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decrypt files files that I didn't encrypt

Q: decrypt files files that I didn't encrypt

A few days ago, I noticed a popup saying computer wanted to reboot and would if I didn't postpone it. I wasn't doing anything, so I went ahead and did it. The windows updates (running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit) applied and I got back to the desktop. Adobe put up a box saying there was an update for it too, so I clicked on it. Before I could start it though, I got a windows box that said "Encrypting File System" and told me to backup my file encryption certificate and key. After some searching on google with a different computer, I found that this sometimes come up even if you have never encrypted anything as I have not. So I went ahead and let it save the key to a flash drive. I did the cipher /u command to find if any files were encrypted. It found thousands of files in 7 directories. Mostly pictures (.jpg) on the second hard drive and they weren't viewable.

Error: "Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because you don't have the correct permissions to access the file location."

Filenames were green in explorer. So I tried using the backup of the encryption certificate and key. It seemed to restore just fine, but all the files were still encrypted. I tried the decript command "cipher /d" but that wanted to either be in the directory or specify the directory/filename and the list from the /u just flew by and would only scroll back so far.

After some more searching, found a .vbs script to find all the encrypted files and put the list in a text document. That's how I found out all those files were in just 7 directories. Four of the directories, I was able to go to them at the "ran as admin command prompt" and decrypt them with the cipher /d command. The other 3, it said access is denied on each file. I tried in explorer to just right click on them, under the General tab, clicking on advanced, and unchecking encrypt contents to secure data, but after giving administrator authorization, it says "Error Applying Attributes. An error occurred applying attributes to the file. Access is denied."

Another thing to try for a previous version of windows was make sure the System Volume Information had full access. SYSTEM did, but I changed Administrators and Everyone to full control. No help. I even tried the right-click add-on that I've used on directories and files that wouldn't let me delete them called Grant Admin Full Control. Nope. Still not decrypting in explorer or using cipher /d in command prompt.

Only about 1000 files left, but I'd like to get all of this self-encrypted stuff decrypted because I can't just re-download them. I did notice that all the other partitions only list SYSTEM for group/user names for the System Volume Information directories.

I tried MEO File Encryption Software, but that seemed to only want to decrypt files with 2 different extension types that it creates. I tried to go to the directories that were still encrypted from decrypt prompt anyway, but since the directory didn't have those 2 filetypes, it didn't find anything.

Found a program that looked like it was an old dos or linux boot that you could change attributes like encrypted. It was just ran as a window inside of Windows though and it didn't didn't have permission from Windows 7 do change that attribute.

I tried Advanced EFS Data Recovery trial, and it was able to get one of the 3 directories decrypted once I paid $299 to register. Until paying, it would pretend to recover files, but only the first 512 bytes of each file until you buy.

That still leaves 2 directories left. Any idea what I can try next to get the last 2 directories back? I do have Acronins backups of all my partitions on an external drive, but the directories are encrypted on them as well. I have Carbonite online backup too, and I haven't put it back on my computer since Switching from Windows 7 to 8 and back to 7 again in September 2013, so I figured maybe that would have them not encrypted, but nope. They were encrypted on there too. So however these files got encrypted, at least some of it happened more than 4 months ago.

The ONLY time I messed with encryption was when Windows 7 RC1 Ultimate came out. On a different computer, I made a flash drive a bitlocker flashdrive. Only used it a couple weeks though. Never used that flash drive on this computer or encrypted anything on this computer.

I've run Malware Bytes, Microsoft Security Essentials full scans, and Vipre Rescue in safemode, but no problems found.

I found a post from2001, that Microsoft made EFSINFO.EXE from server 2000 resource kit available, but the link to it just goes to the Server 2012 download page. Should I Downloading the trial and install it to a VM? Then I could try and copy efsinfo.exe out or make it see the encrypted directories and see if the efsinfo /r /c /u command will show the thumbprint.

Anything else I might try to get these files that I didn't encrypt de-crypted?

Preferred Solution: decrypt files files that I didn't encrypt

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: decrypt files files that I didn't encrypt

Well, from what I've been able to find and try, looks like those last two directories are simply not recoverable. Since I didn't encrypt them in the first place, I don't seem to have a key for it.

So, for the future...
What made it encrypt those directories so I can not do it again?
What should I do now to prevent problems like this again? Just backup my encryption key and try and remember where I backed it up to? The current one should be good for a while. One of the many things I tried was extending the expiration date to 2113.

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1) What are encrypted files and how do we know which files are encrypted and which are not.
2) i know its against the TSF rules to discuss anything related to password recovery or anything like that but just curious to know when anybody forget the password and if they are able to remove or change the password , would it affect encrypted files in anyway ??

3) Is their any way we can make any file encrypted or if we need to how we can remove encryption of any file.


A:what are encrypted files ?? do we have any way to encrypt or decrypt and file ??

An encrypted file or folder is a file or folder that only someone with the appropriate permissions can view.

If you are the administrator of a computer with folders or files on it that you have created then you can encrypt them and only someone with the appropriate permissions i.e you and anyone else you give permission to can see and view the contents of that folder or file.

You can only do things with the file if you created it or are the administrator or have the appropriate permissions.

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Last week I have been messing around with Windows Firewall Control, and have enabled Medium Filtering.
This denies all apps from accessing the internet, unless I allow them manually, one by one.
Is this boring process going to increase my ransomware protection (refer to title)?

PS. Please don't hijack this thread with recommendations of anti-ransomware protection like CF, I already know them. Thanks in advance.

A:Do all ransomware files require an active Internet connection in order to encrypt your files?

I am under the assumption that Ransomware encrypts files upon execution.

Wait for an expert to reply.

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I have been trying to encrypt a folder using PGP 9.0.6 and Cryptainer Secure It 3.1.7.



What's weird is that the folder and the files within it will not encrypt and I don't know why? Further more the folder will actually be missing files. Can anybody explain to me? No, I am not setting the applications to erase files after completion.

PGP Conventional Encryption has worked finally. I tried all the obvious stuff first like closing all non-essential volumes (virtual disk that are created and encrypted by PGP), transferring the files to another drive, etc.

On a slightly separate issue. I did have some data corruption involving an older and separate group of files. However I deemed that to a hardware failure or a OS/Software failure. Figured it might provide valid insight.

Update: Now my PGP conventional encryption, non .exe file generation worked. I don't understand why it wouldn't work? Going to rename the source folder and try again. MY encrypted .exe file generation with PGP should work.

I tried again. PGP conventional encryption and PGP Zip both encrypted fine. I tried creating a PGP .exe file and again it failed and files are missing; why?

I've done a full virus scan and spyware scan. No known threats detected that would cause this. I've done two system wipes in the past months. I've also removed, reinstalled, and or repaired the installation of both a... Read more

A:Unable To Encrypt Files & A Number Of Files Are Missing After Attempt.

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Hey Everyone,

I am having a huge issue at the moment where our shared files are being encrypted by a virus/trojan. This incident started this morning and was discovered in the afternoon but unfortunately most of the files (around 20-40 GB) were encrypted by this virus. The infected files are Pictures, Excels, Words and PDFs and the processes that likely were responsible for the encryption were shutdown and moved to a temporary folder.

The suspicious processes that were running were:

Using ESET Anti-Virus, they are identified as:

My question is - how can get my files back?? (I do have some copies of the original files before encryption)
- Are there decrypters out there for these viruses?

I believe this is something that many of you guys here have seen and experienced, if you could share your solutions I would very much appreciated.



A:Files Encrypted by Trojan/Virtus, Looking for ways to decrypt files

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Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to decrypt those files without paying the ransom.

To prevent more files from being encrypted, disconnect the infected computer from the internet.

If you haven't already, when you disconnect you may be presented with a screen from the malware writers telling you to pay to get your files decrypted.

Do not run any malware removal tools unless asked by me.

We may be able to recover some or all files from your Shadow Volume Copies, unless the infection has already deleted them.

Do you have another machine that you can use to download the tools to USB drive and transfer them to the desktop of the infected computer?

If so, we want all our members to perform the steps outlined here:

NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post/attach the logs in your next reply.

If you have trouble with one of the steps... Read more

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I expect this is going to be basic to the most of you but here goes. I am running Win 7 on my main laptop and XP on my spare. I am using a Freecom Usb hard drive to transfer files. When I go from Win7 to XP I find that the text on the files is green and can't be opened in XP. If I go back to Win 7 I find that they are encrypted and I have to decrypt to transfer them. How can I stop this happening please?
Also can I link the computers up with each other to save transferring in the above manner? Thanks in anticipation. Peter.

A:Encrypt decrypt, that is the question

"Green" files are encrypted, password protected, etc...

If you have bitlocker on or other HDD/ file encryption on Windows 7, that may be the issue.

Regards. . .



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I have 2 partitions c and d. i encrypted some files in d:. yesterday i formatted ma lap and i installed a fresh copy of win7. today i tried to copy that files into a cd it displays an error. then i tried to decrypt that files it also getting an error. even i cant open that files. plzzzzzz some one help me

A:Problem with Encrypt and Decrypt

Did you have a password before you formatted? Try using that same password and decrypt again. Restart before decrypting if you have to.

Edit: password on your user account, if it wasn't clear.

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I have an FTP bat file that runs on an NT server. My client wants to encrypt the password when the bat file is idle and decrypt when the bat file is running. Do you have any script that can do this process? Thank you.

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Hi i am trying to create a batch file to do the following
ask for user input
encrypt user input then add it to example.txt

then later in the batch file
look at the txt file
grab the input from the txt file
decrypt it
show on screen as echo undecrypted


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I'm looking for a way to secure my "files" hard drive (not my primary OS hard drive). I want something that would allow me to decrypt it on boot, with a decryption password of some type. It would then need to also encrypt again when shutting down.

Could anyone recommend a program for this? It would also be preferred if the separate actions had their own executable or way to be run from command line so I could use it with another project of mine, but this isn't required.

Thanks to anyone that can point me in the right direction!

A:How do I encrypt and decrypt harddrive on computer boot?

Hi Danny,

I would recommend you try TrueCrypt.


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Hi All

I used the files and folders Encrypt attribute: "Properties>General>Encrypt contents to secure data"
to encrypt a folder and all its contents. The folder and all its contents are green of colour. Now this is on the D-drive. I formatted my windows C drive and now I cannot access any of the files inside the encrypted folder.

I try setting permissions but they are set for administrators and I'm an administrator. How do I decrypt them?

Thank you

A:Solved: Windows Folder Encrypt Attribute - How to Decrypt?

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Hi i encrypt my word excel or powerpoint files. afte that my system got crash . so i install the win XP again . but now when i am trying to open any file ( word excel or powerpoint files) its giving me the error. user does not have access privileges. i try to remome the encryption from the files but its also giving me the error.
these files are very important. kindly help me.


A:Encrypt files


Originally Posted by skaundal

Hi i encrypt my word excel or powerpoint files. afte that my system got crash . so i install the win XP again . but now when i am trying to open any file ( word excel or powerpoint files) its giving me the error. user does not have access privileges. i try to remome the encryption from the files but its also giving me the error.
these files are very important. kindly help me.


I believe it is becasue when you originally encrypted the file, it used the original user account information to create the hash, etc for the encryption. When yoou reinstalled, did you recreate the user accounts with the same names as originally created?

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If your computer ever becomes permanently unbootable and if you didn't back up your key with those files then Windows encrypted files will be lost. Beware of that. Accordingly people recommend True Crypt instead.

A:Don't want others see your files. Encrypt them with XP

Blade Jones makes a good point regarding NTFS encryption. It is a very valuable feature but you must understand the implications of using it. On this forum and others I have seen many cases where a user has reinstalled the OS or upgraded to a later version, only to find that important encrypted files are no longer accessible. This is a serious matter. NTFS encryption scrambles the contents of a file using a key that is a part of the user account. If that key is lost, and it will be when the OS is reinstalled., it is almost impossible to decrypt such files. Creating a new account with the same name and password will not create the same key.

It is possible to backup the encryption key before an OS reinstall but few people do so, or are even aware of the need.

With any encryption method involving a password be very sure you do not forget it! Forum rules do not permit help with lost passwords.

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a while back i encrypted a file useing winzip, and now i want to open it but i dont know what that password i set for it was. is there any program that will unencrypt it or a way to find the password? thanks

A:How to un encrypt .zip files?

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Hi All
i encrypt some files (Properties ->General ->advanced ) but from that time any file i created it , it become encrypt defalutly , how fix it?

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Hi guys,

One of my work colleague got a .vnt file from a friend for hers. She told me her friend took a picture using a Sony Ericsson phone and sent her the file. But when she received it, the file is in .vnt format,which I have nv seen before. I tried opening the file in my PC using five different software but all I got is this:

=94=AF=E6=92=91=E7=9D=80=E5=A6=8... Read more

A:Decrypt .vnt files

Read this site:

And do as it says. You should get it into a .Jpg file

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I dont remember how it happened, but my pics and word docs are encrypted with EFS (green letters). and when i try to decrypt or view the files im not able to see them or change the advance settings, i've tried compresing the file, changing the location to another drive but i cant move them....the thing is that im the computer's administrator and i dont get this permission. When i try viewing the file with a guest account im able to do so, so im thinking that it must be a setting withing my Administrator account...any ideas ??

In this image, I'm trying to compress the file but was not successful..

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Hi guys. I had once encrypted my image files on which are on my drive f. Well then i had to format my hard disk for what ever the reason is. And then there was no way to decrypt these files. I'm using windows xp sp3. Is there any way to decrypt these image files? Thanks guys

A:Cannot decrypt my files

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my computer attach to viruse . all jpeg and other file hide . then i formate my pc but not solve my problem.

A:decrypt my files

How did you determine that this is a virus?
Have you received any demands of payment to release your files?
If there are any message associated with this please post the exact message.

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After my hard drive crashed. I reloaded XP, but not the one that was originally in my laptop as I bought it from my former company and it didn't come with original disks. So after trying to copy my pictures saved on a stand alone hard drive onto new XP picture file I found that about a third of them were encrypted and I 14can't open them up.Is there any way I can decrypt these files or are they irretrievable?

A:How to decrypt jpg files

To the best of my knowledge, you're out of luck

p.s To move encrypted files between disks one must backup then restore the encryption keys onto the new disk before you can decrypt the moved files. Simply moving a file between disks leaves you of luck

/* edit */
p.p.s To anyone reading: Simply creating a disk image isn't sufficient either. One MUST use the encryption tool itself to backup and restore the encryption keys to move encrypted files between disks. So backup and save your keys (on a physically separate disk) with your encryption tool BEFORE you have a disk crash

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i hv downloaded the .rar files which r encrypted and i dont know the password wt should i do to decrypt those files.plz rep me in quick session.

A:decrypt .rar files

Please read the Rules
we cannot assist in bypassing passwords

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hi i have a bunch of encrypted files and do not have the key. is it possible to still decrypt them somwhow? is it able to b e done in the registry or something, or is there anything that could maybe allow me to view the pics

A:how to decrypt files

How are they encrypted? With what program? Using the registry won't decrypt them, you need the right software.

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I had Windows server 2003 standard edition installed on my home server and had encrypted some files and folders on my system partition. Few days ago, i backed up data , including those files and folders and formatted the system. I didn't decrypt the data before backing up.

After format, i installed windows xp professional edition on the computer and now those encrypted files cannot be opened in my new OS. it simply says access denied. Is there anyway i can decrypt those files ?

Will installing window server 2003 again in the same home server help me decrypt the files?
Guys, suggestions, i desperately need those files.

A:Help to decrypt files.

There may be a third party software that can help you but to my knowledge if you lose the key like you did with formatting there is no recovery.

after all isn't the point of encryption is to make is so someone can't just copy the files off somewhere and then decrypt them?

Perhaps this will shed some light

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A friend sent me some photos but l am unable to view them because the have a jpgenx file extention. I would love to view these file....please help.

A:Decrypt files


Odd. Try and rename the extension to ".jpg" and click "Open with..." and select your default image viewer.

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I have some files that I encrypted in Windows XP Pro. My PC died and I bought another and installed Win XP in another new drive.

My problem now is decrypting and/or decrypting the files in the old drive. It won't let me decrypt, copy or move the files!!

Please help!

A:How to decrypt files

It's not simple, you need to wade through this.

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I installed clean windows XP on my "C" disk and i moved some files to "D" disk before installation. And now i can't access them, because i didn't save profile.
I tryd Advanced EFS Data Recovery (full version), but i can't decrypt files because they can't find profile.

A:Encrypt files after install

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I'm looking for advice on how best to encrypt a few files.
Nothing huge just a meg or two of Word & XL files.
At the moment I just burn on disc & do not keep on the computer & hide the discs.
Looking for some "better than what is available on XP Pro" program that is less than $50.

Any ideas?


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I looked up how to encrypt files and it said windows 7 had a encryption software built in. I went to properties and went to the advance options and there was encrypt file for secure data or something like that. But it was unselectable.

A:How do encrypt files on my windows 7?

Whether you need to protect internal or removable drives, BitLocker in Windows 7 makes that protection easy because it works with almost any drive. Windows 7 simplifies the encryption of internal drives by automatically creating the hidden boot partition
necessary to use BitLocker to protect the OS volume, eliminating the need to manually select that option during installation or to repartition the drive afterward. Best of all, BitLocker can be enabled on drives running Windows 7 with a simple right-click...STEP
1.To enable encryption you would right click a folder or file and then choose Properties from the displaying menu.
2.Once the Properties page appears you would click the Advanced button on the General Tab and choose the Select the Encrypt contents to secure data check box, and then click OK.
3.Another dialog box will come up to give you the option of applying the changes to the folder only or to the folder, any subfolders found and the files within.
[NOTES FROM THE FIELD] – It is important to note that once you start encrypting information that you should back up your encryption certificate which is the “key” to lock and unlock the data. If your certificate and
key are lost or damaged and you do not have a backup, in most cases where a local system is involved, that encrypted information is lost as it remains forever locked.
There are more recovery options available to you when ... Read more

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i use encrypt files v1.5 to encrypted some word, excel and pictures. but today when i input the right password, it said: "check message log for errors"
and now i cannot see those files,what's the problem?

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Is there a way for me to encrypt files in Windows 7 Home premium? When I go to Properties > General tab > Advanced, the option to encrypt it is greyed out.

If possible, without 3rd party software please. If not, a link to some good free software.

A:Encrypt files in W7HP

I recommend truecrypt it's free software. You can encrypt os drive, data drives or folders.
TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux

if you want to encrypt without 3rd party you need to get higher version of windows 7 because i think home premium doesn't have that functionality

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I am attempting to encrypt files on a Windows 7 OS using EFS.
Receiving an error that states "The File Recovery certificate being outdated or expired is the most frequent cause of this invalid recovery certificate message".

I have located this to an expired certificate under RSoP, belonging to an account called sysadmin. The problem is that this laptop was a computer that I was given when I left my previous job. I'm presuming that account belong to the tech support team. It no longer exists under user accounts.
I've logged on with the Administrator account and recreated a certificate and generated the DRA, but still receive the same error. The certificate for sysadmin under RSoP still remains.

A:Unable to encrypt files using EFS

You're up a creek without a paddle man. EFS is non-trivial and you need the original Recovery Agent to access it.

Consider this scenario:

disk is EFS
user X has a password
user X account is deleted, but the data is kept
we discover, oops, we need something
recreate user X and even reuse the same original password
The encryption key is created such that it is unique to

the HD
the partition
the user
his/her password
time of day the password is created
The ONLY choice is to have created the Recovery Agent while the account was still active.

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How to decrypt the cerber files 

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Hello, After shooting a wedding, I could not open any of my jpeg files on my memory card. All the folders have a file labelled 'DECRYPT_FILE' in them. One file has a link to a site where I apparently need to pay to get my files back. PLEASE HELP


Greetings Gabbygp and to BleepingComputer's Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Malware Removal forum.My name is Oh My! and I am here to help you! Now that we are "friends" please call me Gary.If you would allow me to call you by your first name I would prefer to do that.===================================================Ground Rules:First, I would like to inform you that most of us here at Bleeping Computer offer our expert assistance out of the goodness of our hearts. Please try to match our commitment to you with your patience toward us. If this was easy we would never have met. Please do not run any tools or take any steps other than those I will provide for you while we work on your computer together. I need to be certain about the state of your computer in order to provide appropriate and effective steps for you to take. Most often "well intentioned" (and usually panic driven!) independent efforts can make things much worse for both of us. If at any point you would prefer to take your own steps please let me know, I will not be offended. I would be happy to focus on the many others who are waiting in line for assistance.Please perform all steps in the order they are listed in each set of instructions. Some steps may be a bit complicated. If things are not clear, be sure to stop and let me know. We need to work on this together with confidence.Please copy and paste all logs into your post unless directed otherwise. Please do not re-run any programs I suggest. If you encounter problem... Read more

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I had a few files and folders that were encrypted with omnipass. My hard drive crashed and I had to re install Windows. Now, I can not decrypt my files. I did not output an 'omnipass profile'. I contacted the software company and obviously they could not help me, because they could not reveal how to hack the files.

Basically, I need outside help!! Some one who is able to 'hack' my files. They are very important to me. I am a writer, and these are my work. I've spent countless hours working on these materials! Help me, please!!

[email protected]

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Stupid me... I should not use this feature under w2k, I encryted some of my files and folders under my d: drive before my windows crashed and had to re-install w2k. The installation was successful and now I can't decrypt my files anymore... Does this have to do with my re-installing of w2k?

Many thanks.

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I was approched by a guy that was victimized by a cryptolocker virus called Crypt0l0cker.
Unfortunatly he does not have a backup or anything. 
I did get my hands on a encrypted file and have recoverd a original out of his mailbox.
the file is just a 35kb big. the old extension is .doc and the new extension after the encryption is .enc
Is there a way to find de encryption key using the original file so i can decrypt the rest of the files?
otherwise i see no other option then to try a system restore to a point before the attack.
As it is a business computer (one mans business) i would like to just decrypt the files to minimize the damage/data loss.

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HEllo to everyone. One computer with no so much important files just someones has infectect with windows XP SP3. 
I have all the files encrypted but I think that maybe no exist a tool to solve that.
Hope that someone can helpme out with these.
Regards to all

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I have a word document that I encrypted on a different account and I do not have that old account but I still do know that password for that account and I know there are programs to decrypt the files as long as you know the password. Is there some way to get around this? Thanks

A:Decrypt Windows Files?

Did you use Windows' built in encryption service or a third party encryption program?

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        Fellows there is a virus in my laptop known as "aZaZel virus". And it has encrypted all my images, pdf files, rar files and setups... Because of which i am unable to access any of these files. And i need them back!!! even the virus warn that if i change the name of any encrypted file it will be locked forever. Even though i ran a scane to detect the virus but it cannot be detected...
       I tried a lot of methods to decrypt my files but nothing works!!!! 
       Can anyone help me and tell me how to decrypt my files and images????

A:To decrypt an image, pdf and rar files

I am not very tech savvy, is that a virus or is it ransom ware?

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is it possible to change the extension of the file...let's just say a file is called wallpaper.jpg

can i change the extension to let say instead of jpg and change it to pgj...or somthing else...so the file now is wallpaper.pgj...

would this stop the file from opening..

i know u guys must be wondering why ...it's because i have some adult wallpapers from sites like desktop girls and others... which are in jpg format ...i don't want to delete them...

A:how can i encrypt or hide jpeg files

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Hey Oh My,
I got a mess and I cain't get up. Okey dokey. I is gonna start the puzzle. I was watchin a movie (okay streamin) and some pop up pages, popped up and as usual I closed them. Well one was stubborn and kept askin me, Iffen I wanted to leave the page, I wanted to, but it decided I shouldn't, so I pulled out the ole ctrl alt delete bat, and hit em onna haid. Upon restart I was reintroduced to said previous page requesting the $300 bucks. So now I looked at it and lo and behold the FBI, Cyber somethin or tother had been watchin my travels and decided I should go purchase a 300 dollar card and submit it to a certain site.
Okay I got nervous and google became my friend, till I remembered, I had much better friends, that prolly knew something about this stuff. Hustlin over to Bleepin Cornpruter, I frantically started readin posts and decided I was way over my head and had no Idea which way to turn. Got out the discs and burner, and comenced draggin n droppin.  Since I was afraid it might get to my external hard drive I burned most important files and looked to see if some of them were already encrypted. Okay now I gotta tell ya I don't know what an encrypted file looks like, so a fine tizzy I find myself in.
Now I am waitin for the whole thing to implode and wonder if there is something to be done, before Armaggedon arrives. Yeah, I  supposedly have been backin up but my external is too small and wont hold but one back up atta time, I have been dere... Read more

A:They want $300 to un encrypt my files, not so quick big fella I know somebody.

So now I looked at it and lo and behold the FBI, Cyber somethin or tother had been watchin my travels and decided I should go purchase a 300 dollar card and submit it to a certain site

Hello -
1 This is just a Scam infection, and the FBI never saw anything
2 Do not panic.
3 There are Self Help guides, or ...............
4 Guided help in the Malware Removal forums
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U.S.A. Cyber Security Ransomware is part of the Troj/Urausy Ransomware family <= Link - This is a typical example of the infection.Read Entire Removal Guide <= Link - At the bottom of the article
You have the choice of attempting the above guide, or just posting directly to Malware Removal area.
Please note there will be a wait of about 3 days for the Experts to reply.
As you are badly infected, you can follow the instructions in the Preparation Guide starting at Step #6.
NOTE :If you are unable to complete any step, please post the topic and leave a full description of your problems
When you have done that, start a new topic and post the required logs to  Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs forum, NOT here, for assistance by the Malware Response Team Experts.
 Please Use Copy and Paste for all your responses, and Do Not Attach any unless your helper specifically requests this.
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Is there a secure and low-cost way to encrypt Quicken, Excel and PowerPoint files and email them to yourself, so you'll always have backups of your personal data?
I've seen free utilities advertised, but don't know whether it is safe to use them.
Is any of these utilities suitable for dial-up... My area does not have DSL, and won't have cable for a few months yet!


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Please help!
I have a 64-bit Windows 7 Professional O/S.
I've used external HDDs for months now, but today when I plug any external/portable HDD/SDD in it prompts me "Before you can save files on this drive, you need to encrypt it using BitLocker"...!!!
See attached screen shot.

I can open the drive, but I cannot do a thing with it. This is causing me all kinds of grief.

I didn't even know I had BitLocker on my laptop, as it is Windows 7 Pro. I don't want it.

There is no BitLocker option when I write-click my drive. There is no BitLocker To Go installed etc...

Can someone help me to write to my drives and remove BitLocker if needed??

Kind Regards,

A:Before you can save files, you need to encrypt with BitLocker

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
BitLocker Drive Encryption - Windows 7 Drive - Turn On or Off with no TPM

BitLocker Drive Encryption - BitLocker To Go - Turn On or Off

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I see tell-tale signs of Cryptowall on my Act! server - HELP_DECRYPT.* files dropped in a bunch of folders.  However, database is fully functional.  Does anyone have an idea of what type of files get encrypted? Had this happen before on a file server and just about everything was unusuable - doc, xls, pdf, etc.  

A:Cryptowall 3.0 - what type of files does it encrypt?

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I need some experts here please!! My wife got on my computer and got that decrypt virus and it locked all my important files in my documents. All the files in my entire documents folder are corrupt. Is there somebody that can help me restore them or are they gone for good??

A:DECRYPT VIRUS. I need help recovering my files

Hi mickeymbbc. My name is Firefly and I will help you with your computer. I ask you to follow a few ground rules while we are taking care of your computer:

I'm an Undergraduate trainee at MalwareRemovalUniversity (MRU), and as such my posts to you have to first be checked by a Teacher, because of this my replies to your posts may be slightly delayed. Please be patient and I'm sure we'll be able to resolve your problems.

Before we begin...please read and follow these important guidelines, so things will proceed smoothly.
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You must have Administrator rights, permissions for this computer.
DO NOT run any other fix or removal tools unless instructed to do so or install any other software (or hardware) during the cleaning process.
Only- post your problem at (1) one help site. Applying fixes from multiple help sites can cause problems.
Print each set of instructions...if possible...your Internet connection will not be available during some fix processes.
Only- reply to this thread, do not start another ... Please, continue responding, until I give you the "All Clean". If you are in progress at another forum, please simply let me know so I can dedicate my time to others who need help.
Failure to respond for 3 days, will result in your topic being closed.

Please take t... Read more

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I was infected with the CTB locker. My IT cleaned my computer from it but my files on the computer are still encripted, or at least it looks like that.
I opened the http://w7yue5dc5amppggs.onion/ page with Tor Browser as I was instructed in the message received with the CTB locker and here got the option to decrypt 1 encryted file before I pay 2,5 Bitcoins to convince me that decrypt is working. So I have uploaded 1 file with the extension "ingoauj' (all my infected files have this extension) but I received the message that this file is not encryted. 
Is this possible? It says that is not encrypted but I cannot open it.
Could someone help me?


A:decrypt CTB locker encrypted files

The newest variants of CTB Locker typically encrypt all data files and rename them as a file with a 6-7 length extension with random characters. The newer variants also do not always leave a ransom note if the malware fails to change the background, like it generally does. Compounding matters, the newer CTB-Locker infection has been seen in combination with KEYHolder, Torrent Locker (fake Cryptolocker) or Cryptowall ransomware. Unfortunately, there is still no known method of decrypting your files without paying the ransom and with dual infections, that means paying both ransoms.A repository of all current knowledge regarding this infection is provided by Grinler (aka Lawrence Abrams), in this tutorial: CTB Locker and Critroni Ransomware Information Guide and FAQThere is also an ongoing discussion in this topic: CTB Locker or DecryptAllFiles.txt Encrypting Ransomware Support & Discussion. Rather than have everyone start individual topics, it would be best (and more manageable for staff) if you posted any questions, comments or requests for assistance in that topic discussion.ThanksThe BC Staff

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