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Acer Swift 3 Bizarre Shutdown Issue- Please help!

Q: Acer Swift 3 Bizarre Shutdown Issue- Please help!

Hello everyone,

I've encountered a serious issue with my Acer Swift 3 laptop and I'm really hoping someone can help. I believe it is software related but I can't yet rule out hardware either- I hope I'm posting in the right place.

The Problem:
Last night, in a tired state, I unplugged my Acer Swift 3 laptop during the shutdown sequence. I don't believe this should cause an issue but I usually don't do it as I prefer to wait until the machine is off. Anyway, the laptop was fully charged by this point. The moment I pulled the cable the system shut off (any difference from the normal completion of the shutdown sequence was almost imperceptible but nonetheless alarm bells rang).

I tried to turn my laptop back on but nothing happened. I followed up by plugging it back in and trying again. Whilst plugged in the laptop booted up fine but Windows presented a "Windows didn't shut down properly" alert and I instructed it to load into Windows proper. Once I reached Windows 10 the system behaved abnormally in two ways:

1. The battery icon in the task bar seemed...confused. It presented as empty for one moment, then full.

2. The system seemed to shut down after a few seconds (around a minute, roughly). I say "seemed" because it's plausible that it is going into some sort of low power mode- either way it goes through the normal booting process when I press the power button again (only to once again shut down a short time later).

Obviously the second issue is more concerning. Repeated attempts have yielded variations on the above result; on a couple of occasions I've received a "low battery power" warning (despite the machine being plugged in) before the shut down. Trying to turn the machine on without plugging it in yields no result- it stays completely dead. I also note that the orange light for charging does not seem to light on the side of the laptop when it is plugged in. This might be simply because the battery is charged but I always remember it lighting up orange. I should also add that, in the brief time during which Windows 10 runs, Hardware Monitor is not showing any overheating issues.

I have tried a few things to troubleshoot this myself and discovered some strange nuances to the problem:

1. Booting into BIOS whilst plugged in seems to circumvent the issue; the machine stays on indefinitely whilst in BIOS (although I have no way of knowing for sure if it is running off of the mains or draining the battery- either way it must be plugged in to work, suggesting that it uses the mains).

2. I have also managed to activate Windows 10 safe mode and this also circumvents the problem- the machine keeps working in safe mode indefinitely whilst plugged in.

Attempted Solutions:
In trying to solve this issue I have performed a System Restore to a week ago (there was a Windows 10 update tonight so I was concerned that this might have been a possible contributor to the issue). Sadly, System Restore has had no effect on the problem.

I have also tried the battery reset method I have seen posted for similar issues; I pushed the reset button on the bottom of the laptop in with a pin for 5 seconds, left it for 10 minutes then attempted to boot it. No change to the problem.

Other Possible Solutions:
Something I may try next is updating the BIOS. I believe I'm on 1.07 at the moment and I have heard of similar problems being solved with a BIOS update. The trouble is I'm not particularly adept at this and I don't want to make it worse by tinkering with the BIOS. Nor am I sure about how to update the BIOS safely without using Windows 10.

I could also perform a full reset of Windows. As System Restore didn't work I'm not sure if that would help but it could be worth a try.

Finally, I've noticed one forum post out there where someone noted laptops often alternate between the battery and the mains when plugged in and that this feature can be disabled. I figure that if the battery has a hardware problem, it may be shutting down after switching to the battery? Anyone know how to prevent this from happening in order to test?

The Plea for Help:
I'm somewhat stumped on how to proceed. It feels like some sort of communication breakdown between Windows 10 and the battery, but I'm not sure. Perhaps some sort of driver issue? Surely that would have been solved by the System Restore, though. The fact that the charging light doesn't come on when the machine is plugged in also points towards a hardware problem, right?

Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Acer Swift 3 Bizarre Shutdown Issue- Please help!

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Hello everyone,

I've encountered a serious issue with my Acer Swift 3 laptop and I'm really hoping someone can help. I believe it is software related but I can't yet rule out hardware either- I hope I'm posting in the right place.

The Problem:
Last night, in a tired state, I unplugged my Acer Swift 3 laptop during the shutdown sequence. I don't believe this should cause an issue but I usually don't do it as I prefer to wait until the machine is off. Anyway, the laptop was fully charged by this point. The moment I pulled the cable the system shut off (any difference from the normal completion of the shutdown sequence was almost imperceptible but nonetheless alarm bells rang).

I tried to turn my laptop back on but nothing happened. I followed up by plugging it back in and trying again. Whilst plugged in the laptop booted up fine but Windows presented a "Windows didn't shut down properly" alert and I instructed it to load into Windows proper. Once I reached Windows 10 the system behaved abnormally in two ways:

1. The battery icon in the task bar seemed...confused. It presented as empty for one moment, then full.

2. The system seemed to shut down after a few seconds (around a minute, roughly). I say "seemed" because it's plausible that it is going into some sort of low power mode- either way it goes through the normal booting process when I press the power button again (only to once again shut down a short time late... Read more

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Hello..I have a strangely puzzling issue with Vista Home Prem (32bit) running on a Toshiba Equim.

For some bizarre reason,when I am running it on its battery, when I shut it down, it doesnt seem to turn off, it goes into sleep mode.I cant get the thing to turn off.Its fine whilst on mains power..

This just means the battery drains everytime I use it on battery..

Why is this and wha can I do to fix it?Its puzzling and incredibly annoying..

Any help would be really really grateful



A:bizarre vista shutdown issue

Just wondering if you are using the hidden menu to shut down. (see attached) If you are, can you <ctrl> <alt> <del> to shut down?

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Hi I just bought an acer swift 3 second hand for my daughter. She likes to play roblox but it will not run properly, very slow and laggy aparantly. Not being technically minded I have no idea how to resolve this. Hope I haven?t wasted 300 pounds on this laptop. Help

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Just bought a Swift 3 from Amazon (SF314-51-52W2) and according to some people in the reviews the laptop can be charged with the Type C connector. If that is indeed the case what charger do I get for it? I assume my Note 7 charger would be slow as snot with a laptop sized battery. Do I get a pixel chagrger? Would want one with a detabable wire, the pixel charger is hard wired. 

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Hi All..

Last night in a rush to go out I shut down my computer by holding down the power button, instead of waiting for windows to close the open programs and shut down properly.

When I got back, I turned the computer on, and the boot process was severely messed up. After the animated black Windows XP screen, it goes black for a few minutes, then the blue screen that says 'windows is starting up' (or something similar) appears, but stays for another 5 or so minutes. Then, the 'Welcome' blue screen comes up but stays for even longer. When Windows finally loads, the wallpaper loads, then the desktop icons (note programs' correct icons don't show, only window default 'exe' icon), then the taskbar, but the task bar remains white and only has the start button, quick launch and clock - no other icons show.

It stays like this indefinitely, with the CPU light flashing and the computer seemingly loading. I left it on all night and it got no forther.

When in that state, anything I click on (including ctrl-alt-del) takes about 5+ minutes to do.

I tried safe mode - it took so long to load I gave up.

I tried ERD Commander - not even that would load past a blank screen with a cursor.

I tried booting from the Windows CD - the reinstall option isn't there and it doesn't spot the previous installation.

I am using Windows XP Home SP2 - Can ANYONE help? Is there a solution or do I have to format and reinstall?? Eek.

A:Solved: Bizarre slow startup after improper shutdown

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Inherited Acer Aspire 5553g from my dad, a few years old but still good specs. AMD Phenom II X4, 6gB of RAM and and ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 GPU.

Yesterday bought Planetary Annihilation. All within laptop specs. Run first time but crashes because video driver is out of date.

Download the correct patch from AMD website and run their clean-up utility.

Then run the patch (14-4-mobility-win7-win8-win8.1-64-dd-ccc-whql.exe). After apparently successful installation and restart there is no evidence that the GPU has been installed correctly and my resolution is still way off.

Check the device settings in My computer and says that a 5000 series ATI card is installed as well as a 4200 card (????). I decide to uninstall it but as soon as I'm done, windows notifies me that it is installing the driver for a 4200 card. However, the resolution still won't go above 1024x768 in the settings and steam can't detect a graphics card installed at all. Ontop of this, planetary annihalation still won't work.

Has anyone got any ideas? Could it just be something to do with what Acer have done with laptop? What's the deal with the 4200 card; as far as I'm aware I should only have a 5650 in here.

A:Bizarre goings on updating Radeon 5650 card in Acer Laptop

A few things to note here:

First and foremost, the only recommended source for laptop drivers is from the laptop manufacturer. Any other source you are trying your luck as the drivers have not been configured for your exact hardware.

Second, many laptops with a "highend" chipset, also have a low end chipset for normal everyday use which uses less power. So it's possible there are two chipsets in that model as well. As for drivers, note above.
I will also point out that in regards to gaming, that laptop specs have to exceed the recommendations to actually work well. This is because laptop hardware and desktop hardware (even the same chipset) are not equal. So if you look up the benchmarks for a desktop 5650 gpu and the laptop (ie: mobile) 5650, you will see the laptop benchmarks are slower.

Having said all of that, your current issue appears to be video driver related.

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recently, i found an older mic in my closet, and being an avid counter-strike player, i try to get it working.

so i've enabled the mic in windows, tested it in windows, works great. however, when i go to use it in cs(enabled, yes) it gives me a quiet, garbled and delayed repeat of my audio output, such as, if i have the mic on, and i shoot a gun, about half a second later, it will come out garbled and quiet from my mic.

this would be kind of normal, except i am using headphones.

i have a dell c600 latitude laptop, a generic creative mic and panasonic headphones, and i am running windows xp.

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To start off, I had Windows 7 Professional loaded and working on a HP dv6700CTO. I upgraded from Windows Vista Ultimate.

I had win7 working for about two days until one morning I opened my laptop lid and it gave me a black screen with the error "Operating System not found." I started the laptop up again and it got to the screen stating Starting Windows and just hung there. I tried to reinstall win7 from the original bootable flash drive that I used and when I get to choosing the hard drive to install/format, It can't detect my computer's hard drive. I then tried using a vista dvd to to access my hard drive but it hangs on a black screen with only the mouse pointer appearing after "Windows is loading files." Every now and then the same thing happens when using the win7 flash drive. I'm not sure if this is an issue with my hard drive or something else, I just received this hard drive as a replacement for a failed one a day prior to installing win7.

Any help would be much appreciated

A:bizarre issue

Sounds like a bad hard drive. What is the brand?

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Hi all,

Since the hard drive got replaced on my laptop about a year ago, I've only had one working USB port on my laptop. This hasn't been an issue, as I've coped by using a USB splitter. Unfortunately, my laptop has recently started to behave differently depending on what I plug into the splitter.

For example, speakers always work when plugged into the splitter, as does my Numark Mixtrack Pro II DJ controller. However, I can't get any mouses to work. My laptop also doesn't detect my phone when plugged into the splitter.

I've tried removing the splitter and plugging a mouse/ phone directly into my laptop and it still doesn't work, so the problem clearly isn't the splitter. I've tried reinstalling the USB driver things in device manager, but I'm still having the same issue.

Wtf is going on? Running Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit, if that's relevant.

A:Bizarre USB port issue

I would suspect that the USB port is unable to supply the power required by some of the devices. Are you using a powered hub ("splitter")? There may have been some damage to your computer during the hard disk change that has cause this and the failure of the other USB ports.

Welcome to the forum.

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Hi all,

Since the hard drive got replaced on my laptop about a year ago, I've only had one working USB port on my laptop. This hasn't been an issue, as I've coped by using a USB splitter. Unfortunately, my laptop has recently started to behave differently depending on what I plug into the splitter.

For example, speakers always work when plugged into the splitter, as does my Numark Mixtrack Pro II DJ controller. However, I can't get any mouses to work. My laptop also doesn't detect my phone when plugged into the splitter.

I've tried removing the splitter and plugging a mouse/ phone directly into my laptop and it still doesn't work, so the problem clearly isn't the splitter. I've tried reinstalling the USB driver things in device manager, but I'm still having the same issue.

*** is going on? Running Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit, if that's relevant.

A:Bizarre USB port issue

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

What happen to the USB ports? Were they blown out?

Please follow this guide here to perform a System File Check of Windows:

How to run SFC /scannow from Command Prompt | Tech Support Forum

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At some point, something hidden or not apparent is stealing the focus of other windows. My screensaver no longer turns on, and I usually use alt+tab to navigate. When I open alt+tab, it will only be available for a split second before it disappears as whatever this program is takes focus.

It's odd because I can type just fine, but when I open a new program it does not have focus (ie appears in the background and I have to navigate to it). And if I open a full-screen slide-show it is forced to downsize.

I have stopped services, programs, processes, started new profiles, to no avail. I haven't tried safe-mode yet, but I'd imagine it probably wouldn't do it there because I don't think this is a windows-based process stealing the focus. Below is my HijackThis log. Any suggestions?

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 7:30:32 AM, on 11/2/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16735)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG8\avgrsx.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\ZoneL... Read more

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OK. So my computer will no power on inside my house specifically. It turns on fine at best buy or even in my neighbor's house, but not at my house. Yes I am using a surge protector. Yes I tested all the outlets in the house. Yes I checked my outlets with a volt/ohm meter. Everything seems to check out and all my other devices work perfectly. Before I moved to this house the computer worked well in my old apartment for months. Also, I have already rellaced the psu and the cmos battery, and yes I have still only been able to power it on using outlets in other buildings besides my house. Any ideas? I am getting so frustrated.

A:Bizarre power issue...

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I'm not sure when it started since I don't spend much time in this menu (though I'm sure it worked before), but my Settings app currently looks like the attached picture (that Fez icon is my user icon, if you were curious). It's basically illegible. When I try to change the color scheme, nothing really happens. Most of my apps work fine (and this issue is pretty much non-existent in Desktop mode), but many of the settings are basically inaccessible to me currently. Any ideas short of a system restore or something similar?

A:Bizarre issue with settings app

Turns out this was an issue with my Nvidia drivers. The most recent ones cause this issue but when I rolled back to an older version (from June or July) the problem was gone.

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It's like the num pad decimal character no longer exists. I've tried using a different keyboard and even used the on screen keyboard; no matter what I cannot type a . using the num pad. Any ideas?

Thank in advance,

A:Bizarre Numpad issue

Hi Tim, welcome to TSF !

Make sure numlock is on.

Check the default input language : start => run => intl.cpl. Click on the language tab then on details and make sure the default input language corresponds to your keyboard layout. You can add more languages if needed.

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My network completely collapsed for no good reason after taking the client machine apart and putting it back together exactly the same way. It worked perfectly before that.

In trying to set it back up, nothing worked, and I found it easier to uninstall ALL protocols and services, (apart from TCP/IP), and network adapters from both machines, and re-installing them to give myself a clean slate to work from.

OK, with that done, the folowing protocols are installed...

Client for MS networks
QOS packet scheduler
File and printer sharing for MS networks
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
IPX/SPX/Netbios compatible transport protocol.

The last two are installed purely to support a game or two that seems to prefer networking with them but otherwise aren't there for anything.

Windows firewall was then turned OFF on both machines, and the remaining firewall on "Server" (Sygate personal pro) was set to allow all, rendering it harmless.

OK, First the network setup wizard was run on the internet machine ("Server"). It was then run on the client machine ("client")

Both machines can ping each other on the network with no problems. A portscan of client helped me find out I could telnet succesfully to port 17 (qotd) of client, which I did because I was bored. No problems there then!

The network MSHOME, on both machines, shows that both "Client" - and "Server" - are connected

"Client" has an inter... Read more

A:bizarre xp pro network issue

Change your attachment IMMEDIATELY. Never publish your ISP's IP-address!
And also don't publish your NIC's MAC-address (see my xx-xx-xx etc. below)

Using a router and fixed IPs, my ipconfig /all looks as follows:

Windows 2000 IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . .: pc's name
Primary DNS Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8139(A) PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . : (my PC's IP)
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : (my router's IP)
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . : (ditto)

All my other PCs are the same except for their own IP-address.

In your attachment I noticed incongruencies between the 2 setups:
Client has DHCP enabled, Server not
Both have IP Routing and Wins Proxy enabled, this should be DISabled.
Server has no Default Gateway.

I think I gave you this link already, but look again:
Have a look at the attachment here:

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My MS keyboard is behaving weirdly. When I press shift+2, it gives " instead of @

Likewise other keys have their symbols swapped.

Problem came up after installing windows 8 but am not too sure I should be blaming MS for it.

Is it software or hardware issue? Any ideas?

A:Bizarre keyboard issue

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I have an HP pavillion with a 740b dvd burner. Lately, it's developed an odd issue where it won't burn to DVDs.
It will burn CDs read CDs and DVDs and do the lightscribe thing, but it won't burn DVDs.

I thought the drive might be bad, so I installed another working DVD burner and it is now exhibiting the same symptoms. The 740b is master, the second drive is slave.

I deleted all the dvd burning related software, including all my video editing software. I've deleted the drive through device manager and by hand in the registry, but the problem persists.

The fact that both drives are not functioning in the same manner leads me to believe this is a software issue.

Can anyone help me? I really need this drive working.

I recently added Norton 360 v2. I don't know if that might be affecting things.

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What's happening is when i go to insert an Autotext entry, the autotext usually just appears as lots of squares like you see in the insert symbol section i.e. &#8301;&#8301;&#8301;&#8301;&#8301;&#8301;&#8301;&#8301;&#8301;&#8301;. It also sometimes has letters mixed in too.

I've included a few screen shots to demonstrate. To try and fix this issue, i have deleted the normal.dot file and restarted Word and also copied a version of normal.dot from a working Word version and still no go.

We are all using Office 2003 with all the latest updates and patches. The strange thing is, it has affected half the PCs in the office which includes 2 older workstations and a 3 month old workstation all of which are running XP SP2.

This problem only occurs in Word.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Bizarre autotext issue

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I received a response email from a good friend this morning, and the email she sent only showed up on my Samsung tablet. I have Comast.net email. I checked all other options...my iPhone, my MacBook, my desktop Mac and the actual Comcast.net website where the webmail account originates. Nothing came in from her at any of those places (including Spam or Trash folders), but I did get the email on my tablet in the email program I set Comcast.net up in. This has never happened before, and I don't understand how it could happen. Keep in mind her email was a response to mine sent yesterday, so it isn't even like she started with a fresh email addressed wrongly somehow.

Any thoughts?

I'm a bit nervous with all the talk of a huge Android hack, since my tablet is obviously Android based, although my other devices are all Apple.

Should I be worried about some sort of hack or is it just a fluke that will likely not happen again?

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Dell Lattitude E5530.
1. When battery installed, no adapter is found. Battery won't charge. Computer will boot but not charge. BIOS says "NO ADAPTER FOUND"2. When battery removed, adapter is found. Computer will boot. BIOS says "90W adapter".3. When placed on Docking Station with Battery, no adapter found. Boots but won't charge.4. When placed on dock with no battery, won't boot. If I plug an adapter into the dock and another into the computer then it boots. BIOS then says "90W Adapter".5. If I boot using the adapter, then plug in battery, battery LED goes out and it sees no adapter and shows battery not charging.6. If I boot using the battery, then plug in the adapter and remove the battery, it shuts off and I have to reboot it.What I've tried:Updated all drivers.Cannot update BIOS because this requires a partly charged battery AND an adapter. Comp won't see adapter when battery is plugged in.I have tried 4 different 90W DELL adapters from Latitude computers (co-workers have same computer).I have tried 2 other batteries besides the one that came with it.Nothing makes any difference. No matter what combo of adapters and batteries I use, the symptoms remain the same.
Any suggestions would be most welcome!


A:Bizarre power issue.

If you haven't changed the DC jack, that' s next:
If you have, to no effect -- or replace it to no effect, the mainboard is the faulty part.

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Hi everyone...

I have a really weird thing going on in both IE and Firefox. My Facebook profile page is "stuck" on a version from a few days ago. I have tried EVERYTHING to refresh it...I have:

1. Cleared all caches and cookies
2. Deleted all sorts of temp files
3. Done a "hard refresh" in both browsers
4. Contacted my ISP, who had me a) unplug my cable modem for 30 secs, b) uplug my router for 30 secs, c) flush my DNS cache, and d) reboot

Nothing. Nada.

It happens only at home--when I'm on my laptop at a coffeeshop or on my computer at work, then I can access the profile just fine. It's something on this computer only.

I know my Facebook profile isn't all that important, but I'm just stymied as to why I can't get a web page to refresh no matter what. And get this--my wife, when she logs into her Facebook page on the same computer--hers refreshes instantly.

AARRRGHH...any thoughts?


A:Bizarre browser issue

Have you tried contacting Facebook?

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I'm getting a bizarre off-and-on issue in Windows 7. Every now and again when posting here and elsewhere, my "S" key refuses to type...both on my Bluetooth and my wired PS/2 keyboard.
It only happens now and again - very weird if you ask me...and I know you aren't....LOL
I get around it by typing f instead of S and then using IESpell to correct it.
For this post I had to compose everything in Notepad first and then CCP. Next time it will most likely work.
Using IE8 by the way.

Comments anyone?

A:Bizarre Intermittent Typing Issue

Do you have the same problem in notepad or just IE8? I'm using Firefox 3.0.4 and not having that prob. IE8 keeps being a pain for me. Hope they get it working right.


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Originally, my problem was the same as the user in this post:
Desktop shortcuts to websites are broken.
I believe the issue arose when windows update tried to upgrade my IE from 7 to 8.

I re-associated my URL filetype with firefox, and I also ran the attached registry file in post #6, and everything seemed hunky dory, until I tried to open one of my desktop links. They were able to be opened by firefox, but instead of opening to a normal page, the browser searches for individual pages in individual tabs based on each individual word in the title of the desktop shortcut!

This might sound kind of confusing so here is a picture of my issue: http://i.imgur.com/cwWcYvD.png

For reference, the title of the desktop shortcut was 'Logical Increments - PC Buying Guide' and it was supposed to link to Logical Increments - PC Buying Guide

I apologize if my explanation was a bit scattered, but I would love help on this issue! Thanks in advance!

A:Bizarre desktop link issue

unless you have several dozens, it would be easier to just recreate your shortcuts again.

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Hi, currently have the final Windows 7 on two machines and Office 2007. My outlook works great on one machine and cannot connect with the pop3 or smtp servers on the other. They are setup identically. I tried a repair and Outlook said it could not connect with either. Tried this on both of my email accounts on different providers (Yahoo and XO). Again, works fine on one machine but not on the other. I have my data (pst) files on an external 500GB drive that I use between different machines.

Any clues.

A:Bizarre Outlook 2007 and Win 7 issue

Are you trying to share this same PST file between both machines?

If so, does the PST file open OK, on the second machine when the other machine does NOT have the PST file open?

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I was recently tinkering with my system and when it came to pressing the power on button nothing happened. I opened up the case and the green light on the mobo was on so I knew power was getting there. I assumed it was a power switch issue so I shorted out the power switch pins on the mobo and all was well.

More recently I am getting the same problem but now shorting out the switch doesn't work. This morning she refused to power up so I laid it on its side, opened it up, pressed the switch a few times and swore at it. Nothing happened. SO I am just sitting there conjuring up new swear words when it just starts up, fans spinning and away we go - I never even touched it. I have restarted a number of times today and no problem. I'm afraid to power off for an extended time, but I live in Houston and this puppy puts out a fair amount of heat and we don't need any more heat in the house!

So it doesnt seem to me that it could be a PSU problem? While running, voltages are stable etc. So is it a mobo problem? It seems after an extended shutdown (i.e. overnight) it cools down and then won't start. Is that a symptom of something cracked?

I don't mind replacing parts - I just don't know which parts or how to troubleshoot this problem.

Any suggestions?

A:Bizarre Power on issue - ideas?

Get a PSU tester for about $12. It's worth the money.

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For some reason, one of our users suddenly cannot reposition the cursor in emails by using the arrow keys. The delete key does not work, either. If he wishes to reposition the cursor, he has to use the mouse. The backspace key DOES work. He says that this problem is exclusive to outlook, and thinks he inadvertantly changed a setting, but I can't seem to find one that applies. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!!

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Hello everyone at Bleepingcomputer. First post, didn't really want to seek out help as I am usually capable of handling most computer problems on my own, but this one just seems bizarre and frankly it's driving me round the bend.
Getting straight to the problem. Out of the blue I noticed while any sound/video is playing, loading or opening any new tabs at all in Firefox would cause a horrible grinding/glitching super stutter (think robots screaming) for 1-2 seconds. I thought that maybe my laptop was just under too heavy of a load at the moment and didn't worry about it, but after restarts it still persisted. What was more weird was while nothing else was open and I was watching video I would randomly get it too, never in the same scenes though (lots of processing on a grainy scene or something that might cause video/sound lag). That's when I noticed killing the internet connection completely cleared it up. I could put the computer under full load and not get the slightest sound skip. I've never encountered something like this. Basically any network traffic causes the CPU activity to spike to 90/100% usage for 1-2 seconds. As I said this is every time I load or open any tab in Firefox, whether its a bare bones text html or a massive image heavy page.
I have never encountered such a bizarre problem before. How is network traffic causing these massive spikes? I have not installed or changed my set up, it just seemed to appear out of nowhere.

A:Bizarre sound issue associated with network

I've had an Intel I219-V network card driver causing huge DPC latency spikes, and that caused audio to glitch. Guess you can use LatencyMon to investigate that. A possible solution is updating to a newer driver version or an older one.

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Hey well.... Today i just got on my lappy, and its all normal, then im watching some vid. online, and my computer freezes... Its not like a scree nfreeze, but i cant minimize the window, but i can make those blue-boxes (on the main screen) cuz the window wasnt maximized, and i hit ctrl+alt+delete, to open up Task Manager, and then i wait a few seconds, and then its a black scree, and then my mouse is on it, i then wait a few moments, and i had to hit the power button to turn off my lappy... I restart- it restarted normally, with normal speed and all, then it freezes a little bit later againt, and atm, this is the only moment where my laptop hasnt frozen !

And im hoping it wonr freeze again... but im just wondering, could it be a registery problem? I mean, i dont really let anything at start-up get too-out of-control, i go into msconfig and manage all that i want to start etc. etc... But, when i scanned my lappy with Windows Defender (Full scan) it came up with like 4 different things, the certain files were having unwanted things(according to Defender...) And so, is it because of those files, all of those files are identical, and they are also from Safari... they have something to do with Safari,(im on Vista x64, but i like safari 4, think its the fastest )

Any help?
Any Reg-Cleaners? (THat work with x64 Bit) ?

A:Totally Bizarre Freezing Issue

Hello DarkDavil,
You could try to clean out your registry and also scan for malware. Follow the links, they are both free but be sure to backup your registry when promted. Good luck and post your results.


CCleaner - Download

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So I've recently built a new machine for gaming and work etc and I was having some issues which I thought I'd nailed down to being related to my SSD which I was running the OS off of. I wiped the ssd and the HDD I was using for storage and reinstalled the OS on the HDD, leaving the SSD out of the box entirely. It was working fine for a day until this morning. When I turned it on it gave me the "Select OS" prompt as if I had multiple OSs installed on different drives. Both options were Win 7 but the second option gave me a "device cannot be found" error as if it was looking for the original win 7 install that was on the SSD. I'm at a loss for what to do.

A:Windows 7 bizarre issue, please read

Hello, are you saying the OS is crashing and you can't get back on or do you need the other options gone so it can just auto boot without the prompt?

If it's crashing, it sounds like a driver issue. On your motherboard do you have two different SATA ports? Like one is Intel and the other Gigabyte (just making this up)? But the solution is to make sure you install the drivers for them from the CD that came with your motherboard. You can try switching to the other and see what happens.

Try swapping cables too just a to be sure. Follow your motherboard recommendation for the proper BIOS setting for SATA if you haven't.

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I use a Dymo Labelwriter 450 Turbo for printing barcode labels for my Amazon business. In the past, I had a Vista desktop and had no problem using the snapshot tool from the edit menu on Adobe Acrobat reader (amazon loads the labels into a PDF).

As soon as I upgraded to a new Lenovo Windows 10 system, Adobe would either print the labels on the left margin cutting off the barcode (even though the label # was indicated correctly and print preview showed the label centered, or I would get an error message stating that no pages were selected to print. I had clicked on select graphic button and wasn't printing a page but a single label. Dymo tech support was of absolutely no help as they had said they aren't supporting printing off PDF's even though, up until this time, Amazon sellers were recommending this label printer. That is going to quickly end. Meanwhile I have a doorstop instead of a label printer. Total waste of money and I suspect that I'll have to buy a laserprinter (I have an inkjet and Amazon only accepts laser or thermal printers) and print off Avery Sheet labels. It appears that unless you get a bar code scanner and use the Amazon software set up for that, you can't use this Dymo printer for Windows 10, which is ridiculous as that is the current version.

I also get the feeling that the Dymo Printer sees the labels as portrait even though print preview shows them as landscape because the labels cut off on the left where the portrait border... Read more

A:Bizarre Dymo Printer issue

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I've been running w7 as a work machine for a month or two now, currently on 7100.

I have XP dual booted. I have Opera on both. Opera installed last year on XP and a month ago on W7

The bizarre problem, I copied over some profile stuff for opera to the w7 install.

I booted into XP loaded up opera and all my settings were nowhere to be found, digged around a little and found that Opera was calling for the settings from W7! c:\users\roaming\appdata blah blah blah.

Since that doesn't exist on my XP install, it created it's own folder there. I uninstalled opera, reinstalled and the default location to find the user data is mimicking a user directy from W7? wtf is this about.

The XP and W7 are on entirely different hard drives, I fresh installed W7 off a usb disk. XP is 32 bit W7 is 64 bit.

A:Totally Bizarre Issue with Opera/XP/W7


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My PC's harddisk is a Samsung HD321KJ (32MB cache, 7200rpm, 320GB).

I was messing around with partitions today in a futile attempt to align my Windows system, and eventually just gave up and restored an image I had made just before.

In the process I noticed something totally weird...the drive itself suddenly reports a different CHS geometry. It used to be something like 38913, 255, 63 but now it reports 43009, 255, 57. Now all my partition software thinks track 0 is just 57 sectors long.

The total number of sectors on the HD remains the same, and there's no other ill effect so far. But...how the heck did this happen? Can I convince the drive to reset its reported CHS numbers? How?

A:Bizarre issue with harddrive's CHS geometry

I don't know the answer to your question, but I did have to go into the interwebs and expand my knowledge. Here are two interesting articles on the subject:
Cylinder-head-sector - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Disk formatting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My take is that CHS geometry is a largely abandoned process that is ignored by most modern operating systems (pre-XP).

Are you running a dual boot with an old OS (DOS or similar) where this "low level format" is important? Is this condition causing an issue?

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I have an extremely bizarre issue with my new ThinkPad T590 laptop and how the system is detecting a lid closure.  After getting my system it started going into a "sleep" loop whenever I was using it as a laptop (not docked).  When docked with external monitors, keyboard, and mouse and with the lid closed the system behaves great.  But if it is undocked and I'm using it like an actual laptop the system would start going to sleep right in the middle of me typing.  The batter was fine and the events would happen even when plugged in.  If left alone & only the mouse used the system worked just fine but then when typing it would go to sleep & need waking up. On a whim I tried changing the power management in Windows to disable sleep when the lid is closed.  After I did this I still would have my screen go black while I was typing, but now it would come back up instantly and I could continues from where I was typing.  So my working theory is that there is something odd with the lid closure detection. Up till now the issue appeared completely random & I could not predict when it would occure.  But today I finally found a way to induce the event reliably.  If I have my hands in proper home-row position over the "asdf-jkl;" keys and then reach for the "5" button on the number row the system will, I'm suspecting, detect a lid closure.  I don't even have to press the key, only reach for it.  The event doesn't ... Read more

A:Bizarre T590 lid closure issue

Do you have something magnetic on your hand?  Jewelry?

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Nice one for the pure genius.......

Just changed from using a VGA cable to my monitor to HDMI. Nothing else is different. I am using an ASUS graphics card and all was well before. The only reason to changing to HDMI was length of cable.

Despite setting screen resolution to max, 1920 X 1080, as it was before, Windows displays on the screen with a black border round the outside, that is, not full screen.

At boot up the motherboard screen displays full screen, as does the 'starting Windows' page, but when it come to displaying anything thereafter it shows it smaller. Any ideas, guys?


A:[SOLVED] Bizarre display issue

What is the make of the Graphics Card, and does the card have a control center for adjusting graphics settings, like nVidia, and ATI?

If there is, open the graphics control program, and look for "Scaling Options" then adjust your display.

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This has been going on for two days now, and it's a bit complicated. Hopefully I'll be able to explain this clearly enough that someone will be able to help me figure out what's going on.

I'm running Windows XP Pro SP1 on a computer that I built in Nov. of last year. I have had no problems with the internet until two days ago, when I noticed that some websites wouldn't load. I figured it was just a hiccup and ignored it, until the next day, when I couldn't get any sites to load in Firefox or IE. The really weird part? AIM still works just fine, 9 times out of 10. After some fiddling, I've gotten it to the point where if I refresh a page enough, I can get it to load. Sometimes I only have to refresh once or twice, sometimes (much more often) it's between 10 and 20 times. The other computer using the router in my apartment is working perfectly, no internet problems at all.

Here's what I've tried so far:
- Reset the router and modem.
- Check the physical cable connecting my computer to the router.
- Disable/enable the LAN connection.
- Reboot about 40 times.
- Run anti-virus and anti-virus software
- Disable/enable the firewall.
- Flush the dns cache in command prompt. This helped a little (cut down on the refresh times), but hasn't solved the problem at all.
- Deleted temporary internet files. This also helped, and got me to the best functionality I've had since this started-- about 60% of pages load on the first try... Read more

A:Solved: Very bizarre Internet connection issue

Sorry, but that sounds to me more like malware. How about posting the exact display you got back here? I've never seen that in an AV display.

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I have several computers set up on a home network, specifically for the purposes of accessing desktop files on a notebook and vice versa. Sharing is set up correctly and somewhat openly across the board, with full permissions for owners and the like. Pretty much works without issue.

For illustration purposes, let's call the name of my main computer XX-XX.

I can access any and all folders on XX-XX's pair of hard drives (let's call them A and B). The path for those folders appear correctly as \\XX-XX\Folder.

I have set up drives A and B for sharing, however, I cannot access them, I get the standard error message that I can't access them. And here's the best part...when I look at the paths for drives A and B, they look like this:


Now I will take full responsibility for how this happened - at one time, I changed my computer name from XX-XX to Xx-xx, then back to XX-XX again. My fault. But when I check my computer name anywhere you can possibly check it, it comes up as XX-XX -- under the Computer tabs, Device Manager, etc., etc. Only when I check the paths under the Sharing tab for the A and B drives do I see this old Xx-xx convention. Which is obviously wrong, and will prevent me from accessing let alone sharing. In fact, when I right click on either the A or B drive, and go to the sharing tab, the "Share" option under "Network Path" is greyed out, I can't even select it.

So bottom line is that I can ac... Read more

A:Bizarre Network Path/Sharing Issue

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I recently purchased a television set to use with my computer as the main monitor. When I plugged my PC in, the screen resolution was humourously low (720x480) whereas the native resolution for the set seems to be 1360x850. I have since changed the resolution by fiddling with the settings a bit, but I have a rather pressing issue on my hands: none of my games seem to respect the resolution.
For example, Star Wars Battlefront II (my favourite PC game, might I add) ran fine on my old monitor at 1024x768; however on this monitor it enters into a fuzzy resolution which pushes some of the menu off the bottom of the screen. It also won't allow me to change the resolution as the menu is completely blank.
Another example is Bit.Trip Runner which does have a working resolution changing menu but only goes up to 720x480. The same goes for Garry's Mod.

This kinda leaves me in a pickle as the computer was specifically built for lower-end gaming.
For the record, my graphics card is an ATI Radeon 5570 which has completely up-to-date drivers, and a seemingly unbranded "generic" television which also seems to have up-to-date drivers.

A:Solved: Bizarre screen resolution issue


This is a pretty pressing issue, fellas.

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Hey guys i'll try to make this brief,

I would say my computer knowledge is fairly good but at the moment i am pretty stumped.

A friend the other day asked me if i could help him fix his computer, He was browsing the internet then the computer all of a sudden shut down. Harddrive then showed that it wasnt bootable and was making really strange noises. Maybe the harddrive can be repaired but that is irrelevant to the situation now.

He went and purchased a new sata harddrive for the laptop. Replaced it within the laptop, The bios shows everything as normal the RAM the DVD/Rom and the Harddrive Shows also. We place the Windows 7 DVD into the Laptop and press f12 choose boot from CD. After a very long time i'm talking 5 minutes it will finally show boot from cd press any key. Which we do then it will take another extremely long time round about 15 minutes at which point it will show loading windows files and eventually load the blue windows setup screen. Note no touchpad is present. So i can navigate through the menu's to install windows get to the Drive options advanced. I can see the Harddrive there, Formatted it and then choose it to install windows too. The file copying goes to 100%. I know thehe expanding files that takes a long time but At this point it sits on expanding files 0%..., for a very long time I've left it for over an hour with no movement the LED still flickers on the DVD Drive.

Note maybe its a DVD Rom problem but im not so convinced, As whe... Read more

A:Bizarre Issue trying to install Windows7 New Harddrive

Alright here are a few things to try Chrism:

Buy a can of compressed air and blow off any vent holes on the laptop.

If you have ever installed RAM in a laptop before and you feel comfortable opening that area on the underside of the laptop, you can re-seat the RAM. Im no expert myself but it sounds like something is buggy with the RAM. If you still think it is the DVD drive can you boot from a USB drive? If so you can use a program called "Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool", its by microsoft and you can google it. See if you can install via USB and that would narrow it down to being a DVD drive problem.

Best of luck to you.

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Hi folks, new user here. Hopefully someone can help me with this. So here's the situation: I am using ConTEXT editor to write script for photoshop. Everything is going along normally, until I save the script. I saved it to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop\Presets\Scripts\script.jsx. Now, that file is there - I can see it in ConTEXT's file dialog, I can exit out of ConTEXT, restart the program and then load the file back up. But in Windows Explorer, nothing. It just straight up doesn't exist. I don't have anything hidden in Explorer options, that I know of anyway. That file should be there. I also created a new directory in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop\Scripting\ (again, in the ConTEXT file dialog) called Mine, and saved the file there as well. And it doesn't show up in Explorer. Can someone explain to me what is going on here? Thanks!

A:Bizarre issue with saved files not existing

Try saving to a folder not under Program Files. Like C:\MyFiles. See if Explorer shows it.

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Hello,  I purchased this T470 less than a year ago, and yesterday I encountered a bizarre keyboard and mouse issue. First thing that happened was my keyboard stopped working. And then it began beeping continuously. I suspected sticky keys, but it was disabled. I restarted the laptop to be greeted with more beeping and the ease of access narrator informing me of how to make my computer easier to use. At this point I attached an external keyboard and it worked fine. I had work to do, so I just disabled the speakers and went about my day. I could find no solutions online so last night I reset the computer to factory settings. This solved my beeping issue, and the narrator, and now the letters on the keyboard are functioning, but most other keys such as Enter, backspace, and most of the function keys are, ironically, non-functioning. And let out a single beep when pressed. Furthermore my mouse pointer has gone up in size, and while I can make it bigger it will not return to the default size even when selected from the Ease of Access menu.  At this point I have removed the keyboard, and am assuming something may have gotten spilled on it, or it shorted somehow. I have no explanation for the ease of access narrator, or the pointer size issue, unless some combination of keys were resulting in these being changed.  At this point it seems I'll need to purchase a new keyboard, but I figured I'd check here before that in case anyone had an alternative solut... Read more

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Ever since February 5th I've been having bizarre issues with all YouTube videos.

They load really slow. This occurs on both my wireless laptop and my wired computer that is directly connected to the modem. The 'stats for nerds' info box won't even go above 1,000kbps next to 'Connection Speed' when it used to go way above that sometimes even into the 10,000kbps range.

I don't see how both computers could have a virus because I did a MalwareBytes scan on my laptop. Yes, the database was outdated but nothing was detected. I even tried YouTube on Internet Explorer on my wired computer and the same issue occurred.

I can't seem to install Google Chrome as it gives 2-5 hours during installation on the 'Download' screen. I don't want Google Chrome because I like FireFox and this issue has never occurred before.

I have tried rebooting my modem/router in one, my ISP has tried swapping the modem, I have tried resetting the modem to factory defaults, I have tried cookie and cache clearing. All of that has been unsuccessful. My ISP stated it is not a problem on their end.

I don't know what else to do or try. I don't see how both computers could have viruses as this has never happened before and I never really get a virus because I have the following programs:

Avast Free for AV
Comodo Firewall
Spybot Search & Destroy (laptop only)
Ad Block Plus
Web of Trust
NoScript (wired connection only)

Maybe those... Read more

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I'm not sure where to post this so I thought I'd start here. As part of my office network of 4 computers I have a 2013 basic Compaq desktop computer that I upgraded to Windows 10. This computer remains on all the time and I sometimes remote into the computer using Teamviewer. About once a week the computer will disappear from Teamviewer as if it was shut down. The computer is still on but the screen is blank and neither the screen nor the computer will wake up as if it was in a sleep or hibernate state.

Now here's the bizarre part: if I unplug the power cord from the monitor and plug the cord back in, the monitor turns on and the windows login screen immediately appears. I can login and it looks like the computer is starting up again even though it wasn't shut down before.

Any ideas? I don't even know where to start.

A:Bizarre Monitor/system freeze issue

I should also mention that one of the other computers in the network exhibits similar behavior. That desktop computer is a Vista computer. With that one, the computer really is frozen and I need to do a hard reset. After doing the hard reset chkdsk runs and checks the disk for errors.

The one and only common thing between these computers is that both computers use a USB-Wifi adapter for connection to the wireless network. I have turned off USB selective suspend if that makes any difference.

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I've just built a new system and am experiencing a weird hard-freezing issue. The system will randomly lock up completely for no obvious reason (does so whilst idle or loaded).

With a GTX 460 card in, the display goes completely blank and the monitor goes into standby. When I press reset, the motherboard sounds the "no VGA" beeps. Normally it comes back after a cold reboot, but on one occassion I had to leave it an hour or so before it would come back.

When I tried with a friend's GT 260, the freezes still occur, but the screen remains on, so that rules out the graphics card. The system comes back fine with that card in after pressing reset.

Motherboard: Asus P8P67 (B3 revision)
CPU: Intel i7-2600
RAM: G.Skill RipJawsX 2x4GB 1600MHz (F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL - not listed in Asus' s QVL, but G.Skill state it's compatible)
PSU: Coolermaster Silent Pro Modular 700W

It doesn't seem to be heat-related (CPU core temp. ~60 degrees whilst gaming, motherboard temp ~34 degrees and graphics card ~60 degrees). However, I am just wondering if it may be related to the thermal paste. The CPU temperature hit 90 degrees whilst running Prime95, which does worry me slightly, despite that being within the stated limits.

I'm running it now with one stick of RAM removed (same issue occurred with the other stick removed) to see if that makes any difference, although memtest86+ and Windows Memory Diagnostic both came up clear (edit: no luck with the other stick... Read more

A:Bizarre hard-freeze issue with a new build

You should be able to find some Critical error in the event viewer under applications which may give a clue or two.

I would also make quite certain that your RAM is running at the correct voltage. The settings will be in your Bios under Peripherals.

Although Prime95 does push the CPU up to 100% that temp of 90C is quite high but under normal use if it isn't overheating it should not be causing the freeze up. Arctic Silver is one of the better pastes you can use.

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This is the strangest thing i've ever seen and there is NOTHING on google about it.

about two weeks about seemingly out of no where almost every subfolder on my D drive (not my main, my C drive is fine) has a folder in it that has been renamed to:


and I mean it's almost in every folder, it's completely broken all my steam games just because it breaks the directory. I'm guessing i'm out of luck because no one I have asked IT pro or not has not heard of this.

I have my D drive root set as my rar temp directory, but it's been that way for years and usually it only makes a few folders with names like $rar. So I have no idea if it's a trojan or what. If anyone has any ideas i'd love to hear it!

A:Bizarre folder injection issue (virus/trojan?)

Have you downloaded some sort of game that came through as an incomplete downloads or unzip, and caused the _rar_tmp files to appear?

I am not into any type of gaming, however, it appears there is no reputable information coming from the malware community on the issue you are having.

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I am about to write a novel here with all of the ridiculousness I've been through. Note: I am an advanced user myself, and I am seeking the help from THE MOST experienced, uber-advanced techies out there. I am going to need to hear the most bizarre, far-out ideas you can think of because I am at my absolute wits end.

Let me first say, BSOD's are only 1 of 3 issues I am having. The others are; -my system just freezing up and rebooting, and -my displays going out (as if the computer went to sleep, even though I have all that disabled) and after a minute or so, one display will come back but the other (the main one) will remain unresponsive.
--- If you don't want to read it all, you can skip to bottom for the summary. ---
Like the title says, this has been going on for well over a year. It's been mostly intermittent, so for a while I kind of just dealt with it, while reinstalling drivers here and there, testing memory, etc. Anything I did seemed to help for some amount of time, till it'd all start acting up again. In the beginning, BSOD's would throw random driver errors... as in THE MOST RANDOM drivers.

Back in Jan, after a fresh reformat and BSOD'ing again soon after, I posted a crash dump on another forum and someone pegged Daemon tools as the culprit. I got rid of that, and I seemed home-free... for about a month. Queue once again, the intermittent issues- some days nothing, some days 2 or 3 reboot... Read more

A:Most bizarre BSOD/rebooting issue EVER, 1 1/2 years ongoing, HELP!!

Dont like a challenge, so this long post is not for me

If you are having BSODs, post it following the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions.

Without having those, how long the description may be, it will not describe anything at all.

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