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Windows 7 32 Bitand Skype 5.0 new version of Skype no more freezing lost other topic

Q: Windows 7 32 Bitand Skype 5.0 new version of Skype no more freezing lost other topic

Windows 7 32 Bitand Skype 5.0 new version of Skype no more freezing lost other topic. I am so happy finally skype works on Windows 7 32 Bit Home Premium

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Preferred Solution: Windows 7 32 Bitand Skype 5.0 new version of Skype no more freezing lost other topic

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I am currently using the latest version of Skype on my office computer, but after the Exchange migration, Skype stopped working (unable to connect error). The tech team said they are looking into it.

I am unable to make calls using Skype's web version. Is it safe to install an older version of Skype? I found the installers at oldversion.com. If yes, which version would work best with Windows 7.


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I am currently using the latest version of Skype on my office computer, but after the Exchange migration, Skype stopped working (unable to connect error). The tech team said they are looking into it.

I am unable to make calls using Skype's web version. Is it safe to install an older version of Skype? I found the installers at oldversion.com. If yes, which version would work best with Windows 7.


A:Windows 7 and old Skype version

Hi there,

Is this your work computer? Is your computer connected to a domain via company domain? For one, you might not have permissions to install programs. Only the IT Department does.

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Skype version on Windows 7, they can hear me but I cannot hear them. My speakers and all hardware is good. Unistall and reinstall several times, nothing.

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Hi all,

Skype keeps freezing after a new Windows 7 install. It starts ok, but then freezes when I click on any
part of skype to do something.

Have followed the skype instuctions for these kind of problems, have re-installed skype, but the
problem still persists.

Any ideas from anyone?


A:Skype keeps freezing after new Windows 7 install...

If that's a new install of Windows 7, is Service Pack 1(SP1) part of it, and has the 200+ updates been installed?

Do the following in your computer so we have some idea of its hardware and operating system:
Download and save the TSG System Information Utility (SysInfo.exe) file.
After it's been downloaded and saved, double-click it to run it.
Information about your computer will appear.
Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE text here.


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I noticed that skype has send to all skype contacts a certain link, to one contact even multiply links.
this all happens on the same day: 17th december from 14:30 -14:39.
I haven't seen any spam send anymore after that.
Skype support told me to reset my password, I did, and to download safety scanner from microsoft. they proviced me with the link.
when I try to open the link, the browser cannot load the page, it is stuck in a loop:  sometimes I see a page, but just for a second or even less, then mostly white page, and browser keeps trying to load the page. and in chrome : a  little shield symbol on the right side of the address bar says that it's trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources. this message dissappears very quickly.
I have skype installed on two laptops, and on my smartphone (iphone).
The problem I told about, is on one laptop that has no antivirus. I did not yet checked the other laptop, if the microsoft page opens or not. but I do have bitdefender internet security (paid) installed on the second laptop.
I want to be sure the laptop that has the problem, is virusfree.
Scanresultaten van Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Versie:31-12-2015
Gestart door Momo (Beheerder) op MOMOSONYLAPTOP (31-12-2015 17:11:28)
Gestart vanaf C:\Users\Momo\Desktop
Geladen Profielen: Momo (Beschikbare Profielen: Momo & Nora & MomoSurf)
Platform: Windows 7 Home Premiu... Read more

A:spam send in skype account to all skype contacts - cannot load page safety scan

I downloaded the safety scanner from microsoft from my other laptop without any issue.
copied it to a usb, put it on the problem laptop, a full scan and nothing found.
I realize I did had a antivirus paid version (kaspersky internet securuity) on the laptop, as I first said that it had no antivirus.
I only disabled it because it had problems running.
Now I enabled it, updated it and run a full scan. nothing found.
I don't know if skype is the cause and not a virus?  the skype workers told me that the cause could be anything (email, virus on computer).
I mostly use skype on iphone, and here I'm confused with what the skype workers said: one said that iphone can not be infected, so no need to check the iphone.
an other said: you can download an app from app store to scan for viruses, because it is possible that the virus is on the iphone.
This is really not clear anymore.

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skype runs ok in my VISTA HOME BASIC 32BIT, but icon/shortcut of skype in desktop, do not seem instead shows a small null icon, well what to do to be seen ?

A:skype runs ok in my VISTA HOME BASIC 32BIT, but icon/shortcut of skype in desktop, do

Hello Ise,

You might see if creating a new shortcut for it directly from the .exe file of Skype may work instead.

Hope this helps,

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I've experienced some problems and discomfort with skype for win8:
- not able to show screen,
- terrible design,
- very slow response (i.e. when I click RMB, the menu shows up in several seconds, and I expect to see it immideately),
- doesn't understand links to skype chat like skype:?chat&blob=blahblahblah, when I click it nothing happens.

I've also tried skype for desktop, it was even worse:
- when I changed online status to invisible (i've also tried with N/A), skype stopped to receive and send messages,
- when this or another error occurs, I try to kill skype process via task manager, TM then firstly says that skype is not responding (so i am trying to kill process), after that TM stops responding as well.
So when i've tried skype for desktop i had to reboot my laptop about 5 times in a day.

Now I've installed skype from Store back, but I still need to go to skype chat.

Could anyone please help me either make skype 5.x/6.x work on win8, or enter the chat which i need?

Here's my system: http://i.imgur.com/Fu65f57.png

Thanks in advance!

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New Version of Skype Available

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New version of Skype available to download

All upgraded and all ok

A:New Version of Skype Available

Thanks for the heads up. Installed and no issues.

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New Version of Skype available to download


A:New Version of Skype

Get it here

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when opening /changing to skype with running voice command, skype crashes (win 7 32bit) and shows no reaction. But this only happens with an activated voice command, if it is paused or deactivated skype is running without any problems.

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My skype contacts are missing with newest skype and the support gives me
"Carissa M.
First, ensure that you are signed in with the correct Skype Name." 
Could anyone upload skype 6.1 or lower please... 
Also does anyone know why the skype crashes when trying to login with microsoft account on newest version

A:Skype retarded support: Anyone upload Skype 6.1

You can find 6.1 online with a quick google search, such as at http://www.filepuma.com/download/skype_6.1.0.129-2261/For even older versions: http://www.oldversion.com/windows/skype-5-9-0-123Don't have version 6.3 to verify the crash issue using the microsoft log in.

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my old skype version cannot connect

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I always used skype 4.2 version and loved it. Then my skype updated to skype 7 and its horrible. The whole layout is horrible etc. Does anyone know where i can download old skype version, skype 4.2? I dont find it anymore in oldapps etc.

A:Where to download old version of Skype?

hi can get it from here. but i never downloaded anything from them. watch to make sure there nothing tagging along with it. Download Skype for Windows - OldVersion.com

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I installed the latest version 5 in my computer and when you do a restart it crashes. I rolled back with rollback rx and installed version and everything is OK. I did an internal update to version 5 and all went well until you restart then it crashes. Rolled back to version 4 and it's OK. The only problem with version 4 is that when you close it minimizes to the tray. I have the box unchecked under advance but no good so I run it in compatibility mode Vista SP2 and that took care of the problem.

A:Skype Crashes Version 5

I'd previously been running 5.0 (freshly installed about 2 months ago when I freshly reinstalled Win7 Pro x64, after a year of running happily on my initial Win7 Pro x64 install back in December 2009).

No problems with Skype on 5.0.

I just downloaded and installed/upgraded to the latest version (right over my existing installed 5.0) and it went without a hitch. Seemed to work fine.

Restarted the machine. Still seems to work fine. No problems at all.

But then... I was not upgrading from 4.2 to 5.1 as you are.

Sorry... no help, I know.

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I have WIN 7 and Skype
The other side hears noise, it seems only after he\she speaks, and the noise goes on for about 30 seconds, during which they hardly hear me. then the noise diminishes.
I am hearing them, most of the times, good.
I upgraded Skype on my old computer with XP and the same problem occured.
I tried talking with 2 different persons in different countries and the same problem.
I attach the Dxdiag zip file. i followed the instructions on Skype's site for creating log files:
I ran the Logging-on file that i downloaded but it didn't make any entry.
Is there any other possibility than installing an older version of Skype? and how should i install it, should i just create, manually, an entry in the All Programs list pointing to the Skype.exe file or should i run the setup file? i heard it makes problems

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So, I have this problem on my laptop: I was using version of Skype and after AVG installed some updates on 5.04.12 it started to cause BSOD every time I tried to open Skype. I'm not 100% positive that AVG causes it, but each time BSOD appeared, it was said there that problem was caused by avgidsdriverx.sys. When I understood why BSOD is happening, I ended up with installing latest Skype version and for now it all works just fine. Also tried to install version before that - got BSOD again. Is there any way for me to return to old version of Skype (new one is okay, but it uses way to much memory comparing to older version)?

Thanks in advance.

Problem details:
BCCode: 50
BCP1: E5710E3B
BCP2: 00000000
BCP3: 9720F0E6
BCP4: 00000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

And HijackThis log:
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 10:29:54, on 5/24/2012
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Unable to get Internet Explorer version!
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\AVG Secure Search\vprot.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\QLBCTRL.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPStart.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\GrooveMonitor.exe
C:\Windows\System32\spoo... Read more

A:AVG conflicts with older version of Skype

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Hi Guru

Attached is the dump file (.rar file)

As soon I'm using the camera (logitech HD 9000) with Skype, I get the BSOD after 1- 2 minutes

Skype is up to date, video card (Ati RAdeon 5800) driver up to date and logitech driver. Of course Windows 7 64 bits updated.

You help is very appreciated.

Added information

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 4105
Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000007e
BCP2: FFFFF80003300EC8
BCP3: FFFFF88003384EB0
BCP4: FFFFF88003384F50
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1
Files that help describe the problem:

A:BSOD OS Version: 6.1.7601. Using skype and Camera


Your Logitech webcam driver is the cause, please update it or re-install the drivers but
first uninstall them with |MG| Driver Fusion (Driver Sweeper) 1.2.0 Download

Support + Downloads

7: kd> lmvm lvuvc64
start end module name
fffff880`07481000 fffff880`07922d00 lvuvc64 T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: lvuvc64.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\lvuvc64.sys
Image name: lvuvc64.sys
Timestamp: Wed Jan 18 12:41:08 2012 (4F166984)
CheckSum: 004B0494
ImageSize: 004A1D00
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Let us know if the BSODs persist

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Hi there
Skype seems to have fixed their mobile application (Android > 2.3) -- Calling with video now works properly -- quality of the video is improved.

No problem on Windows 8 Enterprise -- even activated the webcam OK -- and I couldn't find a driver for it manually.

Anybody who is on the net and still making traditional calls should consider this type of service -- There may be other providers if you don't want to use Skype.

For example 30 min call from smart phone Brussels Belgium to Iceland standard landline (not Skype at receiving end) ===> 18 EUR (traditional method at Sunday rates with "frequent number" discounts)

Skype same call from mobile via Wifi ====> 0.08 EUR !!!!!!! big big difference.

It's a no brainer -- the money you save can get you the SSD you want quickly.

(If you don't like Skype --there are other equivalents I'm sure --worth while using these methods whoever the provider is).

There's no Metro app yet for this -- you'll have to use the desktop at the moment if running from a PC.


A:Skype - latest version - great from PC and smartphone

Did they pay you to say that?

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hello everyone

we have a skype connection and usually it is quite good, but last night i was
speaking to my brother in law in canada and it kept freezing, and he said the
sound was coming and going, can anyone tell me why and can i do anything
to make it better.

regards calmat

A:skype keeps freezing

Hey, servers using were probably extra busy, if this happens all the time, you may have a faulty install of Skype somehow, and at that point, i would do a reinstall of Skype to see if that alleviates that issue.

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hope this is now in the correct location, sorry for the inconvience

I have been running scans firewall CA but new issues seem to arise. Hope you can help
DDS (Ver_09-07-30.01) - NTFSx86
Run by HP_Administrator at 16:46:59.98 on Tue 08/04/2009
Internet Explorer: 7.0.5730.11 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_14
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.3063.1824 [GMT -4:00]

AV: CA Anti-Virus *On-access scanning enabled* (Updated) {17CFD1EA-56CF-40B5-A06B-BD3A27397C93}
FW: Outpost Firewall Pro *enabled* {8A20CA2A-9E02-4A64-923B-0A38208EB7FD}
FW: CA Personal Firewall *enabled* {14CB4B80-8E52-45EA-905E-67C1267B4160}

============== Running Processes ===============

C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k WudfServiceGroup
C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\HIPSEngine\UmxCfg.exe
C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\HIPSEngine\UmxFwHlp.exe
C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\HIPSEngine\UmxPol.exe
C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\HIPSEngine\UmxAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\CA\CA Internet Security Suite\CA Anti-Virus\ISafe.exe
C:\Program Files\CA\Sha... Read more

A:google redirects, my computer stalling then freezing Options V V Track this topic V Email this topic V Print this topic V Do...

Also wanted to add hijack this won't open tried from shortcut as well as from program filesany ideas greatly appreciatedalso attached is the attach filethanks for the replyHello MrPC2,We ask that once you have posted your log and are waiting, please DO NOT "bump" your thread or make further replies until it has been responded to by a member of the HJT Team. The reason we ask this or do not respond to your requests is because that would remove you from the active queue that Techs and Staff have access to. The malware staff checks the forum for postings that have 0 replies as this makes it easier for them to identify those who have not been helped. If you post another response, there will be 1 reply. A team member, looking for a new log to work may assume another HJT Team member is already assisting you and not open the thread to respond.That is why I have made an edit to your last post, instead of a reply. Please do not multiple post here, as that only pushes you further down the queue and causes confusion to the staff.Please be patient. It may take a while to get a response but your log will be reviewed and answered as soon as possible.Thank you for understanding.Regards,The weatherman (Moderator)

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I have always used Skype for Desktop and only recently found that there is a Skype Modern App on my system.
From what I have read it would seem the best plan would be to ditch the App and just continue with the desktop version.
Have there been any recent changes that would make the the Modern App a better solution than the Desktop version?

A:Skype for Desktop vs Skype Modern App

They have updated it recently so it doesn't continue to ring even when you have answered the desktop version which is why I uninstalled it in the first place. This means in theory you could install both and answer whichever you felt like at the time.

I prefer the look of the desktop version personally so I never re-installed the Modern App version.

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I have tried everything imaginable to get rid of these two.  I can delete Skype via 
control panel, but it comes back and re-installs itself.  
Click to call will not go away.  When I try to use the control panel I get a message that 
says, "close Chrome browsers to uninstall".   I've tried doing that and still get that same message.
I've even uninstalled Chrome and re-installed it with the same result.
These two are like a bad dream.   
Any help with completely deleting both would be appreciated.

A:I can't get rid of Skype or Skype Click To Call!!

If you haven't followed the instructions given in link below....try that.
How can I completely uninstall and then reinstall Skype for Windows desktop?
You can also try using Revo in Advanced Mode to remove Skype.
Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware

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Not so much a software support question, but this is the best I could figure it'd go into... but if I have an Office 365 subscription that includes 60 minutes of Skype calling a month, do I still need to purchase a Skype number so people can call me and for people to know who's calling them?

I tested it out as it is right now and when I call my dad's phone, says "Unknown caller."

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Hi there,
I cannot say that I am a pro for IT issues, and my age is 63, so I took back from the drawer this old laptop with a Win 7 Starter installed about 4 years ago (then I updated this Windows with all those updates 600 MB or so) and after that I tried to install
the latest version of Skype (as requested by a popup window). It says now to contact the support, because coud not uninstall the previous version of Skype in order to renew the latest version. What should I do?
Mucherem Abdulgani.

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Has anyone any ideas why the computer screen freezes when using Skype with webcam? Only re-boot solves the problem, but it re-occurs each time a video voip call is made to a Skype contact.

A:Skype freezing computer

Try disabling your firewall and/or antivirus software when making a video call. Also make sure you have enough memory installed since video applications are generally considered to be memory hogs.


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from a few months now i've been having a problem: When i try to call someone on skype and i have MBAM pro on computer freezes and my only option is to hard reset

Tryed to add skype as a exception in MBAM but that doenst help

A:freezing when trying to call someone on skype

See if you can add the whole folder MBAM resides in as an exception.

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A friend of ours was on skype and all of a sudden lost all internet connectivity. ISP came out and replaced her modem but still couldn't get online. Said her problem was with her computer and he left.
Her modem is a ARRIS TG862.
The ethernet light on modem continues to blink constantly. All other lights are bright green and on.
Went into device manager and it showed her network adapter with no yellow or red symbols. I tried a driver update by right clicking-update driver software.
Went into cmd and was able to ping loopback address, all packets sent and received.
I am not at her house right now so I can't post ipconfig /all results but it showed the APIPA address of 169.254.254. DHCP is enabled. Autoconfiguration is enabled.
Default Gateway is showing nothing.
Reset TCP/IP stack to installation defaults netsh int ip reset reset.log
Reset Winsock entries to installation defaults. netsh winsock reset catalog
Rebooted machine with same results, blinking ethernet light on modem.
This computer has Windows Vista on it and has SP2 installed.
Also tried resetting modem by unplugging power and turning off modem, wait 15 sec and plugged back in, and turned on modem. Still blinking ethernet light on modem.
Tried new cable from modem to ethernet port on computer but same results.
Could the network integrated card still be bad even though it pings the loopback address fine. Tried pinging www.google.com but did not recognize.
TCP/IP is set to obtain DHCP automatically and so is D... Read more

A:Solved: Lost internet while on SKYPE!

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I recently installed Skype (3.8). I then restarted my computer. After about a minute, my computer freezed up. The only way I could get out of this, is by physically holding the power button until the computer turns off. Everytime I login my computer freezes up again. I looked it up on the internet and it looks like a lot of people are having the problem with Skype and Vista. There aren't any answers out there. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Thank You

Things I have already tried:
1. Run in Safe Mode and uninstall Skype
2. System Restore (in safe mode)
3. Last Known Good Configuration (during boot)
4. Doing following commands using Admin account in Safe Mode:
regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\vbscript.dll
regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\jscript.dll

Side Note: This also messed up Firefox. I will try to post details about what happened to Firefox.

A:Solved: Vista keeps Freezing (Skype 3.8)

Here is how I fixed it:

Download the same exact installation for Skype and then right click and select "Run as Administrator." Now go through the entire setup. Then restart the computer and then use Control Panel to remove Skype. Restart one more time and the problem should be gone!

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I've just added a 2GB stick of Hynix 800MHz, DDR2 RAM to my laptop. Works like a charm, and Windows Memory Diagnostics say nothing's wrong with it.

Laptop works 5x faster now, and all programs open and work nicely, except for Skype. The moment I open it, it stops responding and freezes on the loading screen forever until I crash it.

This makes no sense to me, what's the least destructive way to fix this? Could it be my new RAM causing this?

A:Skype Freezing on Startup After RAM Upgrade

I would uninstall Skype and then install the latest version.

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Hi, the web cam is freezing all the time, even if I don't make a calls.Now it does not work on Skype at all. I use the laptop for 2 weeks, at the beginning it as fine, but now I got some updates.I hope it can be fixed somehow. 

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Yeah I just got my new computer not long ago and there has been nothing but trouble using Skype. During video calls Skype freezes and locks up my computer making me have to hold down the power button to shut it off. This happens often. I first thought it was a video card issue and Dell sent me a replacement card. Still happens. I have to chalk it up to Skype not being very compatible with Windows 8. This issue only happens when on Skype. I saw there was a patch Windows update for Skype but I have it already installed. I have no clue how to stop this issue. This is a brand new Dell XPS 8700 with 12gb Ram. This kind of stuff should not happen. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.

A:Skype freezing up and locking my computer up

Which version of Skype do you have?.
I have windows 8.1 and absolutely hated Skype for windows 8 so i permanently deleted it (it was crashing etc and i did not like how you navigated through it) .
Now i have installed skype for windows 7 and all works beautifully.

here is how i did it encase you want to try .
Delete skype for windows 8.

go to this link and follow the instructions


job done.

This could be a last resort if you can't resolve your issue , or something to try to pinpoint if it is skype or something else.

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My computer has been running very slow for the last few weeks. It is especially slow when running firefox. When I run IE, I have a pop-up that comes up after about 5 minutes that says that the 'Skype IE Plugin Version' has failed and then freezes the program, the pop-up also included a reference to this file: 'ntdll.dll'. Also I have noticed that a new yahoo! toolbar has been added to all of my broswers that I can't get rid of. This all started when I downloaded a FLV player a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for any help you can give me. Here's my log:

Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by Jason on 2007-12-20 00:16:38
Computer is in Normal Mode.

-- System Restore --------------------------------------------------------------

Successfully created a Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point.

-- Last 5 Restore Point(s) --
38: 2007-12-20 07:16:44 UTC - RP237 - Deckard's System Scanner Restore Point
37: 2007-12-20 03:01:23 UTC - RP236 - Removed SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition
36: 2007-12-20 02:58:47 UTC - RP235 - Removed Symantec AntiVirus
35: 2007-12-20 00:28:38 UTC - RP234 - System Checkpoint
34: 2007-12-18 23:27:32 UTC - RP233 - System Checkpoint

-- First Restore Point --
1: 2007-11-19 12:13:07 UTC - RP200 - System Checkpoint

Backed up registry hives.
Performed disk cleanup.

-- HijackThis Clone ---------------------------------------------------... Read more

A:Slow Computer-Skype IE Plugin Version, ntdll.dll, yahoo! toolbar

bump, please

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Had no problem with old computer but new hp desktop does not like skype. Tried new camera and re installed camera. Skype works OK on ipad and lap top.  On PC the picture freezes and picture blurred, sound distorted. 

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I have used Skype previously w/zero problems, but it's been three years. Today I've uninstalled/downloaded Skype twice, on each computer (desktop w/Windowns 7, laptop inspiron w/Windows 10), w/the same result: My screen on both laptop and desktop does not look like the one I'm supposed to have; I guess it's the "HOME" screen.

Watched a few YouTube how-to's, and their screen shows a regular desktop app, with the usual options across the top (file, options, tools, etc.) plus different options along the left than I have. I DO NOT HAVE those options....I cannot make a call! What I see is: in the middle of the screen, Welcome, (my name) and below that, "Start a conversation." (YES, I'm signed in w/my account.) Along the left the only options are: chat, call, contacts, notifications. The "contacts" are the test audio icon, plus a handful of people I've never heard of.

Can anyone tell me why I'm not seeing the "right" desktop screen and having all these difficulties?

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I have lost http (browser only) connectivity.

Neither IE 9 nor FireFox 6 nor Chrome can reach any websites,

However, MagicJack and Skype work fine which, to me,
means that the box's internet protocol is fine.

What can I do to fix that problem ?

A:I lost http connectivity but skype and magicjack work OK

Quote: Originally Posted by arealnoob

I have lost http (browser only) connectivity.

Neither IE 9 nor FireFox 6 nor Chrome can reach any websites,

However, MagicJack and Skype work fine which, to me,
means that the box's internet protocol is fine.

What can I do to fix that problem ?

Any chance we can get your system specs and network setup my crystal ball is in for repair.

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Alright, so I've got a problem. I'm new around these parts and things are getting dicey and frustrating for me. I'm running a Toshiba satellite lap top, I've had it for about a year now, an older model that I got around last Christmas actually. I use it primarily to video-chat with my fiance for a few hours in the evening over Skype and for my work, graphics artist, running Illustrator and Photoshop, both the latest versions.

I've had a few problems with it before, I think that I mistook them for a virus though. I had reformatted it before back to factory standards, but now the problems seem to be back. I thought that they were simply the laptop over heating, but I get them even when I'm using a lap fan, so I doubt that is the problem really.

What the issue is, it keeps seizing up randomly - largely while I'm running Skype, but that is usually when I'm on the computer. I can often tell that its
going to because Skype won't let me access the control panel video chat interface while I'm in it. Then the person that I'm talking to, their feed will die so that I can't see them at all, freezing in place, but they can still hear and see me just fine. I've noticed that while its doing this, I'll also loose control of the task bar, so I can't control the volume or access the start menu.

I've also had roughly four blue screens that I can remember, generally while I'm Skyping - this is what made me believe that i... Read more

A:Blue Screens, Computer Freezing and Skype Acting Up

Hello PanzerWarrior,If we could gather a little more information about the problem computer, it might prove helpful in pointing toward a solution.1. ) Please follow this link: BSOD Posting Instructions Windows 8 - Windows 7 - Vista.Follow all instructions with the exception of:Create a new thread HERE and attach the file(s) after step 4Note: Both files of Step 1 need to be in the Documents folder.2. ) Upload the zipped folder to a File Sharing website of your choosing because Bleeping Computer has a 512 K only upload limit and this file will be much larger. For a listing of free File Sharing websites see: http://technojourney.com/trending/best-alternatives-megaupload-and-filesonic-file-hosting/or you may use Box.com.Post a link to the file in your next post.3. ) In addition: To help us get a better look at your computer's hardware, please download and install Speccy by Piriform. (mirror site)Run Speccy and from the top menu, select File --> Publish Snapshot. Click "Yes" to proceed.Click, Copy to Clipboard and paste this address into your next post.

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I've been getting BSODs for quite some time now, random freezing and now Skype and Firefox have started to crash randomly when before it was perfectly fine.

I think it might be a hardware issue but I'm unsure at this moment, I was hoping to know if any of you guys could help me find out. Thanks for your time.

A:Freezing, BSOD and Skype and Firefox constantly crashing?

I used Driver Verifier and as soon as I restarted it started BSODing instantly, couldn't even get into Windows.

No idea what's wrong, should I do a full reinstall?

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Hello, and my apologisee for my bad english, im coming from france so i ll try my best for explain to you my problem

The probleme is this : Every time i trying to use my microphone on software like teamspeak, ventrilo, raidcall, or that kind of software, after like 5 or 10 minutes even sometime its instantly,

my screen freezing, i cant move my mouse or do anything, and i need to reboot with the plug button, or i cant use my computer,

ive the last audio driver, ive format before that so my computer is " clean " i have windows seven x 64 and the good driver,

i can heard music without any probleme, i can watch video or playing some game, but the only think i cant do is using my microphone if i do it, my computer freezing ... i have not yet found any solution for this and i becoming a little bit crazy about it... .. so thanks alot for your help

my microphone is not USB its a mini jack

A:Screen Freezing / blocking When i use my microphone teamspeak/skype/

someone ?

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I was offered and upgrade to Microsoft 10 and let the computer upgrade.  Along long while agoI installed QQ.com the Chinese email and video chat app,since then I got other Chinese apps that didn't seem to be a problem.  This past Friday night
I had enough as my computer was running so slow and decided to delete some of these Chinese apps and ever since then I have not been able access my skype and have changed the password 10ormore times and have also been directed to live.account.com with absolutely
not luck.  I am not tech savy and need help, I just want my skype back

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I have been using Skype paid calls for business usage and have huge problems with the Other side not hearing me well or at all. It used to work OK but now I have to restart hub or reconnect or just wait . This is for calls to International. If I call skype to skype it is OK most of time. My provider BT has checked all hub settings and network seems fine. I am about to give up on skype to non skype as a business option and the fact I am spending good money and cant get instant support really doesnt help. I am out of ideas
Using Vista with Broadband wireless hub and have good connection with other devices.

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so is there any differenced between thses two and I nedd both of them?

A:Do I need both Skype app and Skype for desktop?

Unless you are on an RT tablet I would just use the desktop version, from the reviews the app is not very good, perhaps after some future updates it will be better.

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i have tryed to log in to skype to day but all it does is log in for ages then come up with an error "skype can't connect" i have tried everything to fix it but nothing works. i have uninstalled it, restarted pc, restarted modem. i can connect to everything else but skype and it was working earlier today.

A:skype error "skype can't connect"

no one gonna help -_-

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Sorry may be is a daft question. I have credit using skype to call mobiles and send SMS messages abroad in windows 8.1 now in windows 10 things looks very different I couldn?t figure out how to send SMS message using my credit through skype in windows 10.
Anyone could explain please how to do it?
Thank you

A:in windows 10 how to use skype?

Hi, if you don't like the Skype app, you could get the desktop version (traditional program you install):
Download Skype - MajorGeeks

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I know nothing about Skype and would appreciate some guidance.

Which version of Skype do I download for Windows 7 ?
Skype for Windows desktop shows Skype for Windows 8. I am wondering if I should be looking elsewhere ?
When I click on Get Skype for Windows Desktop it only offers Windows 8
OldApps.com offers SkypeSetup_6.9.0.106.msi ... 21.5MB

Whereas Skype for Windows 8 offers SkypeSetup.exe ... 1.5 MB

A search of Skype forum has turned up nothing (and the Skype forum has been hit by spammers today)
I have read that Microsoft own Skype so I am hoping this forum can point me in the right direction.
When I tried to find a skype-forum ... a Google search turned up a lot of skype-porn sites and a lot of inactive forums.

One of my sons has just moved to Japan and he uses Skype, so I assume I should also have Skype

Thank you

A:Which Skype for Windows 7

Go here and follow instructions. You will be ok. Downloading and setting up Skype
I too was stationed in Japan in the Navy a while back

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