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Won't Clone.

Q: Won't Clone.

Hey, I'm trying to upgrade from a 750Gb hard drive to a 500Gb Hybrid drive, and I'm running into a few difficulties. I'm using the free version of Macrium Reflect, every walk through I've read says to select the partition with the windows symbol, however I have two? Is this normal? I've been trying to clone both just in case. Shown below.

Secondly, the first partition clones just fine, but my C: drive won't and I keep getting the below message.

Any help would be muchly appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Won't Clone.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have tried everything to move or copy one drive to another, old drive is 4.3 gig and new drive is 20 gig, operating system is NT 4 SERVICE PACK 6 Small Business Server, I have used Ghost to clone the drive and it completes successfully but will not boot, drive says its active if I use fdisk to look at partition. I also tried Disk Copy to clone or copy drive...it does exactly the same as Ghost. I need more hard drive space with the same operating system , that is why I want to use the 20 gig drive. CMOS recognizes the right drive size as far as I can tell system just will not boot with 20 gig after cloning or copying . Is there anyone who can help....please!!! Tried a 40 gig drive and it also does the same. I need some help wih this,,,,the other thing that seems strange to me is that the pc will only recognize one drive , the master in a two drive configuration. The system never sees the second drive no matter what the jumper settings I use. I have tried setting partitions active and they already were.I have tried cable select and numerous other jumper settings. This isn't my first time around the block, I just have a poor or weak understanding of the older operating system NT 4. CAN ANYONE SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS PROBLEM SOON?????

A:Ghost clone or Disk Copy clone completes but will not boot

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Hi there
I always thought that CLONE Disk really did Clone disks - however this doesn't seem to be exactly the case.

I decided to upgrade a SAMSUNG 830 120 GB SSD to a Samsung 840 250 GB SSD in a laptop recently. The cloning process went fine -- I left the partitions EXACTLY as they were on the original drive (so I had around 120 GB of unallocated space on the target drive).

When I re-booted everything worked fine except SKY GO (that's an application where I can run SKY TV - satellite TV subscription channel - on the PC with Internet streams -- great for LIVE Sport etc when on the move).

Refused to work saying Computer Device is not registered.

Re-inserted the old SSD -- guess what SKY GO worked fine -- so SOMETHING has changed --not sure what but surely the copy should have resulted in the OS'es being identical - I hadn't changed any partition sizes etc.

Not sure why changing a disk would invalidate a very useful application -- of course SKY TV couldn't explain anything -- Who or what are ever employed in those dreadful off shored call centers -- just get some woman mouthing away in poor barely understandable English the same line over and over again --very sorry -- very sorry -- don't know -- try technical support. I reply - YOU ARE (F-----g) Technical support -- didn't actually insert the F word though --. Answer comes back again Very sorry - very sorry -. Who or What are these automatons who work in those places. !!!!!!

I finally resolved the problem myself -- alt... Read more

A:Clone Disk -- Does it REALLY Clone disks - I have doubts

Hi again

Finally sorted the wretched problem out properly --- it WAS Silverlight (Grhhhhhhhh)

I restored my old system again to the new SSD
Then UNINSTALLED Silverlight --as before

But there's a folder in Program data ==> Microsoft ==>playready which apparently is ZERO bytes. (Or perhaps just contains hidden inaccessible security info).

Removing this folder as well and then re-installing Silverlight -- the SKY GO application started find after a few messages of "Updating security for display of protected content" and things like that.

So my remark on the CLONE DISK still stands however it does seem that Silverlight remembers things from specific PHYSICAL DISKS when you move an OS from one disk to another.

I wasn't going to give up here -- a Clean Windows install also fixed the problem - but I didn't want to go through all the hassle of installing and upgrading all my applications again so I was determined to get to the cause of the problem.

Anyway the new SSD is great -- and I can also keep two VM's on it which I also run quite a lot - response on these is now magnificent.

Waiting until I can afford the latest 980 GB SSD's -- then apart from for archive and large data files like Music / films etc - it's BYE BYE Spinners.


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Hope this is the right forum.

Just need a little advise. I've attempted in past to use system restore with absolutely no luck so I've come up with a brilliant idea. "Why don't I backup my system or clone it", however, I've never done so and so have no idea how to go about it or which is best. Is there a decent program out there that will allow me to back up or clone my system on either my external drive (1Tb) or a thumb drive (16 Gb). I have no idea how big of a file will be created so I have no idea if a thumb drive would be big enough. My external is actually a WD in an external case which could be installed in my computer case if need be.I need to do 2 drives. A 250 G and an 80 gig

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: To Clone Or Not To Clone. That is the question

I know some people use Acronis True Image, I believer there are other programs available too, that will do this for you.

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Hi guys ...i have a problem while cloning windows7 in Dell machines with CloneZilla which is an open source tool...well the thing is i have taken an image from E6510 Latitude laptop...and when iam trying to clone the image on the other E6510 laptop..its showing some blue screen...

Iam sucessfully cloned with Xp ..but iam facing issues with windows7..so guys kindly help me out in this regard

if u have any other solution in this regard kindly share with me with the tutorial..iam very much in need of this..kindly do the needful

A:How to Clone Windows 7 with Clone Zilla

AFAIK Clonezilla has some issues with Dell hidden partitions. Try imaging the full disk (which will include the hidden service partitions) to an external unit, then restore the image into the new disk?

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I have an HP system. I want to clone my system to another internal drive. Have a hitachi 1 tb installed now. Will install a seagate 1tb. Couple questions.
1. Since hp has some proprietary bs if I need to use the cloned drive due to my primary drive failing will windows and all work properly or will it look like I am trying to rip windows for use on another machine and not work?
2. When you clone a drive do you have to use the entire drive (1tb to 1tb) or can you partition it and only use the amount of space which is in use in the primary drive you are cloning?
3. I want to create a cloned drive so I can be up and running immediately in the event of a drive failure. Is this the best way?
Help appreciated.

A:To clone or not to clone

Please list the size of each partition on your windows disk (the physical drive you wanna clone)
in elevated command prompt:

something like this
DISKPART> lis part
Partitie ### Type Grootte Offset
------------- ---------------- ------- -------
Partitie 1 Primair 113 GB 32 KB
Partitie 0 Uitgebreid 352 GB 113 GB
Partitie 2 Logisch 352 GB 113 GB

Please post output

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Hi guys, here is what I have and want to do. I have 2 new laptops, very very close to being the the same as far as spec's but not the same model number. Both came loaded with a bunch of junk I never use. They both would get on the net but was very slow and would get bogged down. So I took one to a shop and they pereformed their magic and removed a bunch of junk and changed a bunch of settings and now that thing flies. It works great but cost me $80. It was worth it but being cheap I don't want to pay it again for the other pc.

So..........I used Acronis and have made images/cloned both hard drives when I got them and also made an image/clone after the shop preformed their magic on the one pc.

What I did is took the image after the speed up and installed it on the slow pc. All works great, both pc's work fast and I'm satisfied with both. But now (a few days later) I get the message to register windows ( I think thats the message)in the second pc. If I don't do anything about the message I don't know how long it will work.

I'm not actually screwing Microsoft because both windows are legal. What should/can I do?

A:1 HD clone on 2 pc's

I'm not actually screwing Microsoft because both windows are legal. What should/can I do?Click to expand...

Actually no, they're not. You've taken one disk which contains the license for that particular laptop, cloned it to another disk, and then put it in another laptop. Technically, that's illegal. However, since I'm assuming you do have a key for the second laptop, you should register that instead. This page will show you how to do that.

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Q: Clone

Does anybody know of a compatible Hard Drive Clone program ?

Just in case my pc decides to pack up on me ?


Hi try here, I'm sure you will find it in there.

FREE Great Programs for Windows 7

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I originally posted this on Nov 16 and the moderator assumed that I was trying to copy a DVD Movie......I am reposting this so that I can get some help with this. I am not all that smart when trying to fix the problems that come up with these programs, so if someone can be so kind to give me a step by step fix, that would be great. Thank you in advance

I need some help....please..I have the program Clone DVD 2. Recently I have been getting errors when trying to make a backup of my HOME movie:

Writing to Video Media not successful
Media write error

A write error has occuirred, probably caused by bad media.

Please replace the media and try again.

When I click on the details tab, it says: Write DVD 10 11 W2

Can anyone help me? This has happened 4 straight times to me now....

Thank You


A:Clone DVD 2

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Can someone steer in the right direction
I tried the search function but can't see to find the correct search terms
My OS is XP w/ SP3
I also have a bunch of programs installed
What I would like to do is create a bootable DVD image of this so in case of disaster and not having to go through the whole format thing / re-install programs, I would like to put in a "restore" disk

boot off dvd
it will install my OS with program already pre-installed on it
is there a web site or program that will do this ?

( sort of like those restore disks that HP / Dell / Gateway make for their boxes, but need one for this motherboard )

I know acronis clone disk does it from hard drive but looking for a harddrive to dvd type of thing


A:how to clone your OS

Acronis can also make a DVD set.
Depending on how much data on the drive,
it can take a few disks.

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I have my Vista Ultimate on a Seagate 300G SATA.
Been using it since Jan, 07, and its getting kind of clogged.
Installed a new 500G I'll use as boot primary, its in and formatted.

If I clone the entire mess over, I'll just bring the pieces over to a larger drive.

I'd like to just change the boot order and install Vista like new than move and install programs and files.

Anyone see any problem with activation or my plan?
Thanks, Pete

A:To Clone or not to clone?

Hi Pete,

Welcome to Vista Forums.

If you just want to copy what you have to the new hard drive, then a clone would be the easiest way of doing this.

Doing a clean install on the new drive will get rid of the junk that you do not want, but it is more work of course.

Either way, since it is a new hard drive that Vista is on, you may end up having to do a phone activation. This will show you how if you need to. It's easy.

Activate Vista by Phone

It's your choice, but I do not see a problem with either way.


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I have two HDD's just now.

1x WD Raptor 36GB SATA - used for OS(XP) and programs.
1x Maxtor 320 GB SATA - used for data only.

I'm upgrading to a larger HDD for my system and i wanted to know if i need to clone the data HDD as well as the system one or will the clone of the system HDD recognise the file system and files on the other (data only drive).

I was planning on connecting the new one to an available SATA port on my motherboard and using Acronis True Image 9 to clone everything from the Raptor over to the new larger capacity HDD, then i would replace the Raptor with the new one in the Raptors old port (port 1). I'd rather not have to clone the other disk as well.

Thanks in advance.

A:I want to clone my HDD

You only need to clone the one with the operating system. You can use the other just as it is.

In fact, I have programs installed to a second drive in a second Program Files folder and after cloning the OS to a larger drive, all the programs on the second drive still work (so long as drive letters stay the same--if the one for your second drive changes, you can change it back in Disk Management.).

Your plan sounds fine. I'd do the cloning from the bootable Acronis CD if possible and avoid booting into any operating system until the clone is set up as the main drive to avoid drive letter assignment problems. That is, if the CD recognizes the SATA drives.

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I am hoping someone can give me some advice.

I recently bought a new laptop and I want to take the SSD from my old laptop and put it in my new one. Normally not a problem but I have a lot on my SSD that I still want to be able to use on the old laptop so I was trying to clone it so I could still use things like Office 2010. I have tried various cloning programmes including Clonezilla but none of them worked. The latest I used was EaseUS and it seems to have cloned the drive and partitions ok. But I put the HDD I used as the destination into my old laptop and it will not boot up. Does anyone know, would this be because of drivers etc associated with the SSD?

My next thought is a clean install of windows 8.1 onto the HDD and then using the recovery image I made recently. But I am a bit worried about that, because if the SSD drivers do cause a problem it wont work and will waste my time.

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to how I would go about solving this wee problem of mine.


A:Clone from SSD to HDD

I recently bought a new laptop

I put the HDD I used as the destination into my old laptop

Your OEM manufacturer's Windows 8 install must stay with the new Notebook.

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I want to copy windows 7 and a couple of programs(windows office, google chrome, spotify, fallout 4) to my SSD. however i read that i cant just do that. i have about 1TB of total data which is on 1 hdd. i have a blank 1 TB hdd which i can temporarily use, and the 120 gb ssd.
Can i do the next steps without endangering my data:
1. Clone my 1 TB of data to my blank hdd, as backup.
2. get the old hdd which still has all my data. then remove all the data i dont want ending up on the new ssd. (so windows 7 and my important programs will only be left on the old hdd)
3. clone this hdd to the ssd.
4. use the ssd to boot the computer which should be fully functional with these few programmes.
5. get the backup hdd, plug it in, and use as mass storage.(which still has all my old documents etc.(fully accessible))

please tell me if this could work, or are there any alternatives?
If it doesnt work, would it for instance help reduce loading times when i move Fallout 4 to my ssd, and keep windows 7 on the hdd?
Thank you!!

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I need to clone my 500 GB SSD to a 1TB HDD. I want to keep my old computer on a spare HDD to replace the SSD (OS) which I will be putting into a new computer to install Win 7 from scratch. Thanks

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Hey guys I'm hoping you could help me. I built some computers for the local Verizon stores a while back and the guys have pretty much destroyed them. I would like to set up one system and clone the drive so that all four systems are identical. Each system is completely identical to the next as far as hardware goes. Can anyone suggest a high quality program to duplicate the first drive that is simple and quick? Time is very important as the systems cannot be down for to long. Thanks in advance.

A:Clone HDD to new HDD?

Free: Macrium Reflect

Paid: Acronis True Image

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Is ghost 2003 able to successfully clone winxp pro? I have tried cloning a win98 machine and created a lot of spoilt "mirrors". Any site that shows the steps to do it on a xp pro?

A:clone XP pro

check this out.

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I have two SATA HDDs on my Win 7 PC. The first is the system boot drive and the second is a clone of the first made with Paragon Partition Manager 11. The clone even has the same signature as the first which has resulted in Windows 7 marking the drive inactive and not assigning drive letters. All of this is OK, if my first drive failed, I could replace it with the clone and Windows should see it as a new first drive, mark it active and assign appropriate drive letters.

But, since any SATA HDD can be used as the boot drive, not just the first in the chain, I have been thinking about how to use the clone as the boot drive as a check. I came up with this procedure and would like to know if it would work.

1. Use diskpart to change the signature of the second drive (The clone.) back to it's original value. Win 7 should then mark the drive active and assign drive letters.

2. Use Win 7 Disk Management to remove the drive letter from the first partition (System Reserved) which normally doesn't have a letter assigned. (Maybe Win 7 won't assign a drive letter to this partition.)

3. Use the PC BIOS to set the second drive as the boot (System) drive.

4. Boot the PC to the clone drive.

Any comments or suggestion will be much appreciated, Jim

A:Using a HDD Clone

I'd guess that your current "active" partition is System Reserved?

And I assume the cloned drive also has a System Reserved partition?

I think you can use diskpart to directly mark a partition as active.

You might want to look here:

Partition - Mark as Active

I'd be interested to see how your test works out.

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Just ordered a 60GB SSD and want to use that as my boot drive and then keep my 1TB HDD for files. Below is an image of how the HDD is set up.

What I would like to know is whats the best way to clone this drive over to the new SSD?

I'm going to remove all my music before I start which will shrink the HDD to less than 60GB but then what software is best for cloning the HDD. I have read a few articles but they are quite unclear and never give a final answer.


A:Clone HDD to SDD

Quote: Originally Posted by JDY

Just ordered a 60GB SSD and want to use that as my boot drive and then keep my 1TB HDD for files. Below is an image of how the HDD is set up.

What I would like to know is whats the best way to clone this drive over to the new SSD?

I'm going to remove all my music before I start which will shrink the HDD to less than 60GB but then what software is best for cloning the HDD. I have read a few articles but they are quite unclear and never give a final answer.


I recommend you use Macrium Reflect Free Edition: Imaging with free Macrium

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My OS is on a smallish SSD and it does not have much space. I got a great deal on a much larger SSD that I'd like to move everything over to. I'm looking for free, and simple, ways to accomplish this.

I've tried EaseUS Backup with no success. I am able to create the image and then restore it. However, I am unable to boot to the new SSD. I've actually been working with their support team to get it resolved, but it's taking a very long time to get anywhere.

Since the new SSD is larger, I don't have any concerns about space or shrinking the image. I just need everything moved over. What about this tutorial, using Macrium as the cloning tool? http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/149969-ssd-install-transfer-operating-system.html

Any other suggestions? I don't need bells and whistles, just something to get my new SSD up and running.

A:Clone SSD to SSD

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to know what is the best way for me to clone 20GB Internal HDD on my laptop to my 80GB USB HDD? I'm guessing that once I've done this I should be able to swap them about without any problems.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.



Because my current SSD has been giving me way too many problems mainly with BSODing randomly, and after reading that lots of people have similar reliability problems with the same model, I want to get a new SSD soon. However, I want to save time and just be able to clone exactly what I have onto the new drive.

I've heard that cloning from a HDD to SSD will cause problems. However I am talking about SSD to SSD.

The drive I plan on buying will still use a Sandforce controller, and will be the same capacity. Specifically my current one is the Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240gb and I want to get the Kingston 3K HyperX 240gb.

The Kingston SSD I plan on getting should come with software that lets me clone, which I think is the Acronis one.

What do I need to do to successfully and seamlessly transition my entire system onto the new SSD?

A:How do I clone from an SSD to another SSD?

I can't recall reading of any particular cloning problems from SSD to SSD.

I'd also consider imaging rather than cloning. Neither is 100% reliable, so know what you will do if it fails. How much time would you be willing to devote to the trouble-shooting process if your plan doesn't go well, when you can do a clean install in a relatively short time?

I know nothing about the software included with Kingston SSDs, but there are several choices. You might consider Paragon Migrate, which is said to be highly reliable and I think is $20.

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I have an extra HDD in my old Vista machine that I'd like to make a copy of and add it to W7. It holds all my digital photographs only and with a better, faster computer as W7 I could do post processing with the photos much faster including the uploads to that drive from the camera's card via a card reader.

Is there an easy way to do this other than having to take that HDD out and give it to the local gurus to make a copy?

A:HDD clone

I'm not quite clear on what you have or what you want to do.

I assume you have 2 working PCs and want to keep the old Vista machine in working order.

Do you have an external drive that can be connected to the Vista machine?

Does this Vista hard drive with the pictures also contain Vista--or is it a data drive only?

What's the total size in gigabytes of these pictures?

How much free space in gigabytes do you have on the Windows 7 hard drive?

How reluctant are you to remove this drive? You have to weigh that reluctance against the alternatives---getting involved with imaging, using USB flash drives, buying an external hard drive if you don't already have one, etc.

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I have tried to clone a HDD to a new one and neither Ghost or Acronis will finish the job. Ghost gets to 98% and just stays there for hours. Acronis gets to 75% and says error on sector .... The HDD that I am cloning is a 1.5GB going to a 2GB WD Black. All the info on the older HDD is there and works fine but there must be some type of error that won't let me finish. I have done a check disk already too. Anyone ever experienced this? What can I do?

A:Can't clone HDD?

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Not sure if this should be under 'hardware' but I'll give it a try ;-)

I just bought a new ideapad and have set it up with all my programs etc and have cloned (using Acronis) what I think is correct but maybe it isn't.

All the partitions came as in the png with the exception of the 'M' partition which I set up for the clones.

I know what the C and D partitions are but what are all the others and what should I be cloning?

I only have one disk as far as I know but two are showing>



A:What should I clone?

I've not messed with any Ideapads. There appear to be two drives installed.

Disk 1 could be RAM or other memory/device used for booting. It's only 16GB

Disk 2 appears to be an actual HDD as it's 600GB+.

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I am cloning several computers for work with the exact same hardware. I have a working computer with a SSD and HDD. When I clone the SSD and start up the same computer with the SSD switched windows will not load and it gives me the standard missing required files to load windows error message. Any ideas? I have made sure to adjust my computer BIOS back to booting up from the SSD after the switch.

A:SSD Clone to SSD

1. Are you cloning all the partitions on the SSD or just the Windows partition? You need to clone all the partitions.
2. I would save an image of the master SSD to the HDD. Then just restore the image to each new SSD instead of cloning.

Macrium Reflect Free will do both options above.
Macrium Reflect Free

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I have acepcAk1 mini pc
It has external for a ssd harddrive
The question is
the internal is 32GB
Ssd is 488GB

If I clone the 32Gb onto 488 GB harddrive
Will the space add to 456 GB left out of 488GB?
Does ssd take up the whole 488 drive

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can somebody recommend a free software for dvd rip and clone.

txs. in advance.

A:dvd rip and clone


Nothing worth typing here...
slysoft has very good applications as well as
I think they have trial ver's

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I have tried to clone a HDD to a new one and neither Ghost or Acronis will finish the job. Ghost gets to 98% and just stays there for hours. Acronis gets to 75% and says error on sector .... The HDD that I am cloning is a 1.5GB going to a 2GB WD Black. All the info on the older HDD is there and works fine but there must be some type of error that won't let me finish. I have done a check disk already too. Anyone ever experienced this? What can I do?

A:Can't clone HDD

I used a free one called Macrium Reflect and it worked perfectly without a hitch. It's too bad that a free program can out perform ones that are supposed to be the top ones. No more acronis or ghost for me. Macrium Reflect is what I am using from now on.

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Hi, I just bought a ssd and would like to use it to replace my hdd. I deleted 1.5tb the other day so its down to 403gb ish and the ssd is 490gb. Now due to insufficient cables inside my PC I can't wire up all 3 disks at a time so I am wondering what software is best to clone my hdd disk contents onto the ssd from a live linux usb.
Thanks for any replies

A:Need to clone HDD to SSd

Macrium Reflect and Image for Windows are just two of many free and pay-for backup/restore programs available. Both can do cloning, full imaging, [and this might only exist within the pay-for version:] folder/file backup.

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I?m currently thinking about switching to an ssd instead of using an hdd for windows and a few games. Can I clone just my os and some games onto the ssd or can I only transfer all the data. I?m looking at getting a crucial mx500 500gb. Thanks

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Have an old laptop with Windows 7 on a HDD
Would like to go to Windows 10 and replace the HDD with a SSD without setting up windows 10 from ground.
Whats the best order first updating to Windows 10 and then clone or first clone and then updating to Windows 10?

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Hi all if I want to install a 500gb ssd can I clone my 120 ssd to it. Its not my c drive its the g drive I just need more room for games I will be giving the old ssd to my son to make a boot drive

A:Clone ssd

You can use Macrium to clone the drive http://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.aspx

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I recently purchased a Crucial SSD to replace my HDD. I also purchased a USB connector that attaches to the SSD and desktop. When I attempt to clone the SSD, I get a message telling me that I only have one drive. It's very frustrating and any help or tips would be appreciated. Andre,

A:Cannot clone old HDD to new SSD


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Hi can anyone tell me if it's possible to clone a harddrive, my problem being i have windows xp pro pre-installed on a 20G drive but i wish to upgrade to a bigger HD but i dont have the original disc or product key, I do on the other hand have an external drive as a go between, any ideas please ?

A:HD ClONE !!!

Just get a cloning utility from the manufacturer of your new HD,
or use any one of many others -Acronis,Ranish,Paragon,Norton.

Then follow the instruction given HERE or HERE

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I have my windows 10 and my programs installed on my Samsung ssd
1 WD blue
1 WD green
also a hitachi 500 GB
that hitachi recently becomes soo slow
when I open a folder with videos it takes a lot of time to load the videos
also hdsentinel report its performance at 30 % only but no bad sectors

ok I want to replace it with a new 2 TB black western digital I bought

I have some maybe 10 GB of data like personal videos and also pictures

how can I clone it with macrium and keep the same letter (E)

also I dont want all of these data from my old hdd maybe just 1 GB of data that I need to transfer
any tips ?
my board only has 4 sata ports

do you recommend me to use macrium or just copy what data I need to my WD GREEN DRIVE
remove the hitachi drive and plug my new hdd and then copy paste the data to it ?

A:how to clone my old hdd to my new one ?

Just a thought.. if your Hitachi drive is failing (check the SMART parameters and do a surface scan with e.g. Macrorit Diskscanner) then Macrium will not be able to create an image of it.

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When i installed Vista and loads of apps on my PC i made a back up of it using norton ghost or something and it gave me 2 files - "Drive_C.dat" and "Drive_C.xml". i have these 2 files on another partition, will i be able to format my drive and replace it with that back up. If so how do i do that?

-I have a feeling i shouldnt have gotten a .dat file.

A:How do i clone my HDD ?


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Hi, I just bought a ssd and would like to use it to replace my hdd. I deleted 1.5tb the other day so its down to 403gb ish and the ssd is 490gb. Now due to insufficient cables inside my PC I can't wire up all 3 disks at a time so I am wondering what software is best to clone my hdd disk contents onto the ssd from a live linux usb.
Thanks for any replies

A:Need to clone HDD to SSd

Macrium Reflect and Image for Windows are just two of many free and pay-for backup/restore programs available. Both can do cloning, full imaging, [and this might only exist within the pay-for version:] folder/file backup.

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I am running Win 10 on a harddrive and wish to clone it to a SSD.

Have done the clone with Macrium and it finished successfully but after swopping the drives it will not boot up but keeps trying and failing to repair the drive.

Any thoughts please , Mike

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3965 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1), 1854 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 113 GB (82 GB Free);
Motherboard: LENOVO, LENOVO
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

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I have a windows partition on it's own HDD in my Mac Pro. The HDD is a bit noisy and I have a drive ready to replace it, so I want to know the best way to go about it. From what I understand, cloning can be risky and cause errors. What is the most reliable way to do this?

A:How to reliably clone an HDD?


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I am currently on a machine with Windows XP PRO sp2, and i would like to clone my hard drive. When i say clone i mean clone everything, boot sectors, OS EVERYTHING!!!

I am not taking about creating a disk image for software and quick recovery. I have an extra hard and basically i want to clone it completely. It is a Seagate 250GB 16mb cache w SATA2 capabilities. I would like to know if making an exact 1 - 1 copy would be possible or i will have to invest in some additional hardware ?

Also i would like to know if my raid drivers would have to be installed ? because as it stands i did not install my RAID drivers with windows so i don't think their is a way windows can recognize a second disk.

A:HDD clone question...

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I have HP DV4-1199ee laptop with windows 7. I tried to connect my laptop to TV using VGA to RCA converter. I can connect the TV as a extension monitor but if I choose clone monitor, the video output in the TV is with random lines. What is the reason?

A:clone moniter

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My Dell Dimension 2400 has two hdds. The C drive is showing as system drive with only 10% free space left on it. The D drive showing up as the bootable drive with 51% free space left. Both drives are basic and running NTFS. I need to know from someone which drive to clone. I'm trying to understand this process. I have a 350GB external drive that I can use and I also have a cd with Liniux operating system on it. Have read on PCWorld about using Liniux for booting. I am not to familiar with how to do all of this. Or I should say, I don't trust myself to clone, do backups, or re-install operating system. I just don't want to lose any data if something goes wrong.
I have EASEUS Todo Backup installed and am ready to clone but which drive? Do I need to clone both drives?

A:What to Clone before Re-Install ?

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Hi all,

I would like to set up a RAID 1(mirroring) on my desktop(new to RAID arrays). I will be using 2 new WD 2TB, SATA 3 Gb/s drives. My question is, will I be able to clone my old HDD onto the RAID once it has been set up? I would like to avoid a fresh install/re-install at all cost. I will most likely use EASEUS Disk Copy to make the clone of the current 1TB hdd.

Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Clone old HDD after new Raid1

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What is Windows 7 Clone? Why is there a message "your windows is not genuine" when you update windows 7? I need some answers thanks

A:What is Windows 7 Clone?

Did you use an 'image' disk from someone else's machine to install your version of Windows 7?

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My problems began when my HDD failed to come out of sleep mode--and was no longer recognized as existing in the BIOS.
After hunting online, I discovered that the problem was a known firmware defect with my HDD and there was a solution for it.
I went through the necessary steps and fixed the firmware problem.
Here's where things went further downhill....
I thought that I had better backup the data immediately before anything else could go wrong.
I put the HDD into another same make and model computer, which has a disk cloning program installed (Acronis True Image Home 2011) and it booted up--but to the drive that had been unrecognized before, instead of the computer's own HDD.
Upon booting the message appeared that windows had not been shut down properly earlier, since it hadn't.
I left the room for a few minutes and returned to find it running checkdisk.
I let it finish running and next it claimed to need to run Startup repair, so I allowed it to do that.
Apparently, my choices were unwise and I rue the fact that I didn't just put the HDD back in it's on computer first.
The result of this is that the computer with the HDD cloning program's HDD wants to continually reboot and the HDD that recovered from the firmware problem will only boot into safe mode.
I want to clone the Safe Mode only disk, so that the data on it doesn't get destroyed, while I try to learn how to diagnose and repair whatever is wrong.
The other HDD isn't a priority, at the m... Read more

A:I want to clone my HDD but nothing I've tried works

IMO, the only sensible way to go about cloning or imaging between multiple systems is to use the bootable CD that TrueImage will make for you. That removes any confusion regarding accidentally or intentionally booting Windows, and is the most straightforward way to image or clone an unbootable or impaired Windows before attempting repairs.

Bootable recovery media can be created from TI installed on any computer, but sometimes if special drivers are required for a particular computer, the recovery media needs to have been created on that computer or another of the same type.

It will be more space efficient to make images of the drives, and store them on something like a USB hard drive. Images are compressed, so you don't have to have a drive of the same size or larger for each of the drives as you do when cloning.

If you aren't able to get another installation of the TI 2011 that you first tried to use, then it may be possible to use the free versions of TI that Seagate and Western Digital provide, if the drives you're using are either Seagate/Maxtor or WD. Each requires at least one of the brand's own drives to be installed in the computer in order to function, but will then work with any other drives. If all the drives are some other brand, this won't work.



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