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HP LaserJet Pro M401dn Printing Crashes Program, Stuck Spooling

Q: HP LaserJet Pro M401dn Printing Crashes Program, Stuck Spooling

I am having the worst problem, and nothing I have been able to do has solved it. I recently did a clean install of Windows 10 x64 on my work computer. My printer is directly connected via USB. I installed the latest drivers from HP (located here). At first, it failed, and I found I had to disable Smart Install for it to complete. So I uninstalled completely, and reinstalled. It prints the first one or two times, but then my problem arises. Whenever I try to print, whichever program I am printing from crashes, and in the "see what's printing" window, it is stuck on Spooling. I've tried everything, such as restarting the spooler, uninstalling and reinstalling again (and checking Print Management to make sure the drivers were completely gone), and even updating to the latest firmware 20160224. HP Print and Scan Doctor doesn't help at all. I've uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times since, but nothing works. The last time I uninstalled, I rebooted, and I think Windows 10 automatically found the printer, but it still gives me the same problem. I'd like to add that I can print to other printers in the office fine.

Here's the oddest thing: Before I did a clean install of Windows 10, I was on an upgrade. The printer worked fine then, and I believe I used the same drivers as the latest ones here at HP's site. Can anyone help me? This is extremely frustrating, as I cannot print.

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Preferred Solution: HP LaserJet Pro M401dn Printing Crashes Program, Stuck Spooling

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


When I print to Adobe PDF using Word or Excel 2000, the document gets stuck on spooling and causes the programs (word and excel) to become non-responsive. This is repeatable no matter what document I try to print. I can print with Adobe PDF Printer from other applications (i.e., Internet Explorer) with no problems.

My software:

Windows XP Pro (all updates are current)
Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro (version 9.5.2, current)
Office 2000 (SP3, current)

I have tried uninstalling adobe and office and then reinstalling them. When I uninstalled, I also used CCleaner to remove any registry entries for those programs. Before reinstallation, I also removed the print drivers and the ports associated with them. I tried to be as thorough as possible for the uninstalls. The problem was exactly the same after reinstall.

I have tried to use CutePDF to print from Word and Excel. While using CutePDF does not crash the programs, it just hangs on "printing" indefinitely.

I have purchased an updated version of Word (2010) to see if this would fix the problem, but the issue presents in the same exact way whether I use 2000 or 2010 Word (i.e., Word becomes non-responsive and the Adobe PDF Printer gets stuck on spooling).

I am completely at a loss as to why this is happening. I am not even sure which program is at fault (especially considering CutePDF doesn't work either). Any help would be appreciated.

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We were printing to a shared printer over our network (WinXP>>ethernet>>Mac OSX>>HP1300) the file was too large and would not print. We have deleted it form the spooler on the PC and closed the program (in this case, PowerPoint). And we deleted it from the printer spooler on the Mac, but whenever we click re-start printing, the file appears again. Shutting off and/or unplugging the printer does not help.

Any ideas???


A:Solved: HP laserjet 1300 Spooling problem


Try the recommendation mentioned there.

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Okey Dokey, here we go:

I have an HP Pavillion ze4560us laptop. My printer is a Canon Multipass F60 (printer, scanner, copier). For some reason I cannot print. I get an error message saying that the Windows (curse it) Print Spooler Service is not running... Uh..Ok.

I access the services via Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services, and start 'er up. The service starts, but it still gives me the same error message.

Then I wonder, could it be due to my recent hardware upgrades. I recently added a PCMCIA 4 port USB 2.0 card bus. So I eject the PCMCIA card, pop by printer cable out of it and into one of my built in USB ports. Still no. I've tried rebooting each time after all these things, but no. Now I don't think this is any problem with by printer, because, Windows (curse it) detects my scanner, which is still fully funtional, and I can still make copies. So I think this has something to do with Windows (curse it).

So any help?? Post any questions if I left out some information you need.


P.S. I do have a firewall (Zone Alarm Free), but I tried it with it off, so it's not that. And I have had my printer for a long time and it has been fine, so it's not like I just bought it.

A:Printing/Spooling Troubles

Worse yet...

Okay, things are getting even worse. Upon booting up it now takes several minutes to logon. Then, for several minutes I see only my wallpaper and the mouse arrow (which moves and all like normal)- no taskbar, desktop icons, nil for several minutes. I'm free of spyware, and virus, so say my various scanners. But it gets worse still.

NOW, Windows System Restore will not run- at all. HELP!!!

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 355, 4 GB RAM. I also have an Epson Workforce 610, which also works great.... eventually. (I have tried the Epson wirelessly connected, as well as direct-connect with a USB cable)

Two symptoms:
1) If I have the Epson selected as the default printer, when I start MS Office app (Word or Excel) I get a message that says "Connecting to printer, hit ESC to cancel". If I have 30 minutes or so to wait, I'll let it find the printer, but most of the time I hit ESC, or don't select the Epson as my default printer.

2) Printing in general takes FOREVER to spool, then FOREVER to print. I've talked to Epson, and they say it's not the printer's problem, since it prints fine once it gets the data. They point to data transfer speeds from my laptop.

This is frustrating... Has anyone else experienced this issue with Vista-64/Toshiba/Epson?



A:S-L-O-W print spooling / printing

maybe the colour settings are set to hq or something? try a greyscale print see if any difference

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PC #1
Windows XP Pro SP2
Connects via wireless

PC # 2
Windows XP Pro SP2
Connects via wireless

PC #3
Vista Utilmate, 32 bit
Connects via wireless

HP All in 1, 7780
Currently, the configuration is to use spooling.

If I change the setting to send the print job directly to the printer, will the print job be lost if the printer is occupied by a print job from another printer?

Sometimes, the print job on the Vista PC hangs. The only solution found, thus far, is to reboot the Vista PC.


A:Printing directly to the printer, vs spooling

spooling is better... in my opinion.

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I have a Windows 7 x64 RC.7100 build installed and have configured my HP printer using Vista x64 drivers, it prints locally just fine. However I tried to setup printer sharing with my x32 Windows XP laptop and have an issue that is really a pain. Whenever I print from the XP machine I get the print job in the queue on the Win 7 machine, but it just says printing for an infinite amount of time. I have to either restart my Win7 machine or go into Services and Print Spooling and Restart Service for the print job to complete. I found a similar error/problem with Vista but all of the suggestions did not help. The only thing I can think of is that there is some driver incompatibility, but HP states on their website that they wont have "official drivers" for Win7 until Oct 22. Thanks HP, any other suggestions?

A:Networked Printer not printing unless restart Spooling

Does your printer have ethernet, or does your router support USB network devices? Could you connect your printer directly to router as a network printer?


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I have been using a network capable HP LJ 4050T, which i added an HP Network card too, for years as a network printer. I dis-connected it and moved it to a different location and now i can not get my pc to print to it.

I have win 7 64 bit. I have tried the universal drivers and the drivers built in to win 7 mainly HP Laser Jet 4050 PCL 5 and or the 4050 PS driver (all of which work for at some point in the past, but now no longer will do the trick). After installing the driver i can get the printer to add to the list of devises and appears to be installed correctly. I can ping the printer however when i try a TEST PAGE it will give error message "Error - Printing" very generic.

Frustrating thing is that i have this issue every time i disconnect the printer, it takes multiple tries getting it to connect (i.e. installing drivers and uninstalling, rebooting, re-setting settings etc.). I work at it for hours and then what seems to be by luck something i previously had done will work this time, or something i found online will work. however this time I've tried all those things and others without success. It almost seams that i have to trick the computer till it lets me print to it.

In the past i was able to get my Win XP laptop to print to it as well but i have not been able to re-connect this for over a year.

I found the previous post [SOLVED] Laser Printer HP4050 connect to network

From this post i, I have set up a static ip of in my rou... Read more

A:Printing Error When printing to my networked HP LaserJet 4050

When you disconnected the printer did you turn both the computer and printer off and disconnect both from the mains power supply. There is no reason why they should not talk to each other if everything is turned off before one or the other is moved as it would be no different from turning them off, not moving the printer, then turning them back on again.

You don't say whether the printer/computers are hard-wired or wireless networked.

Have you tried going into a program like Word and hitting Ctrl-P and telling it to search for a printer? If the driver software is on the computers it should connect.

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Ok so were using this POS software called Counterpoint. and we used to print our labels, which include the item description, and a barcode for the item on each page to a laserjet 2 printer. Now we have upgraded the printer to a Laserjet 1022n, and the barcode parts are coming out all jibberish. The text for the item description comes out fine, but the barcode parts are jsut a bunch of characters. I changed the printer type in our software from Laserjet II, to Laserjet compatible 150DPI, and am getting the same results. I'm not sure where the problem is here, and will appriciate any input. The other settings in the Software remain unchanged, such as Lines per inch, and characters per inch. i'm not sure if those need to be changed as i'm not sure how it would affect the barcode.

A:HP Laserjet printing Jibberish when printing barcodes

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I have a main computer tower which runs our software on itself as well as 4 laptops. The laptops communicate via a router. All the computers can print to one main printer and two Dymo label printers. Each label printer is set up for different uses.
The main computer is windows 8.
The laptop I am having trouble with is a windows 7.
For years we have printed labels with no problem. Recently for some reason, every time windows does an update we have to go in and reset all the printers on all the laptops. Re-set to what type of paper and where each type of label will be printed. VERY annoying.
Our IT guy suggested we buy a new label maker that is more compatible with our windows 8 operating system to see if that made any difference. Our software will only talk to Dymo label makers not any other brand, I called the company and they confirmed. Too bad because it seems other brands are cheaper and have fewer problems.
I got the newest Dymo machine. I installed the software from the disk on the windows 7 laptop. Then I talked our IT guy and he said I only needed to install in on the main computer and then look for it as a device to be added on the laptops without installing the CD because it goes through the router. At this point the main computer and three of the laptops are printing labels very nicely to the new Dymo. The windows 7 laptop prints to the Dymo but the writing is not legible, it looks like it is somewhat smeared and like it has a shadow.
I tried cli... Read more

A:Dymo label maker printing smeared says "spooling, guest"


I recall a few similar reports here, such as this one.
Alas, I don't think there was a solution.

IIRC M$ did issue a Windows patch a month or so ago that makes it harder (impossible??) to run certain legacy, 3rd-party software.
However, if you're running the Dymo program under Win 8, I'm not sure that's the problem and I can't find the specific discussion about it.

It sounds as if you have exhausted most logical troubleshooting steps.

Perhaps someone will have a solution.


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Hello everyone,
I have a problem with a HP Laserjet 4100 Printer that keep coming up with a error code 13 "Jamming error" It looks like what is happening is the roller ball from the input tray is not picking up the paper all the way causing the sheet to go back down thus causing a error message.
Any help would be appreciated...

A:HP Laserjet Printing Error

Hi paradox365

Try cleaning the feed roller with alcohol and see if that helps. If not you can replace the feed roller.

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Hi Everybody!

I have an old laserjet 3 printer that seems to want to toss out what looks like a seperator page after each print. Unfortunetly i did not set it up to do this nor can i locate the place to get it to STOP. Any ideas would be wonderful. Thanks!

A:Laserjet III printing issues!! help!#

I don't see any place where the printer itself can be set for a seperator page. You might check the properties in the driver and see if theres anything there. You might also check the program you are printing from as there are sometimes options to print a seperator page there. BOL

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My HP LaserJet 5 keeps giving an error of "load paper in tray 3." There is no tray 3 installed or available. Any suggestions?

A:HP LaserJet 5 Printing Problem

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I have developed a problem with my printer. When it is turned on, the top light on the front panel(The error light)is on constantly. The owners manual states that when this happens it means that there is either a paper jam or the toner cartridge is not in the printer. Neither of which is true. The printer does actually print sheets of paper; However, envelopes that are fed into it are not printing properly. I have noticed in the menu printing box next to "type:" a strange message that says "Absolute Bogus WPS Driver". I can't understand this. Could something like this be corrected if I uninstall and reinstall my printer software or could my toner cartridge need replacement? BTW, I have Windows 95. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



A:HP LaserJet 6L Printing Error

You answered your own question. Un install and re install the printer on your computer.


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I have an HP LaserJet 4 directly connected to an XP Pro machine (ultimately shared on the network for two other users). It was fine until we moved our offices across the hall (although the printer connected to the same computer). Then, it started to print multiple pages on top of each other, and will not print landscape.
I just upgraded this user's machine, but it is still an XP Pro computer just a better and newer.
Due to a similar problem with a different older HP laser printer, I purchased a new parallel printer cable and reinstalled the printer, which was the resolution for my HP 5si printer.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on how to get this printer working properly?
Your assistance is greatly appreciately.

Thank you

A:HP LaserJet 4 Not Printing Properly

Oh boy...a laserjet 4. Brings back memories.

It's highly possible that the actual physical move jarred something in the printer. I would suggest uninstalling any LaserJet printer drivers that might have been installed, rebooting the machine and starting the install from a scratch, as if it were a new printer.

Otherwise you might be out of luck. Good news is that a comparable new laser printer would only set you back $100 at NewEgg.

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I have a Dell Dimension 4550 with Windows XP home ed. When I try to print to my HP Laser Jet 6L I get the error message "Document failed to Print" - I cannot print a test page from my computer but can print one by using the printer buttons. Cable is ok. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please give me detailed instructions as I am a beginner. Thanks so much!

A:HP LaserJet 6L printing problems

Try to reinstall the drivers from the CD that came with the printer. It should be an easy process, if you need help just ask.

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In a small office we have two printers - a HP LaserJet 4000 with 8MBs and a HP LaserJet 4 Plus with 2MBs. The LaserJet 4 Plus will not print all emails (ones with extra formatting like order receipts with boxes, etc.) The HP 4000 prints them all fine. I have the latest drivers installed for each printer. I am assuming that this is due to the lack of memory in the HP 4 Plus. Can anyone confim this before I order more RAM? Thanks.

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My Laserjet 1020 was working fine but is now not printing on my desktop - Windows XP operating system. Only change that has been made is to change the printer cartridge from colour to black. I have tried deleting the printer and then reinstalling it. The install works fine and the printer is recognised and installed on the computer. However when you print a test page, or a page from anywhere for that matter, the print is sent to the queue but fails to print. It is as if the print command is not getting out of the USB port down to the printer. I have tried different USB ports on the computer but still no print. Any ideas?

(I have tried the printer on my laptop, also Windows xp OS, and it installs and prints without any trouble.)



A:HP Laserjet 1020 not printing

check to see if the printer is the default printer in the control panel

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I need to print on A5 papers using HP laserjet 4 plus. Somehow the paper size selection got no A5. I tried updating the new printer drivers but the paper sizes remain fixed. I don't get to select custom size or A5.

A:Printing A5 papers with Laserjet 4 Plus

I don't think A5 is supported on the laserjet 4m plus printer. I cycled through the paper size settings you could set the manual feed tray for and A5 isn't listed.

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Hello Tech Help!

I have a Dell PC, Windows 98, with a Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 6L printer. I've had all for approximately five years. The printer is regularly not printing. I get a dialogue box directing me to check the cables. I turn off the printer. I check the cables. I then try printing. Most of the time I get nothing - all three lights come on. Once in a while I am able to print. It's driving me crazy. So, I switched out the HP printer with a Canon buble jet printer I got free when I bought the Dell. It works fine, but the laserjet printer prints much crisper. Any ideas as to what is going on? Any advice to help fix the problem. For the first time I purchased a recycled, refilled printer cartridge from OfficeMax to save a few bucks- could this be causing my problem? All advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:HP LaserJet 6L intermittent printing

Hi JoeyBslow

All three lights on is not good. Its the HP code for a hardware error. Was the printer working ok before you replaced the toner cartriage? If so that could be causing your problem.

Hp information.


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My HP 1012 prints erroneous pages all by itself. To wit it prints pages when it's not asked to and the pages have a "Happy Face" on the top left corner. And today it prints two pages at a time.

I am currently on win xp sp2 but before when I was on win2000 it didn't do it. In fact over the last two weeks I have tried everything and at one point I had all three printers uninstalled and the durn printer still printed those pages. It does it about every ten minutes or so. It's on a usb port as all my printers are. I have pursued the malware and virus thing to no avil. I think it's a driver issue but I have installed and uninstalled this printer at least 10 times with the latest drivers from HP.

So at this point I need some help/guidance on how I resolve this probelm.


A:HP LaserJet 1012 Erroneous Printing

have you tried another printer cable?

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we have 2 HP Laserjet 4000s in our office. One of them seems to print at about half the speed of the other one. I've tried to restore the factory settings but that didn't help. They used to work at the same speed but not anymore.

Does anyone have any ideas about why one of them is printing much faster than the other and how to solve the problem?

A:Laserjet 4000 printing slowly

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I have a windows 7 x64 operating system on my Dell laptop (2 months old).
I have this problem with an HP Laserjet P2035 printer (purchased about 4-5 months ago). When i use the usb cable connected to the laptop it prints with no problems. When i use the network cable and assign the drivers that came with the laserjet, i get several pages of printing when i just wanted to print one page. It seems that the driver might have been corrupted. I have tried the generic driver for it, the windows 7 driver, assigned a permanent ip and still the same problem.... I am at a loss at this laser printer. When i connect an Windows XP laptop on the network and use the network cable. It prints fine. Could it be a Windows 7 Issue ?? Need your advice...

A:HP Laserjet P2035 Network Printing

Did you try the driver from the HP website here http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsuppor...sId=3662025&swLang=8&taskId=135&swEnvOID=4063

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not sure if this is the right place for this, but I am new here. we bought a lenovo Thinkstation S20 and we have a Color Laserjet 2550L, when printng from word or excel it prints right away, when printing from a pdf file, it takes for ever, the computer defaults to a 2550 PS Printer, we tried installing the 2550L but it keeps defaulting to the 2550 PS. we have the disc. for the 2550L, but it does not have the option of the windows 7 O/S. help my Boss is going crazy.

A:H.P. Color Laserjet 2550L printing

Welcome to the forum
Did you try to update your drivers?.
See this site:
HP Officejet Full Feature Software and Driver HP Officejet J5780 All-in-One Printer - HP Customer Care (United States - English)=

Or you can visit this site:

The full featured driver download is available from HP here.
Good luck

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Just connected a new HP Laserjet 4100 to our Windows NT 4.0 network. Connected the printer locally to file server, using LPT1. Then made the printer shareable by all network users. When workstations use this printer, they have noticed a slight pause during long print jobs. It will print several pages, pause slightly at which time users think the job might be done, but then it starts again. It's very slight, but it never did this before with our previous HP Laserjet 4000 model. Any ideas?

A:HP Laserjet 4100 Printing Pause

Only thing I know is some printers need, during longer jobs, to have buffering enabled. There is a setting for this in the printer driver. Cannot say if this should be done with a network setup.

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When anything is printed to the HP Laserjet 6MP it prints out ten times. In the printer properties, everything is normal, set to print only one copy and even when the printer is disconneted from the computer and a test page is printed by holding the button down it prints 10 test page so it is something in the hardware of the printer itself. The printer just started doing this by itself. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this??
The Helpdesk Dude

A:HP Laserjet 6MP multiple copy printing

Don't you just hate printers that don't have a real control panel? When you print out a printer test page Is the copys on it set to ten? You can try this to reset the printer.


Hold RESET/JOB CANCEL button in less than 20 seconds (probably around ten) after turning power on.

Clears all data from memory, including unprinted data,downloaded fonts and macros, Resets printer to factory default settings.

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I have a 12 month old Dell running Windows 7 on a wireless net work that has desktop and a laptop configured to print wirelessly. The default printer is an older HP Laserjer 4p for which we installed new drivers compatible with the new computer hardware. Up until recently, the printer would print wirelessly from bothe the laptop and the desktop. Now, the printer itself indicatres it is on line, bur the Devices and Printers shoe the 4p to be offline and I am unable to print.

A:Wireless printing no longer working with an HP Laserjet 4p

Can you ping the printer from the computers?

If you are using dynamic addressing on the printer are you sure it has a valid IP now?

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Just bought this printer because I needed a MFP with fax, copy and scan. It will not print wireless, but works fine with a usb connection. I have tried all of the recommended diagnostics offered by HP, latest firmware, drives, etc. but still have this problem: when printing wireless, the document appears in the queue, but never prints. HP has suggested a problem with windows, and actually has a fix, but not for win 7. See below for their recommendation. Please, can someone help?

A:No wireless printing with new HP LaserJet Professional M1217nfw MFP

Try this site as it may prove to be helpful.
How to Install a Wireless Printer | PCWorld

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I have a HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni connect as a local printer on an HP dx2300 with XP Pro. I can print Word files fine, but when i try to print a pdf file it literally takes 10 minutes to print each page.

I tried using the newest versions of both PCL and Post Script drivers and they both have the same problem.

Anyone ever hear of this?

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I have a 5P which has the original toner cartridge it came with many years ago. I'm getting the following error message: 'A recoverable error has occurred, such as a paper jam, the top cover is open, or the toner cartridge is missing.'

I've ruled out everything except the toner cartridge. I'm not sure if it's the cartridge though, because I do very little printing. I also would have thought there would be warning signs that the toner was running out, such as pages with partial coverage. Is there some way to confirm that the cartridge is empty?

A:LaserJet stopped printing - is toner empty?

As a toner cartridge becomes empty there is a more or less gradual degradation in the print quality; fading, irregular, or gradient across the page. If your print quality did not degrade before you got the error message, it is unlikely that the problem is an empty cartridge. Have you tried to access the printer by printing a test page and checked its properties.

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Our software is failing on the first call to EndPage() when trying to print to an HP M506 printer using the specific driver. It doesn't fail when using the HP Universal Print Driver but our customer is reluctant to use that because they say it is slower.
The code is maybe 15 years old and must have printed to hundreds of different printer types over that period.
It only fails if the printer is set as the default. Even when it is the default, switching to a different printer and then back again in the print dialog makes it work.
The customer is using Windows 7 and I can reproduce the problem on Windows 7 (they have lent us one of their printers). They have tried it on Windows 10 where they say it also fails; I can't reproduce it on Windows 10 (or Windows 8.1).
The call to EndPage() is returning -1 when it fails - as far as I'm aware there is no extended error information for this. The code is using PrintDlg(); I've tried PrintDlgEx() but it made no difference.
When it is going to fail, the DriverVersion and DriverExtra fields in the DEVMODE structure after returning from PrintDlg() are both zero, which I would guess is an indication that something has already gone wrong at that point.
The application is currently built with Visual Studio 2013, is written in C/C++ (with a bit of C# thrown in, but no C# code needs to be executed to get the problem) and is 32-bit. All the versions of Windows mentioned above are 64-bit.

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I don't know if hp laserjet 1600 is capable of postscript printing or how to get my livescribe pen program (which requires a postscript laser printer) to print pages to it. can anyone tell me if its possible with this printer, and what drivers i might need to do this?
I am running windows 7 Home Premium, Livescribe Desktop
When i try printing it just says error, but no mention of what the error is.

A:Solved: Postscript printing to a LaserJet HP 1600

Just read an online brochure published by HP when the hp laserjet 1600 was launched. Unfortunately it does not support Postscript printing. Brochure is here: http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/pscmisc/vac/us/product_pdfs/1140734.pdf

If you scroll down to the bottom where it shows the key list, against key number 4 it says
"Uses the processing power and resources of your computer to process the print job. No PCL or PostScript®."

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My office just received a brand new HP Color Laserjet 3800 printer today. I tried to print a configuration page, and a test page; it shot out a blank piece of paper. All of the shipping tape, and clips on the cartridges were removed, and it is still printing blank. Any ideas why??

A:Color Laserjet 3800 printing problems

I assume you did install the drivers?

If so then what OS do you have?

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I have win7 x64 Sp1 installed, and plugged this printer via usb.
It automaticly detected my printer, but when i try to print pages it takes forever to upload them to printer, once one page is uploaded he does it pretty fast, but then I have to wait another minute to upload other pages, file of 10mb pdf, takes arround 5min (5 pages) to print, and its only text..
Problem is that it only happens while on this pc, win7.
When I do it with my netbook, which has xp x32 installed it does it right away, page after page, without any delay, and prints them in 10 secs.
What could be my problem ?

A:Solved: HP LaserJet 1200 slow printing

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Just bought this printer because I needed a MFP with fax, copy and scan. It will not print wireless, but works fine with a usb connection. I have tried all of the recommended diagnostics offered by HP, latest firmware, drives, etc. but still have this problem: when printing wireless, the document appears in the queue, but never prints. HP has suggested a problem with windows, and actually has a fix, but not for win 7. See below for their recommendation. Please, can someone help?

Many thanks

A:No wireless printing with new HP LaserJet Professional M1217nfw MFP

When you setup the Wireless for the printer, did you pick a static IP address or is it DHCP assigned?

I have two Brother wireless printers that I print to from my Win 7 Pro X64 system and I have assigned static IP addresses to them and never have a problem. In Devices and Printers they look likt this:

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Recently connected a HP DeskJet 895Cxi to my Dell Dimension 2400 via a USB cable. Did not have the driver CD but installation routine found the driver in XP.

I can print test pages. I can print from Photoshop (although results are poor compared with other similar printers), I can print from OE6, Google Chrome, IE6, Excel 98 AND 2003 but can't print existing documents from Word 2003 which were created before installing the HP driver.

The printer goes through the motions of printing (it doesn't just eject a blank page) but nothing appears. However, new documents print o.k in every colour and font combination I can think of so I know the recently installed cartridges are o.k. I have even gone back to the old docs and changed the font colour to black from automatic but still nothing.

I've never come across this problem before.

The only thing I have done recently that throws up a red flag is to install SP3 (!) but this was done before installing the new printer and does not appear to have caused any other problems, at least none that I have yet discovered

I tried to download a later driver from the HP site but it appears that I have the latest driver already in my XP installation. There are no known issues with the printer on the HP site.

Can anyone suggest a reason or, more importantly, a fix?



Dell Dimension 2400
Celeron 2.4 Ghz
2 x 40GB HDD
XP Pro SP3

HP DeskJet 895Cxi
Driver: UNIDRV.DLL v6. 00 0.03.6001.22116

A:Word 2003 not printing to HP LaserJet 895Cxi

Weird update.

Just discovered if I change the font colour of the first word in the document to blue (or any other colour) the entire document prints, including the black text.

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The printer prints out 2 smudged dots on the left hand side every 5cm on every page it prints.

Have tried cleaning the printer by cleaning out any residue and by running the cleaning maintanance. Even on that page the dots appear.

Also using a new cartridge produces has no effect.
Any ideas?


A:Solved: HP laserjet 1010 problems printing

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Please read this post which I put in the hardware area.

No wireless printing with new HP LaserJet Professional M1217nfw MFP


Responded in the other thread.

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I refilled my HP Laser Jet P1102 catridge (its black and white printer) from local shop couple of weeks ago.

it was printing fine until today today it started printing black pages that you can see in attach image

thanks in advance

A:HP LaserJet P1102 printer printing black pages

THis might help you:
HP LaserJet P1102w Only prints Black Pages - HP Support Forum - 3956048

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HP Laserjet 2100 got on craigslist for $15... may be the problem right there but i know these are workhorses and just need to see if its the printer, the machine, driver, or the operator's error (entirely possible)

hooked it up to usb and yes alls well, things print but i switched a few things in the printer settings such as the dpi i switched to 1200 as well as the printer paper feed location, thats about it. now doesnt print at all.

also was looking to maybe get this tunedup... any suggestions? all printer shops say its better just to buy a new printer. i agree, but in the long run the 2100 should last a loooong time... like a honda.

or quite possibly may use as a trade in for a new printer. but i am not sure whats a better option. i'd like it to go wireless but would need a print server i think. my old router i thought could work as print server but linksys/cisco people said NO. its a wireless N lonksys 120n router... then also i'd need a parallel port to ethernet cable... *sigh* maybe just easier to get new printer...

any suggestions to my ramblings would be sweet

A:Hp printer 2100 laserjet... Issues printing/possible driver?

HP LaserJet 2100 Printer series*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

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I have an HP LaserJet CP1025nw color printer.
When I start a print job I enter the number of copies that I want to print of a page. I enter 5 copies but queue says only 1 copy has been entered to print. the driver was recently reinstalled and worked great until today. Other challenges too such as I will select a format as portrait, 8.5x5.5 and when printing it prints only a portion of the page and not necessarily in the orientation that I have selected. I ran several virus scans, but nothing appears to be present. I've checked the printer configuration and it "appears" to be fine.
If anyone has any suggestions, I'd sure appreciate it.

A:HP HP laserjet Printer not printing correct number of copies

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I refilled my HP Laser Jet P1102 catridge (its black and white printer) from local shop couple of weeks ago.

it was printing fine until today today it started printing black pages that you can see in attach image

thanks in advance

A:HP LaserJet P1102 printer printing black pages

THis might help you:
HP LaserJet P1102w Only prints Black Pages - HP Support Forum - 3956048

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Hello Sevenforums,

I have my HP 4050 Laser printer hooked up through a usb to parallel port cable and windows recognizes the printer but that is all it does. In the devices and printers list of all my related devices there lists two "shadow" 4050's that were created as windows discovered the new hardware that do not seem to do anything at all as they are set to be offline and a third "online" printer that will not print any job in the queue. I am sure there is a logical explination for this but i just do not know what it is. If anyone has delt with this before please help

A:HP LaserJet 4050 Series PCL5 Printing problems.

Alpha90, Something tells me that your parallel<>USB device is not passing all the signals that the computer or printer need.
I recommend getting a small parallel network device that you can plug in and connect to your network. They work great and at a non-profit that I volunteer at we have used them lots of times do to funding constraints.

They are pretty cheap and anyone on your network can install the driver for the device and printing works.
D-Link is one that comes to mind.


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These blank pages do not appear to follow a specific pattern, as they are mixed within print jobs at various intervals. Sometimes one, sometimes two pages at a time. They are also being produced when printing from different workstations as well as from different programs so it's not user or app specific.

Any ideas?


A:HP LaserJet 8100 DN printing random blank pages

rotocub said:

These blank pages do not appear to follow a specific pattern, as they are mixed within print jobs at various intervals. Sometimes one, sometimes two pages at a time. They are also being produced when printing from different workstations as well as from different programs so it's not user or app specific.

Any ideas?

TIAClick to expand...

Apparently the printer is picking up extra pages every now and then and running two or three sheets together at once. One of the users who initially reported the problem happened to be standing by the printer and actually watched it spit the pages out.

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I have Canon Laserjet LBP 3000 model in which i receive a bad printing. can anybody tell me which part of printer is infected or this require toner refilling.

I am attaching windows printer test page.

A:Rubbish Printing Quality in Canon Laserjet LBP3000 model

I would definitely say this is a case of new toner cartridge needed.

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We have an XP SP3 system that has an HP LJ P3005 connected to it, and a couple weeks ago it started to print very slowly. It takes 1.5 minutes to print a test page. It had a PCL5e driver, and I updated today to a PCL6. I checked for spool
files that might need to be deleted, but there were none. The system has been rebooted, and printing is set to raw. I've disable the firewall and antivirus. I updated the chipset drivers and BIOS. None of these have helped. I tried logging in with
different credentials, but this didn't help either. Outside of printing, there isn't any strange behavior on the workstation.

I might add that I connected this printer to another workstation, and printing was fine.
It just dawned on me a system restore or sfc may help, but I currently won't have access to the system until tomorrow, so you all might have some other thoughts. Is there anything else I might try to do? Thanks

A:Extremely slow printing to USB HP LaserJet P3005 but not to network printers

Check this :
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