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Help configuring 4G modem with Open WRT 'Barrier Breaker'

Q: Help configuring 4G modem with Open WRT 'Barrier Breaker'

Dear Pros!

I'm trying to configure a 4G modem preinstalled with Open WRT barrier breaker 14.07/ Luci Branch which I had purchased earlier this year on AliExpress.
Manual said I should only put in the carrier's APN, which I did, but no internet.
I figured perhaps some additional input is required but I lack the understanding in the field.

I should probably note that I connected to the interface by wifi while a wired connection did not work at all (unable to connect to management interface at all, no default gatway detected). My carrier is Golan Telecom (Israeli company) and the APN is Internet.Golantelecom.net.il .

Also I have preformed a hard reset on the modem a couple of times and tried with two different mobile carriers.

Please see below some screenshot from the Open WRT management interface as well as a link to the product on Aliexpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3g-...092.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dJgbWH3

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Preferred Solution: Help configuring 4G modem with Open WRT 'Barrier Breaker'

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I just got a DSL line hooked up to my pc, however the modem (a Zyxel Prestige 645M-USP ADSL modem) I have isn't "communicating with the pc". I was told by the guy who installed it that there was a way to "go into it and configure it (the modem)" so that it would work. I know a bit about computers, but I have no idea what the heck he was talking about. He said that he didn't know how to do it either, he just installs them.

Anyways, does anybody know how do to this? I can still go online through the dial up connection, but I'm dying to get this DSL thing working. Btw, I get my DSL/internet through Twin Lakes here in Livingston, TN.

Also I have asked this question here, and they have suggested some things that were to no avail.



A:Configuring a DSL modem

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my problem is that i am switching from aol to msn but i cant seem to get to configure properly i have both robotics fax modem and 56000 modem can some please help me out?

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My old modem from centurylink went bad and they sent me a new one (from KGP Logistics 660 series). I now find out that they want to start charging me $4.95 a month to rent this item. I ask could I buy this item and they will not allow me to do so. I then ask if I could buy my own and use it. They said yes. MY thoughts them went back to my parents who had an old dial up phone for many years, and when they passed we figured they had paid over $1000 for an old phone that they could have bought for $25. Since I don't want to get caught up in this same type of situation and pay for an item many times over I want to buy my own.
I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with this type of thing with Centurylink. For example will their will be any configuring that I will have to do. What would be a specific recommended replacement modem etc.
Thanks in advance for your input.

A:Configuring a modem

There is a list of compatable modems here............
You would need to enter your user name and
password when you connect to the internet.
If you are using a router,then configuration should
be the same as it is using their modem.
If there is a problem,you would probably just need to
call support and give them the MAC address from the
label on the modem.

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OK so my ISP has changed my modem and now I have to connect to WAN so that I could connect when before I could browse the net, so I checked browser configuration of the modem and it says that its in bridging, if I remember correctly, it was supposed to be routing so that I don't have to connect to WAN and it the modem will do the job, the web configuration only shows status so I have to use the telnet to configure it. So I'm asking help how would I configure it? I don't want to touch anything from it without proper knowledge

Modem: Zyxel Prestige 660

A:Need help configuring modem

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please, does anyone know how to enter a ripwave modem to configure it? i want to either setup Upnp or port forwarding to improve my torrent downloads, but have not been able to get into the configurations of the ripwave modem. i tried but they all could not get me in. any help is very much appreciated.

A:configuring ripwave modem

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Now I once again have a new question.
Can I limit the different network ports (1-4) ul/dl speed on my modem? -so that for ex ports 1-3 has "full speed" and port 4 is limited to max 100kB/s dl and 20kB/s ul.
I have a TeleWell TW-EA501 and here is the manual for it but I just don't get it (in English on page 14)


thx in advance!

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hi everyone.

i'v just bought a wireless modem router for broadband, and in the manual it says i need to configure the modem router by typing in a number into the address bar in order to access the router and configure its settings. when i type the number into the address bar it doesnt do anything it just says page cannot be displayed. any help would be very much appreciated!

A:Configuring Modem Router?

Set your network card to obtain an IP address automatically. What operating system do you use and what is the brand name and model of the router?

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Hello, I live in Naples Italy and have Telecom Italia for my ADSL service.
Well I currently use the modem that they provided, but have bought a Belkin ADSL2 + Modem router to replace the Alice modem they gave me.

Well I've been trying to configure the Belkin with no joy.

I've pulled the following setting from the Alice modem and plugged them into the Belkin but it doesn't work.
IP Address:
DNS: None that I can find but, the Belkin setup ask for it.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Configuring a Belkin modem

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Although I had some trouble getting the USB fax modem installed when I ran the drivers supplied with it, Device Manager revealed the modem model number, and that allowed me to search for drivers on the Net, resulting in Device Manager showing the modem and as non-problematical. Using the method outlined at Set up your Windows 7 computer to send and receive faxes, I can get only as far as the fax-set-up Window, because the mouse turns into an hour-glass after selecting 'fax modem' and clicking on NEXT; and when I abandon the attempt, an error window tells me : "MS Windows Fax & Scan is not responding". During this attempt, I had the fax connected as another phone i.e. on a filtered line. Can anyone help me make progress with this ?

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I own a netgear dgn1000 modem+router and it is not working properly so I am using a sustitute modem right now and when I tried configuring my netgear modem once again using my laptop there is a problem occuring...
I am using internet through wifi through substitute modem...when I connect netgear modem to my lappy for configuring through the site doesnot open in fact internet does not work and when I remove the lan cable through netgear modem and use wifi on my sustitute modem it works fine

note: inernet is now continuously working through substitute bsnl modem only...the problem occurs only when lan is connected through netgear modem...

A:Problem configuring my netgear modem

Here's a link for the user's guide containing the install instructions - - Did you use the Install Wizard?

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Hi guys,

I have an ADSL TP-Link modem model TD-8817 version 6. I want to configure it in bridge mode. The only thing I know about that is my VPI is 0 and the VCI is 35. Does anyone know how to do that step-by-step please?


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Hello to the incredibly helpful people who may be reading my post!

I have:

1 X Netgear ADSL2+ Modem DM111P
1 X 3Com OfficeConnect Wireless 11g Cable/DSL Gateway WL-525

I have used the wireless device previously with an Alcatel ADSL Speed Touch Modem using PPPOE no problem. Now I have the Netgear modem and i'm stuck with PPPOA.

Internet solely through the Netgear modem and my laptop works fine. Now I want to plug the 3Com wireless router into the Netgear modem but it's not working.

I plug the cables in all ok. So that the Netgear ethernet port plugs into the 3Com Ethernet/Cable/DSL port and I connect wirelessly or cabely to the 3Com.

I'm forced to use PPPOA bridged to connect and I can see that the 3Com is allocated a public IP address from my ISP. So i'm wondering why I can't surf the net!?

So to be clear, I can see/access the 3Com from my laptop, the laptop is getting an IP address through the modem using PPPOA bridged, but its not routing through.

I've tried manually configuring DNS on my laptop, but no luck.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd be most interested in reading them!


A:Configuring a ADSL modem + wireless combo

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Is it possible to set up my Dell AIO (All in One) 962 printer/fax/scanner to send and receive faxes through my Comcast modem? I recently had my phone line disconnected to cut costs but would occasionally like to send/receive faxes. Spoke to Comcast and they said it was possible but that I would have to change some settings on my computer and on my fax machine. What are these settings? My Comcast modem has 2 phone jacks labeled TEL 1/2 and TEL 2. Which of these jacks should the fax machine be connected too? Thanks in advance!

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My laptop dial up built in modem make is 'HD AUDIO SOFT DATA FAX MODEM with smart ICP'. I tried to configure in different Linux OS like Fedora core1, RedHat Linux Enterprise 4.0, Ubuntu 6.06 and now Kubuntu. When I query the modem it always shows the modem is busy. How to overcome this and make the modem work?

A:Configuring the dial up built in modem of my laptop in Ubuntu 6.06

your modem is not really a modem, as you stated it is a soft modem. If you are lucky, the manufacturer has released the code which will allow you to control it within linux. Many problems with the soft modems is that the manufacturers only release the code to control it for windows, leaving everything else without an option on how to control it/use it. Basically these modems are controlled by software and use the resources of the computer rather than hardware on the modem itself. Want more info, try reading the wiki on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winmodem

If windows is installed on this laptop, boot into and check out the details of the device (make/model) if not try the laptops makers site and see what they list, this will at least give you a starting point for what you should be looking for.
You may want to check out http://linmodems.org/ for some help on

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My laptop dial up built in modem make is 'HD AUDIO SOFT DATA FAX MODEM with smart ICP'. I tried to configure in different Linux OS like Fedora core1, RedHat Linux Enterprise 4.0, Ubuntu 6.06 and now Kubuntu. When I query the modem it always shows the modem is busy. How to overcome this and make the modem work?

A:Configuring the dial up built in modem of my laptop in Ubuntu 6.06

your modem is not really a modem, as you stated it is a soft modem. If you are lucky, the manufacturer has released the code which will allow you to control it within linux. Many problems with the soft modems is that the manufacturers only release the code to control it for windows, leaving everything else without an option on how to control it/use it. Basically these modems are controlled by software and use the resources of the computer rather than hardware on the modem itself. Want more info, try reading the wiki on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winmodem

If windows is installed on this laptop, boot into and check out the details of the device (make/model) if not try the laptops makers site and see what they list, this will at least give you a starting point for what you should be looking for.
You may want to check out http://linmodems.org/ for some help on

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I have a cisco 1941 ISR router and I am trying to configure a router to allow a modem for “Offband or Out of band” access.

Below is the configuration on Aux port on Line :

line aux 0
login local
modem InOut
transport input all
speed 115200
flowcontrol hardware

I have US Robotics 56k Faxmodem which is connected to aux port of router and I am using USB dialup modem with my laptop to dailin to the router which is connected to a US Robotics Faxmodem. Then I have accessed my USB dialup modem throught HyperTerminal and I can issue all “at” commands and to dialin to the modem I have used the following command
atdt914011111111 (atdt followed by country code, area code and landline number)

Once I issue the above command it give me message “Connected” and after this I just get a flashing cursor. I cannot do anything nor will it display a username login prompt.

A:Configuring Dialin connectivity using a modem on router aux port

Sorry. Can't provide any help here on using the Aux port of the ISR. I know it can be done as I've heard others have done it. On deployments I've done, we used a Raritan console server which has a built in modem for POTS line OOB connectivity. The nice thing is the Raritans are simple to configure and have a proven track record. In addition, you can get various models that support multiple devices from serial/console type access to KVM.

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Since receiving a new AT&T 2 wire router, I am unable to print documents from my Dell laptop (Vista) through the router. When I check the control panel/printers, I see the documents with an error on the first document.

Any suggestion on what to look at for root cause?

A:Configuring sytsem to print via wireless modem/router

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ok right to it: I have a 3g usb modem that i use to connect to the internet. That connection is shared to my wlan connection that connects to my ddwrt router which is used for home networking and internet sharing.. It would look something like this:


My problem is that i have trouble accessing the admin area of my router at when my 3g internet is connected or accesing the internet when i can access the admin area ( depending which connection is on top of the list in advanced network settings -> adapter and bindings). What do you think would be the easiest way to solve this and to setup 3g internet sharing most efficiently?

My PC is the one in specs running windows 8 pro, the usb 3g modem is huawei e353, router gigaset sx763 running ddwrt.

A:Configuring 3G USB Modem and router for internet sharing and home networking.

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I have a Fiber Optic connection at home, where the Fiber Optic modem is connected to my WiFi router. The problem is that in order to connect to the Internet, I have to first connect to the WiFi (WPA2) and then dial-in via PPPoE into the Internet. I provide the ISP username and password in the second step.

I am using Windows 7, and have created the PPPoE connection as shown in the attached screenshots.

I have to connect to this PPPoE every time I need to connect to the Internet. I have had to configure this on all my laptops, and have to connect using each individual machine where I need an Internet connection. This is a big pain, as you can imagine. Further, I want to connect my Nexus One to the home WiFi Internet connection, but since it doesn't have PPPoE support, I can't do this.

I went to my router settings (3Com 3CRWDR200A-75), and found something that seemed promising. In the Internet Settings section, I saw a place to provide the PPPoE username and password.

However, this hasn't helped. I still have to connect using the PPPoE connection in Windows

Does anybody have any ideas/tips? Any help would be appreciated, as this is getting frustrating.

Wild Thing

A:Configuring PPPoE on my WiFi router instead of my Fiber Optic modem

Since you're connecting from the router you can probably delete the PPOE connection from Windows.


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I have installed both Office Home and Student 2007 and Outlook 2007 and have been unable to access the help files on this computer. Every time I try and open it a box pops up and says it is configuring and goes through all the motions and says to reboot. Once I reboot, it does the same thing all over again. Please help, any suggestions would be appreciated.



A:Help will not open, configuring every time

Posting to bump this since I had a HECK of a time nailing this one down and no one answered this poor person!

Seems that Vista x64 (and maybe 32 bit, but I didn't have this happen when I installed Office 2007 in 32 bit) can have a REGISTRY problem. This causes an continual "Configuring ..." every time you start an Office Program.
I ALSO got an "outlvba.dll is not a valid Office Add-in" error when starting Outlook.
Chasing THAT on Google got me nowhere since it can be caused by other things, but this turned out to be a VISTA problem. Here's what I did to fix it. AS ALWAYS, IF YOU'RE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE REGISTRY, YOU SHOULD GET HELP FROM SOMEONE WHO IS! That being said, the fix is really easy. MAKE A REGISTRY BACKUP AND A SYSTEM RESTORE POINT FIRST!! (Done with disclaimers ... LOL)

Windows Vista X64 Registry Permissions Fix:

1. Start -> Search regedit and click regedit.exe at top of Start menu
2. RIGHT Click HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Key and choose Permissions
3. Click ADVANCED button, then got to Owner Tab
5. OK (back to main permissions windows)
6. If not there create these:
Administrators: Full Control & Read
Creator Owner: Special permissions
Users: Read

TIP: If doing this to get Office to ... Read more

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I have an Acer Travelmate 5720 laptop running Intel Centrino duo with Vista Home Premium. Also has a fingerprint scanner. On startup we get an Acer screen, followed by a message that says "configuring update 3 of 3 0% complete Don't turn off your computer" and then it shuts down and restarts. Sometimes we get to a login page but then it shuts down again. We can't run a Hijackthis file as we can't get in. In fact this request is being sent from another laptop.

Please help sort this out.

A:Vista won't open beyond configuring update

can you boot into safe mode

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I am running Windows XP Home, I use comcast webmail, how can i configure it so that when i click on an email address link on the web, that I am able to just click on their link and email them without having to be using outlook express or something? is this possible or do I have to setup outlook express to automatically open when I click on an email hyperlink? Right now when I click on an email hyperlink it tries to open Microsoft Passport or something and asks for a username/password. Any help at all here? What is needed here?

Thanks, Dean

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Did some searching Google and here and haven't come up with anything. I work at a computer shop but the problems my Mom seems to run into when she's on the computer are unlike anything else I've come across. She's been playing a lot of games on the AOL site and for no apparent reason, the game decides to just close the browser (random occurrence, but only when she interacts with the game). It doesn't matter which we use, Firefox or IE, though I haven't tried Chrome or Opera, but I don't think it makes a difference. Could this be a bug in their coding? It happens with all the games on there, but only on AOL.

For the record, we do not have AOL service (god, I'd shoot myself if we did), she just goes to their site to play.

What're yall's opinions on this?


If it is ONLY happening with the AOL site...whether with FireFox and IE, that should tell you the problem is on their side.

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I am by no means a network expert but have set up multiple wireless networks for friends. Right now I'm trying to help a relative setup a network where he has a basic Belkin wireless G router behind a Speedstream 4200 modem/router, and we can't get it working. The best I figure is that both are trying to perform the function of router and thus conflict. I dealt with a very similar situaion last summer that took a few hours or trial and error to get working, but unfortunately I can't remember what settings I changed....something having to do with bridged mode and DHCP server in the modem. Can anyone help?

A:Wireless router behind Speedstream 4200 modem/router....need help configuring.....

Welcome to TSG:

See if this tip from Johnwill,addresses your issue.

Connecting two soho routers in a network

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

Also FYI:I believe that the "primary" router in this scenario,is... Read more

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My Dell XPS 8700, I bought from Dell has been a pretty good machine. But then I started seeing the modem failing to initialize. It would do this for so long, I'd have to get up an walk away for awhile. Other times only a system restore would fix it, but even that wasn't guaranteed. I noticed when I gave up and finally just want to reboot that it would hang on "Windows is shutting down," but never would. My last resort then is to do a hard shut down. Only problem then is that it would hang on "Please wait while your computer is updating." Only it would never boot back up. If it leave it like this overnight then sometimes I wake up to the desktop but the modem is still not engaged. The modem is a cable modem and it was JUST changed out to a newer one about three weeks ago. But this intermittent problem has been going on for well over a year. Now the most recent development is that the lower right corner of the desktop says that my Windows is not genuine. The ONLY thing that is not OEM from Dell on this computer is my sound card. I installed a Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi on it the day I got the computer.

I run CCleaner both for windows cache and registry cleaner on average once a week, and it is constantly active. I'm on my computer mostly for college but I also play a lot of games on Pogo. I'm not what you would consider a "gamer" utilizing other online platforms.

I'm running an i7 processor with 8GB ram. My Windows Experience Index rating is... Read more

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A MAJOR Bug in IE9, as far as I'm concerned is the "Pin Function".

I can no longer "Drag and Drop" a Link from IE9 into an Explorer window. Neither can you "Copy & Paste" it.

Now when you drag the link from the URL bar it turns into a "Pinned" link in Explorer, only openable in IE, and with no Link location in Proprties.

Also, when you click the icon created in Explorer, it opens in a New window, which can't be dragged into my existing window.

I HATE this....

I can understand why people may want to Pin a site to the Task bar.. But why have they Screwed with "Drag & Drop" and "Cut & Paste" for those of us that just want to store the link for future use????

ANY tweak that will disable this function would be Most appreaciated!


A:IE9 Pin Function - A Deal Breaker - How can I disable it?

There are 2 kinds of "Explorers" in Windows: Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. You mentioned "Explorer" 3 times. What does each refer to?

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I was watching a dvd on my hp pavillion a510n when my dad decided to flip the breakers, without telling me.. So when the power came back on and I turned the hp back on, it hung on the Blue "HP INVENT" screen with the boot options at the bottom which cannot be used. I know the hard drive isnt bad in it because I put it in a good working computer it worked just fine. What other problems may have occurred?

HP Pavillion a510n
XP Home
Thanks in advance


A:Tripped breaker screws everything....helpp

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I have a 1.3mhz amd k-7 that i just bought & built, but when i plug it in the breaker flips(home breaker) and the power gets cut off. then i go and reset the breaker and it does it again. only one time did it start up but the moniter was not plugged in. once i connected the monitor it cut of again. i checked the monitor by itself, but it worked fine. then i tried the computer again and it flips the breaker(even without the monitor hooked up.
please help!

A:power supply/ breaker question

You have a serious short circuit if it's blowing a 15 or 20 amp home circuit breaker. Something is shorted to ground. Take it apart and look around, there should be arc marks somewhere from the spark

One after thought, try a different circuit in another room, just in case your plugging it into a circuit that is close to full, it's possible I guess that the computer could blow the already overloaded circuit but doubtfull.

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This virus seems to have broken my "Network connection"
I do not have a current copy of XP.
Are there files from XP legally available that might have the network connection files that may need to be replaced or repaired?
I tried using Service Pack 2, but once completed, I received a notice that my "core (kernal)" wasn't official Microsoft. So it aborted the install.
Any suggestions?
Thank you.

A:What to replace to fix what I'll call the "Network Breaker."

It may help if whe not what kind of malware you where infected with?
also you could try this tool it has helped me out lots of times. it repairs common corrupted ore deleted services by malware

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OMG...I did my updates last Thurs and the computer shut down on its own! Prior to updates my computer was working just fine. Today I came in to find that I can't even log into windows on my administrator account. I can log into other accounts buying can't make any changes due to my admin account being messed up!! Everything is blocked by admin...

HELP ME...what can I do? What download can I use to reset my admin password and access my system again??

A:windows password reset or breaker

Try booting to Safe Mode
Start your computer in safe mode

Log in as the built in Admin and create a new account with admin privileges. If the previous account profile is corrupt, you may need move everything to the new profile.

Fix a corrupted user profile

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after the breaker on the 2nd level where I live lost power my computer won't boot into normal mode
safe mode works just fine if I try and boot normal the os loads but just plays the sound and the screen
Stays black without the mouse if you need any other info I will reply ASAP as this is the only PC I have
Besides an ipod.

A:OS won't boot into normal mode after breaker overload

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I don't know whether to put this in Linux or Windows forum: since Linux often rescues Windows, it seems more proper to put it here.  Move or delete or  whatever you want to do with this.
Impetus:  I was just in ZDnet, reading the Linux Mint comments, and one poster, named w7hd1, said that MSFT changed the architecture of Win8.1/10 so that Linux can't mount or read those drives.  Since I'm on Legacy not UEFI, I thought that remark was incorrect, so I plugged in my Mint 17 to boot my 8.1/10 drive.. and yeah, Mint can't read them!  Boots fine, but Caja can't read the internal partitions, which are Win 8.1 and 10.  Gives an error message when trying to mount those partitions, that they are 'not clean' (even though they are) and that the NTFS is not right (even though it is, I made the partitions with diskmgmt.msc).  So it's a false message MSFT is giving to prevent reading/detection, just as the poster w7hd1, claimed. 
I didn't encrypt the drives, so that's not the problem.  It must be a native defense mechanism in each OS.  Although, it could be that the esd file residing on each partition, renders each partition, unreadable to Linux?
No problem for Linux to read and manipulate the data on the drives, for prior Windows versions.
This matters, to a Windows diehard like me.  I learned about and primarily use Linux, to rescue my Windows machines.  So if it cannot mount the drive, I cannot rescue... Read more

A:Linux can't read Win 8.1/10 drives? A deal-breaker...

I'm sticking with Windows 7 then moving TO Linux. So no concerns here. 

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HELP!! My computers were up and running, 1 online, and while running the wet/dry vac to tidy up the work space a little, I tripped the breaker. This computer came up ok but my hot rod didn't. When I fire it up I here the fans going, the hard drive light comes on for about 10 sec. goes out then blinks once, and there she sits. The monitor never comes out of stand-by. I tried my emergency boot disc to no avail. I'll be trying a new power supply while waiting for responses.

512M DDR Ram
20G H/D 7200 RPM ATA 133

A:[SOLVED] Breaker tripped/Computer quit

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I just installed a new WD 250GB ata133 HDD on my machine and when I was loading the drivers under express set up it did the 137 GB Barrier thing.
I did a advanced set up and partitioned the HDD into a single 250GB set up and reloaded my XP OS and It worked fine at boot up.
My board is a ASUS AV8-SE. This is a Modern board witH SATA drive capability.
I was warned that Data could be lost if I set up over 137gb. What do I need to do to have this system remain safe for staorage?

A:137 GB barrier

Did you use the CD that came with the WD to setup and format the drive to work with your system? If you're system can't handle the 250GB then you'll have to split the drive into 125GB each..

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Does anyone know where to get EZ-Bios, I have a 200gb western digital hard drive and my motherboard only supports 137gb and smaller, but I've lost the floppy that came with the disk and it had ez-bios. And now wesrern digital has stopped providing ez-bios from their official support page, but insted offer you to buy control cards from them...
So can anyone tell me where to get Ez-Bios so I wont have to buy control card?

A:137 GB barrier

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I'm using xp professional with an 1550mhz amd chip. I think the board is an xp1600/1700 or something close. However, I can't partition a harddrive beyond 137 gigs, and thought I would be able to. Is there anyway around this, because I'm already at the maximum partitions windows can take.

A:137 gig barrier....

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As some of you may have noticed the past few days i've had some questions on my new system. Well, i got my 200 gig SATA drive working and I been seeing things on the web about a 137 gig barrier in windows. Windows recognized my drive correctly at 189 gigs, and I'm wondering if I wont have any problems with the 137 barrier because windows sees my drive correctly? Is the barrier something for ide drives to worry about and not sata?
sys specs:
Mobo: Intel 915pgn
proc: Pentium 4 3ghz
graphics: geforce 6600 256mb
ram: 512mb(2 256 sticks) pc3200
Windows XP Pro, no SP.

A:137 gig barrier?

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Many a website, and sometimes items I have purchased over the Internet throw another language at me like Chinese, German etc. As I know only one language myself, English. What I would like to find out is, are there any programs to help overcome this barrier? At the moment I am having to use one of the free Internet translators which is not all that accurate, plus it's very time consuming. It would be nice to simply click onto something that translates everything automatically. I can't imagine there is no such program available. Is there anyone knows where I can get such a program. If you do, please let me know. I would be most grateful.

A:The Language Barrier

The only thing I know of for a sure fix would be to switch to linux

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Hey, I use my headset sometimes, and when I use them I hear sound from the headset and from the computer (laptop) How do I stop the sound coming out from the laptops speakers? Because I only want sound in my headphones when they are plugged in and not both of them.

Excause my bad english, I hope you understand me!
Thank you!

I am using Vista 32 Home Premium

A:Sound barrier

what program do you have that manages your sound?
for example, Realtek HD Audio Manager.
it probably has a setting that needs to be changed.

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I am trying to communicate with an Italian relative by chatting with them online. I have to use something like "Google Transfer" and its a real pain. Does anyone know of a program where i can use it as i am reading their responses and immediately know what they are saying?

A:Language barrier

Here is a possible solution:



This translator is not functional yet; it is supposed to be available fairly soon, and there is a sign-up list for the beta edition you can get registered onto now. That is all I know..... and thanks to Ekim one of our Mods here at TechGuy for posting it back a couple of weeks ago.

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I have the weirdest problem in windows.
All of a sudden there is an invisible barrier on the right margin that refuses to let windows past when they're maximized. It also prevents some windows from moving past it by dragging. Sometimes I can drag it there sometimes I can't. Trillian is the only program I use that comes to mind that prevents windows from being dragged over it when its docked but its not even running at the moment. What is wrong? I have XP SP3

A:Invisible barrier

I'm having a difficult time understand the exact problem that you are explaining, but it seems like you are unable to utilize the full width/length of your monitor's screen due to an invisible "margin"?

Can you post a screen-shot?

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So you can only get you computer to show 137GB on that 500GB drive. This can be a limitation of either the system motherboard BIOS or the OS itself. This all has to do with LBA or Logical Block Addressing. I don?t want to go too deep into the technology aspects of this so I will just briefly cover it.

28 bit LBA will only support drives up to 128GB.
48 bit LBA will support drives up to 128PB or 128,000,000GB

Native WinXP and Win2K (no service packs) will only support up to 137GB. This is because they only support 28 bit LBA. This was addressed with service pack 1 for WinXP and service pack 3 for Win2K.


If you have a Windows OS install disk without a service pack, you can slipstream the service pack into the install CD.


This will enable you to format the entire drive during the initial install of the OS.

Most motherboards, manufactured after 2004, will support 48 bit LBA. If it does not, you may need to check with the manufacturer for a BIOS upgrade. If the motherboard is to old, you have several options. The most preferred is to get an optional PCI IDE controller card. This will remedy the problem since the controller card will have 48 bit LBA support and does not rely on the motherboard BIOS. The other option, and the one that is not recommended, is to install DDO.

DDO or Dynamic Disk Overlay is merely a Band-Aid... Read more

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I've done a few checks on this and most responses concerning this problem suggest the power is on the blink. But this has happened with a Lenovo, Acer and Dell (we're not very loyal in our family :-) ), all new machines. One power supply - an old Lenovo one which got run over by a car and still works! - has never tripped it, the rest all have.
My conclusion from that is that it isn't the individual power supply, but is some feature of the way power supplies work. The breaker, I believe, works on checking for leakage to earth by comparing input and output voltage; so do modern power supplies have some intrinsic internal storage that causes a momentary difference between the two?
It can happen whether the laptop is connected to power supply or not; so, again, conclusion is that it isn't the laptop itself that is the problem.
I'm looking for a generic fix so I don't have to reset all the clocks in the house every morning after I start work.

A:Laptop power supply trips Home Circuit Breaker

Typically, I would say this is a faulty power cable or power brick. But you mentioned that it happens with multiple laptops so the chances of all of them having faulty power cables or bricks is remote. If the laptops are tested outside of the home and they do not induce the problem, the fault has to be in your home.

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Hello to all, new at the forums.

I recently was installing a new hard drive in a machine running Win2000. The western Digital drive said if you don't have win2000 sp3 installed only partition to 137 GB. At the time, the computer had no internet connection so I couldn't download the update till this week.

So I portioned to 137 GB and swapped all the info from the old drive to the new drive. I will now update to Windows SP3.

My question is: "IS there anyway to partition the rest of the 150 GB of the drive as a second hard drive within Win2000 and not have to redo all the data transfer?"

Shouldn't it be similar to have two operating systems? But I want lets say a C: and a F: drive of 137 GB and 150 GB. It is a 300 GB drive.

Thanks for any help.

A:Windows 2000 - 137 GB barrier

Right-click "My Computer" and select "Manage"
Under the 'Storage' section, click on 'Disk Management'
If all you have in this machine is the big hard drive and a cd-rom, you'll see Disk0 and CD-ROM0
On Disk0 you should see the 137gb you presently have allocated and to the right of that, whatever is left.

Right-click the unused portion to partition and format it.

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I'm a student using windows 10.
I use the same computer for studying as for gaming (I'm an IT student)
I'm a real procrastinator though, so I thought about making a user account strictly for school, and making a user account for my passtime.
I'm not sure about what's the best way to do this though, so I'm here to ask.
How do I manage 2 user accounts, and make sure I can't access installed software on my productivity account?
Do you guys have any tips for me, or things I should know?

Thanks in advance!


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