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Loss of mapped drive, networked drive disconnects

Q: Loss of mapped drive, networked drive disconnects

I'm running Win7 ult x64. I am running on a network with 4 pcs, 2 vista, 2 xp. We have one server running 2000. I have mapped a couple of folders on the server and can connect just fine when I first start my pc. But after awhile the connection is lost. It still shows the drives, but not the connection. This internet works fine and access is controlled through the server. I can restart my machine and the drives will be connected and working as they should. But after some time they will disconnect again. Win 7 is acting like it is losing the connection to the network, because I can't map another drive from one of the other PC's unless I reboot. But the internet access is still working fine. Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Loss of mapped drive, networked drive disconnects

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Loss of mapped drive, networked drive disconnects

This behavior is caused by the default policy setting in the Windows Server.
Mapped Drive Connection to Network Share May Be Losthttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/297684
Sometimes firewall can also cause this kind of issues. I suggest you temporary disable the firewall on both computers.
After doing these, the mapped drives should not disconnect.
In general situations, although the connections disconnect after a while, it should be able to reconnect if you launch it. In this case you may need to change the NTLM authentication level. Please refer the following website.
Network security: LAN Manager authentication level
The policy is:
Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\Network security: LAN Manager authentication level
Please change “Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated”.
If your system is Windows 7 Home Premium, you may change it from Registry.
1. Launch regedit from Start Search box.2. Find the following branch. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa
3. Create a DWORD key under Lsa and set:
Name: LmCompatibilityLevel Value: 1
4. Restart.Arthur Xie - MSFT

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I have a few computers here in my office that randomly disconnects from the mapped network drive which is on our server. Both computers are operating on Windows XP Professional and the server is running Windows 2003 Server (small business edition). All computers have plenty of RAM (at least 1 Gig each) and are most likely P4 chipsets (one is a brand new Dell Optiplex and the other is no name brand). I did check to see if I have enough licenses on my server, which we have 10 and we have a total of 7 computers accessing the server. If anyone can help me with this issue, please post ASAP so I can get this issue resolved.

Dan Fusco
FUSION CRDD/RMA-Engineering, Riverside.

A:Mapped Network Drive suddenly disconnects...

Check the PC NIC cards Power Management Setting to make sure the computer is not powering the Lan Cards down.

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I have a few computers here in my office that randomly disconnects from the mapped network drive which is on our server. Both computers are operating on Windows XP Professional and the server is running Windows 2003 Server (small business edition). All computers have plenty of RAM (at least 1 Gig each) and are most likely P4 chipsets (one is a brand new Dell Optiplex and the other is no name brand). I did check to see if I have enough licenses on my server, which we have 10 and we have a total of 7 computers accessing the server. If anyone can help me with this issue, please post ASAP so I can get this issue resolved.

Dan Fusco
FUSION CRDD/RMA-Engineering, Riverside.

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Client is laptop running on Vista Business. Server is Windows 2000. File is on Host running on XP SP2. I can map the drive on laptop to Host but when I try to run an application I get message:

You must run APPLICTATION_NAME from a mapped drive.

I am running application from mapped drive so why do I get this message?

Only weird thing I can mention is that I have to specify domain name and user name to connect to the mapped drive. But once I am connected I can open all files. But the application I need to run gives me the error message.

Help anyone?

A:message to connect through mapped drive while connected through mapped drive

Is the application on the host or just the data?

Does another machine connect correctly?

If the app. is on a host along w/ the data, have you tried installing the application on your machine and accessing the data over the lan.

Other thoughts:
sometimes applications require an exact data path. For example, f:\app
this info is stored on the host. When you map your local drive, you choose m:\app

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A laptop has 5 mapped drives which are only used on the office. Offline files is not an option. When a user on the road clicks on a mapped drive by mistake, the explorer window locks up while it tries to find it.

OK, but what is infuriating is what it does when it can't fid it.
Instead of doing something sensible like taking the explorer window to C: drive or desktop, it goes to the next drive letter. Of course this is also unavailable. So the machine is essentially unusable for about 5 minutes if the user mis-clicks once.

Any way to change this behaviour ?
XP Home and Pro.

A:When mapped drive not found, explorer goes to next drive letter. Delays.

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Re: cloned a 80G HDD to a 128G USB Flash stick
Nov 29, 2014

this link helped me:


----- Original Message -----
From: Andy
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2014 6:16 PM
Subject: cloned a 80G HDD to a 128G USB Flash stick

hi all,

happy holidays, etc.

this is an old issue, yet i am still working on it

in July 2013; I cloned my 80G HDD onto a 128G USB Flash stick

in Sept. 2013; I had a data loss...

so, I thought to recover my data using this 128G clone...

I put this 128G Flash stick into my computer, and it showed up as a Local drive, yet was inaccessible and with its LED flashing incessantly...
{this was after, I treated this 128G USB flash stick as if it were a whole computer, and I then attempted to use/misused Win Vista's EasyTransfer program in a failed attempt to restore my lost data :(}

I later ran CHKDSK /f /r on it, and Chkdsk repaired and/or deleted about 7 "attributes" files

after which, this 128G Flash, only shows up as a Removable Storage(not Local) drive.. and remains locked/data inaccessible yet without the flashing LED

the USB drive, when I clicked on it in My Computer, would give the/an error message "Insert drive into H: drive"... Insert? a drive? into my tiny USB drive? which isn't even a CD or DVD drive? ... I tried all the fre... Read more

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Hi all,

Basically the title of this post explains it all. we have a user in our company who maps to a drive in XP e.g. \\server001\smith_j$ and then has the drive mapped also in Citrix. recently he has reported that his XP mapped drive is no longer matching the citrix mapped drive. the citrix drive is much more populated and accurate.

Can anyone explain why this could be? It must be something on the local computer. It is mapping to the correct location but giving back the wrong folder!!!!

A:Mapped drive in XP differs from drive in Citrix

bazpaul said:

Hi all,

Basically the title of this post explains it all. we have a user in our company who maps to a drive in XP e.g. \\server001\smith_j$ and then has the drive mapped also in Citrix. recently he has reported that his XP mapped drive is no longer matching the citrix mapped drive. the citrix drive is much more populated and accurate.

Can anyone explain why this could be? It must be something on the local computer. It is mapping to the correct location but giving back the wrong folder!!!!Click to expand...
First off, do you use login scripts for your users, or are all drives mapped manually??

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Hi All

One of our users has a problem regarding their drives. It would appear that the mapped SharePoint drive (w:) has the same space as their system drive (c:). Since their system drive space is low it means that they cannot save anything to the SharePoint.
 I've tried remapping the drive but the same problem occurs. Another thing to note is that another two mapped drives (k:) and (g:) are showing the same space on file explorer. Even though their contents are completely different. Nobody else in the company
is having this problem.

Any ideas?


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I just built a new computer for work. Our server is mapped as letter ?F? and this works unless I leave a USB card reader plugged in when I shut it down. On boot up one of the drives on the card reader gets assigned ?F? and the mapped drive doesn?t work. I then have to remove the card reader and re-boot. I would prefer to leave the card reader plugged in. is there a way to lock or reserve the drive letters on one or the other to prevent the conflict? I solved this on my previous machine (XP pro) here but can?t remember how.


A:Mapped drive & USB drive letter conflict

Welcome to SF,

See if this Tutorial helps.

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I recently installed an SSD in my system, as I was clearing off my secondary disk I messed something up on it. My secondary drive is a 1tb WD Black that had 3 partitions. It had the 100mb System Reserved, a 75gb partition that contained my Windows 7 install and all necessary drivers, and the remaining 856gb was a Data partition that contained everything else (games, pics, music, files...)

I went through my Windows partition and got everything out of it that I needed. When it came to the System partition, i figured I didnt need it anymore so I deleted the volume and extended the 856gb partition. This turned the drive into a Dynamic drive. When I saw this it didnt look right to me so I tried to me so I deleted the 100mb volume again.

This is where everything went wrong. The file system is gone and both the 100mb and 856gb volumes are unusable. Disk Management says they are unformatted and are RAW.

I have tried a bunch of different programs, partition managers, recovery programs, lots of them. Im not really sure what Im doing though, Im not sure the steps that I need to take to fix this.

I think I need to convert it back to a Basic drive, then rebuild the MBR. Ive never had hard drive issues like this so its all brand new territory for me.

My original post about this issue was on another forum and can be found here with more pictures and steps that I have taken.
Deleted NTFS file system, need to restore

A:Converting Dynamic drive to Basic drive without data loss.

Hell Reverse, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if you may be able to use OPTION ONE or OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to be able to convert the disk from dynamic back to basic without losing any data.

Convert a Dynamic Disk to a Basic Disk

Hope this helps for now,

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Dear Lenovo,  I give up now. Again for the fourth time, straight. One of my drive got unallocated, once again, with just 7 days ago,even after I did, as directed by the customer support for solution. (#screenshot 2 and 4). All they did was ask me to reinstall the OS using the one-key recovery. Its a terrible experience, using this piece of lenovo Ideapad 310 15IKB. I need a straight forward either, a replacement of this system or a straight solution. I am done with your explanation that you donot support drive partition. Then, what should I do, to store my files, folders and data, store them all in cloud. If you suggest me to store everything in C drive, give me a written official statement, that upon storing, everything in C drive, with all games files, movies and softwares, my system will not slow or its performance will not be affected.  Or rather, I should stop using this laptop for all and keep as a show piece. I do not get, that whether all apps, default ones especially, are facing which problem, that they are resetting, automatically. The system, is getting slower, so fast that, even I fear between switching programs. For example, if I minimize or open any other program, like folders, It takes more than a minute to open it. This is your Lenovo's 4 GB DDR4 RAM with 2.5 GHz speed.   Please, spare me out, I mean it seriously. I have already given all the diagnostic data of hardware and even remote control to your servers, ... Read more

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i asked this at MS newsgroups, but no one replied or helped.

we are setup on a winNT domain at this location, and this
is how our computers are communcating with the server.
the client machines are win98SE. we also have netware
installed to talk to some servers at a different location
in another state.

we just got some new win2000 SP-2 clients. and i set them
up onto the network. i map some drives to folders in our
local server, and thats ok.

but, i map some drives to folders that are located on
another server at the other location (in another state
that communicates with netware), and it asks me for a
password. well, i input username and passwords in when it
asks and it goes through and everything is fine. but if i
logoff, restart the computer, or wait some time between
accessing the drives or files off the drive, it keeps
asking for the username and password.

how do i get it to stop asking for it, and to just keep
remembering the username and password? in the win98SE
clients, once i input the username and password, it would
remember it even if it got rebooted, or whatever?

so how do i get this to work?

A:networked mapped drives asking for pw

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The laptop that I've taken over has a mapped drive to a user folder on our server. I want to remap this to my user folder.

If I disconnect the drive it tells me that 2 files are in use and then everytime I log back in, it reconnects. I've also tried remapping the new folder to the same map and over-riding it which works, until I log off, and resets again when I log back in.

I can't see what files are in use, I can see nothing obvious like startup items.

A:Mapped drive

Try this:

Disconnect the drive
Remap the drive the same way you have been doing it but male sure that "reconnect at logon in unchecked"
Log off and log back on

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I have a mapped drive on my computer. It is a folder from my server. Usually (not always) in the morning when I come and sign in, It will not reconnect the shared drive. I need to maunally do it, and input the password. Any ideas why I have one computer that wont keep the shared drive, but 15 others that can keep the same shared drive on their computer without any problems? Thanks

A:Mapped Drive

Long shot, and you have probably already checked this, but when you initially map the drive have you checked the Reconnect at logon box?

If it is checked, are you logging on with the same user?

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I have a client that I getting ready to take over his computers. The person before me set up two computers. Comp1 is the server and Comp2 is this the client; however they are both running xp pro. Comp1 has to be on for Comp2 to work and see the mapped drive. Now my client has a router which these two computers are attached. Also, for Comp2 to access the internet Comp1 has to be on as well. This just does not make sense. One last thing every so often Comp2 will say that the mapped drive can not find the server. Just strange....I need help
Adam Cohen

A:mapped drive

Why? Are there security, network, or software issues? Were there more computers connected to the "server" at one time?
Curiosity makes me ask you for an update when you figger it out... But

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I have 3 workstations and 1 server. When I mapped to the server I am able to see the mapped drive in explore. The 3 computers are label as computer1, computer2 & computer3. When I mapped to computer1 all indication shows that the mapped drive was a successful however, the drive do not appear in explorer. When I right on my computer to disconnect the drive mapping to computer1 it's part of the list. Do any know what may be the cause of this problem?

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i have simcity 3000 installed on my host computer and recently, i decided to play it on the comfort of my bed via local area network on my laptop. my laptop is a pretty old windows 95 system but still quite a workhorse. anyways, ive already installed it on my Toshiba Libretto using the cd drive on my host computer since this does not have a cd drive of its own. now when i try to play it, it keeps prompting me to insert the cd rom. now what i want to ask is if there is some command line switch for the shortcut so that it would look for the cd rom on the mapped drive. or if there is some way to specify the path for it in the registry or something. any help is much appreciated

happy new year everyone

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I've changed the path of a mapped drive but everytime the user logs in, the drive shows disconnected. Once it is clicked on it opens ok though.

Is there a way to resolve this as the user is a ts user and I'll be removing the access for him to open the drive directly

A:Mapped drive

I am assuming this a problem within the TS session not on the local computer?

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I have a username that wants to access a mapped drive through Terminal Services.

If I make them a normal user in the AD they see the mapped drive, but as soon as I move the user in the Terminal Services users in AD, the mapped drive is no longer there.

How can I show this?


A:Mapped drive through TS

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Hello all, I am quite new to all this so please be gentle with me! recently given a laptop which was networked in an office. Nice little machine but....... the operating system has been taken off!! Have tried to reload, have tried to format, tried the fdisk thingy but to no avail, PLEASE can anybody help me - Thank you in advance

A:Networked drive

What sort of a laptop? What exactly do you want to do? What have you exactly tried to do? How exactly does it fail?

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Recently I have been trying out Windows 10 preview and instead of dedicating one of my computers to try it I made a VM in VMware 10.2 ( I think it's .2 ) and created it on my laptop ( windows 8.1 ) all was running fine and just updated it too, only problem was it seemed a bit slow so I decided to clone it and put it on the the second hard drive of a Windows 7 pro 32 bit computer ( first drive is C: and second drive is D: d: is not a partition it's a western digital 500 gig drive ). I shared the folder with my laptop over a gigabit lan card ( both machines are gigabit ) and now it actually seems to be running just as fast as if I were running it as a dedicated computer would be. I was just wondering if anyone else here does the same thing or similar and what their luck was .

Also if you know of any links that describes the best ways to set this up

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I am a user of a networked computer at work. We use the server to store our community files. The other day I got a write error when I tried to save a new file. I checked the drive I was saving to and discovered that it was full.
When I mentioned this to my boss, he checked on his computer only to discover that there was plenty of room. When I double checked at my computer, it still showed the drive to be full.
A comparison revealed that my computer shows the drive to be 1 Gig in size, with 648k free. All other computers show the drive to be much bigger with plenty of available space (I don't remember how much, exactly).
Our admin is at a loss to explain why, it was nothing she (knowingly) did.

Any ideas?

A:Networked Drive Help

Have you confirmed that you really are mapped to the same drive as the others?

Can you or the admin unmap and then map again the drive on your computer?

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I recently took advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade (big mistake?). I have lost some software programs and my e drive is missing. My f drive will run software but will not recognize blank cd or dvds. Are these problems related to my upgrade? Should I go back to Windows 7? I am really frustrated.

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I have a small network, three computers - one printer attached to a Windows XP Home box via USB. That printer is shared among the other boxes. One machine I just put Win7 RC on it, connected it (via the instructions I found here in the forum from Jimbo, I believe) and it worked. Hooray. After a period of time, however, it stops working.
I'll send a file to be printed and it will simply never get processed. Two ways I've found to make it print: One, shut down the program I'm printing from and reopen it. Secondly, if I do a soft reset of the printer and then re-print the document.
I've checked power settings to make sure there was no funky printer hibernation thing going on, and everything looks fine. Also, when I print and nothing happens, if I open the printer queue, there are no pending print jobs. It's like it thinks it completed the job, but never did.
Any suggestions?
FWIW - the printer is a Brother HL-1440....

A:Networked Printer Disconnects After Time


I have found a temporary fix same as you have but nothing permanent. I have a situation where I'm connected to a home network and the printer is recognized for a current session and everything works well from all clients. Once I end the session, shut down the printer, come back a day later, I'm unable to print. Status says printer is offline when it's actually online. If I remove the printer (Lexmark) from the printer from the current installed devices and reinstall, everything is fine and all clients can print. This happens over and over.

For whatever reason, the OS is not retaining the settings.

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I have a VPN which I use to connect to the servers at work and I have mapped a couple of drives from servers to my PC. Since starting to use Windows 10 pro when I drop the VPN, I start getting error messages saying that the mapped drives can not be reached. Now I know that is obvious as the vpn has dropped which is why it cant connect to the mapped drives but I never had this error message problem when I used Windows 7 and 8.1. With three mapped drives I am getting 1 error message every hour or so per drive, if I finish using my PC on Friday night and return to it on Monday morning that is a lot of error messages (my PC runs 24\7). Is there a way to turn this error message off?

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Hi there,

i am runing a network with a shared folder on my win me pc... shaired as Z: on all machines. this has been working fine on ME and XP however now on Vista when i run my job program it looks for Z:\deamers\job.mdb and z:\deamers\info.mdb it tells me that the path is invalid.

i have created the Z network share many times now but it just dont seem to want to work. is there somthing im missing or does vista just do it a different way?

a speedy reply on this would be appriciated as i MUST have it sorted by thursday!

thanks in advanced

A:Mapped network drive

just to let you know i have now fixed this problem. the netowrk location was set to public and so was restriction what i could do. have chanved it to private and the program now runs fine

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Any clues gents? One drive appears to have duplicated itself by populating any drive letter thats free! Tried simply deleting the ones not needed but they reappear

Cheers in advance

Windows 7 64 bit OS

A:Duplicated mapped drive


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Windows 2K takes a very long time to stop searching for mapped drives that are not available. I heard there is a registry entry for the time-out period, but I can't find it.

Does anyone know where to find this entry. On minute seems to be plenty long. The 15 minute default is wasting a lot of time.


A:Mapped Drive Time Out

If you aren't using them any longer just delete the reference to them in Windows Explorer?

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I have a user who cannot stay connected to a mapped drive.
I keep getting an error that says, "Local Device Name Is Already In Use", when I attempt to view the drive.
I usually can see the drives contents when I do this mapping on other users' computers, IE;...I go to My Network Places >>> Map Network Drive >>>
I put in the drive letter that I want to use, and then I browse to the folder in that drive that I want to map. On this PC, I can't see the folders in the drive...in other words, I can see the Network drive, "Img01", but cannot see the contents of that drive...(hope I'm making sense)

So then I go about it the hard way and find the contents by going:
Start >>> Run >>> \\img01
Then I can see the contents, I right click on the folder I want to map, and presto!
It's mapped. But when the user shuts down or reboots, It's lost it's mapping and has to be re-mapped...

I'm at a loss. Anyone?

A:Mapped Drive Problems...

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Hi guys.

My first post! I signed up hoping somebody can help me.

When I upgraded from XP (a long time ago) I deleted all the thumbs.db files.

I can see thumbnails on my local C: drive.

If I browse my network drive I can see thumbnails.

But I have also mapped my network drive as Z:. If I browse the mapped drive I can't see thumbnails.

Can anybody confirm that they can/cannot see thumbnails on mapped drives that don't contain thumbs.db.

Thanks for looking.

Edit: Folders don't initially incorporate Folder.jpg into their thumbnail. If I browse into the folder I can see the thumbnail for Folder.jpg only. If I then return to the parent folder the folder now incorporates Folder.jpg into it's thumbnail.

A:No Thumbnails for MAPPED Drive

Would love some help with this.

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When a user account is logged off, the mapped network drive icon disappears and the connection to the network share is lost. The share can be accessed by entering in the full path to the share in the address bar of explorer. The drive can be remapped and it will function properly until the account is logged off.

A:mapped drive disappears after log out

I may be missing something here, but that is completely normal. Once you log off, you log off, all your mapped drives will disconnect and applications will close too. ?? Am I missing something?

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There's something strange... in the (network) neighborhood.

A user (the CFO... = important) has 6 network shares listed, one of which is on an accounting server, and 5 of which are on a file server.

Sometimes, he is randomly disconnected from his shares, or gets access is denied errors (obviously, he has the rights for all of the shares). Presently, the accounting drive share is showing up and 4 of the 5 file server shares allow you to click on them, and are BLANK on the right pane of the windows explorer. Sometimes rebooting fixes all of these problems. Sometimes it doesn't. The only thing I have to go on is an 0x7 "memory could not be read" error and some svchost.exe general host process errors. I have a feeling, however, that it is network related, not necessarily a problem with his machine... any ideas?


Anti-virus/spyware CLEAN.

A:Mapped drive anomalies

If it's a card, try swapping out the NIC.
Run memtest86 from http://www.memtest.org/ to see if any of the memory modules fails (him being CFO, swap out anything you can reasonably think off, and test those items on another PC).
Have a look at Powerdesk from http://www.v-com.com/product/PowerDesk_Pro_Home.html to replace the crappy Windows Explorer.

PS: how's the T-Shirt?

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A user is using Windows XP and the computer is not part of the domain. The user is mapping a shared network drive. She can map the network drive but after she reboots she cannot connect to the drive. The error message is “Microsoft Windows Network: Element not found. This connection has not been restored” If the drive is disconnected and remapped, the drive will reconnect but the error message comes back after the user reboots the computer.

A:Problem with Mapped Drive

you can create a batch file and stick it in the startup folder on xp...
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

open notepad, and use the following commands:

net use X: /delete /y
net use X: \\computername\sharename

where X is the drive letter you want to use.
computer name and sharename is self explanitory.
save it as filename.bat under the above link and you're set.

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Problem: Getting daily 'Not enough server storage is available to process this command' errors from mapped network drives forcing a reboot of server.

I have a Vista Business (32 bit OS, Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.50 gHz, 4 gigs ram) machine acting as a server. I have Win XP Pro, Win XP Home and Vista Home Premium machines on the network (hard wired) that all map to a shared folder on the server.

Each of the satellite PCs have their own dedicated user on the Server and map to the shared folder using that dedicated user.

The server does not have any Symantec products on it and has never had any Symantec products installed on it.

I have tried increasing the IRPStackSize at intervals of 5 (decimal) until I have reached the max of 50. The PagedPoolSize is 0. I have no additional firewalls beyond the windows firewall.

On a daily basis the satellite PCs will loose their mapped drive and cannot reconnect until the server is rebooted.

I am out of ideas. Please help.

A:Mapped Network Drive

Any ideas would be helpful.

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I have a user who is running XP SP1. I'll check on updates he may need shortly. In the mean time I was wonder if you guys could give me some suggestions. We're on a Windows 2000 AD domain/network. I have a user that is running XP. When the user logs in a script runs that maps some drives to network resources. All the drives are mapped and good to go for a week or two and than suddenly one of the drives disconnects. There is no indication that it has disconnected. He tries to go to the mapped drive and finds that it is missing. It is the same mapped drive every time. This user turns off his PC almost daily so it doesn't appear to be something like the PC was on too long and needed rebooting. I searched MS KB and found nothing. Any ideas?

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I have tried both solutions below to disable the disconnecting of the mapped drives but it doesn't work.
When i go to My computer or windows explorer all the mapped drives show disconnected but if i double click on them i get everything thats there and then they show they are connected. I have a program that runs off a mapped drive and if i don't first activate the connection of the mapped drive then the program won't work.
Is there any other solution?

net config server /autodisconnect:-1

Autodisconnect = 0xffffffff

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I have been using a mapped drive successfully for many months but today, suddenly it was no longer accessible. I disconnected it with the intention to re-mapping it to fix the problem.
However, even after disconnecting it, the drive is still visible in explorer. It has a red cross against it and has been renamed as 'disconnected drive'. When checking in cmd.exe using net use, the drive is no longer shown as connected - but is still listed
in explorer. And, what's even stranger, even with the drive showing as disconnected, when clicking on the icon, the drive opens correctly and shows the contents of the network drive. However, programs using data stored on this drive can no longer access it.
When trying to re-map it again, the drive letter is no longer available in the alphabetical list as it it still showing in explorer.
How can I completely remove this 'disconnected' drive from explorer so that it can be re-mapped? Rebooting didn't help.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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My windows 7 mapped drives are not showing the same information.

I have updated an excell file , but other users are not seeing the update

Have disconnted the mapped drive but the information is not being updated.

any help here would be appreciated.

A:Mapped drive not in sync

Alright I can see that you have a network and everything.. please explain how your network is set up. Do you have a file server or is everyone connecting your computer to see the file

please explain the setup

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I am trying to set up backup to a mapped network drive.
The server name is "Server1", and it is mapped as J: on my workstation. The name of my workstation is "Workstation1".

The following string doesn't work in the backup dialog "Network Location" field:

Any suggestions?


A:Trying to backup to mapped drive . . .

The J doesn't matter, it's just what you picked for your local machine.

Network-wise it doesn't know if you picked J, R, T, X or whatever.

Anyway, are you trying to send data to Workstation1 or Server1?

The proper phrasing would be

(or \\server1\c$)

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I have a mapped drive and whenever I try to connect it keeps asking for my user name and password. Using tweak ui I have set my auto logon to the same information that I enter when it asks me for the user name and password. Any ideas?


A:Logging into Mapped Drive

assuming this mapped drive is on a different computer, try changing the username to


instead of just "username"

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Hi all,

Im having a problem with a network share. We have 6 computers setup in the office (all xp pro) then we have another computer we use as little file server (also xp pro). On the server we have 5 folders that all all shared on the network and mapped as network drives on the 6 office computers. 3 of the drives have full permissions for everyone. 2 of the drives are set so only 3 users can access them.

Up until yesterday this has worked fine for 6 months. But then yesterday one of the computers could no longer access the restricted drives. No usersnames or password have been changed and no one other than myself has access to the file sharing pc so no permissions have changed. The computer can still access the 3 drives with with no permissions but the other 2 cant be access. Ive disabled all firewalls on both the server and the client computer ive tried deleting the mapped drive and mapping again but nothing works. ive double checked the server and all permissions are set correctly still

anyone have any idea what can be causing this access denied



A:Mapped drive problem

no one at all? :(

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The situation is following:
I have 2 PCs(computer01 and computer02) where I am an Administrator.
On computer01, IT team with their credentials mapped drive to some share folder, like (Drive Z: is pointing to \\someserver\sharedrive).
Is it possible somehow from computer02 to browse drive Z on computer01? Something like go to \\computer01\z$ (I tried, it doesn't work)
Is there any tools or other option?

Any suggestion will be appreciated

A:how to access to mapped drive from second pc

The best way for you to see the same share is by accessing it from Computer02, go to \\someserver\sharedrive on computer02 and enter credentials that let you connect (if IT set up the share on computer01 you may need them to set up the same on computer02). Once you get access to \\someserver you should be able to see the list of shares available to you, right click on the "sharedrive" share and left click "Map Network Drive", you will then be prompted to assign a Drive Letter to it.

The share is not on computer01 which is why it won't work when you tried \\computer01\z$.

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I have win2k with a peer to peer network, could anyone tell me how do you disconnect an old mapped network drive that doesn't exist anymore.

A:mapped network drive

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I can't disconnect some drives that are mapped on a WinXP Pro workstation. I wanted to remove the drive mapping names as they were badly outdated and so deleted the registry key


where the entries were found and then rebooted.

Now the connections show up as "Disconnected Network Drive" but all still work. However, I can't disconnect any of them and the "Disconnected Network Drive" will not update to the name of the machine/share even when I go into the share and use it.

Really, this is a test machine because I wanted to apply a reg via policyto clear out the strings on logon/logoff so that these were fixed all over the company. I don't understand why this thing is misbehaving though, the key get's recreated and has the name of one machine, but not the others...

Any ideas how I can fix this?

A:Cannot disconnect mapped drive

Have you tried the "net use" command yet?

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I am using Windows 7.  I have 32 TB NAS.   The drive is mapped
But, after connect, in about 1 to 5 minutes NAS
are shown to be disconnected in Computer. NAS is mostly autodisconnected.
How to fix this issue?

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I have created a new mandatory profile which i am testing with some users. When a user uses the new profile a drive mapped via GPO will not appear. If i run a net use the drive then appears but has a red cross through it saying Disconnected Network Drive.
They have permission as i can browse through the network to the folder location. Users in another OU do get the mapped drive along with other drives. The drive that is not appearing is the only drive they have mapped as well as their home folder. The new profile
is just the deafult Windows 7 profile copied to the server location.
These are Windows 7 machines and Server 2008 R2 DC.
Anyone got any ideas as to why it will not appear?

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