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computer frozen after boot

Q: computer frozen after boot

Dell 5150, Pentium D, Windows xp
A friend has abandoned this computer and I'm wondering if I should just wipe the hard drive and start over.
The computer boots through the windows start up screen, but then freezes with an error code dialog box titled:
services.exe -Bad Image
The message says:

The application or dll c:\windows\system32\mmmzoyuh.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette.

The cursor arrow is visible, but is frozen.
Same thing happens in Safe Mode, Safe Mode w/ Networking and Safe Mode w/ Command Prompt.

Any suggestions?

Preferred Solution: computer frozen after boot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: computer frozen after boot

You should re format the disk.OK I figured that out and I'm doing that now.Good. Hope it goes well.Thanks.

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I have a custom built computer with an Intel core 2 quad, Asus P5Q MB, 4GB mem, Seagate 500 GB drive, using Win XP Pro, SP3. It's been working fine, but suddenly this morning the dreaded window opened that starts "We apologize for the inconvenience......etc." Then lists several possible ways to start Windows, including "Start Windows Normally". However, the screen is frozen - non of the arrow keys do anything, everything is frozen - nothing happens,

Any ideas?

A:Can't boot into Win XP-computer frozen

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Hi guys. My
Computer has recently started to give me some seriouse problems. It started when I went to open up safari browser and and then my computer went to a blue screen with no text or anything. I then tryed to reboot the computer in safe mode and it then froze up on a black screen after entering my password. I then tryed to restart my Computer regularly and run sfc /scannow and it told me It found corrupt files, but was unable to fix the problem, then froze to the same Blue screen as before. Now it's just a repeating process and my computer keeps freezing on a random colored screen after I try to boot in safe mode or anything else. What could be the problem here?

I'm on a Sony vaio laptop and can't give any other details because I can't keep the computer running long enough to check, but I'm running windows vista home premium 32bit.

A:Computer frozen screen after boot

Reasons for frozen screen
Here are my solutions to freezing, and an excellent article, which I hope is of some help
Go to search type device manager and look for any yellow warning markers
Download and run malwarebytes, a full scan after you update
Run antivirus scan
Check memory with memtest86
Make sure that you are not over heating.
Try in safe mode; report back if it works properly.
Try a clean boot
Make sure PSU is working properly
If overclocking, restore to original
Test hard drive at company website.
Test in safe mode, does it still happen?
Try with clean boot..

See if you have the dump reports
Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

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My computer doesnt load up, doesnt progress any further than the Gigabyte utilities splash screen. I cannot open the CD drive, and pressing the keys on my keyboard does nothing. However, if I press the caps lock before turning my computer on, THEN the green light on the caps lock appears. Pressing the hotkeys, such as TAB for access to the BIOS, or F12 for utility program does nothing.

To give some background, I had been playing a game and had a tv show from the internet running in the background.

My system was running slow, and then seemed to have totally frozen. I waited 5 mins for it to resolve itself. It didn't. I tried task manager, and Ctl+Alt+Del to no avail.

I then, in desperation turned the power off at the mains.

PPS: I have left the computer for approx 4 hours to see if it was just running slowly. Sadly, no such luck.

Since then, I cannot even access Windows or anything.

Please help!

PS: This is a desktop computer I am referring to.

A:Computer is frozen when loading Windows, frozen at the Gigabyte Utilities screen


doesnt progress any further than the Gigabyte utilities splash screen. I cannot open the CD drive

This signifies a hardware problem. When you power up the computer can you press the eject button for the CD drive? Does the tray open? Does the light on the CD drive light or blink? on the Gigabyte screen can you enter Setup (Bios) usually by pressing the Del key?
If not, then shut down the computer and unplug all drives (CD/DVD, HDD's, Floppy etc) and start the computer. Can you get into the Bios? If not, then you may have a failing Power Supply Unit. Try testing with another.

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I built this computer about a year ago, everything has been fine up until about 3 days ago. All of a sudden now i cant get past the windows boot screen, i make a selection (safe mode, last known good config, or normal) and it immediately freezes on that screen. I have tried to let the time run down but it freezes on 0.

Before it got to this point my computer would freeze from time to time usually when i was asleep or at work and the screen saver was up. I would move the mouse but the screen saver was frozen so i would just reboot. I did disk cleanups, defrag, Removed any scheduled backup tasks, ran spyware/anti virus detection software and removed any settings to turn off hard drive or monitor after any period of time.

I currently have the computer in pieces...i have booted the hard drive in another computer with no problem. At that point i ran a hard drive test where i passed with no issue. I have tried booting the computer with different sticks of RAM in about every combo imaginable (no luck). I have tried running a repair on the OS with the windows disk but never made it far enough to get anything done. I think it might be the motherboard but i am not positive. i am looking for some advice before i go and buy a new board. I have been debating on flashing the bios but have actually never done that before so i wasnt sure. Please Help...

A:O/S Wont Boot Past XP Boot Menu (Frozen)

You might want to try (no for certain) to remove the battery from the motherboard to reset it and then attempt a reboot.

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I know for a fact that this has been covered many times, but from all of the research I've been doing and all of the reading in forums I've not found any solution to my problem.

I had a pc that I built back in 2001 that I still use, but recently got a newer pc that somebody was gonna scrap, the new pc has a slightly faster cpu (2.8ghz) than my old one (1.3ghz).

I installed 2 sticks of ram in the new pc and it worked fine, but I didn't want to use the preexisting ver. of xp on there already (home), so I formated the C partition (all my files were on D) and installed my authentic xp pro. when it finished loading the initial files and got to the FIRST boot (where it shows the windows logo and a loading bar for the first time) it keeps freezing.

I know it's not the disc because I JUST used it in the old pc and it worked fine, I know it's not the ram because i tested that out too (before reinstalling xp)... so now I'm stumped, what can I do to get this new pc loaded?

A:First Boot & FROZEN :(

Did you do a full format or a quick one? All a Quick format does is lay
down a blank FAT and directory table.... If you did do a quick format now it's time do do a full...a Full format truly scrubs the disk from
scratch, rebuilds all of the file structures, and checks to make
sure that everything is copasetic.

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I have seen plenty of posts on this matter however they have all been fixed by methods I have already tried. I have had no problems with my computer til this happened. I shut down my computer like I always do came back and turned it on about an hour later, seen the eMachines logo flash up and then it went to the PCI Device listing and said Boot from cd. I left it sitting there up to an hour and it did nothing. I changed the boot order to Primary -Hard Drive Secondry -CD Rom. Now instead it goes to the same screen and does not say Boot from cd. So then I had the bright idea to insert my Restore disc and I did a restore with a backup, for it to still do the same thing. Next time I did a full restore and it still does the same thing! It will not let me boot into safe mode as it does not give me the option. I have attached a picture of what is wrong it would not let me insert into my picture!

A:Frozen at Boot From Cd


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I was online today when my computer suddenly shut down. I tried to reboot it but when I did an Intel screen comes on with the letters 'EB' in the lower right screen and the computer seemingly is stuck on this screen. Nothing else happens. I have no options to do anything. CTL, ALT, DEL doesnt work. F8 doesnt work. Nothing.

Of note, I am using Windows 7. If anyone can offer me any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much!

A:Frozen Boot Up

Hello volbuck1

Here are a couple of things to try

1) Turn the off (Shutdown instead of Restart)
2) Remove any USB devices from any USB ports on the computer

Then power on the computer and see if that changes the boot process.

Try these two things first and also let me know if you have your Windows 7 DVD or a Windows 7 Repair Disc.

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Hi: I got a bootup problem on my X1 Carbon 4, with Windows 10. After I press the power button, the Lenovo Logo show up, then the light of F1, F4 and CapsLock turn on, and then frozen with black screen.  The only solution is press the power button 4 seconds to force shut down, and then power on agian.The notebook always can boot up at  the 2nd time, and never happen during restart. This problem happen only if I shutdown at night, and during the first time boot up at next morning. I already try to turn off the secure boot, but it doesn't help. Does anyone has the similar issue? Thanks.

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Have just acquired a GigabyteM61SMES21 Desktop loaded with win/7/pro and after making a dvd install disc,i decided to try it out,so pressed f12 and brought up the boot menu,only to find that I could not shift up or down to select drive and even escape was frozen. Would greatly appreciate help with solving this problem!! apart from this issue everthing seems to be working properly..many thanks to all  who reply.

A:frozen boot menu

Hi, oldbod. How and where is the dvd installer created from? Can you press keys such as caps lock and check if they lit on keyboard? Other things that could also cause frozen issue related to your problem is a keyboard on USB or PS2 depending on your current interface use, a power supply, faulty RAM module, etc.. Do you happen to know if the problem is existent during or before acquiring the desktop?

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I have a problem. I have a USB keyboard that came with my Dell Dimension that is about 3 years old. When I start my computer and am trying to press f8 to change the boot order, it doesn't do anything even though the lights on my keyboard are lit up. This also happens when I shut down my computer without clicking shut down, and it comes up saying "Do you want to start windows normally" in which case I have to sit there for 20 seconds since I can't use my keyboard to select it. I have already tried trying a different keyboard but the same thing happens.

I hope I am clear. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Keyboard Frozen during boot up

You could try using another USB Port. is the usb connected to the pc or is it on an external powered USB Hub.? the reason I ask is Hubs can cause problems if too many devices are attached and no extra power is used to power the extra ports. If the ketboard lights up its getting power but the settings in bios could be messed up too. then you need to tell bios to use US Keyboard.

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Hey, My names Mr_LeE,

ive just purchased a new pc, and it seems to be having a weird booting screen problem..

it gets to the screen b4 the hdd scanning, although i dont think its the hdd's that are the problems.

first it saids

bla bla 256mb gfx card g force,

then continues to the intel main processor intel core CPU stats 2.40GHz(266x9)

it then testes the ram saids ok,

then the options at the bottom of the screen appear..

<DEL> BIOS setup / Q Flash <F9> Express Recovery <F12> Boot Menu

then it just freezes there :S..

i cant press anything on the keyboard or anything.. i just thought mabe i could just go in the bios and it would be fixed but it seems to be frozen or something.. zzzz

if anyone could help, id be greatly appreiated !

thanks for reading


A:Frozen On Boot Screen? help

[-Steve-] said:

Have you tried to rest the BIOS (CMOS), this is a good place to start. To do this first remove the main power cable from the power supply. There is a jumper on the motherboard that will clear the CMOS, the manual will explain how to use this jumper. Alternatively if you cannot work this out leave the main power cable unplugged and remove the battery from the motherboard. The battery should be removed for at least 10 seconds.Click to expand...

im trying it now mate

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Recently(about 2 weeks ago), my computer started freezing. It happened 5 times already(one of them occurred as I was typing this post). I wasn't doing anything in particular, just using Firefox to browser the web.

3 of the freezings occurred while I was just browsing, 2 occurred while my computer was starting up. No sites in general either, out of the 3 times I froze, I was on different sites each time(all of them are "known safe ones" too like ign.com, wikipedia, etc).

After the latest freeze(during browsing), I restarted my computer only for my computer to freeze again after 3 seconds(screen stayed the same, it happened right after it showed me my memory test). Then I restarted my computer again and it froze before anything showed up(monitor did not detect anything so the monitor did not show anything).
Here's what I have done so far:

1. I used memtest86 and done 3 full tests, no errors on any tests.

2. Did anti-virus and anti-spyware scan on my computer(I used: Avast, Spybot, Adaware).

3. Checked Windows Event Viewer(unfortunately it didn't log anything).

Here's the last things I did to my computer before I noticed the freezings:
1. I downloaded and installed Secunia PSI.

2. I downloaded and installed the latest version of WinRAR and Quicktime player(recommendations from Secunia).

3. I also installed various security patches from microsoft update.

Besides that, nothing in particular.

Also I noticed when my computer freezes, my ke... Read more

A:Computer randomly freezing(computer stays frozen until I shutdown)

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I started my computer the other day and it was frozen on the XP home screen loading page. I tried numerous times over and over it gives the option of Last Known Good Configuration, Safe Mode, Normal Mode, etc. Ive tried them all and they all freeze before reaching the login. I tired system recovery option still it freezes. I even did one of the last stages of trying (next to buying a new computer) I bought a new HD and XP home i installed it and the last page were it says "Now Starting Windows XP" it freezes on that screen.
Ive read through other similar forums just barely and think i might try removing the battery or the jumpers but im just hoping there isnt a shorted circuit on the motherboard preventing the final stages of booting

Please help thanks!


A:Boot Fail - Frozen Xp Screen

I don't see where removal of the battery or the changing of jumpers will help here.By replacing the HD you have eliminated that piece of hardware, but have you tested the RAM yet?If there are two pieces of RAM you could always remove one and see if this issue persists. If it does, swap the pieces and try again. This would identify which piece of RAM is defective, if any.If you care to test the memory:Microsoft Memory DiagnosticMemtest86EDIT: If the RAM tests ok, then you need to disconnect all drives from the motherboard. Try to boot. You should get a messages similar to: Can't find the HDD. Then connect the HD and try again. If it boots, reconnect another piece of hardware etc until you can isolate the offending piece.

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running windows xp....on dell desktop.......
boots up to desktop screen but curser stationary and keyboard not funtioning
Keybourd is wireless and all appears connected as lights on.
Mouse is usb and this working well when used on another machine.
I am not knowledgable enough to fathom out the problem so if there is some kind patient techie person to assist me I would be very grateful.

A:Solved: curser frozen after boot up

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hey today i decided to go onto my computer and for some reason i cant get past the boot up screen. i Use an asus A8N-SLI ive tried pressing delete to enter setup and it still hasent done anything and i cant reformat it because i need to get past the boot up to do it. Please help

A:Frozen on Asus boot up screen

Try clearing the system's CMOS. To do this, you can either use the jumper, or remove the CMOS battery. When doing this, make sure there is no power going to the system.

If this doesn't work, the next step would be to start testing your hardware. The easiest place to start here would be testing your RAM sticks. If you have multiple sticks of RAM, take all but one module out of the machine. Test each of them one at a time.

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ok i just recently posted on here and had goten my problem solved... it was something wrong with my video card so i got a new one and it had seemed the problem was fixed... well if its not one thing its another.. which is really frustrating...

Last night i put my computer on standby and it stayed that way for a little bit and i accidently hit the mouse and took it out of standby and it froze at the user accounts page... oye vay here we go agian...

so of course i restarted and rebooted the computer as anyone would do and it brought me to the screen were i get to choose wether or not to start in safe mode or start windows normally so i start windows normally and it it gets to the desktop and the screen goes blank... i restart and no video so i took the video card out-- may i remind you its brand new right out of the box-- and use the onboard video on the motherboard and its still doing this...

i think it could maybe be one bad capacitor on the motherboard or possibly a software issue with one of the drivers used for the installation of the card i just put in... some please help.. AGIAN...!!

A:frozen out of standby now wont boot 100%

Using the Onboard video card can you get into safemode by tapping F8 immediately on startup and choosing Safemode

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I am running Win XP Pro on an Abit KA7-100 board with an Athlon 700 CPU. WD-80GB HDD.

A few weeks ago I upped the memory with a 512 stick of Crucial memory to 1 GB of SDRAM. Everything was fine.

A couple of days ago the onboard RAM was reported as being only 512 MB. I reseated the memory modules without any effect.

Overnight, problems appeared. The principal one being that the mouse pointer is frozen in the centre of the screen.

The mouse is a Logitech MX700 cordless optical mouse.

I reinstalled the Logitech software without effect and attempted to reconnect the mouse with the base station. Result : No apparent effect.

The pointer is still frozen, after several reboots.

I propose to take out the memory and reseat it.

Is the order in which the memory banks are populated significant ?

Any ideas or suggestions will be gratefully received !


A:Mouse Pointer Frozen after Boot

Since your only reading 512 instead of 1 gig it maybe that the first stick isn't reading so as well as taking out a stick , make sure the stick is always in the first slot.

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Hello everyone,

After enjoying my Toshiba Satellite a665 laptop for five years suddenly there is a major problem with booting. It is terminally slow and when eventually the desktop appears I wait for icons to slowly come up. As soon as I click on an icon it fails to respond.

In Safe Mode it is a bit better but also there are problems at times with logging off which also stalls.
I've run a Malwarebytes scan in Safe Mode which shows nothing. These symptoms started a day after some automatic updates were installed. I did note that the install was incomplete and the computer rebooted.

At present I am hoping it is a case of corrupted data in boot or registry but do not know how to diagnose.
The HDD seems to work but there may be some data recovery issues causing the computer to lag. It is unusable at present and some of the settings on my programs have been skewed up.

Anyone give me some advice and/or tools to check the system safely before I take it to the repair shop?
It does seem to be completely and utterly bricked up for some reason beyond the usual slow processor issues.

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Update bombed at 98%. Msg displayed ..."Failure configuring Windows Update
Reverting Changes
Do not turn off your computer"
It has been going round and round for days.
I tried turning off the laptop but it just 'boots' back to the same message.
What can I do...?????
Cheers - Arlo

A:Frozen laptop on 'boot after updates'

Hi Arlo,
Welcome to the forums, you could try refresh, reset or a Repair Install.
Reset Windows 8
Refresh Windows 8
Repair Install Windows 8

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eMachine 6216 being reimaged, rebooted to frozen eMachine splash screen, won't POST,
No F keys respond. CMOS battery pulled, replaced: same thing.

Update: Pulled HD power, can enter BIOS setup, even boot a disk. This supposedly means HD is bad, however HD will start up when slaved to another PC.

Swapped cables with known-good OD which had just booted disk, HD still blocks POST, freezing at Emachine screen.

Solution: Next I swapped in a known-good HD and it started up so I knew prob had to be limited to the HD. But since it started up in the other machine it didn't seem to be a bad HD. Could it be that HD (boot) code might be blocking this BIOS from even POSTing? I wanted to test this so slave the HD again to the other machine and Cleaned it with Diskpart.

Sure enough when returned to the eMachine it allowed BIOS to post, so I booted installer and reinstalled 7. Since it was during reimaging that this boot code apparently futzed the BIOS the image is getting deleted. And I thought I'd gotten a copied image to reimage over the network - wrong!

A:Frozen BIOS Boot screen

Fascinating stuff Greg.

So the question that pops into my head is: what is the bios reading from the hard drive that could be affected by a disk image?
I was unaware that the BIOS could/would read any data from the drive. I was under the impression it only read the info from the firmware.

To the laboratory Igor!

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Thanks in advance,

I have a refurb Dell XPS 630i that is frozen in the boot up process. After I had a program lock up (Media Monkey, specifically) I restarted the computer and got to the Dell screen where the option appears to press F2, etc. to enter BIOS or setup and the computer locked up.

Running Vista with 6gb ram. No new hardware/software installs that I am aware of.

Turning the computer off and on again results in the computer starting up at that exact same place. Not before - not after. Tried to boot up from cd. Will not boot from cd; starts and freezes in the exact same place. Removed the hard drive as I needed access to the data and was able to use an adapter and retrieve all of my documents and files. Got a new motherboard and installed it and replaced the hard drive. Same thing - starts in the exact same place and is frozen. Removed all the sticks of ram and got the beeps that indicate no ram. Installed one stick and had the same results - frozen in time. Installed a different stick - same thing.

Any ideas/guidance would be appreciated.

A:Dell XPS 630i frozen on boot up

Since you replaced the Mobo, it would likely be that some piece of hardware connected to it is the culprit.

Have you tried booting without the hard drive, or the optical drive connected?


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Hello! Hopefully i've come to the right place to get some help with this annoying problem that my computer, or perhaps windows xp pro, has developed.

I've had this now for several months but it's not until recently that it has become a serious problem. When I boot my computer everything runs fine until it gets to the windows user login page and then I realize that neither the keyboard nor the mouse cursor work. As far as I know, this is not a problem with my keyboard or mouse since after i shutdown manually and startup again everything works fine. I can log on, enter safe mode... whatever.. eveything works normally. Then when I shut down (or restart) and boot again the same problem re-occurs. However, the computer is not frozen when this happens... It just seems to be the keyboard and mouse that dont work.

Right now i have a terrible spyware/malware/virus/trojan infection on my computer and i have been trying to get it back into decent condition but one of the detection programs that i use requires me to restart and have the program run during startup (therefore not allowing the virus to load). The program has found a trojan (maybe several) but I cannot delete it because... well, see above. The option to do this is selected when everything works, the process is done when everything doesnt work, and when i need to press a key 1-9 do choose what to do with this trojan i cant do anything.

Okay so hopefully there is some simple explination for this and if anyon... Read more

A:Solved: Frozen cursor and keyboard, every other boot

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My parents have an old Compaq running Windows XP that has a power issue, but I just wanted to make sure the internal Samsung HD was okay, so I pulled it from the Compaq and installed it into an empty bay in my Dell running Windows 7. Everything seemed fine, as I was able to boot the Dell as usual running Windows 7 and the Samsung disk showed up as Drive F.

No calamities, all of their files are there, but I'd rather them boot the Dell computer using their original drive so that they don't have to sift through my drive to get to their applications.

But when I tried to boot the machine using the Samsung drive, I was sent to a Windows Activation screen:


Windows Product Activation

This copy of Windows must be activated with Microsoft before you can log on. Do you want to activate Windows now?

Yes No

Thing is, the keyboard and mouse are frozen on that screen and I can't even click "Yes."

Also, this drive was running earlier in the week and they've been running this version of Windows on this drive for years, it's not a new product activation, so I'm not sure why I would even need to activate.

I am not sure, but it is likely an OEM version of XP on this drive, the Compaq had the OEM sticker labeled Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

Not sure if it's bootable from another system, but Id like to try so that my parents don't have to go through Windows 7 to access their older programs th... Read more

A:Moved HD & Frozen Activation Screen on Boot

When you install a Hard Drive to a computer and install an OS it takes a snapshot of the hardware and installs drivers for that motherboard and chipset. If you remove that hard drive from the motherboard and put it on another board, when the computer boots the hard drive looks for that hardware to boot if it doesn't find it, it will BSOD, or do what your going through. You can do a Repair Install on this drive to let it install the chipset drivers for this particular motherboard and you shouldn't loose any data. But you may need to reactivate it since this isn't a Compaq motherboard.

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I've been browsing the forums and have found similar situations to mine, however, with variations and I'm not brave enough to try them without some expert input. So if you would please help me out here, It would be greatly appreciated.

4 yr old dell with 40gb- very full and 512 ram, running slowly, IE freezing regularly.

reading forums and found another one that had slow shut down and recommended running the chkdsk, so I did. Computer ran about 4 times faster, Great! I should have left well enough alone. Then I discovered my bookmarks in firefox were gone, (My brains and stickys) so I thought i'd do a system restore and get my bookmarks back and save them. Reran chkdsk in case I had restored problems, no bookmarks, so I tried about a month back, ran chkdsk to remove restored problems, no bookmarks, didn't work, computer told me the system restore wouldn't work and I couldn't go back to a restore point.

So, ok, I'll survive without my bookmarks, opened several windows, listed an auction ad, had to leave, shut down most windows, one froze, Son restarted computer and this blue screen shows up. it says

Problem has been detected. Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. If this is the first time you have seen this stop error screen, restart your computer. This screen appears again follow these steps.

Disable or uninstall any AV, disk defrag or backup utilities. Check HD configurations and check for upgraded drivers. R... Read more

A:Solved: Frozen BSOD can't boot safemode

Run chkdsk /r from the recovery console. http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_tutorials/wxprcons.html

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i have latitude e5520 i5 ,and it got a problem , when i turn on the pc the circular dell logo picture get frozen and i cannot enter the bios settings , i tried to remove the battery -check out the ram -removing the hard drive but with no result
please help if someone run into a similar issue

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I was attempting to boot my Dell windows vista business in safe mode to fix a virus. I turned on my computer, waited for the Dell loading screen to go black with a blinking cursor (I have no "beep" to go by), and tapped F8 repeatedly, which gave me the boot menu as per normal. However, the menu appears to be frozen. The screen will not respond to my wireless keyboard in any way. I know it's not a problem with the keyboard, because I tried allowing the computer to boot normally and the keyboard worked. I have successfully used F8 to boot my computer in safe mode in the past- this is the first time it hasn't worked. Any advice on how to unfreeze the menu would be great.

A:Vista can't boot in safe mode- menu frozen

Welcome aboard Download Security Check from HERE, and save it to your Desktop. * Double-click SecurityCheck.exe * Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. * A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.=============================================================================Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList last 10 Event Viewer logList Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result.=============================================================================Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free to your desktop. * Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program. * At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish. * If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version. * Once the program has loaded, select Perform quick scan, then click Scan. * When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results. * Be sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected. * When completed, a log will open in Notepad. * Post the log back here.Be sure to restart the computer.The log can also be found here:C... Read more

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I have have friend whoose winxp pc wont boot. When he turns it ok, he sees the "your computer was not shutdown right...... and all the differnt starting option come up: safe mode, normally, last know config that worked ect. However when this comes up the start normally choice is highlighted, but pressing enter over it does nothing, and there is no way to move to a different option. It stays frozen over [start normally]. I'm going to try and help him out and im wondering if anyone has any ideas about how to do this. First ill probably try F8 and go into safe mode, but if it freezes at the screen like he says then that might now work. I was wondering if i can dl a image and make some kind of winxp boot cd? He might has his computer's recovery cd, but im not sure, so im wondering if there is some kind of image i can put on a cd or floppy to help boot him computer.

A:Windows XP wont boot, selection menu is frozen

Go HERE and download a boot floppy.

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I have just done a fresh install of XP Home on a client's computer (it was SP1 version and I applied the SP2 from a disk from MS).

When I was installing from the XP Home SP1 disk, I noticed there was no mouse pointer available as well, but I thought this was a quirk since the OS disk was supplied by MDG Computers. Once the system restarted the mouse worked fine.

Now, I am still experiencing this problem. Every time I cold boot the computer, windows loads completely and everything is functioning except the mouse. I can use the keyboard to navigate around and restart the system. When it restarts, the mouse is working perfectly. I have done all the updates from MS.

This problem is driving me nuts.... I have not found any posts anywhere to do with this particular problem - it always deals with the system hanging before windows starts.

Has anybody else seen this problem or knows what it could be caused by ? I hate to have to tell my client that they have to start the system and then reboot immediately to get the mouse working.

A:XP loads but Mouse pointer frozen ONLY on Cold Boot

Allo CelticElf

Without the mouse, it'll be a bit 'messy' to get there but, while the mouse is frozen, during 1st boot, work your way to the control panel, then the 'System' - Hardware - Device Manager. You need the 'Mouse and other pointing devices' bit. Is it expanded to show what mouse is connected, and does it have either a yellow triangle or red thingy next to it???

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I have a western digital 160 gb sata hard disk. Few days ago one of my drives gone bad and there was a error showing a msg about I can't access the drive. I had to format it. I recovered my drive but lost the data. After a few days another drive gone bad same way. Suddenly one I started my pc and the bios screen showed up but it stuck on the boot screen. Since then it's not starting. Another thing I noticed is the hard disk is getting very hot very quickly. I don't know what happened to the Harddisk. A friend of mine tried low level format but was unsuccessful. I can't past the boot screen in any way. It stuck with the black dos screen. No msg nothing. I have checked everything is ok in my pc. This is the second time I lost my hard disk. Can anybdy tell me what has happnd or what is cause? Is there anything I'm doing wrong or wrong with my room. Pls if there is any tips on how I can protect my hard disk so that I will not lost one in future tell me? I'm really fustrated with it. (Also can anyone tell me how to perform a low level format? )

A:Frozen on boot screen!! hard disk problem

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HI all;

This is my very first ever post to this forum, so please bear with me....

My Dell Optiplex GX620 pc (Win XP SP3, 4gb RAM, 128GB SSD, integrated video and sound) after working just fine for the past 5 years suddenly decided to stop recognizing my USB keyboard and mouse. Thinking that possibly they may have gone south, I switched both components but got the same results.

To make a long story short, here's what I've attempted:
Swapped both keyboard and mouse
Reset the BIOS to factory default
Removed then replaced the CMOS battery to bring the unit to hard reset
Booted from XP CD and attempted to run the recovery console, but keyboard stopped functioning when the XP setup, blue DOS screen appeared with the three choices ("enter" for install, "r" for recovery console and "f3" for exit)
Removed and tested each memory DIMM individualy, in the Dell, to make sure it may not be a RAM problem.
As you may have noticed, above, the keyboard works fine during POST and in the BIOS, but not once any other DOS or GUI appears. At the XP logon screen, I cannot operate either the keyboard or the mouse...

Doing a search on this forum, I did find a similar issue posted by Nick77777 back in June of 2010. But, in his case the mouse functioned properly; keyboard only was frozen. The problem occured after he had run some software, which is not the case here; this pc worked fine, but then was not used for about a month, if that means anything.

In ... Read more

A:Keyboard and mouse frozen at boot; unable to logon

Good luck.
I was helping another person with a Dell in August or September with the same issue. As soon as windows loads, the keyboard and mouse no longer work. We never did get it working.

Just to rule out a window problem, I had him boot a linux live CD/DVD. The keyboard and mouse did not work in linux either.

If you know how to burn an ISO, download linux, burn it to a CD or DVD depending on the size, fire it up and see if the keyboard and mouse work.

This test
Booted from XP CD and attempted to run the recovery console, but keyboard stopped functioning when the XP setup, blue DOS screen appeared with the three choices ("enter" for install, "r" for recovery console and "f3" for exit)Click to expand...

leads me to believe that the issue will persist in linux.

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Hi all, Hoping someone may be able to help.

I have attempted a fresh install of Windows 7 on a Packard Bell Easynote TE11HC notebook, I turned off UEFI in the BIOS and booted from my Windows 7 disk, I deleted all partitions and then allowed Windows 7 to create a partition and install as I usually do when I build new systems or install onto a fresh HDD/SSD in a laptop.

Windows 7 installed all of the way to preparing desktop and then restarted, at this point the laptop goes displays the Packard Bell logo and then reboots and remains stuck in this loop. If I enter the BIOS the HDD password displays Frozen. I can clear this by removing the battery but it goes back to frozen when I try to boot to Windows 7. I have removed the HDD and installed Windows 7 onto it via my desktop PC and it works fine so I do not think the problem lies with the HDD. Does anyone have any idea how I can remedy this and get Windows 7 booting properly?


A:Windows 8 to 7 downgrade problem HDD password frozen, won't boot.

On some Acer, Gateway, P. Bell, Windows 7 x64 will not install in UEFI mode.

Windows 8 Desktops - How to Disable Secure Boot - YouTube

Enabling the boot device menu

Quote: Originally Posted by Acer

On most Acer systems, you can use the F12 key on boot to select the drive or network from which loading the operating system. In case the F12 option does not work, you may need to enable this function.


Enabling the F12 function:

1.Power on the system. As soon as the first logo screen appears, immediately press the F2 key, or the DEL key if you have a desktop, to enter the BIOS.
2.Press the right arrow key to select Main.
3.Use the arrow keys to navigate to F12 Boot Menu, and press ENTER.
4.Select Enabled, and press ENTER.
5.Press the F10 key to save changes and restart the system.

How to Enable or Disable Secure Boot

Quote: Originally Posted by Acer

This article only applies to: Windows 8 Desktops

Bootable media from previous versions of Windows may not be recognized in Windows 8. You can change the Secure Boot setting and it should recognize the bootable device.

Use the following steps to change Secure Boot:

1.Completely shut down your computer.
2.Power on the system. As soon as the first logo screen appears, immediately press Delete to enter the BIOS.
3.Use the right arrow key to select Authentication.
... Read more

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Hey guys, after having a perfectly working laptop with Windows 10, I just tried to boot up my 9350, and I got this screen after 2 seconds: http://i.imgur.com/Cn2PPPG.png
Restarted a few times, which didn't help. I've tried to get to the bios during bootup, and I managed to get to:http://i.imgur.com/TCAWJWx.jpg
Where I can navigate, but only in that tiny bar on the screen. Which makes it impossible basically.
Has anybody had this issue before?
Any idea how to fix this?
I've got the latest Dell bios installed (updated 3 days ago)

A:XPS 13 9350 Boot Crash, Screen Frozen With Millions Of Colors

How to Run the Laptop LCD Built-in Self Test:

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Hi, I have an acer 3040 which is running Vista Business. I installed Norton on it and in the process of doing so I had to update the driver for the external DVD Drive (I had Norton 360 on DVD).  I tried and tried to get the external DVD drive to work but I gave up in favour of downloading the trial from Symantec and then entering the code I had on the DVD case.  Then I tried to reboot................................. there was some text about Windows installing updates, the computer turned off and started up again and then - Nothing! Just a message on the screen about the updates not being configured correctly and reverting changes with a stark warning not to turn off the computer - end result after hours of the same message - NOTHING!  Just the same message with no other result as a reward for waiting.  Can anyone help please?

A:Vista Business frozen on boot, updates not configured, reverting changes

Sorry to hear that, do you have a Recovery Disk for Vista?  If so
insert the disk
reboot your system
as its booting up Press F10 or F8 (this is different for each computer, it should give you two options at the boot screen)
Select Boot from DVD/CD and hit enter.  (if a message pops up saying Press any key to continue do it)
This should allow your computer to boot, and give you a few options
Restore, refresh and repair
Here is a link to Microsoft support about using system recovery, what each does, and how to do it.  Click here for the link.
If your DVD drive still will not work you can use the Microsoft DVD to USB tool.  Down load it here.
I will follow this topic for a few days, if you have any questions please ask.  Just allow up to 24 hrs for a reply, we all here help more than one person at a time.
Good luck

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I have an HP desktop computer and something is terribly wrong and I don't know if I will be able to fix it because it won't even complete a full startup without freezing. I can't connect to the internet, can't really do anything. I think my son was fooled into downloading a virus onto my computer. The computer was on when I came home and there was something about Winifighter on a Windows Sercurity page. I was able to google it and find out that it is nothing legit, and was trying to get rid of it when the computer froze on me. After waiting for some time, I finally just shut it off, and now I can't get it back on. I am sending this message from my laptop in hopes that someone will have a miracle solution. Please respond as soon as possible. I will be standing by!

A:Help,my computer is frozen!

Well, I managed to get back on to my computer by restoring it but i'm still worried about what might be on it, so here is a hijack log:
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 5:17:45 PM, on 29/07/2009
Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MSASCui.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\On-Screen OSD Indicator\OSD.exe
C:\Program Files\Itiva\Itiva Media Accelerator\ItivaMediaAccelerator.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\GrooveMonitor.exe
C:\Program Files\ScanSoft\PaperPort\pptd40nt.exe
C:\Program Files\Brother\Brmfcmon\BrMfcWnd.exe
C:\Program Files\winsim\ConnectionManager\Simply.SystemTrayIcon.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\MyWebSearch\bar\1.bin\M3SRCHMN.EXE
C:\Program Files\MyWebSearch\bar\1.bin\MWSOEMON.EXE
C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009\avp.exe
C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe
C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Advisor\HPAdvisor.exe
C:\Program Files\TheWeatherNetwork\WeatherEye\WeatherEye.exe
C:\Progra... Read more

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My laptop goes very slowly and then it just freezes, I cant click anything. Then I shut it down by holding the power button. Any ideas on what to do? Maybe something inside is broken.

A:Computer is always frozen.

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

How long does the system stay active before freezing? Does it ever come back?

Please run TFC by following this guide here:

How to use Temporary File Cleaner (TFC) | Tech Support Forum

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On closing down the computer it became stuck on the Logging off screen, nothing will move it.
It is a Dell laptop Vostro 1510 , Home Basic.

A:Computer frozen

anything plugged into usb ports, sometimes my external inhibits shutdown... just a thought

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hi guys. you helped me out before, and was wondering if you could do so again. here is the short version...

ok...i have a HP laptop, it has the amd processor in it. it has worked great for 3 years so far. i do frequent cleanings, and defrags...as per what this board recommends. so the other night i was browsing my usualy locations, wera.com, and jenningsgp.com when all of a sudden my computer froze. the mouse still worked, but it took about 15 seconds to complete any action. i would click on the close window "x" in the top right of a windows box, and it would take 15 seconds to close the box, and even then it would do it in stages...like the screen would turn white, and then the desktop would display with no programs showing, just the picture. and finally, the programs would pop back up. just about everything is useless, because i waited for over half an hour just to get firefox to open my home page, and even then, it just opened up, and the home page never loaded. i did get the windows mgr to tell me that wuauclt.exe is using 99% of the CPU, and that leaves nothing for anything else. also, my computer had just downloaded a windows update, but i didnt think i installed it, because it never asked me to do anything, it just started by itself, and then disappeared. it also never told me that it was finished installing or even if it had downloaded. i do have the hijack this program, and some adware and antivirus (like av something, aviro maybe...) the icon... Read more

A:Another Frozen Computer...

Depending on where wuauclt.exe is located, determines whether it's malicious or nothttp://www.file.net/process/wuauclt.exe.Mark

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I am not really sure if this topic should go under Vista or hardware.

The laptop computer went completely frozen after 4 to 5 hours of used. The computer would suddenly stop, the mouse pointer won't even change to that 'blue circle thing that go round and round' (hope you understand what I meant here). Also, it will replay the last bit of sound that was played, for example, if I am running a song and the word 'hello' is sung, it will replay 'hel-hel-hel-hel.....'. The light that indicate the computer is running is off too. And the only solution is to turn off the power or a long press on the turn-on bottom.
It appear that no matter what kind of program was running (in the foreground) the same thing happen.

System and hardware:
-Vista Business
-Intel Core 2 Duo T7300
-2 GB ram
-NVIDIA Geforce 8400M G
-Seagate 159GB harddisk

Software used:
Because of this problem, I have already reinstalled window a week ago. However, the problem continued. In the mean time, I have installed the
following software:
-various drivers for hardware use, nvidia control panel, sound card driver etc (those programs came in a package with the window reinstall disc)
-Microsoft Security essential
-window live messenger
-google chrome
-sumatra pdf
-Pirifrom Speccy, Defraggler and CCleaner
-and a game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
As I have just reinstalled window and my computer doesn't have much in it. Also, ... Read more

A:Frozen Computer (please help!!)

you pc specs is ok, but i think it is caused by viruses such as spywares, adwares, etc. for me registry cleaner works fine..

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We have a aser lap top that boots up and loads programs and any disks you put in but wont let you do anything. By this i mean it wont alow you to use the key bored or mouse. I have tryed another usb mouse but it wont work at all. have tryed rebooting from disk but it doesnt seam to be set up for this. Have also tryed the alt f10 when rebooting and it wont boot into bios
How the heck do i fix this it's only 4 months old and has been like this for 6 weeks

A:Help with frozen computer


Originally Posted by tarshbowater

We have a aser lap top that boots up and loads programs and any disks you put in but wont let you do anything. By this i mean it wont alow you to use the key bored or mouse. I have tryed another usb mouse but it wont work at all. have tryed rebooting from disk but it doesnt seam to be set up for this. Have also tryed the alt f10 when rebooting and it wont boot into bios
How the heck do i fix this it's only 4 months old and has been like this for 6 weeks

To enter the bios I think you hit F2 at boot not ALT+F10. You can find a lot of info about the machine at http://global.acer.com/index.asp
What model is it?

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I see there is another recent inquiry on this topic. My inquiry is possibly less complex.
A computer in our household, is freezing unexpectedly with no apparent pattern or cause, as is a friends. Both have Vista operating systems. This may be coincidental, it may not. My question is, is there a known propensity for Vista systems to freeze? If so is there a "repair" facility for Vista that can overcome the problem?

A:Frozen computer

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Hi everybody,

I tried to satart up my computer this morning and all I get is a black screen with the Compaq logo on it saying to press f10 to start.

If I press alt+control+delete I get this on the screen:

Phoenix cME FirstBIOS Notebook Pro
Copyright 1985-2005 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
All Rights Reserved

CPUO=Mobile AMD Sempron ™

639K System RAM passed
382K Extended RAM passed
128K Cache SRAM passed
System BIOS shadowed
Video BIOS shadowed
Fixed Disk O: FUJITSU MHV2080AT PL
ATAPI CD-ROM: pHyLyPs sD=Rw/tVt-ro} sCr5265 0 0 0 0 0

It asks to wait but nothing happpened for over an hour. What shouold I do?

A:Frozen Computer?

Just trying to understand...is F10...the same thing as Control/Alt/Delete on your Compaq?

If not, I guess I have to ask why you did not do as requested .


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I want to thank you for the work you do at this web site.
I have a problem my computer freezes after running a program or when i disconnect from the internet or E-mail. I am running a Dell Dimension 2350 A02. 2.20 gig. Intel Pentium 4. I have 60.01 GB Hard drive with 48.29 free.I run Belarc Advisor and it indicates that the Hard drive is Healthy. Dell replaced the hard drive this year and the fan. I had come to this Forum on another problem and you solved it. Can you help me ? or do you have any suggestions?

A:frozen computer

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A:Computer Is Frozen!!

First off, what operating system are you using?
Is this a problem that just started?
Did you install/uninstall or delete any programs just prior to this problem?
A little more info would be of great help in trying to figure this out.....
FYI, typing in all CAPS is considered yelling

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I originally posted in the Security Forum but I am now not sure it is a security issue:


My computer is:

Dell Inspiron 6000
BIOS Version A09. 09-28-05
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Intel® Pentium® M processor 1.86GHz
Clock Speed 1.9GHz
L2 Cahce Size 2048
Available Memory 26.10%
Page File Size 1024.0MB
Available Page File 167.57%
Virtual Memory 2047.0MB
Available Virtual Memory 98.03%
Memory Slot1 [DIMM_A] 512MB
Memory Slot2 [DIMM_B] 512MB
Display Adapters ATI MOBILITY RADEON X300 64MB
External Soundcard: Edirol FA 101.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012.

I have recently restored my Dell laptop to its factory state using the Dell system restore feature. I was getting many crashes and blue screens before that.

Things have been OK with my laptop until a few of days ago when I had two crashes and blue screens saying:



I have performed Windows System restore and done full Kaspersky scans.

I ran SUPERAntiSpyware and only found one ?tracking cookie'.

I ran aswMBR but am not sure exactly how to interpret the results. I don?t think it found anything though..

My computer then ?froze? as I opened Ableton Live 5. I also had Mozilla running. No programs would open or close and the cursor was very slow. I could not shut down or open Task Manager. In the end I had to just ?switch of? without shu... Read more

A:Computer Frozen

Hello,You could run the built-in Dell Diagnostics to further rule-out hardware issues.Here is your manual: Dell? Inspiron? 6000. Owner's Manual.Under Solving Problems -->Dell Diagnostics (page 51)Run the Pre-boot System Assessment (PSA).If it passes then run Express/Extended tests or select a component with Custom test.Good luck.

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we have a internet cafe and one of our computers locks up on the home page (yahoo), before the computer locked up somebody had about 30 windows open so i closed all the windows and restarted the computer but now it just locks up on the home page and also the mouse disapears also

i have ran spybot and adaware and also cc cleaner and still no luck and i cant even d/l hijackthis because i cant get passed yahoo to go to any other web page

any ideas???

A:Frozen Computer

set the default home page to something other than yahoo.comor Start menu > run > iexplore http://www.google.comI'd clear out the temporary internet files and the temp folder.CheersTAJ Simmons

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