versions with Intel! It turns out that versions with Intel are flawed compared to versions of Ryzen. All Lenovo laptop options that do not officially have HDMI 2.0b and do not have DP1.2 support through, if this don't have a separate port for DP1.2(1.4 for HDR) or DP Alt Mode output via usb-c (DP1.2 and DP1.4 for Titan Ridge with TB3.0 support)...

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After seeing the A/E485 keyboard issues, the reddit Thinkpad community investigated the remaining Thinkpad keyboards. We discovered that these other, non-A/E485 Thinkpad keyboards also have significant coalescing problems which scramble keys. A test program to quantify the issue reveals that keys closer than 23ms are scrambled. Many people collaborated over many machines to provide data. To easily see the problem, press "asdf" simultaneously, and note that "fdsa" will appear. It's much easier to type fdsa really fast than to type asdf fast, on a Thinkpad keyboard. We hope that this can be fixed because the E-series does not experience this issue. The trackpoint also has poor sampling behavior, with a 7ms internal sampling rate and a 16ms external sampling rate. This causes timepoints to be staggered in an uneven 10-17-17 manner. All T-series, X-series keyboards are affected, both Windows and Linux. That includes the 7-row keyboards.E-series is not affected.Nobody has yet submitted data for E/A485 either pre-patch or post-patch. We are interested in testers.External USB keyboards and mice not affected.Laptops from other manufacturers (Dell) not affected. Technical summary of the issue:https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/9j70v6/thinkpad_keyboard_firmware_worse_than_anyone/ Affected:T460s on windows and T480s on ubuntuT470T530T530 (2)X1Carbon Gen6Retro T25X220X250, X61, X220 Not affected:Dell PrecisionDell OEM USB keyboardLogitech keyboardE470E450... Read more

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I have a set of HP Z210 Workstations with E3-1245-V2 Xeon Cpu's, SSD boot drives and varying sizes of memory from 8-16GB 1600Mghz DDR3 ECC. We use Windows 8 Enterprise for these machines, with Hyper-V enabled.
We get regular driver failures from the 2 sets of USB controllers on the machines (Mainly and issue for the KB & Mouse) that can only be resolved with a full power down (not restart) and a power up. This happens at least once every 1-3 days per machine.
I had gone through the HP support, but they have advised this isn't an issue on their side, and I had agreed all along. I was just hoping to get some traction by notifying them. Anyway, after a lengthy trouble shooting session, we found that once Hyper-V
was enabled, the fault arose.
As it was an Intel chip, they I asked them. They advised that on Windows 8, the drivers are supplied via windows update and that it was not their issue.
So, how can I get this resolved? Not through HP or Intel, surely through MS? Maybe not. Disabling Hyper-V is not desired as I the teams with these PC's are developers and require local visualization. Also, we have templates ready for Hyper-V, I don't really
want to remove Hyper-V and use Virtual box or VMWare workstation. but I am at wits end with the fault and lack of help from the vendors.
Please help.

A:Hyper-V causes Intel(R) Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller driver to fail

I have found a work around for this fault with the USB failure - ENSURE YOU POWER  THE MACHINE OFF - DO NOT RESTART.
Its almost like the restart doesn't initialise the device correct, thus causing a failure. 

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2 years ago I decided against grabbing a Thinkpad and instead went for an Asus ultrabook for the sake of a better screen. I now deeply regret this decision and desire a more durable machine.Onto the main topic, is the added cost of the T series worth it, I'd love the larger battery but other than that I can't see anything else on a surface level to differentiate the machines.For reference I'm looking at the T480 and E480.Thanks to all replies in advance.

A:Is the T series worth the added cost over say, the E series of Thinkpads?

@Raven21 wrote:2 years ago I decided against grabbing a Thinkpad and instead went for an Asus ultrabook for the sake of a better screen. I now deeply regret this decision and desire a more durable machine. new projects in mumbaiOnto the main topic, is the added cost of the T series worth it, I'd love the larger battery but other than that I can't see anything else on a surface level to differentiate the machines. property in mumbaiFor reference I'm looking at the T480 and E480.Thanks to all replies in advance. flats in dadarAny Updates???

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I know it's been posted a s#!+load of times, but I figured I'd go ahead and get something straightforward- all the other posts have been in jungle English, and haven't included the proviso I'm looking for.

Anyways, my situation is that I bought my X1900GT from Newegg around Christmastime, as a present to my ainsel (ownself, for those not familiar). I've been getting kind of disappointed in it recently: It underperforms and often crashes on STALKER:Shadow of Chernobyl and some more modern games akin to it. It also runs hot as Hades.

I'm in the market for a new card. I'd like to go DX10, but the late-production DX9's (7900 series) seem to outperform a lot of the more affordable DX10 offerings (8600 series), especially at higher resolutions, due to the 128-to-256 bit difference. I could splurge and go for an 8800, I suppose, but it would be a hit to the wallet and I'd have to postpone :cough: "Aruban Getaway 2008".

So: I don't want to pass up on the new line of DX10-only Games for Windows (Age of Conan, Crysis, etc.) that have been hyped to all hell just because I stuck with price and performance instead of currency and novelty. I need some help deciding. Then again, I could always wait until DX10 becomes the vogue and buy a cheaper, but better card then.

A:Price v. Performance in 7-Series + 8-Series: Advice Needed

Keep what you got and see what's comming next. I have a 8600GT as a stopgap until something better comes out. There has been talk of a Nvidia 256bit card to fill the gap between the 8600's and 8800's. I can't fit a 8800 in my case, if I could I would just get the 8800GTS 320mb now. If I were you, wait for the game to upgrade instead of upgrading and waiting for the game. Your X1900GT is no slouch either.

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With the new year, we start a fresh discussion for members to share their order and fulfillment experiences.
We are retiring the 2014 thread    Anyone having an active discussion there can find it here.
The 2012-2013 tread  can be found here . 
Here are some common points of frequent discussion:

How to get a system fast: Buy an in-stock standard configuration from Lenovo or a Lenovo Partner in your area. Customized systems take longer.
Avoid Credit Holds - ensure that BOTH your bill to and ship to addresses are listed with your CC bank before ordering
Lenovo will not bill your card until order ships - an authorization charge hold to check for available balance may show up when order is first placed.
Estimated ship dates are based on default lead time and can vary from what was displayed on website.
In the US and Canada, Lenovo utilizes UPS for new product shipments
Orders may ship before the Estimated Ship Date
Orders may enter through Alaska and pass through Louisville, KY before traveling on to final address
Cancellation requests may take up to 2 days to process
Requests to change configuration or other aspects of the order may require the order to be rebooked.
Lenovo does not accept payment via international credit cards, except AMEX.

We hope you enjoy your new ThinkPad system when it arrives!

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K so im actually working on a Toshiba laptop right now that belongs to my friends. Anyways, Her computer is totally messed up, hasnt had a anitvirus on it for a few months n she does alot of downloading.Her computer bluescreens and i find a way to clean it up just to get back in. i used avast and had it scan the whole computer, it found like 3 trojan n another firus with a funky name damn i forget well anyways it runs now but is still pretty slow and it plays a commercial even when windows explorer isnt running. so im thinking a virus is still attached to other files somehow!!!


A:from tech to tech suggestion

Also before i forget its windows vista service pack 2 32 bit

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Hi guys, my 6 years old Asus is starting to show signs of age, and I was thinking about replacing it with a Thinkpad. Being a poor man, the T or X series is out of question for me (sadly). So I was thinking about getting either the E460 (if it's one day available in France ...) or the L450 laptop. Given everythin I read here, I'm still not clear about the differences between the E series and the L series , they have almost the same price and configuration. Does someone know what are the main differences between the two series ? Should I take the E460 or the L450 ? 

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I want to invest in a SDD to replace my dying westgate harddrive. I've set my mind on Corsair but I want to know the difference between the eXtreme series and the Performance series (http://www.corsair.com/products/ssd_home.aspx). According to the website, X SDDs reads a little bit faster, but the P series writes a little bit faster. The only other thing is that the P series is around £100 cheaper!

So is the X series worth the extra £100?


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hey there

I have a question, what is a better video card to get?
6800 series or the x800 series?

the graphics card that i have in right now just isnt cutting it for me, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 I mainly play HL2, CSS and Doom3. I was woundering what card is gonna give me better fps for those games. i have the specs of my comp here (vv) and i wanted to kno what card(s) would run great with the things that i have.

the specs of my comp are:
Video card:NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700
mobo:GA-8IPE1000 (2.0)
processor4 3.0 Ghz (OC'd to 3.4 Ghz at the moment)
PSU: 420 thermaltake ATX 12V
Cooling: prestock (gonna change very soon)
RAM: Genaric PC 3200 mismatched
HD: Maxtor Dimond MAX+9 160GIG

What do u suggest i should get?

A:X800 Series Or 6800 Series

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