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Lenovo G700 Harddrive Issues - help

Q: Lenovo G700 Harddrive Issues - help

I was having issues with my Lenovo G700 laptop (it kept crashing every time I tried to shut it down). It was failing the Targeted Read Test and the SMART Short Self Test so I took it to a technician to get the internal hard drive changed since it was failing. I got my laptop back but now I am getting a warning for the SMART Short Self Test and a non-applicable label for the SMART Drive Self Test everytime (code is W1XDZDWLU-8VHH7E). Googling the code did not bring up any results. The tests over all are labelled as "passed" but the laptop is slow and keeps stalling. This is relevant section of the report: Storage devicesDisplay NameST1000LM035-1RK172 - 931.51 GBsManufacturerSeagateModelST1000LM035-1RK172SerialW930Q1EAFirmwareSBM3Size931.51 GBsRotation Rate5400 RPMTemperature48 CPhysical Sector Size4096Logical Sector Size512Logical Sectors1953525168Supported StandardsATA8-ACS, ATA7-ATAPI, ATA6-ATAPI, ATA5-ATAPI, ATA4-ATAPI, ATA8-ACS, ATA7-ATAPI, ATA6-ATAPI, ATA5-ATAPI, ATA4-ATAPISpecification VersionUnrecognized VersionPartition SchemaGPTUNALLOCATED1.73 MBsIndex 1Partition TypeWindows recovery environmentSize1000.00 MBsIndex 2Partition Type_E|F|I_SYSTEM_PARTITIONSize260.00 MBsIndex 3Partition Type_CEPH_|JOURNALSize1000.00 MBsIndex 4Partition TypeMicrosoft reserved partitionSize128.00 MBsIndex 5Partition TypeWindows basic data partitionFile systemntfsLabelWindows8_OSMount PointC:\Serial9E3D6C54Size890.66 GBsUsed491.53 GBsFree399.13 GBsIndex 6Partition TypeWindows recovery environmentSize842.00 MBsIndex 7Partition TypeWindows basic data partitionFile systemntfsLabelLENOVOMount PointD:\Serial3443A325Size25.00 GBsUsed18.17 GBsFree6.83 GBsIndex 8Partition TypeWindows recovery environmentSize12.70 GBs Is this happening just because it is a Seagate harddrive or is there a real issue? Unfortunatly I did not have the time to shop online for a lenovo hard drive because I need the laptop for work and the post here can be really slow. Additional info: the laptop is a little over 3 years old and since I changed the hard drive it is slow on some occasions and seems to act normally in other moments. Restarting it usually helps. I honestly do not know what to make of it and any help would be much appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo G700 Harddrive Issues - help

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


POST (Power On Selft Test) failed and mother board is being replaced. Since the authentication key for operating system is in this hardware how can i get it replaced?  I tried to call the phone support, no one able to answer this question.

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I've had a G700 running Windows 8.1 for a few years now. Recently I've been experiencing a problem where I'll suddenly lose wireless connection and get the troubleshooting message that "the default gateway is not avaible". It's a very frequent problem (according to my troubleshooting log it's happened over 200 times this month) and I'd really, really like to be rid of it. I'm using a Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter. I saw some people with similar issues, and I've already changed the power setting so the computer can't turn off the driver to save power. It didn't help. I saw some suggestions to lower the adapter's "roaming aggeression" under the advanced tab, but I don't have that option (I do have "Roaming tendency" which I set to moderate but again, it didn't seem to help). The only thing I can think to do next might be to reinstall the whole driver, but I wanted to see what the nice folks here suggested. So yeah. Lenovo G700. Broadcom 802.11n. Windows 8.1. Randomly losing wireless connection because the default network gateway is unavalible. Any suggestions?

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Hi, we have a Lenovo G700 running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Tried everything including a multitude of things from this and other forums and we cannot get the touchpad disabled.Reinstalled drivers (Synaptic/elan, energy management etc), hotkeys off/on in bios, and more. Even after reinstalling the synaptics driver we are unable to see any of the extra management items in the mouse areathatwould allow us to alter anything with the touchpad. I am even unable to disable the mouse on ps/2 port in device manager. All other function keys work except F6 (or Fn-F6) Does anyone have any suggestions what the issue could be or how I can get the touchpad disabled without physically unplugging the thing from the motherboard? Unit is less than 2 months old and this is really an irritation. Thanks,Wayne

A:Lenovo G700 can't disable touchpad

Hi Jacksun,  Welcome to the forum,You could try a third party software to do thisTouchpad Blocker  keep me postedregards

Lets make 2015 the year of the #DODid I or someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!

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My Lenovo G700, which is a week old, is saying that it is "plugged in, not charging". It was working fine until last night when I closed the lid to put it into sleep mode for the first time. I have checked that it is set to maximum battery life and it is still not working. It's stuck on 98%. I am severely disappointed that something like this has happened a week into having my first Lenovo. I hope someone can help me rectify this problem.

A:Lenovo G700 Plugged In Not Charging

hi Zadeth,
Welcome to the Forums.
Can you try to:
1. Turn off the machine and remove the AC adapter and battery
2. Hold the power button for 10secs then plug the AC adapter back in.
3. Turn the computer ON and when it gets to Windows, slide the battery back in place and observe the charge.
Alternatively, try to use the battery charge until it asks you to plug the AC adapter and observe if the charge goes all the way to 100%.
Let me know your findings

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Hello, I wanted to upgrade my laptop from 8 GB RAM (2*4 GB) to 16 GB RAM (2*8 GB). My computer supports max. 16GB RAM. My computer datils befor the upgrade (I can add adittional inforamtion if needed):     Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit     CPU: Intel Core i5 3230M @ 2.60GHz 62 °C, Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology     RAM: 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz (11-11-11-28)    Motherboard: LENOVO G700 (U3E1) I bought 2 x 8GB DDR3 1600 SODIMM 1.35 V (CT102454BF1505.M16FED) cruical units. When replacing them I get only a black screen, no windows or BIOS or anything. I tried all the variations and found out, that if I use one old 4GB unit and one new 8 GB unit it works and I get 12GB ram, details:     MemoryType: DDR3     Size: 12288 MBytes     Channels # Dual     DRAM Frequency: 798.7 MHz     CAS# Latency (CL) 11 clocks     RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD) 11 clocks     RAS# Precharge (tRP) 11 clocks    Cycle Time (tRAS) 28 clocks    Command Rate (CR) 1T I looke up everything, tried updating BIOS, cheked the settings and now in the dark, I can't fine the solution. A weird thing that occured is before it said (2*4GB):Total memory slots 2Used memory slots 2Now it says (4GB+8GB) - I have only 2 memory slots:Total memory slots 4Used memory slots 2Free memory slots 2 Does anyone have an I... Read more

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I am having issues using the bluetooth feature that I believe is supposed to be on my laptop. The laptop is currently Windows 8.1. I'm going to leave a short version and a full detailed version including everything I have attempted previously before going to the forums.I have not used or looked at the bluetooth feature on here since obtaining it as a hand me down but I was not the person who updated the laptop to windows 8.1 . I'm hoping I don't have to obtain a BlueTooth Dongle but thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my issue.  Short versionSpoiler (Highlight to read)I cannot get bluetooth to to function properly. I have tried multiple methods and only have been able to start up the bluetooth support service. Whether or not it was actually working I do not know. I cannot get bluetooth to to function properly. I have tried multiple methods and only have been able to start up the bluetooth support service. Whether or not it was actually working I do not know.  Detailed versionSpoiler (Highlight to read)I am having trouble getting bluetooth to be visible much less even function on my Lenovo G700 laptop. This laptop has gone windows 10 and was reverted back to windows 8.1 and am mentioning it because it has caused issues with other things such as my Mic, speakers, and Dolby but were fixed thanks to my friend using the TeamViewer tool. When he first went through we were looking for other things but we did see previous bluetooth thing... Read more

A:Lenovo G700 BlueTooth issue

Have you physically looked at the hardware (Wireless Card) and ran the units serial / model / part numbers thru Google to see if it does in fact have bluetooth?  I ask this as the listing you link to states the bluetooth module is "optional" rather than included as fact.
I would also recommend that you download your service / maintenance manual from the Lenovo Support tab of this website and look at the listing of parts for WiFi and bluetooth, which you can use as a "reference" tool to see exactly what part is in your notebook.
Once you have this information, post back and we will see what we can do to assist you with further troubleshooting.

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Hello. After taking my laptop apart again I realized I can actually add another ram stick but I'm not sure if it's worth doing. I'm aware that I have to get a Crucial 4g or 8g SODIMM DDR3 stick to go with/replace my 4g  stick that came with the laptop with a total cap of 16g to upgrade to. However given the limitations of the G700 I'm unsure if adding more RAM will be worth doing as I'm saving for a real PC. Is it going to be worth the $30-$100 to increase my RAM or should I just wait until I build my PC. I play a modderatly modded Civilization 6, Mount&Blade Warband, and other less taxing games. Other than nearly 100% freezing the laptop (requiring holding the power button) a few times, low settings, and used to mouse delay/low fps in some cases it's still playable imo Any opinions are welcome and thx for your time

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Dear All,Having problems with my microphone. It was recomended to reinstal windows 10.Just did that. Now i'm missing all Lenovo Applications. Is there an easy to download these apllications.? Dass

A:Lenovo G700 Applications missing after re-install ...

Plug in your model (G700) at the top of the support page, then press enter. It should show your choices, select your notebook from the list and you should see your particular drivers shown below.Good luck.CB

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Hi,My G700 is three years old, on W8, no problem until now.When I put it in sleep mode, it starts back immediately when I press a key or raise the cover.But if I put it in full power off, it goes off but then, I have to wait between one up to three hours recently, to get Windows start screen. I mean the power starts, fan starts, disk Led is on (battery Led too), but nothing else, the screen is off (so black). The case is not as other "black screen" cases, where the screen stays black whatever they do. In my case also I can do nothing to get Lenovo logo at power on, I cant enter Bios setup. I tried also to remove battery, power cord and press Power button to discharge condensators, then connect power cord, nothing but the fan and disk runing and disk led on. I just can wait one hour or more. The only explanation I can see, is one month ago, the first time it happened, I was using Avast free antivirus, and Avast did a new update. So I was thinking after this update, that Avast starts a long full scan at power on, so I removed Avast and activated Windows Defender. No problem when I used just sleep mode and wake up. But same problem when I put the comp in full power off.Maybe Windows Defender starts also a full scan at that time? Now I use only sleep mode ; yesterday I travelled for 10 hours, and the comp started immediately when I pressed a key! I will be pleased to have any advice from you.

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Hi!I have problem with lenovo g700. A few months ago my display has broken, it turned out when i push harder in keyboard section where are keys like I, O, P, J, K, L my display lights up. So I thought that it must have been tape from display backlight. When i unscreawed keyboard screws and unattached a keyboard then everything seemd to be working. But unfortunately it didn't. Laptop does not turn on. When I click power button it seems like it has power because power diode is on, but can't turn on. I checked all tapes and and power button is working because when I hold it for a few seconds the power diode turns off. Also, when i plug power supply it turns power diode. I tried also every magic trick with unhooking ram and turning without power supply and battery. Maybe I damaged something while repairing but it seems like on motherboard there is no scrathes at all, thin layer of dust ( I think i could see scratches from screwdriver ). What should I do? Thank you in advance.

IMG_20180211_205451.jpg ?3343 KB

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I am having lenovo g700 laptop and i have a sticker on it that says nvidia geforce but my system does not display it how do i find the dedicated graphic card? , now i have already checked in the display manager under display adapters it shows only intel 4000, I also looked into the bios but it says optimus and uma only option, i have tried installing the drivers but i get an error that says that the graphic hardware is not found, what do i do since i want use the Solid Works software that i installed and it required dedicated graphic card, It says in my purchase specifications that lenovo g700 does have a dedicated 2GB graphic card

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G700 when AC cord connected white light on top of screen. (black screen)Unable to enter bios with quick button. (Also tried other suggested Fn combination, no fix) Hard drive removed and tested for erros. No erros.CMOS battery found to be 3V. New battery installed. No fix sofar. Each time AC cord is connected it makes some noise and keep looping though. (Even without pushing power button) Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I have an odd problem were the G700 takes 1 to 20 minutes to post/boot. 1.  Turn the G700 on.2.  The camera light goes on.3.  There is some fan noise.4.  Wait 1 to 20 minutes5.  Windows boot sequence kicks in.6. G700 runs as normal. I have booted to the usb UFEI and ran 5 hours of tests without issue.  Note it took about 10 minutes for the G700 to post/boot to USB drive. Booting to UFEi has the same issue.  Windows shutdown is fast.  No errors in the boot logs. I did perform a software reset to optimized default in bios but that did not solve the issue.  Attempted to reflash the bios, but there is only one version of the bios available and I did not figure out how to force a reflash over the same version.  Is there a way to had reset the bios via a pin? Any other thoughts on a resolution to this?

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Hello All  I am trying to find out if there is any wireless AC cards that will work with Lenovo G700 series Labtop. I am not sure where to look or how to find out the current card manufature ID or if there is a list of approved wireless AC cards Lenovo knows will work with this machine. If any one has any idea please let me know so I can upgrade. I love this machine and would like to get better wireless speeds.

A:Compatible wireless AC cards for Lenovo G700 labto...

Hello and welcome,
The whitelisted (model + Lenovo FRU required) WLAN cards are shown on page 72 of the Hardware Maintenance Manual - Lenovo G700, G710
I don't see any AC cards listed.
Your best bet may be a USB wireless AC adapter.  Not ideal perhaps, but inexpensive.

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The charger supplied with my Lenovo G700 recently stopped working completely (it was making a weird bleeping sound when plugged in as well), so I purchased another genuine Lenovo charger identical to the first. However, my laptop doesn't recognise that this is an authentic Lenovo product and keeps telling me that I'm using an 'unauthorised battery', so my laptop can only be plugged in, and not charging. So far I've been unable to find a suitable fix on google. I'm reluctant to buy another charger as they are so expensive, in case I encounter the same problem again.  Any suggesions/experiences would be very helpful! Thank you  

A:Genuine Lenovo charger 'unauthorised', G700 not charging

If the original charger made strange noises, you might have damaged the power circuitry on the motherboard

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Hi guys, I'm dealing with a problem which is currently (but I sincerely hope, not permanently) rendering my G700 useless.When I attempt to boot my PC it freezes at the Lenovo splash screen. I've waited ample amount of time but nothing appears to happen. One time I waited and managed to get into a Windows troubleshooting menu where I attempted to wipe the PC and start fresh, but this also froze at the lenovo screen soon after. Pressing the Novo button gives me 4 options but it appears to freeze, not allowing me to scroll through the options, or press enter. If I remove the harddrive it tells me to insert media and press OK, but once again, it appears to freeze as pressing enter doesn't do anything. I've tried booting from a USB stick but can't seem to get into any setting which would allow me to do this.I Removed DVD drive as I read on this forum that it was an issue with different Lenovo laptops, and since I don't use it anyway, decided to give it a go, but unfortunately nothing changed :-( If any kind soul could advise me with what I could possibly do, it be would be greatly appreciated as I'm dreading the thought of having to purchase a new laptop. Thanks :-)

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Why does my G700 only charge the battery after i shut it off ? Is that normal ? Can it be changed to charge all the time ?  thanks 

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Hello,After running the Lenovo Solution Center scan on my G700 laptop the following hardware tests failed: Targeted Read TestSMART Short Self TestSMART Drive Self Test What do these failed test results mean and how do I repair them? My laptop is too old to be covered by a Lenovo warranty. I checked. Thanks.MWhe865050

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I have been experiencing a few misc problems with this laptop and I am well aware that it is dying but I would like to know if any of this I can do a quick fix to help holding off till I finally can afford my gaming rig. 1. Restarting and shutting down can cause all audio and brightness control to no longer work. Usually after a a little while videos stop playing as well when audio goes out. Restarts usually a guarantee to do this when not fixing something. I go to device manager and unistall the audio parts and restart to fix that. I manually install a different driver to get my brightness control back whenever it stops working. I used to have this issue with my mic but that turned out to be damage from switching to windows 10 and back which is fixed now. 2. Background returned to windows 10 default as windows 8.1 . This only happened once but my background randomly changed from my game character to windows 10 default. Original picture was even missing from where I placed it. Re-downloaded and hasn't reverted back to windows 10 default background so far. Mostly curious if the picture randomly corrupted. 3. Random things in recycling bin. I randomly noticed StarCraft2 saves in my recycling bin. The problem is I had to google the game to even know what it is. Only thing I came up with is that maybe it's the account I'm using though I may be an idiot when it comes to this. As a handme down laptop I never bothered making a new profile and use it when logging in to... Read more

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Hey EveryoneFirst let me say I have not seen this before...I have a All in one b 50-30 that does not see the 3.5 inch Hard drive.  So I put another 3.5 in and it is not seen.  So I replace the cable harness still no drive so by chance I hook up a 2.5inch Laptop drive and I can see that one.  Every 3.5 drive is not seen every 2.5 drive is seen...$!!$#@% any ideas?  And by the way the cdrom drive is seen.

A:Lenovo B50-30 3.5 Harddrive not seen

Hi ctohelpsu , 
Are those 3.5 HDD you tried working on a different pc or at least detected in the BIOS ?
Would we be able to isolate both power and data cables used in working condition ?
Try to turn off and unplug from the power port and press down power to drain .
Turn on and tap F1 again fro BIOS and load defaults F9 then save and exit . 
Check if BIOS would be able to check HDD ?
Update us how that would so we can isolate the point of failures. 

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I bougth a Lenovo Laptop t60 model 1951-BS7  and no OS since I already own a copy of XP and my last PC HD burnt out.  I wanted to load XP on my new hardrive.  When I boot from my XP CD it goes through the setup process and then tells me it can not find a hardrive in the laptop.  I go to BIOS and can run the HD scan and all works well so the Laptop's BIOS knows the HD is installed.  Any one have any suggestions?

A:XP on Lenovo T60 will not find Harddrive

This is the url to the lenovo page where u can look it up: ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/7zim06ww.txt
If your system has Intel(R) 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller, (as you have), select Intel(R) ICH7M/MDH SATA AHCI Controller.
No need to change BIOS, just download the drivers from the link to a floppy desk, start ur windows installation and press F6 at the very start. Then press "S" and select "Intel(R) ICH7M/MDH SATA AHCI", press "enter" and continue the installation on your T60 ;-)
Good luck.

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HiI have a Lenovo X250.It trys to repair windows 10, but fails.Then I did made a Boot-USB with Windows 10, but when i reach the place, where to chose where to install, it only shows Disc0, but with no space to install.I want a total clean install from USB.In bios, I can see a harddrive, but does the computer have a SSD and Harddisc too?What is wrong? 

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Hi all, not sure if I'll get a response to this but thought it was worth a try. So for all intents and purposes, I have buggered my g50-70. its out of warranty so I don't have much chance of repair. Essentially the harddrive was starting to flake out and reset at the slightest nudge or minor movement on my lap, and the other night it did it for the umpteenth time and I finally lost my rag. I closed the lid hard and since then, the laptop won't boot up and complains that the "Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed" and I therefore cannot load it up etc I was going to buy a new HDD and try to set it up fresh using drivers etc but the laptop came with windows 8 and upgraded to windows 10 for free, so what can I do in this situation? do I have to buy a windows license again? Can I install the operating system from scratch? Or is there a way to recover my operating system if the hdd fails? Bearing in mind that I don't know when I last did any kind of backup etc Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks 

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Holla Amigos!

Long time reader, first time poster... You know how it is!
I'm totally desperate...

I tried everything I can think of, yet my Caddy is still going crazy.

Lenovo G510

Windows 7

i7 4700MQ

8GB Ram

AMD Radeon Graphics HD8750 M


250 GB Samsung EVO SSD (currently in the caddy)

(the original build: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00FQLVHK0/ref=oh_aui_...)
Basically, the Laptop will no longer detect the SSD (or HDD, doesn't make a difference) placed
in the caddy anymore. It never worked 100%, but for a long period of time it worked atleast most
of the time. Every 5th boot or so, it wouldn't get recognised - which is why I never put the OS
on the SSD, since it was to unreliable. Instead, I put my audio software, plugins and video caches
onto the SSD (I know, that's not really the point... But I feel like it made some difference).
For a few weeks now, no harddrive in the caddy whatsoever is recognised at all. Not in the Bios,
not in the device manager and not in Windows' harddrive manager. This was more of a gradual
thing, i got a bunch of blue screens durring the boot process (usually at the Windows 7 loading bar).
Occasionally, it will show up in the boot menu - but as soon as I actually boot, it will once again be undetectable.
The CD drive works just fine when I put it back in, so it can't be the SATA port.
I tried three different Caddys, so that can't be the problem either- unless the G510 need... Read more

A:Lenovo G510: Harddrive Caddy not Recognised

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Dear Lenovo, I have buyed a Lenovo s21e20 2 years ago and  I have a lot of problems.First the laptop gets very hot beacause of the RAM usage in the background , The second one is that I have always the problem that it says  "You runnning out of memory please close your programs" . I tryed everything I know, even a factory reset doesnt help. After the factory reset I have for example 10 GB free out of 21,4 GB but after a reboot of the computer it goes to 2 GB and even 0 MB. This is very frustrating for me because I am using this for school and nothing helps.I am running at Windows 8.1 and I have 2 GB of RAM. Maybe someone can help me with this problem. Thanks in advanced.

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Hi, I've started my Lenovo and it suddenly stopped seeing my SSD Disk First of all I've got Boot Menu all the time - even tough I choose Windows Boot Menager it returns to Boot Menu again I check the BIOS and it occurs that hard disk 1 is NOT INSTALLED (?) Whole info about the system is also gone... I've tried to start it with the Legacy mode but it does not work. I've also tried to remove the battery. Is there any chance to turn it on ? Maybe with some program or through the pendrive...?Would it be possible to retrieve data from this disk? It is very important for me. I attached the whole BIOS info 

A:Can not start Lenovo - Notebook does not see harddrive with windows on it

It is hard to be sure without seeing it, but it looks like the SSD is logically damaged.  Do you have a backup?  You may be able to mound the drive in a housing or with an adapter hooked to another machine to pull off files.

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A friend Recently donated to me a Segate 40GB hardrive (Model ST340810A), which I could certinly use If I could only get my mobo (Shuttle Hot 661 i440bx) to recognise it. The auto detect feature of my bios will not find the hardrive irregardless as to weather I have it as a slave of master. If anyone could provide some help on this matter it would be greatly apprechated.

A:New Harddrive Issues

I just had the same problem installing my Maxtor 80gb HD last week. I had to update/flash my BIOS, I knew this was a risky operation, but else I had a useless HD. So go to your mobo´s manufacterer homepage, en download the latest version of the bios for it.
My mobo is from GigaByte, and luckily they had a good description how to do so, it's very important that you follow procedures from your own mobo manufacter.

Warning: Flashing you bios can do harm to your computer if anything goes wrong

So it's at you own risk, but it's likely to be necsesary for your problem.

Good luck

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Okay. So, I just bought a new 160 GB 7200 RPM with 8MB cache from Western Digital (desktop computer HDD). Now, as I popped the burnt Windows XP copy into the CD-ROM drive, for some reason it did not work. All I have is a message with the following:

File cpquarry.sys caused an unexpected error (12800) at line 3514 in d:\xpclient\base\boot\setup\setup.c

Press any key to continue.

Before you go on to tell me to hit "partition a drive", NOTHING came up. The same thing happened with my old HDD, as well. I don't know what the hell is happening, and any help would be greatly appreciated. It just automatically went in to the blue screen with Windows Setup, but no interactive options came up... a small bar at the bottom of the screen just said it was installing certain things.

A:New harddrive issues


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I recently purchased a new Seagate Barracuda 500gb harddrive. I installed the drive and initially my computer refused to boot up with the drive plugged in. I tried a different SATA port and all was fine, the harddrive had been working for the previous few days.

Although, today, I attempted to start up my computer, and once again, my computer refused to boot. I unplugged the drive and it was able to boot up. I tried other SATA ports and it didn't boot up. Finally, I removed the drive all together from my computer, and yet again, it refused to boot up! I unplugged various things from my computer, such as the DVD drive, and now my computer boots.

Any thoughts? Anybody?

Much thanks in advance.

A:New Harddrive Issues. Help!

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Following up from this issue that was solved:

Armed with a fresh install of XP and the computer running smoother than ever, I seem to of come to a grinding halt.

Basically, the computer randomly locks up after I've left it on for a while, usually when I'm trying to access My Computer or something, it occasionally gives me a pop-up window saying some data has been lost. It always says the data has been lost from the F: it seems.

Everytime this happens I have to restart the computer by holding down the power button (no other option as it's completely locked up) and every time I restart it it runs CHKDSK on F:. This takes a few minutes saying it has to check for consistency etc. After a while it comes back with the results and has numerous files saying 'Recovered file orphaned:' or something like that.

Does anyone have any idea what this might be? Is CHKDSK deleting my files or something due to an error on the drive?

A:More Harddrive Issues

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Ok heres the story...

I recently got a brand new harddrive for my Dell computer. It was going to be a slave originally. Surprise to me, theres no room in the Dell for another harddrive. So I remove the old one and use the new one. Now I want to put the old one in my old gateway computer to use. (It has all my good software and stuff.) But unfortunately upon booting up after the switch, It says 'Windows failed to start normally' And presents me with the options of the different safe modes and to try again normally. None work. After fiddling with it I managed to get a configuration that worked. The original harddrive that was in the gateway is set to master and the old Dell one is slaved to it. Now this would be perfect and all, but both harddrives have thier own copy of windows. (The old Dell one has Windows XP sp2, and the old gateway one has Windows XP Home Edition sp2). I have file access to all of my stuff on the slaved drive, but none of the programs or the ability to use the Add/Remove Programs on the slaved drive. Is there some way to merge the programs and settings on the slave drive onto the master drive? thanks in advance.


A:Harddrive Issues!

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to review my humble request for assistance. This problem definitely has my brain in a loop - I worked as a computer tech for a year and I've never seen anything quite like this.

I'm running an e-machine T5082 (I know, I know) which is currently running 3 hard drives + 1 external USB Hard Drive. I have a USB Wireless Adapter, and also periodically use a couple of other USB Drives.

About 2 weeks ago one of my hard drives started periodically giving me an error message pertaining to the USB Drive that said "There is no disk in the drive. please insert a disk into drive device\harddisk1\dr2". Over the period of a week it started to occur with increasing frequency. Putting a flash drive in is normally what triggered it, but after a certain point it would occur regardless of weather or not a flash drive had been put in at all. Eventually all usb related devices started to malfunction in various ways... some would create multiple "Unknown Drives" that served no function, and most USB drives + my external wouldn't allow you to access the drive through my computer because it couldn't see the drive letter, or the link to the drive wouldn't work - you would have to manually type in the drive letter in the address bar.

At this point I noticed that the problem was on both of my other hard drives as well even though there was no direct interaction between them... The machine had not been hooked ... Read more

A:HardDrive + USD Issues

we haven't ever had internet in the house.
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So when you reinstall XP, how to you get updates?

Some of these updates and service packs can be helpful in the proper operation of usb devices.

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ok. I used kill disk on my harddrive twice. [the freeware version]. I start the computer, and it says put a boot disk in the drive. i put in the windows xp home edition upgrade disk and it starts the install. When its on the intelligent I/O controller, i get an error. [dac960nt.sys is corrupted >.<] I restart like it says and it goes on its merry way. it gets up to the point where it says 'starting windows' then i get this huge full screen error. It says that 'A problem has been detected and windows has been shutdown to prevent damage.


then a bunch of stuff saying that if its the first time ive gotten that screen to just restart, if its during setup i need to get windows security updates for my hardware's software, then

'Technical Information:

*** STOP: 0x0000006f (0xC0000020, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)'

Will someone please tell me whats up with windows THIS time...

EDIT: i am installing windows 98 first [it is formatting the harddrive. again.] then i will try to install xp from the upgrade disk.

A:More harddrive issues...

Try testing the RAM: http://www.memtest.org/ Bad memory often shows up during installation of XP.
Or test the hard drive with the manufcturer's diagnostics.
Or try another CD/DVD drive.
Or try another Windows XP CD.

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ok, this problem started when i hooked an IDE hard drive up to my computer that runs a maxtor 80gb SATA HD in order to access the IDE one. All went well with that. Problem started when i unhooked the IDE hard drive and tried to reboot my computer. At first i was getting stuck on the blue windows screen that says windows xp and pops up right before you get to choose which user account you want to log in to. it would sit there for hours without ever loading. then after trying a few different things i hooked the IDE hard drive up and the computer booted right up. i tried a bunch of different options with the system bios, but still nothing. finally i tried resetting the system defaults for the bios. with everything hooked back up the way it was originally and my fingers crossed, i rebooted. now i get a screen saying," Diskette Drive 0 seek failure. Strike F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility." I've tried safe mode and it doesn't work either. I've checked my boot priority and made sure all the cables were connected securely.
If somebody could please help i would be so appreciative. I just want my computer back!

A:harddrive issues, argh

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I have a machine with winxp a 1.6ghz duron with 384 ram with a 32x24x48 aopen cdrw as the master and a benq 52x cdrom as the slave. The hardrdrive is a wd 120gig as the master. When I try to play a cdr in the benq the harddrive lite starts flashing and the music picks up the beat and sounds horrible. I put the cdr in the aopen and it plays perfect. I have replaced the benq with other cdroms with the same effect. Also I have replaced the cable. If I try to play mp3's or wma files in the benq it plays perfect. Any ideas? This only started when I had a new clean install of winxp from win98se.

A:cdrom and harddrive have issues

Don't use that drive for music!!

Kidding aside, some CD-ROM's just don't seem to function as well on secondary channels. Try exchanging the writer with the CD-ROM and see if that helps. You might even try other combinations to see if any of them work better. Just be sure to check all the jumpers when moving the drive connections.

Look around in BIOS setup. Though peer concurrency is enabled on most motherboards by default (accessing 2 drives simultaneously), some BIOS setups have an explicit setting for it.

Right-click the drives in Device Manager and check their properties. Be sure that "DMA if available" is chosen (under IDE controllers).

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Just today, I went down about 8GB of memory, for some unknown reason, I tried SpaceMonger, and found my Program files and such using the adequate memory, 19GB or so, but there is an unscannable 40.8GB that may be to blame. How do I check this?

A:Harddrive Space Issues

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I just bought a Neo mobile storage harddrive case and cant seem to get it to install. When i hook it up it says its installing the drivers for a mass storage device on the usb port. When it finishes install it says problems have occured that may prevent the device from being used. When i look in the device manager, its not even listed! Im running winxp pro- sp2, and have an aopen ax4b pro 533 mobo. I have also tried this on my laptop running xp pro sp1, and on an old win 2k machine and none of them have gotten it to work. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

A:usb external harddrive issues

looks like you're either doing something wrong or the hardware itself is defective. Did the part some with any software and/or drivers?

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I recently purchased a new 80 GB HD upon which I have installed Win XP (thus NTFS file system)
However, my former HD (a 20GB with Win 98 [FAT32]) has some vital information I would like to transfer.
I have tried everything I can imagine to get this former HD to appear, but it will not show up either in the BIOS or in XP. Also, when I tried to boot off it alone, it wouldn't work anymore.
I have:
adjust jumper settings for all combinations of master/slave/cable select
used 1 and 2 IDE cables
swapped positions on the IDE cables if only using 1 cable for each HD

I'm assuming something has compromised the integrity of the old HD, but I cannot think of what it is (and thus how to fix it).

Thanks for your help

A:Dual harddrive Issues

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I have a machine with winxp a 1.6ghz duron with 384 ram with a 32x24x48 aopen cdrw as the master and a benq 52x cdrom as the slave. The hardrdrive is a wd 120gig as the master. When I try to play a cdr in the benq the harddrive lite starts flashing and the music picks up the beat and sounds horrible. I put the cdr in the aopen and it plays perfect. I have replaced the benq with other cdroms with the same effect. Also I have replaced the cable. If I try to play mp3's or wma files in the benq it plays perfect. Any ideas? This only started when I had a new clean install of winxp from win98se.

A:cdrom and harddrive have issues


MIght be a good idea to make sure you have the drives the proper place on the ribbon cables. I know that you know, but so easy to mess this one up.

Motherboard IDE......................Slave....................Master
....................................... Middle of cable............End of cable

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I am having issues with my browsers, in Chrome, facebook doesn't load properly, and I cannot click on my emails from Hotmail, as well as a few other sites I am not able to click on links, and I keep getting this pop-up, not very frequent, but the same one, it pops up on internet-explorer aswell as chrome, same one everytime, any thoughts on how to fix this? also, I can't open my system restore, an error pops up, and lastly, it shows an "x" on my harddrive icon under "my computer" when I right-click it and click on properties, then scan for errors, it says there are errors, but no option underneath to fix the problems, just a 'close' button, any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time.

A:Browser + harddrive Issues.

restart your computer in safemode with networking,

scan for viruses

scan for disk errors

if problem persists, then download spybot search and destroy ver 1.62

when installing, de-select tea timer install ( its too bothersome, pops up everytime a registry entry is made/changed )

run spybot in safemode, when done fix selected items, then reboot..

Was everyting working ok while in safemode?

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I am trying to upgrade my hard drive in an old AMD K6-2/450 system. I have a PC100 M599LMR Socket 7 motherboard and the BIOS is AMI Release 07/02/1999S.

I installed a Hitachi 80 GB drive. My old drive was a Maxtor 10 GB (it was making a lot of noise and driving me crazy). The CMOS was set to autodetect the primary master IDE device, however when it reached this part of boot up the system would hang and not go any further. I then tried to update the CMOS myself. It asks for Cyl, Heads and Sectors as input. I couldn't find these values for my new drive so I used the F3 to command detection while inside CMOS and the system locked up. I then reattached my old drive to see what settings it detected. It had 19382 Cyl, 16 Heads and 63 Sectors. I tried multiples of the 19382 Cyl to arrive at the correct 80 GB drive size but my CMOS doesn't have enough data fields to enter this value.

What can be done to get this drive setup?


A:BIOS Issues with New Harddrive

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