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Network Password lost - Need to find it.

Q: Network Password lost - Need to find it.

I just purchased a Windows 7 PC from Dell and I cannot remember the password on my old "workgroup" Network. (I don't even remember setting one up 3 yrs ago.) I need it to make my wife's pc able to access the printer that is now connected to my new computer. All help in finding the password or a work-a-round would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and Happy New Year to you all!

Preferred Solution: Network Password lost - Need to find it.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Network Password lost - Need to find it.

We can offer very limited support for lost passwords. If your account is an administrator account, after you logon to the original computer go to Start > Control Panel > User Accounts. Then make choices depending on whether you want to create a password, change your password, or manage another account.

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I have Dell desktop 240 model with window xp professional o/s.
I never use a user name or password before to get to my desktop screen before.
Now all suden when i turn on the computer,I get this message log to window the message ask me for a user name and password.
is there way to find out what is my user name and password?
Thank for the help

A:How do i find out lost user name and password

Have you tried just canceling out of the screen and see if it will allow you into Windows without a user name and password?

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Years ago i signed up for a microsoft account and didn't do much with it. I've lost all way of getting it back not because anyone stole it but because i don't know what i put in for my information or password to get it back it could be anything. I would
like to get it back i have made the account im sending this in right now so i can get my password back hopefully because i have no other way of sending this to microsoft or wherever i need to go to get it back. I did request a password change on that account
but like i said earlier the info i needed to put in is very old and i don't what it is, so when i sent it in using this email it said i couldn't be verified or reset my password. If someone responds to this who works in that area of microsoft i'll send them
my email of the lost account in a safer way unless its fine it here i don't want to have any security problems by sending it here on the forums just to be safe. Thank you in advance for the help:)

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Hello all,

Am impressed at the content on this discussion group so thought I'd drop in. Have an Acer 5570 dual core with 2GB. Bought it new from Circuit City (have read many other "circuit city" horror stories about them having sold "used" equip as new...) and only after having "problems" a year or so later, discovered that someone had put a password on the Acer OS making it impossible to access backups. If anyone knows how to recover the Acer system password, let me know.

At any rate, family was surfing all these "celebrity news" sites some time back and it seemed the computer got a virus or ? Intermittency on the lan and also video screens indicated there was a problem. I use Grisoft, Adaware, spybot and gmer but found nothing, so ultimately I chose to move back to an earlier restore point before the problems started, and it seemed to stop most all problems. The only thing that is still "damaged" is that the computer now never automatically connects to the LAN when booting up. Have to always go in and "connect". Any ideas on that?

Now to the current issue. Had a wayward wireless mouse that started failing but it was causing browser and other windows to jitter and jump up and down or sideways. I finally found others that ID'd this problem to be due to bluetooth interference or a wireless mouse/interference and it turned out to be the mouse, but before I found this, I figured a virus had once again gotte... Read more

A:Lost all restore points & can't find password to access backups

From the forum rules:

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

Since you've asked several questions I request that everybody ignore the password question and will keep the thread open for the other issues.

My personal opinion is that TeaTimer has an overblown sense of its own importance and tends to get in the way of things that should work. I'd get rid of it, at least long enough to see if it is contributing to your LAN issue. You should be able to uninstall it in the normal manner.

Are you saying that every time you boot your ethernet connection in Network Connections is disabled? But was enabled when you last shut down or restarted?

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I'm trying to find out a password to a network in our house. We dont have any passwords on file and the company that set up our network two years ago are no longer in business.

We're not here often so the password that we once knew is now forgotten.

Is there any remedy for this?

Is it possible to just start up a new network with the same modem?

A:Network password lost

Are you just talking about the Administrator password on your computers there?
If so have a look here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/post633339-2.html

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For around a year my old laptop automatically connected to my wireless router. I just got a new one and when I went to connect to the wireless internet it asked for a password. I remember putting one in when I first got it (my router) but I cant recall it.

I have internet from a neighbor, but its slower. Is there anyway I can retrieve it? (My downstairs desktop is wired to my router).

Its a Verizon internet Router ( I can get exact info if needed)

A:Lost network password

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My desktop has recently been upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate from XP. I set up a home group at another location, then returned the desktop to my normal connection. The wireless card I used was a D-Link that is XP compatible only, and I found this out after attempting to install, then I checked on it later. I deleted the driver, and tried a Netgear WT111G USB wireless card. Install failed, and I went online to look for a compatible driver.
I downloaded a driver, installed it, and the wireless card was detected, but could not connect to the internet. Uninstalled the driver, and tried plugging into Ethernet, and cannot find my home connection. Can only get into network settings (home,work,public).
Has any one here heard about this problem after creating a homegroup? Trying to troubleshoot, but it's a specific problem I'm not familiar with as of yet.
The faulty drivers are no longer on the PC, but it's still unable to find a direct wired connection.

A:Internet connection lost, cannot find network.

Quote: Originally Posted by Valrum

My desktop has recently been upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate from XP. I set up a home group at another location, then returned the desktop to my normal connection. The wireless card I used was a D-Link that is XP compatible only, and I found this out after attempting to install, then I checked on it later. I deleted the driver, and tried a Netgear WT111G USB wireless card. Install failed, and I went online to look for a compatible driver.
I downloaded a driver, installed it, and the wireless card was detected, but could not connect to the internet. Uninstalled the driver, and tried plugging into Ethernet, and cannot find my home connection. Can only get into network settings (home,work,public).
Has any one here heard about this problem after creating a homegroup? Trying to troubleshoot, but it's a specific problem I'm not familiar with as of yet.
The faulty drivers are no longer on the PC, but it's still unable to find a direct wired connection.

Hi and welcome

There are several things that can cause this. can you type cmd in search then
ipconfig /all. take a screenshot of the output and upload it to us using the attachment icon.

Let us know if you need help with any of this

Ken J++

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I called time warner and they're apparently just as dumb as I am.
I'm trying to connect to my wireless network via my iphone, but the network is wep secured and needs a password. BUT, i can't for the life of me find the piece of paper i wrote that down on.

i tried entering in firefox and going into the router or whatever, but i cant even login to that! so i'm kind of at a loss here. time warner guaranteed that the password was the MAC address on my router plus fourteen zeros, but thats absolutely not it.

can someone PLEASE help me figure this out??


A:how to find my network password??

If you can access the setup screens of the router, you can change the WEP key to a known key. If you're also forgotten the router's login password, you'll have to reset it to factory defaults and reconfigure.

Other than the above measures, we can't help with lost passwords, see the TSG Rules for more information.

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On my home network, I have my desktop, my HTPC (wired) and my wife's laptop (Wifi). The desktop and HTPC are bth running Win 8 pro. The laptop is running Win 7. All are 64 it.

Invariably I try to log onto my HTPC from my desktop and it says that I am unable to access the files. I then open up network and sharing center to check on the network password only to find that is has changed itself somehow. Even after I reset the password on both the HTPC and the desktop. I still cannot access my shared files on the HTPC from the desktop. The only way to share files is to get them from the HTPC which for some reason lets me access my desktop files.

The laptop is not really an issue. ONce I enter the new password I can access files on the desktop and print no problem. I guess the 2 issues are...

1) the random changing of the network password
2) the inability to access networked files FROM the desktop. The reverse seems to work flawlessly.....

Thanks in advance for any insights...

A:lost/changed network password

I'm not sure how the password can change by itself but if you are having access problems between those machines it may work better if you set up a Homegroup and join that Homegroup from all other machines.

Homegroup - Create in Windows 8

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I lost my password for the wireless network. How to do I re set the router or password?

Here is what Linksys advised. Go to 192.468.1.1 and put admin in password field. When I do that, here is the message that came back. The Servicer 192.168 .1.1 requires a user name and password. 401 Un Authorized. AUTHORIZATION is required.

Linksys wants to charge me for tech support. Something I really do not want to do.

The model number of router is WRT 54 G2 v1.

Can anyone assist with re settting password and what above means? Will re settting password affect the laptop we use downstairs?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Dwight aka Cheffy D 98

Downers Grove

A:lost wireless network password

A router reset(Hold the reset button in for at least 15 seconds) will reset all the router parms to default state,including the password.
If you have changed the default password,that might explain why you are getting the error msg..
So,I would dig out the router manual,make sure you know what the default user id and password are(I think admin/admin)
and do a router reset.
You will then have to re-enter the encryption(wpe/wpa,etc) and password,so that all wireless pc's can connect through the router..
Then you can change the default router userid/password to something other than admin.this time,write it down.

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I set up my printer and lost the network password. I'd rather not create a new one, so can I just recover the one I'm using?

A:Can I find my printers network password?

How to find or change your wireless security key

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How to locate my wireless password, we are using Windows 10. Everything online YouTube, www.microsoft.com, and 3rd parties all repeat each other and none work for my old computer. We have the HP Pavilion HPE h8-1256s PC. We not able to to use our Roku, laptop, and tablet to get on the internet.

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I need to find out what my Netgear password is....it works fine for my desktop computer (which has internal card), but it used to work fine as wireless for anyone in the house. Now after not using it for a long time, no one can log on. I need to know the password. How do I retrieve it?


A:How do I find Netgear network password?

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I have an HP running Windows 7, and already have the wireless network set up, but I bought a new Dell with Windows 10 and I can't find the password for my network as my old computer is asking for one. I am confused and need help finding it.

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I have a wireless router that came with a random password, from bestbuy.
I cant find the dang sheet that best buy gave me.

I log into the router, and they want the user name and password. Isn't there a way to change this??? I'd like to give friends ability to log into my network, but they need the password.

incredibly ignorant.....AW

A:Solved: lost password for wireless network

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Hello there,

Please bear with me as I'm new here and I'm honestly not super tech-savvy. I'm seeking help because my laptop seems to have spontaneously lost the ability to connect to (or even detect) my home network internet connection. (Details about the laptop and OS are towards the end of this post.) When I open Chrome, I get the error message, "Unable to connect to the internet." When I click on the usual icon that I'd use to locate my home network, I see, "Currently connected to: Unidentified network. No network access." My network does not show up. There is a link for "Open Network and Sharing Center." I attached a screen shot of what I see when I click on that link. Clicking on the "Connect to a network" option leads me right back to "Currently connected to: Unidentified network. No network access" with a link to open the Network and Sharing Center. I can't get the laptop to find my home network no matter which choice I try.

I got out my old HP laptop (which has wireless) for troubleshooting purposes. It immediately found my home network and accessed the internet without any problems. So I it would seem there are no issues with my modem and/or router. I suspect I've just done something dumb in the laptop settings. I once accidentally turned off all sound for internet websites and couldn't restore it until a friend came to troubleshoot, so this scenario does not seem unlikely.

Also, in case it provides any clues... Read more

A:Laptop has lost wireless internet connection, cannot find network

Quote: Originally Posted by drudder

But I might have done more than that. Maybe disabled wireless...?)

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Press and hold the Fn key...
...then press F2.
...release both keys.

See if your wireless network shows when you mouse over the network icon by the clock.

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i have set up my own home network, because being someone not that familiar with the networking stuffs, i somehow have created a WORKGROUP and things are running fine for the few pc at home, but now i realized that i have forgotten the password for this WORKGROUP,
anyone knows how to locate it? thanks.


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I want to save my laptop system image on a desktop on the homegroup network. I'm requested to insert a username and password, but can not figure out where I can find this information.

I have full access to both the laptop and desktop and I have not set any Windows usernames or passwords on them. On both the laptop and desktop there are two user accounts and neither uses a password. I have the homegroup password, but I cannot find a user name, hence I do not think it is this password that should be entered, and I'm not able to proceed... Where do I find this information?

Thank you!

A:Backup to network: Where to find the username and password?


I never got any answer to this question, so I ask again. What username and password should I enter on the laptop?

Since last time I've created three user accounts on the desktop. One called Admin using a password, and two other accounts not using a password.

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I have 2 pc's, both running Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium, a laptop and a desktop. I have set up media sharing, play to features all absolutely fine, and can access all the files on my laptop from my desktop. However when I try and access all the files on my desktop from my laptop it keeps asking for a network ID and password. I know all my computer names, network id's, network passwords, and user account passwords, but no combinations are working! Is there a password I am missing somewhere?!?!
Any advice woud be awesome!

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1400MHz, x86 Family 6 Model 9 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1279 Mb
Graphics Card: MOBILITY RADEON 9000, 32 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 28615 MB, Free - 17570 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corporation, 0X2034
Antivirus: None

(Note: I will install Avast! Antivirus, once I can get this computer's wireless working...)

I replaced my hard drive last night. There is no more wireless in my network connections folder.
I went to Dell.com, I installed new drivers, then after re-boot, It said that my ethernet/modem were also now gone??? Confused, I did a system restore, back to June 2005.

My Dell Service Tag is: 2BWWT31

After system reboot, I went back to dell, and entered the service tag, and I installed all recommended driver updates, which included BIOS A16.

I still have no wireless ability. In device manager, under other devices, there is a yellow exclamation point for "Network Controller".

I've looked for hardware changes, and i've tried to update driver from device manager, and no success. It wants a cd installed. This laptop was bought used from my boyfriends old co-worker, and given to me as a gift. I don't have any operating cd's at all. I have been trying to update this computer myself and am getting frustrated. Money is tight, and then I found TechGuy... Read more

A:Solved: New Hard Drive, Network Controller Lost, Can't Find Driver, Dell Latitude D60

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I've been using Outlook 2007 for a while with no problems. I used to select my account, and when the "Enter Network Password" box popped up it had the focus, so I would just immediately type in my password. I did a set of Windows and Office updates a couple of weeks ago, and now when that box pops up the focus is still on the main Outlook mail reader screen. I have to click the Password box to shift the focus so I can type in my password. Is there a way to restore this automatic focus for the Password panel when it pops up?

A:Lost focus on Outlook "Enter Network Password" dialog box

No one else has seen this?

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I am trying to retrieve my wifi password on windows 10, but there is no wifi connection shown (see the screenshot. There is only ethernet present)

I do have wifi connection and am able to use my MacBook and Android phone, but why the wifi connection is not shown?


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I bought a laptop about a year ago. Shortly after buying it, we lost the password before making a backup disk. I couldn't change the password, we run Windows 7, without the old password. Luckily, or so we think, we have one of those laptops that has a fingerprint scanner so I have been able to log on using my fingerprint as a password. However, I can't believe that I am locked out of changing the passwords on this computer.

I have learned my lesson! Always back it up first! But for now, I need some help. I am also a little worried that I may have been hacked into. A friend said that if your password all of a sudden doesn't work, that is a sign of a hacker. That is what it felt like happened to me. I swear I thought I had the password right, then all of a sudden it stops working.

Thanks so much-Bill

A:Lost password w/ no backup. How can I reset the admin password?

Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable then reset your password

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Dell D600 Lost HDD password, need the SN run through a password generator if anybody can help me out? I know Rustam has one but havent been able to reach him.

SN #**84A51529T-595B

Thanks Muchata

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Hi  Can anyone help me sort a problem out. I cannot for the life of me remember the power on password and now all that shows is system disabled and a code 69468164 Is there a way to clear the old password??? Any help appreicated

View Solution.

A:Power On Password lost - Adminsitrator Password - BIOS

@26kenley? Enter     76540160 Regards, DP-K

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somebady please help me fix this, I keep getting the answer "System disable [81266759]"

A:how do I find "administrator password or power on password

Hi, Enter  34144399 Regards, DP-K

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got Uncle's old pc and cannot access windows because of novell password. Uncle has passed away and we had been given this awesome pc but cannot get into it. What to do? Do not really need to see any files but cannot get by crtl+alt+delete message. Family would like to see some files. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Lost password/lost uncle

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Recently had this issue on my laptop where if i restart/shut down and turn it back on it'll be disconnected from my wifi and won't be able to connect or see the network on the bottom right.
The laptops able to connect and find to all other wifi networks in my area except mine.
But on other devices im able to connect to my wifi network just fine, only this laptop has issues unless i reboot my router with the laptop still on then im able to see my network until i restart my laptop again and have the same issue over again.

Im unsure if its a problem with my laptop or the router since the laptops able to connect to find other routers in my area. But at the same time my other devices are able to connect to this router. Also it's a Dlink DIR-826L

I've tried:
Turning off auto channel scan on my router and manually selecting channels 1-11
Resetting the router
Updating wireless drivers on the laptop
Updating the routers firmware

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Immediately search great solution-Atom TechSoft 7z password unlocker tool to Repair & recover corrupt, damaged, erroneous zip file data without losing internal items. It completely
helps you to combat with all these possible errors without involving data loss. This 7 password unlocker utility is the mind-blowing technique for repairing 7z file password & also Supports Zip recovery of password protected zip files.


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Hi  ashish,
The drive must be unlocked by the recovery password or recovery key. But you lost it and haven?t print the recovery information or save it anywhere. No any other method to help you.
I am sorry for that. I suggest you consult professional data recovery company.
Best regards,
Karen Hu

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As above really. Trying to create a network for file sharing, as have upgraded the 'server' (part of a Workgroup, not a Domain) from WinXP to Win7 and experienced problems ever since. Ironically the problems haven't mainly been with sharing files between Win7 and WinXP systems, but between 2 Win7 systems.

I bought a new Win7 laptop and tried to connect it to the server, but it hasn't had Read/Write privileges over the files in the Win7 server. Entering a username and password to gain access to the servers folders has not been a problem, and as far as I know, opening files such as documents has not been a problem either. However, when trying to save an edited document, access is denied, and if I try to open an executable file (this is necessary for a node installation), it prompts me for a network password.

Every combination possible of username and password from the 2 systems (including '\' or 'SYSTEMNAME\' before the username) has not worked. I tried syncing the times which was apparently a previous problem, but to no avail. I am unable to access Local Security Policy, as the server is running off Home Premium. I have tried creating a new workgroup, removing and changing passwords, enabling guest access to the network through the Windows Resource Kit Command Shell, creating identical users on both computers, but nothing appears to have worked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hi Guys,

This is a curious one.

I have three PCs (two desktop and one laptop) all running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (1607).

Each system has a shared partition, set up exactly the same, which has sharing set for 'everyone', with 'full control'.

Password protected sharing is turned off on each system (in "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings").

Each of the desktop systems can access each other's shared and also the laptop's shared partition.

The problem is when I try to use the laptop to access the shares on either of the desktop systems, I get a pop-up requester asking for a username and password. (see below - the laptop is "T400" and one of the desktops is "A960").

Any idea why this would be happening? I've checked the settings on all systems (sharing and network) and can see not reason for the password prompt appearing.

Previously I was running Win 10 Pro 64-bit (1511) on all three systems and never encountered this error.



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Windows 7. I have a desktop and a laptop that were installed clean with the same OS version.

On a network, the laptop is able to stream my shared media to all other PC's on the network (one is running XP, another is running Vista). PASSWORD PROTECTED SHARING IS OFF

On the same network, any PC that tries to network into the desktop is prompted to enter a password.

The laptop is sharing folders on the home network from C:\. The Desktop is sharing folders on the home network from a second hard drive labeled E:\. The media on E:\ is mapped into the libraries (pictures, videos, etc).

These are all of the things I have tried.
- turned password protected sharing ON: prompts a password
- turned password protected sharing OFF: prompts a password
- Disconnected E:\ to share C:\ only: prompts a password
- Set permissions to all computers on the network under Admin control: prompts a password
- Allowed access through firewall: prompts a password
- Disabled firewall completely: prompts a password
- disabled wireless card and used LAN: prompts a password
- used a completely different router: prompts a password
- allowed sharing on E:\ in advanced settings: prompts a password
- set permissions to Everyone on every single folder in E:\: prompts a password
- banged head against the wall: prompts a password
- raged: prompts a password

Something to note: If I try to network into the laptop from the desktop, it too is prompted to enter a password for the laptop (this only happ... Read more

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Operating system is Windows 7 Enterprise Edition SP1 and Office 2013 Professional is installed. 

User clicks one, the file opens fine. Change one character (or a bunch), then click SAVE.  We get:"There has been a network or file permission error. The network connection may be lost."

If I attempt to save it as a new filename, the new filename is written in the shared folder, but has a size of 0K, and the Save As window pops up again.  Any attempt to save as ANOTHER name, produces the same results (0K size file written, Save As window
pops up).

I found a document from MS that says to save to your desktop, or map a new drive, but this was working just fine a short time ago.

This issue happens for only one machine. If the same user logins to the different machine and it works. Who ever login to the laptop get the same error. 
Below did not help as  it was for Office 2003 and Windows XP

What has to be done for this.

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Hi there,
Apparently as the result of malware (I suddenly received many detected viruses using Avira and Malware Bytes), I can no longer access the internet. The Network Connections window is completely blank, and in the Device Manager, every single driver under Network Adapters (1394 net Adapter, Direct Parallel, Intel Pro/Wireless, Realtek, WAN Miniport, etc.) has a yellow exclamation mark. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. In some cases, I got a message saying uninstallation is not allowed. But in all cases, even where I could uninstall and reinstall, it didn't help at all. I also already tried running:
regsvr32 netshell.dll
regsvr32 netcfgx.dll
regsvr32 netman.dll
Each routine was successful, but didn't help. Running "Start netman start" gives a response that it is already running.
Any advice? Is there any way around reinstalling XP? Will that even help?
I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M70 running XP Professional.
Any advice is greatly appreciated... I have been working on this to no avail for over 12 hours.

A:All network adapters lost and network connections window is empty

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Hello all

I have a main PC an LT that is running 24/7 as I am using it as a media server to my Roku's. The LT an PC are networked together an sharing their proper folders via my router (which is not a cheap one an fairly new) an both are running Win 7Ult 64.

For the most part everything works OK, but for some reason, I keep loosing the LT in the Network menu if the main PC.

If I reboot the main PC this does not fix this, mostly if I reboot the LT, I can get it back, but most times it can take some time an I wouldn't say it works 100% of the time.

Now to bring up some interesting points.

When I loose the LT, I also loose the few other things that are on the Network too, such as the Network shared printer server.

When this is happening, if I go into the routers http based main programming, the LT as well as everything is there.

If I use the routers Windows based utility on the main PC, (kind of a software ver of the main access) the LT an everything else is there.

When I open the Laptop an go into "its" Network explore menu, the main PC along with everything else in the Network is there.

I have made sure the Network device for the LT is set to stay awake all the time.

I have gone through an setup dedicated IP address's and ones way out side of anything else an as well done the other proper networking setting for the main PC, an the LT. (My IT guy at work helped me with that).

For all times I have never "Not" been able to a... Read more

A:Network items getting lost in Explorer/Network menu

When this happens next time, check in Main PC if "Computer Browser" service is started. Run: services.msc to get to services.

Run this as admin: Download Complete Internet Repair - MajorGeeks

Also, see if this will help Windows 7 Network Discovery Issue

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Can someone explain to me how you go about syncronising the Windows 98 password with a network password, for when dialling in remotely to access corporate Network

A:Syncronising windows Password with Network Password?

Are you referring to your win98 windows logon pass, like at system startup?

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Can anyone help me. I am trying to network my laptop with my desktop. I have done it before, but have changed routers. Now I can't find my network icon on my laptop. I have tried the ipconfig /all and this is what it came up with. Window IP Configuration
Host name............. Solovan
Primary dns suffix.....
Node type..............Unknown
IP Routing Enable ...No
WINS proxy enabled.No

Ethernet adapter local area connection
Media state..................Media disconnected
Description ..................Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC
Physical Address...........00-C0-9F-6C-80-56


A:Solved: Can't find the network icon under network connections

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Hello. yesterday, all the files and folders from documents, desktop and downloads folders were missing. Then I looked for them in the Documents and Settings folder. I found them. Then I moved all the contents from 'Desktop' folder and placed in my existing desktop. I left the Downloads and Documents folder as they were. In the next restart, the Documents and Downloads were restored, but the files from desktop which i moved are not present anywhere. I have used recuva, to search in case the files were deleted, but without any luck. I restored the system to previous restore point, and suprisingly, 'some' files that were in the desktop were appeared. Still the files that i require were not present. Now i have undone the system restore. Is there any way to get the files back? Thanks.

A:How can I find my lost files?

Usually this would point to some type of malware setting either the Library or folders inside the library as hidden in the attributes,
You can use these free tools to see if they find anything,
Manually Update them before running full scans,
Try not to use your computer while the scans are running, (one at a time of course).
Uncheck the box to Active the Free trial from the final install options,
This one is the longest up to 4 hours, the others are only about 45 minutes,
There have been many posted workarounds as Showing Hidden folders, files and drives in folder options,

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hi, i have lost my old laptop, it has genuine windows 10 and i have register it on hp.com, is it possible to find it, also if it is possibele to find MAC number using its product number or serial number, thank you,

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I need to find a way to retrieve .chk files on my HD.

There is 480+megs in one partition from one 'accident'.

I have not defragged or moved these files for fear of damaging them further.

Important old files and photos are probably in there somewhere.

Is there any technique or tool out there?

I can't find one! I NEED to do this soon.

Thanks guys

A:please help me find lost files

These files will be sectors of the disk, and not individual files. The info will be in binary form, in most cases I believe and not in a user friendly or recognisable form.

To attempt recovery directly with utility programs may cause further loss, unless you have good data skills now (but you would not be asking here in that case?)

Each .chk file may contain several files or parts of files, some lost files could span several .chk files.

Back them up to a CD. Take it (and the PC) to a professional data recovery company, if the data is that critical.

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After wiping out my entire c: drive I reinstalled Windows98. And now I have no sound, went down from 256 color to 16 and my computer can't communicate with my modem, even though it is installed. Please, somebody tell me what to do.

A:I'm lost and I can't find my drivers!!!!!!!

same problem different thread.

someone is helping you in this thread. http://forums.techguy.org/showthread.php?t=345587

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Hey I just want to start off by saying I think it might be a good thing that I am having the issue with my pc that I am having just cuz I found this place. Ok! Now that I have the a$$kissing out of the way, here is my issue

I am trying to update a game (RTW) from the 1.3 patch to the 1.5 patch. The patching for 1.3 went smooth. Now the issue I am having is the newest patch I am trying to install fails and said is can not locate rome.exe.. I have installed the game a few times and even in trying to sent the install to C:\programfiles\... rather than the one that has the (x85) in it it still uses both directory locations. I think the scripting for the patch program is looking for the .exe file in a predetermined location rather than searching or letting me point to it. Does anyone know of a way around this issue. This is not the first time I have come across this it is just the more resent. I would even be inclines to open the patch and rewrite the script to point to the correct location but I have no idea of how this would be done...

A:Please help! I lost stuff and cant find it.... lol

Did you reboot between 1.3 and 1.5? Do you need 1.4 to get that file for 1.5? The install file should have a space in Program Files. It could be a bad script. See if they fixed it.

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The store says they saved my emails and addresses (although they said they were certian where) on one of my hard drives.

I tried a search for a known email address but came up blank.

Where does Express store its contact info? What extensions should I be searching for?

any other ideas would be great thanks.

A:How do you Find Lost Emails?

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I use a program call Kristal for music editing on my XP machine. I have it set up for duel monitors with workspace on the left and mixer on the right. On occasions when I open it the workspace is on the right and the mixer is off screen to the right of the workspace off the monitor and inaccessible. Is there anyway of getting my mixer back on screen.

Clicking move in the popup menu when right clicking the program on the task bar only moves the workspace not the mixer.
Tiling and Cascading etc from the taskbar also doesn't seem to effect the mixer. I also tried a little program I found called 'borderline' that brings all widows onto one screen which did not work either. At present only a reinstall works of Kristal.

Any help is much appreciated!

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Help please,

A good friend of ours lost her seventeen month old baby last week.

her other daughter has deleted her saved photo's of the baby, deliberately or not I don't know.

How can I retrieve these photo's for her? the recicle bin has been emptied, I have tried a system restore without result.

Can I take the hard drive to someone to dig them out?


A:Find lost photo's

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