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Mailing Labels in MS word Help

Q: Mailing Labels in MS word Help

I am running MS Word 2010. Here is my problem.

Letís say I type a letter and have the personís name and address in the letter. On the Word menu bar I select labels. For some reason when the label prints, it is center adjusted and not adjusted to the left like a normal mailing label would be.

Any thoughts on how to fix this.

Preferred Solution: Mailing Labels in MS word Help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Mailing Labels in MS word Help

double check that your left alignment is selected on the home ribbon.

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Lets say the last time I used 7 labels from my sheet of 30 labels. Now I want to use up the left over 23 labels on my avery label page.

Can I do this in Office 2007? Like somehow start printing at label 8 on the sheet?

Thank You,
Michael D

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I have a address book set up in Phone Tools and would like to merge it into Word to create mailing labels. Or I could recreate my address book in Word and make labels from there. I cannot figure out how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Word mailing labels

Hi there.

How to do a mail merge in Word?
Click on the link for Mail Merge at www.theofficeexperts.com/word.htm

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Does anyone know how to create labels in MS Word. I would need to instantly email or fax it but have know clue how to create the labels in such a way that it can be easly emailed or fax from my pc. I would appreciate it if anyone out there can help me cause I really need to do this asap.

Thanks to all.

A:MS Word Mailing Labels

Are you using some special labeling paper? I'm assuming it's a sticky label on one side. There should be instructions on how to do the File>>Page Setup... Then choose your appropriate type of paper. For the labels it should create a large table where you can input the many different addresses.

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I have attempted to create mailing labels using Word 2003. I used a prior Word version several years ago and was able to save the labels as a file--ready to print, not requiring database. Any ideas how to do this with Word 2003?

Thank you for your help,

A:Word 2003 Mailing Labels

Were you doing a mail merge? You can save the lables as a template as long as your data source for the mail merge is consistent.

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When trying to create a 30 label sheet from a .wdb file, WORD (Office) says it can't merge from this file. Please verify that this is a valid Works file.
At Open Data Source I call on my .wdb file and am blocked by the above message. I'm using Works Suite 2006 and Word 2003.
I can't get past that point.

A:Solved: Mailing labels - from database to word.

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How to export mailing labels from Word 2010 into Excel 2010 to upload to USPS for bulk mailing

A:Export mailing labels from Word into Excel

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

This MS website may help you, but it does seem fairly complicated.

Create and print mailing labels for an address list in Excel - Excel

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I WASN'T FINISHED YET! I want to be able to print Avery labels from information I've input. Is this already in this program? If not, how do I format the labels? (Obviously, from this message, I am a computer infant!).

A:Mailing labels

What do you mean "I wasn't finished yet"?

Where is the information?
Can you describe how you typed it?

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we have created a wordpro mailing label file listing multiple addresses - we would like to delete an address - but when we do, it creates a blank space, instead of filling in the space with the next address in the file - is there some way to close the open gaps???

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I am trying to create mailing labels with clip art on them.
After inserting the clip art I try formatting it (tight text), when I apply this the clip art disappears off my label. Does vista not have the capibility to do this. I have done it on xp and on a lap top with vista home/student words. I do not want to create mail merge this is only for a few labels. I don't understand what is going on.

A:Solved: Mailing Labels

Vista does NOT not do word processing, and neither did any of versions of Windows. That said, what PROGRAM are you trying to do this with?

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I have a mailing list in excel that I am trying to dump into labels in word by using the mail merge. I can go through the wizard but the data never makes it to the labels, it just leaves me with a blank label grid. I have all the records selected, etc. What am I doing wrong?

A:Mailing labels from Excel

I've always used the Avery wizard that comes with some of the MS Office suites(load your disk and look for Extra options in setup), I think you can download it for free here...http://www.avery.com/us/products/demos/wizard/index.html

It integrates with Word and can use Excel lists, I've just always found it easier than the word labels.

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I have some old Maco M-5351 copier labels I want to use in my desk printer but Act does not give Maco options for labels. I tried setting up custom labels but that didn't work. Anyone have any ideas, or should I just order the Avery labels I normally use?

A:Act 2000 Mailing Labels


Whats the name and version of the printer you're using?

May do some delving into it, to see if there is a way



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Whilst generating mass mailing labels for my Christmas Cards in Word 2007, when I click on Update Labels, the Address Block only appears on the top two and bottom two labels of each sheet. The labels are Avery L7163, 14 to an A4 page. I'm using Windows 7 and Word 2007.

A:Mass Mailing Labels

I've sorted this problem by using my daughter's Mac Book which worked perfectly! Either there's a glitch on my computer or in Word 2007 that stops the mass label print working with Windows 7. Hey-ho!

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I have to send out form letters to about 50 contractors on my community's vendor list.

First, I created the form letter in Word (2000.)

Then, I opened Address Book, created a sub-folder under Main Identity's Contacts; & entered in Company names & addresses as new contacts for every contractor.

Now...all I want to do is create mailing labels for all the various companies.

How in the heck is this done?

I started down the mail merge path, but got extremely lost.



A:Mailing Labels from Address Book?

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base file? I'm using ver 6.0 and need to know how to create mailing labels....if possible.
Thanks in advance.

A:Mailing labels from a MS Works data

I use to use word and excel for printing address labels, i did face a few problems with getting the text on the labels to print within the margains. I found some templates which i downloaded which helped me have decent looking labels. However, i didn't really have the time for printing out address labels every night so in the end i decided to get a british labels company to print my address labels out.

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I have Peachtree Complete Accounting Release 8.0. I created a custom 2-up customer mailing label list using the Design Form. It works fine EXCEPT that the bottom 4 rows of labels always print in multiples. That is, the top several rows will print fine and then, customer XYZ will print over and over on the next 4 rows of labels. I can't see any reason for this. Any ideas?

A:Peachtree Customer Mailing Labels

I have never used Peachtree Complete Accounting Release 8.0 so unfortunately i am unable to help you there. I use to print address labels through word and excel but now i just use a british labels company to print my address labels.

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When I print mailing labels in Office 97 I am given the choice of which label on which to print by row and column.
However, no matter which row and column I choose it always prints row1/colomn1.
I am using the Mailing Label Wizard, I have WinME, and my computer has plenty of horse power.
Any ideas?

A:(solved) Office97: Mailing Labels

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I am trying to print some mailing labels using Word. To do that, I have to use the Mail Merge function. My data source is a list of addresses in a Word document in the following format:

123 Main
Anytown, MO 12345
Attn: So and So

I'm trying to print to Avery labels 8160 which has 30 labels to a sheet. Each label is supposed to be a different address.

I follow the instructions in Word's help file. When I get to the step where it asks me for the data source, I select to open my Word document as the data source. A box opens with three windows in it. The first is field delimiter, the second record delimiter, the third contains my list of addresses from my data source. I'm not sure what to put for the delimiters so I leave them as they are--field delimiter: none, record delimiter: enter. I tried other combinations like tab for the field delimiter but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I click on OK. I get another box to set up main document. I do that. Then the next step is a box titled Create Labels. Here I choose Insert Merge Field. A drop down appears. Only the first line of the first address appears. I select it & click OK. Then I set up the main document. The final step is to click Merge Labels With The Document.

Here's the problem: When I click Merge, I end up with two documents. The first document has the first line of the first address printed on all the labels. In other words just the name of the place I'm mailing to that appear... Read more

A:Trouble Making Mailing Labels

do you have the Avery "Wizard" installed? it ussually comes with the office suite (depending on version) Look on the tool bar for a red triangle shape with lines, or check to make sure it is on you tool bar....View/Toolbars...check off Avery Wizard (if there).

I like using it for labels, you can import from Excel, look for the Steps to "use existing list or database file"

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Following a computer crash recently, the only data base now available with appropriate address information is Windows Address Book. This is a .wab file. Using either MS Works 2007 or MS Word 2002, I am unable to merge this data base to produce mailing labels. The .wab file is located in Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\"my name".wab. When I try to get Word to use this Address Book for the data base in mailmerge, it brings up a small screen with a bunch of gobble de gook. Trying various other interpreters changes the gooble de gook occassionaly but never produces text suitable for the address labels. I have been unable to find a way to convert the .wab file to a readable data base file.

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Hi, I have a one page word document of the same label that I need to be a form. I don't want the users to have to fill in each label and since the whole page will be the same, I want to create the first cell to be fillable and the rest of the cells to automatically fill with the same information. Can this be done? I know it's not the same as MS Excel using formulas.

Any help would be appreciated!

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My fiance and I are trying to print some address labels for our wedding invitations but we are unsure of what to do. We can type them up in Word, Excel or whatever and put them into a label type format so we can print them up.

What's confusing to us is that we can't figure out how to make the labels print different address on each label.

Fortunately for me I have all of my addresses already stored in my Windows Mail. I could just copy and paste them into whatever someone can recommend to me.

I'm very new to Office and Office 2007. We can import or type them up, but we need we just need to know how to start and what to do?

Any ideas?

A:How to print mailing labels in Vista with Office 2007?

Hi Imola,

There is a good feature in Word called (Mail Merge) you can easily have all your contats stored in an excel file or outlook contacts (not sure about windows mail but you can export them to excel if it doesn't work)

In word 07, click the (Mailing) tab, choose (Lables) and choose the type of your lables,(select recipients), (insert Merge fields) Edit as necesart and print. It should be an easy step by step procedure

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I exported files from access to excel, after formatting i opened word2010 and attempted to merge mailing labels from from excel. after choosing the file I wanted to merge and clicking finish and merge I got an "invalid feilds" box. Our systems have recently been updated from xp to windows 7 and the fields are no longer matched. I manually matched the fields and clicked the option to "remember" the fields, but they don't apply and are "forgotten" so to speak. Please help, I needed these labels two days ago

A:Solved: Getting an Invalid Fields box when trying to print mailing labels

Welcome to TSG,
I would simply do a new mail merge from the beginning and not use the (saved) one that is giving you problems. That will be easier than trouble shooting this one.

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This is a puzzle. I do a standard mail merge to create labels. In word with excel as the database. All goes well until the last step. Then, I get the first label only on each page. All others are blank. Any ideas?

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Hi, I think I have a new one for you. I've seen this problem posted on other sites and no solutions ever addressed.

I'm mail merging a a mailing list onto sheets of ten labels, a different number of labels every day, anywhere from 30-200. I've used the wizard any number of times, always with the same result, never with an option or menu that provides a fix:
-- 1st sheet looks okay -- records 1-10 appear
-- 2nd sheet, records 2-11 appear
-- 3rd sheet, records 3-12 appear
-- etc, till there are as many sheets as there are records in the database. So for today's mailing list of 45 records, I had 45 sheets instead of 5.

The first label in my template has a header that says "Research Study" followed by the mail merge fields -- custom arranged, not using Address Block or anything preset. The propogated labels all say "<<Next Record>>" in front of "Research Study". I can provide an example if needed.

It also doesn't allow me to choose the order in which the emails propogate, i.e. I can go across but not down. I've done this many times in older versions of Word without these problems. I've used the Avery system, but I have to go thru the wizard each and every time when all I want to do is make a reusable template to copy and merge new records into each day.

Please help.

A:Labels-Mail Merge,Word 2003 & Excel 2003-labels repeating ad nauseum

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Setting up Word 2000 so as to e-mail from Word. I get my e-mail from MSN and read it from Hotmail, Outlook 2000, or Outlook Express.


A:E-mailing from Word 2000, How to set up

What happens when you hit File-Send to, Email recipient?

Is this what you're trying to do or fix?

Do you want Word to be your email editor?

Or what?

Your question isn't clear---sorry!

Is that Old CWO4??

That makes me OldE4?

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Hi everybody,
In Word 2000 there is an e-mail-button. How is that supposed to work? When I click it, I get the email address lines and so on at the tip of the screen. When I click the send button, Word (or some other program) immediately tries to send the mail, and complains, since there is no Internet connection open. If I click the send button once again (being stubborn), it starts to dial my default dial-up connection, but without the password, although Outlook Express and Internet Explorer always remember the password.
Can I get Word to put the mail in the outbox of Outlook Express instead of trying to send it immediately. Or, can I get it to remember the password, if it has to send it immediately.

When I looked in the Word help, it seemed more normal to combine word with outlook 200 than with Outlook Express. Does it make sense at all to try to use Word and Outlook Express together? Maybe it is better to simply write the e-mail message in word 2000 and then cut and paste it into Outlook Express?

Mats Westholm

A:E-mailing from Word 2000

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I created a word document to send around to my co-workers for editing, the problem is it can not be edited. The way it is being sent is file send to mail recipient, not in the form of an attachment.This is my work pc and we are running XP. I hope this is enough information for this is my first time here.
Thank you.
Core Man

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I tried sending an e-mail in Microsoft word with the e-mail icon on the quick toolbar, couldn't send it and couldn't close Word. I got this message:
"This error can occur if you try to send a Word document by using the Email ( Microsoft Office Button | Send command) command. If Word hangs, or you closed Word and a new message dialog does not appear, it is possible that Outlook did not receive the request to start a new message.
To avoid this issue, restart Word and attempt to send the attachment again, but wait for Outlook to respond prior to attempting another action.
You cannot close Microsoft Office Word until the Send Mail Command is finished. Switch to the New Message first, and either send or close the message". I had to manully close down my computer, then restart it. I can use all my programs but everything is different, and Outlook background is grayed out.
Can you tell me how I can correct this problem?

A:E-mailing using Microsoft Word

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I searched a little bit, I didn't see it:

How do you shut off a Word document before sending it so the receiver of the document cannot back-track and see any changes you made to the document before sending it ?

I hope that made sense, but I read something about a year ago that said if you e-mailed someone a Word Document, that they may be able to pull that document into their system, and simply use the 'back' key to show any changes you made to the document before you sent them the version you saved as the final one.

Am I making sense ?

There is a way to shut this off so they cannot do that, I just don't recall how.

A:Shutting off changes to a WORD Doc before e-mailing it ?


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Please where can I find mailing tab on microsoft word 365?

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Hi there

It's been quite a while since I asked for help. I can easily create mailing labels using Mail Merge. The data source resides in Excel. I automated the mail merge process by recording a macro in MS Word 2000. When I ran the macro it did exactly what I keyed in. I looked at the macro, which defaulted to Macro1, by going to Tools-Macro-Macros. The macro was there. I saved the Word file as Labels.doc in my C drive. I also saved the other file that had the fields in one sheet. You know the one that I mean.

Here is the problem. I e-mailed the 2 MS Word files and the Excel file to my co-worker. My coworker saved the 3 files into his C drive also. When he tried to run the macro, it did not work. As a matter of fact, when I went to Tools-Macro-Macros to see what went wrong, my Macro1 was not there at all. When I e-mail an Excel workbook with macros to anyone, the macros are attached to the workbook but this is not the case with macros recorded in MS word. How can I get around this??


A:Mailing Lables in MS Word 2000

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I want to do a mass mailing using the Word application of Vista. I have created the Address Database - correctly, so far as I can tell - at least it works to put the salutation on the letters. In addressing the envelopes I place the cursor where I want the Address Block to appear but in the execution of the address only the 1st line (the name) of a 3-line address appears there. The street and number and the town appear near the left edge of the envelope and the ZIP code appears near the right edge.

Thanks for your thoughs.

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One has been a word database and has been creating labels in Word under tools, envelopes. Can one use that same word document with addresses, if a person decides to do labels by the merging process? Impression given since the document, or listing of actual addresses is set up different in envelopes and labels, that one somehow has to convert that file into different arrangement when doing labels under merging process. Yes, I have performed the merging process with form letters and etc but I have never used a database in Word that was originally created for envelopes and labels to be used for existing list for merging. Any insight from experience would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Word Labels

AFAIK, you will need the info in a columnar table, not "grouped" as in address fields.

I have done this by importing the data into excel and just dragged and dropped it into a table, Excel is better (in my opinion) for a mailmerge database that a Word table.

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Can someone pulease tell me how to tell Word to print the label boundries (like those little L shaped marks in the corner of each label)? What I'm doing is printing 4 postcards on one landscape paper but we have to cut them and without knowing the boundries it's next to impossible. When I say show borders in the table, it drops two of the postcards down to the next page, which isn't going to work.


A:Labels in Word, please

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I know there has to be a way to do this... I have a list of products from my work which I have converted from unix to a Microsoft Word Document. The list shows up fine on word...but I need to take the list and make them into 1 x 3.5' labels.

If I try mail merge, it keeps asking me for headers and records...or says cannot find data source.

All I need is to make my list turn into labels.

A:Labels in Word

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One has created labels many times from using tools, labels and envelopes and has a database or table format document already set up with addresses. Now if one decides to create labels by using mail merge can they somehow convert this format so it can be an usable existing file? Any insight appreciated. Thanks.

A:Word Labels

Not exactly sure on what your trying to do, if you create your labels with Mail Merge you should be able to save the word document as is and re-use it. But not knowing your process I can't answer exactly.

You mentioned Database, if it is an Access Database then you can use the report/label wizard to create labels in Access and skip going through mail Merge.

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how can I duplicate a word 50 times on a 8x11 sheet of 50 labels so I can print out accurately on those labels?? thanx.

A:ms word labels

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I have a Word file that I set up for making labels for file folders. I have been using the document for more than a month with no problems. The document used to have faint lines showing where each of the labels would be on the sheet, but I opened the document the other day and the lines are gone! I can't figure out how to get them back. I've even deleted that document and created a new one - but no good. Would someone please help me?


A:Labels in Word

From the menu: Table-Show Gridlines.

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I reset some of my defaults and now the guidelines in the labels mode are gone. I'd like to have them back, how do I reinsert the label guidelines?
ps I did this once before and asked this same question and I serched for that thread but could not find it. This time I'm going to print a copy of the reply, it seems to be a recurring problem.

A:Word Labels

Click on Table /show gridlines.

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I am creating labels in word, and am finding that i am having to go along into each label and manually insert the numbers, all the time moving up one digit

for example, in label 1 i have AEG500, then in label 2 i have AEG501, then AEG502, AEG503, AEG504 etc.

is there anyway i can generate these numbers to appear

A:Labels in Word

Type your AEG part. Then:
Choose Numbering.
Choose Seq.
Give it any name, so the bar says something like SEQ MyNumbers
Copy the field onto each label.

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I use a custom label for printing labels 2 x 4 in a particular way, which I used in Word 97 and when I upgraded to Word 2002 (still using W98) it still worked. I recently had a complete crash and W98 had to be reinstalled. When I reinstalled Word 2002 I redid the labels with exactly the same configuration (which I had recorded elsewhere), but the labels only print on the bottom half of the page, i.e. 2 x 2, and not in the correct positions. The bizarre thing is that I reloaded Word 97 and the labels work OK with exactly the same configuration. I now have both versions of Word installed, which is not satisfactory, using Word 97 for labels. Word 2002, with the same configuration, still only prints half a page. Can any one explain this oddity, and, better still, think of a cure?

A:Labels in Word 2002

Perhaps this is linked to the printer driver assigned. Verify that both versions of Word are using the same driver with the exact same settings

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Imported info from Quad Pro to print labels in Word 2000. The first sheet of labels came out perfect but the second sheet of labels just printed the top 4 rows and the bottom three rows on another sheet of labels. Any ideas as to why it did this. There is 1 more sheet in Word that needs to be printed but I wanted to use the partial used labels. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.

A:word 2000 labels

Err ... temp delete sheets 1 & 2, then print sheet3?

Then undo the deletions, temp delete sheets 1 & 3 & top 4 rows of sheet 2, print sheet 2 onto the Ĺ-printed label sheet fed in upside-down??

Test-print onto plain paper if you're that short of labels.


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Hi, I have the need to print mailing labels on a fairly regular basis. Generally I need to print one label at a time as opposed to from a list/mail merge. My problem is that no matter the position of the label on the sheet that I want printed..it always prints in the 1st row, 1st column. I am therefore forced to move blank labels on the sheet to this position repeatedly.

I am using word 2000 on an xp machine. I am using an hp laser jet 6p and have set the label specifics to Avery standard 5160, which is 1" X 2 5/8" labels that are 3 across, 10 rows deep.

While the software allows you to select which label you want printed on....it seems to have no impact on where the label is actually printed.

Any help is appreciated.


A:Printing Labels with Word

When you go through the label wizard you have to choose to print many different entries. You should then be able to select which label to print from. So everytime you want to print a single label go through the wizard

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A recent mystery.

For years, I have been printing mailing/address labels using the Avery 5160 and then 8160 format. It has worked flawlessly until recently when I tried to print labels again. Now, no matter what settings I check, I get a horizontal and vertical drift.

I have verified over and over the 8160 spec and settings, but to no avail. I have checked my printer properties, also.

I am running Windows XP (SP3) with Word 2002 and using an Epson RX620 for the printing.

I feel like I am missing something obvious, but am stumped. Again... something has changed as this has worked for years before.

I appreciate your thoughts and comments.

A:Address Labels and Word

Perhaps you have been luckier than I in the past. I nearly always have to tweak the settings a little for labels, but it's so easy that I don't mind at all. I just print a blank page with the labels on it and compare it with the sheet of labels. Holding them up to the light usually reveals where the problems lie, and then I adjust accordingly.

Someone else may have a more elegant solution, but that always works for me.

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Hello guys.

Everytime I go in Tools -> Letters and mailing -> Eveloppes and Labels, It crashes.

Then I start back in safe mode. And it still crashes.

Any ideas?

A:Word crashes with Labels

Do Word troubleshooting.

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I am using Word 2003. I am trying to create a label that includes a jpg image as well as some text. I can create one label successfully but if I try to make a whole page it doesn't copy all of the cells. It only copies the cell with the jpg and it seems to expand the size of that cell to the full width of the label.

If I try to just replicate each label on a full page label template, the label size does not stay fixed. It expands the label size even though I think I am putting in the same info.

This is my first posting. I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

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