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Setup previews on 2nd monitor for multiple maximized windows on 1st?

Q: Setup previews on 2nd monitor for multiple maximized windows on 1st?

I am looking to setup a preview panel on a 2nd monitor which will show the contents of each open window on the 1st monitor; similar to how you can preview the window by scrolling over it on the taskbar.

1st monitor is at 1080p and the 2nd closer to 720p. I have my desktop set to extend displays so they display at their native res.

My situation: I have 4 maximized windows for projects I work on, all open and maximized at the same time. It's a bit tedious to switch back and forth between them in certain instances when I'm just looking to see what % a process is at, for instance. As a result I'm looking to use my 2nd monitor as a means of seeing previews of these windows. I would like it divided into a 2x2 grid where each quarter of the screen is a preview of 1 of the 4 windows.

If this is possible, how would I go about doing it? Would I need 3rd party software?


Preferred Solution: Setup previews on 2nd monitor for multiple maximized windows on 1st?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Setup previews on 2nd monitor for multiple maximized windows on 1st?

Not possible?

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Hi there!

What I want to do: "...extend my desktop on a second monitor, but, my second monitor is compounded by 2 HDMI TVs and a VGA LCD stage monitor both used as Duplicate setup in Windows 7".

How I have done this (and it works!):

-I have 4 diplay devices (2 HDMI TVs that are connected using a splitter and two monitors both on VGA);
-I also have two "video cards" (GPU): one Amd radeon hd 6570 (with VGA, DVI, and HDMI ports), and Intel HD onboard (aprox. 1GB with VGA output port).
-I have connected the TVs with a HDMI 1x2 splitter on amd radeon's HDMI port, and one of my VGA monitors (this one acts as a STAGE MONITOR for the singer / artist lyrics).
-The integrated Intel HD card has my "Control" monitor attached that I use as my primary monitor (the one that shows me the Desktop and the lyrics control application).

Software aspect of the problem: In Windows 7, I use my Intel HD video card as my primary display, then I can extend on a second monitor the desktop! (The second monitor is my VGA Stage monitor). The Third display that appears in the setup is the HDMI splitter, this one is a Duplicate of my stage monitor. I use: 1680x1050 resolution for my primary display, and 1024x768 for the second monitor... (I know, this resolution is too small for my HDMI TV's... Windows recommends me a 1900 x ... fullHD resolution, but my STAGE MONITOR does not support that much, so I need to use a small resolution).


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Hello Everyone,

I am in desperate need of help.

Just started new business and wanted to setup 3 additional monitors to my current laptop. Bought 3 monitors and plugged in and to my surprise only two working. Did some research and found that my laptop only has the ability to set up 2 additional monitors and not 3.

Went to local computer shop and they advised to get a video card and that should help.

Before that I tried all the below option but nothing worked

1. HDMI to USB
2. VGA to USB
3. DVI to USB

What I haven't tried is the external docking station as that is bit expensive.

My laptop is Acer Aspire F - 15 F5 -572G - 77KY
Intel Core i7 with turbo boost
NVIDIA GeForce 940M with 4 GB Dedicated VRAM
16GB DDR3 l Memory

If my only option is Video card can you please suggest which one to go for and if that can be plugged into usb or something.

If there is any other option please let me know.


A:Multiple Monitor Setup

Have you seen this video tutorial.

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I have a GeForce 6600 video card that support ups to two monitors and I saw that I could set it up to display one really wide screen or to clone one screen but I want to have one screen always stay at my desktop view and only open windows with the minimze, maximize, and close buttons on top, while the other screen opens up my games. is there any way to do this.

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I am trying to set up my Gateway DX4300-19 Desktop PC for dual monitors. The problem I am having is that the second monitor is not accepting the signal and or not getting the signal. I am not very tech savvy so I may be completely wrong with this so here it goes:

My video card is a ATI Radeon HD 3200 integrated.

So this is how I'm trying to set it up and if I'm completely wrong please tell me what to do.

On the back panel of my desktop there is a VGA output and a HDMI output. I have the VGA going to my desktop Monitor its a gateway.

And Im trying to use the HDMI into my LCD TV as it is hung above my desktop anyway.

Am I doing something wrong or will it just not work?

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So if I move a window from my 144 hz monitor to one of my 60 hz monitors it gets laggy. I have also noticed that if I fullscreen a window on my 144 hz monitor that I will get some strange tearing in specific places when I scroll up and down. If I revert the 144 hz monitor down to 60 hz it goes away. It also goes away by switching to windows basic instead of aero? Does anyone else have experience with this? I am pretty sure it is a windows problem.

I looked it up and other people had a similar problem as well. Sadly not many people use monitors beyond 60 hz so I doubt that this will be patched anytime soon.

A:Wierd Lag With Multiple Monitor Setup

Could be Graphics card maybe, check and update drivers.

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I would like to setup three or four monitors on my computer. I want the screens to have individual properties but also be connected in a panoramic fashion. Can I add more video cards or should I get a ready made unit that supports several monitors? If so, where's a good place to look for one?

A:How Do I setup a Multiple Monitor Computer?

The Three main Hardware based ways to Setup Multiple Monitors

1) You can get a USB to VGA Adapter, or USB to DVI Adapter that will allow you to add an extra monitor to your computer via any USB2.0 Port. You can also add multiple extra monitors by using multiple adapters. This is a great option for viewing documents, surfing the web, using Microsoft Office and many other business tasks. This is not a good option for intense graphical situations such as HDTV, Blu-ray, Gaming and 3D / CAD Workstation applications. For those types of scenarios, it is highly recommended that you purchase a high-powered multi-monitor workstation or a Matrox Dual or Triple Head2Go.

Multi-Monitor Adapters

2) You can replace or add an extra video card to your existing computer, depending on how many monitors you wish to support. Although this sounds easy enough, this is a rather complex solution for a beginner, especially when trying to find a compatible graphics card. For this reason, I am going to write an entirely seperate post on that topic and will link to it here, very soon.

Multi-Monitor Video Cards

3) You can buy a pre-manufactured multi-monitor computer. The best place to purchase a multiple monitor computer is at: Multi-Monitors.com.
They carry a multi-monitor computer line called SUPER PC that can support from 2 to 16 monitors.

Multiple Monitor Computers

Multiple Monitor LCD Displays

Once you have your multiple monitor system set up and ready to use, you will need to enable all of... Read more

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Hi  Hoping someone may know the answer - but is there any hardware or software I can get to allow me to output my Lenovo Y50 onto three external HDMI monitors? I need them to be extensions of the display, rather than duplicates... I tried a HDMI splitter in one HDMI port connected to 2x external monitors but it only seems to duplicate the display on two of the screens, even when selecting ''extend'' from the Win10 display options. I have a USB to HDMI converter that is allowing me to extend the display onto one additional monitor, but not onto two... Thanks in advance

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I have a Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop. I recently upgraded to WinXP-Home. I just plugged in an external monitor but when I go to Display Properties/Setup, I don't see 2 monitors pictured... so I can't run my system with a multiple monitor desktop... all I can do is display the same image on both the Laptop LCD and the external monitor.

Clues? Solutions?

A:multiple monitor setup problem

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Hi guys,

I haven't posted in a while, but I have a problem that is really beginning to frustrate me!

I was recently running a setup with dual monitors. This allowed me to move toolbars and menus out of the way to maximise working area when 3D modelling. Unfortunately, I've had to temporarily rever back to a single monitor.

The problem is, when I load the application and open the toolbars, they open off the screen, on the missing second monitor. I'm sure there is a quick and easy way of fixing this problem, but I can't find what it is for the life of me! I'd really appreciate it if somebody could help out.

Thanks very much.

A:Change from multiple to single monitor setup

For XP.
Right click the desktop and click properties.
Click the settings tab.
Right click the monitor with 2 in it and click the attached
listing to uncheck it.
Click apply/OK.
May have to restart.
For vista.
Right click the desktop and click personalize.
Click display settings at the bottom of page.
Do the same as above.

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Hello..I am running the Windows XP home ed. OS. I physically connected a Samsung SyncMaster 750S monitor to my Dell Latitude C800 laptop. Upon booting up, the 2nd display monitor displayed an exact duplicate of what is on my laptop screen..

The problem is, I would like to have the laptop as the main monitor, followed by an extension using the Samsung, extending the horizontal field. I went into Help in Win XP and it told me to
click Identify on the Settings tab in Display to have a large number displayed on each monitor.
The Identify button or option does not appear though, so I can't set it up the way I want.

The video card in the laptop is supposed to be able to handle this kind of setup, so I suspect it's an adjustment in XP's control panel...any help would be gratefully appreciated...thanks,

A:Multiple monitor setup for Dell Latitude C800

Steve- You might want to take your email address out of your posts--the webcrawlers will be spamming you madly if you don't....

Your Dell--what video adapter is installed?

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I have an Envy 700-074 tower with two monitors connected via the onboard DVI ports. How can I connect a third monitor?- should I buy an additional graphics card and risk interrupt issues with the motherboard provided DVI ports?   OR- should I buy a USB monitor or USB adapter for my third monitor?- is there another option?  

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okay, having trouble dual monitor setting up my cousin's pc. in the device manager, under display, it shows ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, and, ATI Radeon 4200 Series. now. I tried to setup a second monitor to it through vga, but it didn't detect the second monitor. monitor is fine. the original wasn't detected in the second one either. stays in power saver mode like it is plugged into nothing.

i am too a picture to show you the back of the pc. i know what to do once the monitor is detected, to enable the small greyed out second display in the display settings, but only ONE monitor box is shown.

much help would be appreciated =)

(the old monitor is plugged in to the left, and below, the lone bga port is the one we are trying to use.)

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ThinkPad W540Ultra Dock 40A2NVIDIA Quadro K2100M HELP PLEASE!  I need to hook up 5 additional Monitors (6 including the W540 LCD).  This is for Stock Trading. I have all 5 additional monitors on a monitor stand, it's a sweet setup! I have set the Graphic BIOS on the W540 to Advanced. In Advanced Mode I thought that all of the Video Ports would be live.  Here is what I can get to work: W540 LCD Monitor, two Monitors using the Dock's two Display Ports, and one Monitor using the Dock's VGA Port.  Althhough they work, the resolution is not sharp as expected except on the W540 LCD.  I cannot get the two remaing Monitors to work. I tried using the HDMI Port on the Dock connected to the HDMI on the Monitor, and the DVI-D Port on the Dock, using a DVI-D to HDMI converter cable (HDMI connected to Monitor) and that won't work.  I've also tried using the USB 3.0 cables.  I cannot get two of the 5 monitors to work. Is is possible at all with the setup I have, or do I need to go to a USB Display Adapter?  If I need to go the USB Display Adapter route, can I still use some of the cables I have and only use the USB Display Adapter for the two that won't work.  Or, do I need to get a Plugable 7 Port USB Adapter and connect them all up this way.  Using the USB Display Adapter should I connect them all using HDMI or VGA? Thanks in advance for helping me out, I have multiple hours invested and no hair left!&nbs... Read more

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I am using Windows 7 in 5040x1050 resolution using Matrox TripleHead2Go.

The problem is that taskbar live previews appear to be automatically disabled at this resolution (only windows titles are shown). When I am using 5040x1050, they look like this:

When I switch to 1280x800 notebook display, the previews look like this (notice that the thumbnail is shown):

I get live previews in 3360x1050 too. But 5040x1050 doesn't work.

Please help me force Windows to draw live previews with thumbnails at the 5040x1050 resolution. The DWM works at that res just fine - previews are visible in Flip3D and in Alt+Tab switching.

YT, Danila

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This has been really bugging me as it started right after I first tried WMediaCenter. I double clicked on the title bar to restore the window and the GUIF part of the program shifted up and off the monitor. Then right clicking on the button in the task bar to maximize the window left my mouse hidden, so I click around like a Blond guy untill something gets highlighted, how frustrating is that.? Plus all the wonderfull labor saving extra menus are really nice. Do I have to reinstall Windows Media Center; Or is there some way to fix it.

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Have recently discovered that whenever I double click on a picture to view it in the picture viewer, it comes up with the border but the actual picture doesn't show up.

At the same time, whenever I use Windows Movie Maker, if I import pictures into it, they show up in the preview window when I left click on them at first, but when I drag them down onto the video editing track, they no longer show up on the preview.

Can anyone help me with this?

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I've encountered multiple specific problems hence why the thread title is "multiple problems".

So it all started when a recent Windows 10 update was installed on to my brother's laptop. Laptop restarted and did not boot up. Encountered a srttrail.txt error. Read many posts on this. I tried bootrec, bcdedit, startup repair, chkdsk, scannow......the laptop always got stuck at a blank black screen or could not repair the startup.

I downloaded an ISO from the microsoft site to try and re-install Windows, burned it to a dvd at max speed (using my laptop), then booted it on to my brother's laptop under Legacy Boot mode. It booted well except it could not accept the product key which came with the ISO file (which came from a site that was partnered with Microsoft). We checked the product key multiple times....no success. I tried downloading a pre-activated ISO file to bypass the product key screen and I get to the "Select driver to install" screen telling me I am missing a media file. I downloaded a chipset onto a usb drive and selecting it but the laptop keeps saying "Could not find any drivers".

So.....is the ISO corrupted? Did I burn the ISO too fast? Is the DVD scratched? Do I need to edit any settings in BIOS? This is an Acer laptop with an i7 processor.
By the way, By brother downgraded to Windows 8.1 because he used somebody else's Windows 8.1 cd to repair his computer.....or at least that's what he told me. Anyho... Read more

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I currently have a dual screen setup, the primary a computer monitor and the secondary an HDTV hooked up via HDMI cable. Accordingly I have 2 sound setups; a set of speakers at my desk and the other is the TV's speakers.

The problem is most programs have no option to choose the audio playback device. Everything goes to the default in Windows, so I have to manually change it every time to either the TV or the speakers. I only really use the HDTV to watch videos and want only the sound from that specific program to play on the TV, and everything else on my desk speakers.

I had a workaround to this in Vista. By setting the default audio device to the HDTV Windows would automatically switch the audio output to the speakers when disabling the secondary monitor which could be done easily with UltraMon. Windows 7 audio playback doesn't seem to detect this change so I'm wondering if anyone knows of a solution or workaround.


A:Windows 7 Multiple Audio Playback Setup


Just updated my audio drivers so now the HDMI audio device becomes disabled when the monitor is.

My only question now is if theres a way to choose the audio output for specific programs.

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Certain PCs at work have multiple Domain users log into them and they all need XP mode. Because each user is unique, a new profile is created, and for XP Mode to work as I need, I end up having to install XP mode for each user. It's a pain. 
What I've done now is to install the XP Mode under the Public profile, configure it as I need, and save the image. When you install for a new user, you're forced to overwrite the existing VM, which I let it do its thing, and when done, I just throw my saved
image to the new user's XP Mode folder, and I'm good.
My question is... Is there an easier way to get this accomplished? Maybe a Registry key or two that you can just insert that points to the XP Mode folder under Public, so I don't have to install per user? Maybe something Global that would only force my to
install once, and all new users logging in would be configured for it automatically. 

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Program recommendation thread.
I need 4 virtual desktops; I have 1 monitor at 1080p, and 1 monitor at 720p. I would like the 1080p monitor to display the active virtual desktop, while the 720p monitor consistently maintains a "preview grid" of all the desktops available.

As of right now with the programs I've tried, the virtual desktops are stretching across both monitors. The preview panels cannot be consistently stuck to one monitor and not the other.

I need:
- The 4 virtual desktops to only appear on the 1080p monitor
- The preview grid to only appear on the 720p monitor
- The preview grid to always be active and open
- Preferably: To be able to crop and zoom in to which sections of each virtual desktop I want to appear in each preview grid

Which program out there would be most suitable for this? *NOTE* DexPot does not have all these fucntions

A:Need: Virtual desktops on monitor 1, previews of desktops on monitor 2


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am trying to install windows on a laptop with broken screen
it will not display on crt monitor when running setup..

how would i change this..

trying to either install vista or 7

hp dv9000 entertainment series

A:external monitor during setup of windows

I believe on the dv series laptops you have to press the fn key and one of the function keys at the top that has a picture of a monitor on it for the display to route through the video out jack.

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I have a dual monitor display...I have my laptop (primary monitor) on the right, with my additional monitor on the left. Problem is, everytime I boot up my computer, the setup reverts to my laptop on the left, with the attached monitor on the right...so I have to go into my display properties everytime and switch the monitor arrangement. I'm wondering if this has something to do with nVidia, as when I try to setup the dual monitor display through nVidia, it will not let me move my second monitor to the left...I can only switch which monitor is my primary which just switches which monitor displays the start menu.


A:Windows Does not Remember Dual Monitor Setup

I just got a brand new HP pavilion dv9000 and I have an external monitor hooked up to it on the left. I have the exact same problem. Even if the computer just goes to sleep, as soon as I wake it up, the monitor is on the right again. I can reset it to be on the left in the control panel, but I have to do it every time and it's a pain. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi there. It may be because there are 3 DVI ports on the one card but Win 7 does not recognise all 3 monitors, only 2.

On the contrary the Nvidia control panel recognises all 3 monitors and I am able to configure all 3 screens with a res of 5760 / 1080. All is fine until I reboot and then nothing. All monitors blank. I can only assume that it's because of a conflict with the Nvidia driver (latest) and windows.

My question is, is it possible to force windows to recognise all 3 monitors? I think then my problems will be over.

ASUS SKT-1366 P6T Deluxe V2
Windows 7 64 bit
i7 975 Extreme OC to 4.2GHZ
6gb of 1866mhz Dominator DDR3
1TB Samsung F1 SATA II
Nvidia GeForce 590 GTX
Acer 3D 27 inch X 3
3D Vision Surround.

A:Geforce GTX 590 in conflict with windows during triple monitor setup.

All fixed now. 3D Surround gaming, at last, at a resolution of 5760 / 1080.

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I am having some problems with the Windows 8 start screen on my dual monitor setup.
I have 2 monitors (d'oh) the monitor in the center of the desk is my main monitor.
The monitor to the left is my secondary monitor.
I have My desktop showing on my main monitor (the right or center monitor)
I have the Windows 8 start screen showing on my secondary monitor (the left monitor)

The problem I seem to be having is this. When ever I have the start screen showing and then I click on anything on my center monitor the start screen either disappears or goes grey.

I think the start screen is a really cool idea primarily because of the live tiles. Its nice to be able to just glance and see all of my information without having to click a link or open an app or anything. However since the start screen keeps disappearing as soon as I do anything on my other screen it is almost useless.
If I have to go back to the other screen and click to bring the start screen back up I might as well just have widgets or apps on that screen and click them instead.
How do I get the start screen to stay up on the screen by default????????
Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Hello guys i am having problem with my multiple monitor setup under win10. I can connect my lg led monitor with hdmi and no problem but if the screen gets into sleep i can not wake the monitor up again. Is there a fix for this ?

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In the windows 8 video app when I put some videos in the library app detected them and put them with thumbnail preview then i disabled the thumbnail cache and when I added more videos it did so without the previews which wasn't unexpected then I reenabled the thumbnail cache and added more videos which again added the previews

but the problem is that the videos then were added without previews when the cache was disabled are not refreshing to show previews even though they have done so in file explorer

is there a way to delete the thumbnails from the video app without deleting the files as deleting the thumbnail cache don't do anything

it's more annoying than anything else to have videos some with previews and some without as I expected the cache to be deleted with I deleted the thumbnail cache and I am wondering if some can direct me to a solution

A:Windows 8 video app previews

Have you tried moving the files out of the library, waiting for them to disappear from the video app, and then adding them back in?

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Where does Windows XP save previews and thumbnails of video and image files? I'm referring to the ones that appear under the details tab when you select them in Windows Explorer. Is the preview saved as a file somewhere on C:\ ?

A:Where does windows save previews?

The preview is not a file. It's just an image distilled from the file itself and has no real existence.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670 CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8129 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series, -1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 232 GB (21 GB Free); D: 931 GB (395 GB Free); E: 698 GB (152 GB Free);
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled (360 Security)

First post, hope I am not necro'ing anyone's thread.

The Issue: Dual monitors, secondary stays in D-VID Power Saving Mode and goes to black and flashes the standby light.

Monitor Model: LG 24'' IPS LED D2343 (CINEMA 3D)

Was working perfectly less than 24 hours ago, upon boot up this issue arose, attempted fixes to follow:

Basic Fixes Attempted:

1. Classic restart.
2. Removed screen connections, power and DVI.
3. Swapped Ports on the actual GPU between main and secondary monitors, main monitor fires up no problem.
4. Used the Monitor and cables with a different PC- The Monitor worked perfectly.
5. Reinstalled GPU Drivers.
6. Cleaned out the tower, dust etc.
7. Checked and re-checked as many settings as possible on W10, everything from Power settings to Display and Device management, this includes trying hot keys- like those used to project screens etc.
8. Checked windows Update- fully updated.
9 No dodgy software detected or any software installed lately.

Intermediate Fixes Attempted:

1. Removed and ... Read more

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Hello I basically need conformation that I'll need to buy a new monitor in order to have a dual monitor set up with my current system. I'm not super tech savvy so if you need any other info please let me know.

I have a Radeon HD 6670 with 3 ports, an HMID, VGA (which is my monitors type) and DVI. Each port has a stamp next to it that indicates what port type it is/supports (the VGA has a CRI stamp next to it though). My main VGA monitor works fine with the VGA/CRI port, but my second I have to use a VGA to DVI adapter and it's not working.

I've gone through a lot of forums, and found some conflicting information. So I really want to know is it possible to use a converter/adapter or will I need to just go out and buy a new monitor that has a DVI hook up?

I hope I don't need a new monitor, I'm on a very tight budget. (la sigh)

A:Radeon HD 6670 Dual Monitor setup not detecting 2nd monitor

I would try one of these before giving up on the monitor:

Rosewill 10ft. DVI-A (24+5) Male to HD15 VGA Male Analog Video Cable w/ Ferrites Cores, Model RCW-900 - Newegg.com

Forget adapters, you might not a have a compatible one, the DVI connector has many variants.

Look at that cable end and make sure it would fit on your video card's female DVI connector (it should), it's DVI-A (analog only) to VGA which is analog only....

More info:



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Running dual monitors in Win 10 and when going through the Color calibration steps on monitor #2 (Control panel / Display / Calibrate color) the settings stick as long as the 2nd monitor is active.

If I switch to single display (Windows Key + P / PC Screen only) then the 2nd monitor loses its color calibration. Also anytime I reboot my PC (Even if I have both monitors active) the 2nd monitor loses my calibration.

The 2nd monitor has a fairly strong bias for the color Green so I can always tell right away.

I'm probably overlooking something and was hoping someone might of dealt with this before

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This one has me stumped, hoping someone can lend a hand.
(The rig in question is up to date in my system specs)

I currently run a triple monitor setup, all the monitors were purchased at the same time, and are the following model:
Asus VS247H-P 23.6-Inch LED Monitor

The three monitors are all connected to: XFX DD Radeon HD 695X (Cross-fired with an identical OEM/Model/GPU) All three are connected to a single card (which was tested out of cross-fire beforehand, and each card was tested separately)
The monitors are arranged as shown below:
1-DVI ========2-Display port to DVI (active adapter)======3-DVI
With monitor one being the far left, monitor two the center display, and monitor three the far right display.

The best way to describe the issue: There seems to be a single blue pixel on display 2 that stays in the same place, but this pixel does not show up when the color displayed is solid white, solid black, or solid red.
To rule out the usual suspects:
-All cables have been checked with new replacements (on two different rigs)
-Both cards have been tested and work properly (on two different rigs)
-The cards are NOT overclocked
-The display that shows the pixel has been tested as well (the pixel does not appear on my test rig)
-Disabling eyefinity does not resolve the issue
-Removing the second card does not resolve the issue
My question: What am I seeing? A stuck pixel? Artifacting?
Could the active adapter be causing the issue?
If it turns out to be a... Read more

A:Color anomoly on single monitor of triple monitor setup.

Sounded like a stuck pixel until you mentioned it doesn't show itself in solid black. It's possible it still could be though, have you tried any of the remedies?

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I've been running a multi-monitor setup for a while now, with an ASUS VG248QE 144Hz monitor as my main, and one or more spare monitors as secondary displays. I've set the ASUS monitor to 144Hz without issue in the past, while the other monitors stay at 60Hz.

The other night, Windows wanted to update. I figured it was the usual patch session, so I let it do its thing. However, after restarting my computer, I noticed that my ASUS monitor would only operate at 144Hz if it was the only monitor plugged into the system. When I try to set it higher in the Nvidia control panel, it just reverts back to 60Hz after applying changes. I updated my graphics drivers (though I was only one version behind) and even sought a special ASUS driver for the monitor to resolve the issue, but nothing has helped.

Did Windows recently add a forced refresh rate sync between all monitors recently? If so, that really sucks because I only own one 144Hz monitor.

A:Dual monitor setup locks 144Hz monitor at 60Hz

Are you sure the other monitors are independent (dual or multiple mode) rather than cloning the main monitor? If they clone the main monitor, then this explains the 60Hz refresh rate, as all settings (resolution, color depth, refresh rate) should be common for all monitors and the others can only do 60Hz.

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I am having troubles getting my dual monitors back.
Initially had a GeForce 8400GS 512MB PCI video card and was using the on board video (Biostar G41 M7 MB) for dual VGA monitor setup.

I've installed a Radeon HD 6670 1GB PCI-E video card with monitor one setup via DVI to VGA adapter on output one and 2nd monitor on VGA onboard video.
I cannot get the second monitor to detect in any configuration. Tried looking in BIOS of MB, using 2nd DVI (w/ vga adapter) on Radeon card.

Am at a loss and I hope I have provided enough information for some assistance.

Much appreciated


A:Radeon HD 6670 Dual Monitor setup not detecting 2nd monitor

Quote: Originally Posted by Weeg

I am having troubles getting my dual monitors back.
Initially had a GeForce 8400GS 512MB PCI video card and was using the on board video (Biostar G41 M7 MB) for dual VGA monitor setup.

I've installed a Radeon HD 6670 1GB PCI-E video card with monitor one setup via DVI to VGA adapter on output one and 2nd monitor on VGA onboard video.
I cannot get the second monitor to detect in any configuration. Tried looking in BIOS of MB, using 2nd DVI (w/ vga adapter) on Radeon card.

I don't understand why you are using a combination of DVI (to VGA) out of your HD6670 to one monitor, and also using the VGA out of your motherboard to the other monitor.

Am I interpreting what you've done correctly? You are using just the DVI output from your HD6670 through a DVI-to-VGA adapter and on to your first monitor, and also using the VGA output from the onboard graphics of the motherboard to feed the second monitor? If so, this is very wrong.

Your new HD6670 has TWO video outputs of its own: one is DVI, and the other is VGA. You should connect your second analog monitor to the VGA output of the HD6670, not to the onboard graphics VGA output.

Also, if you can disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS that's definitely what you should do when you install an external video card as you've done. At the very least you should give priority to the new PCIe video over PCI (which was your old GeForce card, and probably o... Read more

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I have a setup with 6 monitors. Today my main monitor broke and I couldn't find a way to shut the PC down since I couldn't access the main desktop to get to the Start menu.

Is there a way to change which monitor is the main monitor without having access to the current main monitor?

A:How do I access my main monitor if broken in a multi-monitor setup?

Unplug that monitor and reboot? (power button)

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I recently upgraded to Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit and I'm having trouble connecting to 3 via the HP 120 W advanced docking station. I was able to do this in the past without issues when I was running Windows 7. I'm on a ZBook 15 (1st Gen) I know the laptop has 2 display adaptors: NVIDIA Quadro K2100M, and Intel HD Graphics 4600. When connected to the docking station, I usually ran 2 monitors through the NVIDAI via Display Ports, and the 3rd through the Intel adapter via VGA. Now, after upgrading to Win 10. If I boot the laptop in the dock, it says there is an issue with the Intel graphics adapter, so I'm only able to use the NVDIA and therefor only 2 screens. I've tried updating/reinstalling drivers for both adapters but nothing seems to work. Tried versions from NVIDIA, Intel, and from HP Directly. Whats funny is that if I boot up the laptop BEFORE I connect it to the docking station, everything works fine. Once I dock it all three monitors will come up and work just fine. So I do have a workaround, but it is a little inconvenient  Any Ideas what the issue could be, maybe I have something misconfigured in the BIOS? I think I tried changing a few settings related to hybrid displays, but no luck...

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I cannot for the life of me get the folder preview's to go away. They keep popping up on my taskbar when i have a lot of icons. I have tried the ExtendedUIHoverTime thing and that doesn't help. Any suggestions.

Currently running on windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

Here's a screenshot as well...

A:Windows 7 Taskbar folder previews

Hello Dizzm,

I'm not sure what you mean. The screenshot you have posted does not have any taskbar thumbnail previews in it. Take a look at the example screenshot in the tutorial below to see what a taskbar thumbnail preview is.

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

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I have lost the ability to preview any files other than pictures in Windows Explorer. What can I do to restore the previews? Thanks!

Update: I tried a System Restore to a point before the problem started and that did not work. I created a new account and was unable to view any Explorer previews other than picture files. Please help.

A:Windows Explorer Previews all blank

What was the last thing you did on your computer? Did you reset something, download an application, use a registry cleaner?

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I've found a great solution to a nagging issue.

With Adobe Reader DC, the folks at Adobe made every thumbnail a plain pdf icon. They removed the preview where the pdf icon is replaced by the first page of the pdf file. Seeing the pdf content is much more helpful than just looking at the same icon for every file.

That post came from this thread: File preview thumbnails aren't working for Acro... | Adobe Community

The links work, the instructions work.

Having thumbnail previews restored is wonderful.

Have a look at it, and I'd hope one of the pros on this site can make this into a simple tutorial.


A:How to restore PDF thumbnail previews in Windows 10

Of course, I realize I should've named the thread "How to restore Adobe Reader DC (64 bit) thumbnail preview".

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I somehow did something wrong while visiting a site a few days ago and when I went on to another site, the window was small. Now, every site I go to has to be resized. The only time it doesn't happen is when I first open my homepage. That is OK. I have the home edition. What do I do to get all my windows to open at maximum? Thanks I am using internet explorer 7.

A:maximized windows gone

Welcome back to TSF

See if this helps:


Maximize Internet Explorer On Opening

Problem: When Internet Explorer opens it can range in size anywhere from that of a postage stamp to almost filling the screen. Clicking the maximize button works for that particular window but the next time you open IE the same situation repeats.

Solution: The default behavior for Internet Explorer is to open at the same size it was at the last time it was closed. While the default does apply in many cases it's not always consistent. Try the following workaround.

* Open a single Internet Explorer window to the smaller size.
* Drag the corners of the window until it completely fills the screen. Do not use the maximize button to enlarge the window.
* Hold down the Ctrl key, keep it depressed, and using the mouse click File and then Exit on the menu bar. Do not use the "X" in the upper right corner to close the window.
* Internet Explorer should now open in a full window.
* If it still opens to a smaller size repeat the above instructions, substituting the "Shift" key for the "Ctrl" key.

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I have gone through this procedure about 20 times now opening various links using both the 'ctrl' and 'shift' keys with no change in window size afterward. This solution doesn't work for me... Any other suggestions? My system is Win/XP-Pro, IE 7.0.5730.13 Thanks for any help.

P.E. Bear

A:maximized windows gone

Welcome to TSF

Please always start your own thread....I have moved yours to the appropriate forum.

For your issue, How to make IE7 windows open maximized

Right click the IE 7 icon in the Start Menu and then click Properties and select the shortcut tab. Beside Run is a drop down pane, change to Open Maximized

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When I maximize a window (like firefox), Microsofts should save the size on exit, but now, whenever I open the window again. It stays the original size, which bugs me often. This just recently happened. I have SP2, no viruses or spyware.

In relation, I also connect my computer to my tv to watch DVDs. The tv recognizes it and displays the desktop wallpaper, but it won't play the video (I think it's not recognizing as full screen). What could cause this, and how do I fix it?


A:Maximized Windows

Generally the solution for this issue is to:
1) Close all windows for that application
2) Open up one window of it
3) Resize it to the size that you want
4) Press and hold the Ctrl key while exiting the app by using the menu (not the little x in the upper right corner).

If this happens on the second instance of the window (rather than the first) you'll have to do it with 2 windows open.

Let us know if it works for you!

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Got several programs that always open somewhere between maximized and minimized, so I have to click to fully open every time.
I would prefer to start them maximized always.
Others remember the last setting, but not all...
Can that be set?

A:How to set maximized windows

If you held Ctrl down as you clicked the red X it sets the window to what size it was.

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Hi,I just installed windows 7 ulimate. After installation when i intend to extend my laptop with an extra monitor using VGA, i noticed there is no mutiple display and orientation option. I followed control panel--adjust screen resolution. I reinstalled the operating system once again but the problem still remains. Do I need extra adaptor software or something. If anyone can solve the issue, it would be very helpful. Thanks 

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Hi guys.
After win8 -> win10 update I noticed that alt tab previews sometimes have different size, especially when there are few opened apps they become extremely huge which makes it hard to orientate between them quickly and I spent some time to glance the app I need. Alt tab on win 8 was perfect for me, previews were of fixed size, icons were bigger it was easy to choose the app I need.
Now in windows 10 I see those preview depend not only on number of opened apps, but of screen resolution too. For example, when I use monitor with laptop 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 the preview are really huge but when I use laptop screen which is 1366x768 the previews are quite ok. Previously i used AltTabTuner app but now it doesn't make any affect on alt tab preview.

So my question is: can I configure windows to use previews of fixed size when I press alt-tab?

I'm posting a few screenshots so you may better understand what I'm talking about

the third screen is closest to what I'd be glad to achieve.

A:windows 10 / return alt tab previews of fixed size (windows 8 style)

Hi @quadroval, welcome to tenforums.com!

I think it's the 'nature of the beast'! There's probably a way to accomplish what you want but I wouldn't know where to start.

For a different twist, you could use the old XP style switcher by pressing and holding right Alt, press and release left Alt then Tab to switch; they're a fixed size!

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 Have a eliteone 800 g2 with additional hp E240c monitor.Want a setup with dual monitor, but no detection of the E240c.Have followed the installation guidelines from the E240c and connected with the displayport cable on both machines but no additional monitor detected.  Graphics intel hd graphics 530 has factory special driver. Looked if driver should be updated, but no driver was found to update this config specific driver. Who can help me out why it doesn't work. Posted to support team but no respons after 3 days , so hope this forum can help me out.

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