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Kaspersky Internet Security (2016) PCMag review

Q: Kaspersky Internet Security (2016) PCMag review

An Excellent Choice
Kaspersky Internet Security (2016) is an all-around great security suite. The independent labs praise its antivirus protection to the skies, its firewall does the job without hassling the user, and its spam filter is more accurate than most. Even the parental control component boasts more features than most suites offer. Powerful remote management is icing on the cake. Kaspersky is a PCMag Editors' Choice security suite, sharing that honor with Bitdefender Internet Security 2015.

Parental Control:

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Preferred Solution: Kaspersky Internet Security (2016) PCMag review

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Kaspersky Internet Security (2016) PCMag review

Kaspersky already admits its lack of protection currently on Windows 10.
So, if this test is on Windows 10, then it is not reliable.
But if it is not on Windows 10, then KIS rocks definitely!

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Source: McAfee Internet Security (2016)

Pros Protects all your Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS devices. Antivirus rates high in lab tests and our tests. Accurate antiphishing and antispam. New True Key password manager offers multifactor authentication. Many bonus features.

Cons Firewall not fully protected. Minimal parental control. Mac OS support somewhat limited. iOS support very limited.

Bottom Line McAfee Internet Security (2016) includes the multitude of features found in McAfee's antivirus and adds accurate spam filtering, limited parental control, and an impressive password manager featuring serious multifactor authentication.


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A Sweet Suite
Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 has everything you'd want in a suite, and more. Its antivirus gets stellar scores in our tests and lab tests, and its antispam beat out all competitors for accuracy. The firewall doesn't attempt fancy exploit blocking, but it's tough and hassle-free. Add features like ransomware protection, password management, and secure browsing, and you've got a suite with power to spare.

Along with Kaspersky Internet Security (2016), Bitdefender is a security suite Editors' Choice. Other products have earned the Editors' Choice rating for different variations on the security suite concept. In particular, McAfee LiveSafe 2015 and Symantec Norton Security are our Editors' Choice products for cross-platform multi-device security.

Note: These sub-ratings contribute to a product's overall star rating, as do other factors, including ease of use in real-world testing, bonus features, and overall integration of features.
Parental Control:

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A:Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 PCMag review

Few people realize that Bitdefender simply uses Windows Firewall and adds some policies to it. Windows Firewall does work rather well with outbound notifications...

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Shared Antivirus
The antivirus protection in this suite identical with Comodo Antivirus 8. You can read that review to get full details, but I'll summarize here.

Most of the labs I follow don't include Comodo in their testing. It did manage 16 of 18 possible points in AV-Test Institute's three-part antivirus test, which is good. However, Avira Internet Security Suite 2015 and Kaspersky Internet Security (2015) both managed a perfect 18 points in that same test.

In my own hands-on malware blocking test, Comodo detected 83 percent of the samples and scored 8.3 of 10 possible points, putting it a mere fraction behind Bitdefender Internet Security 2015. My Comodo contact pointed out that the software's automatic sandboxing feature doesn't kick in for files already present when the product is installed. I followed his instructions to test in such a way that auto-sandboxing would have a chance, but doing so didn't change the results.

Comodo's performance in my antiphishing test was utterly dismal. It hardly detected any fraudulent websites. In fact, its detection rate came in 94 percentage points below that of Symantec Norton Security, which consistently aces this test. My Comodo contact advised that the suite should do better at antiphishing and malicious URL blocking, so I reran the phishing test. After one new round of testing, I found no appreciable difference, so I didn't continue.

Tough Firewall
The firewall component resisted all m... Read more

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Definitely a Contender
Bitdefender's antivirus technology routinely earns excellent scores from the independent testing labs, though it didn't do quite as well in my hands-on malware blocking test. It holds the top score in my phishing protection test, and its parental control system works across multiple Windows and Android devices. If its strengths match your needs, it can be a very good choice. However, it's not going to unseat Norton Internet Security (2014) as PCMag's security suite Editors' Choice.

Parental Control:

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Shared Antivirus
Avast's lab test scores range from best to worst. It received AAA-level certification fromDennis Technology Labs and rated Advanced+ in two tests by AV-Comparatives. However, "crazy many" false positives caused it to fail the file detection test from that same lab. Bitdefender and Kaspersky generally take top scores across the board.

In my own hands-on malware blocking test, Avast earned 9.0 of 10 possible point, better than most products tested using this same malware collection. Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus (2015)earned a perfect 10 in this test.

My malicious URL blocking test uses newly-discovered malware-hosting URLs, typically no more than four hours old. When I challenged Avast with about 100 of these, it blocked all access to 29 percent at the URL level and eliminated another 43 percent during download, for a total block rate of 72 percent. That's quite good, though McAfee Internet Security 2015 managed to block 85 percent.

Good, Not Great
Avast Internet Security 2015 offers almost all of the expected suite components (parental control is the exception), but their effectiveness varies. I like the innovative home router scan; this is an area that most vendors overlook. And Avast offers plenty of other bonus features. The problem is, top suites just do a better job overall.

Parental Control: n/a

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ESET Internet Security 10 Review by PCMAG​
Article: ESET Internet Security 10


Basic Firewall
Home Network Protection
Banking and Payment Protection
Straightforward Antispam
Webcam Protection
Small Hit on Performance
Uneven Component Quality
Very good scores in lab tests and our tests. HIPS blocked many exploits. Speedy malware scan. Useful network map. Secure browser for banking. Simple spam filter handles POP3 and IMAP.

Firewall doesn't pass common tests. Mediocre antiphishing score. Parental control limited to content filtering.
Bottom Line
Antivirus is the best part of ESET Internet Security 10, but other components include an old-school firewall that fails some common tests and parental control that's limited to content filtering.

Read more: ESET Internet Security 10

A:ESET Internet Security 10 Review by PCMAG (3/5 stars)

I guess 10 for Smart Security hasn't come out yet?

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Shared Antivirus
This suite builds on the antivirus protection found in the standalone G Data Antivirus 2015. Please read that review for full details regarding the testing that I've summarized below.

West Coast Labs certifies G Data's technology for virus detection, and it received VB100 certification in all of the recent Virus Bulletin tests that included it. In the latest test by AV-Test Institute, G Data received 6 of 6 possible points for protection against malware and totaled 16 of 18 possible points. That's good, but Kaspersky Internet Security (2015) at Amazon and Avira Internet Security Suite 2015 scored a perfect 18. The other labs that I follow don't include G Data.

In my own hands-on malware blocking test, G Data earned a respectable 9.3 points, beating almost all programs tested using the same malware collection. F-Secure Internet Security 2015 also managed 9.3 points, while Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus (2015) swept the field with a perfect 10 points.

G Data also fared well in my malicious URL blocking test. When exposed to 100 newly discovered malware-hosting URLs, it prevented 51 percent of the downloads, in most cases by blocking the browser from all access to the URL. The current average protection rate for this test is 40 percent.

The product's accuracy at blocking malware-hosting URLs didn't quite carry over into blocking fraudulent (phishing) websites. In this test, G Data's detection rate was 34 perc... Read more

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Malicious URL Blocking
The big difference between F-Secure's suite and the standalone antivirus is the addition of browser protection. This component blocks access to malware-hosting URLs, and it did well in testing.

I started with a collection of newly-discovered malicious URLs supplied by MRG-Effitas, none of them more than four hours old. Some had already vanished, but I kept launching them one after another until I had results for 100 still-working URLs.

F-Secure blocked an impressive 73 percent of the malicious URLs. Only Trend Micro Internet Security 2015 at Trend Micro and avast! Internet Security 2014 at Avast have done better, with 80 percent and 79 percent, respectively.

F-Secure's standalone antivirus lacks browser protection, but it did manage to wipe out 34 percent of the malicious payloads during or immediately after download. That's just slightly better than the average blocking rate among current programs.

So-So Phishing Detection
The browser protection component also serves to steer users away from visiting phishing sites?fraudulent sites that attempt to steal login credentials. However, it wasn't nearly as effective as it was against malware-hosting URLs.

I started by collecting suspected phishing URLs from various sites. Then I launched each simultaneously on five test systems. Naturally one test system relied on F-Secure's protection. Another used Norton Internet Security (2014) at Amazon. The remaining three relied on the b... Read more

A:F-Secure Internet Security 2015 PCmag review

F-Secure is good, but it's quite expensive for an antivirus that offers fewer components, better use Emsisoft, Norton or Kaspersky.

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F-Secure Internet Security 2017 Review by PCMag 3,5/5 stars​
Excellent scores in our hands-on malware and malicious URL blocking tests. Firewall-assist component blocked many exploits. Banking protection prevents man-in-the-middle attacks.

Core functionality vulnerable to malicious attack. Child with administrator privileges can disable minimal parental control. Mediocre score in our antiphishing test. Good, not great, scores from independent testing labs.

Bottom Line
The antivirus components of F-Secure Internet Security scored high in our testing, aided by the suite-specific Browsing Protection features. However, the rest of its components don't make up a top-notch suite.

Full article: F-Secure Internet Security (2017)

A:F-Secure Internet Security 2017 Review by PCMag 3,5/5 stars

F-Secure is definitely not the best Internet Security Suite available for the price. It does ok but not the best in terms of detection rates & has very little extra features. I am not a big fan of the GUI or settings either but that's just me.

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Shared Antivirus Features
The antivirus component in this suite is almost the same as the free Avira Antivirus 2015. The main difference is that the free edition relies on a browser plug-in for detecting malicious and fraudulent websites, whereas the Pro edition filters such sites below the browser level. That's an important distinction, because the free edition doesn't currently offer a plug-in for Internet Explorer.

Avira doesn't participate in testing with all the independent labs I follow, but those that do test it generally give it good ratings. The only significant exception is a poor score in a test by AV-Test Institute that specifically measures the ability of an antivirus product to completely clean up a detected malware infestation.

In my own hands-on malware blocking test, Avira didn't fare so well. With 76 percent detection and an overall score of 7.4 points (out of a possible 10), it's near the bottom.Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus (2015) earned the best score of products tested using my current malware collection; it managed a perfect 10.

As noted, the suite and free antivirus use different components to detect and block malware-hosting URLs, so I expected to see differing result in my malicious URL blocking test. Despite different styles of malicious URL detection and a completely different (but very new) set of test URLs, the two products earned almost identical scores, for a protection rate of 58 percent. That's... Read more

A:Avira Internet Security Suite 2015 PCmag review

Baloney. I used Avira to clean up an infected computer that was running Webroot. LSS, I don't have faith in this review.

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ThreatTrack Vipre Internet Security 2015
Pros - Good score in our malicious URL blocking test. Automatically applies security patches to browsers and important programs. Simple spam filter settings; accurate spam detection.
Cons - Fair to poor ratings from independent labs. Dismal antiphishing. Firewall failed some basic functions. Advanced firewall functions interfere with normal operation. Firewall easily disabled. More performance impact than most suites.
Bottom Line - The best part of ThreatTrack Vipre Internet Security 2015 is its spam filter. The antivirus and firewall components, more important overall, didn't perform as well in our testing.
Read more: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2471672,00.asp

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Effective Malware Blocking
Panda scored very well in my hands-on malware blocking test. When I opened a folder containing my current malware sample collection, it didn't do anything immediately. That's because Panda waits for a significant event like file creation or modification; it doesn't scan just because a process accessed the file. When I copies the collection to another folder, Panda got to work, quickly wiping out 86 percent of the samples.

It also caught some of the remaining samples when I launched them. Overall, it detected 89 percent of the samples and earned 8.8 points, the same as Kaspersky. Among products tested with this same collection, Trend Micro has the best scores, with 93 percent detection and 9.1 points.

Results from tests with my previous malware collection aren't directly comparable, of course, but you have to appreciate what Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus (2015) did with that bunch. It detected 100 percent of the samples and earned a perfect 10 points.

My malicious URL blocking test doesn't rely on a pre-set collection of samples. Rather, I take the very newest list of malicious URLs supplied by MRG-Effitas and attempt to download real-world malware samples. The antivirus gets credit for blocking access to the URL or for wiping out the file during or immediately after the download. I keep at this test until I have results for 100 very new malicious URLs.

As I proceeded with the test, Panda's stats stayed remarkably... Read more

A:Panda Free Antivirus (2016) PCMag review

I should not provide any questions for Panda cause they have already identical two flip side of a story in the test.

One is independent organization test and user based test.

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i want chang my internet security please help me

now bitdefender 2016 but very heavy


A:Kaspersky 2016 Vs Eset Smart Security 9 Vs Emsisoft internet Security 11 Vs Avira intent Security

If you come from Bitdefender then I would recommend you KIS2016, quite light; very effective. ESET is also a good option, Emsisoft same stuff. If you like smooth and less interactive protection ESET and Kaspersky would be better, Emsisoft is cool but a bit more interactive IMO.

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A:Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 vs Avast! Internet Security 2016

If you have the money to purchase it, I would strongly recommend Kaspersky Internet Security 2016.
Overall, Kaspersky might not be as user friendly (many alerts when properly configured) and as light as Avast (Kaspersky always was a little hoggy, although that has been mostly fixed in the recent versions), however the security components of KIS are much more mature and powerful (when properly configured) than those of AIS.

In conclusions, if you have capable computer hardware and you don't mind a little bit of configuration and quite a few alerts, I would definitely recommend KIS.
If you believe that KIS might be too heavy for your system, and that you do not really visit suspicious sites and download suspicious applications, then I'd recommend AIS.

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High Memory usage occurred in KIS 2016 (version: (c)) .

Is this normal?


A:High Memory usage occurred in Kaspersky Internet Security 2016. Internet Security this normal?

Is it scanning, or at boot time?

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Now! ESET has just released their newest security suite: ESET Smart Security 9 (2016 Edition). These products are on the top of security suites which are produced by giants on security companies. Most of them released 2016 editions of their products. I want to compare on their newest products with new features (such as on ESET: Banking Protection, Bitdefender: Ransomware Protection and new Firewall, etc...) and some enhanced features.

And now, which is your choose for your security? Please let me know your opinion!

A:Battle: Kaspersky IS 2016 vs ESET Smart Security 2016 vs Bitdefender IS 2016 vs Emsisoft IS 10

its hard choice choose between Eset,Kaspersky and Emsisoft.
in fact i never test Eset 2016, but i tested kaspersky and Emsisoft, Kaspersky 2016 really go lighter than Emsisoft(now i am Emsisoft useres)
by your budget and your interest u can choose Emsisoft or kaspersky.

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Earlier I was using Bitdefender and thought Bitdefender was the number 1 and Kaspersky is the number 2. But After coming to this forum I realized that the reality is completely different! Some products have trouble working with Windows 10, some have trouble protecting 64bit systems. I did some digging and settled with two products. Kaspersky and ESET. Im using a Windows 10 64 bit system. What product might be the best for such a setup?

A:ESET Smart Security 9 vs Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 for Win 10 64bit

For purely protection basis you may go to ESET SS 9 as you can tweak the HIPS for protection and their Sandbox (Banking) + so far the architecture (x64) isn't affected from performance.

KIS 2016 is a promising suite, however until now limited components working from prevention due to Windows 10 environment which the developers make a note to fix those issues; but overall a balance concept where you can tweak more from numerous components.

Somehow the system impact tends to be consistent as light for ESET than Kaspersky.

Still brace yourself to see those possible unique characteristics.

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hello , i just want to know in Behavior Blocker , Norton is better? or Kaspersky is better ?

thanks friends

A:[Behavior Blocker] Norton Security vs Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

As for Kaspersky, I have not used it since about 2009 when it was Kaspersky PURE so I cannot really comment. But as for Norton, it blocks unknown files it doesn't have a HIPS as such but any program being stupid of trying to access websites and files they shouldn't get blocked by SONAR their zero-day and zero-hour malware component.

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Which one is the best ?
better detection
Less false positives
Worth less in the system

I bought a license for ESET Smart Security 9, apparently Antivirus is excellent, very saw videos of comparisons with other antivirus, and it pleased me a lot, both in the interface and usability!
I was in doubt of which pay a license, get me out of this doubt, what do you think best?
Thank you!
I hope you understand my question!
I used Google Translate, I'm from Brazil.
Thank you again!

A:ESET Smart Security 9 VS Kaspersky Internet Security 2016?

Kaspersky for better detection and I think also less false positive

but you said "I bought a license for ESET Smart Security 9" so just use it then. Eset is good too, very light on system

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Good evening,  Windows XP pro(32 bits) Pack 3 Service  After installation of KIS 2016, obtaining a blue screen to the starting of WIndows.Windows start only with"the last god configuration".Kaspersky has trotted me handing in handing for three weeks.But when one speaks to them about refunding licence(two years), not of answer.In english, one calls that"one swindles".

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I want to buy KIS 16 key but I still have BitDefender. Whats you experience with those two Anitivirus?
1 more question, if someone knows, can I activate KIS 16 with KIS 15 unactivated key?
Thanks everyone, this is very important to me

A:Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 vs Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

I'm a KIS 2016 user and I find it much lighter on system resources compared to the 2015 version. Yes, a KIS 15 key can activate up to KIS 18. I've stocked up on KIS 2015 keys. I brought like for 3 for £27.

With regards to how it compares to Bitdefender? Sorry I cannot comment as I've never used Bitdefender.

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More info: Patch G is available for testing - Kaspersky Lab Forum

Bug fixes:
? Bug 1647892:[DNT] DNT plugin doesn't show number of detected trackers on some web pages in FF 45
? Requirement 1618742:[BRQ][Windows 10]RS1 compatibility
? Bug 1673533:KIS 2016MR0 Patch G:the screenshot via Print Screen key can't be inserted to MS Paint
? Bug 1609750:[2016 MR0 patch G] [Wi-Fi] BSOD when disabling Wi-Fi driver
? Bug 1638483:Support:OB: Cannot open Safe Money page with 0x000000ff error
? Bug 1648884:certificate cant be checked due to ?no KSN response?
? Bug 1657434:KSN timeout during certificate check in safe browserClick to expand...

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1) Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 works fine in Windows 10?

2) Does anyone have the Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 configuration guide? Because i am looking for the best, no performance impact, and no more than moderate alerts configuration.

3) Had anyone every purchased antivirus through Amazon? This is my first time because i find a great deal for Kaspersky Internet Security 2016, 3 devices, 1 year for less than $30 at the moment, so i wonder if i purchase it does it provide me a legit Kaspersky key? Here is the link for it, http://www.amazon.com/Kaspersky-Int...1-1&keywords=kaspersky+internet+security+2016

4) Also, is it compatible with Malwarebytes Anti Malware Premium?

A:Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 questions

I can only answer 3)
Yes, I have purchase twice from Amazon. I would avoid buying from other marketplace seller

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Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2016 does not appear on the Kaspersky UK page yet.

Can KIS 2015 be used in Windows 10 and is it reliable pending UK support for KIS 2016?

A:Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 or 2016?

Originally Posted by Steve C

Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2016 does not yet appear on the Kaspersky UK page yet.

Can KIS 2015 be used in Windows 10 and is it reliable pending UK support for KIS 2016?

I was using KAV 2015 (latest patch C) with no problems before updating to 2016. KIS should be the same. Make sure it's the lastest KIS 2015 for Win 10 compatibility.

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APRIL 4, 2015
Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 ver. 16 Review & Settings
Good malware detection rate.

Very good malicious website detection rate. internet explorer, Google chrome and Firefox web browser is supported. It is recommended that you only these three web browser

Good proactive protection from unknown malware. It takes most of the decision itself. Whenever kaspersky asks to do a scan

Light on system resources. Kaspersky does have high hard disk usage.

RAM usage around 200 MB

Read the help file in-order to better understand the security features and how to use that feature.

The main interface

Various types of scan available

Privacy cleaner tool

Trusted applications mode
When turn ON Trusted application mode only lets known safe application to run.
It is higly recommended that you ?Enable? it

Browser Configuration wizard



Assign a password so that only you can change the parental control settings

Slide the slider next to ?Control is enabled? to enable the parental control
Click ?Configure restrictions? to configure all the features

Computer tab restricts the access to computer to specified amount of time

Applications restricts access to certain applications and games

Internet tab restricts access to internet
You can block access to certain categories of websites


A:Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 by Cyber Raiden

Its outdated! They have a new interface now and the browser modification protection is now active too.

PS: Please use spoilers next time

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More info: Patch C is available for testing - Kaspersky Lab Forum

A:Patch C for KAV/Kaspersky Internet Security/KTS 2016MR1/KFA 2016 (

Patch C is being delivered gradually to standard/public servers

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Anyone using KIS 2016 & 2017 should note there are 'limitations' following the Anniversary Update - see https://support.kaspersky.com/us/11736 and https://support.kaspersky.com/us/12848 and http://support.kaspersky.co.uk/12394

Maybe Defender is safer?

Note Edge is not supported.

A:Kaspersky Internet Security 2016/17 & Anniversary Update


Thanks for posting.

I'm not shilling for KL or anything...

For the record, that KB article is > 1 month old (and predates patch (a), I think).
And lots of folks have upgraded to KIS/KAV/KTS 2017 under RS1 without issue.
BUT BUT Patch (b) has been in beta-testing for > 1 week, and is supposed to fix most of these issues:

I guess it's sort of like AU/RS1 itself: you'll have either no problems or some problems.

Having said that, I lean a bit closer to the cautious Luddite side than to the adventurous "bleeding edge" side of things.
So, I am still on Win10 1511 and KIS 2016 for a while longer.
At my age, I like to take things slow and steady....


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I am considering buying Kaspersky Internet Security in store; is this Kaspersky software version worth the buy?
I am using AVG Free as of right now, and a Kaspersky Anti Virus Trial!

A:Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 - 3 users 18 months

Kaspersky is consistently ranked near the top by anti-virus testing labs. Here's a comparison chart from AV comparatves web site: http://chart.av-comparatives.org/chart1.php?chart=chart2&year=2015&month=12&sort=1&zoom=2.
Pc magazine has a review of it as well. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2460689,00.asp
Performance is important but Another consideration is the usability of the software. Are you comfortable with the user interface? Is it easy to find out if your anti-virus definitions are up to date, configure scheduled scans, etc.

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 review.

Kaspersky's anti-malware suite gets a new version

-- Tom

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The Good
It's available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. The interface blends well with the Windows 10 look and its options are easy to find. Any module can be disabled and tiles can be removed from the console.

The parental control and firewall components worked smoothly in our tests. The data shield immediately reacted when unknown programs tried to access the protected folders.

It has a comprehensive help manual that explains most parts of the program.

The Bad
As previously mentioned, Panda shows a notification message for the data shield module whenever an unknown application tries to access the protected directories, and it asks you what to do: allow or deny. However, although it doesn't inform you of this, it remembers the choice you make for that process, adds it to the permissions list, and sets its permission type. This means that it will automatically allow or deny access to that program whenever it tries to access the protected folders, until you go to the console panel to revert settings. In other words, Panda doesn't implement two options in the tray message for allowing/denying access only once and always.
The application control module worked well in our tests when denying access to programs that were on the list. However, it didn't prompt us for action whenever an unknown application tried to run, and it didn't deny access when we asked it to do this automatically, except in one case: when we tried opening Panda's vi... Read more

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More Info in: Patch D is available for testing, - Kaspersky Lab Forum
Testable fixes and features:
? Bug 1682126:There is no plugin icon in description of extensions FF
? Bug 1693069:screenshot protection dont work on win 8x64 after patch C
? Bug 1701984:Two Kaspersky Lab power events provider string in Device Manager after update to patch C
Compatibility fixes:
? Requirement 1709338:[BRQ][Windows 10]Full support for RS1
? Bug 1702991:[2016 MR1 Patch D] ??????? ?????? facebook ? FF
? Bug 1739222:[WebAV] Google search is broken periodically
? Bug 1774995:Support: SD: Impossible to install/start multiple JP applications after MR1 upgrade with active self defence
? Bug 1714773:KFP failed install on OS with KAV 2016 MR1 and break down KAV
Special bugs and features (where special environment or infrastructure is needed):
? Bug 1696231:The program is frozen at the Loading application stage after installation in Touch device
? Bug 1703276:IPP. Renew/Buy links can't be opened from toast.
? Bug 1722372:[2016 MR1 pathc D] GUI: OAS: ODS: The text for detected threat must be equal for NC and alert [hoax.malicious_tools]
? Fixed several bugs with a drop the product.Click to expand...

A:Patch ā€œDā€ beta for KAV/Kaspersky Internet Security/KTS 2016MR1 / KFA 2016 / KFP 5.0

Thanks for the [email protected]

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More info: Patch ?F? for KAV/KIS/KTS 2016MR1 / KFA 2016 / KFP 5.0 - Kaspersky Lab Forum

Testable fixes and features:
? Bug 1795585:[KLJ]Update: klif error "Client registration has failed" in the system event log
? Bug 1817640:[SUPPORT] Certificate verification problem detected: 0x000000ff Safe Money error
? Bug 1834463:[Forum][Vulnerability Scan] VLC player is not excluded from vulnerability scan result even after update
? Bug 1868911:[GUI][Windows 10] Wrong text is shown in toast related to out of date databases
? Bug 1868929:[GUI][Windows 10] Wrong text is shown in toast related to extremely out of date databases

Compatibility fixes:
? Bug 1848057:[2016 MR1 patch F][Web-AV] URL-Advisor does not mark search results on yandex.ru
? Bug 1882638: DUMP: Open and close VK on Windows 10 rs2 14946 x86: DomainBoundILStubClass!IL_STUB_CLRtoCOM_BBEF29ADClick to expand...

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Well I want to know is Comodo Internet Security 8 or Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 better?

A:Comodo Internet Security 8 VS Kaspersky Internet Security 2016

Despite one being paid only and the other free solution, if you can have even trial versions of Kaspersky, then comparison can be done as follow:

KIS has a very good selection of under the hood protection even on default settings, so it works out of the box. Comodo on the other hand has good tools as well but requires manual configuration on settings to even come close to Kaspersky.

In terms of AV, KIS is known for its signatures and removal processes. Comodo on the other hand has always focused on Prevention over Detection.

User friendliness, both are fine at first look but when you start to dig into the options, both can be daunting.

So if you have the option to use KIS, then I recommend KIS.

If you do not and you are just an average user/casual user, perhaps another free solution will do you better.

Edit: forgot to mention: Kaspersky does have a small boot time impact compared to Comodo but it is basically negligible.

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Which product has the best Behavior Blocker zero day protection and detection rates?

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Kapersky Internet Security 2016 offers a great level of protection on its default settings. However, there are a few settings which you can change to increase even more the protection offered by Kapersky Internet Security 2016.

This guide should also cover Kaspersky Total Security 2016, and some settings should apply to Kaspersky Antivirus 2016.​

1. Enable "System Changes Control" to block changes to operating system and web browser settings
If the web browser start page or the default search engine has changed without your intention, it might be activity of an adware or malware. In some cases, such changes are caused by add-ons that come with software you install (for example, with media players or instant messengers). Sometimes system settings are affected by malicious scripts that could have reached your computer through insecure websites.

With System Changes Control in Kaspersky Internet Security 2016, you can trace and block unwanted changes to the system settings.
Open Settings menu in KIS 2016 by clicking the gear icon in the lower left part of the user interface.

In the Settings window, go to Protection and select System Changes Control.

In the component settings view, make sure the component is enabled (the switch on the right must be On). You will be prompted for action whenever a suspicious change of settings is detected.
Select the check box Block changes automatically if you want Kaspersky Internet Security to dec... Read more

A:How to setup Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 for Maximum Protection (Guide)

Very well explained, great guide!

Although File-AV & Web Anti-AV modules in maximum level may slowdown Web surfing and/or the system in general depending on the hardware specs better to try and check

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Developer AVG has recently released the 2016 lineup for its anti-malware applications: AVG Antivirus Free, AVG Antivirus Pro and AVG Internet Security. It brings many improvements to the table and promises better malware protection

The Good:
The firewall quickly reacted to events.

AVG Internet Security light on system resources, even during scans.

We haven't noticed compatibility issues with Windows 10.

It features a self-protection module against hijackers.

It contains numerous advanced configuration settings for expert users.

The Bad:
We haven't noticed any significant changes compared to the 2015 edition of AVG Internet Security.

Casual users will have a hard time discovering how to configure the advanced settings.

We expected better malware detection results.

The automatic response was late in our tests (at file launch).
AVG Internet Security 2016 Review - New Edition, Same AV with Windows 10 Support

A:AVG Internet Security 2016 Review - New Edition, Same AV with Windows 10 Support

I do not entirely agree with this article , regarding that they did not notice any differences between the 2015 and 2016 version. here is the official changelog between those two. ofcourse nothing is perfect and they still need a lot of work to do , before they can make their bold statement true ''' AVG wants to become the best av in the industry "
changelog 2016 build 7161 :

AVG now protects your PC from even the newest malware regardless whether you've got the latest virus database installed. This works thanks to:

We've added crowd intelligence to our existing cloud-based Outbreak Detection technology to identify even the newest malware variants and outbreaks in real-time.

Uses advanced artificial intelligence on your PC to proactively identify malware samples that haven't yet been catalogued by our AVG ThreatLabs team.
AI Detection is being constantly trained through telemetry data from our users.

We've improved this feature with cloud-based detection to identify dangerous downloads faster than ever.

AVG has worked on Microsoft's latest operating system from day 1.

AVG again supports remote administration of stations with SMB licenses.

New setup for all applications: faster and easier navigation, attractive graphic design.

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Shared Antivirus
Antivirus protection in this suite is precisely the same as what you get with ESET NOD32 Antivirus 8, so I'll just summarize here. Read the antivirus review for full details.

ESET's technology gets high marks from almost all of the independent labs. It's one of just a handful that participated in all 12 of the last 12 tests by Virus Bulletin and received VB100 certification every time. It got the top rating in tests by AV-Comparatives and Dennis Technology Labs. Only AV-Test Institute gave it a so-so rating.

ESET didn't fare nearly as well in my own hands-on malware blocking test. I run this test mostly to get real-world experience of how each product handles malware attack, but I still like to see a good score. ESET scored 7.3 of 10 possible points, almost the lowest among products tested with my current sample set.

On the other hand, it did an extremely good job of blocking downloads from newly-discovered malicious URLs. It blocked 81 percent of the downloads, some by blocking all access to the URL and others by halting the download. With 85 percent blocking, McAfee Internet Security 2015 is the only product that's done better.

Other Shared Features
ESET's social media scan will check that you've got your Facebook and Twitter accounts configured for maximum privacy. Of course, if you want the public to see your tweets, maximum Twitter privacy may not be quite what you want. The scanner includes links to each service�... Read more

A:ESET Smart Security 8 PCmag review

Really ?

ESET is still the king

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Hands On With the Antivirus
The test results from the big independent labs are certainly useful, but I like to run my own tests, to get a hand-on feel for how each product works. The test starts when I open a folder containing my collection of malware samples. It's not uncommon for a security product to immediately wipe out most of the samples. Bitdefender Total Security 2015 and F-Secure Internet Security 2015 both wiped out more than 80 percent of the samples on sight.

Norton's approach is different, with much less reliance on simple signature-based detection. It wiped out 28 percent of the samples on sight, but blocked and quarantined most of the rest when I tried to launch them. With an overall detection rate of 89 percent and an overall score of 8.3, it's just a hair behind Bitdefender.

You'll notice in the chart that many products tested using my previous malware collection scored quite a bit higher. Since it was a different collection, scores aren't directly comparable. And I do give more weight to results from the independent labs.

Good Malicious URL Blocking
My malicious URL blocking test starts with a feed of newly discovered nasty URLs supplied by MRG-Effitas. I launch those that point directly to malicious executables, noting whether the security product blocked access to the URL, quashed the download, or simply did nothing. Despite being just a few hours old, many of the URLs are already no good. I keep at it until I have data for 100 ... Read more

A:Symantec Norton Security PCmag review

I do not like the bad detection of norton. Behavioral blocking and sonar is good but I like it when Antivirus detects even before executing.

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A:kaspersky internet security 2010 review (beta-release)

Only about halfway into 2009, and they are talking about releasing it already, I would think there may be some glitches in the software.

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Hi all,
I'm having Kaspersky Total Security 2016 installed on my computer. I noticed a strange behaviour of my KTS some days ago: It requires reboot computer after update some components, but it's regularly, even daily!. I noticed that it often requires reboot and the afternoon and evening, never facing this problem before. I did a clean install of Windows and a clean install of Kaspersky after that, everything goes flawlessly till some days ago.
Some screenshot:

Does anyone have this problem, too?
Thanks all!

A:Kaspersky 2016 requires reboot after updating daily. Internet Security it normal?

Maxxx58 said:

Hi all,
I'm having Kaspersky Total Security 2016 installed on my computer. I noticed a strange behaviour of my KTS some days ago: It requires reboot computer after update some components, but it's regularly, even daily!. I noticed that it often requires reboot and the afternoon and evening, never facing this problem before. I did a clean install of Windows and a clean install of Kaspersky after that, everything goes flawlessly till some days ago.
Some screenshot:
Does anyone have this problem, too?
Thanks all!Click to expand...

yes i have this problem, but not daily...
i restart my system and problem fixed

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Good, Not Great
Qihoo 360 Total Security Essential 8.6 packs in more security-related bonus features than any other free antivirus I can think of. Those features would be a lovely addition to an excellent free antivirus. The problem is that Qihoo's core antivirus protection doesn't quite measure up. There's not much to go on from the independent labs, but its scores in our own malware blocking and malicious URL blocking tests were just average. And somehow going from the previous edition to this one, its antiphishing score went from near the top to near the bottom.

If Qihoo's many extras fill you with delight, you can go ahead and use it. But if your aim is to get the best free antivirus protection you can, there are better choices. All five of the independent testing labs that I follow include both Avast Free Antivirus 2016 and AVG AntiVirus Free (2016) in their testing, giving them good marks overall. Panda Free Antivirus (2016) includes a collection of bonus features that almost rivals Qihoo's. All three are Editors' Choice winners for free antivirus.

Full Article

A:Qihoo 360 Total Security Essential 8.6 PCMag review

"But if your aim is to get the best free antivirus protection you can, there are better choices", I feel like who did this test has an agenda.

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Very Good Malware Blocking
In addition to the company's own internal antivirus engine, Qihoo includes licensed engines from Bitdefender and Avira. However, you have to do a little work to make sure you're getting protection from those licensed engines. On the Virus Scan page you'll see icons for a total of five engines: 360 Cloud Scan Engine, System Repair Engine, QVMIII AI Engine, Bitdefender Engine, and Avira Engine. The last two are grayed by default, with an on/off switch that appears when you point to the icon. For testing, I turned both on.

Much Improved
Qihoo 360 Total Security Essential is a distinct improvement over its predecessor, 360 Internet Security. It gets great ratings from the independent testing labs, and it did well in all of our hands-on tests as well. On the flip side, I found that it erroneously marked one of my testing tools as malware. And while the behavior-based malware detection didn't pop up any notifications about actual malware samples, it flagged two PCMag utilities as suspicious.

Panda Free Antivirus 2015 remains our Editors' Choice for free antivirus. I'm particularly impressed with the availability of remote-control expert remediation for any malware that slips past the antivirus. I found Qihoo support to be not nearly as responsive. Even so, with a little tweaking Qihoo might well join Panda at the top. It's certainly worth a look.

Full Article

A:Qihoo 360 Total Security Essential - PCmag review

Webroot scores top lol. These tests are getting worse and worse.

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Includes password manager, software updater, and many other Avira tools. Excellent scores from antivirus labs. Very good score in malicious URL blocking test. Free.
Many components require payment for full functionality. Sluggish antivirus protection and scanning. Real-time protection missed some executable malware files.
Bottom Line
Avira Free Security Suite, introduced this year, packs a goodly collection of features beyond antivirus, but it doesn't come close to the power of a full-scale, paid security suite

A:Avira Free Security Suite (2017) - PCMag Review

Av-Comparatives: "Product of the year"
Av-test: 16.5/18
PCMag: 3/5

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When I challenged Trend Micro to protect a virtual machine test system from my current collection of malware samples, it wiped out 66 percent of them on sight. It whacked quite a few more when I tried to launch them. Its detection rate of 89 percent and overall score of 8.9 put it in between F-Secure Internet Security 2015 and Bitdefender Total Security 2015.

I tested the product's ability to block malicious URLs using newly-discovered URLs supplied by MRG-Effitas. When initially tested, Trend Micro's 80 percent blocking rate for malicious URLs was a new high score. However, a few days later it was deposed by McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2015, which blocked 85 percent. Both scores are impressive, given that the current average is 32 percent.Symantec Norton Security, tested simultaneously with Trend Micro, managed to block 51 percent.

A full scan of my standard test system took just 20 minutes. Because Trend Micro avoids re-scanning files already found to be safe, a repeat scan finished in less than a minute.

Trend Micro's impressive handling of malicious URLs also carried over to my test of its phishing protection ability. Its detection rate lagged just 4 percentage points behind that of Norton. Very few products come close to Norton's fraud detection rate.

Small Performance Hit
I wondered whether the additional installation of the password manager, safe browser, vault, and especially SafeSync would make this suite more of a resource eater than Trend Micro�... Read more

A:Trend Micro Maximum Security 2015 PCmag review

Hi Petrovic

Thanks for the info. How good is PCMag in-terms-of antivirus testing?


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As far as I know, the main difference is that KAV does not have Application Control, but Kaspersky Internet Security does.
Does this make a big difference in protection?
I am asking because I want to combo Kaspersky with an app that has a HIPS component, so I need to use KAV rather than KIS.

A:how good Internet Security Kaspersky AntiVirus, as compared to Kaspersky Internet Security?

Application control and Trusted Applications Mode are a great additional layer of protection. Which app do you want to add to Kaspersky? IMO KIS would be the best. TAM is really great.

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